this is what happens when i get bored lol


Entertainment of the night. This is what happens when these guys get bored. xD Jay Park spamming Crush’s Instagram live and they exchanged I Love Yous. And then there’s SNSD’s Taeyeon who’s been spamming the chat trying to get Crush to shout out to her but then commented with an angry emoji and left when she saw how easily Jay got Crush to reply back to him lol!

In which Blair comes up with a list of reasons why she should stop fantasizing about Damon Salvatore..

1. He’s in love with Elena..
2. And/or possibly Professor Saltzman (?)
3. I’m a bitch, he said so himself.. who wants that?
4. He’s old.. like really old.. like ancient old..
5. His brother hates me
6. I drugged him 1000 times
7. I staked him twice, he probably hates me too
8. He’s probably had thousands of other girls.. how do I compete with that?
9. Plus he’s had Serena.. everyone always prefers Serena over me
10. Serena’s gonna be furious..
11. And he probably really hates me.
12. There’s no way he’d look at me that way anyway..

Every year I would have really bad birthdays because I just expected them to be better than my other days, and to be you know made to feel special? Obviously I was disappointed every year when that didn’t happen. So this year I went into my birthday not expecting anything, and it’s just been such an average day. Everyone’s saying what did you do today how was it? I have a friend over to distract me so I can’t get sad but otherwise it was so average, boring if anything; but at least I’m not crying this year hey! (partially bc I can’t lol)

monnegronose replied to your post: eh i kinda dont care for salim anymore after that…

right? like i was literally chilling watching the episode and had to roll my eyes like that’s the second “scared/distrustful of the ~black people~ ” thing that’s happened like i don’t know if this is a part of the novel/regular story but its so tiring and boring either way

its rly tired like he could’ve literally talked about feeling out of place and ANYTHING else but of course they had to specify it was black and jewish people that ~scared~ him the most when everyone fucking knows it’s whites that would’ve been giving him the dirty looks lmfao but work

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You've answered about what you think is the best super edition, but which one do you think is the worst?

Umm… I wonder… 

Like, part of the reason I haven’t read Tallstar’s, or Moth Flight’s, or Hawkwing’s special editions is because I have come to the conclusion (through summaries and friends telling me their reading experience) that all three are equally shitty/boring. So they should probably be in the bottom line too lol. That’s not so say I don’t feel the majority of the special editions are any good either tho. 

Firestar’s Quest: Ridiculous timing with the “questline” it was… just too smooth sailing and Spottedleaf’s appearances were gag-worthy.

SkyClan’s Destiny: The most boring plot ever, even if it was nice getting to see the SkyClan gang again. 

Bluestar’s Prophecy: In hindsight not an epic but rather tragic book with a prime example of what happens when a cat unsuited for clan life has to live it. However this book gets most of the nostalgia points tho. 

But as for worst special edition I have read… 

Yellowfang’s Secret, without a doubt. 

It’s stuffed with shitty things happening, and nothing else. The characters are all flat and nasty and full of unnecessary bad behaviours (Ragged’s hatred towards his father is one thing but actually letting him -kill- him as if that wasn’t a big deal wtf is that??) and just… there was nothing redeeming about the book whatsoever. 

Oh wait, the one scene with Yellowfang and Brokenkit in the medcat’s den was cute. But that’s it. Other than that, I have nothing left over for that book; Yellowfang’s “power” was laughable at best and we never understood why StarClan again saw fit to ruin a life with a power she strictly speaking had no use for in the long run, Yellowfang’s relationships with family and friends was horrible (RaggedxYellow in YS was NOT romantic at all) and don’t get me started on Sagewhisker that is probably top ten worst mentor ever again a prime example that cats saddled with unwanted powers HAVE to be medcats even if their mentors must bully them into it… 

It’s alright that we knew beforehand Yellowfang was a former warrior turned medcat, like there was enough focus on her scars for us to deduce this was a badass girl who suddenly went into healing. However YS reflects no such thing - the book allows her what, two proper battles before her “powers” become such an obstacle she can’t even PUNCH someone because of the rebound on her mind what the actual fuck?? Yellowfang was our warrior medic, you can’t DO that?? That’s half her identity straight down the drain - for what? So we could lament her break-up with Ragged all the more? Or feel the “woe is me StarClan has spoken this shit is my fate” crap? Either way, not interested. This wasn’t the Yellowfang I wanted to read about, I wanted to, for once, read about someone who had a -little- control over her life, and her wants, actually has sensible companions, and didn’t get bullied about by dead people, but alas… YS scores REALLY high on all of that. And that’s the nail in the coffin. Doesn’t matter how it supposedly ties up with Brokenstar’s rule in the first series either because his ascent was mildly put ridiculous WHO in their RIGHT MIND doesn’t try to stop this maniac or did all of ShadowClan have a grand total of ten iQ points divided between them??

