this is what happens when draco is bored on his day off

Potter and Parkinson

I’m sure this has been done before, but I absolutely live for pansy/Harry friendship

- Pansy and Harry become friends even before Drarry happens
- it’s eighth year, and of course all the returning students are grouped in one big dorm because house unity and all that
- Harry can’t sleep. The nightmares are too much, and he doesn’t want to bother his roommate *cough*draco*cough* because he’s his ex-rival for merlin’s sake and that’s just /awkward/
- so he sits by the hearth in the common room, where everything is usually purple and gray but right now the fire is roaring and everything is bathed in a wonderful orange light
- and he doesn’t notice Parkinson sitting in the love seat to his left until she shifts and drawls out a scathing “well if it isn’t the boy who just won’t die”
- and of course Harry jumps, wand out and pointed at Pansy’s throat in half a second
- she stares at it and pushes it away in silence
- there’s the expected “nightmare?” “Yeah. You?” “Same as you, what do you expect” exchange then comfortable silence
- eventually they fall asleep where they are
- in the morning, pansy’s gone and Harry’s late for breakfast
- neither of them say anything about it, but she nevertheless slips him an extra hot coffee as she leaves the great hall
- it happens again that night
- this time, they talk about it
- “what’s it like to die?”
- he starts. He’s never told anyone about that. Ever.
- and that’s how he finds out that Pansy is a legilimens
- “why don’t you look for yourself?”
- “I’m not a barbarian, Potter”
- so he tells her. And she listens.
- she asks why he didn’t tell Weasley and Granger
- “they worry too much”
- and she gets it
- the next night, she tells him why she doesn’t boast about her legilimency
- “My Death Eater family loved to exploit it. When old Voldy came back, he forced me to use it to find out his victim’s fears and weaknesses. I was a puppet. I didn’t ask for that.”
- “None of us did.”
- they meet like this every night, when the nightmares are too much or the insomnia sets in
- she explains that sleeping was too much like passing out from Crucio
- He talks about how weird it feels since Draco started ignoring him
- they talk about Draco a lot
- “he wasn’t always that way. You should’ve seen him as a child, when his father would be away on business. I’d never met anyone more in love with life.”
- they don’t talk for the rest of that night
- he notices the slytherin Trio has mostly broken up
- Pansy, surprisingly, hangs out with Luna during the day
- Harry asks about it
- Pansy shrugs “she doesn’t dwell on the past”
- One day Hermione and Ron don’t show up for breakfast
- Pansy takes the seat next to Harry, “ she snuck into his room last night after you went to bed. Kicked Blaise out and everything.”
- They talk about life after hogwarts
- “you don’t want to be an auror anymore, then? Thought saving people gave you a hard on, Potty”
- he laughs for the first time in a long while
- “it gets boring after the first couple hundred times, I guess”
- “well, Mcgonagall obviously wants you for the DADA position”
- “maybe”
- they walk together to herbology
- Draco gawks as they enter the greenhouse
- Pansy offers a small smile
- Draco turns away
- Harry sulks
- Ron and Hermione show up a minute later, Hermione blushing and Ron raising an eyebrow at Harry, but he doesn’t say anything when Pansy whispers something in Harry’s ear that makes him grin wide
- It’s the middle of the year, and Harry and Pansy have established a sort of routine
- they meet every night, sometimes to talk, sometimes to take walks around the castle, sometimes just to sit in each other’s presence until they fall asleep
- in the morning, whoever wakes first brings up two mugs from breakfast, if it’s Pansy she brings cocoa, while Harry brings coffee
- Harry asks why Pansy always wears extra layers, or uses far more blankets than normal
- he mentions that Malfoy does it, too
- “Draco never told you?” “I never asked”
- it’s a side effect of the Cruciatus and Imperio Curses
- Harry thinks he understands
- He pats her hand, and she wonders why he’s so warm
- he shrugs. He’s always been like that.
- maybe it’s because of his mother’s love, he jokes
- she just looks at him. “Perhaps you’re right about something for once, Potty.”
- the next morning, Draco wakes early to find them snuggled together in front of the dying embers, Pansy leaning into Harry, extra blankets discarded on the floor
- he can’t help the tight, smoldering feeling in his chest as he walks to breakfast
- it’s Saturday, so there’s no class, but Blaise still leaves a mug of coffee and a cup of cocoa on the coffee table in the common room for when they wake, warming charms cast to keep the drinks steaming
- when they wake up, it’s not awkward at all. Just comfortable.
- like sharing a bed with your sibling
- they enjoy their arrangement, and Pansy takes advantage of Harry’s warmth constantly
- eighth years are allowed to leave the grounds at any point, so long as they obey curfew
- Harry and Pansy visit Hogsmeade together shortly after Christmas break
- while out for lunch, they run into Draco
- Pansy invites him along
- Harry and Draco start talking and don’t stop
- Pansy is torn; she hates being a third wheel, but she thinks she ships the two more
- she excuses herself, claiming exhaustion, and finds a quaint book shop near the edge of the village
- There, she runs into a distressed Granger
- turns out, Granger broke it off with Weasley
- Pansy is surprisingly good at comforting others, and shares her unexpected love of books with Hermione
- but while Hermione adores nonfiction, Pansy reads fiction. Thus, a friendship grows
- their day at the book store marks the start of a new relationship
- she tells Harry about her impromptu date with hermione
- “on a first name basis now, are you? I feel betrayed.”
- “oh shut it, Potty.”
- she’s blushing and they both know it
- in retaliation, she asks about Draco, and now it’s Harry’s turn to bloom red
- when Harry asks Draco out in the Great Hall a few weeks later, Pansy stands and screams from the other end of the table “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU PINING PRICK”
- Harry and Draco both turn red, scurrying out of the hall, hand in hand
- Pansy high-fives Luna, who giggles the whole time
- Harry does the same thing when Hermione asks out Pansy, but instead he’s screaming “SAY YES ALREADY PANS, YOU BLOODY WUSS”
- Ron gazes at them sadly, but Blaise distracts him with a comforting hand on his lower back and offers some treacle tart
- Pansy and Harry’s nightly meetings start happening less and less, but they’re still closer than ever
- when Draco and Harry have their first fight, Pansy knows, cuddling with Harry in front of the fireplace like they used to
- Hermione is super understanding, bless her heart
- She still draws a mustache and monocle on Harry in revenge for stealing her girlfriend, though
- she wakes Draco early to see it
- He takes pictures of his exbutkindofstill-best friend and boyfriend cuddling
- he won’t admit it, but his heart melts just a little as they wake, untangling from each other, bleary eyes and bed heads
- Harry and Draco don’t fight as much after that (but neither of them mind so much on the mornings after they do because Harry and pansy’s friendship is so precious)
- drarry and pansmione have a double wedding
- Ron and Blaise are Best Men, Luna and Ginny Maids of Honor
- Harry gets the DADA job, but always floos home at the end of the day to be with Draco and the kids
-pansy works in hogsmeade, running the bookstore where she first comforted hermione, now minister of magic
- Draco is a wonderful homemaker, who works from home co-editing the Quibbler with Luna
- even after marriage and families, Pansy and Harry have slumber parties, just the two of them in the living room while Draco and hermione take the kids out
- they cuddle and talk about everything
- in the mornings, pansy always wakes first, since Harry is usually up late grading papers
- but now, she makes two coffees for Harry and hermione, a cocoa for her, and a tea for Draco
- Harry and Pansy still spend nights by the fire, but sometimes they’re joined by their spouses, Ron and Blaise, and Ginny and Luna
- Sometimes Pansy and Draco’s skin still turn to ice
- sometimes hermione and Harry still wake up in the middle of the night for no solid reason
- but they’re surrounded by the ones they love
- the war is over
- pansy’s legilimency fades with age, and she’s happy to only have to live in her own head for once
- Harry and Draco learn to be in love with life, and with each other
- Hermione and Ron are no longer a ‘what if’
- and while Draco’s scars never completely fade away, Harry assures him they make him even more beautiful
- While Pansy will never stop being cold, Hermione is there with cocoa and and blankets and her warm embrace
- while Harry and Hermione never eat as much as they used to, too accustomed to those days in that wretched tent, running from the enemy, starving in the forest, Draco and Pansy are there to hold them and kiss them and remind them that it’s better now. It’s okay now.
- and suddenly it wasn’t just Pansy and Harry with late night talks and cuddles on the couch
- it was everyone else, too
- it was warm, and safe, and home
- and it wasn’t perfect
- but it was good.

  • a lot of people, like neville, choose to return to hogwarts for their “eighth year”
  • a lot of them aren’t surprises - hermione, luna, draco…
  • but what is a surprise is when george weasley peeks his head into neville’s train carriage and asks if he can sit with them
  • and, unlike many of the people on the train, he grins and accepts a voucher for a free copy of the quibbler from luna and when he says “cool” she looks so happy she might burst
  • “i thought you left school,” neville says
  • “thought i’d come back,” george says, scratching his arm, “finish learning everything, so my products can be the best”
  • there’s something he’s not saying, but neville just nods
  • they share the jelly slugs they get from the trolley, and swap chocolate frog cards because neville has fabian prewett
  • “i didn’t even know he was on a card,” george says, raising an eyebrow
  • the room of requirement shows up to all the eighth years as another common room, for when they need the peace and quiet and time to themselves or time with those who have been through what they’ve been through
  • neville almost always finds george there, instead of in the common room, and he’s surprised, but he doesn’t say anything again, because he knows george is still reeling from being without fred
  • (the fact he’s even come back is a miracle)
  • but he can’t take that george is always sitting there looking miserable, so after class one day he heads over to george, feeling bold, and asks
  • “would you like to come and help me cultivate the dittany?”
  • fuck, he thinks suddenly, that’s so stupid, of course he isn’t going to want to do that, he probably thinks it’s boring-
  • but george smiles and nods, getting to his feet
  • he’s surprisingly good with the plants, and he even talks to them, just like neville
  • between the two of them, they take the dittany cuttings in far less time than neville would’ve taken alone
  • “thanks for inviting me out,” george says, leaning against the greenhouse door as neville pulls off his apron (can’t be too careful). “it’s been really hard, and you and luna and hermione have been great”
  • neville shrugs: “i just want to help”
  • “well, thank you for it”
  • neville’s not expecting it when george tentatively puts his arms up around neville’s back and leans in close, hugging him gingerly, like he’s scared of the contact
  • he’s a little nervous to do this, in case it’s wrong, but neville hugs back a little tighter and george melts into him for the briefest of moments
  • george starts to settle in a little, after; he stops sitting on the sofa on his own staring into space and helps luna out with making posters advertising for quidditch positions for ravenclaw
  • he even takes up the helm of quidditch commentator, and when neville cheers in the stands with hermione, it almost feels like nothing’s happened at all
  • he’s not going to forget the carrows and what they did to hogwarts, not easily, and george is never going to get over being alone in hogwarts, but it feels like - it feels like things aren’t completely awful, like there’s a light far far away at the end of the tunnel, but there, even if it’s difficult to reach
  • there’s a strange and utterly unpredictable mid-october heatwave, and he helps george and luna hand out ice creams to the younger students
  • george lights up when he’s busy, grinning at the first and second years and giving them a reassuring clap on the shoulder when he sends them off with their cute little ice cream cones
  • neville is struck by how sweet it is, that he’s doing his best for them, no matter how he feels on the inside
  • george is a people person, and always has been
  • “hey, nev, you want some?” he asks with a grin
  • “it’s for the younger students,” neville says stubbornly, but he can tell already that george isn’t giving up on this
  • “come onnnn,” he says, butting his shoulder against neville and giving him a playful look, and neville has to give up with a smile
  • “only if you’ll have some, too”
  • luna takes over, because the rush has died down, so neville and george sit out in one of the courtyards, basking in the peculiar heat (“the hell’s wrong with scottish weather?” george asks with a fake frown)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, trying not to be awkward
  • “okay,” says george. “not feeling like i want to die, or anything, strangely enough”
  • “if you do, i’m here, and so is luna, and hermione, and everyone else…” he nudges george. “maybe even draco malfoy would be nice to you,” he says with half a wink, and george giggles
  • and they spend most of the afternoon out there, even once they’ve finished their ice creams (though george has to finish neville’s cone), just talking and laughing and reminiscing 
  • they start spending time as a group: neville, george, luna, and hermione, and dean and seamus sometimes join them, but they’re tight-knit because they’ve been through so much
  • they can relate to each other
  • but neville and george start to stick together; neville loves george’s quirks, and george appreciates that neville wants to help and spend time with him
  • george helps out around the greenhouse, and neville helps test the products… even if that means being turned into a canary again (he didn’t mind so much the first time, really)
  • they become inseparable
  • neville worries he’s a replacement for fred, but hermione assures him he can’t be, because he’s so different and not exactly a bundle of excitement and energy like fred; he’s quiet and careful, sits and waters his cacti instead of making big jokes
  • it’s an option in seventh year to help out in the first year classes - not that most people take it, because it’s a waste of the time they could be using revising for their dang n.e.w.t.s - but neville has a go, and george waits for him to walk to their next period class, grinning 
  • “next thing we know, you’re gonna be called professor longbottom,” he says
  • “you think?” neville scratches his chin, thoughtfully. “that’d be nice”
  • “you’d be great,” george assures him
  • it’s not a surprise that they get together - the only surprise is that it took them so long, but with feelings all tangled up like vines, maybe it’s understandable (but not to the younger gryffindors, anyway, who have been keeping a betting pool)
  • it’s in mid-december, and they’re sitting out in the rain in puffy jackets testing out george’s magical umbrella that creates more of a bubble than an umbrella, keeping the rain off completely, with no having to dump the umbrella in the bath later
  • neville has a flask he’s borrowed from dean, with hot chocolate and marshmallows and he’s about to share it with george when he suddenly realises how close they are and how much he wants everything for george
  • and wants everything about george
  • he just wants to be close to george, to hug him, to kiss him better
  • he leans in and touches his lips to george, a little uncertain just like their first hug, and george puts a hand round the back of his neck, pulling him closer
  • neville can feel the smile against him
  • they don’t say anything about it afterwards because there’s nothing they need to say to each other that they don’t know, so he takes a sip of hot chocolate
  • (and they kiss again because they’ve spent this long not kissing; they might as well start making use of their time)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, just before they go back inside
  • “a lot like i don’t want to die,” george says, squeezing his hand, “’cause i think i’ve got something to live for”
Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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anonymous asked:

hi! can you write a non magic au with drarry in like highschool where harry is popular and draco is more of an outsider and they like get stuck together in detention or something?

here you go! a note before the story. If you send me a prompt I might take a while to respond bc I write them as they inspire me so that I can write the best possible story for y’all. That’s it. Enjoy!

