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So apparently, baby ducks can imprint. How what would happen is that one day Derek just walks into Deaton's clinic with about ten baby ducks in his arms, which had been following him around all day since they decided for some reason that he is their mom and refused to let him out of their sight .

Derek totally didn’t name them, but, “I think Patrice has abandonment issues.” 

“Abandonment issues?” Deaton asked, blinking, and then “Patrice?” 

Derek just glared, averting his gaze. Alright, so he had named him. But only because it made them easier to tell apart. “Yes,” he gritted through his teeth, holding out the baby ducks for Deaton to take. “I can’t look after them. So here, you have to take them.” 

Deaton shook his head. “I think you’re doing just fine, Derek,” he said in a way that could either mean ‘fuck off’ or ‘these ducklings are part of some bigger plan that I’m not going to tell you about’ and then walked away. Just like that. 

The bastard.


Later that evening, Stiles came home to find Derek….and several ducklings on his bed. 

“Please tell me that’s not the pack,” was the first thing he said, panicked that he wasn’t feeling just as panicked about that scenario as he should be. He wasn’t going to lie and say the thought of Jackson being turned into a baby duck didn’t amuse him. 


“No, it’s not the pack,” Derek answered, rolling his eyes, letting one crawl into his hands. “I think….” he frowned. “I don’t think they have…parents.”

“Oh?” Stiles asked, carefully watching Derek’s face. 

“Yeah, “ Derek nodded, all serious and utterly adorable. “And….I don’t know what to do.”  It was hard to read Derek most of the time, but Stiles thought he was getting better at it and this was definitely Derek speak for: ‘I found these baby animals and now I am scared I’m going to hurt them because I don’t have the best track record. SOS, send help, I am a tragic, brooding, beautiful mess’.

Okay, so maybe not the last part. But Stiles was definitely on to Derek.

Derek looked up at Stiles then, as if reading his thoughts, like Stiles had all the answers to the universe. Usually, Stiles was flattered when Derek came to him for help. Well, not flattered, per se. Smug. Smug was the word he’d use. He liked being smug around Derek, his own personal fucked up foreplay. But right now, something different was tingling in the pit of his stomach. He felt warm, and maybe just a little bit helpless. He wasn’t sure if it was a feeling he necessarily liked. 

“Well, how about we start with a pond?” he suggested, leaning back against his bedroom door, resisting the urge to grab his phone and snap a picture.

“A pond?” Derek’s eyebrows shot up. “You mean, like, build a pond?” He started shaking his head, like the thought terrified him. 

Silly, beautiful wolf.

Stiles shrugged. “Why not? You have the money, don’t you? Plus, I think they like you.” He winked and Derek flushed, right to the tips of his ears. Stiles laughed.

“Come on, sourwolf,” he grinned, shaking his head, picking up his backpack from where he had dumped it on the floor. “Let’s go make us a home.” 


“It’s your turn to feed them,” Stiles groaned, turning in Derek’s arms. He swore he could hear the ducks already quacking impatiently. “Please, babe, I’ll do anything if I don’t have to get up right now. I’ll even blow you. Twice. It’s so waaaaaarm.” He stretched, like the lazy cat he was, and smiled all the way down to his toes. 

“Don’t call me ‘babe’,” was the only reply he received.

Stiles groaned again. “Sweetheart?” he tried, instead. “Honey? Chicken pot pie of my life?” 

For that, his Derek Hale shaped cover was snatched away from him. 

“What’s wrong with chicken pot pie???” he yelled, heart broken. Utterly, utterly heart broken. No, betrayed. Derek was mean. 

“Nothing, if you want to stay married to me, noodle.

Stiles grimaced. Okay, they’d work on their pet names for each other outside of sex later. They couldn’t just stick with ‘asshole’ - it was starting to lose its meaning when they fought. 

Shoving a pillow in Derek’s face, because when was that ever not satisfying, Stiles crawled to the side of the bed - and because he had no dignity - rolled out of it. “See if you get any sex when I get back,” he called over his shoulder, grabbing Derek’s boxers on the way out of the door.  

Derek only grinned when Stiles looked back, already falling back to sleep. 

Stiles refused to find it adorable. 

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I thought I was over of how bad s4 was but I'm not and it's now 4 am and I can't sleep. The thought that's making me loose sleep is why did they have to make Mary part of the team? It's just the two of them against the rest of the world, right? why did they have to love her and include her in the cases? Why can't at least Sherlock see how horrible she is? I know I'm being rediculous but it gets to me it really does

Hey same ridiculous insomniac anon do you know what gets to me too??? John cheating on Mary even if it’s texting… people argue that it’s in character he’s a womanizer after all but isn’t he the guy who’s loyal very quickly? What do you think?

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, I never understood why they went the route of making all of S4 essentially NOT about John and Sherlock. I liked the visuals of T6T and TLD, but Mary REALLY fucking killed it for me, especially the magical redemption arc they chose to give to her. The whole season felt really ooc for me, and Mary being more of Sherlock’s partner than John was REALLY rubbed me and many others the wrong way. The way the narrative was going, it SHOULD have been her being on the run FROM them, not working WITH them.

Because of this, I really, really feel like there is a false narrative at play here, that the entirety of S4 is being told like a blog entry (hence why they stopped the blog AND used the title of one of the entries to clue us into this fact) because of all the OOC-ness, inconsistencies, fourth wall breaking, “scene jumping” and the “fakeness” of Mary’s death and TFP. The season contains a sense of adventure,  is romanticized (though in the wrong direction), and fantastical elements, just like the blog. I found it SO bizarre that Sherlock CONSTANTLY kept saying “I’m Sherlock Holmes!”… just like John’s blog would have done. And TFP for me is John’s TAB, so there’s already an alternative narrative. Anyway, this went way off topic, but you get me. John’s blog is playing out on screen. Why, I don’t know; perhaps to show the general audience that not having John and Sherlock in the picture together doesn’t work, since most of the entries are told as if John is standing on the sidelines watching events unfold – ergo making the season seem very not-our-show. Plus, calling the first episode “The Six Thatchers” after a blog entry on John’s blog and ENDING the season with Mary narrating is so telling to me.

Second part of your ask: I AGREE. It’s really weird to me, simply because we SAW John was essentially done with dating by the end of ASiB because he was happy with whatever he could get with Sherlock. And it took him TWO YEARS to mourn Sherlock before he decided to move on, and for whatever reason, Mary was able to establish that trust with John within six months (I presume she emulated what she thought John wanted, but she’s a professional manipulator). He only stayed with Mary because he didn’t think Sherlock wanted what John wanted, and perhaps also some manipulation on Mary’s part, convincing John that Sherlock would never love him like she loved him.

So then when John is “cheating” I find it really OOC, if only because I just can’t see John ever wanting to get involved with anyone every again after the heartbreak of both Sherlock and Mary. Though, I still hold the belief that it’s really Sherlock John is texting in T6T, and we are told otherwise because of the false narratives (given that I think that the episodes are being told like a blog entry, it’s only natural to assume lies about the things truly happening are present). And maybe it was “just texting”, fine, but it just doesn’t really fit John’s character to me unless that person is Sherlock or unless John is doing another plan behind everyone’s backs with Mycroft (ie. the texting is coded and E is an associate of Mycroft). He has serious trust issues, even an emotional affair with some rando on the bus just doesn’t jive with his character arc they’ve built up over three seasons.

I don’t know. People say it’s in his character, but I just have a really hard time seeing it, especially since he knows the kind of person Mary is (killing Sherlock for trying to tip off John), like… I can’t imagine he would do that again. Mary’s complete shift from the character she was in S3 is what’s tipping me off the most about a false narrative, and as such we can assume the other characters may not be who they seem to be as well, at least in my opinion.

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oh ok thanks for answering so fast :) even it's fake that's still nice for my namjin imagination lol can you tell me what was written after daddy please... i can't read it :( Oh by the way what do you think about namjin since the beginning of 2017?, do you also feel that they interact less compared to their early debut where they looked so close to me, always standing next to each other, rapmon always touching jin hand when talking etc... i'm a bit sad, do you also feel it or is it just me?

I think it says “bby sin” - which ??? I have no idea what that means.

Beginning of 2017? We’re only 3 months in so I dont think we can make a general statement and say that “ there werent much namjin moments this year”. But I feel like, with the whole Wings comeback last year, NamJin has just been everywhere and more in your face then it has ever before- 

Exhibit A - when Namjoon and Jin had no chill and were openly flirting at a fan-signing 

Exhibit B - when they gave us this christmas gift and defined the word married

Exhibit C - when they actually got married in Japan and did a whole photoshoot on it

Exhibit D - when they couldnt contain their joy at winning at the AAAs

(lol im Yoongi in the back admiring them)

Exhibit D  - when Jin had some words of encouragement (?? sure) for Namjoon and vkook were all of us

Exhibit E - when they ended all ships with this one v live

And lets not forget:

And when it comes to holding hands and standing next to each other, well…

So anon dont be sad! Namjin is here and to me, 2016 was THEIR YEAR and fingers crossed that 2017 will be too! 