So final note, no YS bears little to no resemblance to how the first series Yellowfang was described, gets NO nostalgia points either (unlike BP) because it’s so stupid, and gets added shit points for how Yellowfang was treated throughout. u3u

“What if” Pt.5

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I feel like this is getting boring. #when you have the beginning and the end but no idea what happens in the middle lol. Anyways…enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of blood and cursing

Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

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What I hate about the signs
  • Aries: Yall are fricken scary when you get mad like stop throwing shit lol
  • Taurus: Sometimes, you are boring
  • Gemini: You are terrible with decisions
  • Cancer: Ya act like nothing bad has ever happened to anyone else
  • Leo: You can't admit when you're wrong
  • Virgo: Sometimes your knit picking is a bit too harsh
  • Libra: You don't care enough and flake out a lot
  • Scorpio: You are a terrible influence lmao
  • Sagittarius: The judgements you make about others can be very wrong
  • Capricorn: You sometimes wrongfully veiw others as less than you
  • Aquarius: You may be weird but that doesn't make everyone else normal and boring
  • Pisces: stop offering me drugs
  • Ps... Please don't hate me : )

Interview in Sato Takeru Photo Book X (ten) <6>

*continued from <5>


-When do you feel worried about your work?

Fortunately, I’ve never had the period when I have no project to do, so I’ve never felt ‘worried’. Since I always have the next work, I can clearly see what to do now. So I do my best for that. I’m living in this way.

-Are you going to be an actor forever?

I’m not sure. I’ll quit when I want to quit, but there’s no telling what will happen in the future. If I must say, I may be waver when I get bored. But in that sense, this is a kind of job that is unlikely to let me get tired because I’m doing something new each time.

-Then when you get older, say, to be an old man, what would you want to be like?

I don’t think something like that at all. But I can vaguely say that, for example, it is knowledge that I lack, now. When I get older, I will…

-What is the ‘knowledge’?

About everything. (tapping the wall) ‘Ah, this is cypress’ or something like that. (lol)

- (lol) To know a wide range of things, you mean?

Exactly. About everything. My ultimate goal is to be a person who can answer whatever questions I’m asked. I want to answer all the questions.

-From the question ‘Why am I living?’ to the kind of wood used for the wall?

Yup! All! When asked ‘Why do I have to study?’ by my child, I want to answer it easily. To be able to deal with all the question marks. It is my ultimate.

-You’re the first person I’ve ever met that makes a definite statement about such a thing so happily.

Just as I expected. (lol) I want to know everything I don’t know and find answers somehow.

-You’re quite greedy.

It is difficult, but I want to be like that. I want to be a Grandpa like that. (broad smile) I want to be Google. I want to be a walking Google.

-Eh? You’re making me confused to the contrary

Hahaha. You know what? In the United States, there is ‘pick up lines’ and I used to be hooked on them. (lol) You ask a girl, ‘Are you Google?’ Naturally, she says, ‘Huh, why?’ Your answer is ‘Because you have everything I’ve been looking for’.


(lol) I heard such an analogy, and I seriously want to be Google-san.

-You have kind of boyish dream in you, right?

Is this boyish? Oh, from a realistic point of view?

-It may come from the way you talk, but you said before in the interview about ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, ‘I want to be able to dash on the wall’ and ‘If I were not an actor, I’d like to be on a TV show like “Kinniku Banzuke (Muscle Ranking)” at any cost’.

Ah, if you mean that, a man is a boy forever.

-From young girls, women have motherliness … or they are somewhat mature, in contrast. Don’t you think so?


-To such a question, you…

I want to be able to have an answer. (lol) As an answer to the question, I should say it’s probably for some physiological reason. Is it a bit of a stretch? (lol) I may go off the track a bit but I told you about ‘minority’ a little while ago. Such a viewpoint depends on the times and even correct answers can vary across the ages, right? I’m not interested in such a thing but want to know why so from the view point of the inner nature of human beings.

