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Day 1
Day 2424
Today I’ve been feeling up and down. Loved and ignored. Happy and sad. No matter what I’ve been feeling I will always be grateful in one thing: trusting myself. I am so happy with the person I am today, 2424 days into hormone therapy, and I thank that little boy in the first picture who had the courage to do something I am still in shock of. I was scared and depressed before day 1 but I found a community of people online who supported me and will forever attribute the bravery I had on that day (June 16th, 2010) when I started hormones, to them. Since then the community has grown into something beautiful and I am so blessed to be part of it. Now it’s my turn to help people and it feels amazing that everyday I look online and what I’ve always wanted has happened. I’ve always just wanted to help people and be a resource for them. Here I am, 6.5 years into this, and feeling so fulfilled by the work that I do. Helping people is what I am meant to do and maybe this comparison will help people, maybe some people will hate it. But I’m so proud of who I am today and even though I feel low, ignored, and sad. I’ll always have the feeling of love and happiness by my side, especially coming from you guys, the amazing online trans community that we all built together. ❤🐝

I’ve seen many people defending pewdiepie and saying things like #istandwithpewdiepie so I’d like to send a message to those people.

How can you be so ignorant? Is the fact that there are many people who truly do want to kill Jews not enough to convince you that maybe joking about such things is wrong? Are you that insensitive to the history of the Nazis who killed 5-6 million Jews? Have you forgotten what has happened when people let anti semitism go ignored?

While it may be all a joke to you, it is far too real to others who face the possibility of being killed for being a Jew. So while you’re laughing and brushing it off, someone else is facing oppression.

You shouldn’t be so surprised the media reacted this way. You shouldn’t be surprised that they called him out for it. This is, after all, not the first time he has done something like this.

Image it as something like this: 

Your classmate is allergic to peanut butter. Even just touching it will cause an allergic reaction. You are fully aware of this. 

You decide to one day bring a PB&J sandwich to lunch. If that wasn’t enough, you also decide to deliberately bring it near them. And when they point out how insensitive this is, you throw a fit claiming that “you don’t deserve this harassment” and “you’ve done so many nice things in the past”.

If you truly cared about your classmate, you would have respected their allergy. 

So go ahead and keep supporting him. But do understand that by supporting him, you are also supporting the harassment of millions of people who face real threats by real Nazis.

Y'all I'm seriously reaching out to the Witchcraft community here!

My partner was fired today. We still have 5 months left on our rent. We are trying to get him a new job as fast as we can, but even putting 100% effort into that WE NEED HELP.
What our current plan is to put as much as we can towards rent so that we can have a buffer as long as possible, and not have to struggle to literally stay alive or something food related.

I can accept PayPal payments to or just sent to (it’s the same thing) and is only where you’d get sent to from my donate link.

I am willing to do Tarot readings for anyone who helps, or Pendulum or Rune readings if you’d prefer.

Please, I am disabled and unable to work. We were about to start applying for disability when this happened, and now we don’t have the luxury of enough time to do so. I am physically and mentally unable to work. I am reaching out to my followers, and my communities. Lgbt, disabled, witches, everybody… please.

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You are taking multi variable calculus in high school? Teach me your math ways. How do you take notes? Study? Approach probs?

First of all, a major contributor to my being in multivariable in high school is luck. I was in the right place at the right time and happened to hear about this accelerated math program I’m in, and my parents happened to be able to pay the tuition.

But I think what you’re asking is, how am I surviving and passing 8ish years worth of math classes in 5 years with class once a week?


Before class I read the textbook chapter/assigned reading. This is pretty much the most useful thing you can do in the least amount of time. Read it thoroughly, take notes, and do your best to understand it like you would in class. This way, when your teacher covers the same material you’ll already be familiar with it, and less likely to get lost, and as a result you’ll do better on the homework and overall in the class. Also, if something is already in your notes from the textbook, you won’t have to write it down when it’s covered in class.

When it comes to notes, I think it works differently for everyone. I use a mechanical pencil, cheap college-ruled notebook, and bullet points. I will say, try to rephrase things in the way that makes the most sense to you instead of writing them down word-for-word. It’ll help with retention and with understanding the notes later on.

