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Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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writing-from-my-soul  asked:

how does someone get started as a writer? Like what did you do to get noticed by IGN or any other writing job you've had?

I get a ton of questions like this and I kind of avoid answering them since I don’t really know what to say. I don’t really consider myself super qualified or knowing enough, at this early point in my life, to start giving advice to anyone. I guess the best thing I can do is tell you all what I did and let you take what you can from that. 

This is a very, very, very long story about how I got out of my first two years of college and into where I am now. It kind of explains some of what lead me here since I get asked that at least once a day along with “how did you meet____?” I hope this answers some of that and for those of you looking to work in writing, TV, journalism, maybe you can learn something from it. I highly, highly doubt it’s the text book way of doing anything. I think it’s a kind of round about way actually but maybe you’ll find more method in my madness than I did. 

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The Principles of Design | Ch. 2

Prompt: I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this

A/N: Thank you to @spartanguard for the beta. <3

Rating: T; Word Count: ~3100; Reviews are welcome!
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Chapter 2: Repetition

Repetition: Repeat visual elements to create strong unity.

When Belle began to very noisily pack up her stuff, Killian and Emma took that as a hint that the computer lab was closing for the day. Emma groaned in frustration. She was able to figure out some of the tools in the program with Killian’s encouragement, but she was nowhere near where she wanted to be, and what she’s created still looked like crap. She just couldn’t connect with the assignment, and that was the worst part. Emma liked to think of herself as a problem solver; a do-er. She imagined taking this project and kicking its (and, by proxy, Gold’s) ass. However, she couldn’t think of a single object to focus on, and with not having much to call her own, it was as if Gold was setting her up to fail.

Emma packed her bag in resignation, trying to come with a solution. I suppose I could always come back early in the morning, and wait for Belle to open the lab up, she mused. Despite the fact that she could spend $200 on painting supplies without blinking, Emma balked at the prices that Adobe ran with these days. $20 a month for Photoshop could go to something more productive, like Netflix and onion rings. Besides, Emma would need a laptop that wasn’t on it’s last leg in order for the program to be any good to her.  She stretched and absentmindedly reached for the top of her head and released her pale waves that were held up in a bun. As she shook her hair loose, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. Her eyes met his, and she caught a fleeting look in his electric stare before he diverted his attention back to his screen.  Killian quickly recovered and scratched his ear nervously before asking,“So, Swan. How about a drink?”

Killian stretched as he stood up. Emma tried prying her eyes away from the stretch of skin that was revealed as he did so, subconsciously licking her lips. She shook her head.

“Oh no, Jones. This is not a thing.” She gestured between them with her sketchbook and continued to shove it into her bag. “Thanks for the help and all… but I just don’t do relationships.”

Killian chuckled and shook his head. “Calm down, Swan; it’s just coffee. I’m not asking for dinner… unless…” He quirked an eyebrow.

“Oh no, no. Fine, only because you helped me out. But you’re buying.” Emma smirked, as she slung her bag over her shoulder, and walked out, Killian rushing to keep up.

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