this is what happens when a mega man fangirl and a sonic fangirl meet

Ian Flynn, if you ever come across this post, I'm just letting you know: you asked for it.
  • *It's the wedding of Eggman and Wily. We'll discuss last name stuff later
  • Orbot: I now pronounce you Evil Geniuses!
  • Eggman and Wily's minions: *clapping and wiping tears. Cubot's the flower girl*
  • Sonic: ...I feel like they invited us here to rub it in our faces.
  • Mega Man: Agreed.
  • Sonic: *sighs* At least it can't get any worse.
  • Orbot: You may now kiss the groom!
  • *Mega Man and Sonic exchange looks of horror.*
  • Sonic: Thank SEGA for the goodie bags...