It was Friday night at Hogwarts High School and the football team was playing yet another game. Draco Malfoy was sitting in the stands, as per usual. He never really got into sports, however he was very into the left midfielder, Harry Potter. Though Harry would never actually like Draco back, he still liked watching him play.

Draco never actually talked to the bloke, you see, he wasn’t very popular in school. He sat alone at the library during lunch, always worked alone on projects if given the choice, and made sure to avoid any type of social interaction.

Harry, on the other hand, was the opposite. Everyone just seemed to love him. Girls would swarm around him (though he’s never had a girlfriend as far as Draco knew) and he always seemed to be surrounded by friends.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if this has been done before but I really love your writing and I was wondering if you could write something where Harry overhears Draco talking about what a great couple they could be and he asks Draco out. Much love 💖

Harry was on his way to bed after a very long day.  He was just down the hallway from the dorm room he had been assigned to share with Draco when he heard shouting coming from Ron and Justin’s room.

“Date- you? Are you kidding me?” Ron shouted.

“Thanks for the ego boost,” Draco said.

Harry stopped short of the doorway.  Was Draco hitting on…Ron?

“That has to be the worst idea you’ve had, mate.  Someone’s going to end up getting Pomfrey to fix a broken nose or black eye within a week,” Ron said.  He sounded like he was trying hard to hold back laughter.

“You still haven’t answered me.  If you don’t think he’d date me, let me know so I can go pretend this conversation never happened,” Draco said.

“If you’re trying to get me to ask him out for you, forget it. You know he’d never forgive you,” Ron said.

“Wouldn’t forgive me?”

“For not asking him yourself,” 

“I’m not trying to get you to ask him anything for me.  I just don’t want to make things awkward.  We share a room if you haven’t noticed.”

Harry smiled.  He knew for a while how Draco felt.  Well, he had suspected. Maybe hoped? 

“I’m still saying it’s a terrible idea,” Ron said.

“It’s not that bad.  You can’t deny we would look great together,” Draco said.

“What?  No cheap shots at his hair or lack of interest in fashion?” Ron said.

“No.  And it’s more than that.  Anyone else would follow him like a hero-worshiping puppy. You know he would hate that, and I’m too good for that kind of behavior.  We couldn’t possibly get bored of each other,” said Draco. 

“Look, I’ve been watching your ultra-aggressive verbal foreplay for years.  I can’t imagine he would say no, but you two would have the castle torn down around us in a matter of weeks,” said Ron.

“Merlin, those weeks would be fantastic though,” Draco said.

“Eew, you’re getting sappy emotional and already talking about your imminent break-up. Get out,” Ron said, laughing.

Harry walked quickly past Ron’s door and into his own room.  Draco hesitated at the door.

“Hey, Harry,” Draco said, “just get here?”

“Yeah.  Just walked in,” Harry said.  He didn’t have to lie.

“Okay, well, I’m going to bed,” Draco said.

“Okay. Goodnight,” Harry said. “Hey Draco?”

Draco froze.

“We have a chance to get off school grounds this weekend. What do you say you and I make a date of it and go see a movie or something?” Harry asked.

Exactly as Harry expected, Draco shrugged and said, “I guess that would be fine.” Before Draco dimmed the light, Harry could see a very definite blush across Draco’s cheeks.

Harry smiled.  This definitely wasn’t going to be boring.

Rain or Shine

Request: “heya! i loved ur draco fic “sanctuary” it was incredible! could i make a request for a long ish draco fic about the reader having a shitty few months and it feels like everything sucks, but draco her best friend starts saying all the wonderful times they are like yet to have, and includes them falling in love by accident, and then confesses his love for her and then smut? Xoxox”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: depression, self-harm, negative thoughts. A lot of this writing is easy for me because I’ve been there, and I’m okay now. But if you’re not feeling too good, I’m always here to talk, I love you. P.S. I made this super fluffy bc Draco cares about you a lot :’) 


Originally posted by littleshivers210

The light peeking through the window stirred you, awakening your mind but somehow not your body. With lead in your arms and legs, you rolled to the side of your bed, checking the clock. You were once again late for class. Already a steady stream of tears was beginning to slide down your cheeks, and you pulled the duvet over your head. The last time you had slept in, you had received a very stern talking to by Professor McGonagall. And you were already so far behind on your transfiguration homework, your pile of responsibilities seemingly never ending.

Once again you let your thoughts wander where they should not go. To blood filled bathtubs and rivers running red. To the sound of a swinging rope, weighted with something heavy. To the feeling of nothing. You argued with your inner monologue, talking to yourself as you sobbed under the covers.

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Shy(ish) (Draco x Reader)

hello! if you’re not too busy with requests could you do a Draco x reader where reader is extremely shy and Draco thinks it’s adorable

I had no Idea how to end this… Whoops!

“Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N)”

Draco glanced around for his potions partner for this class, he didn’t recognize the name Snape had called.

He watched a timid looking girl hesitantly stepped towards him, now that he saw her he realized he knew who she was. She was that girl who always sat alone in classes, in the dining hall, and never really talked to anyone. If he remembered correctly, she always seemed to have her nose in a book, just like Granger.

She pulled out the seat next to him and sat down, placing the book she had been reading earlier on the desk, while avoiding all eye contact with Draco.

He tossed a few sideways glances at the girl, (Y/N), as Professor Snape explained the assignment.

“Get to work.” Snape commanded, and suddenly the classroom filled with the noises of students chatting, pages flipping, and cauldrons bubbling.

Draco turned, once again, to (Y/N) who seemed much more interested in her desk than anything going on around her.

“Well?” He snapped expectantly.

“Sorry.” She muttered as she grabbed her potions book and flipped it open to the page they were on. Draco did the same.

The class was mainly uneventful as the girl seemed too shy to talk to Draco. It wasn’t like he wanted to talk to her either, though, he had to admit, there was something about the timid girl that intrigued him.

When she finally spoke it surprised him, but what surprised him even more is what she said.

“Erm… you’re doing that wrong.” Draco, who was at first startled, fixed his gaze back into his regular glare.

“What?” He asked harshly which made the girl recoil.

She just pointed at the instructions in the book. He glanced down and looked back up to finally see that she had followed the book exactly how had asked. He wanted to hate her for proving him wrong, but for some reason he couldn’t.

“Well done Mr. Malfoy and Ms. (L/N).” Snape congratulated them once they had finished. “At least some people in this class respect the true art of position making.“

As class ended Draco noticed that (Y/N) had already finished packing her things, and she had already begun heading out the door. He looked back down at the table and noticed she had left her book. He picked it up and studied the cover, it wasn’t anything he recognized.

He quickly turned around and yelled, “Wait!” but she was already gone.

You forgot your book.


It had only been four days since (Y/N) had left her book in potions and Draco had already read it twice.

Once he got back from the class he only had to glance at it to realize it was a muggle book, and once he did, he shoved it onto his bedside table and glared at it in disgust.

The next day once he got back to his room, he was feeling a little bored so he picked it up again, read the back and flipped through a couple pages. He almost found the plot interesting before he remembered who exactly he was and tossed it back, hoping to forget about it.

The next day he couldn’t stop thinking about it so he decided that when he got back to his room he would read the first page, and it would be horrible so he wouldn’t have to be bothered anymore. That’s what he though what happened, it started with one page, and then became one chapter, and before he knew it he had finished the whole thing, and he wasn’t even ashamed to say he loved it. So he read it again.


The library was almost silent, and smelled of old books.

Draco was there, picking up a book, when he saw (Y/N) sitting at a table reading ‘advanced transfiguration’, probably for the upcoming test.

He made his way over to (Y/N)’s table and sat down across from her. He could tell she noticed because she stiffened a little, and brought her book closer to her face.

He grabbed her book from his bag, and set it down next to her.

“Here, you left this in potions.”

Her eyes widened as she glanced up, quickly grabbed the book, and put it into her own bag, before meekly smiling at him. Which, he assumed, was her way of saying thank you. She turned back to her transfiguration book, and it seemed like she was expecting him to leave, and honestly he was expecting it too, but what he wasn’t expecting was the fact that he didn’t want too.

“It was really good.”

She smiled lightly again and nodded and looked back down at her book, but then she frowned and glanced back up at him.

“Really?” She asked skeptically.

“What? You didn’t think it was?”

“Well… no, never mind.”

It was too late for her too back out, Draco was already interested in what she had to say. Which was rare, as usually he didn’t care about anyone’s opinion except his own.

“No! What is it?”

She glanced back up at him. “Well, it was kind of boring and predictable.”

Draco frowned.

“I mean I’ve read better,” she continued, “but it’s good that you liked it.”

She looked back down, and the conversation seemed to have ended, but Draco desperately didn’t want it too.

“What would you recommend instead?” He asked, almost desperately.

She hesitated, wondering if he was serious or if it was all just some weird joke.

She reached into her bag. “I like this one a lot.” She hesitated as she pulled it out before shyly glancing back at him.

“What is it?” He asked.

She glanced back down at the table. “I just… didn’t think you were like this, I didn’t think you liked muggle things.”

He hesitated before deciding to be honest. “I usually don’t, well not that I’ve ever really tried muggle things before, other than that book of course.” She glanced up at him, “I guess I’ve been trying new things lately.” She blushed awkwardly.

(Y/N) quickly passed him her book and muttered something about having to be somewhere before she scooted out of her seat and walked away

As she left Draco thought something that he had never remembered thinking before. Something about her shyness and awkwardness, something about just her in general, Draco found… Cute.


“Brilliant.” Draco said as he slammed (Y/N)’s book down next to her on the the dining hall table. The loud noise made (Y/N) jump and look up from her dinner.

Once Draco had finished reading, he had ran down to the dining room, and spotted her eating alone, like always.

“You were definitely right, this one is so much better than the last.” He said as he slid into the empty spot next to her, and tried desperately to ignore her look of general discomfort that he had caused her just by sitting next to her.

“Well I’m glad you like it.” She said while sliding it it into her bag.

“I just have one question… what’s a telephone?”


Ever since the shared book the two would talk occasionally, though (Y/N) would never initiate the conversations.

Quidditch season had picked up, and Draco and his team were busy preparing for the match against Gryffindor. He had brought it up to (Y/N), but tried not to too much as, whenever he did, she seemed uninterested.

As for his friends, they had started to notice the strange girl he had begun to talk to, and were extremely put off by it. All of his friends, especially Pansy, would incessantly tease her behind her back and to her face. And the worst part was, Draco never defended her.


Draco could feel himself start to lose contact with (Y/N) especially with his big quidditch match fast approaching. His training took up most of his time which left him with hardly any time to himself.

In fact, he had been training so much that most of the practices had blended together, but there was one in particular that stuck out to him.

Halfway through a particularly draining practice his teammate flew right next to him and said; “You’re weird friend is watching you.”

Immediately confused Draco turned around to see (Y/N) sitting in the stands, watching him. Her book tucked away in her ever present bag, and her chin rested in her palms.

Once she realized he had caught her, she quickly picked up her bag and darted away, her cheeks practically glowing red.

Draco couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the practice. That was when he realized how much he liked her.


Right after practice Draco quickly got changed the ran out the doors, searching for the shy girl, in hopes of telling her his feelings. He wanted to do it right now, because he knew if he didn’t do it right away his pride would get the best of him and he wouldn’t end up doing it at all.

He spotted her out on the grounds, sitting down and reading a book. He couldn’t tell if she noticed him or not, but once he got closer, she stood up, and started walking away.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled as he started to chase her down. “(Y/N)!”

He finally caught up to her, though he was gasping for air, and slowed down his pace so that he was waking by her side.

“Hi Draco…” she muttered.

“Hey.” He replied.

He decided not to mention her surprise visit earlier today, deciding it would only make her uncomfortable.

