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❝  Is it true what you said? ❞

Plot: You and Taehyung are best friend but both have feelings for each other. You try to move on and he sees you on a date, becoming jealous and making a scene in front of everyone. 

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Words count: 2,9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff in the end

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Your bed never seemed so soft. After days of grueling work, you were finally free to rest. To enjoy the tranquillity of your room, the silence caused by the absence of another human in the house, the lukewarm air that entered the window slightly open in that windy June’s night.  


Your best friend voice didn’t surprise you, but you simply slipped on the bed making him space and making a small but amused smile when you felt the mattress sinking next to you.  

The only person you could endure despite the fatigue was just Taehyung. So much so that he had his own keys to your house and could enter at any time. His presence relieved any pain, physical and emotional, from the day you were met.  

And when you realized that you started having feelings for him, you started to be even more tied to him. Despite the pain of not being more than his best friend, staying close to him was the only thing you wanted.  

“Heavy day?” He inquired, lifting your head and letting his arm pass under it, “I see it from your dark circles”  

“Being a nursing intern is quite stressful, Tae. Why are you here? No rehearsals or music awards to attend to..? ”  

“No, nothing. So I thought we could spend some time together.. What do you say? ” He asked and you were too tired to notice his hopeful tone.  

Or the way he looked at you; or the way he only smiled at you. The truth was that Taehyung loved you for more than a year, in the shadows and in total silence. And it had been the night of that violent storm, in which completely drenched you were presented in front of the door of his dorm, who had understood how much he really loved you and not just as a best friend.  

He began to caress your hair, letting the long tapered fingers slip through them and enjoying the murmur of appreciation that began to slip your lips; those lips which many times he had desired to capture with their own, from time to time.  

“I’d say it’s perfect Tae, I miss you.”  

In your words, there was something hidden, that “I miss you” was worth much more than what others could seem but every so often you felt the need to let you go, admit aloud that you really missed him, even though he had never been “yours.” Opening your eyes, you turned your face and watched him, his features still incredibly delicate and eyes softened by feelings that you couldn’t decipher.  

“Why are you blushing?” You wondered, noticing his slightly colored pink cheeks.  

“I’m hot,” he lied shamelessly, biting slowly his plumpy bottom lip without moving away from his gaze; “You are not hot..?”  

“If you’re hot why are you stuck to me..? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, Tae. ”  

“Because it’s comfortable, believe me.”  

Smiling, despite being a tired smile, you turned completely towards him, laying on your side. You put your hand onto his side, just squeezing your fingers so that you had a better grip, slipping towards him and letting him turn on his side too.  

There was no need for a lot of words between you two and it was one of the things you loved most about your relationship. He understood you, but at least in one thing, he had many gaps. Understand how much you were totally and completely in love with him.  

He surrounded your side with his arm, then starting to slide his hand lightly up and down your back while you rested your forehead against his chest and indulged in the luxury of savoring his scent.  

“I wonder when Gucci will call you.. I think you’re financing the whole brand. ”  

He giggled, drawing you even more against his body and your legs collided, so he slipped one among yours letting them intertwine almost to perfection.  

“More or less.. Do you mind? In short, you are a Dolce and Gabbana trash. ”  

“Always Italian brands, dummy.”  

And without noticing, you both fell asleep. The one in the arms of the other.  

~ ~

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BTS Reaction to Giving Their Child the Talk

Note: I changed this reaction a bit, so it’s back and hella revamped! (sorry for being m.i.a., I had to finish playing LoZ Breath of the Wild..I dunno if I like Ocarina of Time or the other better djnd) *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ “I really like him, though! Why can’t I kiss him?” Your face was impassive as you nudged Jin on the side, internally laughing menacingly as you made him be the one to give your daughter ‘the talk.’

“You see, baby, it’s not that simple-” Jin froze, spacing off to the side. Was his only child seriously old enough to even..think about those things? He gulped, trying to find his words. “Boy’s are evil, and they only take things from you-”

“So does that mean you’re evil, too? You took something from mommy?” Jin was mortified and you began to burst into fits of laughter in the background.

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Suga ➳ Yoongi stared at you as you grabbed an orange and a knife, slowly raising them with your hands and waving them for your daughter to see. “Never let a boy touch you.” You stated and your daughter scoffed.

You stabbed the knife into the orange, juices quickly bursting down the knife and onto your hands. Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Babe, what are you-”

“He’ll pop your cherry, and you’ll never get it back.” You took the knife from the orange and the juice slowly dripped onto the floor. Yoongi began to chuckle under his breath as he watched you peel the orange and share it with your daughter.

“I married a weirdo.”

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J-Hope ➳ “Grow a pair and tell him already!” He had been lagging on giving your son the talk, and when you refused to let him in your bedroom as you yelled from the other side of the door; demanding he talk to your son — he was distressed. He knew the boy should have known already, don’t they teach those things in school? But there he was, walking to his son’s room as he was thinking of many things to tell the teenager, and once he had opened the door to find his son flushed as he had his hand in his pants, Hoseok slammed the door shut as he ran back to the room in a very flustered state. 

“I can’t believe you made me do that,” the words came out so quickly, and the expression on his face left you in a state of bewilderment, “next time, it’s on you.”

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RapMonster ➳ He hesitated once he was outside of his son’s door, wondering if he should really do this or just tell you he already did. You had been nagging him all day to do it, since they were both men they would understand one another best; so when he let himself in his son’s room just to find the boy watching who knows what on his laptop, he cleared his throat to get the younger man’s attention. “Hey, I-”

“I’m way ahead of you.” The boy cut him short, opening his nightstand drawer just to show Namjoon the various boxes of condoms roaming about the tiny area. The older could only mumble an ‘oh,’ before he left the room with a smile. He was saved.

