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Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

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“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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hi i finally finished alsdkjfsdj HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY  lmaooo. also pretend this is from ferret-face because i can’t submit from my sideblogs okay okay


Narcissa cradled the head of her baby boy as she gently bounced him up and down, threading her fingers through his fine blonde hair. His face was relaxed, mouth slightly opened as he drooled on her shoulder, snoring quietly. Narcissa hummed softly. Her life changed when she had Draco. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved this beautiful, sweet, perfect boy.


It was six in the morning on a chilly April day when Narcissa was awoken by a small hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled when she realised it was Draco, his mouth open wide, his giggles filling the room. She tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. He reached up for her hand, gripping it tightly with both of his own. Narcissa squeezed back, tugging him closer, pulling him into the bed. It had only been three years, and Draco had taken over her whole heart. Draco snuggled up to her, burying his head in the crook of her neck, and they both drifted back to sleep. This was everything she could had ever hoped for.


Draco’s eighth birthday started with dozens of owls dropping parcels off at the Manor. His eyes lit up when he opened one up and it was his very own broom. He shook with his excitement, bouncing up and down as he begged to fly it. And how could Narcissa say no to that face? She took his hand and led him outside, reminding him to only try to fly low and stay close. He nodded and took off with ease, his broom listening to him from the start. Narcissa watched with a grin on her face as Draco flew in small circles, his head thrown back with laughter.


When his Hogwarts letter came, Draco ran first to his mother. His quick footsteps echoed off the walls of the Manor, his laughter like music to Narcissa’s ears. He had been waiting impatiently for weeks, ending each day with a frown on his face and complaints on his tongue. Why hadn’t Dumbledore sent him his letter yet? He was magic after all. When he turned the corner and ran into Narcissa at full speed, she scooped him up into her arms and twirled him around, kissing the side of his face. Draco couldn’t stop chattering, the excitement bubbling up in him and spilling over. Narcissa just smiled and listened, unable to get a word in.


Narcissa got a letter from Draco in December of his second year. All he did was complain about how stupid Harry Potter was, and how everyone thought he was perfect, but he wasn’t. Apparently their duel hadn’t gone well, and Draco was taking it badly. This wasn’t the first letter Narcissa had gotten like this. She chuckled to herself as she piled it on top of the others, all complaining about Harry Potter. How he wouldn’t be Draco’s friend, but he was friends with everyone else. How Dumbledore had given him house points for breaking rules, and those points cost Slytherin the House Cup. How he flew a car to Hogwarts and nobody seemed to care. Narcissa wondered if she’d ever stop hearing about what Harry Potter was doing at school.


Narcissa stood outside the closed door, trying to swallow her sobs as she heard Draco screaming. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t her son’s war. He shouldn’t be punished because her husband had failed. The screaming got worse and Narcissa turned away, holding herself up with the wall as she tried to escape. She couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t help her baby boy. She couldn’t listen anymore. She choked on her tears as she collapsed on the stairs, screaming to try and block out the sound of Draco’s cries. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to have a better life. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t fair.


Narcissa walked slowly towards the body in the dirt in front of her. The Dark Lord at her back sent chills down her spine. As she crouched down to check that he was dead, she noticed a slight movement. She leaned down, her heart racing, as she whispered in Harry Potter’s ear, asking about her son. Her heart burst when she found out he was alive, he was still in the castle. She let out a shaky breath, tears stinging her eyes, as she stood and turned, pronouncing him dead. She would get her son back, Harry Potter would save the day, because by some miracle he still fighting, and her precious Draco wouldn’t have to live this life anymore.


Narcissa and Draco sat at the dining room table, their meals untouched in front of them as Draco stumbled over his words, unsure how to get them out. His mother reached out and grabbed his hand, urging him to relax. He held back tightly and forced out how he and Harry had been seeing each other. It was Harry, now, and he would really like it if his mother respected it, and it just happened and… Narcissa stood up and Draco stopped talking, his hands making his way to his lap, twisting together there, his eyes boring into the food in front of him. It was silent for a moment, before Narcissa made her way around the table, wrapping Draco in a tight hug and kissing him on the top of his head. All she could think about was how Draco could finally be happy again.

@ferret-face STACY OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU!!!! it’s adorable and gives me feels from our Narcissa headcanons! 😭 this is so great!! i knew you have nothinggg to worry about ❤️

anonymous asked:

Do you know any drarry fics that take place during their Hogwarts years?

I sure do! 90% of Drary fanfics that I read take place during the Hogwarts-era because I think they’re the absolute best! #Hogwartsismyhome

Be sure to check out my 8th year rec list and 5th year rec list as well!

  • I Choose Him - by aboutmalfoy (45k)
    Draco Malfoy attempts, rather suddenly, to take action regarding his long-standing crush on Potter, after which fourth year transpires quite a bit differently. 
    (Draco asks Harry to the Yule Ball; their relationship develops from there)

  • In Between - by winterstorrm (33k)
    The Dark Lord gives Draco an impossible mission: befriend Harry Potter or face the consequences.
    (This story needs some more loving! In this au, Muggle Studies is a compulsory subject and, for their newest assignment,  Harry and Draco are paired together. They have to make a list of muggle activities and each week of the term, they’re going to have to do one of them. Loved how Draco and Harry’s relationship progresses throughout the fic. And Draco is slowly realising that he might fail the mission Voldemort gave him)

  • Love Comes Tumbling - by taradiane (22k)
    ‘Harry’s thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore’s final words to the other boy … “It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now.” Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.’
    (This was oh so very realistic and I flailed around so much while reading this story! There’s a lot of fluff, a bit of drama, and a sprinkle of angst. And omg the relationship between our two boys is just so soft and sweet - a truly lovely read!) 

  • Doer of Good Deeds - by Lomonaaeren (6k)
    Ron certainly knows how to recognize obsession when he sees it, thanks to feeling some of the same with Hermione. And he would rather that Harry’s obsession with Draco Malfoy end sooner rather than later. Otherwise, Ron’s afraid that he’s going to spend the rest of his life hearing about how ugly all of Malfoy’s girlfriends are.
    (I feel like Ron doesn’t get enough love in the HP fandom, but this fic really put him in the spotlight which I loved! Ron plays matchmaker in this story when Harry’s obsession with Draco is at an all time high)

  • The Bet - by firethesound (6k)
    Harry really should know better than to make any sort of bet with a Slytherin.
    (Harry and Draco place a bet on the upcoming Quidditch game between their two teams where the loser has to do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) the winner wishes. Harry loses, but maybe in the long run he doesn’t mind all that much ;))

  • A Good Bet - by the_flic (11k)
    Since returning to Hogwarts Draco has been acting well… NICE! Harry is suspicious, Hermione thinks they should maybe give him a break, Ron still hates the git. Harry investigates. What IS up with Draco?
    (A super fun story where Draco is acting suspiciously nice to Harry)

  • Good Faith - by Meri (22k)
    Draco Malfoy will use what ever means available to get what he wants. And he wants Harry Potter. 
    (A new marriage law created by the Ministry states that all students raised by Muggles must marry someone who was raised by Wizards/Witches in order to unite Wizarding society)

  • Underneath the Underneath - by dirty_darella (23k)
    Hogwarts has never been boring for Harry Potter, and sixth year is shaping up to be no different. A mystery, a (slightly uncomfortable) budding romance between old friends, and a botched up Potions accident. It might be more bearable if only Malfoy wasn’t such a pain.
    (Draco is a smarmy little git, but you’ll love him even more for it. The plot in this fic is so intriguing, and Ron and Hermione are simply perfect in this story!)

  • Cure for the Flu - by Ivyblossom (10k)
    Harry, Draco, sickness, and accidental telepathy. 
    (Hilarious, fluffy and outrageously cute! What more do you need in a fic?)

  • Lustre - by Calico & julad (24k)
    He is, he tells himself, fine now. (In which Lucius sends Draco a very important birthday present, which he’ll need Harry’s help to keep in one piece.)
    (Draco receives a snake from his father and names her Pomegranate and the fic is made 100x better when Harry starts speaking Parseltongue to it!)

  • Cactus Angels - by lucilla_darkate (48k)
    Harry and Draco face off at breakfast. Weirdness and sex are not far behind. Draco likes to hurt him and Harry likes to be hurt. It’s a win/win situation.
    (This fic is so very hot and sexy with BDSM (no sex chambers or non-con here - the author manages to keep it pretty tame for a BDSM story)) 

  • Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain - by Faithwood (21k)
    It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross.
    (Kisses from Harry seem to be the solution for Draco when a mysterious little rain cloud keeps following him around, leaving him miserable, angry and drenched in water. A beautiful, heart-warming fic that’ll leave you smiling!)

  • Chase the Wind - by Saras_Girl (10k)
    Draco is up to something, Harry has no filters, and Hermione knows everything. AU Hogwarts fluff with no excuses.
    (Saras_Girl has got to be one of my favourite Drarry authors. I mean, she can honestly do no wrong at all in her stories! This fic is pure fluff galore!)

  • Hey, Potter - by SunseticMonster (16k)
    Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.
    (A captivating story where Draco insults Harry (of course), but then Harry retaliates by saying something nice back. The sexual tension is so thick in this story!)

  • Marginal Notes - by blamebrampton (9k)
    When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.
    (Draco is such a cutie in this story! He tries to start afresh and create a new slate for his image, so he begins to slip helpful notes of advice to his fellow peers and teachers)

  • Good Company - by Greenflares (8k)
    With Hermione and Ron always together, Harry’s return to Hogwarts to complete his education isn’t exactly fun. Somehow, it’s his unlikely friendship with Malfoy that keeps him sane.
    (The characterisations in this fic were wonderful! If you’re in need of some feel-good stories or just having a bad day, then this is the fic for you!)

  • For Every Action - by bobbirose (9k)
    When Harry wins a second bottle of Felix Felicis from Dean Thomas, he is instructed to take it the very next morning.
    What happens then, and how it basically all comes down to Draco Malfoy, is up to the laws of the universe.
    (Gah, this was too adorable! The amount of fluff in this story made me squeal so much and I had the biggest grin on my face while reading it!)


  • Twist of Fate - by Oakstone730 (302k)
    Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness. 
    (One of my all-time favourite Drarry fic which spans over a period of 8 years from 4th year to 4 years after DH)
Rain or Shine

Request: “heya! i loved ur draco fic “sanctuary” it was incredible! could i make a request for a long ish draco fic about the reader having a shitty few months and it feels like everything sucks, but draco her best friend starts saying all the wonderful times they are like yet to have, and includes them falling in love by accident, and then confesses his love for her and then smut? Xoxox”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: depression, self-harm, negative thoughts. A lot of this writing is easy for me because I’ve been there, and I’m okay now. But if you’re not feeling too good, I’m always here to talk, I love you. P.S. I made this super fluffy bc Draco cares about you a lot :’) 


Originally posted by littleshivers210

The light peeking through the window stirred you, awakening your mind but somehow not your body. With lead in your arms and legs, you rolled to the side of your bed, checking the clock. You were once again late for class. Already a steady stream of tears was beginning to slide down your cheeks, and you pulled the duvet over your head. The last time you had slept in, you had received a very stern talking to by Professor McGonagall. And you were already so far behind on your transfiguration homework, your pile of responsibilities seemingly never ending.

Once again you let your thoughts wander where they should not go. To blood filled bathtubs and rivers running red. To the sound of a swinging rope, weighted with something heavy. To the feeling of nothing. You argued with your inner monologue, talking to yourself as you sobbed under the covers.

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The Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 2

Originally posted by rosaesse

Pairing: Draco Malfoy X reader

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 2396

Summary: Draco saves you from killing yourself but when his plan to bring his people into the school threatens your life - he’ll do whatever he can to keep you safe.

A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to @milkywaygalaxygirl for being my first ever submitted comment! I hope you like it :) (PT. 3 coming soon!) 

Also feel free to submit any idea you have for future parts, these will be answered privately, to not spoil any possible events.

( @faithful-music @mrs–banner )

Warnings: Talk of suicide, physical encounters, Technically torture.

Part 1  :  Part 3

Draco sat outside the infirmary wing waiting for Madam Pomfrey to give him some sort of report. His hair had grown greasy from not leaving that seat to shower for days, and every time he ran his hand through his hair, the more of that grease got on his hand. His hand shot up from his hands when the door to the infirmary opened.

Dumbledore and all the house heads emerged… he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed them even going in. They all seemed sullen and the house heads walked away as Dumbledore sat down on the wooden bench with Draco.