The two walked and found a comfortable silence settle around them, and Draco couldn’t help but notice every time their hands brushed.

“This is my stop.” She said after abruptly pausing next to the entrance to the library.


She waved slight and turned away, before Draco reached out and grabbed her hand.

She quickly turned around and stared at him with wide eyes and red cheeks.

“Erm… (Y/N)?” She nodded, “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmede with me?”

She blinked, processing the question, before softly smiling.

“Yes, yes I would.”

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Narcissa cradled the head of her baby boy as she gently bounced him up and down, threading her fingers through his fine blonde hair. His face was relaxed, mouth slightly opened as he drooled on her shoulder, snoring quietly. Narcissa hummed softly. Her life changed when she had Draco. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved this beautiful, sweet, perfect boy.


It was six in the morning on a chilly April day when Narcissa was awoken by a small hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled when she realised it was Draco, his mouth open wide, his giggles filling the room. She tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. He reached up for her hand, gripping it tightly with both of his own. Narcissa squeezed back, tugging him closer, pulling him into the bed. It had only been three years, and Draco had taken over her whole heart. Draco snuggled up to her, burying his head in the crook of her neck, and they both drifted back to sleep. This was everything she could had ever hoped for.


Draco’s eighth birthday started with dozens of owls dropping parcels off at the Manor. His eyes lit up when he opened one up and it was his very own broom. He shook with his excitement, bouncing up and down as he begged to fly it. And how could Narcissa say no to that face? She took his hand and led him outside, reminding him to only try to fly low and stay close. He nodded and took off with ease, his broom listening to him from the start. Narcissa watched with a grin on her face as Draco flew in small circles, his head thrown back with laughter.


When his Hogwarts letter came, Draco ran first to his mother. His quick footsteps echoed off the walls of the Manor, his laughter like music to Narcissa’s ears. He had been waiting impatiently for weeks, ending each day with a frown on his face and complaints on his tongue. Why hadn’t Dumbledore sent him his letter yet? He was magic after all. When he turned the corner and ran into Narcissa at full speed, she scooped him up into her arms and twirled him around, kissing the side of his face. Draco couldn’t stop chattering, the excitement bubbling up in him and spilling over. Narcissa just smiled and listened, unable to get a word in.


Narcissa got a letter from Draco in December of his second year. All he did was complain about how stupid Harry Potter was, and how everyone thought he was perfect, but he wasn’t. Apparently their duel hadn’t gone well, and Draco was taking it badly. This wasn’t the first letter Narcissa had gotten like this. She chuckled to herself as she piled it on top of the others, all complaining about Harry Potter. How he wouldn’t be Draco’s friend, but he was friends with everyone else. How Dumbledore had given him house points for breaking rules, and those points cost Slytherin the House Cup. How he flew a car to Hogwarts and nobody seemed to care. Narcissa wondered if she’d ever stop hearing about what Harry Potter was doing at school.


Narcissa stood outside the closed door, trying to swallow her sobs as she heard Draco screaming. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t her son’s war. He shouldn’t be punished because her husband had failed. The screaming got worse and Narcissa turned away, holding herself up with the wall as she tried to escape. She couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t help her baby boy. She couldn’t listen anymore. She choked on her tears as she collapsed on the stairs, screaming to try and block out the sound of Draco’s cries. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to have a better life. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t fair.


Narcissa walked slowly towards the body in the dirt in front of her. The Dark Lord at her back sent chills down her spine. As she crouched down to check that he was dead, she noticed a slight movement. She leaned down, her heart racing, as she whispered in Harry Potter’s ear, asking about her son. Her heart burst when she found out he was alive, he was still in the castle. She let out a shaky breath, tears stinging her eyes, as she stood and turned, pronouncing him dead. She would get her son back, Harry Potter would save the day, because by some miracle he still fighting, and her precious Draco wouldn’t have to live this life anymore.


Narcissa and Draco sat at the dining room table, their meals untouched in front of them as Draco stumbled over his words, unsure how to get them out. His mother reached out and grabbed his hand, urging him to relax. He held back tightly and forced out how he and Harry had been seeing each other. It was Harry, now, and he would really like it if his mother respected it, and it just happened and… Narcissa stood up and Draco stopped talking, his hands making his way to his lap, twisting together there, his eyes boring into the food in front of him. It was silent for a moment, before Narcissa made her way around the table, wrapping Draco in a tight hug and kissing him on the top of his head. All she could think about was how Draco could finally be happy again.

@ferret-face STACY OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU!!!! it’s adorable and gives me feels from our Narcissa headcanons! 😭 this is so great!! i knew you have nothinggg to worry about ❤️


Defining Love

“Love is when daddy lets mommy have the last Veela pastie even tough they’re his favorite” A five year-old Scorpius Malfoy told Albus Potter in a matter of fact way, taking his pumpkin juice and giving it to a toddler Lily Luna “there! Now you know Albus loves you baby Lily”

At age five Scorpius thought himself an expert at the subject. His parents had been a love match. To his toddler mind there was nothing complicated about love. Daddy loved his mommy and mommy loved his daddy and together their love was so big it spilled out and made a person.

Which was him: Scorpius.

Or at least that’s what Draco had said when he asked where babies came from.

To his innocent mind there was nothing to fear in the world because he had them and one day he would find a girl as wonderful as his mommy and love her too.

To him love was when Draco worked himself into a temper but reigned in all his foul mood as soon as he saw his Astoria and Scorpius.

Love was when Astoria butchered a song in the piano for hours and Draco still managed to tell her that her music was wonderful.

Love was going to visit the grandparents and resisting the urge to insult them because they were Draco’s family.

To Scorpius Malfoy, love was also not letting people get away with bad behavior.

Because Astoria never let Draco cast unsafe spells inside the house despite the fact that she loved him, and Draco never let Astoria plant carnivorous flowers in the garden despite the fact that he loved her.

They in turn, never let Scorpius have desert when he’d been rude to someone else. Despite the fact they loved him.

Love was tea parties with enormous cakes and jumping in mountains of freshly raked autumn leaves.

It was sitting in Draco’s lap as he read some boring account of a Malfoy ancestor and watching Astoria’s eyes drop as his voice soothed both Scorpius and her to sleep.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eight when he discovered that there were evil people in the world who would willingly hurt a child like him to make his father suffer, Scorpius added more things to the list.

When Draco pushed Astoria behind him and disarmed the strange witch that had grabbed Scorpius out of the blue in a public festival, Scorpius understood that love was also fear.

Love was when Astoria held Draco in her arms after a long day.

It was the forehead kiss Draco pressed on her head everytime he left to conduct business.

Love was putting eachother’s needs before their own when the other looked too tired.

Scorpius liked to think that his parents knew a lot, when they sat him down and talked about all that a little boy like him had to fear in this world, his parents didn’t disappoint him, they were honest.

They told him that most of his ancestors had done terrible things, that people would probably judge him for it forever, his family’s past had nothing to do with Scorpius, but that was how prejudice worked. They’d looked hopefully at Scorpius, with kind smiles that told the little boy he would always be their son no matter what he thought of them and this had cinched the issue in his head.

Love was not judging a person because of their past. Because if Astoria could look beyond Draco’s dark mark to the soul that was beneath and Draco could look beyond Astoria’s family name to see the sweet woman she was, then Scorpius wanted to be like them.

From then on Scorpius Malfoy decided that he would ignore the pasts of everyone as long as they were kind and if someone wasn’t willing to get to know him as himself despite all the bad things his parents told him people said about his family then…well…good riddance.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

At age eleven Scorpius learned his first lesson in the complicated nature of love.

When Astoria hugged him like she didn’t want to let him go and Draco put his hand in Scorpius shoulder with warm pride, Scorpius realized that love also meant letting go.

He’d watched this happen every time Draco looked forlorn at the door whenever Astoria was in an overnight event with the Greengrass foundation.

Or when Draco had to partner his resources with businesses that required him to be away for days. Astoria would get that resigned air of melancholy about her.

It was the same when they saw him off at King Cross.

Scorpius figured that’s what separation felt like, wanting to hold on to someone forever yet loving them enough to let them grow.

They were setting him free despite how much it hurt them to be apart from Scorpius and that was also love.

In Hogwarts Scorpius learned much more about why love was considered complicated and most of it he didn’t learn about it from his mom and dad.

It wasn’t their fault really.

They were happy together and their love was as subtle as it was strong, their biggest outward shows of affection were usually reserved for Scorpius himself who was always on the receiving end of the messy kisses and crushing hugs.

He understood them…sort of, because he was a part of both of them, Astoria and Draco didn’t hold back from showering him with tickles and filling his world with playful laughter.

But as a couple, their love expressed itself in loving sighs and shared eyerolls from across the dinner table.

Flowers in his writing desk, warped eclairs in her vanity table. A shared look of affection every five minutes, a brush of a hands as they went on their daily routines.

If they fought they did it well away from Scorps hearing and if they felt cross with eachother they hid it too well for it to be seen plainly.

Unlike Albus and even Rose’s parents who reportedly enjoyed a good argument every once in a while and were active in expressing their affection towards the other, the love of Scorpius’ parents seemed almost. ..boring.

And because Scorpius had grown in such a sedate household, nothing prepared him for the first time a girl broke his heart.

At age fourteen he still thought that his parents were the best example of love he could find, he also wanted a girl to share inside jokes with, sigh into the distance and cut flowers for.

But Rose Weasley well, she wanted emotion, she wanted someone to argue with noisily and kiss in the middle of the great hall for all the world to see. His first love was bigger than life, Rosie was an explosion of fire and smarts that was almost too good to be true. And in the end she didn’t understand why Scorpius didn’t express his love the way she did.

Rose didn’t want subtlety, she wanted an extravaganza of passion and Scorpius just didn’t like being the centre of attention, not like Albus and Hugo.

And so that summer Scorpius returned home heartbroken. Asking his mother what he’d done wrong?.

Astoria and Draco hadn’t known what to do, they told Scorpius that truthfully neither of them had much romantic experiences before finding eachother and their own first loves had been footnotes in comparison to Voldemort’s shadow. Before Astoria Draco had been with Pansy for most of his life and he’d only dated her to appease his father.

And Astoria had only ever loved Draco since her fourth year in Hogwarts. Anybody before that hadn’t been real enough to call a crush.

Before the war their families had taught them both that love was a liability when one was a purebloood and until Draco and Astoria had fallen inlove they both had believed it was true.

So when Scrpius came to them for advice they only did the best they knew to do as parents and listened.

And that’s how Scorpius learned that love was painful….But it was also healing.

Watching his parents together Scorpius realized that love was also being okay with not having all the answers.

Because when Astoria didn’t know something she never blamed Draco if he didn’t come up with a solution, she simply nodded and took his hand in order to find it together.

And whenever Draco got frustrated because there were things out of his control that affected his family, he never took it out on Astoria, instead he talked it out with her. Found a way to see the light side of the situation for her sake.

With them love was a thousand conversations spoken with a single raised eyebrow and the quirk of coral lips.

And these were things Scorp knew about love.

Over the years Scorpius came to accept that his parents were not perfect. His mother was a bit manipulative and his father was oftentimes too prideful.Astoria’s sweet frailty lent fodder to Scorp’s fears and Draco’s increasing grouchiness as his hairline began receding was a constant cause of headaches for his only son.

But Scorpius never stopped seeing Draco’s eyes light up when Astoria entered the room. Or Astoria smile whenever Draco said she was beautiful.

There was always a hand in the small of Astoria’s back when they were in public, and a kiss in the back of her palm when they were not. Those hands got a bit more wrinkled as the years passed as did the lines in Astoria’s mouth and eyes, but they never moved from her back, no matter the need for a walking cane that came after Draco turned fifty two.

And while Astoria’s hair seemed to have a bigger smattering of grey highlights everytime Scorpius returned from Hogwarts, she never stopped kissing Draco’s cheek whenever he walked out the door. Her reading glasses came with menopause much like Draco’s cane, but her eyes never lost the sparkle of teasing laughter that always made Draco smile.

Then one day long after moving out from his parents house Scorpius Malfoy found himself cutting sunflowers and placing them absentmindely in the desk of a certain Daily Prophet correspondant. A girl with mischief in her smile who could telegraph her thoughts across the room with just one glance in his direction and who could make Scorpius laugh with silly caricatures of her eldest brothers.

Half imp, half rainstorm, she was a unstoppable mischief and boy did it drive Scorpius crazy to see her fluttering in and out of his life in a flurry of silk hair ribbons and ballet slippers. He almost didn’t notice when he stopped holding out his arms to break Lily Luna’s fall in case she broke a limb when she crashed down from whatever tree she was currently climbing. And when he started holding out his arms because he wanted to feel her close to him.

He didn’t notice when she stopped being “Al’s little sister” and became “Not again Lily!” With an affectionate huff. Or when he began looking forward to mutually teasing Albus over his career in the ministry.

Not until he attended his parent’s anniversary ball and his father of all people tapped his cane impatiently and with a sigh of frustration pulled Scorpius aside “So when are you planning to tell the Potter girl that you love her?” His father finally snapped “your mother and I would like to live to see our grandchildren, thank you very much” and with the finesse of the crochety old man he was, Draco stomped away from his very adult son grumbling about the stupidity of youth.