On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.

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"Hey, hey, calm down, they can't hurt you anymore." With treebros and/or kliensen because I'm in an angsty dear Evan Hansen mood

As much as I love setting things in the AWE universe, I decided to go for a slightly happier Connor Lives au for a change (with an extra side of “they all became friends”). Slight Sincerely three. (TW for homophobic slurs)

Send me characters or ships from musicals with a prompt from here.

Jared stared at his locker, a stony expression on his face. The thick, black strokes stood out against the dull blue he was so familiar with that seeing that precise shade anywhere else made him sick. Three characters. Three simple characters had ruined his whole day. Two of the characters were created with three sharp strokes, while the last was created as a continuous curve. 

   F  A G

There was a small, phallic doodle underneath the word. It wasn’t clever. It wasn’t good. Hell, even the spacing was off. But it made his blood boil all the same.

He wished he could laugh it off. Find some cleaner that could get rid of sharpie, wipe it off, pretend it never happened. That’s what he should do. But something in his brain wouldn’t let it go. It took every ounce of control he had to not break down right there, in the middle of the hallway like a freak. He clenched his fists so hard he could almost feel his fingernails break his skin.

“So Evan asked for my help with his math homework,” Jared had noted long ago that Connor was never one for proper greetings, often startling others by initiating conversations when he hadn’t even announced his presence, just like now, “except I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing in that class so I figured the three of us could– Hey, are you ok dude?”

Jared didn’t turn to look at him. “Peachy.”

“What’s the–” Connor followed Jared’s gaze, eyes landing on the crude graffiti. “Oh no.”

“Fuckin’ stupid. It’s just some idiot with a sharpie who has nothing better to do with his life than harass some kid no one even talks to.”

“That doesn’t make it better. That doesn’t make it ok. That doesn’t make it right.” Connor sighed. “It still fills you with rage. And you still have every right to feel that way. I’ve been dealing with this bullshit since seventh grade.”

“Is that so?” Connor nodded in his periphery. “So how exactly do you ‘deal’ with it?”

“Punch the kid that did it in the face. They usually think twice before doing it again.”

“Sounds great. Recognize the writing? I would love to punch something right now.”

Connor examined the thick strokes. “Can’t say that I do.” He pulled out his phone and began taking pictures.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Gathering evidence. Knowing our school system, they’ll have the janitors clean it up this evening and pretend it never happened. We can show it to the administrators and get the vandal’s ass expelled.”

“But we don’t know who it is. And the administrators aren’t going to take it seriously unless we have concrete proof.”

“Yeah, but we got a killswitch named Alana Beck who probably knows everyone’s handwriting and won’t stop badgering them until they find and punish the one’s responsible.”

“For the love of god do not send that to Alana.”

“I won’t. So long as the administrators take this matter seriously.”

“I’m not going to take it to them.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going to.” Jared tried to protest, but at that moment the bell rang. “I should get to class. See you at Evan’s.” And with that Connor walked off. Jared took one last glare at the locker before dragging himself to his next class.

Jared rang the doorbell until Evan answered. Evan seemed surprised to see him.

“Where’s Connor?”

Jared shrugged. “He just said we should meet here after school. So here I am.” He looked at Evan. “Wait, Connor really isn’t here yet?” Evan shook his head. He moved aside and invited Jared in. Jared followed Evan to the living room and sat down on the couch.

“So, um, how was your day?”

Jared shrugged. “Uneventful.” He discreetly clenched a fist.

“Oh.” The two sat in silence for a few moments before Evan spoke up again. “So, um, like, don’t get mad but um, Connor– Connor told me about the locker.”

Jared shook his head. “Of fucking course he did.”

Evan frowned. “He just, um, he said he thought he knew who did it but he wanted me to confirm before saying anything, and, um, he was right.”

Jared suddenly felt the bottled up rage become active once more. “That fucking liar, he said he didn’t know–”

“Well, that’s why he talked with me. Because, um, he thought I could recognize the writing. And I did.”

Jared stood up. “Who the fuck did this? I need to teach them a lesson.” Moving as fast as he could, Evan jumped out of his seat and blocked Jared’s path.

“We-we-we already told– We already told the administrators and, um, they’ve talked with the person, and they’re considering the appropriate punishment.”

“I think I’ve got an idea for an appropriate punishment.” He tried to get past Evan, but the boy blocked his path again.

“Jared, it’s-it’s fine, it’s being taken care of, and you don’t even know–”

“Get out of my way Evan!”

“Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore." Blinded by anger, Jared pushed Evan aside. And suddenly all the anger he felt was replaced by regret, and sadness. Evan stared at him, concerned and almost fearful. Jared stepped back as his eyes filled with tears.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m fucking– I didn’t mean– I’m an asshole– I–” Jared sank to his knees as the tears fell. He was so angry he had shoved Evan Hansen, the boy he’d cared about so much that Jared had literally worried himself sick over his wellbeing.

“I know, you were– you were just angry…” Evan rushed to Jared’s side, kneeling right next to him and putting his arm around Jared. “Look, I’m ok. I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me. I’m fine.”

Jared gasped for air between sobs. “I don’t… I shouldn’t care this much… I don’t… I don’t know why I’m so angry…”

“Jared, you should feel angry. What they did was– what they did was fucked up, it probably messed with your sense of security, and you shouldn’t have to make excuses for how you feel.” Evan moved so he was kneeling directly in front of Jared. “But you’re safe here. You have me. And we will make sure the bastard that did this gets what they deserved. Nobody should make you ashamed of who you are.” Jared looked into Evan’s kind eyes, so full of love and understanding, and began bawling again. Evan wrapped his arms around Jared in a hug, and Jared just held on as if for dear life. The vandal had made him feel ashamed of who he was, but somehow Evan made him feel proud of it, like he was special because of who he was. 

It took a few minutes for things to calm down, but Jared stayed clinging to Evan for as long as he could justify. They finally broke away, Jared wiping away tears and chuckling a bit. “So, when does Murphy get here? He said you had some math homework you both needed help with?”

Evan’s phone went off. He pulled it out. “Speak of the devil,” he muttered. He saw Evan’s face contort into a horrified, then frustrated expression as he read the text. Evan rolled his eyes, shook his head and turned back to Jared. “We have to go help Connor.”

“What? Why? What happened?”

“He injured his hand, it’s all bloody.”

“What did he do?”

“Punched some kid’s teeth in.” Every bit of self control Jared had was focused on keeping his facial muscles in check, but he still couldn’t help the small smirk that slid across his face.

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Hi, when i adopted my dog they said to get a martingale collar for her, because she pulls on the leash, so they said it would good. I just have weird feelings about the collar because it pulls on her neck. Is the martingale collar good or something you recommend or not?

Martingales are designed to prevent a dog from slipping out if their collar. It does not choke them, it just tightens up on the slack so if your houdini decides to do the ol’ back up and slip out move, the collar stays on. They are not intended to be training collars. My dog wears one cause he’s fancy. His neck is so long that 1/2″ collars look weird on him, so i’m now addicted to 2″ collars with cute designs!

Back to the point. Whatever you use must be intended as a stepping stone. Your goal can be a nylon collar, rolled leather, or martingale (brachycephalic breeds need harnesses) but these are for dogs who do not pull. You do not want flat pressure around the neck, it will damage the trachea. 

So you try out whichever method you deem fit for your dog & pair it with training. There is no right answer, your dog will be different from everyone else’s. Some people will encourage their methods over others, but ultimately it is what works for your dog.

It is important to know that every tool that is used to prevent pulling is considered an aversive technique. Positive punishment. You are providing an unpleasant response to an undesired behavior. Whether thats a head collar, neck collar, or body harness. So in order to prevent yourself from relying on these methods, you must pair commands with your leash walks. 

Dogs do not know how long the leash is, especially since you’re constantly moving. So when you give them a correction the instant they pull, they aren’t really getting the message. You’re being reactive, instead of proactive, and that can get confusing. Dogs pull because it usually gets them what they want. They want to get to that tree, and if they yank your arm, they get to go there! So you need to first remember that you are walking your dog for them, not for yourself, and use the privilege to smell as a motivator. If your dog pulls, then he does not get to smell that tree, but if he walks nicely - then you need to reward him by letting him smell the tree. A walk where you go around the block with no interruptions may sound nice to you, but it is torture for your dog! So many smells! Sights! Sounds! And you’re just going to go back home!? What is their incentive to not take control and make you stop at every fire hydrant?!?

Alright, so what to do? You simply give them a warning before they’re about to reach the end of the leash. Let them know that the end is near! What happens after your warning is strictly up to you and what works for your dog. You can change directions, stop in your tracks, or give a correction. I tell Charlie “easy” when he gets close to the end, and he almost always slows down right before he pulls. We tried every other method out there before he finally got the picture. Neck collars, harnesses, head collars… some work wonders for dogs, and some can actually make the pulling worse!

But ultimately, you can’t just rely on your tool to do the work for you. Nothing out there can actually teach your dog not to pull, because the second you remove that device - they’re going to pull! 