“You were the one who discovered her… yes?” Dumbledore questioned lightly. The pair had not had good relations, and they both knew it. Draco only nodded, staring down at his shoes. “Would you please tell me the details of what happened that night?” Draco nodded, sitting up taller and wiping his hands on his trousers before speaking.

“She had offered me some tutoring in astronomy and when she didn’t meet me after dinner I got worried, but I didn’t think much of it. I started asking people around if they’d seen her and no one had… Curfew was coming so I went back to my dorms, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about where she was and if she was okay. I noticed her when she was sinking… I think she may have put stones in her pockets or something. She was already out at that point… she almost seemed… happy. At first, I thought she was some…. creature, I couldn’t see her hair and her eyes were transparent but when I realized it was her I just… ran. I don’t know how I found her in the lake… but somehow I did. I grabbed her and just… ran with her in my arms. What was I supposed to do ya know? I couldn’t just let her die.” Draco spoke as though he was talking to someone he trusted, though he most certainly did not trust Dumbledore.

“Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing? You seem to know her…” The old man spoke.

“Yeah… her parents died and everyone picks on her. She’s been getting a hard time from my friends lately and I didn't do anything… I let them torture her. Shit fucking Christ!” Draco’s head fell into his hands as he realized that he should have done something more to stop them. Dumbledore made no effort to criticize him for his choice words, he was in pain and telling him to watch his language was not going to help.

“Perhaps you should head to the bathroom… clean up a bit, you don’t want her to see you like this when she wakes up now do you? That’s no way to impress the girl you love.” Draco was baffled as Dumbledores words, but the old man only chuckled and stood, walking away whistling to himself. I hit him then harder than it had before… Y/N tried to kill herself because he had done nothing to stop his friends.

Draco went to the bathroom as Dumble door suggested, and he surely did look a mess. He pulled his vest over his head and looked angrily at himself in the mirror.

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

How could he have let this happen to you? Almost every evening for four months you two had been together. Every evening your connection grew stronger… yet he did nothing to stop his friends. Bloody hell he even laughed along with them. He knew he should have stopped them. She was kinder to him than them all combined, though she’d never admit to it.

“Bloody hell Draco what are you going to do about this?” His voice resonated through the empty bathroom like a soft breeze over calm waters, smooth and with nothing to stop it. Looking at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess and his eyes were sunken deep into his skull, hovering above dark circles that looked as though they could have been drawn on with a quill. He splashed his face with cold water before fashioning his hair the best he could to look acceptable before turning and walking away from the mirror, leaving his reflection behind him.


When you woke up, all you felt was a twinge of disappointment. How could you have failed… again? You were sure of it this time… perhaps this was heaven? No, the pain you felt in your body was too real for this to be some godly alternate dimension. Madam Pomphrey scurried over to you when she noticed you had woken. She looked at you pitifully, obviously trying to show her sympathy without having to bring up your failed attempt to end your own life.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Please dear, drink some water. I’ll go fetch the headmaster.” She spoke as she handed you a glass of water and then walked hurriedly out the door. You thought you’d be left in peace then, but the silence was short lived as the heavy doors to the infirmary flew open. There he stood, his platinum blonde hair in his face and he appeared breathless as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he stumbled into the room. Anger and confusion bubbled up inside you, your hair turning white. Though you never thought you’d see it turn colors again.

Draco approached you carefully, as though not to spook you and cause you to flee from him. You watched him as he inched closer to you. You mostly just wanted to be left alone. You especially didn’t want him around. Why was he here anyway? Is he here just to rub salt in the wound?

He didn’t sit when he came close to you, he just stood there in silence, the way you would when you were in the room of requirements. You rolled to face away from him. No words were exchanged that day… or in the two days following that one. It wasn’t until the fourth day that he had the courage to speak to you.

“It’s happening tonight… the whole… vanishing cabinet thing. I thought, maybe you’d want to know.” He went silent, not expecting you to respond, and you didn’t for a few minutes. But when you did your voice came out hoarse and tired.

“Am I going to die?”

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

He lifted his head to look at you after you spoke. The color of your eyes had reverted back to blue, along with your hair, but there was almost a fear in your voice as you spoke.

“No, I think… only one person is going to die tonight.” The voice he spoke in did not seem like his own. It was thick and sour to hear.

“By the end of your wand, no?” The words slipped past your lips like sands through the hour glass, there was really nothing you could do to stop them. He began to speak;

“If I don’t-”

“-they will kill you.” In an effort to finish his sentence you interrupted him. His eyes fell then, he looked more upset than he did before.

“No, Y/N… they will kill you.” He sighed and looked away, “I don’t want you to die.” He sighed as you rolled away from him. He knew what you wanted to say, you did too. You were dying to say ‘well I do.' “I know it may not seem like it, but you know Y/N…. I really do care for you. Despite everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve let my friends do… I care more about you than all of them combined.” He paused for a moment. “Look, Y/N.” He reached for your hand and grasped it lightly.

Originally posted by xxvampirediaries

You were simply limp in his grasp, you had nothing left in you to do more than roll over and choke out a few words every now and then. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to hold onto him for dear life or to rip your hand away and tell him to leave you alone. After all, how could you possibly trust what he’s saying? You’d seen him lie to others, and he could be very convincing.

“You don’t have to believe me Y/N… I know how you are. After all, I’ve spent every day for months with you, I know you don’t in believe what you can’t see with your own eyes.” His voice was softer now, though there was aching pain behind it. You closed your eyes and just listened to his voice as he spoke of the little memories together. Eventually, his words became a mush of sound, and you unintentionally drifted to sleep as he spoke. You only startled awake when his hand withdrew from yours. “Just… don’t say anything okay? I… don’t know how tonight’s going to go and… I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to talk about it in the morning.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain you hadn’t heard what he said, he stood and left as quickly as he could.


You were still in the infirmary when everything went down. You almost wished Malfoy hadn’t pulled it off, just so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. But then again, he’d be killing someone no matter what he did, the only difference is that one of you saw it coming, and the other didn’t care.

You weren’t scared when the doors to the infirmary burst open and Bellatrix Lestrange came storming in, followed by other death eaters. Including Malfoy. Your hair was still a deep dark blue as you watched them, you had nothing to fear for, so there was no reason to fear them. You were silent and your expression bored as the gang of people approached.

“And what have we got here.” She waved her wand at you as a gesture of who she was talking about. “What’s your name?” She looked at you intensely, you didn’t answer, only let your head roll to the side. “I said!” Bellatrix screamed, “What is your name?” You rolled your head back to look at her, your eyes tired and your emotion unchanging.

“What’s it matter? If you’re going to kill me just do it.” Draco looked between the two of you anxiously, worried that Bellatrix might hurt you. She tapped her wand on her chin and spun in a circle as she spoke;

“What to do, what to do.” She backed away from you pressing her tongue to her cheek, then she shot you a devious smile.

Originally posted by 01000101-r

“What do you think Draco? What shall I do to this… figure of… tainted blood.” She asked him as the rest of the group got busy trashing the building. The pale boy looked taken aback.

“Uh- I- Well,” He looked at you with a sorry expression, “She doesn’t fear death… so maybe… leave her to live would be torture enough?” His hands shook lightly, you watched as he gripped his wand tighter. She laughed out loud. 

“No.” She lifted her wand at you, “Avada-”

“-Expeliarmous” Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Bellatrix had made the decision to kill you, but Draco Malfoy had made the decision to save you. You don’t know which one made you happier.

Draco!” Bellatrix screamed, stomping her foot like a child. “What is wrong with you.” He shook his head and stepped between the two of you.

“I’m sorry Bella but I can’t let you do that.” He spoke softly. She looked between the two of you, before breaking out laughing.

“Oh!- Oh! Merlin!-” She choked out between fits of laughter and catching her breath. “The Draco Malfoy care’s for some half-blood filth?” She laughed louder before quieting down and thinking for another moment. “Oh wait… She’s not the one you’re-” Draco coughed loudly and stepped toward Bellatrix.

“Just leave her be.” His tone was deep and threatening, though she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh… wait a moment. I have a good idea! Quite a good idea indeed!” She skipped over to get her wand, and when she finally fetched it, she pointed it at Draco. She watched you as your hair turned black. “Oh! OH! OHHH! We have ourselves a Meta over here now?” Upon hearing those words Draco snapped his head to see you sitting straight up in bed wth pitch black hair and eyes. This was the first time he’d ever seen you scared.

“Don’t hurt him.” You were practically pleading since there was really nothing you could do about it, your wand had been lost in the lake. Bellatrix’s smile grew.

“Oh yes, now we can definitely have some fun.” Bellatrix cackled, “Sectumsempra!” Draco cried out in pain and fell to the ground. His white shirt began to stain with red blood. In a panic, you flew out of bed to his side, your hair turned blue again as you felt the distress of Draco in pain set over you. His pale skin seemed paler as he struggled to breathe and stared at the ceiling, blood draining from his body, getting all over you as you held his body close to yours. Bellatrix only laughed as she screamed and begged for her to stop. You didn’t have time to think before Bellatrix was casting another spell at you, knocking you out beside Draco on the floor.

saiki kusuo/hp crossover where saiki is reincarnated as harry potter with all his memories intact, and the “power the Dark Lord knows not” is just saiki’s ungodly arsenal of psychic powers. 


  • the dursleys are the worst kind of bullshit saiki has ever seen, and saiki either a) puts an end to it within the first few days, or b) just straight up leaves, no one finds him until he’s twelve and it’s time for him to attend hogwarts 
  • “you have been accepted into the hogwarts school of w–” [saiki incinerates the letter in his hand and goes back to reading his book] 
  • saiki’s greatest ambition in life is to live a perfectly normal, unassuming, peaceful, boring life. an ambition so great it immediately lands him in slytherin. 
  • saiki finds himself saddled with every awful “chosen one” trope that has ever graced the earth. he thought being the protagonist of a gag manga was bad but this is worse
    • this is so much worse, he can’t even play along with the narrative anymore. he is going to turn this into a comedy if it kills him
    • saiki surreptitiously solving the problems of everyone around him. finding neville’s toad. making sure people’s potions don’t explode. dragging draco malfoy’s broom back down to earth when he tries to show off during the first broom riding class. saiki is not going to tolerate any bullshit and he most certainly is not going to tolerate anyone trying to go into the third floor corridor
    • and you know what, since quirrell and voldemort are apparently sharing a body (which – how, actually, it’s so disgusting he doesn’t want to know–) he might as well take care of the problem within the first week of school 
    • voldemort shows up again second year. WHAT THE FUCVK
  • all of his dorm mates are intolerable, and saiki very quickly figures out a system where he will pretend to go to sleep in his dorm, but then he just teleports to an unused hufflepuff dorm and enjoys himself greatly on his own. a triumph. a triumph slightly ruined by the house elves knowing he’s there, but a triumph nonetheless. 
    • “but it’s impossible to apparate within the hogwarts castle!!” saiki stares hermione dead in the eye and then teleports anyways 
  • saiki is very carefully mediocre in every single one of his classes in an attempt to kill any notoriety that comes along with the name “harry potter.” except potions class, because snape always gives him a far worse grade than he deserves and saiki is a mean and spiteful soul. saiki makes a point to be the best god damn potions student that snape has ever had
  • fred & george weasley catch saiki doing something ridiculous with his powers, and they’ve been bothering saiki ever since. saiki is full of regret 
  • fourth yr: saiki stays far far far away from the triwizard tournament. he is perfectly happy when cedric is elected, and claps enthusiastically. the goblet of fire turns blue. it spits out his name. saiki is so furious the goblet of fire cracks in half 
  • but the most important part of this au is 
  • saiki with a wand 
  • he doesn’t even need a wand he’s just pretending to use it 
  • someone: augh, this levitating charm is so difficult! how does anyone do it?!
  • this au is 9x better if you imagine that saiki doesn’t even have magic powers – he just has psychic powers, and he’s very good at pretending he has magic. except transfiguration, everyone thinks he’s a bad student cause he has never done a transfiguration spell in his life – but hermione is convinced he’s some kind of secret genius at wandless magic because she caught him levitating a book to himself in the library once. saiki has deliberately failed every magic task appointed to him in front of her since. hermione is convinced saiki is spiting is spiting her specifically by not doing well in class. she’s right 
  • EVEN MORE HILARIOUS TO CONSIDER: saiki doesn’t even bother pretending he has magic, he just shows up to hogwarts and never says anything and never talks to anyone else, he turns in impeccable classwork and homework, but he never performs a single spell because he doesn’t see the point. it gets to the point where the teachers are genuinely worried he might be…. perhaps… a squib? is he a squib? 
    • saiki figures it would be really troublesome to let this go on any longer, but he is also extremely against saying anything out loud ever, and he is also extremely against showing any wordless or wandless magic because who knows what kind of attention he’ll get then 
    • cue incident in class where a student’s spell goes wrong, badly, and everything is in chaos, and saiki is so tired he decides, fuck it, he does not want to deal with this today, and he uses his psychokinesis to forcibly subdue everything that is going wrong. he’s in the corner of the classroom, so he thinks he’s safe & no one will notice – but nope. professor flitwick noticed. professor flitwick is staring at him with starry eyes. god damn it 
    • saiki briefly considers erasing flitwick’s memory of the event, but, well, if flitwick tells the other teachers about what he saw then no one will wonder if saiki is a squib anymore. probably. 
    • but you know what would be great? if everyone thought saiki was a squib and he got fucking chosen by the goblet of fire. everyone riots 
  • there are so many good things that could happen when you combine saiki’s deadpan self + sheer OP ability with the entire ridiculous hp universe and i love it
Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!reader-

