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Thoughts Every Journal-Keeper Has Had

•This ink better not freaking bleed through the page
•I wish I started journaling sooner
•ugh I ruined it
•What if someone secretly reads my journal when I’m not home??!
•Should I hide my journal?
•Oh god if someone read this and shared it to everyone I’d be ruined
•Why doesn’t everyone keep a journal? How can you not?!
•Damn I suck at this
•I’m gonna get off of tumblr so I can journal some more [keeps scrolling for an hour]
•I really wanna journal but I don’t feel like it
•Hmm… so if I manage to do an entry really quickly I can get to bed by 2am and still have 6 hours of sleep!
•Should I post this on tumblr? Yeah! Wait nah…
•Am I gonna let my future grandkids read this? [entry: I’m so fuckin horny] oh maybe not.
•If I keep going at the rate I’m going with completing an average of two pages a day, this journal will be filled on June 6th.
•Oh my god if there was ever a fire I swear I’d run back inside to grab all my journals.
•What IF there was a fire? All that work would be gone!
•What if I commit a crime and all my journals get gathered as evidence and they find a paper trail?
•What if the judge reads it allowed in court!
•Nah I have nothing to worry about. I’m a law abiding citizen.
•Wait… there was that one time that I…
•Should I write this down or would that be too personal..?
•What if I just started writing in code just in case?
•Ugh this drawing sucks
•Why is everyone so good at this and I’m so bad?
•I wanna paste this in, but it’ll make the journal too thick and uneven!
•Ahh this journal smells so good
•Oh man and so does this glue! Wait, you can get high from glue, right?
•I wonder what my entries would look like if I did them all while high…
•I feel so mean writing this.
•I’m dedicating this page to _______. I’ll even let them read it [but you never do]
•This is so sloppy lol what am I doing
•What if I just stopped journaling… will my journal think I died?
•Oooh I’m going to order this journal! It’s perfect! Oh wait, it’s too ______
•Oh here’s a better one. Oh but this one doesn’t have ______
•Haha this spread is so cheesy
•What if _____ found this and read it??
•I can’t wait to finish this journal so I can start my next one
•Is my journal a boy or a girl?
•If anyone went through my journal I’d beat them up.
•What will happen with my journals when I die?

It can’t be just me 😂

s4, breaking the fourth wall, the arg, and gaslighting as literary device

And if the pretentious title didn’t frighten you away, or cause you to immediately unfollow / block me, I offer some thoughts:

Following the cues left by the hot mess s4, it’s reasonable to assert the following (which has been asserted just about non-stop since each of the episodes aired; I am not pretending to be original here):

  • s4 is fucky in a way that seems to call attention to its own fuckyness, especially if you take events and themes of the previous series as guidelines for what to expect / how things work in the world of Sherlock. (A ton of people have done a ton of work on this, but thanks to @antisocial-otaku​ for making it clear how frickin obvious this pattern is, here.)

As much as recent arg developments have been A Ride, I really think we’ve missed the obvious, because it wasn’t nearly as much of a challenge as people were looking for / as the fandom genius hive brain is capable of meeting. I think we’ve been looking too hard.

The puzzle, the thing we are supposed to figure out, is s4 itself. The game is simply this: we are invited to have discernment with regard to what is and what is not possible in the world of BBC Sherlock, and to conclude, as most people did, that much of s4 is, indeed, not compatible with the world of Sherlock. The truth of the narrative is in the subtext, as almost everyone here has argued.

The narrative of s4 is, for the most part, really hard to get hold of, and full of content that blatantly works against everything the show has tried to set up so far. As much as I appreciate attempts to make sense of s4 as is, my mind, like a lot of people’s, recoils when asked to consider (for example) that the people who wrote this:


Also wrote this:


You’ve all seen the evidence. You’ve all watched The Final Problem and thought–what the hell is this? 

People in this fandom were crying foul from the moment TST ended. I think we were already playing the arg then (if such a thing exists), and we kept playing it all through s4, because we were thinking critically about the episodes, and questioning the reality status of the story with which we were presented.

Up until recently, I would have said, meh, maybe this apparent lack of skill on the part of the showrunners was deliberate, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe they just threw in a ton of excess detail (like Mr. Glowy Skull) because why not? I am not very big on writerly intention. The text I’m presented with, I feel free to interpret however I wish, and this, to me, is the point of s4. It undoes itself. It undoes the text of series 1-3. It invites critique in a whole new way. Regardless of what does or does not happen next, I will always choose to question this narrative, to read against the text, because that reading is more interesting and less infuriating. s4, like mofftiss, lies. 


The part that makes me think the arg is happening right in front of us, and it’s still live: 

This fucking thing.