On homework, be a perfectionist. Rewrite your proofs until they’re bulletproof. Understand every step in every solution, and why it’s necessary. Don’t just learn the method, learn why it works.

And last but not least, exams. Study everything, even if it was just a footnote on slide 14. Know the theory behind the theorem. Rework and rephrase ideas until they make sense to you. Reread all the relevant textbook chapters, all the class slides, all of your notes, and all of your homework. If there’s something you got wrong or don’t understand, figure it out. Don’t stop until you could explain to a stranger on the bus every detail of anything and everything that could be on the test.

(This method is extremely time consuming, but it pays off. If you want any further details, my inbox is open. Also, use wolfram alpha to check algebra.)

6 Questions to ask when you’re making a tough decision

1. What option would I choose if I knew I would definitely succeed?

2. What would I do if I didn’t feel scared?

3. Who can I talk to who’s been in my shoes?

4. What are the likely outcomes of each choice and decision?

5. What is the worst thing that could happen; what is the best thing that could happen?

6. Am I making this decision for myself, or am I choosing to please other people?

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Hey I have 2 questions for you! 1. Do you think Jira has any chance at being one of those pairings people love? (Be honest I can take it... I guess :( ) 2. What are you going to do after the show ends? I mean I know you were active before the season 5 but that was before the show has a proper ending. So you know the fandom will die or become semi dead.(I hope I am wrong because I love this fandom) What will your blogs directions be?

1. anything can happen if u habeeb it

2. i have been here since 2001 when i was using a windows 98 computer between web 1.0 and 2.0 to access cartoon orbit and simple html webpages for samurai jack, and i will probably be here until i ascend to help produce the aku spinoff

the fandom had its heyday before fan culture became what it is today, so it’s never really had a big active fandom like this, and meme culture didn’t exist until after the show ended.
i don’t know how many people will end up staying when season 5 ends, but inevitably, most people do move on to different fandoms. 

i am not one of those people.
i am forever in service to our lord and master aku.
when the show ends my blog’s direction will be as it is now: firmly rooted into the same spot, shitting out content for the same fandom, forever.

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also what do you think was going through evens mind when he saw them making out? /post/155598845063/nalle-you-need-to-give-it-up-had-about-enough

Actually, @shameforskam wrote some really excellent tags on a post I wrote about that episode. So, I want to start with those because I need to talk about Isak in order to talk about Even (this starts with the Sonja reveal at the end of 2.10 going into 3.10):

#i always viewed his reaction to sonja as him telling himself #everything was fake just me being the fucked up person i am #but he already knows he’s gay #he can’t really avoid it #just try and convince himself he’s not /that/ gay and can hide it #so that’s why he goes back to emma #because he does act like he’s interested in emma #he flirts with her and makes her think he’s interested #and then the pregame happens #and he just wants to avoid even because even reminds him of all the things he can’t hide forever #he stares at him when he walks in because he can’t help it #he’s gone for him #but it’s also a challenge #like you are fucking with my mind i don’t think you realize but you are and i kinda hate you #and he’s like fuck i can’t keep being gay for you because you have a girlfriend and are therefore /not attracted to guys/ #because isak has a very narrow view of sexualities #i don’t think he registers multiple gender attraction identities as a thing #(because he doesn’t have that) #so he kisses emma to try and block everything out #block even out #be straight #and then even fucking interrupts them #and his face is just #fuck oh my god leave me alone #i’m trying to forget you #and then all the rest of shit in the post happens (shameforskam)

I totally agree, that’s exactly how I see the look between them. They can’t keep their eyes off each other and Isak kind of hates that. 

Even has a girlfriend and this is all going fucking nowhere and he feels like a idiot for getting caught up in this in the first place. So he visibly says ‘fuck this’ and chugs his beer and leans over to hook up with Emma and forget. And I think Even very well picks up that ‘fuck this thing with you’. And since he does like Isak, he’s not gonna let that stand. He’s not going to let himself be blocked out and forgotten. He won’t let Isak do that at all this episode: he tries to kiss Emma but Even comes crashing in, he closes his eyes to block him out on the dancefloor but Even stays to be with him, he refuses to meet his eyes but Even keeps moving closer and closer… Even does not let Isak let go of him.