Request: “CAN YOU WRITE A DRACO MALFOY X HUFFLEPUFF READER?!?”- @starstruckpuppydaze (dude, when you request be specific)

Warnings: a little bit of Hufflepuff hate but you guys are the best! ^^

Summary: You think back on the day you first met Draco…

A/N: To the most obnoxious person in the world… don’t hug me. LOVE CHU! Also, this was kinda loose, so it sucks. Sorry. -Em

Originally posted by legendrarrymalfoy

  No one really expected it. Hell, you didn’t expect it either. You were dating Draco Malfoy. A Slytherin. You didn’t have anything against Slytherins, but you were pretty sure Draco had something against Hufflepuffs. Until that very special day…

  You were walking by yourself in one of the many halls of Hogwarts. You had your books in your arms. You were distracted by thoughts about Potions. You never seemed to get them right. The directions appeared to be simple and easy to follow but when you did attempt to make any sort of potion, it was always incorrect.

  Lost in these thoughts, you didn’t pay any attention to where you were going. A group of Slytherins was walking past you, and one of them roughly bumped into you making you drop your books. “Watch where you’re going, idiot” he sneered. “Oh, she’s a Hufflepuff hon. She’s bound to be stupid.” A girl snickered.

  You didn’t reply. You stood solemnly, looking at the ground instead. Of course, you were angry. They offended you AND your house. You wanted to fight back, prove that Hufflepuffs were more than just the “nice house”. But you didn’t. There were so many of them and only one of you… you couldn’t take them alone.

  “She’s not doing anything,” one boy from the back observed. “Probably because this little badger is afraid of the snake’s bite” the girl taunted. Your hands curled into fists. The girl, noticing this, got up into your face. “C’mon…” she murmured “Fight me. I know you wanna.”

  But you held your ground. After a few tense moments, she proclaimed “I’m bored. She won’t do anything.” She waved off her little group. A few grunted in reply and began trudging down the hall, sending you death glares as they went by. Only one Slytherin stayed behind, regarding you as some strange science experiment gone wrong.

  The girl turned and called out “Hey Draco. Let’s go! Unless you want to be seen with that.” She didn’t even recognize you as a human being… ouch. “I’m fine, I’ll catch up with you in a sec” he replied, still not taking his eyes off you. You watched as she huffed off, then frowned at the boy.

  “What do you want?” you spat out bitterly. “I just wanted to help you gather your things,” he answered simply, beginning to grab your scattered books. You watched him collect your books in disbelief. He got up and handed over your items. “U-um Thank you” you stammered. “No problem. I’m sorry my so-called “friends” were rude.” Draco said.

  You sighed “It’s fine, you grow numb to it after a while” “Hmm…I assure that it won’t ever happen to you again.” he said, a dangerous glint in his eye. “Why are you being nice to me?” you questioned. “I’m only being nice because she put you in an unfair situation, so don’t get any ideas that I would bake you cookies,” he scoffed “Also, Slytherins don’t pick fights with someone because they feel like it. It’s more of a stupid Gryffindor thing.”

  “Oh…” you mumbled. You were unsure of what else to say and apparently, Draco did too. You stood together silently, not yet ready to part each other. “I see most of your books are about potions,” he attempted to make a stab at conversation. “Oh, yes. I’m awful at it. I’m hoping these might help me.” you admitted.

“Really? I could help you with it” he replied coolly. Wait, what? Did you hear that correctly? Was he seriously willing to help you? “I mean if you’re interested or anything…” he said quickly, catching himself. He was blushing furiously and you found it quite endearing. “Do you mind helping a Hufflepuff?” you asked shyly. “Not at all.” he smiled eagerly.

  You were looking for Draco. You just found out you passing your Potions class. You eventually wandered outside. You spotted him near the lake, talking to a fellow Slytherin.

  You began to run towards him at full speed. By the time you were beside him, you were gasping for air. “Are you alright Y/N?” Draco asked with concern. “Oh…I’m.. fine” you wheezed out and gave an excited smile. He returned the smile.

  “Who’s this Hufflepuff?” the Slytherin said with an air of disapproval. “I’m his girlfriend,” you announced, shocking the Slytherin. “Really, Draco? You’re dating a Hufflepuff?” he said. “Yes, I am. I’d also like to remind you she has a name. It’s Y/N. She’s also more than just a Hufflepuff. She’s my everything.” Draco shot back.

  Disgusted with your relationship, the Slytherin stormed off. You sighed then quickly smirked. “What?” he asked. “They say Hufflepuffs are lame but you just said ‘She’s my everything’. You’re such a romantic cheeseball” you teased. “Oh shut it,” he chuckled “So, what did you want to tell me?”

  “I’M FINALLY PASSING POTIONS!” you squealed. He swept you into his arms “Babe that’s great!” he said. You both stood there laughing blissfully wanting nothing else but to stay in each other’s arms. 

Draco was slouched against the back wall of the cell when he heard her.   They’d had to put him in a cell by himself because the other Death Eaters blamed his family for their loss and saw him as a convenient target.  Alone, bruised and hungrier than he could ever remember being, but no one was physically hurting him anymore so he’d settled down to wait for either a trial - unlikely - or for the victors to just shove him into Azkaban without one.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – 04/03/17

I’ve seen the show a few times now, so at this point I’m fairly picky about what I want to see. I have favourite versions of scenes and lines. I have favourite actors and actresses in the various roles. While every performance is always amazing, I have two main criteria for what constitutes a Good Show, as in, an above average performance of the play. 1. I want it to make me feel something. I want someone to make me cry, or flail, or laugh uproariously, or have to bury my face in my scarf to contain all my emotions. 2. I want to gain new insight into the characters, or the story, or the show itself. During this particular performance, both criteria were absolutely and completely met. 

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Defining Love

“Love is when daddy lets mommy have the last Veela pastie even tough they’re his favorite” A five year-old Scorpius Malfoy told Albus Potter in a matter of fact way, taking his pumpkin juice and giving it to a toddler Lily Luna “there! Now you know Albus loves you baby Lily”

At age five Scorpius thought himself an expert at the subject. His parents had been a love match. To his toddler mind there was nothing complicated about love. Daddy loved his mommy and mommy loved his daddy and together their love was so big it spilled out and made a person.

Which was him: Scorpius.

Or at least that’s what Draco had said when he asked where babies came from.

To his innocent mind there was nothing to fear in the world because he had them and one day he would find a girl as wonderful as his mommy and love her too.

To him love was when Draco worked himself into a temper but reigned in all his foul mood as soon as he saw his Astoria and Scorpius.

Love was when Astoria butchered a song in the piano for hours and Draco still managed to tell her that her music was wonderful.

Love was going to visit the grandparents and resisting the urge to insult them because they were Draco’s family.

To Scorpius Malfoy, love was also not letting people get away with bad behavior.

Because Astoria never let Draco cast unsafe spells inside the house despite the fact that she loved him, and Draco never let Astoria plant carnivorous flowers in the garden despite the fact that he loved her.

They in turn, never let Scorpius have desert when he’d been rude to someone else. Despite the fact they loved him.

Love was tea parties with enormous cakes and jumping in mountains of freshly raked autumn leaves.

It was sitting in Draco’s lap as he read some boring account of a Malfoy ancestor and watching Astoria’s eyes drop as his voice soothed both Scorpius and her to sleep.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eight when he discovered that there were evil people in the world who would willingly hurt a child like him to make his father suffer, Scorpius added more things to the list.

When Draco pushed Astoria behind him and disarmed the strange witch that had grabbed Scorpius out of the blue in a public festival, Scorpius understood that love was also fear.

Love was when Astoria held Draco in her arms after a long day.

It was the forehead kiss Draco pressed on her head everytime he left to conduct business.

Love was putting eachother’s needs before their own when the other looked too tired.

Scorpius liked to think that his parents knew a lot, when they sat him down and talked about all that a little boy like him had to fear in this world, his parents didn’t disappoint him, they were honest.

They told him that most of his ancestors had done terrible things, that people would probably judge him for it forever, his family’s past had nothing to do with Scorpius, but that was how prejudice worked. They’d looked hopefully at Scorpius, with kind smiles that told the little boy he would always be their son no matter what he thought of them and this had cinched the issue in his head.

Love was not judging a person because of their past. Because if Astoria could look beyond Draco’s dark mark to the soul that was beneath and Draco could look beyond Astoria’s family name to see the sweet woman she was, then Scorpius wanted to be like them.

From then on Scorpius Malfoy decided that he would ignore the pasts of everyone as long as they were kind and if someone wasn’t willing to get to know him as himself despite all the bad things his parents told him people said about his family then…well…good riddance.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eleven Scorpius learned his first lesson in the complicated nature of love.

When Astoria hugged him like she didn’t want to let him go and Draco put his hand in Scorpius shoulder with warm pride, Scorpius realized that love also meant letting go.

He’d watched this happen every time Draco looked forlorn at the door whenever Astoria was in an overnight event with the Greengrass foundation.

Or when Draco had to partner his resources with businesses that required him to be away for days. Astoria would get that resigned air of melancholy about her.

It was the same when they saw him off at King Cross.

Scorpius figured that’s what separation felt like, wanting to hold on to someone forever yet loving them enough to let them grow.

They were setting him free despite how much it hurt them to be apart from Scorpius and that was also love.

In Hogwarts Scorpius learned much more about why love was considered complicated and most of it he didn’t learn about it from his mom and dad.

It wasn’t their fault really.

They were happy together and their love was as subtle as it was strong, their biggest outward shows of affection were usually reserved for Scorpius himself who was always on the receiving end of the messy kisses and crushing hugs.

He understood them…sort of, because he was a part of both of them, Astoria and Draco didn’t hold back from showering him with tickles and filling his world with playful laughter.

But as a couple, their love expressed itself in loving sighs and shared eyerolls from across the dinner table.

Flowers in his writing desk, warped eclairs in her vanity table. A shared look of affection every five minutes, a brush of a hands as they went on their daily routines.

If they fought they did it well away from Scorps hearing and if they felt cross with eachother they hid it too well for it to be seen plainly.

Unlike Albus and even Rose’s parents who reportedly enjoyed a good argument every once in a while and were active in expressing their affection towards the other, the love of Scorpius’ parents seemed almost. ..boring.

And because Scorpius had grown in such a sedate household, nothing prepared him for the first time a girl broke his heart.

At age fourteen he still thought that his parents were the best example of love he could find, he also wanted a girl to share inside jokes with, sigh into the distance and cut flowers for.

But Rose Weasley well, she wanted emotion, she wanted someone to argue with noisily and kiss in the middle of the great hall for all the world to see. His first love was bigger than life, Rosie was an explosion of fire and smarts that was almost too good to be true. And in the end she didn’t understand why Scorpius didn’t express his love the way she did.

Rose didn’t want subtlety, she wanted an extravaganza of passion and Scorpius just didn’t like being the centre of attention, not like Albus and Hugo.

And so that summer Scorpius returned home heartbroken. Asking his mother what he’d done wrong?.

Astoria and Draco hadn’t known what to do, they told Scorpius that truthfully neither of them had much romantic experiences before finding eachother and their own first loves had been footnotes in comparison to Voldemort’s shadow. Before Astoria Draco had been with Pansy for most of his life and he’d only dated her to appease his father.

And Astoria had only ever loved Draco since her fourth year in Hogwarts. Anybody before that hadn’t been real enough to call a crush.