I’ll give you my go-to analogy. You’re in your car on the freeway, most likely you’re going to speed a little bit, speeding gets you where you want to go, faster. Now you’re on the freeway but there is a police officer nearby, you cannot speed without being negatively impacted. So when the collar is on, the dog is going to listen, when the collar is off… he probably wont. Why? Because the only incentive to not speed is to not get a ticket, but what if there was a reward for not speeding. Every time you went the speed limit, you got to get something you desired! Well then i’m sure a lot more people would go the speed limit!

Ok, enough cheesy analogies. The point is, teaching your dog not to pull takes training. There is no collar out there that is going to teach your dog anything, they are just band-aids. Your goal is to no longer need them after a period of time. But, some dogs have underlying reactivity issues and may never be able to walk nicely on a leash. Just because it can be simple, doesn’t mean it is for everyone. There are those who rely on their gear without even trying to train, but there are dogs who are either in the middle of training, or are not responding to training, that have to use this stuff. What i mean is, not every dog learns the same way. Just because you may have trained a dog once and it was super easy, doesn’t mean that all dogs are super easy. I have met Golden Retrievers that will make you want to cry and don’t even care - they just do not respond to positive reinforcement, and that is certainly not typical for the breed. So anyone with a Golden Retriever can scoff and say well MY Golden Retriever was walking nicely on a leash at 6 months. That means nothing! Stop judging!

My feelings About Levi and Mikasa’s relationship

I really love the way Mikasa’s and Levi’s relationship has grown through the story. 

We’ve seen Levi being a responsible leader to his subordinates,  tough but caring, exigent but understanding, and that was the captain in him. Now with Mikasa .. it’s the first time Levi is actually involved with someone from his squad on a personal level.

Levi has always recognized Mikasa’s abilities, trusted her enough to place her next to him in missions, and the way I see it, treated her a bit differently than the other squad members! – it could be because Mikasa proved herself reliable or because he saw a piece of him in her, or it’s just a feeling of whatever is this thing that relates them.. or all of this!-.
(for one .. she’s definitely his protégée! )

I always found it funny that whenever Mikasa retorted on Levi roughly he never gets mad or give it much thought.. like Yo I’m your captain where’s manners! 
If anything he makes sure to explain things or clear his idea.

And Mikasa –despite the not so encouraging start- definitely looked up to him as a competent soldier and captain, and this was obvious from the female titan Arc where she decided to assume the responsibility for the Humanity’s strongest soldier ‘s injury, and this, is her clearly admitting his worth and statue ! 

-as opposed to some who picture her as self-delusional who considers herself better than levi.. Mikasa is wiser than that!-

 And with time, she has come to trust him. Even after he displayed roughness when dealing with Historia and everyone doubted him, she still chose to believe in him! And I don’t think she would’ve done that if she didn’t catch a glimpse of the person he is behind his tough cold exterior.


Lately it looked as if Levi has started to crack, he’s lost so much, endured so much, and now that Kenny has reappeared evoking questions about his past and who he is, Levi doesn’t seem that level-headed and unflappable person he used to be, If anything  a hint of vulnerability has started to creep in. 

So maybe it’s time for Mikasa to help him! Not only in matter of strength and fighting –which I think will indeed happen in the Ackerman showdown-  

But maybe Mikasa will even act as a new stabilizing force for him, an unspoken close support in this whole past/origins thing they share!  And I’m sure Mikasa has the strength needed to knock him out of whatever can absorb him .

If she becomes a person that he cares for and wants to protect, this might even give him more determination, kind of like when Eren is stronger when he needs to protect his loved ones .

It would be nice to see this side of Levi, he was good to Eren but that’s what any good captain would’ve done, I want to see a more personal aspect of the way Levi shows his care!  

Not to say this will protect him from danger, since the presence of such a person might only expose him more to it! And I totally see a scenario of Levi dying for someone else but that’s another story!

And It goes both ways..

For Mikasa, this new discovery about herself and origins will certainly trouble her in a way or another, and I’m certain that Levi’s presence will make things a lot easier for her.

Think of how it’ll be great for her to know that she’s not alone in this, that she has a support?
Not someone from her peers, not exactly a friend, someone more mature, someone she can rely on, and can lead her through this unknown path that opened from her past.

She had and will always have Eren and Armin, but her bond with Levi will be different and I think it will help her to mature more and will add a lot to her personality.

I don’t want to expand so much on what I WANT to happen rather than what’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  I already did though

but I’m really looking forward to a close -really close- duo dynamic!

In short this growing bond between Levi and Mikasa has a great potential and will hopefully help both of them grow even more :)

Isayama has put quite an effort in building their relationship and I really want to see where he will take it!

kentvparsin  asked:

oops i can't decide so here's 2 in case u wanna write a lot of things OR just like. pick ur preference!! 😘 1) patater + 9; 2) parswoops + 47!!

I’m gonna do patater first but i will write parswoops at some point!!

9. meeting online au

When Kent got the notification, he almost yelled and threw his phone across the room. But, Kent was a rational adult, so he calmly picked up his phone and saw that Alexei Mashkov followed his cats instagram. Kent was fine, he wasn’t freaking out that his crush ever since he freaking entered the NHL followed his cat on Instagram, but he also commented on a video of Kit and him. “very cute )))” Kent is allowed to freak out a little, so he does what every normal and calm adult does and calls Jeff. 

As soon as Swoops picked up, Kent started yelling. “Fucking Mashkov followed Kit’s Instagram! And then he commented on a video of me and Kit and said VERY CUTE with a bunch of weird smiles! What does that mean!” Swoops sighed, he was one of the only people who knew about Kent’s crush on Alexei so a phone call like this happens like every week. 

“It probably means he thinks the video is cute, Parse.” Swoops sighed again, “Listen, I’ll come over and we can have this conversation in person. So don’t start hyperventilating until I get there, okay?” Kent mumbled an agreement and hung up the phone. Kent plopped down on his bed, Swoops has a key so he doesn’t feel the need to get up and let him in.

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mira-alani  asked:

Hi Eleanor! In your reply to an ask recently you wrote lovely tags about Isak taking himself on dates (following advice from Even) and I love this concept so much! I would love more of your thoughts on this, possibly just in Isak's case or really about any/all of the skam characters, whatever you feel more like doing :)

ahhh, lovie! of course you would ask me such a lovely question! taking myself on dates is so important to me and I love the idea of my favorite characters loving spending time with themselves, too! here’s a list of what I think Isak likes to do when it’s just him.

  • I’m super sure Isak’s into art, like, this boy wore an Edvard Munch shirt under his adidas jacket, so a museum is at least a once a month thing. he loves doing research as well, always ending up on random wikipedia pages at three in the morning, so he comes prepared. he knows what he’s seeing, who he’s seeing, when he’s seeing and barely even needs the small bit of information written next to each piece. sometimes he spends the whole day in a museum, taking in paintings and sculptures and not leaving until it’s already dark outside, and sometimes he’s done in an hour, but he always feels a little bit lighter after being surrounded by so many beautiful things. bonus, Even never forgets to ask him what his favorite piece in the exhibition was when he gets home, and Isak always answers with, Even Bech Næsheim, sculpture come to life, Oslo, 1997.
  • making playlists! like, Isak’s into music and organizing so making playlists is the ultimate way to relax for him. he buys a bottle of Fanta, puts on his comfiest sweater and socks, sits down on his bed and just… goes for it. like, he gives each playlist the coolest name he can think of, takes his time carefully figuring out what kind of vibe he’s going for and then spends at least two hours putting the best songs in exactly the right order. he he has a playlist for everything! places, events, people – there’s at least seven playlists about Even on his Spotify account, and two about Jonas, one of which used to be really sad but now just includes songs about best friends going on cool adventures.
  • books! Isak’s a reader, okay, I’m sure of this. he’s a slow reader too, which means he really takes his time getting into them. he loves hanging around book stores and feeling cool and intellectual and could spend three hours in a book store easily, and used to do this when he went shopping with Even all the time, letting his fingers run over the spines and taking his time deciding on whether or not to buy a book on European football statistics, or something about dragons. Even’s not as keen though, so after the fourth time Even asks him what time it is, Isak sends him away to a clothing store and tells him they’ll meet up in an hour and it just kind of grows from there. Isak’s now reaching the point where he goes to book stores even without Even hanging back, and making fun of him and he loves it.
  • also! taking late night walks! watching David Attenborough documentaries! going on the airbnb website and saving the best, most extravagant vacation rentals ‘for later’! people watching in coffee shops! taking long showers! online shopping! and he has at least one pinterest board dedicated to pictures of cool watches.

morleysfreckles  asked:

okay okay but a fic where bellarke decide to get a puppy but can't decide on a breed and when they end up at the pound, are torn between like two dogs pretty pls!!

Thanks to the Internet for the puns and thanks to @selflessbellamy for being her awesome self and helping without realizing it!

From Raven:

ur gettin a dog???

with bellamy????

u realize hes gonna make tons of stupid puns??? how r u gonna survive this??