This “John and Mary really love each other” barf festival video, released on 28 February. (Savage and efficient crit here, by @smoljohnlock​) 


I could see, maybe, that video flying as an s4 preview, but we have it released here, now, after…all that, when we know that the picture being presented in it is nowhere near the reality that we got in the narrative.

I don’t want to say it’s a sign. I don’t know, man. I’m tired. We’re all tired. But that video certainly did invite a renewal of the wtf-was-that outrage of s4, didn’t it?

The fourth wall, in my opinion, has already been broken. 

The show has been teaching us how to observe, and not just see, to think critically, and to look for solutions to puzzles, since the beginning. Now it’s turning the function of detective over to us. 

Just like the #sherlocklive game was designed to allow us to practice our puzzle solving on a small scale, so is s4. The entire narrative invites us to sit up, take notice, and say, come on, that can’t be how it really happened.

I’m still not going to predict the future here. The show has broken the fourth wall before, and paid off careful observation, via the “1895″ clues. It might be doing that with the “March 8″ billboard thing. It might not. When I say that the narrative is unfinished, I mean exactly that–it lacks an ending (much like my languishing WiPs…sorry about those, btw). What will happen next? Who knows? None of us. Signs (that’s literal, billboard-type signs) point to something more. 


So: we have been presented with not one, but two false narratives. If mofftiss finish their damn story, and offer some sort of explanation for all the fuckery of s4, then we’ll have been told a bunch of lies in-story, about “what happened” to John and Sherlock, and a bunch of extratextual lies, about s4 being finished after three episodes. 

I will always assert, regardless of what happens next, that the in-story lies are there, and believing the textual level of the narrative makes less sense / is less happy making than believing that the story lies. As for the bigger lie, about the length of s4 / the end of this narrative–we’ll see. 

It’s a peculiar choice, this, as modern storytelling goes. Rather than just, you know, tell the story they wanted to tell, about a detective and his blogger, they’re really going the long way round. If the “s4 is fake” reading is confirmed, and there is a plan in place, it’s show-offy. It’s audacious. It’s gaslighting the audience to make a point. It’s putting us through an experience–the textual level content of s4–and asking us to believe something contrary to that experience. 

It’s not…enjoyable? Like with everything else, I think I’ll be left questioning why this way, and not some other way. It is, potentially, fascinating. 

If this is what we think it is, we’ve been playing all along, without even trying.

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anonymous asked:

gin, this new comic looks A LOT different from your superman au and adulthood au, in a good way! you seem to be trying out something new, did anything inspire it???

LKASDJFLASDFKSDF OKAY I’m sorry in advance I’m going to write a Bible on this I love these kind of questions THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON lkasdjflkasdf (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I always find very thrilling to think of the visual aspects of a new project, the style, the characterization, the atmospheres, THE SYMBOLOGY BEHIND THE COLOR it makes me vibrate in excitement..!! I think it’s rather clear I didn’t get to fully enjoy comics until I started drawing The price of a soul because I started it without any kind of expectation. Superman au is exciting, too, but in an overwhelming way: it goes from the idea I had to everything I have to draw for it, (scenery, action scenes, robots, darker atmospheres, backgrounds) whereas TPOAS is just: oH MY GOD WHAT’S NEXT OH THEY ARE PLAYING A GAME OKAY MAN WHAT TIME OF THE DAY IS IT WHAT CLOTHES ARE THEY WEARING GOSH I NEED TO DRAW THE MOST GORGEOUS ALLEN IN THE SURFACE OF EARTH LOOK AT HOW HE LOOKS AT TAMASHI OH BABY YOU’VE GOT EVERYONE WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER I’M NOT CRYING WHILE DOODLING THIS PAGE ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT IF I TRY ORANGES FOR THE BACKGROUND MONOCHROME BACKGROUND I’M 

So, as you can see, there’s a huge difference in my own attitude HAHAHA But also what started as a simple, very simple project (i’m going to draw comic because I had an idea and I liked it) turned into something way bigger; this year at university I have been asked to develop a whole project every two weeks for almost every subject, so I tried to focus everything on something I could at least enjoy/find useful (see Tamashi). And? And the kid just grew on me so much I can’t believe it? The price of a soul has currently two branches of work: the comic, which is the project I want to focus on once uni is over (and finish, i’m so resolute to finish it it’s scary, I’m not sure I have ever felt this way towards anything creation-wise) and a different story which will incorporate a webpage and interactive options, which is still about Tamashi and Kanda and Allen, but the background is built on a different world than the one in D.Gray-man. I’m fascinated about all the options I have to tell Tamashi’s story, to create different sides of Tamashi’s story, to experiment, to grow. I can tell from the superman au to The price of a soul there’s like a huge step. Maybe not so much in drawing quality, I feel like I have been drawing in the very same way for two years now, but in the way I understand conceptualism, build character, moments through work on atmosphere… It’s still very immature, though? I can go through the pages of tpoas and see I messed up in here and in there, and I should have explained this one moment better, etc, but man I don’t care at all (´∇ノ`*)ノ 