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Jimin ➳ “Look, we gotta talk.” Jimin stated as he sat down before your daughter. You were in the back, hiding away from your daughter and motioning to Jimin what to say. “Have you been thinking about sex lately?” He said slowly, glancing between you and his daughter.

“Not..really.” She mumbled, typing away at her phone.

“Do you know what happens..when you have sex?” Her eyes shot towards Jimin and he gulped. He was looking around, before he stared your daughter in the eyes; not really knowing what to say. “God is watching.” He randomly said, and when he realized what escaped his lips he began to giggle at what he blurted out. There was no way he could do this.

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V ➳ He was ready. He looked in the mirror and ran a hand through his hair, fixing it up a bit. Yep, today was the day. He was going to do it.

He walked back to the kitchen to find you and his daughter sitting at the table, talking lightly as you waited for him. “We need to talk.” He said, looking towards your daughter and she immediately looked up to him with innocent eyes. He froze, soon turning in his steps and walking away. Your eyes narrowed as you excused yourself from the table and went to see what was up with Taehyung. “What the hell, Tae-”

“Are you sure she’s at that age?” He said. His cheeks were flushing and you nodded as if it was obvious that she was. “She’s just..she’s too pure, I can’t do it!” He whined, smacking his hands to his cheeks as he remembered the cute and curious face your daughter just gave him.

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Jungkook ➳ He was confident, already in deep as he spoke without staring the younger in the eyes. Jungkook was nervous, and he didn’t want to be there but he wanted to prove to you that he could do this. He explained about how children were made, which his son already knew, and the various ways to protect oneself from getting someone pregnant. “I have a question,” the boy, started as Jungkook nodded for him to continue, “so, did you use protection before you impregnated m-”

Jungkook was shook, his eyes boring into innocent ones as he abruptly got up from the chair to avoid further discussion. “This conversation is over.” He had stated, and when he told you later about what happened; you could only die from laughter as he pouted.

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Ask meme to get you to talk about your OCs to your followers!!

Section 1 - About:

  1. Briefly Describe your OC: Appearance, personality, role in a story, etc..
  2. Briefly describe their backstory/childhood
  3. Describe their family life and friends.
  4. What is the world they come from like?
  5. Are they original or exist in a certain fandom?
  6. Are they an introvert or extrovert?
  7. Greatest fear?
  8. What’s their sense of humor like?
  9. Favorite pieces of fiction or genres they enjoy?
  10. Favorite music genres?
  11. Describe their vision of a perfect spouse, if applicable.
  12. Largest regret?
  13. Something your OC would say?
  14. Whats their morality like?
  15. Would they live in a city, rural area, or suburb?
  16. Which actor would you like to portray your OC? (Or a voice actor)
  17. Sexuality? Gender Identity?
  18. What inspired you to make this character?

Section 2 - If…

  1. If they existed in another decade, what would they wear? (Asker can choose what decade) (Bonus points if you draw them!)
  2. If they were in a RPG, what would be their class?
  3. If they received a large amount of money no strings attached, what would they use it for?
  4. If they competed on a competitive TV show, how would they approach to winning? (the “mean” one, the one who makes friends, the one who’s there for fun)
  5. If they could change one thing about their past, what would it be?
  6. If you met them, what would they do?
  7. If your character exists in another series’ world, what would they be doing/look like?
  8. Ask your own!

Section 3 - Other:

  1. What other OCs would they get along with?
  2. What’s their singing voice like?
  3. Take a personality test as the character. Post results.
  4. What would be their fighting style in a fighting game like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers, or Street Fighter?
  5. What are some mannerisms/quirks?
  6. Describe their favorite meal.
  7. What do they do when they’re bored?
  8. How do they express love/affection for someone?
  9. Most embarrassing thing that could/has happened to them?
  10. Make a portrait sketch of them!
love and gelato

Victor’s life consists of three things: taking classes at the local university, figure skating on the weekends, and working at a florist shop downtown. After years upon years of monotony, he’s convinced that nothing can take him by surprise anymore. However, when a new employee begins working at Celestino’s, a gelato shop across the road, Victor’s immediately intrigued. Something about watching “gelato boy” work, or laugh, or dance when he thinks no one is watching ignites emotions within Victor that he thought long buried, and soon enough he finds himself longing to meet the boy behind the counter.

In order to fulfill his wish, Victor begins leaving flowers with flirty notes attached to them outside Celestino’s, knowing gelato boy will find them the next morning. It becomes a routine, another expected part of his day, but what happens when notes written on cups begin appearing in return?

[AO3 Link]

Victor’s never been in love.

Sure, he’s had flings over the years, short, temperate relationships that fizzled out before they really began, but he’s never felt anything close to what all those sappy, romantic songs talk about. No butterflies in the pit of his stomach, no talking on the phone into the early hours of the morning, no pining for someone he can’t have. He can count on one hand the amount of times he’s been on a second date, and he’s never been on a third.

Ultimately, Victor’s decided that people are simply boring, and that’s the last thing he needs when his life is already an ocean of monotony. Every day is the same, a cycle of going to class, working at Yakov’s Flower Emporium, and skating whenever he’s able. He can wake up in the morning and know exactly what he’s going to do and who he’s going to see. Nothing’s exciting anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. The last thing he needs is a bland romantic life to match, and after years of messy one night stands and unfulfilling coffee dates, Victor’s resigned himself to the fact that for now, at least, he’s better off alone.

But then gelato boy comes along and Victor suddenly finds himself questioning everything.