Clarke rolls her eyes as she reads Raven’s texts.

To Raven:

thanks for being overdramatic!!!

yes we’re getting a dog and it’s awesome and we’re gonna be the most precious family in town!

From Raven:

u used to be fun

Clarke rolls her eyes again and doesn’t bother answering. She turns to Bellamy, sitting next to her on the couch, his laptop on his knees. He has been searching “everything you need to know when getting a dog”.

“Raven thinks you’re gonna be insufferable because you’ll make tons of bad puns.”

“She’s right… It’s gonna be ruff” he answers grinning.

“Ugh” she groans while nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck.

He laughs softly.

“You sure about this though?” he can’t help to ask, a little anxious.

She brings her head up again and looks at him in the eye.

“Of course Bell. It’s gonna be great” she smiles.

“Pawesome!” he answers and she punches him in the arm. “Stoop! Okay so where do we start?”

“I think we should go to the pound” Clarke says “that way we’ll be helping a poor dog.”

Bellamy stares at her for a moment then.

“What?” She asks, almost defensive.

“I think I’ve never been more in love with you” he manages to say before surging to kiss her.

She makes a short noise of surprise and she’s laughing into the kiss.

“You’re an idiot you know that?” she breathes when he starts kissing her jaw and neck.

“You told me that before” he smirks. “I still happened to made you fall in love with me.”

“Yeah yeah you’re puuuurfect.”

Bellamy stops as soon as the word comes out of her mouth.

“You’re the most perfect woman on Earth.” And he starts kissing her neck again.

She has to force herself to push him.

“Bellamy… If we want to do this, we gotta do it now. Before I change my mind.”

He gets up immediately and takes her hand, already running and forcing Clarke to follow awkwardly after him.

“Let’s not lose any more minute. Try to keep it in your pants woman.”

“You were the one kiss-attacking me!”

“To the car!”

Clarke just laughs at his ridiculousness.

In the car, while Bellamy is driving, she checks her messages again.

From Raven:


why r u not answering

did bellamy kill you with his puns

that’s it isnt it


To Raven:

u were right!!! im going mutts!!!

From Raven:

friendship over

When Clarke tells Bellamy the exchange he has to stop to kiss her again.


At the pound, the girl welcoming them is really nice and takes the time to give them some information on the dogs they have. She tells them that’ll be better for them to take a puppy, easier to raise etc etc, and when Clarke meets the eyes of one she can’t disagree. The girl explains that most of the dogs they have here had a pretty rough – Clarke and Bellamy exchange a look and try not to laugh out loud – time, some of the dogs were beaten, some were abandonned. It breaks both Bellamy and Clarke’s hearts to hear that and they know they made the right choice by coming there. Their instincts to protect everyone will be a good use.

The only problem is that Bellamy and Clarke can’t seem to agree on what kind of dog they want. Obviously they want a small dog because they don’t have a garden yet and the poor dog would be just unhappy in their appartment.

Clarke has found a little jack russell that she finds a-do-ra-ble! It’s a boy and he starts licking Clarke’s hand as soon as Clarke kneels down to pet her.

But Bellamy has only eyes for the small beagle. This one is a girl and her ears are falling a little bit, she has been rescued from a dog fight – her first and only one thankfully – but she still has a small scar on her tail.

The girl from the welcoming desk lets them argue over which puppy is the cutest and will be the best companion for their future life and kids.

“Bellamy Blake I’m divorcing you if we don’t take this adorable boy into our house right now!”

“We’re not even married Clarke! Mine is cuter and must be protected at all cost. She’s been in a fight!!”

“Your intention is noble but your opinion is wrong.” She takes her puppy in her arms then and levels the puppy’s eyes to Bellamy’s to try to move him.

Bellamy reciprocates by doing the same with his puppy and the picture of them two holding their puppies to face the other would make their friends roll their eyes and laugh their ass off.

Clarke and Bellamy though don’t realize how ridiculous they are.

After an hour or two – yes hour – the girl comes back to see them arms crossed each on one side of the room staring at each other.

“Err… Have you guys decide? We’re closing soon, so…”

They both share a look, uncross their arms and come closer to the girl. Bellamy takes Clarke’s hand in his own when they say in the same time:

“We’ll take both of them.”


They name the puppies Picasso and Cleo because they are nerds and they’re embracing it.

In the ride’s home, after getting everything they needed for the dogs (plural!!!), Bellamy and Clarke agree on some rules to keep the eventual mess to a minimum.

No dogs on the bed (both Picasso and Cleo end up in their bed this very night).

They have to take turns on the potty training (Bellamy finally does it because Clarke can’t stay mad at the puppies long enough for them to understand that it is not okay to piss on their cushions).

They also have to take turns on which one of them is supposed to feed the dogs (and after Bellamy forgets for the third time Clarke just decide to do it every morning before going to work).

But mainly their goal is to annoy their friends as quickly as possible. Bellamy bets they wouldn’t bear with their puns more than two weeks. Clarke has even less faith in their friends’ patience and bets one of them will throw shoes at them the next time they hang out.

It’s the sentence “Whatevfur we’re so happy with the puppies, it’s very diffurrent from the cat I had in high school, furtunately Bellamy is pawesome with them! We’re gonna keep them furever!” that do it.

Both Miller and Raven throw their shoes at the laughing mess Bellamy and Clarke form in this moment.

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Sad Song-Michael Clifford

I heard this song and knew I had to put it in something…gotta love We The Kings…This is the Mikey version of the 4/4 where management makes you pr date one of the guys….so ya….enjoy!

You were in desperate need of new guitar picks. You were hopeless at being able to keep anything, honestly if your head wasn’t attached to your body you might loose it. You headed to your favorite music store, to get some new picks and see what new guitars they had. You were eyeing this Yamaha acoustic guitar, when you heard a familiar melody. Someone was playing on one of the pianos. It was “Sad Song” by We The Kings, one of your favorites…actually one you used to listen to quite often after you broke up with someone very special to you. Whoever was playing was good. Really good. You decided to find this mystery player. You headed to where the pianos, where a boy with longer blond hair in a red flannel shirt was playing. You were standing behind him, so you couldn’t see his face. But when he started singing, you instantly knew who this boy was.

“You and I, We’re like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky.

With you, I’m alive, Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He sang in a deep, raspy voice. Then he proceeded to sing the chorus.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

He continued to play, and the sight of this boy who used to mean so much of you pulled at your heart. He hadn’t noticed you were there, so it made it easy for you to join in on the next part.

“With you I fall. It’s like I’m leaving all my past in silhouettes upon the wall.

With you I’m a beautiful mess. It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He didn’t stop playing, and you saw him smile even before he looked at you. He knew your voice just as well as you knew his, and would recognize it anywhere. You finished the rest of the song together.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

You’re the perfect melody, The only harmony I wanna hear.

You’re my favorite part of me,

With you standing next to me, I’ve got nothing to fear.”

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.”

“Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.”

“Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

Despite the years apart, you still knew each other well, especially when it came to music. This was probably the best cover the two of you had ever done together. When you finished, there was applause filling the shop.

“Looks like the audience loves us Y/n” The blond boy said.

“They always have Michael” You smiled.

“How’ve you been? It’s been what?”

“Too long. I’m doing good. I’m guessing you are too, from the way your band has took off”

“Yes. It’s been amazing,”

“How are the guys?”

“They’re great. They’d love to see you…I’d like to spend some time with you too…”


“Just dinner or something?”

“Sorry…I just can't…”


“Look Michael. It took me a long time to get over you…I understand why we had to break things off, I mean you had so many people expecting things from you, and management thought I’d be a distraction…but that doesn’t mean that years later, you can just walk into my life again Michael”

“I’m sorry…” Michael said, a pained expression on his face.

“I know Mikey” You said, tears in your eyes. “Take care of yourself ok?”

Before you could turn to go, he pulled your arm to bring you into a tight embrace. You stayed like that for awhile, wrapped in his arms. It felt so nice, brought back so many good memories. But then you pulled away, kissing his cheek.

“Bye Mikey”

“Bye Y/n”

Then you left the store, refusing to loo back. So much for the guitar picks.


Later when you got home, you opened twitter, needing a distraction so you wouldn’t dwell on what just happened.

However the internet was cruel.

As soon as you opened the app you saw that you had gotten over 100 new followers. You were flattered, but knew something had to be up. Sure enough, all over your feed there was a video of you and Michael singing. There were even pictures of you guys hugging and you kissing his cheek. Of course this was all the 5sos fam was talking about.

Who is she?

Oh my gosh its Y/n! Remember when they used to date?

So cute!

Think they’re back together?

These were some of many comments you read. Weird how some fans literally knew everything, you just hoped they were just really old fans who were there from the beginning.

So that was why so many people were following you, and why you were tagged by all these people.

So much for forgetting what happened. You turned off your phone and decided to call it a night, even if it was only 8. You didn’t want to deal with anything now.


The next morning you were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. You weren’t able to resist last night, and scrolled though everything everyone was saying about you, luckily mostly nice things.