And despite disliking his father’s temper Scorpius learned one last thing about love from the old man and that was that one couldn’t really know how love worked unless one felt it.

So he joined Lily Luna at their table and smiled resolving to ask her to be his girlfriend as soon as possible, keeping his father’s words in mind. He loved her…of course he did. It was so obvious now.

He chanced a look at the middle of the ballroom where his parents glided around the room with the ease of professional dancers, thirty years married and Scorpius still didn’t doubt how much they loved eachother.

Maybe he would never stop learning from them, maybe he would always want what his parents had. And maybe he was close to getting it with Lily.

So he clapped as the orchesta finished their piece and raised his cup to toast to his parent’s marriage because these were the things Scorpius Malfoy knew about love.

An: this was my first Scorpius centric one shot, which I dont normally do because Scorpius is way too shippable I always fall of tangent when I write him in, and forget this is a Drastoria blog, I think that in the end its always our parents who teach us how to love. so I hope you liked it anon

saiki kusuo/hp crossover where saiki is reincarnated as harry potter with all his memories intact, and the “power the Dark Lord knows not” is just saiki’s ungodly arsenal of psychic powers. 


  • the dursleys are the worst kind of bullshit saiki has ever seen, and saiki either a) puts an end to it within the first few days, or b) just straight up leaves, no one finds him until he’s twelve and it’s time for him to attend hogwarts 
  • “you have been accepted into the hogwarts school of w–” [saiki incinerates the letter in his hand and goes back to reading his book] 
  • saiki’s greatest ambition in life is to live a perfectly normal, unassuming, peaceful, boring life. an ambition so great it immediately lands him in slytherin. 
  • saiki finds himself saddled with every awful “chosen one” trope that has ever graced the earth. he thought being the protagonist of a gag manga was bad but this is worse
    • this is so much worse, he can’t even play along with the narrative anymore. he is going to turn this into a comedy if it kills him
    • saiki surreptitiously solving the problems of everyone around him. finding neville’s toad. making sure people’s potions don’t explode. dragging draco malfoy’s broom back down to earth when he tries to show off during the first broom riding class. saiki is not going to tolerate any bullshit and he most certainly is not going to tolerate anyone trying to go into the third floor corridor
    • and you know what, since quirrell and voldemort are apparently sharing a body (which – how, actually, it’s so disgusting he doesn’t want to know–) he might as well take care of the problem within the first week of school 
    • voldemort shows up again second year. WHAT THE FUCVK
  • all of his dorm mates are intolerable, and saiki very quickly figures out a system where he will pretend to go to sleep in his dorm, but then he just teleports to an unused hufflepuff dorm and enjoys himself greatly on his own. a triumph. a triumph slightly ruined by the house elves knowing he’s there, but a triumph nonetheless. 
    • “but it’s impossible to apparate within the hogwarts castle!!” saiki stares hermione dead in the eye and then teleports anyways 
  • saiki is very carefully mediocre in every single one of his classes in an attempt to kill any notoriety that comes along with the name “harry potter.” except potions class, because snape always gives him a far worse grade than he deserves and saiki is a mean and spiteful soul. saiki makes a point to be the best god damn potions student that snape has ever had
  • fred & george weasley catch saiki doing something ridiculous with his powers, and they’ve been bothering saiki ever since. saiki is full of regret 
  • fourth yr: saiki stays far far far away from the triwizard tournament. he is perfectly happy when cedric is elected, and claps enthusiastically. the goblet of fire turns blue. it spits out his name. saiki is so furious the goblet of fire cracks in half 
  • but the most important part of this au is 
  • saiki with a wand 
  • he doesn’t even need a wand he’s just pretending to use it 
  • someone: augh, this levitating charm is so difficult! how does anyone do it?!
  • this au is 9x better if you imagine that saiki doesn’t even have magic powers – he just has psychic powers, and he’s very good at pretending he has magic. except transfiguration, everyone thinks he’s a bad student cause he has never done a transfiguration spell in his life – but hermione is convinced he’s some kind of secret genius at wandless magic because she caught him levitating a book to himself in the library once. saiki has deliberately failed every magic task appointed to him in front of her since. hermione is convinced saiki is spiting is spiting her specifically by not doing well in class. she’s right 
  • EVEN MORE HILARIOUS TO CONSIDER: saiki doesn’t even bother pretending he has magic, he just shows up to hogwarts and never says anything and never talks to anyone else, he turns in impeccable classwork and homework, but he never performs a single spell because he doesn’t see the point. it gets to the point where the teachers are genuinely worried he might be…. perhaps… a squib? is he a squib? 
    • saiki figures it would be really troublesome to let this go on any longer, but he is also extremely against saying anything out loud ever, and he is also extremely against showing any wordless or wandless magic because who knows what kind of attention he’ll get then 
    • cue incident in class where a student’s spell goes wrong, badly, and everything is in chaos, and saiki is so tired he decides, fuck it, he does not want to deal with this today, and he uses his psychokinesis to forcibly subdue everything that is going wrong. he’s in the corner of the classroom, so he thinks he’s safe & no one will notice – but nope. professor flitwick noticed. professor flitwick is staring at him with starry eyes. god damn it 
    • saiki briefly considers erasing flitwick’s memory of the event, but, well, if flitwick tells the other teachers about what he saw then no one will wonder if saiki is a squib anymore. probably. 
    • but you know what would be great? if everyone thought saiki was a squib and he got fucking chosen by the goblet of fire. everyone riots 
  • there are so many good things that could happen when you combine saiki’s deadpan self + sheer OP ability with the entire ridiculous hp universe and i love it
A Taste Of Your Own Medicine Pt. 2 (Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Reader)

Originally posted by nellaey

Part 2 to a Taste Of Your Own Medicine

WOO does it feel good to finally get something posted!  I have not edited this yet, so sorry if it’s not the best or if they are errors!

You lay in bed that night, reminiscing your victory from earlier.  You were one of the very few people that had ever stood up to Draco Malfoy and actually won.  Funny thing, you actually used to have a crush on him.  That is, when you first saw him.  But pretty quickly you realized he was never going to change his jerk attitude, so you gave up on your fantasy.  

A few minutes later you fell asleep, your last thought being:  well, potions is sure to be quite interesting tomorrow.

*Time skip to potions class*

Being the good student that you were, you got to class before Draco did.  You pulled out your book and set your bag under your chair.  It wasn’t long before you sensed an arrogant ass sliding into the seat next to you.  You glanced over at Draco and smirked.  In response he groaned and rolled his eyes, then proceeding to move his seat as far to the end of table away from you as he possibly could.  

Class went rather smoothly, which was not what you were expecting.  Luckily there was no actual potion-brewing going on that day, so there was no reason that you and Draco would have to work with each other.  All Snape had on that agenda that day was boring old book work and a pop quiz.  

When class was two minutes away from ending for the day, everyone was stuffing their book and quills back into their bags to prepare to switch to their next class.  As you neatly tucked your ink bottle into your bag, you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You looked up in surprise.  It was the last person you expected it to be, Draco.  Great, what does he want?

You sighed, annoyed.  “What do you want, Draco?”

“Uh I-I just want to talk.”

Did he just stutter?

“Well, we can’t do that right now.”

“I know.  Before dinner tonight would you meet me by the Black Lake?”

You thought about this for a second.  What does he want from me?  Does he want to apologize?  That would be crazy.  Eh, might as well.  “As long as you don’t try to kill me or pull some crazy shit, sure.”

He frowned.  “I won’t.”

The rest of the class was too busy packing up their stuff to finally get out of Snape’s class to notice Draco and you talking.  Ten seconds after Draco’s reply, class was dismissed.

You went about the rest of your day thinking of answers as to why Draco would want to talk to you in private.  Maybe he wants to throw me into the lake so I get eaten by mermaids… Or drown… Or he’ll cast some curse on me to make me lose all my hair…   Or maybe he does really just want to apologize.  It may seem a little far fetched, but it’s definitely possible.


Once all your classes were over for the day, you sat in a large armchair in the Hufflepuff common room, deep into reading the newest book you had gotten from the library.  When you had finished four chapters, you glanced at the clock hanging over the fireplace.  It was 5:10pm, and dinner was served at 5:30pm.   Well, I guess I’d better get going to the Black Lake for whatever Draco has in store.

After you had placed your bookmark in your book and placed it in your trunk at the foot of your bed, and then you got your house scarf out.  It was November after all.


You made your way throughout the twisting corridors until you were finally outside on school grounds.  You carefully stepped down to where the Black Lake was located.  In the distance you could see the back of a black cloak with a green and silver scarf at the neck along with platinum-blond hair.

You approached who was obviously Draco, clearly very quietly since he never showed any sign of being aware of your presence.  You tapped his shoulder, causing him to turn around in surprise.  He appeared to be holding a single white rose.

“O-oh–I didn’t see you there.”

You smirked, amused.  “I can tell.”  You took a moment to observe your surroundings, to make sure none of his sly and highly annoying friends were waiting to cover you in rat droppings or anything else that could do you harm.  Thankfully, there was nothing.  “So… why did you want to talk to me?”

Draco sucked in a breath.  “I-I… just wanted to say…” he trailed off and turned his head downward as to not look you in the eye.

You raised your eyebrows in surprise.  “Just wanted to say…?” You said and tapped him on the head.

His head sprung up.  “JustwantedtosayI’msorry.”

Your eyes got large.  “You spoke at the speed of light but I was able to make out the words ‘I’m’ and ‘sorry’.  You’re sorry?”  You were genuinely shocked to hear this.

He defeatedly nodded.  “You heard me.  I’m sorry.”

“Care to emphasize a bit more?”

Draco rolled his eyes, but was impressed by your straightforwardness.  “I’m sorry for everything mean and harsh I’ve ever said to you.  Like insulting Hufflepuff, your friends… your family…  It wasn’t right of me.”  He outstretched his arm to give you the beautiful rose.

With caution, you gently took the rose from his hand, making sure there wasn’t going to be any last-minute pranks.  When nothing happened, you lifted the rose to your nose and inhaled it’s sweet scent.  “Thank you, Draco.”  It was there for only a second, but you could’ve sworn you saw a smile and a red color to his cheeks.  “I appreciate your apology, but you shouldn’t be apologizing to only me.”

Draco slumped his shoulders.  “I know… Listen, how about we make a deal?”

Hearing this you were quite intrigued.  “I’m listening.”

“I’ll apologize to anybody I was ever cruel to, if you’ll go on a date with me this weekend at Hogsmeade.

Holy shit.  Well that was surprising.

You thought for a moment, Draco clearly very nervous for your response.  You nodded.  “‘Alright.  But I think you might have some trouble with apologizing to literally almost every student here,” you said smartly and smiled.

Draco groaned but laughed.  “I’ll write letters.  How about that?”

“Perfect.  But do anything mean this week and that date is off, mister.”

“I know.”

“Well, we should get going to the Great Hall before someone sees us out here.”

“I agree.”

“You do realize that if people see us walk in together and me holding this rose they’ll flip, right?”  You pointed out.

“Who knows, if that date goes well, they’ll be bouncing off the walls,”  Draco agreed as you two started to walk back to the castle.

“Oh–one more thing,” you said and you both stopped walking.  You leaned in and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush deeply.  “Thank you.”


That night you lay awake, a huge smile on your face.  Who knew Draco Malfoy actually could have a change of heart?  If this works out, it could be a whole new start for victims of his bullying.  Merlin, it’ll be a whole new start for Draco himself.  Plus I’ll have a smoking hot boyfriend.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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50. Drarry Holiday (Children Return Home)

Harry had been eager for weeks for the return of his four children from Hogwarts for the holidays.  Both he and his husband, Draco, had been planning the perfect trip home; they were practically giddy when they pulled the car into the lot of King’s Cross Station.

“Do you think they’ll want to go straight home or should we stop to get some cocoa and go for a short walk?”  Draco asked excitedly.

“Calm down love.  I imagine they’ll be exhausted after exams.  Why don’t we just wait to ask them?  Besides, we have plenty of time to do all that we planned.”

“I know…this is just hard, it’s the first year that all four of them have been gone.  The house has been really lonely.”  Draco sighed.

“Oh is that so?  Sorry that I’m such a bore to you then.” teased Harry.  He gave his husband a soft kiss before they tightened their scarves and began the walk to Platform 9 ¾.

They walked onto the Platform just as their youngest; Lily was getting off the train.  Seeing her fathers she gasped and ran to hug them.

“Hi Dad!!!  Dad!!  She stopped to give them each an extra hug before she stepped back, “You guys look so…old.  How long was I gone?”

“Wow!  Thanks Lil, we appreciate it.”  Draco smirked at his daughter before looking up to see their boys walking up to them, significantly less happy to see them there.  “Woah…what’s wrong with you boys?  Did McGonagall give you all last minute detention or something?”

“Can we just get home please?”  Scorpius said angrily before pushing past his family.

Harry and Draco gave each other a look of concern before looking at James and Albus, who both had their heads down.

“Boys?” Draco asked.

“Yeah…uhm, long train ride.  Can we get home?”  James started to walk to the archway, Albus following closely behind.

Lily had been attached to Harry’s hip since she got off the train.  He gave her a look of concern but she shrugged and then went to quickly hug her friends’ goodbye.

The two men began to follow their children out to the car.  