…plus, I think Even does feel a bit of rivalry with Emma. She crashed their first meeting and refused to be pushed out, she’s pursuing this boy he’s a thing for since the first day of school and she’s just blithely going for it without any of strings tangling him up. So I do think there’s some pure jealousy in Even plopping himself down onto that couch and getting between them.

25 Q/A Personality Tag RULES: Tag people you want to get to know better.

I’ve been tagged by @ilonavic to do this. Thank you very much, love!! So, let’s begin!!

1. Are you introverted or extroverted? Introverted, but sometimes I can be very extroverted. Don’t ask me how or why, it just happens.

2. Are you ruled by emotions or logic? I always try to use logic, I am logical most of the time, but emotions always stand in the way.

3. What is your happiest memory? I don’t recall right now.

4. What is your saddest memory? I am not sure, maybe when my grandmother died or watching how sad my mother was after she and my father got divorced.

5. In what kind of world would you rather live in? In this one, in the current one. Despite all the bad things that are happening and are going to happen, it gives me hope to think that there are still good people who will do everything possible to fix it, to prevent these monsters from getting their way. I will fight for this world too.

6. What is your favorite video game? I love Dragon Age but I have to say The Witcher 3, the story, the characters, how well done it is… I just love it!!!

7. What is your biggest fear for yourself? For myself? Mmmm… Disappointing my loved ones, not achieving my goals.

8. What is your biggest wish for yourself? Be able to overcome all the obstacles I still have to cross.

9. What fictional character do you relate to the most? There is no fictional character I relate with.

10. If you could become anything, without any education or demands, what would you choose as your profession? I have no idea. I’d like to do something important, not be SOMEONE important, but to do something useful for society that would make me feel proud of myself.

11. Do you have any siblings? Yes, a little one, I rather not talk about him.

12. Have you ever wanted to injure someone? Yes, although I don’t do it because I know that violence is not the solution, but I think about it very much.

13. Have you ever wanted to help someone, but didn’t? Yes, and I am still regretting that. I am just too shy, so shy it annoys me even. Or maybe I am just stupid for feeling embarrassed of helping someone. I mean, I am helping them, right?? That’s something good!! Why am I not able to even ask them how I could help them or if they’d like my help???

14. What makes you angry? There are many things that make me angry, but injustice, I can’t help it, I just can’t see an unfair situation and stay still and be quiet, I have to do something! Also, I hate people who mistreat animals or people, gender violence included. I also can’t stand intolerants or people who judge others without knowing them.

15. What makes you happy? There are many things that make me happy: eating my favourite food, do something good for someone, having good grades, listening to music, singing, etc. Too many things!!

16. Would you rather beat up a small child once - or get beaten up by an angry man every single day for the rest of your life? I’d never hit a small child, I prefer being beating by a man (that I will kill afterwards).

17. What places would you visit today if you could? Poland, Italy, France, Japan, etc. Every place in the world if I could.

18. Do you want children? Why? If not, why not? No, I don’t want. Don’t misunderstood me, I like children, but other people’s children, am I explaining myself? I can take care of a child if later he/she returns home with their parents. Also, I had enough taking care of my little brother when I was younger (I’m still doing it).

19. Did you have a happy childhood? I am not sure how to answer this question. I’ve had a good childhood but it only lasted like 3 years? I was bullied at school and after my parents divorced everything changed, my mom was unemployed and had to take care of me and my little brother (who was only 4 years old) on her own. When I grew up more I had to help my mother with everything, I became a second mother to my brother and to myself. Let’s say that I had to mature very soon.

20. Have you ever done drugs? If you have, would you do it again? No, and I am never going to do it, for sure.

21. Would you rather become a child again, possessing all the knowledge you have today, or become middle-aged, with 45 000 000 € on your bank account? I rather become a child with all the knowledge I have today. Think about it, I’d be considered the most intelligent child in the world (intelligent for a little child not for an adult lol), maybe I’ll be famous, and I’d have the opportunity to repeat my actions again.

22. If you could become any existing famous person in the world - who would you be and why? Scarlett Johansson is my goddess but, you know what? I don’t want to be any famous people I know. I rather be myself famous for something I’ve done.