It was three months ago when Victor saw gelato boy for the first time. He’s fixing the arrangements for the flower shop’s front counter display when he glances up and sees a guy who takes his breath away. The boy is casually standing in Celestino’s, the gelato shop that popped up about a year ago, looking out of place behind the counter. His black hair is unruly, swooping across his forehead and falling in front of a pair of half-rimmed, blue glasses. His hip is cocked out to the side and he’s wringing his hands together, only stopping when Celestino appears from the back room and hands him one of the shop’s obnoxious, lime green aprons to wear. The boy takes it with a devastatingly beautiful smile then loops it over his head, laughing when it catches on his ear.

Adorable, Victor thinks.

He ends up discreetly watching the boy for the rest of his shift. When Yakov asks for a volunteer to water the window boxes, Victor raises his hand before anyone else can get a word in edgewise, because he knows he can sneak glances at the boy while he does it. When he is assigned desk duty, Victor finds himself more entertained by the boy taking notes on gelato flavors than doing his own work. And when he is closing up for the day, Victor nearly burns down the building when he knocks a candle over and sets a pile of business cards on fire, too distracted by the boy swaying his hips to a song Victor can’t hear.

Needless to say, Victor is one-hundred percent smitten, and the following weeks are filled with his pathetic, lovelorn pining. It seems like nobody can escape his bemoaning over “gelato boy,” as they’ve all come to refer to Celestino’s mystery worker. If Victor isn’t talking about gelato boy, then he’s doodling pictures of him on discarded receipts. If he’s not doodling, then he’s making heart eyes at him through the window. And if he’s not making heart eyes, then he’s finding any excuse to work by front desk where he can have clear view of Celestino’s.

It’s ridiculous, enough that his coworkers intervene.

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Reader x Klaus

The scent. It was the scent of something familiar that was driving Klaus mad. He knew the smell so well that he drew to a stop.

“Niklaus what’re you doing?” Elijah sighed when his brother began to search around for the source.

“You don’t smell that?” He hissed, his eyes locking on a small figure slumped by the docks.

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unrequited love/infidelity starter sentences

“I’ve been fucking the neighbour, okay?!”
“We haven’t been intimate in weeks. That must say something about how I make you feel.”
“I was only ever here because I pitied you… and then it escalated and I didn’t know how to get out.”
“To me you’re nothing more than a mercy fuck.”
“I can’t believe you were lying to me all this time.”
“There is nothing I want more than to be with you, but I can’t.”
“You’re nothing but a warm mouth to me.”
“You can’t just lead me on for weeks and expect me to be okay with that all being made up!”
“No, I’m not okay! You hurt me and now you expect me to feel sorry for you? You can’t blame your mistakes on your ‘problems’ all the time, okay?! I thought you loved me!”
“I can’t believe you actually thought I was in love with you.”
“I knew you were cheating on me. Well, guess what: last night I cheated on you too. I wanted you to know what it felt like.”
“I had no idea you felt like that about me. I thought you were just interested in me as a friend. I’m sorry.”
“I wasn’t leading you on! We were just having fun, right? It’s not my fault you got your hopes up.”
“Woah, it was a one night stand, nothing more, okay?”
“You mean this as a sex only thing, right? I don’t do relationships.”
“No, you can’t come over. I’m married and have kids. Wrap your head around that.”
“If you thought I could ever be into you like that, you thought wrong.”
“You’re not my type.”
“So, who is it that you’re fucking? Is he/she hotter than me? Younger? What is it?”
“Oh my god, you’re in love with me, aren’t you?”
“I’ve met someone.”
“You’re getting too clingy. I don’t like them when they get clingy.”
“You just don’t make me happy anymore. It’s as simple as that.”
“Do you even still love me? Or have you just grown bored with me? What is it? I can’t go on not knowing anymore.”
“So now you want me to believe that you didn’t want to fuck him/her?! Like that sort of thing happens as a mistake– Or, you mean…?”
“We fell in love too quickly for me to realise what I was getting myself into. This wasn’t a good idea.”
“Please just kiss me one last time?”

The Party wasn’t so boring after all

Prompt: B)

(Another AU, the Archeron mom is a mortal queen)

Mom Archeron wasn’t able to find a babysitter for her three daughters before the peace party. So she takes them with her. When there, the three girls runs off without a second thought. Nesta (10) hangs on Elain (9) as she walks around making friends with the fae. Then there’s Feyre (8) who seems mostly bored throughout the party, these old adults that doesn’t do anything else than talking.

Feyre then takes to eat the food displayed, that was until she accidentally tipped over a punch bowl. Now soaking wet and crying, she runs away after seeing her mother’s disapproving look. Then she runs into someone, she looks up and see purple eyes looking down at her. When she tells him what happened, he stays with her for the rest of the night, making sure nobody makes fun of her accident.


- Elain makes friend with one special red haired fae with a robotic eye. Though the fae seem very distracted by the other red haired fae that looks like him and the high lord of spring. But Elain doesn’t mind and keep telling stories to the fae.

- Nesta makes friend/enemy with a certain Illyrian general. He kept on irritating her and she wanted payback for it.

- Based on my own prompt -

Word count: 2139

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Bakugo+Todoroki seeking out affection/attentiom from their s/o coz they're sad scenario?


It was late and night when you heard a knock at your door. Rubbing your eyes, you got up from your bed and opened the door to see Bakugou. His face was red and he had sweat dripping down his face and he looked upset. His fists were balled up at his sides.

“Katsuki what’s wrong?” you ask him concerned with his current appearance. You pulled him into your room and grabbed a clean towel that you used for when you worked out. Before you could help get the sweat from his face he took it from you. It wasn’t suppose to be rude, but you could just tell that he was upset over something.
“Are you going to tell me if you’re okay because I’m concerned.”