“That was…strange.”  Harry whispered to his husband. “What do you think happened that would make all three of them upset?”

“Maybe they got into a fight with someone?”  Draco offered.  “Or with each other.”

“Maybe.  But that doesn’t explain why they weren’t excited to see us.  When they left Scorpius wouldn’t even let go of you.  Don’t you remember having to pull him aside and promise him that you would be right back here to pick him up for the holidays?”

“I do…maybe we can talk about it when we get home for supper.  I guess cocoa and the walk is out of the question.”  Draco said sadly.

“Sorry love.”  Harry offered him a side hug and a quick kiss before they got to the car.


Draco pulled into the driveway before turning off the engine and sat back in his seat.  Harry could tell he was upset about the lack of excitement coming from their boys, so he took his hand and gave it a tight squeeze.  No sooner had they come to a stop than their children all gotten out of the car and went inside.  In order, Scorpius, James, and Albus all went in without saying so much as a “thanks”.  Harry turned to Lily, “Okay Lil, spill.  What’s going on?”

Lily looked down into her lap and looked at her fathers hesitantly.  “Well…I don’t think they want me to tell you.  Actually I know they don’t, Scorp told me that I wasn’t allowed to say anything but they’re acting so strangely I don’t—”

“Lily.”  Draco said, looking at her expectantly.

“There’s been a few rumors going around the school…about…Dad.” she looked up at Draco, afraid that she was going to be in trouble and then looked back down into her lap.

“And what are those rumors, Lily?”  Harry’s heart was sinking.  He could only guess what the kids were saying at school.

“Well…they said that Dad was one of…one of his followers, and that there was proof they weren’t lying!”

Draco and Harry exchanged a look of great concern.  “Go on Lil.” Harry said quietly.

“They talk about…him…in Defense Against the Dark Arts.  And they say he was this terrible wizard who did so many awful things!  Daddy they say that you were on his side and you tried to hurt so many people…including Daddy!”  There were tears filling her eyes.  Draco looked as though he had just seen a ghost.  He couldn’t make his eyes meet Harry’s.

Harry knew that his husband couldn’t speak so he tried to ask for more information from Lily, “Okay…so are the boys just upset that people are talking about Dad then?”

“Well…not entirely.  You see…James and Al are in Gryffindor.  So they don’t really get it as bad…but Scorp is in Slytherin…so they say that he is just like Daddy.  Which didn’t really make sense to me because Daddy didn’t even do anything wrong, they don’t know what they’re talking about…right Daddy?”  Lily said with tears streaming down her face.  She looked at Draco with a look of fear and confusion before Harry stepped in again to try and help him.  

“So Scorp is being bullied by other kids at school?”

“Yeah.”  Lily said quietly, still looking at Draco before turning to Harry.

“Okay.  Well, why don’t you head inside Lil?  We’re just going to talk for a few minutes, then we’ll be inside okay?”

Lily quietly got out of the car before walking inside.  She looked at Draco once more and then went through the door.  The car was filled with a painful silence.  Harry took Draco’s hand back into his own.

“We had to know this day was coming, love.  We need to talk to the boys, they’ll understand.”  Harry offered.

“And if they don’t?”

“They will.  Draco, we knew when we sent them to Hogwarts that they were going to find out about Voldemort and our past.  We decided they were too young to understand.  If they hear the truth from us then maybe they will feel a bit better.  Besides Draco, you know you had no choice.  We just need to talk to them.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

“Come on love, let’s get inside.  It’s getting cold and I bet the kids are starving.  We’ll talk with them once we sit down for supper.”  They got out of the car and before going through the front door Harry pulled Draco into a tight hug.  “You had no other choice love.  You have nothing to be ashamed of, and you have every reason to be proud of the person you are.”  Harry whispered into his ear with the hope that Draco was listening to him.  The two exchanged a kiss before heading inside.


Harry called his children from upstairs to come to supper.  When everyone was seated he looked across the table to Draco.  He still hadn’t said anything since coming inside.  He had briefly gone into the study, but Harry figured it was best to leave him alone.  Harry cleared his throat and his children looked at him expectantly.  “I think it’s clear that we all need to talk.  If no one has anything to say, I’ll start.”  He looked at each of his children individually, taking an extra moment to look at Scorpius, who just turned away.

“Your father and I know that you are hearing things at school.  We want to tell you all the truth about some things, and we want to answer any questions you might have.  Okay?”

Harry took in a sharp breath before continuing.  “Many years ago there was a dark wizard.  He was very dangerous, and very powerful.  He had many followers, some willingly, and some—” he paused, “—some unwillingly.  Voldemort, as I’m sure you have all learned about in Defense Against the Dark Arts was a terrible wizard who hurt so many people, and he only cared about himself.  I’m sure you all have heard more from others at school, and from professors, but I want to make one thing clear,” he looked up at Draco from across the table and continued, “we knew that someday you were going to find out about Voldemort, but we wanted to tell you at the right time and in the right way.  Not telling you before now was our way of protecting you…but it seems as though we might have misjudged your maturity.  It is time that you know the truth.  Does anyone have any questions so far?”

None of his children made a noise, but Scorpius continued to avoid Harry’s eyes, so he continued, “Your father and I have heard that there are rumors going on about our family.  I’m sure that some of them are true in some fashion, but we want to clear this all up.  Your father is a great man.  Much like this family, he was raised to listen to his parents and respect them.  Unfortunately for him, his family was on the losing side of the battle, and they were under Voldemort’s control for a long time.”  Harry looked up at Draco with the hope that he would take over, but he stayed silent and continued to stare down like Scorpius.  Harry continued, “For many years Voldemort was gaining power, and it was after our fifth year of Hogwarts that things had gotten really bad.  Voldemort had returned—”

“No offense Dad but we don’t really need another lecture in Defense Against the Dark Arts while we’re home.  We get it; he was a dark and scary wizard.  What I want to know is how the hell did Dad end up so ‘good’ if he tried to help the worst wizard of all time…if he was a…a Death Eater?!”  Scorpius spat out.  He looked furious, and Harry tried his best to remain calm.  

“Son, sit down, and don’t talk like that at this table!”  Harry said a little more aggressively than he had intended.  “Do you all have enough of a backstory then?”  His patience was running out.  He felt his blood starting to boil.  He knew that it wasn’t their fault for wanting answers, but he was so frustrated for Draco that he was becoming more and more angry by the minute.

“Harry…please.”  Draco finally spoke.  He looked at each of his children before slowly rolling up his left sleeve.  They gasped at the sight of the dark mark.  Draco had done an exceptional job of keeping the mark hidden from his children for the past 14 years, but he figured that if they were going to hear his story, they should hear the whole thing.  “This…mark…this mark is called a ‘dark mark’, and it is my reminder every single day of the mistakes that I made when I was a young boy.  Your father,” he looked up at Harry, “Your father was on the other side of the battle, and he was fighting against the Dark Lord—”

“Dark Lord, Dad?!  Really?  Are we just going to sit back and pretend like this isn’t a big deal?  You talk like he was something to worship and not the worst wizard in the world!”  Scorpius yelled at Draco.

“Son, go to your room, now!”  Harry had had enough.  He was breathing hard as Scorpius stormed away from the table.

Draco held his head, and Harry took it as his cue to start talking again to his children who remained at the table.  “You all know the story.  When it came time to decide where his loyalties were, your father was able to be brave and fight against Voldemort.  He…he saved my life.”  Harry started to tear up.  The two men had never discussed Draco’s attempt to save Harry from Voldemort, and he wasn’t sure that now was the best time, so he went on,  “I know that all of this is really hard for you all to hear.  But what you need to know, what is most important to know, is that your father is a great man.  We all have regrets, and we all have made mistakes before…but he is a great man, and when Voldemort was defeated his family came back to the Wizarding community and apologized for what they had done.  Your father is no more at fault for his past than any of you are for being our children.”  He took a deep breath before adding, “does anyone have any questions?”

“Why didn’t you just stand up to him Daddy?”  Lily asked, looking petrified.

“It’s not that simple Lil.  No one stood up to him.”  Harry answered for Draco.

“But you did Dad, lots of people talk about you…they say you saved everyone, and you made him go away!”  Albus chimed in.

“Listen…what you all have to understand is that—” Harry started but Draco cut him off.

“I should have stood up to him Lil.  And I’m sorry that you guys have had to hear all these awful things.  You are right though, I should have done something, but I was scared.  I didn’t know then what I know now, and I wish that I could go back and do it all differently, okay?”  He looked at each of his children hoping that they would respond.

When none of them spoke, Harry said, “When we went back for our final year of school, your Dad and I had the chance to talk and put everything to rest.  You guys can all trust us when we tell you that you have every reason to be proud of where you come from, and for having your father in your life.  Understood?”

Harry looked at his children who each gave a small nod.

“I’m sorry Dad…for not just asking you.”  Albus said quietly.

“Me too.” said James.

“Me three.” said Lily before getting up to give Draco a hug.  “Can we hear the story now about how you fell in love with Daddy then?!” she asked Draco.

“Ugh, no, gross Dads!  Please don’t tell that one again.”

“Not tonight Lil,” Draco smiled, “Perhaps tomorrow.”  He looked somewhat relieved, but very tired.  

“Eat up everyone, we have big plans tomorrow.”  Harry said with a smile.  He looked at Lily and gave her a wink.  He appreciated her willingness to accept everything and move on so quickly.  He knew that they still had so much to talk about with each of them, but each of them seemed to accept that tonight they didn’t need any more answers.  They ate their dinner somewhat quietly before sending the kids upstairs to go to bed.  


Harry and Draco were alone in the kitchen when Harry walked up to him doing the dishes and pulled him into a hug from behind.  “Wow, doing the dishes by hand?  You must really be upset.”  Harry tried to joke.

“Harry, did you see the way he looked at me?”  Draco said, turning and burying his head into his shoulder, “Like I was the worst person in the world.  Like he didn’t want to be my son.”

“Draco…he just needs to talk.  How about I bring him a plate and try to see if I can get through to him?”

“It should at least be both of us.  He deserves to hear it from me too.”

“That’s fair.  Come on, let’s go see him.”

They walked up the stairs and Harry let Draco walk into their son’s room first.

“Son…” he began.

“What do you want?!”  Scorpius didn’t turn to look at them come in.  

They sat down on his bed. “Please turn around Scorp.  We need to talk to you.  I just want you to…understand.  I know when I was your age I—”

“You what?!  You knew what it was like to go into your very first class at Hogwarts and hear from everyone that your father was a death eater?!  You knew that you just wanted to be normal, you wanted to be in Gryffindor with everyone else but instead you got sorted into stupid Slytherin?  You knew what it was like to be all alone and not have any friends because everyone thinks your Dad is awful?!  Save it Dad, you can’t lie anymore!  You’re just a coward, you stupid git” Scorpius shouted at Draco.

“SHUT UP! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR FATHER THAT WAY!”  Harry slapped Scorpius’ face before immediately being filled with regret.  His anger was momentarily gone as he watched his son put a hand to his face where he had just been hit, tears filling his eyes.  Harry was terrified at what he had just done.

“HARRY!”  Draco exclaimed.

“Scorp…I’m sorry.”  Harry tried to say calmly so that he would understand how terrible he felt.  His son looked so young all of a sudden.  He looked terrified of both Harry and Draco.

Trying to calm down and keep his composure, “Draco, please let me speak to Scorpius alone.”  He gave Draco a nod that they would be okay, and that he didn’t need to worry.

Draco hesitated but ultimately stood and walked out of the room before saying another word.  Once he had left Harry went over to Scorpius.

“What, are you going to hit me again?”  Scorpius had tears streaming down his face.

“Scorp…I’m…I’m so sorry.  I had absolutely no right…come here.”  He pulled him into a tight hug.  “I’m so, so sorry son.”  The two continued to hug for several minutes before Harry led him over to sit on the edge of his bed.  “You okay?”

“Yeah…I’m fine.”

“Do you want to talk or would you rather go to bed and talk in the morning?”  Harry asked him, unsure of what he even wanted.  He couldn’t ever remember feeling this bad.  When he pictured himself as a father he could never imagine laying a hand on his own child.  In fact, his only memory of anyone ever doing so was Bellatrix Lestrange, many years ago when he had hit Hermione.  He shuddered at the realization that he had probably just hurt his son in many more ways than one.

“Dad…if Dad is a…Death Eater, and you saved everyone from Voldemort…why did you marry him?”

“Scorp, first of all, Dad was a Death Eater.  And it has been many years since, Scorp.  Your father made many mistakes while he was growing up, but he also had very little choice in his life.  Do you understand that?”

“Sort of.”

“Listen son.  Your father is the love of my life.  After the Battle ended and I saw who he really was, I realized that I was in love with him.”

“Okay, gross Dad, you can skip that part,” Scorpius said with a small smile, “What I meant was why does everyone hate him?  It’s not…fair.  Some people even say that I’m not his son, that I’m…his son.”

“Meaning Voldemort’s son?!  That’s ridiculous Scorp! You know that’s not true!”

“Well I am in Slytherin…” he started to cry.

“Son…you should be so proud to be in Slytherin.” he pulled Scorpius into a hug.

“Why should I be?  You were in Gryffindor!  James and Albus are always bragging that they’re so brave and valiant.  Everyone just says Slytherin is for dark wizards.”