23. Are your parents married or divorced? Divorced, as I said before.

24. Where do you see yourself in the future? I like imagining myself doing the job I love, maybe as a translator or a teacher, having a little apartment somewhere nice, Switzerland or Germany, or even Spain, and living on my own with my two cats. Being independent and free.

25. If you’d like, a question of your own here. Mine is directed to my fellow Witcher lovers; Who and Why?

For friendly purposes, Regis or Cirilla? Regis would be my best friend ever; I’d love to learn from him and to hear all his adventures, his live must be fascinating and he must know so many things! His voice is the best thing ever.

For romantic purposes, Dettlaff or Avallac’h? Do I really have to explain why?

As your co-worker, Caranthir or Geralt? Sorry, I don’t trust Caranthir, I prefer Geralt, he’s funny and very hard working, intelligent and competent. You can’t say I am telling a lie.

As your boss, Eredin or Ge’els? First, because he’s hot and so tall I can’t stand it. And the sassiness!! OMG!! I love Ge’els. And second, Eredin is too violent for me and not very trust-worthy, on the contrary Ge’els looks like a decent person.

As your best friend, Yennefer or Shani? Imagine having as best friend a sorceress as intelligent and powerful as Yennefer… That would be so cool!!! She would teach me magic!!!

As your ally, Vernon Roche or Anna Henrietta? Roche is determinate, clever, an excellent plotter and he cares about his soldiers’ security. He seems legit and he’s hot. Anna Henrietta is very moody and I don’t like her, anyways.

As your worst enemy, Triss or Dandelion? What would he do to hurt me? Sing me a ballad? Hit me with a lute? Write a satire about me? Dandelion is harmless, for god’s sake.

Thank you very much for this awesome ask @ilonavic. It’s perfect! I love it! ♡

I am tagging @petit-oiseau-de-nuit, @lunedin, @daovihi, @lenkalost, @ferelden-doglord, @cirillach@tesham–mutna, @bryd-one-brere and @silnaniewinna. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want or can’t, although this is quite interesting. 

ELI5: When you go on a roller coaster or drive fast down a hill, why do you get that stomach drop feeling? What is actually happening inside your body that causes the feeling?

“The honest answer is that no one knows with absolute certainty,” said Dr. Brad Sagura, a surgeon at University of Minnesota’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital.

“There’s a cast network of nerve connections within the body, handling messages between the spinal cord, the brain and other structures,” Sagura said.

When you hit the peak of a roller coaster and start dropping so quickly, things inside start to shift around.

“The liver and spleen are relatively secured by suspensory ligaments,” Sagura said. “But the intestines themselves are relatively mobile. While your body is secured by your seat belt, the organs are free to move about by some extent. That contributes to the free-fall floating sensation that either calls us back for more, or has us running to get sick from nausea.”

The movement isn’t only the movement of the organs, it is also the movement of what’s inside the organs.

“The intestines, the stomach, they hold liquid,” Sagura said. “The bladder; the same thing. “It’s relatively fixed, but the fluid within those structures probably plays a role in that sudden drop.”

Sagura said there’s no long-term danger from your organs slightly shifting around. They go back to where they started. But the movement is enough for your nerves to notice that something’s happening, he said.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Real Life * Draco Malfoy

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Based on the song “505″ by the Arctic Monkeys


Warnings: Mild language


Draco’s POV

*Sunday, almost dawn, 5:05 AM*

I can’t sleep.

It’s impossible to sleep while she lingers in my head. Y/N was her name. That beautiful name.

I dreamt about her on the train going to Hogwarts and I couldn’t stop thinking about her since.

In my mind, she was lying by my side with her hands in between her thighs.

Ugh, what am I thinking?! She’s not real!

7 hours and 45 minutes is how long I have been thinking about her.

What if she is real? Would she like me? Would we have a future together? Would my parents adore her like I do?

There is no way she would exist. Good things only happen when you’re dreaming.

Not a shy of her spark. A knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of her mark.

I was frightened by the bite that she gave. No harsher than the bark. She gave me this new perspective on the world. I started to open my eyes on things I normally wouldn’t care about.

If only she existed…

*Sunday morning, 7:30 AM*

“Draco you weren’t at breakfast. Are you okay?” Pansy asked me. I don’t like her that much since she pretty much stalks me and is crazy in love with me.