He shakes his head in frustration, gripping the towel harshly. “It’s not fucking working.”

“What’s not working?”

He sighs, “This damn move I’m trying out.”

“Katsuki,” you take his hand and lead him to your bed, sitting down on it and pulling him so he would sit next to you. The towel was still tight in his grasp and you have to nearly pry it out before he lets go. You start to get the sweat that was on his neck while you spoke softly to him. “You’re going to get it right. Just give it time. I know you’ll figure it out because you always do.”

“It’s just not coming together like I want it to.”

“Well not everything is going to go the way you plan it to. Why don’t you look at what you’re trying to do at a different angle? Or maybe I can help you out if you want me to?” you offer.

“I don’t need help.” you should have known that the headstrong blonde would refuse your help. It wasn’t something that he liked to admit he needed.

Bakugou was starting to calm down, his face was returning to its original color; though his red eyes were still narrowed and glaring at your laundry basket since that was what was in his line of sight. You put your hand on his thigh and you could see him visible relax.

“If it helps, I believe in you.” you reassured him.

He didn’t reply, but it did help him. It helped to know that he had someone on his side who could encourage him and someone that was able to put his mind at ease.

Todoroki:  **spoilers episode 18 of season 2**

It wasn’t often that Todoroki felt upset, but when he was, he confided in you. You could tell that he was frustrated with what had happened with Izuku in the Calvary Battle.
You went to look for him knowing that he would probably need someone right now. He seemed to be doing the same thing because you saw him making a b-line straight towards you. Shouto grabbed your wrist and took you to a large open hallway outside the stadium.

Before he spoke, you tried to at least ease him. “You did so we-”

“He made me use it.” he interrupted you, his eyes bore holes into the ground. “I told myself that I would never use my left side. But I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t realize what I was doing.” Todoroki still had a grip of your wrist, but it wasn’t tight, more of a reassurance that you were there for him. You took his hand off and intertwined your fingers with his.

“Hey, look at me.” you spoke to him softly. His gaze lifted and his eyes met yours. “You were caught up in the moment, and that’s perfectly fine. You didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t want you to think you did. You were still incredible, Shouto. Don’t doubt yourself because of something you didn’t mean to do.”

“But I broke my promise to myself. I’m letting him win.”

“You’re not letting him win. There isn’t any harm in using it when you feel like you need to.”

“I didn’t need to. There was no reason.”

You sigh; it didn’t seem like what you were telling him was getting through, which you understood, he was upset and he had a cause to be. “Then you just made a mistake.” you took his face in both of your hands, your thumb rubbing over his cheek. “We all make mistakes, and despite that, Shouto, I want you to know that I’m still so incredibly proud of you.” you brought him down to your level and kissed his forehead.

“I needed that.” he said as he relaxed into your touch.

Try Me (Dallas Winston)

Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

Warnings: none

Part 2

Dallas Winston. There was a long list of words that you could use to describe him. Greaser, delinquent, asshole, prick, criminal, player, heart-breaker, son of a bitch, no good piece of shit. But the most important word to you was, boyfriend.

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The Audacity of Kim Junmyeon (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7

Description: Kim Junmyeon, your neighbor and ex best friend suddenly begins taking to you after nearly six years of silence. Although he may be talking to you, he’s not the most…decent person now that he’s grown up.

Warnings: vulgar language. Fuckboy-ism. Heh. Smut.

Word Count: 2,510

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader / Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by rxxbinc

The next week, both boys were at school. Luckily, yours and Chanyeol’s project was finished so you didn’t have to be awkward around him. It was very awkward either way, the two of you still sat next to each other, and you could feel his gaze on you.

You skin prickled as you attempted to avoid his eyes. You listened to your teacher rant on about something to do with politics but eventually you just leaned back against your chair and gave up on listening. For some odd reason, you still wanted to talk to Chanyeol, despite the things he told you the week before.

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Request: Can I request one where Clint Barton’s teenage daughter has to stay at the tower with him cause she’s a bit of a trouble maker? She’s under house arrest but she finds Loki and they prank the hell out of the team?

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by securitybreach

“STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR KEYS!” Tony’s voice was amplified through a megaphone.

“What the f- Jesus!” You turned around.

“Hey, uh.. What happened to being ‘under house arrest’?” He crossed his arms.

“It’s so boring here!!” You groaned, “And since when do I need to be babysat?”

“Since two seconds ago when you were trying to sneak out of the house.” He shrugged at you.

“Right.” You plopped down onto the couch.

Tony signaled that he had his eyes on you and walked backward out of the room. You rolled your eyes and ate one of the grapes from the table.

“Y/N!” Your dad came into the room.
“Yo,” You nodded your head toward him.

“We have someone who is going to be staying here for a few days, so I don’t want you going in there.” He pointed to the room down the hall.

Was he nuts?! It was like he wanted you to get into trouble.

You nodded your head solemnly.

He squinted his eyes at you, but he didn’t have time for questions. He started to walk away but quickly turned around and said, “Why don’t you, do your; homework, or something..”

Honestly this man had no idea how to deal with you.

You laughed and waved him off.

Once you were sure he was gone, you began to make your way down the hall. Finally you got to the 'forbidden’ room. You knocked softly on the door, and you were greeted by a sharp; “Yes.”

You shrugged and pushed the door open.

“Whoa.” Your eyes widened when you saw who was inside. “Why are you here?”
He shrugged, “It is not a choice. Why are you here?”