“Hello?” You said groggily. You looked at the clock. 7:30. Who calls so early?

“Miss Y/n?”

“Yes…who is this?”

“My name is Joan. I’m part of the 5sos management?”

This woke you up.

“What? Um…what do you guys want with me?”

“We’d like you to come down and meet with us. We’ll send you the address. Be here in one hour. Believe me, you should come” Then she hung up.

What the hell? Sure enough you received a text message with an address seconds later.

Feeling as though you had no choice, you quickly got dressed and headed down to meet with that goddamn management that you still couldn’t bring yourself to particularly like.


The address was one of those fancy hotels that held a lot of business meetings. Sure enough, the room given to you was a conference room. There was a lady already there, who you were assuming was Joan, and another man you didn’t recognize. Of course management would change, maybe this was a good thing.

“Y/n. So glad you could make it. I’m Joan.” Joan said, standing up to shake your hand then leading you to the table.

“Hello. My name is Mark.” The man shook your hand.

“Hi…so what is this about?” You asked.

“All will be explained in just a bit Y/n. We’re waiting on one more person” Mark smiled.

“Yes and in the meantime, tell us about your former relationship with Michael?” Joan asked calmly, as if she was asking about the weather and not something very personal.

“Me and Michael? Um…we dated for about a year. Then his band started to take off. And people not to different from you thought it would be a good idea for us to break things off. End of story”

Before they could answer, the door burst open and Michael came running in.

“Sorry I’m late! I was-Y/n? What are you doing here?”

“That’s what I’m waiting to find out”

“Michael. Finally. Aright now that we have the both of you together, I’ll get straight to the point. We want the both of you to date”

“Isn’t that our decision” You said while Michael said “Woah”

“For PR purposes of course. We don’t expect you guys to be in a committed relationship based off our request. Listen it will be great for the  both of you. You both used to date before, so news of you guys getting back together will be huge. Already, those pictures from yesterday are all over the place. It will give you both some positive attention. Y/n, you are releasing an album soon are you not? This could give you the perfect opportunity to  gets some publicity-”

“Wait, you’re trying to bribe her? That’s ridiculous! I mean she’d-” Michael practically yelled, but you interrupted him.

“Might just agree. I’m not as famous as you Mikey, and my music is going well, but any attention is kind of needed right now…”

“Very good Y/n-” You also cut Joan off

“Of course I would need to know what exactly this whole “PR relationship” entitle? What do you expect us to do?“

"Everything will be set up of course. Paparazzi sent to the restaurant, they take a few photos. Then of course you guys post some things on social media, make it seem as though you guys are dating. That’s really all there is to it” Mark said.

“So do we have an agreement?” Joan added

You looked at Michael.

“You’re not actually considering this are you?” Michael asked you, completely frazzled.

“Well you wanted to do dinner right? And how bad could it be? I really need this Mikey…”

Michael sighed. “Fine. For you.”

You gave him a hug and he held you tightly.

“Alright. We’ll let you guys know the time and place of your guy’s 'first date’” Joan smiled, seeming pleased.


“Laser tag?” You asked Michael. When they said date, you expected dinner, maybe even a movie, but laser tag? That was the last thing you’d think of

“They may have gave me a say into what we do…” Michael grinned

“You don’t say?” You laughed

“Alright, ready for some fun?” Michael asked while buckling you into one of those heavy jackets.

“I don’t know, ready to get your ass kicked?” You teased

“You wish” Michael said, giving you a wink.

Several hours later, he had two games on you. You couldn’t believe this. And of course, Michael didn’t let you forget it.

“Not so easy to beat am I?” Michael laughed.

“Whatever Mikey…fuck you”

“Why so salty?”

“Shut up. You won, got it. End of story, may we move on?”

“Well I won, so I get a prize don’t I?”

“Prize? What on earth could you-”

You were interrupted when he suddenly smashed his lips against yours, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you close to him as he continued to kiss you so tenderly and passionately…

“That” He said when you both had pulled away. “I think that’s reward enough. I’m starved, you want some pizza?”

You just smiled, grabbing his hand, as you headed towards the food court.


Author’s Note: That was long and ended terribly, I’m sorry. Nevertheless hope you liked it!! -Lydia

anonymous asked:

if everyone had instagram how would yata react to finding fushimis profile and seeing his pictures??

Would Fushimi even bother to use Instagram, I feel like he’d find taking pictures and posting them pointless and a bother. Especially if say he gets roped into it because a bunch of the other alphabet boys have one and they want Fushimi to join too so he can see their pictures and Fushimi’s just like Hidaka I don’t give a shit about what you ate for lunch leave me alone. But then he gets coaxed into getting an account anyway and though he doesn’t post often he does occasionally post. He rarely makes any comments to go with his pictures and no matter how often the rest of the alphabet squad tries to engage him in conversation about it or get him to follow their Instagram accounts Fushimi never so much as comments.

So then say post-ROK Fushimi and Yata are in a relationship and living together. One day Fushimi comes home from work and he’s clearly sick but he even so he immediately opens up his laptop and keeps trying to work more, Yata pretty much has to bodily pry him away from it and toss him in the bed so he can rest and recover. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains but he’s feeling dizzy and weak so he can’t resist much, curling up on the bed and falling asleep with his clothes still on. Yata figures he should go finish dinner at least, he can wrap up Fushimi’s portion in case Fushimi’s feeling better when he wakes up and wants something to eat. As Yata’s returning to the kitchen he notices that Fushimi left his laptop on and Yata figures he may as well as least shut it down for now while Fushimi’s sleeping, even though Fushimi’s always telling Yata not to touch his laptop because Fushimi is convinced that Yata will destroy it somehow. Yata’s like okay I’m just gonna close it, there’s no way I could break it just doing that, but as he’s reaching for the laptop his eyes focus on the image on the screen. As it happens Fushimi wasn’t working when Yata pulled him away, he was finishing something else instead, and right there on Instagram is a picture of Yata himself, fast asleep with his hair a little tousled and his face peaceful, and a hand that’s unmistakeably Fushimi’s brushing gently against his cheek.

For a second Yata’s like what the fuck why is there a picture of me here and then he realizes that it’s Instagram and that the account has Fushimi’s name on it. The only caption on the picture is ‘Misaki’ and it looks like Fushimi only just uploaded it so Yata figures it must have been pretty recent. He’s kinda surprised to see Fushimi even has an Instagram and he can’t deny that he’s super curious about what other pictures are on there. Yata finds himself sitting down in front of the laptop and sorting through Fushimi’s gallery. The thing Yata starts to realize looking at Fushimi’s pictures is that there’s like a distinct progression the further back he goes, like Yata decides to scroll until he gets to the first picture in the gallery and then go forward from there and the very first picture is one taken from some months prior to S1, just a picture of an empty sky and for some reason Yata feels his throat getting tight looking at it. The early pictures are all like that, almost all pictures of scenery and they all look so wide and empty to Yata, like Fushimi just wanted to focus on something hollower than himself. Also mixed in with the sky pictures are occasional little flashes of someone that Yata can only recognize as himself, seen usually from a distance or in motion – a quick flash of red hair off to one side of the photo, a blurred figure skateboarding from across the street and barely seen. There’s also one picture of a darkened night sky and red lights hovering in the air and there’s a distinct air of melancholy about it that makes Yata’s stomach twist a little, remembering that night. The only caption for that photo is ‘he’s dead.’

Then Yata starts to get to the more recent stuff and suddenly he can see how color is slowly seeping into Fushimi’s dull world. There’s more pictures of the alphabet boys at first, Akiyama smiling and holding out a teacup, Gotou and Hidaka laughing in a corner, Benzai looking furtive as he reaches to pet Kuro the cat. And then suddenly there are all these pictures of Yata: Yata smiling to himself as he cooks dinner, Yata asleep on the couch, Yata with an angry posture as he plays a video game, just so many pictures of Yata looking happy and content and all Yata can imagine now is Fushimi sitting there on the couch behind him watching fascinated as Yata cooks dinner, Fushimi lying next to him on the couch and staring at his sleeping face, Fushimi smiling in amusement as Yata curses at another video game. Just all these little moments that Fushimi clearly wanted to capture and hold onto, and suddenly Yata finds himself wiping tears from his eyes and smiling like an idiot because it just makes him so happy, seeing how far Fushimi’s come and how far their relationship has progressed.

write-right-rite  asked:

What about the RFA +V and Saeran reacting to MC telling them she is pregnant. How would she tell them, what would they do, etc. (I know this would be harder for Jaehee since they would have to use alternate methods, so if you can't write that one I understand)

Anon, of course I’ll write one for Jaehee because she is simply amazing and excluding her would break my heart, because every type of couple can have moments like these. As always, I really hope you like what I come up with~

WARNING: SPOILERS for some good ends. Nothing too major though.