“Y-Yeah… I’m fine.” I said back.

“Oh well, I brought some food for you. I had a feeling you wouldn’t go to breakfast so I brought you some.”

“T-Thanks.” I grabbed the plate and quietly ate my food.

“You know, if you ever need someone to talk too then I-I’m here.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Then she walked off.

My mind hasn’t been the same ever since I met Y/N in my sleep. Before I wake up, she normally says ‘Goodbye’ or ‘See you later’… what does it mean? Is it weird that I can see her whole body clearly? Nothing is blurred out.

She looks like a slytherin princess walking in the woods or halls with her mind cleared. Her hair that moves nicely when she twirls around or when the wind hits her.

“Draco! Draco! C’mon man talk to us!” Crabbe yelled at me putting me back to reality.

“What now Crabbe?!”

“Goyle wants to know…. Well… we want to know how you’re feeling. You hardly ever talk to us and bully Harry.” Crabbe said worried.

“Well I’m fine. I’m just… thinking about the shit we could do to Potter.”

“A-Are you sure?”

“Yes! When am I not sure?! Now get outta here!” I said pushing Crabbe out of the dorm.
I don’t know if you could guess but… I’m not okay… at all.

*Monday, 12:00 AM*

“Y/N don’t cry! Please I-I crumble when you cry.”

“But Draco… I have to say Goodbye.”

“You always say Goodbye darling.” I said while cupping Y/N’S cheeks.

“No, I mean for good. Draco I-I love you but I can’t stay here for long. It’s time that you stop thinking about me and start looking up. I love you Draco Malfoy and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Bye my darling.” She kissed me. I felt her tears drip down her face.

“I love you too Y/N.” She started to fade away. I couldn’t see her figure anymore. ‘Start to look up?’ interesting.

*Monday, almost dawn, 5:05 AM*

“Draco! Wake up will ya!”

“Ugh what Crabbe and Goyle?! Get your hands off of me!”

“Professor Dumbledore wants ya.” Goyle said to me.

“For what? Holy shit what did you dumbasses do?!”

“Nothing we swear!” Crabbe and Goyle said to me.

“It better be nothing if not then I will hex you guys hard!”

I started to walked to Professor Dumbledore’s office still thinking about what Y/N said to me. I wish our last moment together wasn’t vague.

“Ah Draco, sorry to wake you up this early but our new student just arrived today and she’s in Slytherin like you. Could you show her around before everyone wakes up? Wouldn’t want her to be lost on her first day of school.” Dumbledore said to me.

“I don’t have a choice do I?” I said back.

“Come, she’s upstairs waiting for us.”

We walked up the long staircase and I was dreading every moment of it. I just wanna sleep and move on since Y/N clearly doesn’t exist and that spark that we had is now dead.

“Y/N this is Draco Malfoy. A fellow Slytherin like yourself.” Dumbledore said. I looked up and I see… Y/N, the girl from my dreams, the girl that I adore.

“Draco this is Y/N.” Dumbledore spoke again.

“H-Hi.” I said in utter shock.

“Hello… darling.”

Reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notes! (from @operaticspacetrash, who I basically reblog everything from)

1. My cats! They are soft and furry and like to purr when they are being held. You know, cat things.

2. The weather is nice. This only happens a few days a year here, so it is very exciting!

3. All the Rogue One/Star Wars things that come across my dash. (okay, maybe not everything *side eyes beach pictures* (lol rogue one actually made me not like the beach how is that possible) (wait this is supposed to be about things that make me happy))

4. I just had a very pleasant visit with my sister in Santa Fe. Great food, and Meow Wolf was a lot of fun. (Her, before we entered the museum: so what did you think of what you looked up about this place? me: I didn’t look at anything. her: that’s probably best)

5. I still really like these lines in a fic @leralynne wrote: ‘“Because I don’t like you very much.” Her fingers—curled to fists in the fabric of his shirt, holding him close—suggest otherwise.’ I think about this often. :D

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10 Ridiculous Prompts From Things My Friends Have Actually Said/Done (feel free to use them or whatever)

1. “Quick! I need a two wedding dresses, and someone to drop my parents off at the Closest Church. Pronto!”

