this is what happens larry

in midnights, in cups of coffee by suspendrs (15k)

“Sorry about the sugar,” Louis says, backing toward his own flat. “Bundle up before you go out.”

Harry smiles so sweetly then that Louis can’t imagine he’ll even need the sugar, if the muffins aren’t sweet enough just because they were made by him. “Thanks,” he says, eyes lingering a little longer on Louis before he lets himself back into Gemma’s apartment, and then Louis is just standing in the hallway by himself.

Or, Louis is overworked and cold, Harry is stressed out, and they might be in love.

drawing lots with his eyes closed,
drunk on nectar and ambrosia,
laughing out may we live forever’s
in the shallow yellow dawn.

with the short straw. with the
hollow ground. with the quiet.
with the stone-cold throne and
endless echoes. the lopsided
crown, the dusty aching dark.

giving in to half-lies. to
sunken rumors, red-ripe tales.

she casts your crown aside.
curls herself like morning mist
upon your throne. you
sit on the floor between her legs
and she braids your hair. twists
and smiles and yes, maybe, yes,
the darkness, too,
can be soft. if you let it.

you are terrible and unknown.
you cannot wear those flowers
in your hair. you cannot
like you have seen the sun.

you are a god. you last. outlast.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot care for spring.
you cannot love
a softer thing.

you cannot be
a softer thing.

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I was at a party tonight, and this woman told me this great story about how she met her husband. She was the PR person for the local university. He was the sports editor for the local paper. He kept getting the school's mascot wrong in articles, and she would have to call him every time to correct it, growing increasingly frustrated every time. This was one of those moments when all I could think was LARRY AU, LARRY AU.

oh my god, thank you so much for sending me this message! It just made me so happy and I love it.  Like, I love these actually people you met and I love it as a larry au!!!!!! 

I feel like it works both ways so well for larry that I can’t even really pick one. example:

Louis as the university PR person, grumbling to Niall about the mistake the first time it happens.  Waving the sports sectionaround and stabbing a finger at the picture of their mascot at a basketball game.  “What the fuck!!! look at this photo of Ferdinand!?!!  Look at this caption!!! A hawk???? A hawk??” (they are the falcons) And then like, because in this version louis is immediately over-frustrated, instead of increasingly, he’d call up the paper in a big huff and then immediately be disarmed by Harry’s calm, deep voice and seal bark laugh once he finally got him on the phone.  Then he’d flirt-email him a link to an article about the differences between Hawks and Falcons as soon as he got off the phone, thrilling at his own daring as he did it! And after like the sixth time Harry got it wrong, they would go on a date and after they got married they’d always collected both stuffed hawks and stuffed falcons. 

oh my god how killer, because opposite way around, Harry the PR guy calling, he’d be immediately disarmed by Louis’s voice, too!!  Like all flustered, and then like he’d get blushy when louis teased him, but also tease back.  oh my god and then seven or eight calls in, Harry finally loses it and is like “you just don’t care about our sports teams because we’re not division one! Well, tough! you live in this city too, Louis, you should know our mascot is a turtledove by now god damn it!” and then louis would ask him out.  

i’m just smiling a lot.  like i can also imagine either of them as the sports editor, starting to get it wrong on purpose and feeling like “oh no, my journalistic integrity!” but also “i need to do this flirting very bad!!!!” 

okay sorry i rambled so much.   

i can’t believe that, after all this time of thinking starbucks was just for stunts, we’re finding out that starbucks is a fucking larrie. like… will the antis boycott them now? what happens next?

anonymous asked:

do u think harry fall in love with mitch? and now they are together. after louis had his baby?

Oh yes. Harry and Mitch fell in love in Jamaica. Since Louis had a one-night stand with Briana, the Larry relationship got strained. Louis tried to reassure Harry that he forgot he was gay for 1 night, after the Sun took pics of him and Briana. But Harry didn’t forgive him, he couldn’t. Then he met Mitch during a pizza delivery and fell in love. 

When he told this to Nick Grimshaw, Nick was heartbroken too, coz secretly Nick loved Harry, very very much. Then Louis bumped into Nick in Paris, while they were both getting over Harry. After hanging out with Nick, Louis realized that this is the first time he didn’t take Oli on his dates. And that’s how Louis knew he was in love again. Nick felt the same and now Tomlinshaw became real. 

This hurt Harry very much, because 2 of his best friends betrayed him. But Harry is happy with Mitch. That is until, he realizes that Mitch has been using Harry to get closer to the Pizza king Papa Johns. And then Harry and Mitch will break up. Harry will almost hook up with Xander but the moment Xander undresses, Harry with look at the stubby slimy dick and remember how Xander used Harry’s friendship to hook up with fans and Harry will leave. 

Meanwhile Tomlinshaw are happy and in love. That is until 1D reunites and Louis and Harry are in the same space all the time. Cue jealous Nick, return of old feelings and strained friendships. What will happen now? Is Tomlinshaw strong enough? Or will Larry reunite? Will Harry choose Nick and Gryles become real? Maybe Stylinshaw will happen. The three of them living happily ever after? Watch this space for more.