“Scorp…Slytherin has had many great and wonderful wizards.  Severus Snape was in Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever knew, do you remember us telling you about him?”

“Yeah…Al is named after him?”

“Yep, and he was a Slytherin.  In fact, there are many things about being a Slytherin that you and Dad should be proud of.  Resourcefulness, ambition, determination, and they make great leaders!  There are many great witches and wizards who were Slytherin.”

“Do you think Dad hates me now?”  Scorpius looked up at Harry.

“Of course not son!  I think you owe him a pretty big apology…but we understand what you’re going through.  Tomorrow I’m going to draft a letter to Professor McGonagall and put a stop to all this.”

“No Dad, if it’s okay then I would really like to handle this one on my own.  Is that okay?”

“Of course, but promise me that if you need us, you will tell us?”

“I promise.”

“Good.  For now, we can enjoy our holidays…but maybe we should go talk to your Dad first?”

“Yeah…that sounds good.”

The two walked down to find Draco sitting alone in his study with a drink in his hand.  He gave them a small smile before sitting down and joining Scorpius and Harry.

The three of them stayed up talking for many hours before the fire had died down.  Scorpius had gotten his answers and ended up falling asleep on the couch between Draco and Harry.  Draco quietly put a blanket over him and they walked up to their room.  For all of the awful things that had come out of the night, they were still happy to have each of their children at home again.  Tomorrow would be a new day of Christmas tree hunting, snowball fights, and hopefully some more talking with each of their children.  That night Harry lay awake still feeling horrible about hitting Scorpius.  He pulled his husband tighter in his arms and could feel their hearts beating together.  It was late, he could see the sun beginning to rise in the distant horizon, and he drifted off into sleep.  His last thoughts were filled with hope that the rest of the holiday would be more cheerful than the past few hours.  He was comforted by the thought that at least Draco was in his arms fast asleep, and each of their children had made peace with their father’s past.  Being a Potter-Malfoy child had to come with its trials at times.  He was surprised it took this long to happen.

The Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 2

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Pairing: Draco Malfoy X reader

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 2396

Summary: Draco saves you from killing yourself but when his plan to bring his people into the school threatens your life - he’ll do whatever he can to keep you safe.

A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to @milkywaygalaxygirl for being my first ever submitted comment! I hope you like it :) (PT. 3 coming soon!) 

Also feel free to submit any idea you have for future parts, these will be answered privately, to not spoil any possible events.

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Warnings: Talk of suicide, physical encounters, Technically torture.

Part 1  :  Part 3

Draco sat outside the infirmary wing waiting for Madam Pomfrey to give him some sort of report. His hair had grown greasy from not leaving that seat to shower for days, and every time he ran his hand through his hair, the more of that grease got on his hand. His hand shot up from his hands when the door to the infirmary opened.

Dumbledore and all the house heads emerged… he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed them even going in. They all seemed sullen and the house heads walked away as Dumbledore sat down on the wooden bench with Draco.

“You were the one who discovered her… yes?” Dumbledore questioned lightly. The pair had not had good relations, and they both knew it. Draco only nodded, staring down at his shoes. “Would you please tell me the details of what happened that night?” Draco nodded, sitting up taller and wiping his hands on his trousers before speaking.

“She had offered me some tutoring in astronomy and when she didn’t meet me after dinner I got worried, but I didn’t think much of it. I started asking people around if they’d seen her and no one had… Curfew was coming so I went back to my dorms, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about where she was and if she was okay. I noticed her when she was sinking… I think she may have put stones in her pockets or something. She was already out at that point… she almost seemed… happy. At first, I thought she was some…. creature, I couldn’t see her hair and her eyes were transparent but when I realized it was her I just… ran. I don’t know how I found her in the lake… but somehow I did. I grabbed her and just… ran with her in my arms. What was I supposed to do ya know? I couldn’t just let her die.” Draco spoke as though he was talking to someone he trusted, though he most certainly did not trust Dumbledore.

“Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing? You seem to know her…” The old man spoke.

“Yeah… her parents died and everyone picks on her. She’s been getting a hard time from my friends lately and I didn't do anything… I let them torture her. Shit fucking Christ!” Draco’s head fell into his hands as he realized that he should have done something more to stop them. Dumbledore made no effort to criticize him for his choice words, he was in pain and telling him to watch his language was not going to help.

“Perhaps you should head to the bathroom… clean up a bit, you don’t want her to see you like this when she wakes up now do you? That’s no way to impress the girl you love.” Draco was baffled as Dumbledores words, but the old man only chuckled and stood, walking away whistling to himself. I hit him then harder than it had before… Y/N tried to kill herself because he had done nothing to stop his friends.

Draco went to the bathroom as Dumble door suggested, and he surely did look a mess. He pulled his vest over his head and looked angrily at himself in the mirror.

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

How could he have let this happen to you? Almost every evening for four months you two had been together. Every evening your connection grew stronger… yet he did nothing to stop his friends. Bloody hell he even laughed along with them. He knew he should have stopped them. She was kinder to him than them all combined, though she’d never admit to it.

“Bloody hell Draco what are you going to do about this?” His voice resonated through the empty bathroom like a soft breeze over calm waters, smooth and with nothing to stop it. Looking at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess and his eyes were sunken deep into his skull, hovering above dark circles that looked as though they could have been drawn on with a quill. He splashed his face with cold water before fashioning his hair the best he could to look acceptable before turning and walking away from the mirror, leaving his reflection behind him.


When you woke up, all you felt was a twinge of disappointment. How could you have failed… again? You were sure of it this time… perhaps this was heaven? No, the pain you felt in your body was too real for this to be some godly alternate dimension. Madam Pomphrey scurried over to you when she noticed you had woken. She looked at you pitifully, obviously trying to show her sympathy without having to bring up your failed attempt to end your own life.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Please dear, drink some water. I’ll go fetch the headmaster.” She spoke as she handed you a glass of water and then walked hurriedly out the door. You thought you’d be left in peace then, but the silence was short lived as the heavy doors to the infirmary flew open. There he stood, his platinum blonde hair in his face and he appeared breathless as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he stumbled into the room. Anger and confusion bubbled up inside you, your hair turning white. Though you never thought you’d see it turn colors again.

Draco approached you carefully, as though not to spook you and cause you to flee from him. You watched him as he inched closer to you. You mostly just wanted to be left alone. You especially didn’t want him around. Why was he here anyway? Is he here just to rub salt in the wound?

He didn’t sit when he came close to you, he just stood there in silence, the way you would when you were in the room of requirements. You rolled to face away from him. No words were exchanged that day… or in the two days following that one. It wasn’t until the fourth day that he had the courage to speak to you.

“It’s happening tonight… the whole… vanishing cabinet thing. I thought, maybe you’d want to know.” He went silent, not expecting you to respond, and you didn’t for a few minutes. But when you did your voice came out hoarse and tired.

“Am I going to die?”

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

He lifted his head to look at you after you spoke. The color of your eyes had reverted back to blue, along with your hair, but there was almost a fear in your voice as you spoke.

“No, I think… only one person is going to die tonight.” The voice he spoke in did not seem like his own. It was thick and sour to hear.

“By the end of your wand, no?” The words slipped past your lips like sands through the hour glass, there was really nothing you could do to stop them. He began to speak;

“If I don’t-”

“-they will kill you.” In an effort to finish his sentence you interrupted him. His eyes fell then, he looked more upset than he did before.

“No, Y/N… they will kill you.” He sighed and looked away, “I don’t want you to die.” He sighed as you rolled away from him. He knew what you wanted to say, you did too. You were dying to say ‘well I do.' “I know it may not seem like it, but you know Y/N…. I really do care for you. Despite everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve let my friends do… I care more about you than all of them combined.” He paused for a moment. “Look, Y/N.” He reached for your hand and grasped it lightly.

Originally posted by xxvampirediaries

You were simply limp in his grasp, you had nothing left in you to do more than roll over and choke out a few words every now and then. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to hold onto him for dear life or to rip your hand away and tell him to leave you alone. After all, how could you possibly trust what he’s saying? You’d seen him lie to others, and he could be very convincing.

“You don’t have to believe me Y/N… I know how you are. After all, I’ve spent every day for months with you, I know you don’t in believe what you can’t see with your own eyes.” His voice was softer now, though there was aching pain behind it. You closed your eyes and just listened to his voice as he spoke of the little memories together. Eventually, his words became a mush of sound, and you unintentionally drifted to sleep as he spoke. You only startled awake when his hand withdrew from yours. “Just… don’t say anything okay? I… don’t know how tonight’s going to go and… I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to talk about it in the morning.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain you hadn’t heard what he said, he stood and left as quickly as he could.


You were still in the infirmary when everything went down. You almost wished Malfoy hadn’t pulled it off, just so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. But then again, he’d be killing someone no matter what he did, the only difference is that one of you saw it coming, and the other didn’t care.

You weren’t scared when the doors to the infirmary burst open and Bellatrix Lestrange came storming in, followed by other death eaters. Including Malfoy. Your hair was still a deep dark blue as you watched them, you had nothing to fear for, so there was no reason to fear them. You were silent and your expression bored as the gang of people approached.

“And what have we got here.” She waved her wand at you as a gesture of who she was talking about. “What’s your name?” She looked at you intensely, you didn’t answer, only let your head roll to the side. “I said!” Bellatrix screamed, “What is your name?” You rolled your head back to look at her, your eyes tired and your emotion unchanging.

“What’s it matter? If you’re going to kill me just do it.” Draco looked between the two of you anxiously, worried that Bellatrix might hurt you. She tapped her wand on her chin and spun in a circle as she spoke;

“What to do, what to do.” She backed away from you pressing her tongue to her cheek, then she shot you a devious smile.

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“What do you think Draco? What shall I do to this… figure of… tainted blood.” She asked him as the rest of the group got busy trashing the building. The pale boy looked taken aback.

“Uh- I- Well,” He looked at you with a sorry expression, “She doesn’t fear death… so maybe… leave her to live would be torture enough?” His hands shook lightly, you watched as he gripped his wand tighter. She laughed out loud. 

“No.” She lifted her wand at you, “Avada-”

“-Expeliarmous” Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Bellatrix had made the decision to kill you, but Draco Malfoy had made the decision to save you. You don’t know which one made you happier.

Draco!” Bellatrix screamed, stomping her foot like a child. “What is wrong with you.” He shook his head and stepped between the two of you.

“I’m sorry Bella but I can’t let you do that.” He spoke softly. She looked between the two of you, before breaking out laughing.

“Oh!- Oh! Merlin!-” She choked out between fits of laughter and catching her breath. “The Draco Malfoy care’s for some half-blood filth?” She laughed louder before quieting down and thinking for another moment. “Oh wait… She’s not the one you’re-” Draco coughed loudly and stepped toward Bellatrix.

“Just leave her be.” His tone was deep and threatening, though she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh… wait a moment. I have a good idea! Quite a good idea indeed!” She skipped over to get her wand, and when she finally fetched it, she pointed it at Draco. She watched you as your hair turned black. “Oh! OH! OHHH! We have ourselves a Meta over here now?” Upon hearing those words Draco snapped his head to see you sitting straight up in bed wth pitch black hair and eyes. This was the first time he’d ever seen you scared.

“Don’t hurt him.” You were practically pleading since there was really nothing you could do about it, your wand had been lost in the lake. Bellatrix’s smile grew.

“Oh yes, now we can definitely have some fun.” Bellatrix cackled, “Sectumsempra!” Draco cried out in pain and fell to the ground. His white shirt began to stain with red blood. In a panic, you flew out of bed to his side, your hair turned blue again as you felt the distress of Draco in pain set over you. His pale skin seemed paler as he struggled to breathe and stared at the ceiling, blood draining from his body, getting all over you as you held his body close to yours. Bellatrix only laughed as she screamed and begged for her to stop. You didn’t have time to think before Bellatrix was casting another spell at you, knocking you out beside Draco on the floor.

Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!reader-

Request: “CAN YOU WRITE A DRACO MALFOY X HUFFLEPUFF READER?!?”- @starstruckpuppydaze (dude, when you request be specific)

Warnings: a little bit of Hufflepuff hate but you guys are the best! ^^

Summary: You think back on the day you first met Draco…

A/N: To the most obnoxious person in the world… don’t hug me. LOVE CHU! Also, this was kinda loose, so it sucks. Sorry. -Em

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  No one really expected it. Hell, you didn’t expect it either. You were dating Draco Malfoy. A Slytherin. You didn’t have anything against Slytherins, but you were pretty sure Draco had something against Hufflepuffs. Until that very special day…

  You were walking by yourself in one of the many halls of Hogwarts. You had your books in your arms. You were distracted by thoughts about Potions. You never seemed to get them right. The directions appeared to be simple and easy to follow but when you did attempt to make any sort of potion, it was always incorrect.

  Lost in these thoughts, you didn’t pay any attention to where you were going. A group of Slytherins was walking past you, and one of them roughly bumped into you making you drop your books. “Watch where you’re going, idiot” he sneered. “Oh, she’s a Hufflepuff hon. She’s bound to be stupid.” A girl snickered.