2. “I don’t always hide beneath your desk sir, but when I do, I feel very safe.”

3. “Don’t question me! Do you know what this is? THIS IS SPARTA— oh shit! Sorry, I didn’t see the ditch before I kicked you…”

4. “You! Yes you, with the face. You will adopt a child with me and we will name him Angel-Spike, in honour of my two favourite childhood characters. What do you mean you don’t know me? That is irrelevant— I HAVE SPOKEN ARTHUR! That’s your name, by the way.”

5. “Is there a problem officer? *whispers* Yes I am very aware that this is a McDonald’s drive thru, but my dad’s on the phone and I need you to play along.”

6. “If I draw a mustache on that guy’s face with ketchup, will you pay me twenty bucks?” *doesnt wait for answer and draws mustache on random guy’s face* “Why are you always pressuring me into things, god!”

7. “For a Mrs _________, we have your son by the checkouts. Thank you. *Liam Neeson voice* If you don’t bring the one million dollars and curly fries to checkout four within the next ten minutes you will never see your son ever again. Wait— what do you mean the speakers still on?”

8. “You want my honest opinion? I would, full-homo, so do you right now if we weren’t in the middle of this store and that old lady wasn’t giving me the evil eye. REALLY KILLING THE MOOD! Oh and the jeans look fine.”

9. *gets in car* “Dude, play along, okay?” *shouts out window* “AND GUESS WHAT, THIS GUY HERE? HE’S MY BOYFRIEND AND WE TOTALLY DID IT ALL OVER THE DINING TABLE, SO LONG, BITCHES!!! Floor it before Dad gets out the shotgun. Go, go, go!”

9. “I dreamed you were all pregnant with my child. It doesn’t matter that most of you are guys, it was a dream okay? You are all metaphorically up the duff because of my dream spunk and that’s that.”

10. “Okay, what’s your name?”/“Daddy.”/“I am not writing Daddy on this cup.”/“Okay, okay…. Stud Muffin.”


Rituals meant to summon well- something were always entertaining. But what was moreso entertaining was when something was just ever so slightly wrong/ Why would that be the case, well then- that gave him free access to see who was doing things condemned by many. Of course, a ritual failing would be much more entertaining to see the reaction. The candles sputtered out- and seemingly nothing seemed to happen for a long while. But right as the witch was to start to move away from the circle, the room grew immensely darker as a black mist swirled in the center, forming a rough figure.

            ❝ After all that work, you’re simply going to give up? My, I remember
                  when young witches were begging at the chance to attempt a ritual
                  like that. If I had to judge, that was about a 3.7 out of 5 kid.
                  Annunciation was slightly off, but you know who am I to judge. Some
                  of those words are complicated aren’t they? Tsk tsk. You know if I
                  were you I would give it another go.
 ❞ ༻

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do you really not get brain freezes? you must be extra-evolved

I thought I might have had one once in 2015. I got like a kind of mild twinge in my temples after drinking something cold. only time in my life! I still am not sure if that’s what it was; I have no other experience to compare it with.

usually what happens when I drink a cold thing like a smoothie is that I get a sharp stabbing pain in the center of my back, right between my shoulder blades. It makes my whole body kind of clench up, with boobs in the air, my back bent, and my face all scrunched. it lasts between 2 to 5 seconds and is very uncomfortable.

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 16)

I am very proud of this chapter so that’s probably a bad thing for you :D xox (also for the person who asked about Loki I brought him back in this chapter especially for you)

Part 1
Part 2
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Alternate Ending

It takes you a few days to get back to your normal strength, enough to walk about and do things for yourself. When you finally got round to leaving again your doctor gave you a very stern lecture about not exerting too much energy. He raises an eyebrow and even though he wasn’t saying it explicitly, you knew he knew exactly what had happened. Your cheeks red, you thank him and scurry out of the room, finding Steve waiting for you.

“Oi. Where’s my flowers?” You ask, grinning as he hugs you.

“If I buy you flowers every time you end up here I’ll be broke.” Steve says chuckling, the pair of you making you way back to the main room.