Before the war their families had taught them both that love was a liability when one was a purebloood and until Draco and Astoria had fallen inlove they both had believed it was true.

So when Scrpius came to them for advice they only did the best they knew to do as parents and listened.

And that’s how Scorpius learned that love was painful….But it was also healing.

Watching his parents together Scorpius realized that love was also being okay with not having all the answers.

Because when Astoria didn’t know something she never blamed Draco if he didn’t come up with a solution, she simply nodded and took his hand in order to find it together.

And whenever Draco got frustrated because there were things out of his control that affected his family, he never took it out on Astoria, instead he talked it out with her. Found a way to see the light side of the situation for her sake.

With them love was a thousand conversations spoken with a single raised eyebrow and the quirk of coral lips.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

Over the years Scorpius came to accept that his parents were not perfect. His mother was a bit manipulative and his father was oftentimes too prideful.Astoria’s sweet frailty lent fodder to Scorp’s fears and Draco’s increasing grouchiness as his hairline began receding was a constant cause of headaches for his only son.

But Scorpius never stopped seeing Draco’s eyes light up when Astoria entered the room. Or Astoria smile whenever Draco said she was beautiful.

There was always a hand in the small of Astoria’s back when they were in public, and a kiss in the back of her palm when they were not. Those hands got a bit more wrinkled as the years passed as did the lines in Astoria’s mouth and eyes, but they never moved from her back, no matter the need for a walking cane that came after Draco turned fifty two.

And while Astoria’s hair seemed to have a bigger smattering of grey highlights everytime Scorpius returned from Hogwarts, she never stopped kissing Draco’s cheek whenever he walked out the door. Her reading glasses came with menopause much like Draco’s cane, but her eyes never lost the sparkle of teasing laughter that always made Draco smile.

Then one day long after moving out from his parents house Scorpius Malfoy found himself cutting sunflowers and placing them absentmindely in the desk of a certain Daily Prophet correspondant. A girl with mischief in her smile who could telegraph her thoughts across the room with just one glance in his direction and who could make Scorpius laugh with silly caricatures of her eldest brothers.

Half imp, half rainstorm, she was a unstoppable mischief and boy did it drive Scorpius crazy to see her fluttering in and out of his life in a flurry of silk hair ribbons and ballet slippers. He almost didn’t notice when he stopped holding out his arms to break Lily Luna’s fall in case she broke a limb when she crashed down from whatever tree she was currently climbing. And when he started holding out his arms because he wanted to feel her close to him.

He didn’t notice when she stopped being “Al’s little sister” and became “Not again Lily!” With an affectionate huff. Or when he began looking forward to mutually teasing Albus over his career in the ministry.

Not until he attended his parent’s anniversary ball and his father of all people tapped his cane impatiently and with a sigh of frustration pulled Scorpius aside “So when are you planning to tell the Potter girl that you love her?” His father finally snapped “your mother and I would like to live to see our grandchildren, thank you very much” and with the finesse of the crochety old man he was, Draco stomped away from his very adult son grumbling about the stupidity of youth.

And despite disliking his father’s temper Scorpius learned one last thing about love from the old man and that was that one couldn’t really know how love worked unless one felt it.

So he joined Lily Luna at their table and smiled resolving to ask her to be his girlfriend as soon as possible, keeping his father’s words in mind. He loved her…of course he did. It was so obvious now.

He chanced a look at the middle of the ballroom where his parents glided around the room with the ease of professional dancers, thirty years married and Scorpius still didn’t doubt how much they loved eachother.

Maybe he would never stop learning from them, maybe he would always want what his parents had. And maybe he was close to getting it with Lily.

So he clapped as the orchesta finished their piece and raised his cup to toast to his parent’s marriage because these were the things Scorpius Malfoy knew about love.

An: this was my first Scorpius centric one shot, which I dont normally do because Scorpius is way too shippable I always fall of tangent when I write him in, and forget this is a Drastoria blog, I think that in the end its always our parents who teach us how to love. so I hope you liked it anon

Eye of the Hurricane

Pairing: Fred X Reader

Prompt: You’re a Slytherin just trying to get by with all the crazy nonsense happening around Hogwarts lately. All you wanted was some peace and quiet so you could finally pass Transfiguration. Unfortunately for you, Fred Weasley has decided that you are to be his new friend. Just great.

Warnings: None

A/N: Cute prompt idea! Hoping to really buckle down on writing these days. Plus this one is pretty long, and I’m quite proud. Feedback always appreciated!

Originally posted by livingstills

The lake at Hogwarts was a very peaceful place. You often liked to go there just to escape all the chaos and noise from regular Hogwarts. These days, it felt like no one in this school cared about their grades anymore. It was all Potter this and Malfoy that. Especially in the Slytherin Dungeons. Which was why you decided to pick this spot exactly to resume your Transfiguration studies. Unlike most others in your house, you somewhat respected Professor McGonagall and did not want to be on her bad side.

You were sat beneath a large birch tree looking out onto the clear waters. You were shaded just right so that the sun wasn’t in your eyes, but the reflections from the water provided the perfect amount of light to study your textbook. The occasional gurgles from underwater (probably from the giant squid moving about) made for excellent white noise.

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Harry Potter Preferences : Favorite YA book (or series)

✨Fun fact: I’ve read every book/series in this preference✨

✨Some of these are short seeing as I had no inspiration and I’m really sorry, it makes me feel terrible that I didn’t write more and that I haven’t been able to write that much lately✨

✨Now playing-Punk Goes Pop vol.6✨




The Magicians by Lev Grossman; He found it amusing. A story about magic that reminded him so much of his own. It was an escape, to enter a similar but different world away from his problems. He read in less than an hour, resulting in a massive headache which you warned would happen. It was a bit of a hard read however, and a little too boring for his taste. He pushed through, surprising you because of how much he whined while reading it.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber; It was love at first sight. You adored the cover, the way the dark colors contrasted against the white lettering. From the very first word, you were hooked. The twists and turns throwing you off every second, the cliffhangers succeeding in pissing you off. You shipped Scarlet and Julian though, and was happy when they finally got together. All in all, it was a great book.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell; He only read because you wanted him to, he couldn’t stand to make you sad. He began to admire Cath and her dedication to the Simon Snow fandom, which you thought sounded a lot like him and a certain Slytherin. He was upset over Cath and Wren’s disagreement, given that he never had a sibling and if he did, he sure as hell wasn’t going to just let them leave his life.


Roseblood by A.G. Howard; You loved singing, it was a fierce passion of yours. Which made you love A.G. Howard’s new book even more. You were already a fan of the Splintered series, so you were anxiously awaiting the new book’s arrival. As soon as you delved deeper into Rune’s story and character, you sympathized with her, you related to her. Much like Rune, you felt a deep physical pain of you couldn’t sing, it was a part of you.



The book thief by Markus Zusak; She had a deep respect for intellectual books such as The Book Thief. It never failed to teach her something entirely new, no matter how many times she read it. She was also a major history geek, and not just magical history. If there was one moment in history that she could change, it would be the holocaust. She loved how Markus Zusak portrayed it, honestly and without lies.


The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon; You were a hopeless romantic, so each one of Nicola Yoon’s books managed to ensnare you. Daniel and Natasha will always have a special place in your heart, their love was something you admired and wasn’t all that different from your own. Those books made you feel less alone in the love department when you were younger, now they continue to comfort you even though you weren’t lonely anymore.



Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon; To him, the book was truly everything and more. He adored Nicola Yoon’s writing, every little thing making him think of you. He admired Olly’s dedication and perseverance to his and Maddy’s relationship. Like Olly, he would do anything and everything for you, there were absolutely no limits. Nicola Yoon was right, Love is worth everything.


The entire Throne of Glass series and the entire A court of thrones and roses series by Sarah J. Maas; You had a lot of free time . You were just grateful that you got to pass that time by reading your favorite series. You had been a fan of SJM’s work for awhile now, and you were currently anticipating the third book in the A Court Of Thornes and Roses series. You had suffered serious heartbreak from your ships, one blew up only for another to become canon. It was madness.



The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer; He adored Fairytales and science fiction, so this series was a fantastic fit for him. From the moment he began to Read Fairest to the second he finished Stars Above, he was drowning in feelings. Given the events that had occurred in the series, he was just glad that the majority of the main characters lived.He appreciated that they had scars from the war, it made him feel safe because he had scars as well. He knew that those scars would take a long time to heal, if they even healed at all.


The 100 series by Kass Morgan; You had watched the show before you read the books, which later turned out to be a mistake. You couldn’t read the books without the image of the show getting into your head. You had managed to push past it though, and allowed yourself to be re-immersed into the world of the 100. You shipped Bellarke immediately. In your mind, they were soulmates. There was so much drama that frustrated and angered you. Bellamy and his snarky attitude reminded you of your own, you still thought that was a bit of a douche though.



The romantics by Leah Kormen; She never really cared for sappy romance, but this book slowly got her into it. She found it endearing that it was a story about love told from love’s point of view. It gave her a new insight to what love was. She still never really liked the book, but she did keep it with her at all times , which makes you think that she does like it after all.


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken; You were extremely hesitant to read it, and you didn’t for several months, and then you broke and began reading it the next day. It was slow and boring for a few chapters. You weren’t that involved with the book, but it was better than half the crap that you have to read for school.


His- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell; He loved how it depicted a relationship that most people wouldn’t like or see. He admired Rainbow Rowell’s writing immensely, the way she expressed different stories that are incredibly unique. He was thrown though several emotional rollercoasters, with all the plot twists and the drama that happens between Eleanor and Park. Their relationship reminded him of the one he knew that you two could never have.

Yours- The White Rabbit chronicles by Gena Showalter; For some strange reason, you had a fascination with Zombies. So when you stumbled upon a series that not only had them but had Alice in Wonderland as well, you were ecstatic to say the least. When Cole was introduced, you actually thought that he was a dick. You didn’t trust Ali and her relationship with him. He still hadn’t shared all of his secrets, and honesty is needed to hold a couple together. Funny how that can apply to real life.


His- These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner; You actually forced him onto the couch and practically shoved the book into his hands. He only read because you said that you two wouldn’t have sex until he did. Eventually, he began to grow attached to the book. He actually sobbed when Lilac died, and was extremely furious when she got brought back. You didn’t really expect food him to like it that much, but you were glad that he did.

Yours- The Shatter Me series by Tarejh Mafi; You were a sucker for beautiful covers. The gorgeous illustrations against the bright colors immediately caught your eye. You cautiously read the first book, not wanting to give your heart to the series that easily. You suppose that it happened subconsciously; you began to get agitated with Adam and the lack of Warner and Juliette’s relationship. You don’t really regret it, not that much.




The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo; Truth be told; he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he bought the series. The ominous cover and blurb beckoning him. From the very beginning, he felt a connection to Kaz. He identified with his ‘tough-guy’ persona when in actuality, he was broken. He sympathized with all the pain, all the suffering that was within the book’s pages.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page; You loved story re tellings, whether it be a new beauty and the beast story or a new Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Must Die was something that you had wanted to read for awhile, but you never had the money. The day that you had managed to scramble up enough to buy it, you immediately dived in. You can’t really state your opinion on the novel because you haven’t even finished it, but it looks good so far, and that’s all you need.



To All the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han;You were more than surprised when Sirius revealed that he loved the book. It just didn’t seem like the kind of book, if he even read one, that Sirius would latch onto. You thought it was hilarious that Lara Jean ended up with someone named ‘Peter’, he only found it really weird. He’s never told you that he secretly cries over it almost every night, or that he stashes it in his robes to re read for when he gets bored. You find out anyway, and you think that it’s incredibly adorable.


The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski; Again, you read it because of the cover. To be honest, it was never interesting to you at first. It took weeks before you finally found an interest in the book. You dreaded the cursed plot twits that seemed to make an appearance on every page. You were startled from not only the action, but the connection that Kestrel and Arin shared. You were envious, even though your own relationship was amazing, the relationships that lives in the pages were always a degree better.



Beastly by Alex Flinn; He thought it was quite ironic that he had come to love a book that loosely resembled himself and his life. He thought that the only difference was that Kyle got to slip back into his human body and life. You told him that another difference was that Kyle was a whiny bitch, and that he has always been the kind and gentle boy that you fell in love with. That was something that would never change.


The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo; You had an obsession with Leigh’s writing. How could you not, it was nothing less than absolutely flawless. You admired that there was actual pain and sadness in the books, and not just fake suffering that was in other books. Mal was a personal favorite of your’s, but then again, You did still kind of like The Darkling. You thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and cried for a bit. Those books helped you through other student’s bullying, and you couldn’t be more grateful.



Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins; You were nothing short of awestruck when you saw Regulus reading the book. He was so moody and unhappy, you never really expected him to like those kinds of books. He was fascinated with how Women could be in extremely painful labor and then take over the entire world in less than a day. The book showed him that Women are truly fabulous and amazing people, and should be known as such .


Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff; You loved Illuminae, so when you heard that was a second book, without hesiataion, you bought it the minute that it came out. You devoured it in less than 4 days, resulting in several migraines. You liked how it not only introduced completely new characters and stories, but still had the originals as well. It was a very eye opening book, it showed you the dangers that earth is always alarmingly open to.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan; He found it amusing. The ideal that a mere mortal could toy something as powerful and ominous as the gods and mythology. Those two were something that not just anyone chose to mess with. He was angered at the prospect of forcing children to fight for parents that couldn’t even be bothered to know that they existed. He admired the honesty and depressing maturity that the book hid within it’s pages, it took a great deal of courage to write something like that.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell; You loved Rainbow Rowell and you loved gay ships, that’s it. Even though the lgbtq+ community had come a long way, there stills wasn’t a whole lot of representation. The book was one of the few that showed the simplicity of the community, love is love, there is nothing that’s simpler than that. You also noticed how long it took for Simon and Baz to finally be together. You understood it, love’s not always easy. It’s messy and complicated and full of flaws, but that’s what makes it worth it.


James Sirius-


The Selection by Kiera Cass; He was in love with Kiera’s books, every. single. one. He loved The Selection the most because he admired America’s desire and demand to have a right to her own life. Yet she still had this feeling that tethered her to Maxon. He liked how the book portrayed the struggle between love and free will. He never like Aspen, he practically hated his guts .He was aslo severely upset when Maxon had kissed kriss. Granted, America did lie to him, but she was saying goodbye it Aspen because she loved Maxon.


As Old As Time by Liz Braswell; You loved Beauty and the Beast, it was your favorite Disney movie. So you immediately loved any retelling that you happened to come across. The book however, was special. It somehow managed to provide an entirely different storyline for Belle and the Beast. You thought it was both interesting and clever how Liz Braswell incorporated Bell’s mother into the story. It made things more suspenseful, and that’s what you loved, suspense.



Splintered by A.G. Howard; The book was boring and all Scorpius wanted was to fucking throw it out the damn window. He only read it because You dared him to. He loved you, but you were positively wicked when it came to what would piss him off. He ended up reading the whole series out for boredom.


The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout; You were mute, which made you love Mallory even more than you already did. You looked up to her, which was fairly easy considering how short you were. The book made you feel like you had home that you could never escape to. You longed to meet Mallory and Rider, to ask them for relationship advice. You had recently caught feelings for a certain blonde slytherin, but how could you talk to him, if you couldn’t, well, talk.



Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard; It was the case of ‘The cover was the only reason I read it’. He mind was quickly changed though, the very first word having him wanting to actually hug the book. He loved how strong Mare was and how she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she wants. He admired her dedication to her family and her friend, something he deeply aspired to.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas; You had always been very politically concerned. So when a book concerning the black lives matter movement, you immediatey bought it. You loved how truthful and unapologetically itself the book was. You thought that the movement was well represented, and you were pretty satisfied with the book overall.



Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall; She had always had a rather deep concern for mental illness. She knew that you had a history with the subject and the whole time that she was reading the book, she thought of you. Like Norah, you suffered from sever OCD. Rose read this to try and get more of an understanding of what you were going through.


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera; You LOVED Adam Silvera’s books, they gave you ship worthy ships and crushed your soul all at the at the same time. You didn’t read the book until about two weeks after it came out. It fulfilled every expectation and raised every bar to you. It was this beautiful and gorgeous piece of art that you thought should be in a museum.
Arrow 5x17 “Kapiushon” Review: Journey To the Dark Side

This episode of Arrow is by far the darkest episode of Arrow we’ve ever seen. It’s darker than Shado vs. Sara or Moira vs. Thea. Darker than even during the Al Sah Him time. I think that we have absolutely reached the crushing rock bottom in the journey of Oliver Queen. And thank God because I’m really not sure we could survive going any further down this dark rabbit hole.

Stephen Amell was utterly fantastic in this episode. The raw emotion in his scenes with Josh Segerra—who was equally amazing—were painful to sit through. Yet Amell also managed to balance this with the flashback scenes where we saw Oliver reaching his darkest point in his five years of hell. Somehow even juxtaposed with each other I was able to still feel so bad for Oliver in the present day. Amell did A+ work and should be commended for it.

Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase (plus OTA/Olicity)

It’s a cold open of torture as Adrian holds Oliver’s head under water for 145 seconds because that’s how long Jason Clayborne took to drown. As Oliver is drowning—like he was in the pilot episode—he flashes back to the people that he killed in season 1. This is day six of torture for Oliver.

Physically, Oliver is holding up relatively fine, if a bit tired. Mentally, he seemed to be doing okay in that first scene too. So far Chase had only been physically torturing Oliver. Oliver knows how to take pain. That’s not going to break Oliver. In fact, he seemed kind of bored when he told Chase, “If that’s what you’re going to do to me you’ll need to come up with something better than whatever this is,” in regards to Chase telling Oliver he took the name Prometheus because he took away power from the Gods. Chase told him he had something better.

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And he did. He broke Oliver when he stopped trying to physically torture him and went back to mentally attacking him. He poked at all of Oliver’s greatest fears—that he ruins everything he touches. But still as Chase was dancing around this he wanted Oliver to confess a secret. The secret. Oliver didn’t know what it was that Chase wanted from him and thus he couldn’t stop the psychological torture.

Chase starts his psychological attack by hanging pictures of people the people that Oliver killed. Oliver argues that these people were bad and had victims of their own. Chase argues they also had spouses and children too. I see both sides of the argument here. Did Oliver need to kill to get justice in season 1? No; we know that and we knew that then. But at that time that’s what he’d been conditioned to believe was the only way to see real justice done. An eye-for-an-eye kind of thing. And Chase is correct—he’s an example of it—that bad people also have people in their lives that aren’t bad and would miss them if they were gone.

Harry Potter reference. Draco Malfoy loved his parents but they were still Death Eaters. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy may have been parents who (sometimes) loved their son but they also still chose to be Death Eaters. People are all complicated. It’s as I’ve said—what like 99 times now?—we all have light and dark in us but it’s what we choose to do that matters. Jason Clayborne had good things in his life; he apparently had a close relationship with his shithead of a son. A son, by the way, born out of an affair if I recall because he has been called his “illegitimate” son. So that’s hardly honorable. Then there is all his criminal activity. No one forced Clayborne to partake in all of that but he chose to. He chose not to think about the people that he would be hurting.

The difference is that Oliver made the chose to change his ways. And that matters. If the bad counts than the good has to count too.

When Oliver brings up Adrian’s hypocrisy because Chase murdered his own wife to further his agenda against Oliver, it’s important to note that Adrian couldn’t fight against that. He chose to ignore it. Because he murdered a woman who was innocent and there was no defense against that. Doris Chase wasn’t a woman with a criminal history; for all intents and purposes, she seemed like a loving wife to a man who played her and then murdered her.

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Kisses (Harry Potter Boys)


The two of you had been sitting in the common room in near silence, trying to avoid the awkward conversation that was bound to come as your so called friend had decided to tell the boy who lived that you were crushing on him. You wouldn’t exactly say the Harry was your best friend but the two of you had been close since your first year. Now everything felt just a little different and you weren’t quite sure if it was a good different or a bad one.

(Y/N)?” Harry asked. The room was silent aside from the crackle of the fire which you had trained your eyes on. You turned to look at the dark haired boy, specks dancing in your vision from watching the flames.

“Yeah?” You replied, your voice equally as timid as his had been. You didn’t want to look him in the eye, too afraid of his reaction. In a heartbeat, you felt his lips meet yours, more gentle than you would have imagined. Before you could say a word about what had just happened, Harry stood up.

“It’s getting late. You should rest, we have classes in the morning. Sweet dreams, (Y/N).”


You had been friends with the Weasley family for years now and quite recently, you and Ron had begun to date. Now, you were spending a week at the Burrow so your parents could have a nice week, an anniversary gift from you to them. As of now, you and the Weasley kids were playing a rather heated game of Quidditch and you and Ron had been set as chasers against each other, Your team had won, thanks to Ginny and everyone returned to the ground. You cheered and lovingly mocked the opposing team.

“You think you’re so great.” Ron replied miserably, although you f all people knew that he wasn’t actually upset. You decided to play along, popping out your hip and crossing your arms.

“I don’t think I’m so great. I know it.” you replied, balancing your weight against your broom. You should have been expecting something bad to happen. Ginny kicked your broom out from under your arm forcing you to fall. In the blink of an eye, Ron had stopped your fall. Nobody in his family had been told of your relationship yet but now, judging by the blush on your cheeks and the possessive way he held you you knew you couldn’t keep it hidden too much longer. Ron gave a slight shrug before leaning to connect your lips in a kiss. The sweet affection was only made that much better by the exclamations from Ron’s brothers and sister.


You and Draco had been dating for quite a while. People ever expected that as the two of you were quite different. Still, you didn’t mind. When Draco was around you, he tended to be kinder and generally a better person.The day had gotten rather boring as your boyfriend was busy with Quidditch practice so you’d sat yourself in the stands with a couple other people who had decided to watch the practice.

You were talking with a dark haired Slytherin boy. You brushed off his attempts a flirting effortlessly. You had Draco and he was more than you ever wanted so when this underclassman tried to get you instead, it was beyond easy to turn him away. Of course from the air, Draco couldn’t see anything but a dumb guy flirting with his everything. Despite outraged shouts from his teammates, he marched himself up to where you were deep in conversation with your friend.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” Draco snapped, though not at you. You drew your eyes between them and you could practically feel the tension in the air.

“Draco. It’s alright.” You insisted, placing a hand on his arm. You feel the muscles under his arm relax a little. “Don’t worry about him.” The words came out soothing but he knew that they were an order.

Draco took a step back, looking between you and the younger boy before tugging you against his chest and pressing a hard kiss to your lips. Your arms slide up to hang around his shoulders.

After a moment of heated kissing, he lets go, his eyes trained on the other boy who still seemed to be in shock.“I’ll see you after practice, (Y/N).”


I know! This was honestly so bad and I apologize but the idea came to me at about 3:30am and I just had to write it so here it is! I might add a part two with Neville, Fred, and George and a female one with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna so if you have someone you want me to add, shoot me an ask and I will see what I can do. Requests are always open! -Cass

30 minutes locked down ~ Draco Malfoy X Reader ~ Imagine

So this is one of the new imagine that i’ll do for the 30 minutes locked down series. Hope you like it!

Warning: a little smuth again and maybe curssing a little bit too.


«Y/N! Wake up it’s your turn! » You had fallen asleep after a few hours of waiting for your turn at the game 30 minutes locked down. It was an extreme version 7 minutes in heaven. But hey! Nothing was boring at Hogwarts.

You put your hand in the bag that every guy had put an object in. there were not many objects left, but lucky for you your crush hasn’t had been picked yet. You didn’t know if you wanted to pick him however because you were afraid of what would happen. After all, even if Draco was the most popular guy in hogwarts, he never was the nice guy everybody liked, even in Slyterin he wasn’t liked by all.

Then something caught your attention, a cold circle was in there, it was all deformed and wavy, you put it out to finally realise that it was in fact a silver ring but in a form of a snake. «It’s a ring! » someone shouted after seeing what you had picked up.

«I believe it’s mine. » Your beautiful crush responded as he stepped forward. Your mind went blank, you were so fucked! You would never be able to act normal around him. You already had some difficulties to act normal every day. You always had been a quirky girl but you could hide it well to the other or just made it look cute. But now! With the nerve of being with him you were sure to screw the only little chance you may still have.

«Are you coming? » he ask you. «Ah, yes I’m coming. » you fallowed him into the room that you would share for the next 30 minutes.  As you inter it you saw him lean against one of the pole the four poster bed place on the corner of the bedroom. Then all the light went out, marking the start of the 30 minutes.

Trying to forget your nerves you started to walk in the pitch darkness. It helped you until you tripped on his foot, lost your balance and fell onto the bed, him under you. «Sorry! I’m so sorry! I swear I tripped on your foot I didn’t mean it to happen! » you said nervously swearing to yourself in your mind.