Currently I’m working on finishing the comic, developing a visual novel for Tamashi, creating a webpage around it and it crossed my mind multiple times to draw a The art of Tamashi book in which I get to explain deeply all the work behind it, along with collaborations of other artists on this project!! TAMASHI TOOK OVER MY LIFE AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE WHEN IT HAPPENED

(The featured art belongs to Pixie, Angie and Izzy respectively) 

Man I don’t really know what to say, only that my hands shake and I feel like crying regarding this project


Animatic finished!

 If you follow me on instagram you probably know I have been working on this recently. I know it’s just a rough animatic but it took a pretty amount of time.

I love Woodkid’s music, and this song is one of my favourites of all time. After watching the Episode “Earthlings” this summer, I listened to this song and realised how much it reminded me of Jasper. She is one of my favourite characters in the show and I really think people don’t understand her, or they don’t want to. So here you have a little tribute to her.

One last thing. This is MY intrepretation of what happened at the Gem War. I’m aware we don’t know for sure if Pink Diamonds death started or finished the war, and a lot of people think Jasper wasn’t even “born” yet when Pink was shattered. But this is the way I see it so please, just enjoy the animatic. Thanks for watching!


So originally, I was planning on submitting this back when the Heart Event for Monofell started.
And then I burned out and didn’t feel motivated enough to finish it and the third page–it just didn’t seem like it was really worth it to me after everything.

What I DO see as a shame though is not at least posting what I had for it since I painted the whole first page hhh–so here it is. The starting point of fun shenanigans that can happen between these three.

(The third page was going to show that Rose and Azzie got actual bodies from the magic in the flowers–so Rose is now ‘human’ again and Azzie is a goat once more.)


I finally finished making my engineer character, she’s an ocean jasper named Cherry and she’s got a shield. She doesn’t really fight much though.

I’m really relieved to have a final design and reference sheet for her cuz for some reason I had more trouble with her design than any of the other crew members >.>’

Heyyy! So I promised new art coming soon, but it happens to be that it’s gonna take a little while because instead of making singular pieces I decided to do this PearlRose art tribute video with drawings fitting with a song I chose. Nothing too fancy, no animation or anything, but this has been in my head for a long time and I finally wanna make it. 

So yeah, you gotta wait a little longer but here are some peeks at what I’m working on. I’ll link the finished thing here when it’s done. I’m trying to get it out as fast as I can!


“Emotions are unnecessary.”

-I got far enough in to the point where she actually tries to call him nines, but still not far enough to know when and if she will ever admittedly call him by it. 


…….These 2 are so precious.-

rip if this has been done(what happens when you work on something bit by bit over the course of weeks gg)

This was actually not suppose to be posted…or finished for that matter. and i wont be posting anything again for a while since i need to prepare for graduation and transferring.(so im super stressed…REALLY stressed right now) since the deadline is fast approaching. what little time i do give myself goes straight on gaming(reading a bit too) , then back to work.

but no really me and my sis got this game day 1(been waiting what felt like ages) and knew there wouldn’t be any guides to quick money.(because i blew my money on potions, animal food, enhancements and crac- i mean, wee-….uhhh………DRUGS.)so i could level up…because i kept dying(toadamandeve)……because i set the difficulty to hard….and i saw a lot of funny player bodies in questionable places.(igotstuckintheprolougefor2hoursbecouseiwouldntsetthedifficultydown)

 luckily i actually checked my items *dayz later* and saw some where sell able(rpg  itemhoarder spoted)…the machine cores for 10k a pop.



(( On August 5th, 2016, I posted the introduction post for this blog! Ahhh I can’t believe it’s already been half a year, so much has happened (except.. plot… which I just finished kicking off. RIP.) and I don’t really know what to say except thank you! Thank you all for sticking with me this long! Here’s to 6 more months of your local Buff Lizard Girlfriend and Hissboy. <3 ))


Just a Feanor and a Curufin from my sketchbook. Who needs rulers when you can just draw wobbly lines and pretend they’re straight.

You know what’s cool about doing finished pictures in a sketchbook? That I can just… not care. Like, the pressure for perfection is way lower, If I manage to draw something cool then that’s cool, if I mess up, well, it’s just a drawing in a sketchbook, who cares, I’m not posting most of the stuff from it anyway.