You shrugged in response to his question as well, “Me neither. Hey, if we’re both here against our will, what do you say we have some fun?” You wiggled your eyebrows.

He raised an eyebrow, not quite catching on.

“Pranks!” You leaned forward.

Well, it took a while for Loki to catch on, but eventually you a had plan.
You knew your first prank had been successful, when you heard a high pitched scream from the kitchen. You reached your hand up to high-five Loki, but he just looked at you quizzically. You walked slowly to the kitchen, and you were rewarded by the sight of Tony, covered in slime and bird feathers.

“What happened to you?” You tried not to laugh.

His eyes widened when he had realized what happened, “Y/N!”

“Sorry, gotta go!” You rushed out of the room.

“Okay, who’s next?” You asked Loki.

“Rogers.” He nodded his head.

Steve’s prank was the easiest. All you had to do was fill a water bottle with vinegar, and switch his bottle with the vinegar one while he was busy working out.

You squatted down by the glass door in front of the training room, and watched as a sweaty Steve spit out his drink in disgust.


Once you had finished your pranks on every single member of the team, -except for your dad-  it was time to prank your dad.

You wanted to fill his room with a bunch of hawks, but decided against it. And went for chickens.

Clint came out of his rock after five minutes, carrying a chicken. You looked him over at his slightly ripped shirt, and the feathers in his hair.

“You. Are. Grounded.” He spit out a feather.

“But I’m already grounded..”

“Well now you’re double grounded.”

Once he had trudged away, Loki came out of his hiding place.

“So, tomorrow then?” You rubbed your hands together.

“Tomorrow.” He nodded.


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[BTS] Reaction to their GF passing out during a party

Ultimate Masterlist

BTS Masterlist

The boys and you were at a party, enjoying the night after a successful concert. Somewhere during the night you didn’t feel so good. You told your BF you were going to sit down for a sec. When walking over to the sofa you felt your legs were shaking, head dizzy and before you knew you fell to the ground. Everything went black..

[Jin] Jin would rush over to you while trying to keep himself calm. Freaking out wouldn’t really help the situation. He would order the others to tasks like bringing water, calling a doctor etc. He, himself, would pull you up and bring you over to the sofa. After the doctor came and told him it wasn’t that serious Jin would really calm down. The doctor said that you just needed a lot of rest. And you can bet that Jin would take good care of you.

[Suga] This guy would first think you were just joking around and just wanted attention. He didn’t have much time paying attention to you, since they were on tour the whole time. So he thought it’s was some payback. Little did he know you seriously just passed out. While the others would rush over to you, he would just keep saying: “Guuuys don’t be so dramatic.” After he knew it was real, he would come over to you and take care of the rest. 

[J-Hope] He would just freak out and almost pass out himself from yelling and not breathing properly. People would have to calm him down. After the others would take care of you. Jhope would blame himself for not being there with you when you were so sick. “I only think of my career when Y/N was sick all this time. This is my punishment. I swear that I’ll take better care of you now, Y/N. Just don’t let it be something uncurable.” The doctor came by and told everyone it was due to not sleeping well and dehydration. 

[Rap Monster] As the leader of the group this guy would know what to do. He would be calm and like Jin give order to the others on what to do. The doc came to take a look at you and confirm that nothing terrible is the case. You would wake up in a few hours, feeling a little bit rested. “Baby girl, I know you passed out because I looked so good in mah suit,” he would joke to lighten the mood. “Namjoon,” you would laugh as you said his name. “Thanks for taking care of me.” He would look at you caringly, and say: “Next time take better care of yourself. I don’t want anything bad happening to you.” You nodded and he kissed your forehead. 

[Jimin] His heart would be beating so fast. At first he wouldn’t know what to do. You passed out so suddenly. He wasn’t prepared and totally frozen to where he was standing. The others would run over to you, while Jungkook and Taehyung would calm down Jimin. He would feel bad about this happening to you an him not being able to do anything about. The next day, you woke up next to him in bed. “Chimchim..?” you called out to him hesitantly. “Y/N,” he started, “I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me most. I feel so useless.” You felt his pain and comforted him by wrapping your arms around him. Holding on to him tightly. “Jimin, please don’t feel like that. Right now this moment, you’re with me right? It’s all I need.” 

[Taehyung] When you said you would go sit down for a sec, Taehyung didn’t really think it was that bad. He turned back to the people he was holding a convo with, before you interrupted him. “So that’s when I took the microphone from Jimin and you should’ve seen his face man,” he laughed and talked about his last concert. When the people he talked to suddenly walked away, Tae didn’t know what happened. Was his story boring or something? He looked at everyone was running to, when he saw you lay on the ground. Taehyung let out a scream and run over to you. Pushing away the others to get to you. By then you already came back to consciousness, shaking your head. “Y/N,” Tae screamed, “You okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Do you wanna go home? Someone call the doc!! We need to make sure she’s okay!” 

[Jungkook] He, like Jimin, would be frozen to his place. But only for a sec, because he would regain his calmness and walk over to you. “Y/N,” he would call your name while putting your head on his lap. Slowly you came back to consciousness. “Y/N, what happened? Are you alright???” You looked at Jungkook’s concerned face. “Yeah, sorry I don’t know what happened. I just suddenly fell to the ground.” Jungkook helped you back up. “Come on, Y/N, we’re going home. You need to rest.”

I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted and if it’s too long! Sometimes I get carried away when writing xD. Hope you liked the reactions :)

-Admin Tae

When It Ends Pt. 2

Part I / Part II / Part III

Summary: You and Jaehyun are ready to put your plans into action when, suddenly, someone does them for you?