«It’s ok, you don’t have to panic, nobody is dead. » he answered you. «Why are you freaking out so much? Am I scaring you? »

«No, no it’s just I’m nervous, I’m a bit weird and I didn’t want to pass as a total mess but it seems like it didn’t work out. What was I thinking? » you ask to yourself.

«I’m I making you nervous? »

«Well a little bit, your Draco Malfoy the most popular guy in the school. »

«Maybe but you’re Y/N, the girls that every guy fancy! I didn’t taught that…»

«What? W-what are you talking about? » 

«Yeah, you didn’t know? »

«No! »

«Well yeah, your cute, your fun and your little quirk make every guy like you.»

«No, no, I’m sure your wrong I’m a total mess! Just look at what I just did! »

«Well I like you…» he respond.

«Wait! What really? »

«And what you did isn’t that bad actually, just think about it for two seconds, you’re on top of me on a bed…»

You turn completely red, and thanked god that you were in the dark you hadn’t move since you had fell on him. Then you taught about what he just said. «I like you to, you know…» you said half whispering. You didn’t know why but the fact that he didn’t said anything made you freaked out. As you tried to apologise, saying that he surely didn’t meant it like that, you tried to get off of him. But surprisingly, he stopped you, putting a hand on your waist. Slowly he brushed the finger of his other hand on your cheek not sure what to do. In the heat of the moment, you took his hand and placed it on your cheek, then slowly closed the distance between your lips.

The kiss was something else. As soon as you had put your lips on his, he had fliped you over, his knees on each side of you, and was sliding his hand on your bare skin up, under your shirt, making you shiver. You decide to take his shirt off and grab his shoulders to deepen the kiss. Suddenly you felt his other hand go under your skirt as he parted from you, asking you if it was okay. Your answer was clear for you, you wanted more of it. You could feel his grin even if you couldn’t see it with your eyes. He sucked on the sensitive skin of your neck while sliding his hand up.

The heat was at his high as he gently started to rub your private part making you moan. The sound that you made provoced goose bumps all over his body but mostly made harden him on your thigh. He took off your panties, throwing them behind him and put a finger inside you, rocking slightly forward and backward. You became louder at his movement, your nails making marks on his back. But, a knock went on the door indicating that 5 minutes was left.

«Shit…» he half whispered as he stopped. «It looks like we’ll have to finish this another times.» he said grinning again in the dark. You dressed yourselves up and waited for the door to open.

Personally you didn’t thought that this night would mean something between the both of you. Malfoy being who he was, he would surely want to make this a secret, keeping his status at the school. But when the door open up, he put his hand on your hips in a hugging way and kissed you on the temple. Your smile was only interrupted by the look of everyone one your neck.

«Draco, did you left a love bite on my neck? » you whispered in his ears.

«Yeah, I wanted every guys to know that your mine.» he answered.

You didn’t taught it possible but your smile was even wider.

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Valentines's Day

Draco Malfoy X Reader

(A/N: My first time posting an original fic on my own blog! Give me all your thoughts and feedback, good or bad! Y/N: Your Name Y/H: Your Hogwarts House) 

Warnings: None? (Valentine’s Day hate?)

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“So, have any plans for Valentine’s Day yet?” Your friend Ian asked you across the Y/H table. His eyebrows were raised in what some would think is a mocking way, but you knew he wasn’t being mean. He was just giving you a hard time, like he always did. 

“Oh pretty much the same as always,” you responded airily. “Burning stuffed bears and ranting about what an awful greeting card holiday Valentine’s Day is.” You saw Ian grin, but then your gaze drifted to a certain Platinum blond Slytherin boy who always seemed to catch your eye. 

Draco Malfoy was sitting at the end of the Slytherin table, looking deathly bored as Pansy Parkinson tittered on about something in her shrill voice. Ian’s eyes followed yours then rolled back to you, a smirk twisting his lips. 

“How about, instead of purposely isolating yourself on one of the most loving holidays of the year you ask someone out. Maybe a certain Slytherin with ‘enchanting grey eyes and a killer body’?” Ian recalled the way you described Draco when you got tipsy two months ago late night in the Y/H common room. It was the first time you told anyone about your infatuation with Draco, and Ian had kept pretty quiet about it until now. “Listen, Y/N, jokes aside you should really give it a shot with him.” 

“He’s not just another random though, he’s Draco Mal-” you began but were waved off by an exasperated Ian. 

“I know, I know. Draco Malfoy. Sole air of the Malfoy bloodline. Slytherin prince. Gag.” Ian made a vomiting face that made you giggle, a sound that echoed through the emptying Great Hall. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Draco Malfoy look your way, but you quickly turned back to Ian to avoid making it obvious you were looking at him. “He’s not really all that stuff, Y/N. He’s a normal person who probably enjoys letting all that go when he gets to. You should just approach him like he’s anybody else, because he is.” 

The Great Hall had mostly cleared out, only a handful of stragglers left at each table. You were surprised to see Draco still hanging around, he was usually extremely punctual but today he seemed to be waiting for something. 

You noticed Ian collecting his things to head off to Herbology, “Just think about it, okay? I’d hate to go to Madame Puddifoot’s with Katie alone.” Ian tossed you a conspiratorial wink, then strode out of the Great Hall. 

Sighing you collected your things and made to follow Ian toward the exit. You were looking around to see if Draco had departed yet when you nearly collided with someone lurking in the doorway. 

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. I-” you cut yourself when your eyes connected with the cool grey eyes you day dreamed about constantly. 

“Don’t be sorry, I was standing in your way, it’s my fault,” Draco looked at you in a soft way that wasn’t quite a smile but made your insides melt all the same. “Y/N, correct?” 

You suddenly forgot how to speak English, you were so flustered by Draco’d casual demeanor. So you just nodded, hoping you didn’t look as stupid as you felt.

“I’ve seen you around at the Qudditch matches, you enjoy playing?” Draco inquires, seeming genuinely interested.

You realized he was actually asking you a question and tried to compose yourself to form a coherent response, “Oh uh, no. I’m awful at playing, but I love watching Quidditch. It’s so high energy, and it really inspires house comradery.” 

Merlin’s beard. What the hell did you just say? If he didn’t think you were ridiculous before, he would now. You just hoped this would end soon so you wouldn’t say something completely awful. 

But Draco actually chuckled after considering your response, “Yeah, I suppose it does. So you don’t fly then?” He questioned and began to walk down the corridor. You assumed he meant you to follow so you kept pace with him, captivated by his striking side portfolio. 

“Ah, yeah I do fly. I may not have any talent on the pitch, but flying is still the most invigorating feeling ever. Just you and a broom in the air, the wind pushing against you, the breathtaking views, it makes me feel alive. I know that probably sounded a little cheesy,” you shifted your gaze sheepishly to the ground. 

You were embarrassed about going on so openly about your passion for flying, but you suddenly felt a light pressure on your arm. You looked up quickly and saw Draco trying to catch your eye. The two of you stopped in the middle of an empty corridor. The emotion on Draco’s face was so open and raw, you were stunned. 

“I don’t think it’s cheesy at all,” he started. “I know exactly what you mean, when you’re up in the air it’s a feeling like no other. Like anything is possible.” 

Suddenly the stoic, confident Draco Malfoy you were used to dropped away, revealing someone more real, more vulnerable. 

“I know this is going to seem sudden, but would you like to fly a few laps around the pitch with me sometime?” Draco looked at you with a face full of expectation. Your breath caught in your throat as the weight of his words registered, and you realized that the Draco Malfoy had asked you out on a date. 

Unsure of what else to say, you squeaked out: “When were you thinking?” 

The corners of Draco’s mouth tilted up. “Tuesday? If that works for you.” He was grinning in earnest, his eyes wide and almost sparkling you thought. 

“Valentine’s Day? You want to fly brooms on Valentine’s Day instead of going to Madame Puddifoots?” You questioned Draco, but scolded yourself for sounding like you were turning him down. 

“Roses, tea, and candy hearts? Not really my thing but if you prefer-” 

“No!” You nearly shouted. “Um, no. I’d much rather have a lap around the pitch than have a half naked baby throw dead rose petals in my food.” 

Draco chuckled and began to walk away. “It’s a date then, see you Tuesday, Y/N.” 

You were in utter disbelief at what had happened, but before you could be too swept away, something occurred to you. 

“Draco, wait,” Draco turned, mild concern painting his face. “I don’t have my broom,” you informed him. You expected him to be frustrated, but instead he broke into another genuine grin. 

 “Don’t worry,” he said. “There’s plenty of room for the both of us on mine.” He grinned mischievously and continued to walk away, while you stood there stunned at the morning you had had.

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i wanna hear all about the cursed child when you finish it haha i've only seen spoilers so far but oh boy lol


a) everything Scorpius Malfoy says and does will make you want to strap on armour and charge into battle for love of him, 

b) one of Scorpius’s first lines is ‘I’ve always regarded the Pepper Imp as the king of the confectionary bag’, which renders the whole Everyone Thinks Scorpius Is Voldemort’s Son subplot/mystery UTTERLY UNNECESSARY because OF COURSE THIS RIDICULOUS CHILD IS THE FRUIT OF DRACO MALFOY’S LOINS, 

c) Draco gets some weighty shit to say/is just Redemption Arc AF all the way through, so 


e) Draco gets to join The Gang for World-Saving Hijinks, which means 

f) some scenes are DRARRY AF AS FUCK, but mainly 

g) everything about this play will make you Team Malfoy Forever, holy shit, like, wtf, 

h) at one point Harry and Draco are duelling and Draco goes ‘Keep up, old man’ and Harry’s like ‘WE’RE THE SAME AGE, DRACO’ which made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down for a good five minutes, 

i) it also bears mentioning that RON AND HERMIONE ARE IN LOVE IN EVERY TIMELINE, god bless @whoever the hell wrote this thing, 

j) speaking of whoever wrote this thing, they took the whole ‘Harry couldn’t really hear the commentary during the first Triwizard Task very well from his position in the Champions’ Tent’ and handed us Ludo Bagman yelling DOG DIGGITY, CEDRIC DIGGORY, YOU ARE A DOGGY DYNAMO! which I will be forever thankful for, 

k) Albus and Scorpius make their great escape off the Hogwarts Express while it’s in motion and the trolley witch turns into a terrifying Immortal Guardian of the Train and hurls explosive pasties at them, while casually dropping into the admittedly weird conversation that Fred’n’George and the Marauders all tried to get off the train while it was moving, EMPHASIS ON ‘TRIED’, 

l) turns out my SCORP LAD WOT LAD “joke” was completely inaccurate as, world-ending and illegal shenanigans aside, Scorpius and Albus are BORING NERDS, but 

m) their entire relationship is a personification of the ‘I would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining’ text post, and 

n) I am 100% positive that by the time they turn 16 they will be Experimenting and Laughing It Off while also Staring Wistfully At Each Other While The Other One’s Not Paying Attention, because oh my god, they are completely smitten with each other, LITERALLY, 

o) when plot things happen and Harry won’t let them see each other anymore, there’s an ENTIRE MONTAGE of them being DESOLATE AND DISTRAUGHT, the word “heartbroken” is used about both of them, Draco bursts into Harry and Ginny’s house like ‘MY SON IS IN TEARS POTTER, WTF’, it’s all very Fraught and Forbidden Romance-y, and when they’re allowed to be friends again they’re like ‘you’re… the best person I know… you… make me stronger…’ ‘…!! … that’s so nice… I didn’t like my life without you in it… !!!’ and then Albus tells Scorpius he’s kind from the depths of his belly to the tips of his fingers which is the most ROMANTIC SHIT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, ALBUS POTTER GOT GAME SON, but anyway, they’re in love, fight me, WHAT ELSE? 

p) Harry does all the cooking, 

q) Draco gets excited about a farmer’s market, 

r) Ron is the fucking best person on planet earth, probably, 

s) Harry and Draco burst into Slytherin and try to get up to the dormitory to find Albus and Scorpius and this one kid is yelling at them like ‘PARENTS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE COMMON ROOMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF-’ and McGonagall just appears and says ‘Please don’t be tiresome, Craig’ and honestly if I was Craig I’d never show my face again, 

t) I forgot to mention that in the weird Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU Scorpius gets to talk to Snape and blah blah blah plot Snape is giving him a pep talk like ‘Think about Albus. You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right? One person. All it takes is one person.’ which is just… indescribably romo, and 

u) in the Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU dark Draco Malfoy is still better at dadding than regular timeline Harry Potter, which I don’t think any of us saw coming, 

v) Harry asks Draco what he wanted to do as a grown-up when he was a kid and Draco says ‘Quidditch. But I wasn’t good enough. Mainly I wanted to be happy.’ which is honestly just fucking savage and I can’t believe I lived through it, ALSO I had to read the line ‘It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy’ with my own eyes, so I’m taking tomorrow off work, 

w) this incredibly soul-baring and candid convo comes on the heels of HARRY COMING FOR DUMBLEDORE(’S PORTRAIT) ABOUT HOW DUMBLEDORE TREATED HARRY AND I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE. he yells at Dumbledore until Dumbledore is LITERALLY WEEPING. I don’t even want to tell you what he says because you all need to experience that moment of cleansing rightness in your lives, 

x) despite all the batshit plot things, the play actually deals with all the characters’ traumas FAR BETTER than the series ever did. we get actual GINNY and TOM RIDDLE shit in this play guys! it gets talked about! how it affected Ginny gets talked about! Harry has nightmares! Harry vents his feelings! Draco tells Harry about how alone he felt and how that sent him to such a bad place! Draco, Ginny and Harry understand each other and bond over shared trauma! who the fuck expected this! not fucking me! 

y) I was emotional as hell throughout because I’m nothing if not dramatic but there’s a bit towards the very end involving HAGRID, THE BEST DUDE, that legit made me sob my little heart out from the agony of two decades’ worth of accumulated feelings about this series, 

 z) so yeah. Harry has to watch his parents die because Albus is a rebellious little emo gobshite who got a crush on a live-action DeviantArt OC from 2005 called Delphi who has silvery-blue hair and is secretly Voldemort and Bellatrix’s lovechild, BUT WHO CARES, I FUCKING LOVE HARRY POTTER AND I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE READING THIS OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED CRACKFIC, 10/10, WOULD EXPERIENCE PURE JOY AGAIN!!!!!