  • you hadn’t planned this exactly, but you both wanted kids so you agreed to stop using birth control, and lo and behold you became pregnant
  • you weren’t sure how you would tell him, so you decided to prepare a nice dinner and tell him in the evening
  • you’re eating dessert when zen decides to take some and feed it to you, and half of it ends up all over your face
  • you laugh and smear some on his face, and you play fight until the rest is gone, eventually getting up and cleaning it off at the kitchen sink

Zen: “MC, what a mess we’ve made!”

MC: “Well, you’d better get used to it because there’ll be three of us soon, and then it’ll get even messier!”

  • it takes a moment for it to sink in, but then he picks you up, spinning you around him
  • there are tears in his eyes when he sets you down, and he kisses you over and over
  • “MC, you’re pregnant! We’re going to have a child!”
  • he’s so happy, and he wants to start getting ready immediately, shopping for baby clothes and furniture


  • you had wanted kids for some time, so when you found out you were pregnant you were ecstatic
  • you wanted to let him know in a really cute but kind of cheesy way, so you made a little ‘player 3 will now join the game’ photo with your shoes, his shoes, and some baby shoes you bought
  • you make a card out of the photo and put it on his nightstand so he’ll see it when he wakes up in the morning before going to work
  • you fall asleep, and next think you know, he’s shaking you awake, tears pouring down his face
  • at first you think something happened but he keeps hugging you and sniffling into your hair, and when you see him clutching the card you finally get it
  • “MC, is it really true? Am I going to be a father?”
  • you tell him that it’s absolutely true, you took the test twice to be sure, and he’s overjoyed
  • he’s even more cheerful than usual, kissing you out of the blue and never letting go of your hand, he’s so excited for this child to be born


  • you were trying to get pregnant for some time now, finding donors and even trying to synthesize something with her DNA, but it wasn’t working
  • you were both a little discouraged, but decided to take a break for a while so you wouldn’t get too frustrated
  • then you found out you were pregnant, and you wanted to tell jaehee first thing
  • so as you’re closing the coffee shop one day, you take her hands in yours and tell her you’re pregnant
  • she gasps and smiles, throwing her arms around you and holding you close to her
  • “MC, we’ve wanted this for so long! I’m so happy!”
  • she’s really glad that you were able to get pregnant, and that you’ll have a child together soon
  • she starts planning immediately, trying to figure out what school the child will go to and whether you’d have to move so that your child could have their own room
  • you both work really hard to make sure that child has the best life possible, and she’s so happy that you’re doing this together


  • you were feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test, clearly remembering the one night you forgot to use a condom
  • the test is positive, and you’re happy to be pregnant but you’re not sure how jumin will feel, so you bring it up over dinner
  • he’s completely silent at first, so to fill the silence you tell him that you want to keep the child
  • then he leans over the table and kisses you deeply
  • “This is some of the happiest news I have ever received, MC. I know this wasn’t intentional, but I would like for us to raise this child as best we can.”
  • he becomes really gentle and affectionate with you, running his fingers through your hair and holding you close to him
  • he debates letting jaehee handle the child’s room and furniture, but decides he would prefer to do this himself
  • you plan the baby’s room together, shopping for clothes and furniture, and you even order a fuzzy blanket with Elizabeth the 3rd’s picture on it because jumin insisted


  • he had really wanted kids for a long time, so you finally gave in and decided to start making your family bigger
  • you weren’t having much luck until his cat robot remarked that you seem to be experiencing mood swings, meow
  • you both scramble to get hold of a pregnancy test, and you take it and it’s positive
  • saeyoung is ecstatic, he’s leaping around and laughing, stopping only to hug you so tightly you think you might burst
  • he starts making sure you’re comfortable, and that you’re eating well he will no longer let you eat only honey buddha chips
  • he starts baby proofing the house because honestly there’s so much work that needs to be done
  • he builds some of the baby furniture himself, and he asks you to help him if you want to
  • he’s worried that he might not be the best parent, so he starts looking up youtube videos of babies and watching anime with children in them that’s not how it works saeyoung but you keep trying
  • “Never in my life have I been as happy as I am now, MC. We’re starting a family together, and that’s my biggest wish coming true.”


  • you hadn’t planned on having children, but you had discussed it and you knew he wouldn’t mind
  • so when you found out you were pregnant, you called him right away and told him
  • “MC, this is great news! I’ll come home right away, and we can celebrate together.”
  • he brings some of your favourite food and you cuddle on the couch, eating dinner
  • he’s really hopeful that everything will turn out, and he wants the child to grow up happy and healthy
  • he becomes really protective of you, even more so than usual, and pretty much refuses to leave your side
  • he takes care of you, insisting that you should rest more because you’re literally growing another person
  • you talk often about what kind of life you want your child to live, and whether you will still travel as much once the child is born
  • eventually you decide that as long as you’re together, everything else will work itself out


  • he noticed you were acting strangely and being moodier than usual, so he talked it over with you
  • you bought a pregnancy test and took it, and it turned out to be positive
  • you weren’t sure how he would react, so you decided to carefully broach the subject the next morning
  • you were surprised to wake up the next morning to saeran making waffles for the two of you, and you sat down to breakfast together
  • right before you tell him, he says that he saw the test you accidentally left in the bathroom, and he knows
  • “I’m not sure what kind of a parent I will make, but I know you’ll be a great mother, MC. This is one lucky child to have someone like you.”
  • he’s kind of flustered and he’s not sure what to do, so you give him a hug and tell him that of course he’ll make a great father
  • he gets really nervous about this child, and it’s really cute because he’s usually so stoic and composed
  • he tries to help you out as much as he can, making food and doing chores so that you can rest
  • he’s really happy to be starting a family with you because it’s not something he ever imagined would be possible for someone like him

anonymous asked:

Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)'s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook, and add drawings of them etc, and I kind of want to do a couple of things similar to that for another show, so that I'm not always drawing the same thing, but I can't think of how to do it or where to start. Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

Hi anon ^^

Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)’s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook,

Yup, you remember well anon! I used to post pages from my sketchbooks and some of them could have been Steve’s sketchbooks (well, that’s what people told me ^^)

Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

1) Ok, first, you have to decide what medium you want to use, traditional art or CG art.

CG art: you can use brushes that look like a pencil (see HERE and HERE) and a sketchbook texture (see HERE). The asset is that it’s easier to do, you have a better control on the final result, you can arrange the sketches on the page as you wish and add writing with a font that emulates hand writing (or just write whatever you want yourself using the brushes I linked you above). The rendering can be really cool!

Traditional art: That’s what I used above. The problem is that you have to scan and retouch everything with Photoshop. As you can see, sometimes, the pages don’t even have the same color even if they come from the same sketchbook, I never understood the reason why xD You can have a look HERE at my drawing supplies. I scanned my sketchbooks in 300dpi with a Canon scan. It’s fun but I think that if I had to do a “Steve Rogers’ sketchbook” project, I would go digital but it’s just me.

2) Now you have to decide what you want to draw in the sketchbook. Will it be random sketches or do you want to tell a story? I think it’s great to tell a story, respect a chronology and draw for instance moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for, missing scenes and scenes from your imagination.

Let’s take an example. Supernatural, Episode 12, Season 1, Faith. Sam and Dean Winchester are ghosts/demons hunters and during a hunt, Dean is severely wounded. While Sam is at the motel trying to find a way to save his brother (because the doctors told him that there was no more hope), he hears a knock at the door and guess what, it’s Dean who escaped from the hospital, in a rather piss poor state. Stuff happens and Dean is finally saved. Happy end! (Yes, I know, TONS of other things happen in this episode, but let’s stick to this part of the story for the sake of simplification). Now, imagine that you are drawing a sketchbook from the point of view of Dean:

- moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for: the hunt that caused Dean to go to the hospital (ex: the monster, the house where the hunt happened, etc…), Dean at the hospital.

- missing scenes: Dean escaping from the hospital and riding the bus to join Sam at the motel. It’s never shown but we guessed that’s how he showed up at the motel.

- scenes from your imagination: Sam happy to have saved his brother and the boys at a bar/a strip club/a concert celebrating because “fuck death”. Pure headcanon.

You see what I mean? Your sketches can be a mix of familiar canon and various headcanons but what is important is always to tell a story.

Also, don’t forget to add details that will tell people what kind of character draws the sketches: fake coffee stains, doodles here and there on the page, ink stains, grocery list at the top of  a picture etc…

Voilà! I hope it helped! Good luck to you ♥

I’ve Waited My Whole Life (4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3820

A/N: So I am posting this…finally! I am about 30 minutes away from my surgery so I will be out for a while. Thank you guys for being patient and for anyone who’s is still with me I hope you enjoy!

Y/C/N- Your City Name, Y/S or C/N- Your State or Country Name

Warnings: mentions of violence, sad!Bucky, cliffhanger (I promise that its not as bad as before)

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith , @boyzines, @ballerinafairyprincess, @axelinchen, @sarahfhealy, @blazeshira, @the-strandedgypsy, @luckylundy13, @fandomtainment, @sebstanwassup

Originally posted by coporolight


“Steve, we have to find her.”

“We will, but we need to figure out who has her first.”

“It’s obviously HYDRA.”