Idol: Jaehyun of NCT

Word Count: 2096 (I need to chill)

Warnings: Same as last time

The more time you spent with Jaehyun, the more you came to know just how scary he could be. It had only been three weeks since you had signed the contract, but you now knew an alarmingly large amount of information about him. He was a very open person with you, after all. He was the definition of innocent perfection on the outside, but he was twisted.

You began to notice how he subtly manipulated those around him to achieve his goals. But that was perfectly convenient when the terms of the contract came into play.

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#9 Surveillance Van

A/N: Alright lovely folks!!! I have been working pretty hard on this series lately, so I hope we can move them along. I’m sorry for the lack of fics lately, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the month I spent in Vienna (so much stuff piled up).

First of all, a huge thanks to my friend Alejandra a.k.a. @allenting, also known as quality control. I’ve been in a huge rut regarding this particular number, and she helped me as always. In the end I believe we had quite some fun planning the dialogue for this fic.

Second of all, thanks to everyone who regularly reviews my fics. You have no idea how important you are to me. Knowing that someone is enjoying what I write is the best possible feeling.

Prompt #9: Surveillance van. She always considered surveillance boring. Until he joined the unit.

Word count: 1,546

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sbakkoushs  asked:

(bc that court one healed me) Prompt: Imagine how happy Neil is (and Andrew even tho he wouldn't show it) when they end up on their first team together after the foxes????

okay i’m just:

  • them moving in together. neil joins andrew’s team and moves into andrew’s apartment, the one that he helped to choose on a long weekend during the hectic process of andrew’s trade. the one where the agent said, “oh, you brought a friend to look with you?” and neil giving her a glare vicious enough to strip paint
  • neil sells pretty much all the furniture from his old apartment because he doesn’t give a shit about it, but he does bring: a collection of kitchen knives that dan gave him as a ‘welcome-to-graduated-life’ present with the caveat that he didn’t cut himself, a small collection of books given to him by his old neighbour who has a taste for sci-fi and dystopia (he thinks andrew will like them), and a large number of photos from the last several years that he covers half a wall with
  • (he looks at them one by one as he takes them down to pack them, smiling a little with the fondness and nostalgia they evoke)
  • andrew picking him up from the airport, meeting him not inside the terminal but out in the parking lot, where they can stand very close and talk for a little while in something that almost feels like a welcome home to neil
  • andrew doesn’t use all the drawers in his dresser, so neil takes half of them for his stuff. he debates buying a second dresser but writes it off as a waste of time
  • he returns: a pair of sweatpants, a pair of sneakers that andrew left last time he was in town, 2 hoodies with minyard on them, and a shirt that he only theoretically returns, seeing as it goes in with the rest of his own clothes. he’s keeping that one
  • he gets in return: 4 pairs of socks that andrew has somehow stolen from him, and a stretched-out t-shirt that he takes to wearing because andrew’s expression gets intense when it gapes to show his collar bones
  • he likes andrew’s bed, but he brings the sheets he bought himself as spares. the second he’s not looking andrew throws them out because they’re shitty quality and he didn’t live this long to have to sleep with sheets that feel vaguely plastic when you lie on them
  • (neil likes andrew’s bed, and he likes andrew in andrew’s bed, and he likes being with andrew in andrew’s bed. except now it’s their bed. a brief break in unpacking (not a long process anyway) is likely made to take advantage of this fact)
  • andrew hasn’t done anything about the interior paint, which is neutral creams and beiges except for the one bright red wall in the living room. on the day neil moves in, andrew comes into said living room to find neil staring at the red wall with a blank expression. he waits him out until he blinks, breathing just a little too fast, and says, “blue?” 
  • andrew nods (he doesn’t care) (he cares about things that put that expression on neil’s face) (they go paint shopping the next weekend and neil ends up with spatters of it in his hair which stubbornly refuse to wash out)
  • just neil finding room for himself in andrew’s space, which is easy!! because andrew is right there making room for him!!!!
  • neil coming out of the bedroom after putting up all his photos and finding andrew on the couch, on his phone, and just. climbing onto the couch and putting his head in andrew’s lap and saying, “now you’re really going to have to work to get rid of me”
  • and andrew saying, “you know i can’t turn down a challenge”
  • except that his fingers are already in neil’s hair, and neil looks up at him with an expression that says you’re not going to get rid of me, all quirked mouth and eyes like goddamned stars, and fuck him if he isn’t right
  • (renee sends housewarming flowers even though andrew has been living there for a year. neither of them know what to do with flowers but neil is willing to do an internet search to find out)
  • (matt emails a bunch of hideous ‘congratulations on your wedding’ e-cards with flowers and ribbons and wedding rings on that neil never ever shows andrew)
  • their first practice together, the coach introduces neil to the entire team as though he has no idea that neil and andrew are together. he actually does know, but he’s the only one, and he has a bet with the defence coach on how long it’s going to take his players to catch on
  • it’s not like they don’t know who neil josten is. they’ve been speculating about his arrival for weeks, since they heard who their new signing was going to be (andrew hasn’t said a word, only glared at someone who asked what it was like to play with the guy in college. the questions died off after that)
  • neil’s exactly what they expected in practice - fast, cool-eyed and sharp-tongued, shorter in real life than he looks on TV, reckless to the point of self-injury. good. scores on andrew and yells “better luck next time, minyard” like an asshole, and somehow doesn’t get a ball to the helmet
  • he’s not quite like what they expected out of it - sticks close to andrew, smiles more sweetly than someone who talks like that should be able to, defers to the coaches. ‘nice’ isn’t the right word for him, but it’s kind of hard to hate him. except when he opens his mouth
  • their team winning, and neil being the only one to approach andrew (the others have well and truly figured out he doesn’t care for the celebration aspect of winning by now), speaking to him with his head bowed and pulling away with a smile over his face. andrew still looks bored, unless you happen to know him well enough
  • (the others don’t figure it out until neil casually refers to the apartment as ‘ours’, and then doesn’t lie when they ask who he lives with, and also clarifies without pause that they aren’t just roommates in a subtle but unmissable way. they’re insufferable for weeks about it, in a good-natured way)
  • (andrew still considers killing all of them. neil included)
  • a few weeks into cohabitation, round 2: neil looking over his shoulder where he’s standing in front of the open fridge and smiling a little - and then pausing at the expression on andrew’s face. saying, shy, “I like being here”
  • andrew saying, “close the fridge. we have an air conditioner”
  • andrew meaning, i like it too