-Takeru-kun’s way of answering and the direction of the content of your answer always aim at the essence, I think.

I often hear it said that this is the commonsense of this age or that it can’t be helped in such an age. That’s not the point.

-You must feel many different things in acting roles that lived in ancient times.

In an extreme case, even your values of human life can change.

-It reminds me that when the drama ‘Ryomaden’ finished shooting, Takeru-kun, who played Okada Izo, said, ‘Even now some people tend to doubt if it is OK to say directly what is on their mind. But I think they should say what they like in this modern world because, unlike in the old days, they won’t be killed.’

Exactly. And my words came out because I lived in that age.

-At that time I thought the character was great who had brought the idea to Sato Takeru, a modern person.

I see. So in fact, there is no doubt that playing a role teaches you a lot. By living a life of another person, you feel a lot of things, but especially when you live as the person in a different age, you’ll sometimes feel uncertain what is right. It makes you think a lot. Both Izo and Kenshin assassinated people with conviction. It was justice in their mind. I understand that point from the bottom of my heart. If I go further, the law is justice. I regard the law as a thing that exists not to lead people to right behavior but for all the people to live peacefully and happily; for don’t you want to punish the criminal saying ‘What the heck!’, for example, when a random murder occurs? Thinking along this line, I reach the interest in ‘the essence’ as I told you.

-Listening to you, I’ve come to think ‘conviction’ is another key word.

Yeah, right. I respect a person very much who has conviction as the first step. For, can anyone stop him/her? No one can stop a person who is rushing straight seriously, believing, ‘I will live in this way’. It is his/her life after all and I’d like to respect his/her strong determination in the first place. I seldom find such a person, though. But if it does damage to me as a result, I will stop the person for the sake of our own lives. It doesn’t mean ‘denial’, though.

-As for this kind of story, it is difficult to express your true intentions, I feel.

It seldom happens that you can convey your true intention properly. But a few people understand me, so I talk a lot with them. Well, normally, just living your life is difficult. Even just earning your living is hard. I really understand that you have to work with a situation in order to do so. But at the same time, I also think, ‘Hang in there and live a rock’n’roll way of life’.

-Actor is a job that makes people feel such things, right?

I hope so. But it is really difficult to change other people. You can change in the true sense only when you fail. It is not until you reflect at the bottom of your heart, ‘As I recall, he said something like that’ or ‘Ah, he meant this …‘ I had that experience myself. It was not until I failed that I thought, ‘Ah ~!’

*to be continued to <7>

If this Fandom could get through some of the SH*T that went down in season 3 with Olicity, then we sure as Sh*t can get through anything. 

Lets review some of what happened Season 3 shall we. 

So 3x09 this happened 

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And we were all like 

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Then this happened 

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And well did we loose our shit or what 

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Then things take a turn and this happened  

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And I’m sure we all screamed out our screens in disbelief, anger and/or sadness. Lots of emotions going on I’m sure. 

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I remember being kind of angry at Oliver with him thinking well just you know I’ll just go up on this mountain and we’ll sort it out and then I’ll come back blah blah blah……. Well wasn’t he way off. 

And then we had to wait god knows how many weeks until the next episode. 

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Yeah it was a rough period. And then when he did come back. BOOM  

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And then she started dating Ray, and I wanted to smack my head against a wall. I still think it was just nope, I didn’t really get it but hey it happened and it’s done and gone now, so I guess we must move on. 

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Then the gods decided to shine upon us and grant us a god damn miracle in the way of THE SEX SCENE. Sorry not sorry. 

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Which made us so happy!

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And we were all riding high and life was good again….. until some asshat had to go and crush our dreams by doing this 

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So from the end of 3x20 until 3x23 we had to yet again deal with the separation and the pain and the despair ( I know I’m being a tad dramatic, but oh well). 

Omg how about when Oliver married Nyssa. 

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Again why the fuck would they make Oliver and Nyssa marry. I don’t agree with the writers doing that, I was totally confused and pissed off. 

But then 3x23 came around and after some more angst, which by now the fandom was use to…. lol maybe not. 

This happened 

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And then this 

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And finally we could all breathe and be happy at least for a little while. 

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Basically what I’m trying to say is were gonna get through whatever happens season 5. I’m positive things will work out, just give it some time. I’m not going to get into season 4, I’ll leave that for another day. It’s still a but too fresh.