“No, it’s not. Y/N was in the army, she’s bound to have made enemies. We’ve called Agent Hill and she’s going to bring in Y/N’s file.”

“Don’t we have a copy of her file?”

“We have the redacted version.”

“What was so bad that they would have to redact her file?”

“You’re guess is as good as mine.”

But as we waited for Agent Hill to show up, I started going through all of the files that we had on HYDRA: any possible locations, known associates, anything that could possibly tell me why they would take Y/N.

Of course, my first thought would always be that they took her because of me. Maybe they took her because we were getting closer or at least I thought we had been…

“Then why don’t you?” I heard her ask me. At first I thought I had imagined it, so it took me a minute to react to her. I looked her in the eyes, looking for any sign that she actually didn’t want this and when I didn’t find anything but hope in her eyes, I  stepped forward, grabbed her face in my hands and moved to kiss her.

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 54

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Adorable

Lucy’s eyes slowly opened when she heard the sound of leaves crunching. She looked up just in time to see Natsu walking around the large tree. His lips curved into a smile once he saw his girlfriend sitting there peacefully.

“Found ya.”

She smiled along with him. “Looks like you did.”

“Yeah.” He looked up, placing a hand on the thick trunk. “This is the Sola tree, Magnolia’s pride and joy. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.”

Lucy shrugged, moving to pat the spot beside her. “Guess I missed that bit of information.”

It took Natsu a few extra seconds to sit down, his muscles aching from walking so much. He did better than others since he was used to walking everywhere, but he didn’t normally walk eleven miles all in the same day.

“Water?” Lucy offered, holding up her bottle.

He took it without hesitation, thankful for the cool liquid. He was in such a rush to find Lucy he forgot to stop and grab something to drink. After taking several gulps, he sighed. “I’m beat.”

“You look like it,” Lucy giggled, noting the sweat clinging to his skin.

“Yeah, I’m all sweaty.” He laughed, grabbing his shirt to pull it outwards, letting the air touch his skin. “Good thing I brought deodorant.”

Lucy watched as he fished in his side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulling out a stick of deodorant. While applying it, Lucy saw a hint of his stomach. She turned away to give him a little privacy.

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sfjessii  asked:

I can't decide between these two, so either, or... (would not say no to both, either, but I'm so greedy!! <3) “okay when I said I would help you with your photography assignment by being your model I diDN’T KNOW YOU’D WANT ME TO GO INTO AN ABANDONED BUILDING THATS APPARENTLY HAUNTED?” au AND/OR “watch where the hell you’re going with your extra extra large canvas, you nearly hit me- wait oh my god you’re so talented is that a jellyfish oil painting?” au

It took me a bit to come up of what I wanted to write, but here it is! I went with the first prompt but I might write something for the second one, too! :) 

Thanks for sending it! ♥♥

I apologize for the random mistakes you’ll probably find. It’s after midnight and I should be sleeping :D

Read on AO3 :)

Here’s the prompt list if you feel like sending me one :) 

“You’re kidding.” Magnus looked at the man in the passenger seat of his car. “You have to be kidding. Magnus! This looks haunted in broad daylight! There’s no way you want to hold a photoshoot there!” 

Magnus’ sly smile was all the answer he gave as Alec continued to freak out.

“And please tell me how do you know this place doesn’t have any security and we can just go inside? It looks private. And fancy. And very very  haunted.” As if on cue a stronger gust of wind made some of the older windows rattle and Magnus chuckled as Alec shivered.

“Relax. This place belongs to my dad. Well, used to, anyways.” Magnus shrugged and turned off the engine when he determined to be close enough to the building so carrying all of his equipment wouldn’t be a hassle. 

“And what happened to him?”

“He’s in jail. Did a lot of bad stuff.” Magnus was surprised Alexander hadn’t made the connection himself, it wasn’t like he was hiding who his father was. Magnus even carried his name due to some legal matters and not having enough time to change it. 

Alec gasped and looked at Magnus, all fear replaced by a softer look. “I’m sorry, I didn’t…” He bit his lip before continuing to look like he was thinking about what to say. Magnus shrugged, saving Alec from that awkward speech. There was nothing he could say that would help, anyways.

“I don’t really care, we were never close.” Magnus shrugged again and rubbed his fingers together, resting his forearms on the steering wheel. When he managed to talk Alexander into helping him wit his photoshoot Magnus wasn’t sure if the subject would come up, but he was hoping it wouldn’t have.

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this…” Alec murmured and Magnus took the opportunity to change the subject.

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The brother that's there but can't be seen

Simon hummed a bit as he was putting together a puzzle by himself. He sighed, his sister Rosanna was reading a book, his mother and father were busy with work so that left him alone in the living room. He groaned face planting into the carpet floor he laid upon. But he shot straight up as he had felt a hand on his head, thinking one of his family members was doing it. Strangely enough though…not a single person was in the same room as him, that creeped him out a bit. Suddenly hearing a click near him, he looked down to the puzzle and saw that a very pieces where added, Simon blinked shocked. “How’d that happen?” Simon asked himself as he jumped back a bit as another piece placed itself…all on its own.

Simon felt fear pound through his veins, but it also wasn’t just fear…interest flows through them to. Simon looked to the door way remembering his sister was in the next room over he could always call for help. Simon looked back to the puzzle and scooted back over, and he decided to place a piece and test the waters. It took a minute but a piece floated up and placed itself, Simon picked up a piece and placed it down. Simon then noticed something, that the spot across from him was absolutely FREEZING like a bag of ice was placed across from him and it wasn’t there before. The energy in the room didn’t change at all, it was strangely more happier actually! Simon even felt himself beginning to smile, as he piece by piece built the puzzle to it’s full glory! The picture was of a Phoenix, soaring through the skies.

Simon clapped once as he looked to the strange cold spot saying “Hey, thanks for helping me build the puzzle! And um I-I’m guessing your a ghost cause unless your an invisible person then I’m gonna guess your a ghost.” A hand seemed to appear on his head again or at least the pressure of one appeared. Simon shivered a bit but smiled, he suddenly felt the pressure was gone and the cold spot was…moving?! Simon was immediately up on his feet as he stretched a hand out feeling the movement of the cold. The cold seemed to stop when it noticed Simon, the boy tried to explain “Um…I was hoping to play some more! Maybe a board game? Or maybe something you wanna play?” The child wasn’t even sure if he was making any sense to the ghost if that’s what this was.

The cold spot began to move, out the into the hallway, Simon followed wanting to know what was going on. The cold spot moved to the kitchen, where on the counter was fresh baked cookies! Simon didn’t remember anyone baking cookies, he blinked and asked the cold spot next to him “Did you make them?” And the answer was a cookie floating down and dropping into Simons hands. The child blinked and smiled “Wow! Thank you!” He spoke as he looked to the cookie and began to eat it, he then asked “Hey, where are you going?” He noticed the cold spot was moving again and followed he noticed they were entering a much bigger living room. This was when they had more family over, it was rarely used. Simon watched as items moved around the room and created a fortress made out of couch cushions! Simon giggled as he ran in to the fortress, but he noticed the spot wasn’t close anymore! Simon was confused, where did his ghost friend go? He got his answer as the plate of cookies from the kitchen and even a cup of milk came floating over and put in front of him.

The cold spot he soon felt next to him once again. “Oh wow! Thanks! This is great, now I have two cool friends! I have Dylan, but he’s not always here cause he’s with him mom and dad but now I have you to!” The child beamed a smiled as he ate another cookie and drank the milk as well. Now these were both made with ink, the cookies and milk were basically ink made to make human foods into toon food. So Simon was safe from getting ill, as he ate and drank, he began to get tired and so after only a few cookies were left and his milk completely gone he curled up to snooze away in the fort. A blanket floating over to be put over Simon’s head and a pillow as well joined and Simon’s head was lifted just enough to slip the pillow under his head.

When Simon woke up next he was awoken by his sister Rosanna. “Simon!? Why are you in here? And did you mess with the oven?!” Simon whined before looking up to his sister confused “Rosanna what do you mean? I’m not allowed to touch the oven after the last time, why?” Simon yawned tiredly as he looked up at her. Rosanna spoke a bit frustrated “Because I saw the cookies on the counter and I don’t remember anyone baking anything.” Simon blinked and smiled saying a bit more alert now “Oh! That was my ghost friend! They were awesome! They helped me make a puzzle first and then they led me to the kitchen to have cookies! And then they made this fort! But then I must have fallen asleep..” Simon felt around a bit hoping to feel a cold spot but nothing was there “Aw! The must have left, the cold spot isn’t here anymore…” Rosanna stared at her brother and sighed “Your imagination is amazing and wild.” Simon snapped back “They are not part of my imagination! They were here!” He pouts a bit and suddenly the two hear the front door open.

