this is what happens when i have stuff to do but i don't do them and i end up in photoshop

stagejunge  asked:

Hey I checked your F.A.Q. and I know you kind of answered this but I want to ask, I am not new to drawing but I haven't progressed in years. I draw almost every day but I don't get any closer to gaining any more skill. I can make a really good face, kind of, but I get to the shoulders and fall apart. I have gotten really good at coloring pieces but I can't draw them well. And don't even get me started about my tablet skills...horrid. So any advice?

I really don’t know what activates the progress bar :/ For me it was probably drawing new things? Like, yes, I had tons of problems drawing human bodies past the head as well, I was trying and failing, and then going back to just heads, for years. In the end you fail so many times that somehow it starts coming together? Like, I had problems with drawing hands, so one day I just sat down, got a lot of references (and I mean A Lot) and kept drawing until I finally got the feeling on how hands actually work. Maybe not in one day, but it happened. This post is huge, putting it under read more.

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