Late night doodle of Saïx and Axel (Isa and Lea?) soon after they became Nobodies that got finished today because I got angry at my homework and because those two are just so adorable ;__;


Heh, I just finished this up, but there was also a drawing of Smack that I’m guessing the file got corrupted or somethin. This is what happens when you give an almost 12 year old child a gosh darn Wacom tablet and a brand new version of Photoshop and say “go make art!”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Now that the series is over, is there more you can tell us about its construction and the way it developed over time? Like what was planned from the very beginning, what did you come up with as you went, is there anything you had to drop or change radically? I'm always fascinated by the way a story changes between its conception and its completion and how major plot points can shift

Yes, thank you for asking! I’ve wanted to do a retrospective post of some sort about the whole thing but I sort of don’t know where to start, it was such an EXPERIENCE that took over my mind entirely for a while there.

Short version is: I saw fan art and thought it was cute and since I thought the dynamic could be fun for the sort of humor/porn themes I was into in my last fandom I started writing a fic with nothing really in mind beyond ‘here’s what happens when Hux rescues Ren.’ It immediately was not a humor fic, for whatever reason, and about five pages into it (this was the first chapter of Life Sentence) I started to get really into the Hux POV and backstory in a way I hadn’t anticipated. I think I was nearly finished with that first chapter when I decided I also wanted to do a hurt/comfort story where Ren rescues Hux from a terrible situation and spends some time helping him get back on his feet. I’d also spent a lot of the previous year thinking about prison fic ideas and coming up with nothing fandom-based or original that I really wanted to write. At one point I’m pretty sure I woke up in the middle of the night and was like ‘what if this is all one fic, a continuation of the chapter I just wrote.’

I think it was around the time I came up with Pella (so when I was making notes toward the second chapter, I think shortly before I posted the first one) that everything started falling into place in my head and I realized I wanted to write this huge story about Hux going to prison, how the hurt/comfort interlude between the first and third parts would work, and how I would incorporate Ren reconciling uncomfortably with his family for the purposes of defeating Snoke while Hux dealt with a trial and prison life. I started working on my notes toward how this would all play out nonstop and in January was constantly writing scenes and shifting things around. I had the big picture of the conclusion of the first part, the tensions in the hurt/comfort scenario during the second part, and the plot of the third part planned out, but there were a lot of details I still needed to work out as I was posting the first installment.

Originally Hux was going to remain in prison at the end of the story, but pretty early on I was already iffy on that and thinking about how else I could end things. I had this scene in mind where Ren comes to see Hux on the roof of the Tower right after defeating Snoke and Hux is just like ‘fuck you’ and very cold to him– a lot of my original idea for the third part was based on Hux remaining very cold to Ren because he blamed Ren for his imprisonment and also for ‘trying to kill him.’ But in the process of writing Ceasefire I realized that Hux thinking that Ren was behind the attack rather than Snoke wasn’t going to work, since Ren reveals a lot about how Snoke can control him to Hux during Ceasefire and Hux would be smart enough to figure out that Ren didn’t just randomly turn on him. A lot of Under the Ruins details came into focus while I was doing the actual draft chapters of Ceasefire.

Some details were really vague in my outline until March/April– I knew Snoke was this ancient Force user who had jumped from body to body for centuries since the start but didn’t come up with the ‘Snoke gets defeated through healing’ thing until I think I was already posting parts of Ruins. I just had ‘Snoke is defeated’ in my notes generally. Waffled about Ren losing an arm or not basically up until I was working on the draft of that chapter, and the gold tooth thing was something that popped into the narrative as I was working, too. Some details like the last appearance of Chewie were there in my original notes for Ruins, though (once I figured out that Hux was going to escape, and how– lol I remember being excited about the fighting ring idea. Now I feel like I could have come up with a better way to give Hux conjugal visits (which were so important to my initial thoughts about Hux’s imprisonment! And I think originally Ren was going to use his powers to get in? But then I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just break Hux out, beyond ‘he feels indebted to his family’ and in that sense the timing of Ren not getting these visits until after he’d ‘defeated’ Snoke and lost access to his powers for a time came into the plan), but I did ultimately like the way that worked with Hux having temporary access to Ren’s powers. 

So this is turning into not such a short version, but basically: the framework for what I was trying to do was there since almost the very beginning (lonely villains falling for each other in part 1, fragile hurt/comfort bonding in part 2, aftermath of crisis and facing what they’d done as they tried to get back to each other in part 3), but the details and plot mechanics evolved as I worked on the actual draft, especially with all the Force mysticism stuff in the latter parts of Ruins. I tend to write like this, where I trust the details of my major plot points (’[defeat Snoke here],’ etc.) to come into focus as I work on the actual drafts, and sometimes it works! Thanks for asking, it’s a great question.

Height Chart Main Cast of the LLSxHarryPotter AU!