Amortentia (Draco x Reader)

The reader smells Draco’s hair in the amortentia and he’s start flirting with her..

Words: ~ 2000

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Potion was your last class before lunch. You were sleepy and hungry, and Snape’s monotone voice didn’t help you much.

„Now turn page 64. You’ll find the recipe of the amortentia. Try not to mess up completely.”

As usual, you’ve done most of the work. You were one of the best students of the year, and potions was your favourite. Draco was a smartass too, but sometimes he just doesn’t care about such unimportant things like making a potion right. The amortentia was almost done when your partner returned to the table.

„Oh, are you here? I almost forgot that I actually have a partner in this class. What’s happened? Your girls started to get boring?”

„Never, Y/L/N. Have you seen Daphne’s skirt today? A bit too short. I bet it’s just because of me.” – he smirked.

„Of course, Draco, you’re a center of every girl’s world.” – you added sarcastically before called Snape to look at your work.

„It’s already done?” – Draco asked in surprise.

„Yes, no thanks to you.” – you said a bit angrily. You really liked him, he was your best friend, but sometimes he was really get on your nerves.

„10 point to Slytherin!” – Snape added after he examined your potion. You smiled proudly while the other slytherins cheers for you.

„That’s my girl!” – Draco started. „So, what are you smelling?”

You didn’t even need to lean over to the cauldron. The smells were so intense and addictive you didn’t want to stop breathing. You were lost in them. For a few moments that seems like hours you forgot where you were until you heard Malfoy’s voice in the distance.

„Y/N! Are you still with me?”

„Yeah, yes, sooo.. it’s like old books. And kittens, and green apple, and…” – you stopped there because you realized you’ve said more than enough already. Green apple, what the hell.


„Pumpkin pie!” – and of course it wasn’t pumpkin pie. You couldn’t miss the last scent because it was the most intense from all of it. You couldn’t miss it because you’ve smelled that like a thousand times when you hugged him or when you felt asleep on his shoulder at the common room’s couch. Merlin’s beard, you smelled Draco’s hair in that bloody amortetnia! You knew that you had a crush on him for a while now but you haven’t realized that it’s so strong. Well, until now.

Of course you didn’t tell him, but before you could calm yourself down, that usual big smirk appeared on his face:

„Green apple, is it?”

„Yes, green apple. You know I love fruits.” – you explained like this is the most natural thing in the world.

„Especially when I eat that fruit, isn’t it true, darling? No need to hide your feelings anymore!” – he said it with so much confidence you could slap him right in the face.

„Are you done? And by the way, you’re very welcome. I know it was very kind of me to make all the work instead of you. Again.” It was never easy to make you blush, but in that moment you were need all of your energy to not to come apart.

„Don’t switch the topic, love. But I didn’t blame you, I can also smell myself in the cauldron.”

You rolled your eyes on him. After the class you went to lunch, and you hoped he’ll forget about the green apple-thing, but why he’d do such thing. He’s Draco Malfoy.

In the following days Draco didn’t want to stop teasing you. He was constantly making comments about how you fell in love with him, even if he was really just kidding. He also started to compliment you in a pretty dirty way, like „I bet you look beautiful when you have an orgasm”, or „Please wear a longer skirt or I’ll lose my self control”. You were getting angrier every day because he made you weak and very fustrated. Not to mention you secretly enjoyed it.

You went to study in the library with Hermione. Even if you were a slytherin, you made friends with people from other houses too. Your housemates doesn’t really approve this sometimes, but they didn’t dare to mess with you. You were kind, but you can also handle yourself well.

„Ronald, would you please shut up? Madam Pince will throw all of us out and despite of you, we’ll actually want to pass our next exam.” – Hermione threw knives with her eyes to Ron and Harry.

„Oh come on girls. Why the bloody hell do you two study so much for that, you’ll pass anyway.”

„Apperantly not, if you doesn’t leave us alone.”

You could hardly concentrate because your thoughts were far away, in the dungeons, with a certain blond haired boy. Ron grasped your arm and shaked you a bit to wake you up from your daydream when you heard your only one Slytherin Prince’s voice.

„Take your hand off my girl, Weasley!”

The trios reaction was hilarious to that comment. Hermione’s eyes widened open, Harry looked confused and Ron disgusted… a bit.

„I’m not your girl, Draco, now please go back to your whores and don’t interrupt our study session.” – you commented while Draco take a seat next to you, smirk on his face.

„Oh don’t be so jelaous, love, you know you can be the only one in my bed.”

Hermione’s eyes widened open even more if it was possible. Seriously, he can’t stop.

„I think she didn’t want you here, Malfoy.”

„Nobody asked you, Potter.” Harry was about to say something, but you cut him off. With closed eyes, you sighed:

„Please, Draco, shut up and get out of here before I’ll hex you. I’m not kidding!”

Draco smirked again. „Oh, I know you don’t you little nasty thing.” He stood up and take out something from his robe pocket.

„Here, you’ll need energy for studying and all those things that’ll come later tonight.” He placed a green apple in front of you before he winked at you and left the library.

The other were still speechless when you suggested:

„Okay, shall we continue?”

„Sure, Y/N! But first, please can you tell us why the bloody hell Malfoy calls you his girl?!” – Ron asked with a confused look, and Hermione and Harry was curious indeed. They hated Draco and Draco hated them, you wasn’t sure that you should tell them about what’s going on, but you also saw that this whole thing won’t end up easily. You sighed and started.

„Last week on potions… when we had to make amortentia, maybe I smelled green apple in it.” They still looked confused so you continued. „So who’s eating green apple almost everyday?”

„OH GODRICK!” – Hermione yelled. – „You have a crush on Malfoy?”

„Shhh!” – you started, but it was too late; the librarian already rushed over to you.

„Get out of my library! NOW! All of you before I’ll hex you all!”

Madam Pince looked like she can really hex you within a few moments, so you packed your things and run out from the library.

„I can’t believe you fancies him. This is insane!”

„Why him? I mean.. Why?” – Ron was shocked too. All of them looked at you like you’re out of your mind, so you decided it’s better if you go back to your dorm room. You were really need some alone-time.

You stepped into the Slytherin common room. You headed straight to your dorm, when you heard Draco’s voice again from one of the couch.

„Well if it isn’t my favourite potions partner! I knew you’ll miss me.”

You didn’t even look at him, you started to run to your room, slammed the door, fell in your bed and started to cry. You didn’t even know why. Too much stress, too much tension. Now Draco knows you love him, and he treat the situation like it’s a bloody joke. You were exhausted from keep your secret, exhausted from not to tell him how you really love him, exhausted from no to touch him. It was just too much to handle right now, and you let the stress flown out from your eyes.

The next day you overslept. You were late from Charm, and when you’ve arrived Pansy already took a seat next to Draco. You really didn’t mind it now, you wasn’t in the mood to listening the boy dirty comments. You sat next to Blaise, opened your book in a hope that you can choke your thoughts in your studies. After a few moments, Blaise whispered to you.

„Why are you cried last night?”

„I-I wasn’t cry” – you stammered and covered your eyes a bit, maybe it was red and puffy.

„Come on Y/N… Pansy told us.”

Us?” – now you were frightened.

„Let’s just say half of the Slytherin house knows that you cried out loud like a baby in your bed half of the night. – Blaise said with a smile. – „But seriously. what’ wrong?”

„Nothing, Blaise, I just overstressed.” You must be sound convincing (you didn’t even lie so big), because Blaise stopped asking questions. But damn, Pansy! Why she always have to tell everything to everyone? And you didn’t even cry out loud, maybe just sob a bit louder than you should.

When the class was over, you rushed out. You didn’t need people asking you what’s wrong and why you cried. You were halfway to the girl’s bathroom when you heard Draco’s voice. Oh Godric, why now.

„Hey Y/N! Can you slow down?”

You stopped, but when he reached you he grasped your arm and led you to a quieter place.

„What is it, Draco, why you brought me here?”

His hand was still on your arm – he was very close to you which make you blushed a little. „I heard that you cried last night.” – of course he did, thank you Pansy. There was no smirk on his face this time; his voice was gentle and his face was like he’s actually worrying. „What’s wrong? Somebody hurt you? If it was Weasley yesterday, I swear I’ll kill him.”

„Draco, calm down, I’m fine! And anyway, Ron couldn’t hurt a fly.”

„Than why did you cried?” He moved his hands from your upper arm to your face, gently stroked it with his thumb, made your cheeks red as hell now. You felt your head is getting hotter under his cold hands. You never felt this nervous around him or anyone else so you completely lost the control.

„I seriously smelled green apple in the amortentia.” – you started.

„Okay, I know, you love apples and not me, I get it. Sorry if I was out of the line…” – he apoligized while pulled away a little.

„Yes, well, the last scent wasn’t pumpkin pie, it was your hair.” your voice was a whisper, like you hoped he won’t hear.

Silence. He examined your shining eyes and your blushed cheecks very slowly with his icy blue eyes.

„Say something, will you? I embarassed myself enough for today, so…”

„I knew you love me, Y/L/N!” – he said with that smirk again. Here we are.

You started getting angry insted of nervous, but before you could shout at him why he joking on this, he wrapped his arms around waist, pulled you closer and kissed you gently. To your surprise he was slow. His lips was soft, and you felt that his cold skin getting warmer too. Your hands was on his chest, your knees were weak from your shaking legs.

He stopped, but not really pulled away from you; your lips almost still touching.

„What’s wrong, darling? You’re shaking  like I kissed some other parts of your body.” – he teased while he looked down on your body.

„Shut up.” – you commanded with a smile before kissed him hard, but after a few seconds he pulled away again.

„I also smelled your hair.”

„REALLY?” – you yelled from surprise and happiness.

„Stop shouting love, yes, I smelled you. And I couldn’t really handle this, that’s why I behave like this lately.”

„You are such a git.” – you rolled your eyes but also smiled.

He took your hand while you walked to the next class. You were not just relieved but also incredibly happy.


This was my first, hope you’ll like it! 

Guilt (Part 1??)

Imagine: you were dating Fred but you were asked to tutor Draco and you start falling for him even though he’s together with Pansy and you’re still with Fred

Everyone told you you were perfect together, even when you were only friends. You always stuck by his side, agreed with him when you knew he was wrong. But still, you’d grown up since you and Fred had began dating; you had grown out of your childish phase and you wanted someone more serious. But you couldn’t break Fred’s heart, you couldn’t distance yourself from your friends because of the fear of running into him. You didn’t want the hassle. So instead, you decided to let yourself fall in love with someone else.

You’d never meant for it to happen, it started out as just a revision session, but it grew and you didn’t feel the need to stop it, nor did Draco. “Miss Y/L/N,” Professor Snape came up to you after class as everyone was walking out, Draco trailing behind his impossibly dark robes. “I’d like you to tutor Mr Malfoy here on a Monday and Wednesday night, if that’s okay.” You knew it was more of an order than an ask so you had no choice but to oblige.