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Being in a relationship with Calum would include...
  • first things first…so many and i mean SO many philosophical talks at 3 AM
  • fight me on that one
  • hearing his raspy morning voice fUCK
  • lots of experimenting
  • lots of nudes
  • making a sex tape its bound to happen alright
  • praying it doesn’t get leaked
  • ‘can we get a dog?’
  • ‘cal we already have one’
  • ‘but y/nnnnnn’
  • ending up with 3 dogs before you’re even married
  • ‘who needs kids our puppies are cuter’
  • having kids anyway
  • him asking you for feedback on songs
  • you watching calum write and being so in awe of what he comes up with
  • asking him to go with you to get a tattoo
  • him getting one while you’re there just for the hell of it
  • netflix n chill
  • bc duh
  • him being shy in public but so fun and happy when alone with you
  • being there for him always even when he feels overwhelmed by all the fame n shit
  • ultimately being his home and where he feels safest
  • you two literally being so in love and just so damn adorable everyone wishes they ended up as happy as you

Luke  Ashton  Michael


Prompt I found (thought you might like it): Person A rarely cleans their room but when they do, it’s only when they know Person B is coming over. Person C is A’s roommate and just cackles whenever A is frantically cleaning their shared home. (Bonus: Person B comes 5 minutes early and they hear muffled screeching from the inside, and A yelling “Fuck it all!We live outside!And we eat bark and sticks and dirt and shit!“)

Sweet Merlin, I am in love with this.

* * *

It seemed to happen like this every time.

Through the natural course of experimentation, Fred Weasley’s bedroom in the flat he shared with his twin brother was typically what would be classified as a Class 4 disaster area. While it would start clean - one good charm would do it - throughout a week of product development…things started to collect.

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Okay so I keep thinking of that thing where a fan handed Luke a fish and he’s like “I’m not ready to be a father” but imagine that you and Luke are out meeting fans and that happens and you get super sad because you had told Luke just last week that you were pregnant and of course it wasn’t planned but you both had decided to go through with it and do your best. But then you hear him say that he’s not ready and even though it’s about a goldfish you just start getting upset because you know that’s how he feels about the real baby so when you guys leave the fans he knows that something is up (I am adamant that Luke is the type to always pay attention to your moods and feelings) and you’ll be at the hotel and he’ll nuzzle his face against your belly like “baby, what’s wrong?” And suddenly you’re just wailing and sobbing about how he doesn’t want the kid and he’ll probably leave you and that he’s your everything and that you hated yourself for not using protection and he just calms you down and reminds you that it takes two people to make a baby so it’s his doing also and that he will stay by your side through it all. And then he starts talking about the fucking goldfish and he’s like “see, I said that because goldfish seem so much more difficult than actual kids. I can’t father a child that one day might get flushed. Can you imagine that? Having to flush your kid because we forgot to clean his tank or tried to take him out for ice cream and he suffocated from the fresh air? It’s just a lot of work babe, babies seem so much nicer.” And you’re crying but laughing cause he’s such a loser but you know that he’ll be the BEST DAD EVER and yeah I hate myself for this

snk voice meme
snk voice meme

GAHHHHHHH I did it… yes, please, listen to me nervously ramble for the next 9 minutes about my favorite topic *hide face*

I tag everyone but especially these ten: sophie, manna, kippie, lys, sa, ale, @just-quintessentially-me, @oshiete-me-more-sensei,  and @josie-theoneandonly that horrible, horrible @kuchen-ackerman. And Laura can do it again :) 

I also tag @hedera-helixwriteseruri and @lostcauses-noregrets and @birbwin

The Questions:

1. State your name and username.

2. Where are you from?

3. How long have you been a fan of the series?

4. Would you choose to join the Survey Corps, Garrison, Military Police, or the Wall Cult?

5. What is your favorite moment in the story thus far?

6. If you could resurrect one dead character who would it be and why?

7. What scene do you most look forward to seeing animated?

8. Who is your favorite character from the 104th Trainee Squad?

9. Who is your favorite among the senior soldiers?

10. Your OTPs! Go!

11. Any unpopular opinions?

12. Say the following: Hajime Isayama, Shiganshina, Chuugakkou, Kyojin, Bertholdt, Guren no Yumiya, Wall Maria, “Danchou, Heichou and Buntaichou”, Jean Kirschstein, Ymir, Armin, Jäger

Bonus: Tell us your favorite snk song and sing an extract?