  You didn’t reply. You stood solemnly, looking at the ground instead. Of course, you were angry. They offended you AND your house. You wanted to fight back, prove that Hufflepuffs were more than just the “nice house”. But you didn’t. There were so many of them and only one of you… you couldn’t take them alone.

  “She’s not doing anything,” one boy from the back observed. “Probably because this little badger is afraid of the snake’s bite” the girl taunted. Your hands curled into fists. The girl, noticing this, got up into your face. “C’mon…” she murmured “Fight me. I know you wanna.”

  But you held your ground. After a few tense moments, she proclaimed “I’m bored. She won’t do anything.” She waved off her little group. A few grunted in reply and began trudging down the hall, sending you death glares as they went by. Only one Slytherin stayed behind, regarding you as some strange science experiment gone wrong.

  The girl turned and called out “Hey Draco. Let’s go! Unless you want to be seen with that.” She didn’t even recognize you as a human being… ouch. “I’m fine, I’ll catch up with you in a sec” he replied, still not taking his eyes off you. You watched as she huffed off, then frowned at the boy.

  “What do you want?” you spat out bitterly. “I just wanted to help you gather your things,” he answered simply, beginning to grab your scattered books. You watched him collect your books in disbelief. He got up and handed over your items. “U-um Thank you” you stammered. “No problem. I’m sorry my so-called “friends” were rude.” Draco said.

  You sighed “It’s fine, you grow numb to it after a while” “Hmm…I assure that it won’t ever happen to you again.” he said, a dangerous glint in his eye. “Why are you being nice to me?” you questioned. “I’m only being nice because she put you in an unfair situation, so don’t get any ideas that I would bake you cookies,” he scoffed “Also, Slytherins don’t pick fights with someone because they feel like it. It’s more of a stupid Gryffindor thing.”

  “Oh…” you mumbled. You were unsure of what else to say and apparently, Draco did too. You stood together silently, not yet ready to part each other. “I see most of your books are about potions,” he attempted to make a stab at conversation. “Oh, yes. I’m awful at it. I’m hoping these might help me.” you admitted.

“Really? I could help you with it” he replied coolly. Wait, what? Did you hear that correctly? Was he seriously willing to help you? “I mean if you’re interested or anything…” he said quickly, catching himself. He was blushing furiously and you found it quite endearing. “Do you mind helping a Hufflepuff?” you asked shyly. “Not at all.” he smiled eagerly.

  You were looking for Draco. You just found out you passing your Potions class. You eventually wandered outside. You spotted him near the lake, talking to a fellow Slytherin.

  You began to run towards him at full speed. By the time you were beside him, you were gasping for air. “Are you alright Y/N?” Draco asked with concern. “Oh…I’m.. fine” you wheezed out and gave an excited smile. He returned the smile.

  “Who’s this Hufflepuff?” the Slytherin said with an air of disapproval. “I’m his girlfriend,” you announced, shocking the Slytherin. “Really, Draco? You’re dating a Hufflepuff?” he said. “Yes, I am. I’d also like to remind you she has a name. It’s Y/N. She’s also more than just a Hufflepuff. She’s my everything.” Draco shot back.

  Disgusted with your relationship, the Slytherin stormed off. You sighed then quickly smirked. “What?” he asked. “They say Hufflepuffs are lame but you just said ‘She’s my everything’. You’re such a romantic cheeseball” you teased. “Oh shut it,” he chuckled “So, what did you want to tell me?”

  “I’M FINALLY PASSING POTIONS!” you squealed. He swept you into his arms “Babe that’s great!” he said. You both stood there laughing blissfully wanting nothing else but to stay in each other’s arms. 

Our Own…

Prompt: @sisi-universe Could you do a soft drarry drabble?

(A/N sorry it’s sooooo late, hope you like it!!!❤😄)

Draco sighed deeply, loosening his tight neck ruffles. His head was pounding, the music was simply dreadful, and his date just would not shut up.

“Draco! Are you listening?” Pansy snapped, bringing Draco back from his thoughts at once.

He nodded grudgingly, and then downed his pumpkin juice so fast he nearly choked. It’s sweet, soothing taste seemed to be the only thing keeping him sane at the moment.

Attempting to drown out Parkinsons boring tries at conversation, he glanced around the hall, taking in everything before him. Everyone seemed to be having fun, either dancing, or chatting. Some had even took to snogging in corners where they thought no one could see them, that was until Professor Mcgonagall came hurrying angrily towards them, breaking them apart.

Draco suddenly felt very sick to his stomach, and it wasn’t his juice. Why couldn’t I have fun? He grumbled to himself, why did I have to pick the most annoying girl in this year to go to the ball with?!

Suddenly, unable to take anymore of the torture, Draco sprung to his feet, grabbing his robes.

“Um…. I feel sick. I’m going to go get some air.” He said hastily, beginning to walk away.

Pansy looked shocked at his sudden desire to leave, but stood up with him.

“Want me to come too?” She asked worriedly, following him.

“No, please!” He almost shouted, to which Pansy gave him a confused look. “I-uh…I’m going to the boys bathroom. You can’t come. I’ll only be a minute.” He added, and rushed out before she could argue.

Outside the Hall, the school was silent and calming, giving Draco the feeling of many weights being lifted off his shoulders. He felt so much more at peace, and when he did reach the bathrooms, instead of going inside, he slid down and rested on the floor, breathing out a sigh of relief.

“The worst night of my life.” Draco announced to himself, “officially the worst night of my life.”

He took to playing with his wand, sending small silver sparks into the air around him.

“Bored?” A voice said, shocking Draco so much he dropped his wand, which in turn ignited his robes.

“Aguamenti.” The voice uttered calmly, and Draco watched as the spell caster showered water over his flaming robes, then dried him.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?!” Draco looked up, and was taken aback to see Harry Potter smirking down at him.

“Potter?! Trying to kill me are you?” He spat, sitting up and grabbing his wand, ready for a sudden attack.

But Harry merely stowed his wand away in his robes and motioned next to him. “Mind if I sit down?”

Draco was so dumbstruck that he didn’t say anything as Harry plopped down next to him, leaning against the wall.

The corridor was silent for a long time, until Draco got a grip on himself and finally spoke.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you a school champion?” He asked; he’d meant it to sound annoyed but it came out in a more concerned tone than he’d hoped for.

Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise, turning to look at Draco. “Why’d you care? In your eyes I’m not even a proper one. I’ve seen the stupid badges.”

Draco winced at the mention of them; remembering the flashing words POTTER STINKS in potions class.

For some reason, he felt the unmistakable twinge of guilt. Without everyone around, he didn’t feel much need to be rude to the boy sitting next to him. In fact, he looked into Harry’s emerald green eyes, and felt the need to apologise. He quickly banished that thought, turning away from Harry’s gaze.

“Anyway, why are you here?” Harry asked, reflecting Draco’s question back towards him.

“None of your business.” Draco muttered, now scared of his peculiar thoughts.

“Right, okay. It’s always a fun time with you around.” Harry said, the sarcasm plain in his words.

Draco ignored the sarcastic jab, he was too occupued with a new confusing thought,

“Why aren’t you being rude to me Potter? Where’s the usual “eat slugs, Malfoy!” You always throw at me, because if I tell you one thing, this friendly banter is making me quite uncomfortable.“

For a brief moment, Harry laughed, then quickly cleared his throat, picking at his shiny dress robes.

"Okay, first of all, the slug incident was all Ron, and if you think about it, I’m never rude to you first. You always start the arguments.” Harry said, purposefully avoiding Draco’s eye.

“Besides, I’m too tired after the Ball to duel with you Draco.”

After everything these two boys had gone through, all the bullying and the teasing, having a normal conversation was probably the scariest thing that had happened all year, even scarier than fighting 50 tonne dragons.

Draco shurgged, “Yeah, but you made your choice at the beginning of first year. Now, you pay for it.” At this, both boys laughed, remembering their first encounter on the staircase, before they were sorted into their respective houses.

“Mcgonagal was so scary back then.” Harry said, a reminiscent tone in his voice.

“She still is.” Draco mumbled, now laughing freely with Harry.

“If she heard you say that, you’d be doing detentions till you’re 40.” Harry laughed, feeling relieved after his dreadful time at the Yule ball.

For some odd reason, he felt like he was hanging out with a friend. He shook this scary thought away, and accidently caught Draco’s eye, he was staring intently at Harry, as if he knew what he was thinking.

Draco had never noticed how green Harry’s eyes were, or how black his hair was. Or how, when he smiled his eyes crinkled slightly at the sides, making him look much younger.

Harry caught him staring and he looked away hastily, realising his mistake.

Instead of talking, the two boys now sat in comfortable silence, dealing with the new feelings that had arisen in their chests. And slowly, as time went on, they found themselves sitting closer to each other than when they’d started, until their shoulders were slightly touching, but no one made any effort to move.

After the boring time at the ball, sitting outside a bathroom with his worst enemy was simply heavenly to Draco, although he would never admit it. In fact, he would never tell anyone of this day until the night of his wedding, but we’re not there yet…

Happy birthday, Draco

June 5, 1999

Hermione and Ron burst through the door to the eighth-year common room, late to Draco’s birthday party. Pansy seemed to relax when she saw them. “Did you finish?” she whispered. Hermione didn’t answer, but she and Ron looked pleased.

Pansy had decorated the room; there were magical balloons dancing across the ceiling, charmed sparklers letting off arrays of tiny fireworks, and tables loaded with snacks and drinks. Seamus and Dean sat on a sofa chatting with Theo and Padma; Neville was dancing with Susan; Blaise and Parvati were Sonorused on a makeshift stage, performing wizard karaoke. Harry and Draco stood by the food, laughing and drinking Firewhiskey.

No one had wanted a party on May 2, but the end of the school year deserved some commemoration. At the beginning of the year, things had been tense. In the first week, Pansy and Hermione hexed each other, Neville stood up to Blaise, and Harry and Draco came to blows (with fists). But that seemed like ages ago, and now they were all a bit sad about leaving. Draco turning 19 three days before their last day of Hogwarts was a perfect excuse to celebrate and also to drown their apprehension about the future in Firewhiskey and loud music.

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Draco was slouched against the back wall of the cell when he heard her.   They’d had to put him in a cell by himself because the other Death Eaters blamed his family for their loss and saw him as a convenient target.  Alone, bruised and hungrier than he could ever remember being, but no one was physically hurting him anymore so he’d settled down to wait for either a trial - unlikely - or for the victors to just shove him into Azkaban without one.

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When Harry rounded the corner of a corridor in his secret route (really, couldn’t people stop gawking at him?) to lunch, he stopped suddenly to avoid tripping over the person sitting against the wall with their knees drawn up, head resting on their knees. The platinum blonde hair could be mistaken for no one else. Harry froze, not sure what to do. Since their return to Hogwarts for their unofficial 8th year of study and their subsequent sharing of a dorm room, Harry and Malfoy had been on civil yet stilted terms. They were polite, occasionally friendly even. But mostly they just stayed out of one another’s way. He wasn’t quite sure what the motivating factor was from Malfoy’s side, but for Harry this wasn’t out of hatred as the previous’ years rivalry would suggest. It was rather out of sheer awkwardness, he did not know how to act now that this boy was no longer his nemesis. This was the reason for his full minute of paralysis as he stood staring at Malfoy’s bowed head. He was seriously contemplating backing away quietly, convinced that the blonde had not heard his approach when he noticed Malfoy clenching his fists. “Get on with it then.” Malfoy whispered viciously.

Shocked, Harry at first said nothing. Then he hesitantly cleared his throat. “Um, Malfoy?”
Malfoy groaned and brought his hands up to cover his face. “You have got to be kidding me.” He muttered into his hands.
Harry was now profoundly uncomfortable, convinced that he had stumbled on his former nemesis in the middle of an emotional reprieve which definitely deserved privacy and not his clear gawking. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I was just heading-”
Malfoy gave a dark chuckle. He raised his head but didn’t look at Harry. “You’re hardly intruding. One could say you were saving the day, as always.” Harry was a little surprised to find his face dry, his eyes clear even if they seemed a little distant.
Harry furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “And how am I doing that?”
“Well,” Malfoy started in a disparaging tone. “it seems as though I have been temporarily relieved of my sight and am unable to find my way to our room.”

“What?” Harry exclaimed, dropping to his knees next to him. He reached out to turn Malfoy’s face, frantically searching for an injury. “Are you okay?”
Malfoy pulled back slightly, eyebrows raised in surprise before they slammed back down. Harry could see the unfocused quality in them now. “I’m fine, Potter.” He muttered. “It was a spell.”
“But then we should go to the hospital wing, not our room!”
“No, Potter.” Malfoy said in a low voice. “I am not going to the hospital wing.”
Harry stared at his tense jaw, his pursed lips and the defiant glint in the clear grey eyes that were currently focused two feet to the left of Harry.
“Care to explain why?” He asked cautiously.
“No.” Harry waited. Malfoy crossed his arms. Harry sat down more comfortably. Malfoy let out an exasperated sigh. “You and your hero complex!” Harry smirked but didn’t reply. “Fine. Let’s just say that this sort of thing has happened on occasion and I know it will go away in a few hours.” He stated as a matter of fact.
Harry frowned. “People are cursing you often? Have you been hit with this exact curse before?”
Malfoy’s lips curled into a sneer. “Worried about me, Potter?”
He took a long moment to examine the tense set of Malfoy’s shoulders, the clenched fists at his side. “Yeah, I think I am.” He replied finally.
If Harry hadn’t been given this opportunity to so openly study Malfoy, he wouldn’t have seen the subtle signs of shock ripple across his features. The slightest uncurling of his sneer. The widening of his eyes by the smallest fraction. But they were there, and Harry saw them.
Malfoy cleared his throat and lowered his unseeing gaze to the floor, long eyelashes fluttering. In a firm but soft voice he said. “Then just help me back to the room before anyone else sees me like this.”
“Okay,” Harry said without hesitation, “but I don’t think we’re done talking about this.” Harry stood and reached down for Malfoy’s hand to help him up.
“Whatever, Potter.”