“Of course Sir. Should we start tonight?” Professor Snape replied with a simple “Yes please” and motioned for the two of you to head off. You’d never really spoken to Draco before and the tension was incredibly awkward. He sat opposite from you in the library at one of the long tables and stared at his book for a good few minutes before you knew you had to say something.

“You know, you can talk to me, I’m not going to kill you.” You finally spoke, breaking the long silence. Draco looked up, a small blush on his face. You had no idea he was this shy. “I didn’t want these revision things. I don’t need help, I don’t need potions.” You looked down at your lap with a frown on your face. “I never said I wanted to do this either, but we could make it fun.” You replied, not daring to look up from your lap as you felt your cheeks flush with heat.

“And how would we do that?” Draco asks in disbelief. You didn’t even know why you’d said that in the first place - you had no idea how to make such a boring subject fun. “We could do the potions as we learn about them. Professor Snape wouldn’t mind as long as you were learning something, I’m sure of it.” Draco chuckled and nodded his head. “Okay that sounds a bit better, I suppose it’s better than just imagining the potion in my head.” You nodded and began to explain the potion on the page in front of him; although, not much filtered into Draco’s mind as the two of you kept changing the topic onto questions you wanted to ask each other.

It was already time for dinner when the two of you finished and you’d both realised you’d spent three whole hours talking. “Well, I’ll see you on Wednesday, I’ve actually had fun - for the first time in a while I’ve laughed.” Draco justified as you entered the great hall. You agreed; you’d had a good time as well: better than what would’ve happened if you’d have gone to the Gryffindor common room and been bombarded by Fred. You frowned a little at the thought of having to talk to him as you waved to Draco on your way to your usual spot on the Gryffindor table.

“Why were you talking to him?” Fred asks as soon as you sit down. You sigh and don’t even bother looking at him. “I’m tutoring him, not that it’s anything to do with you.” You reply, immediately knowing it should be everything to do with him. A part of you forgot he was even your boyfriend, and Fred knowing how much time you’d be spending with Draco, another boy, would obviously be a concern to him. “Brr, Y/N. Did you gain some of his characteristics whilst you were tutoring him?” Fred asks, his voice slightly hurt. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired.” You replied as you loaded your plate with food.

You looked over your shoulder and saw Draco being smothered by Pansy. At least they actually looked like a couple; you couldn’t help but think that you just didn’t click with Fred anymore. In fact, you didn’t really click with Gryffindor anymore. You’d grown up. You wanted something… more.

Wednesday rolled around slower than you’d hoped. You actually looked forward to seeing Draco again; you couldn’t believe it but you wanted to talk to him. A small part of you felt like he understood you in some ways other people don’t: you had no idea how, he hardly knows anything about you. “Y/N!” Hermione snapped her fingers in front of your eyes. “What?” You answered, coming out of your dreamy haze with an apologetic look on your face.

“I was asking what you were doing for Fred’s birthday? I know we’re all going to Hogsmeade with the boys but what are you doing with him in the evening?” Hermione asked as she pulled a questionable face. She’d already finished the work and you were only halfway done. You quickly began scribbling down notes. “Um, I haven’t really planned anything yet.” You lied, knowing you’d completely forgot about your boyfriend’s birthday.

“Well, you’d better hurry up and think of something. You only have three days!” You choked slightly on your breath as you realised how close it was. You’d been distancing yourself from your social life so much lately you’d completely forgot it was this weekend. “I know.” You lied again, feeling your shoulders immediately get heavier.

“You’re two minutes late.” Draco confirmed as you met him in the library. You rolled your eyes as he picked up his bag and you both walked to the dungeons to the potions classroom. “You can thank my boyfriend for that one.” You sighed, thinking about how Fred had ran into you on your way to the library and hassled to come with you to make sure Draco wouldn’t do anything. In the end, you complained that Professor Snape would be there and he mumbled something about being late to Quidditch practice although you knew it wasn’t on tonight.

“I’d rather not. In case you hadn’t noticed, I tend not to converse with Gryffindors.” Draco replied, a bored tone in his voice you knew he put on to get his point across. “I’m a Gryffindor.” You argued in an attempt to defend your house. “But you’re not a Gryffindor-Gryffindor.” Draco complained. He looked at you with shock in his eyes, ready to apologise but you only smiled in return. “Don’t worry, I know what you mean.”

The two of you continued down into the dungeons and for the first time the silence between the two of you wasn’t awkward. Professor Snape actually let the two of you in after you justifying that it would benefit Draco if he were able to see the potion being made. “You know,” Draco began as he put his bag down beside the table. “I think you’re the only Gryffindor Professor actually likes.” You chuckled before replying, “I think you’re right.”

“So how long have you been dating Pansy?” You asked as you began stirring the awful smelling green sludge in your cauldron in an attempt to make it turn red. “Around eight months.” Draco replied, jotting down notes on his parchment. “She asked me, I said yes because-” Draco began before he looked up, sudden realisation on his face that he shouldn’t be telling anyone this. His face softened a bit and so did his tone. “I said yes because my parents told me to.”

I gasped and stopped stirring because the sludge was now a red liquid. “But you looked so happy with her!” You replied in complete shock. Draco pulled his hair back even though none was in his face. You thought his hair looked better slightly in his face. “I suppose she’s okay some of the time, but almost of the time she gets on my nerves.” You look down at your lap and frown. You know how that feels all too well. For the millionth time you recount how you and Fred used to get on so well but the spark isn’t there anymore. “I know how that feels. Fred gets on my nerves most of the time, too.” Draco frowns but taps your shoulder. “At least we have a few things in common: one of them being that Fred Weasley gets on our nerves.” Even though you know it’s wrong, it’s evil and has the power to hurt many of your friends in various ways, you laugh along with Draco.

Over the next few days, you and Draco genuinely talked to each other in lessons. You both had a connection with each other and you talked about things you knew you weren’t supposed to. “So Blaise is having a party tomorrow night.” Draco begins. “People from other houses are coming too, it’d be cool if you came as well. I already asked Blaise and he said it’s fine.” You thought about it as you both sat in the library on Friday evening. It wasn’t even on the schedule for the two of you to meet up but you both wanted to talk so you used it as an excuse. Your potions books lay open in front of you but you hadn’t read a single word the whole time.

“Okay.” You finally agreed. You’d never been to a party before; maybe it’d be fun to let yourself go for one night. Having a change of scene might do you some good. “Great. Now, weren’t we talking about parents? Oh yeah, mine are more controlling than friendly. Sometimes it’s as if I don’t even know who they are.” You sigh, pulling an empathetic face for Draco. “I can’t even imagine what that must be like. My parents have always been there for me, but they’re not together. My Mum remarried and my Dad spends most of the year abroad.” Draco frowns. “Maybe if our parents sorted their problems out we may be able to sort our issues. That way I wouldn’t be stuck with a girl that only thinks about my status.” Draco spits.

“Maybe that way I wouldn’t be reconsidering my house and friends.” You mumble. Draco looks up at you, as if asking if you want to talk about it. And you do talk about it. And Draco listens.

“Y/N! We’re going to be late!” Hermione shakes you awake. You groan and stretch as you ask her why she’s waking you up. “It’s Fred and George’s birthday today! Please tell me you didn’t forget.” Hermione replies, a worried look on her face. You sit up, mumbling curse words as you look around for your black skinny jeans and knitted sweater.

“I didn’t forget, I just-” You begin, searching for the right words. You stop to think for a few seconds about what you were doing: you were so caught up with Draco that you had forgot about everything else - you’d only began talking to him a few days ago. “You were just too caught up with Draco. Is that it? We’ve all noticed a change in you. You can talk to me about anything, Y/N. Please, just tell me what’s going on inside your head because I think you’re breaking Fred’s heart.” Hermione declares.

“I know I can talk to you it’s just- I don’t know if I’m the same person anymore. My thoughts have changed and the way I look at things are different. I suppose the only reason I’m holding on is because I’m scared of losing you all. Please don’t tell Fred, only Draco knows.” You tell Hermione. She puts her hand on your shoulder. “We all have to grow up at some point.” She whispers. I grab my coat and Fred and George’s presents and follow her out.

Fred pulled you into a kiss and a hug as you gave him your present. Luckily, you’d totally forgot you got their present in the summer before school started. “Thank you so much babe, I’ve wanted Bortie Timm’s Exploding Firebox for ages now!” You chuckle and pull him into another hug with a smile. You did love Fred, but most of the time you just felt too serious around him.

George also liked his present - sweets that make you turn into a big purple ball - and thanked you with a smirk on his face. “These might just slip into Snape’s tea by accident.” You all chuckled, even though you thought about how bad that would be for Professor, and headed into the Three Broomsticks.

The seven of you - you, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George - all sat down at a table in the corner after you ordered your drinks. You slurped down your Butter Beer as you half-listened to the running conversation. You heard the door ring and looked up to see Draco being dragged in by Pansy. He saw you and gave you a small smile before he was dragged out of sight. You felt so bad for him; he didn’t have control over his choices whereas you did. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard that must b-

“Did you see Draco’s face then? For some reason he smiled at you, Y/N. I think that’s really mean of him.” Fred said, putting his arm around your shoulder. “Why would it be mean?” You ask with a bit of an annoyed tone in your voice. “He’s actually really friendly when you get to know him.” Everyone around the table took a big intake of breath before slightly looking away.

“Are you barking?” Ginny asked, horror ridden on her face. “No, all I’m saying is that the hateful undertone is just a facade-”

“Y/N, I don’t think you should do these sessions anymore - he’s clearly trying to get to you.” Harry said, a pitiful tone in his voice. “He’s not trying to get to me!” You exclaimed. Everyone around the table looked shocked, especially Fred considering you never usually spoke and you certainly never shouted. There was a bit of an awkward silence before you stood up. “I think I’m coming down with something. I’m going to go back to the castle.” Fred stood up as well but you shook your head. “No. Stay here, I’ll, I’ll- um see you later.” You said before walking out and toward the castle. The wind bit at your cheeks and your eyes watered because of the weather. You hated this time of year.

You found yourself sat in the library, in the very corner where no one would see you, crying. What were you doing? Fred cared about you, you were a Gryffindor, you were supposed to be strong and happy. Yet, your mind kept drifting to Draco, to how much better he would make you feel. And then your mind would drift to how hopeless that thought was, how silly it sounded coming from you conscience. You hated yourself for jumping to such conclusions: just because you had spent some time with Draco over the past few days in no way meant you were friends, let alone would he be there to comfort you. Now you had no one. Your boyfriend probably doesn’t want to talk to you and all of your friends thought you were crazy.

This made you cry even more. “Y/N?” You heard a voice ask. You couldn’t tell through your sobs who said it and you didn’t dare look. “Are you okay? I saw you’d left your friends and they looked fairly shocked.” And you knew who was talking. Draco. You looked up, drying your tears. You knew you probably looked mental - red eyes, a snotty nose, red blotchy face.

“Are we friends, Draco?” You asked. Draco nodded. “I think so- you cheered me up the other night, and I like seeing you so, yes, I would say so.” All of a sudden your heart fluttered and you felt happy, for the first time in a while.

“Thank you.” You mumbled. “For being my friend.” Draco smirked and sat down opposite you. “It’s okay, I guess when you’re broken you make friends with the most unexpected people. For instance, I never ever thought I’d become friends with a Gryffindor, of all of the houses I hate the most.” You chuckle and look at Draco properly for the first time. His green sweater hugged his shoulders and made his silver eyes look amazing. His hair fell into loose strands and you liked when it was slightly in his face. His perfectly chiselled features and the way his mouth curved into a smirk made you smile.

And all of a sudden it hit you. “This is so inconvenient.” You whispered to yourself. You liked Draco, as more than a friend.

Should I make a part 2? Sorry if this was kind of a bit squiffy, I was thinking of things to write as I go along whereas usually I have a rough plan.

This was mainly for those of you with a more slytherin-y personality and I kind of love it. And I just thought I’d add this: I do like the character of Fred, in this imagine I had to make myself kind of irritated with him and omf that was hard.

So yeah. Should I make a part 2? Is that something people would want? I’m trying to experiment with different ideas and taking a break from requests for a while. Im actually considering opening my ask box for requests sometime after Christmas. Im not sure yet though - I have mega exams coming up (I mean the type that decide who you’ll be in life) and school is panicking lol. But yeah - hope you enjoyed :)