“Mom! Dad!” The two spoke in union as they both raced for the door. Nether noticed that the large living room as actually picking up itself…..
Ohhhh! Spooky!! Seems there’s a ghost in the house hold! But here let me explain! You see this isn’t canon to @themarshmellowsnowqueen ’s AU but I can’t help but make ideas XD

You see Jonathan and Belle actually had a first child, his name was Blazen but he was shot and killed at a young age by a rival gang. So I’m thinking Blazen still watches over his family, and making sure their happy, like Simon being alone he wanted to help. So this is the first time Simon meets his older brother Blazen…

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Jonathan the flaming toon, Belle the rabbit, Roseanne the rabbit and Simon the toon all belong to @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Dylan the mentioned toon © @eliana55226838 !

Hope you all enjoyed!!!

Consequences (BTVS 3.15)

This is part of my ongoing Buffy Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the show. You can find the full list here. Gifs are not mine.

Consequences is pretty single-minded in its focus on the fallout from Bad Girls. Buffy is feeling guilty and weighed down by the Deputy Mayor’s death (literally in her dream of drowning). Faith is keeping her from breaking the surface by not allowing them to tell. The body is found and Wesley sends them to investigate what happened. 

The way you read both sides of the Faith Goes Dark storyline depends on your personal interpretation of the characters. Personally, I think Faith has too much pride and too little trust to admit to anyone that she did something wrong. 

Faith: When you gonna learn, B? It doesn’t matter what kind of “vibe” a person gives off. Nine times out ten the face they’re showing you? It isn’t the real one.

No matter how good or trustworthy a person may seem, Faith doesn’t buy it. People are liars. Faith is kind of obsessed with getting people to admit things about themselves they’d rather not look at, but that’s another essay. In Faith’s mind her good qualities are the ability to remain “five-by-five” and detached. It’s her armor against the world, and taking responsibility would require laying it down. I also think that she senses that, though it could have been Buffy that committed the murder, it wasn’t and that makes all the difference. Killing him lit something in Faith that it wouldn’t have in Buffy; it sent her over the edge. And the other characters sense it too. 

Buffy: I am trying to protect you, Faith. If we don’t do the right thing it will only make things worse for you.

Angel: She killed a man. That changes everything for her.

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anonymous asked:

OMG I SAW YOUR PHOTO FIC AND I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! I want to see how the Miracles will react when they find out (which will probably happen sooner than later). I get the feeling that this will end with the Miracles with their own group photo in their own set of t-shirts as insisted by the Miracle Boyfriends Club lololol

Kuroko finds the shirt when he does the laundry.

He looks at the shirt for longer than he should, because Kagami walks in and finds him like that. “Kuroko, do you—ack!” Kagami moves with the instincts of a seasoned athlete and grabs the shirt out of Kuroko’s hands before Kuroko can pull back.

“Kagami-kun, you are so shameless, I had no idea,” Kuroko says passively.

“It’s not what you think! It’s not mine!”

“It belongs to someone else who is dating a Miracle, then?” Kuroko inquires, politely.

“I mean it’s,” Kagami flushes, “OK, it’s mine, but it was all Takao’s fault. He made it.”

“I see,” Kuroko says. He tries to picture Kagami in the shirt (and finds that he actually really wants to see Kagami in the shirt), “That color would not go well with your hair at all.”

“I know, shut up.” Kagami scrunches up the shirt into a ball and refuses to meet his gaze. “I wanted a black one.”

Which, Kuroko notes, is not the same thing as not wanting to wear the shirt at all. A flush of warmth spreads through his body, and Kuroko is pretty sure he can convince Kagami to wear the shirt for him after all.


Kise finds the shirt on accident, when he’s rifling through Kasamatsu’s dresser. (He’s run out of clothes, and he really hates doing laundry and loves wearing Kasamatsu’s clothes, so really, it only makes sense to combine these two things by picking through Kasamatsu’s shirts).

It’s in the very back of the bottom drawer, shoved into the corner, and when Kise finds it he makes an inhaling, gasping, squealing noise that must sound very alarming because Kasamatsu comes storming in, “Oi, Kise, what’s wrong—oh, crap.”

Senpai,” Kise breathes, “Please put this on, please, please.”

“Not even in your wildest fantasy,” Kasamatsu says.

“This is definitely going in my fantasies,” Kise agrees. “Please, wear it just once, I will do anything, anything, if you put this on. Any demeaning, most depraved thing you might want, I will do it.”

And to Kise’s surprise, Kasamatsu actually pauses and thinks it over. Kise thinks he might actually die from a combination of happiness and lack of oxygen.

Kasamatsu snatches the shirt from Kise’s hands while he’s distracted.

“Senpai,” Kise pouts.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Kasamatsu says. “The next time I need you to do something.”

“Wha—what’d you say?”

But Kasamatsu has already left, his ears faintly red.


Takao plans very strategically for the reveal. He waits for a time when his mom and sister will be out of the house (they’re at MM Land, with Dr. Kishitani and Naoko, making it absolutely perfect because there’s no chance Midorima’s family will be around either) and then he invites Midorima over for dinner.

Takao has a game he likes to play, it’s called, “Make Shin-chan Blush Increasingly Deeper Shades of Red at Every Opportunity.” The redder Midorima gets, the more points Takao awards himself in this game. He’s winning, so far.

This night, starts with him opening the door wearing an apron. “Shin-chan, you made it!”

“What are you wearing?” Midorima sputters, already faintly red.

Takao grins, “Do you want dinner, a bath, or me?”

Midorima turns around to leave.

“Wait, wait! Come back, I was only kidding,” Takao says, pulling Midorima into the house. “Come on, I actually made dinner!”

“Fool,” Midorima says, redder than before.

Now that he’s in the house, with the door safely closed behind him, Takao goes in for the kill and takes off the apron.

“What—what is that?”

“This old thing?” Takao says, gesturing to his green shirt. “Do you like it? I made it myself.”

“Take that off right now,” Midorima says.

“Ooh, Shin-chan, so bold,” Takao grins, moving to take off his shirt.

That’s not what I meant.”

This is new levels of red on Midorima, and Takao counts this night as a huge success.


Himuro always wears his shirt. Pretty much whenever they’re not required to be in uniform. Murasakibara doesn’t even really bat an eye.

“Dude, I am not going out with you when you’re wearing that shirt,” Fukui says.

“Hm?” Himuro says.

“God, you two are so embarrassing. I am not going to the movies when you’re wearing a matching shirt to your matching boyfriend. Especially since you guys can’t keep your hands off each other.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Himuro says innocently.

“You’re sitting in his lap right now,” Fukui whines.

“Well, we’re not out yet,” Himuro says.

“We’ve been out with you before, it doesn’t stop you,” Liu says. “Change your shirt, Himuro.”

“But I look good in purple, don’t you think?”

“Murochin does look good in purple,” Murasakibara agrees.


“We’re leaving you here,” Fukui says.


Furihata loves his shirt, but he doesn’t know when he can wear it. He is not brave enough to wear it in public, and he would get no end of grief from Kyo if he wore it around the house.

But because he wants to wear the shirt, even when he isn’t necessarily brave enough to show it off to public, he decides to wear it as an undershirt when he’s out to see Akashi. That way, he has the satisfaction of wearing it without anyone else knowing, which does provide a fair amount of satisfaction.

“Furihata,” Akashi says, in the croon of his that’s a mixture of a purr and a command and also makes Furihata shiver with all kinds of thoughts about the kind of situation they’d be in where Akashi could use that voice. “Are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?”

“Wh-what?” Furihata laughs nervously. “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve heard about the shirts from Murasakibara, Kise and a very reluctant Midorima. Is that yours?”

Furihata knows he’s blushing. He forgets sometimes that the Miracles do talk to one another. “…Maybe.”

“Please, let me see it?”

Oh god, Furihata really needs to develop some sort of immunity to Akashi when he sounds like that, because it is not good for his health. Akashi asking for anything is a particular weakness of his. Furihata peels off his top shirt, and is pretty sure he must be matching the red shirt that everyone can now see.

“How lovely,” Akashi says, sounding incredibly smug. “That’s a good color for you, Furi.”


“You mean you all have one?” Momoi exclaims. “That’s no fair, I want one! A pink one!”

“You’re a Miracle,” Takao points out. “You’re not qualified to be in our club.”

“I want one for Dai-chan!” Momoi insists.

“I’m not wearing a pink shirt,” Aomine says.

She sniffs. “Then I’ll see if Ryou-kun wants one.”

“No, you won’t!”

“Hmm, good point, Aomine is, technically, a Miracle Boyfriend,” Takao says, gleefully.

“I’m not joining your stupid club,” Aomine says.

“We don’t want you in our club, so you can’t join,” Kagami says.

“Shut up, Kagami, don’t tell me what to do!”

“Aomine-kun would not look good in pink,” Kuroko says innocently.

“Fuck you, Tetsu, I would look awesome in pink.”

“Done and done, then,” Takao says. “I’ll make you one by the next meeting.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! I’ve been wanting to write this story. Special thanks to @shortwhiteafrican whose comment on Archive about the Miracles reactions was so spot on I had to write it (that was you, right, friend? Sorry if it’s not.) Anyway, I am starting the new year with some Designation: Miracle, so thanks, friends!!