They made it all the way to the 8th year dorms without seeing anyone, but having to go through the common room was a bit trickier. Harry threw his arm around Malfoy’s shoulders to guide him through, they got a few questioning looks from the others but the scowl on Malfoy’s face made it more believable. When they got to their room Harry slowly let his arm drop. Malfoy stood there scowling. Harry gently took his arm and guided him to his bed, which he sat on with a sigh. “Thank you.”
Harry blinked in surprise. After an awkward pause he replied, “You’re welcome.”
He caught a glimpse of a small smirk before Malfoy flopped onto his back. “Well, carry on with your saviour duties.” He said dismissively.
Harry grinned. “Honestly, Malfoy. What are the chances of me finding two damsels in distress in one day?” He was out the door before Malfoy could do anything but splutter indignantly.

When Harry returned a short while later, it was to find Malfoy’s curtains drawn around his bed. He hesitated a long while in the doorway before finally closing the door. “Malfoy?”
There was a drawn out silence. “What, Potter?”
“I brought you lunch.”
The curtain was pulled back suddenly and Harry could see Malfoy sitting on the bed still in his robes but with his shoes off. His brows were drawn together in confusion. “You brought me lunch?”
“Well, yeah.” Harry said kicking off his shoes. “I figured you hadn’t eaten yet.”
He sat down on the bed across from Malfoy whose mouth promptly fell open and then shut with a snap. “Oh.”
Harry cautiously grabbed a pale, slender hand and placed half a sandwich in it. Malfoy brought his other hand up to hold it as well, still frowning. Harry watched as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth and chewed on it. His pale grey eyes were full of something, and Harry was rather disappointed to think that it might be doubt.
“I’m not poisoning you, you know.” He said softly.
Malfoy surprised both of them by breathing out a chuckle. “I know that, Potter.” Harry couldn’t help but stare as the smile lingered around his lips. “Thank you.” Malfoy murmured softly. Harry’s own lips turned up in response. He watched as Malfoy worried is bottom lip between his teeth some more. The edges were curling upward now though. Malfoy finally raised an eyebrow and asked, “So, are you just going to watch me eat now?”
“What? No! Sorry.” Harry said rapidly as he shot up off the bed. When he heard Malfoy’s laughter ring out he stumbled. “Git.” He huffed as he sat heavily on his own bed. Since Malfoy wouldn’t know, he didn’t exactly look away. He sat with his chin resting on his drawn up knees as Malfoy finished his sandwich. When he was done, he sat back with his back against the wall and his eyes closed. His face was completely relaxed and Harry couldn’t look away.
“Fine. Ask.” Harry was startled when Malfoy eventually spoke. He was again thankful that he couldn’t see since Harry’s cheeks reddened guiltily.
“When will you be able to see again?”
“A few hours. This one has only happened once before so I’m not exactly sure how many hours it was, only about six I think. Luckily it happened on a Saturday this time so I don’t have to miss class.” His eyes opened again and his gaze was fixed a few feet above Harry’s head.
“Do you know who it was?” Harry asked.
His lip curled up. “Unfortunately not.”
Harry nodded, even though he couldn’t see it. “How often?”
Malfoy sighed deeply. “What does it matter?”
“It just does.”
“Only about once a week now.” Malfoy answered reluctantly. “It happened a lot more in the beginning of the year but people are at last starting to get bored of me.” He said dryly.
“Malfoy,” Harry started, causing his roommates lips to thin. “Why haven’t you said anything? Did you tell any of the teachers?”
Malfoy huffed and dropped his chin so he was facing his lap. “No. I’ve handled it.” He said with a note of finality. When Harry didn’t answer, he cleared his throat and continued in a quieter voice. “I didn’t want anyone’s pity. I don’t.” Harry watched as the faintest hint of pink appeared on his cheeks.
With reluctance, Harry understood. He sighed. “Alright then.” Malfoy’s head tilted to the side, as if considering. Searching for a random topic, Harry asked Malfoy who he thought would win the quidditch league that year. Surprise touched his features, a smile quirked his lips but Malfoy launched into a detailed explanation about why the Harpies had a good chance. They chatted for ages. Harry was surprised to find how easy it was to talk to Malfoy like this, how his eyes lit up when he was amused. He was, however, more surprised to find that he could not look away from Malfoy even once.


Draco sighed as he leaned his head and back against the wall with his eyes shut. Or were they open? It’s not as if he was really able to tell. As much as he hated being cursed, he couldn’t deny that he was rather enjoying his afternoon with Potter. He hadn’t known how to address the fact that there was no longer any real animosity between them and he always just felt extremely uncomfortable in his roommate’s presence. His solution had been to avoid him as much as possible before today. Potter had gone to the kitchens to get more sandwiches for their dinner and Draco had used the opportunity to stumble to the bathrooms. Potter had been genuine in assisting Draco so far but Draco had his limits.
He heard the door open and held his breath, scared it was someone else. He was relieved when his curtains were drawn back and his bed dipped down with Potter’s weight. A warm dry hand gripped his own, lingering. Draco sucked in a breath and a sandwich was placed in his hand. They ate in silence. When they were done, Harry didn’t go back to his own bed. Instead he stayed next to Draco, his legs crossed and almost pressed against Draco’s thigh. Potter was busy telling him about the triwizard tournament; the tip Cedric had given him for the egg clue and the prefect’s bath. Draco had turned his head towards him to hear him better. He couldn’t help but laugh when Harry relayed his horror at Myrtle making an appearance, and as much as he tried he couldn’t fight the lingering smile as Potter continued.
Then all of a sudden, he could see. It was as if a great black curtain was lifted. Inches from his own face was Harry Potter’s face. And his bright green eyes were fixed on Draco’s mouth. Suddenly nervous, Draco swallowed. He watched Potter’s eyes track the movement down his neck and heard the stumble in his words. Draco started to blush and feel a little guilty. He reached out quickly to grab Potter’s arm, “I can see again.” Potter’s eyes snapped up quickly to Draco’s and his ears went pink. Then he broke into a wide grin that Draco had never expected to see aimed in his direction.
“About time.” Draco grinned back just as wide. Pink tinged Potter’s cheeks as well. He cleared his throat. “It’s late.” He shifted as to get up. “I’ll just go to my bed so we can go to sleep.”
Draco still had a hand on his arm so he squeezed once before letting go. “Stay, finish your story.” He said.
Potter smiled, and Draco could swear it was at least a little bit shy, before continuing.

The next day they found themselves in a strange new dynamic. They greeted each other with soft smiles. The day went by full of quick glances and friendly words. When they found themselves back in the room that night Draco was pleased that they continued with their easy conversations. Harry would speak mostly to his hands with quick glances at Draco, but there was no longer any awkwardness between them. Harry had stayed on his bed though, and Draco was not at all happy to realise that he was disappointed.
After they’d said good night Draco was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep as his thoughts lingered on Harry. When he opened his eyes to get up and go sit in the common room rather, he found Harry awake in his bed across from him, and he had quite obviously been staring at Draco.
Harry quickly glanced away, but with no way to explain this away his gaze returned.
“Were you staring at me, Potter?” Draco asked in a soft voice.
It was too dark to tell, but Draco was sure that he must be blushing. “I’m finding it quite a hard habit to break.” Harry answered, his voice low.
Draco’s lips quirked up, and he could see Harry relax at that. “After just one day?” He teased.
Harry nodded, also smiling now. “But I must admit,” he said slowly, “I prefer it when you stare back.”
Draco’s heart sped up, struggling to believe. He swallowed and decided he could be brave in the dark. “Well,” he started, sitting up “wouldn’t it be better staring from over here?” he moved over, offering space on his bed.
Harry’s eyes went wide for a second before he was scrambling over to sit next to Draco. They both sat cross legged with their knees touching, staring openly. They were both grinning widely now.
“Well, Potter? Is this it?” Draco drawled. “Are you just going to stare all night or-“
He was abruptly cut off when Harry slid a hand to cup the back of his neck and gently press their lips together. Harry pulled back and searched Draco’s eyes.
“Really Potter, with the amount of time you spent staring at my lips yesterday I’m sure you can do better.” Draco said a little breathlessly.
Harry was still laughing as their lips met again. And when he finally pulled away ages later, Draco found he didn’t have any complaints.

Sleepless Nights

Hey guys! I’m bored and I have an imagine planned out for later so I wanted to make this little thing. I’ve been wanting to do Draco Malfoy ‘cause I haven’t in a while, but Newt’s fluffy and I didn’t want to leave him out so I did both. Hope you like it.

With Draco:

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You’d been tossing and turning in bed for hours, trying to find comfort. But for some reason, you just couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. You didn’t know what, or when, but something bad was going to happen, you could feel it. Closing your eyes scared you; you didn’t want take the chance. 

Draco woke to the feeling of you jostling the bed. He turned around, seeing you laying on your back, staring at the ceiling. He looked at the clock on the other side of the room. 2:27, it read. You had gone to bed four hours ago, and it wouldn’t be too much longer until the sun rose. Then you’d be up and taking on the day with no sleep.

He rolled over to you, grumbling as he slid an arm around your waist. 

“Love… What are you doing? It’s two-thirty in the morning, you should be sleeping.”

You looked at him, an expression of guilt washing over your face. You hadn’t meant to wake him up.

“Oh, I’m sorry I woke you up, darling. I just can’t sleep.”“

What’s wrong?” He questioned.“

I just… I just feel like something bad is going to happen.” You confessed, pressing your lips into a thin line.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Like what?”

“I… I don’t know,” you blushed. “Just… something. Like if I close my eyes something horrible is going to happen.” You felt your stomach squeeze and turned, burying your face into your pillow.

“Hey, love, it’s okay,” Draco consoled. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m right here. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, or me for that matter.” He pressed his bare chest into your back, hooking one arm over your torso so that his hand grabbed your shoulder. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and left little butterfly kisses. You immediately felt calmer, the sense of dread and worry and anxiety starting to fade. 

You flipped so that your were facing Draco and left a soft yet loving kiss on his chest, right over his heart. His hand smoothed down your hair, and he gave you a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“I’m sorry I woke you up, my love.” You apologized again.

“Shh,” Draco hushed you. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, baby. Just know that I’m going to protect you. Sleep. Nothing’s going to happen. I’ll be here when you wake up,” He said with another kiss to your forehead. 

You snuggled deeper into his chest and let out a sigh.

“I love you, Draco,” you whispered.

As Draco felt your breathing slow down and even out, he gave you one last kiss to the top of your head and barely breathed an “I love you, too,” before you fell soundly asleep.

With Newt: 

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Stress had been gripping at you ever since you had started getting ready for bed. Nothing had happened, it had been a normal day. Just general anxiety kept you from relaxing into sleep. You lay on your side facing the door of your bedroom in the fetal position, eyes wide open, brows furrowed and a look of worry evident on your face.

Newt had not come to bed yet. He was finishing off his last nightly check on the beasts, which was often after you decided to turn in for the night.

After a while, Newt quietly entered the bedroom, shocked to see you still awake. He knew you had gone to bed quite some time ago and was immediately worried.

“My darling? Why are you still awake? Are you okay?”

You huffed and looked up at him, a frown cast upon your lips.

“I’m fine. I just can’t sleep.”

Newt crouched at the edge of the bed where you lay and looked you in the eye with worry.

“Is everything alright?” He asked.

You sat up and sighed. “Anxiety is just getting the best of me tonight," you admitted quietly.

"Oh, my love,” Newt coddled. He approached his side of the bed and climbed on next to you under the covers. He sat up at the headboard and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He then craned his head down to kiss your nose, then your cheek, then your jaw, all the way down to your collar bone and back up again, finally stopping to give you a slow, passionate kiss on the lips. Newt slid deeper under the covers, pulling you with him and resting his chin on the top of your head. You stretched up to kiss his jaw and sighed into his skin.

“I love you my darling. You can always tell me what’s bothering you, I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll always take care of you,” Newt promised.

You pulled back and looked him in the eye. ‘I love you, too, Newt.“

He smiled and pulled you closer, snuggling your deeper, and wrapped his arms all the way around you. He was still fully clothed, but that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was being there for you and comforting you as long as you needed him. He gently ran his hands up and down your arms until he felt your breathing slow, as you finally subsided to a peaceful, calm sleep.

Hope you guys liked this. Both of these situations have actually been throwing off my sleep (though I didn’t have Draco or Newt to cuddle me to sleep; I wish) so that’s how I got the inspiration for this. Ships and asks are OPEN, requests are CLOSED! Thanks, loves!