lil-seeds  asked:

yo yo yo dysfunctional entp here. i've been in a weird, non-creative, funk for the past week or so, i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings. what is the best way for me (or any Ne user really) to get back into the idea-generating, novelty, creative swing? (im a writer working on a second novel so the whole 'tired of a single project' thing isnt helping either) thanks hot hot hottie

(Gif: Claudia, Warehouse 13. ENTP.)

Uh, well first there’s this: i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings.

Have you dealt with those yet? Because as a Fe, until you get them out of your head and into the world, you cannot move on and the intense internalization of something that NEEDS made public (Fe) is going to cramp your muse. So, expel those feelings. Share them with someone you trust. Shout them into the void. Express them. You will feel better.

As for getting your Ne-dom mojo back – it’s simple.

Ne needs external stimulation to work. It does not exist in a void. Your Ne bounces off objects, ideas, and stories in the external world. This is why you watch a television show – you get ideas. Better ideas than they used. Or you read a book – and you get more ideas. Or you listen to a song – and you get ideas. Or you talk to someone and… you get the idea, right?

Being in a non-creative funk for a Ne-dom means your creativity tank is drained. Why? Not enough external stimulation. Not enough new stuff to bounce off of. Not enough exposure to things related and unrelated to your current writing project. You need new material going in your head. Start reading someone else’s novels. Start up a television show you’ve never seen before on the side. Read someone who is FULL OF IDEAS, who makes YOU full of ideas, someone EXCITED about their ideas.

Here’s some personal writing advice from a fellow Ne-dom, who quite often experiences temporary creative slumps (since I pretty much work on a novel and/or writing project anywhere from 1 to 8 hours daily, about 10 months out of the year… yeah, I don’t “do” hobbies and I don’t “do” idle time… and it kind of sucks).

If you hit a creative slump, you have two choices:

- Take it back to where your creativity was flowing, and take the plot in a new direction (write a different ending to that scene, or cause something unexpected to happen that you did not see coming)

- Change the setting of the scene (it’s quite possible the setting is boring you; whenever that happens, I go, “What will my reader NOT expect? Okay, the last interrogation scene took place inside a dim cell in the Tower of London. What if THIS TIME Henry VII decides to interrogate someone above the Tower’s lion pit, and dangle him over the side?”)

Here is something vital to remember, as a Ne-dom: you figure it out too far in advance, you’ll get bored with your own ideas.

Every time I have lain out an entire book from start to finish, and drawn up lists of what happens in what chapter, the creative spark dies. I have now started keeping an abstract concept in my mind (this is vaguely where it’s headed / what the climax will be, and what I should introduce next) and then leaving myself questions when I stop writing for the day, to trigger ideas for the next day.

So instead of writing: Heledd meets Alfred on the road and they discuss X, I ask, What does Heledd see that makes her suspicious? How should I introduce doubt into Meg’s mind? What should happen with the ring I introduced in the last chapter? How can I make the big reveal more dramatic?

Leave lots and lots of room for improvisation, too. When I sat down to write the other night, I knew I had to take my heroine through her fears up a road lined with her enemies – people who months before had tried to hang her. So, I knew I had to deal with PTSD trauma. What I did NOT know is that superstition would surround a myth of faerie lights to accuse her brother of murder (the murder, I had planned) and that other people would turn up in support of her, and sing an old Welsh tale to calm her down. But that was nice.

Ne’s delight in the unexpected, in allowing ideas to flourish and spring forth with just enough forewarning to lace together into the rest of the story; you must leave room in your novels for this to happen.

(Gif: Jo March, Little Women. ENFP. My soul sister.)

I’ll be honest here, in the hope it’ll inspire you. I started in on a sequel right after finishing my last book. I was excited about it, I wrote about 20 thousand words, and then I had to stop and do some line editing on the original novel. When I went back to my sequel, my creative spark had DIED. I was distraught; where had all my excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas gone?? So I put that draft in a folder, and tried another. It went on for about 15 thousand words just fine, and then it DIED. More distress. More staring at a blank page. More clueless pondering. More angst. So I delved into it from yet ANOTHER angle. I changed all the POV’s. I tied it back into London in addition to Wales. I invented an entirely new subplot. I wrote about 20 thousand words.

And it DIED. I lost the spark.

I spent one day utterly frustrated, near tears, anxious that maybe I’ll never be able to write another book (low Si paranoia :P) … and I opened up my original draft, the one with 20 thousand words, and skim read the first four chapters… and then sat down and carried the story forward. I’ve kept bits and pieces from each draft, and a lot of that writing can go in this book; but my forward momentum is back. The original idea WAS INDEED the best, or at least, the one my Ne is most passionate about – but it had to explore other options first, before it could settle down to tell THIS story.

Okay, the last bit of advice – you can take it or leave it.

Many high Ne’s benefit from working on multiple projects at once. You should consider, yes, working on your book; and writing a short story or a fan fiction on the side in a totally different genre, to keep your mind active.

I, however, have never been able to do this without losing focus – so I am a “one project at a time” kind of girl, to the extent where if I have an amazing idea for a different book or character in the middle of working on THIS one, I write it down on a slip of paper, stick it in a jar, and forbid my mind from thinking about it further, in order to remain focused.

Finally, write yourself a quick deadline. Given the amount of time you have to spend on this novel, and what else you have to do which might detract from it, and how fast you can write, figure out a rough estimate of how long it will take you to write this book. I spent two years on the last one and it literally almost killed me and drove my family insane (though, technically, since it went through about 14 drafts / rewrites / completely changed focus 4 times, and started out as a novel covering 20 years, went to a novel covering a decade, and wound up being a novel covering 6 months… I was working on more than one novel). This is NOT GOOD for a Ne-dom. We like to see PROGRESS. We like to see a point in our future when we are FREE to pursue OTHER THINGS. So, give yourself six months to write a rough draft. Or four months. Something doable, that keeps you motivated, because:

When I get done with this, I can write something else!

You are verbose. You are creative. You are ideas-driven. And if you’re a Ne-dom, you can turn out an incredible amount of words in a very short time.

You can do this.

Hope that helps,

- ENFP Mod (who tomorrow goes back to writing her sequel, because she did NOT write fiction today and was so bored she could hardly stand it)

“I’d like it to happen, because I miss him and I miss the band and I miss the fans and I miss singing them songs. But it’s in the lap of the gods, not Noel Gallagher, as much as he’d like to think he’s a bit of a god, but he ain’t… Cos I’ve seen him coming for years. He thought that I was going to be down and out, and then he’d turn round and say: “Sorry about this, lads, but I’m going to have to put my wicked solo career on hold because I need to help my brother out.” But I ain’t fucking poor. I’m still standing. No. It ain’t happening, mate. When I think about it, being in a band with him bores the death out of me. He’s changed, as a person. He’s not someone I want to be in a band with. He’s part of the establishment.” - Liam Gallagher about a possible Oasis reunion (x)

Tell you what, I love this man even more! No hate on Noel, but even though I’m biased I can’t disagree with Liam

DAY 3367

Malta                            June 16, 2017                    Fri 9:49 PM local time 

Birthday - EF - Sigali Siman Tov          Sat, June 17         …. it is birthday time and we wish Sigali a very happy one .. love from all of us ..Ef

Many are the arts in their finality that have been designed for me .. and they are truly most artistic .. but really some of the photographs that keep appearing on the platforms are truly amazing .. I wonder where it is obtained from .. and they rightly deserve a mention on record of its occurrence ..

An afternoon in Tashkent, Russia .. during the festival of films .. Raj Kapoor ji, Shashi ji were also there .. as were the family .. Shweta and Abhishek barely seen along with Jaya ..Abhishek actually signed his first autograph at this event .. quite confident he was asked by one of the Russian hosts to do so and he did .. we all laughed ..

Raj ji Shashji and I were placed before a mike and asked to sing a song .. any song .. and Raj ji took the lead and we sang ‘Saare Jahaan se achcha, Hindustan hamara ..’

‘The Great Gatsby’ premiere at Cannes .. and with the star Leonardo di Caprio at the red carpet and then on stage .. me giving introduction speech in Hindi .. 100 years of Indian Cinema .. he a most humble and down to earth co star .. caring and considerate through out the making of the film ..

Visiting Jaya on the sets of ‘Hazaar Chaurasi ki Ma’ ..Govind Nihalani the director .. and the eating and feeding continues .. !! this at Raj Kamal Studios ..

Oh … i could just go on and on and on .. but thank you Ef for these inputs .. 

and there be many more .. and I am unsure how these are made .. would someone enlighten me ..

Lamenting deficiencies may take away the pain of it for an instant .. but the long run remains with them ; the deficiencies .. if some is deformed and ugly .. there shall be some that is formed and beautiful .. the balance of nature is beyond all doubt .. having and being in possession of the best, the worth, the biggest and the largest are mere adjectives to describe them .. in practical terms they are just alphabets .. thoughts of the mind and the physical presence of the material - and deficiencies are often valued against deficiencies - shall ever remain .. and shall remain with them that are in possession of the deficient .. no other will or shall have the capacity to give the feel of it .. it never can .. for they are not the sufferer .. the sufferer is the one that holds it .. holds it day and night, lives breathes with it .. suffers its inadequate performance or demands of it .. other than him there are perhaps sympathisers .. and we know all about them from one of Babuji’s poems described earlier .. 

Deficiency needs bearing and will .. the will to still be in its strength, even though all else crumbles about .. others will refer to it as that .. you will never .. for admitting it is a failure .. a retirement .. a death ..

As someone once said : ‘To retire is to die’ !!

Kill not thyself by the limitations of what could not happen, or was not what was required .. not of standard .. of lesser quality ..

That lesser, has the capacity to be the best example of more .. for when the less does normal, it becomes the more  .. 

Having more and stating its presence as more .. is boring .. static ..

Having less and stating its more or building up to more is revolution and reigning the crown .. 

I shall have the lesser than most other .. but the will to make it seem or look more is the battle that shall be won .. and win we shall .. everyone is not perfect ..

And should never be ..

The perfect have no place on Earth .. on life .. on with us .. on with us in humanity .. for if thou art perfect, then why wait here in the world of Mother Earth .. your place is not required here .. you would be better off ‘upstairs’ .. leave us mortals to work out our imperfections, until ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan