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Jean Jackets, Boots, & I Love You’s. (Part 1)

Note: I still am writing Moments Gone, but after watching BMW’s What I Meant To Say, this popped into my head. I’ll update Moments Gone soon.

“I had a great time girlfriend,”  Lucas grinned emphasizing the word. He never got tired of calling Riley his girlfriend.

They hadn’t been dating for too long, only a couple of months, but he felt like they had been dating longer.

“I did too, boyfriend,” Riley giggled gripping his hand tighter swinging her legs onto the bay window.

She laid her head on his lap and closed her eyes as he caressed her face and chocolate tresses. A soft, sigh escaped his lips as he watched her looking so peaceful and so angelic.

“This feels good,” She murmured. “It feels good, to be just us, in our own world for a while. I can’t believe we spent all of our date talking.”

“We’ve always been very good at that,” Lucas smiled, reminiscing some of their deep conversations. “You know, a Mountain Boy once said it’s a very important part of any relationship.”

“I always want to be able to talk to you, Lucas,” She shifted closer to him and sighed, “Do you feel the same way I feel?”

“I do.”

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Okay so I was thinking about Danny’s supposed hero complex and because it’s the middle of the night and everything’s funnier at night I decided I had to post it on tumblr.

So Danny has a hero complex. Now we COULD go the angsty route on this OR we could have it manifest differently.

Like you forgot your pencil? Danny’s got you covered. Feeling sick? He’ll walk you to the nurses office.

And after a while he becomes generally well liked cause of his helpfulness until. UNTIL.

Picture this. Paulina’s walking down the hallway. She suddenly slips. Out of NOWHERE Danny appears and catches her and FRENCH DIPS HER.

And literally everyone in the hallway goes “WHAT” and Danny and Paulina kinda look into each other’s eyes in this deep soulful moment cause realization is taking its sweet time registering and they haven’t quite figured out what just happened.

Then Dash chooses that moment to walk in on the scene.

And if you listened closely you could probably hear one of the students go “What the hell I’ll ship it”.

Immortal pleasure (part 4)

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Jimin - Eros (also known as Cupid)

Part 1: Namjoon -  Zeus
Part 2: Seokjin - Poseidon
Part 3: Yoongi - Hypnos
Part 5: Hoseok - Dionysus 
Part 6: Taehyung - Apollo
Part 7: Jungkook - Ares

Warnings: Masturbating, Riding.

The rush of adrenaline visits me again. Just like the other nights, it comes as the uninvited guess, more like unwanted but still expected. It never comes empty handed but always carries the gift of self pleasure and failed orgasm. I curl up in my blanket as my hand struggles under the thin fabric of my panties. I touch with imagination. Without seeing, I explore the most entertaining places in my sexual sanctuary. The round marble that sends vibration to my pelvis as I stroke it. I insert my finger into the rabbit hole, pulling in and out until my muscle tenses up and coils like an umbrella. My body creates a lubricant itself. I bite my lips, softly let the moans sneak out of my teeth. Suddenly a random sound of leaves scare the adrenaline away. I feel eyes as they crawl up on the nape of my neck but when I turn around, there is nothing.




The beach party lasts longer than it should be. Another day in Greece was filled with adventurous activities and joyful memories, but when the moon rises my body starts to ache. It starts to demand all these kinds of feelings that I can’t provide in public. My focus walks away from the cute guy in front of my eyes who is feeding me with flirtatious pick up lines just to get laid for the night. As much as I am in need of that lewd dose of high sexuality, having a one night stand with a horny stranger isn’t a part of my Greek vacation. My thighs rub together to ease the irritation growing along the walls of my core.

“Y/N, are you okay?” I can hear his voice fading the more it approaches my ear drum.

“I think I should leave now. I don’t feel well. Sorry.” Without a kiss goodnight, I leave him behind in the crowd. The second I get home, my body feels like an over inflated balloon that can pop any time. I throw the tiny dress that had been choking my body for the last four hour, only worn for the effort of making me look attractive. I lie flat on my back on the fleecy blanket and once again my hand finds its way to my panties. The adrenaline reappears, numbs the angst inside me and replaces it with excitement. The fine line where tension and calmness meet can be felt so clearly. I close my eyes to focus on the emotions, giving myself the best experience possible while my fingers brush up and down. But I hear that same noise once again and open my eyes. A shadow runs away from getting caught. Still, that feeling of being watched hasn’t left my company.

“Who’s there?” I sit up, carefully wrapping the blanket around to cover my body.


“Come out here, now!” I shout louder, without a hope that the person will come out. Well, I muse, who would come out of this situation after getting caught? I stand up and look out the window. There, blending himself in the wall, is a creature with wings. He carries a bow and some arrows and his bare chest reflects the moonlight, though his hair is as bright as the sun.

“Who are you?” I ask, a little bit confused, a little bit embarrassed and a little bit angry.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I mean…” It takes me a while to decipher his mumbling. He wears an apologetic expression on his face: puppy eyes and parted lips, which I find to be pretty amusing.

“Come in. Since you’ve already seen me in this form.” I turn my back and walk in, leaving the window opened. As embarrassing as it is, he doesn’t seem to be teasing me by mentioning it. After a minute or two of probably what is hesitation, he enters. I invite him to sit down, something I should do out of manners.

“Why and how long?” I try to keep the conversation short and direct. It’ bad enough that he’s seen me pleasing myself. The last thing I want is to tear that hole bigger by exposing weaknesses.

“Why not and for a long time already.” He doesn’t reply as I expected. I expected a long explanation, where he baffles and stumbles over his words. He changes fast, so fast that I have to recall if I was invited the person from before.

“Please stop. Being watched makes me feel very uncomfortable.” His cocky expression starts to annoy me.

“Really? I think you’re actually more turned on now that you know somebody has been watching.” His head tilted to the side, showing the round edge of his jaw. The difference between the dark circles under his eyes and his fair complexion is strangely captivating. The wings occupy quite some space, making me wonder if they’re heavy on his shoulders. I can’t deny the fact the I was turned on by his question, but I still try to deny the truth sitting inside it.

“No… Please leave. There’s no more reasons for you to stay after answering my question. The dangers of revealing myself too much has come and I don’t even want to start on thinking how to deal with it. He stands up and just when I think he’s going out of that window, he grabs me by the waist and pull me close to his body. I can’t push him away, not while being wrapped tightly in his strong embrace.

“We haven’t even introduced ourselves yet. My name is Jimin.” He pulls his face closer to mine until our foreheads touch. I blush as my bra begins to rub on his chest and my stomach teases the surface of his ribs. I have no plan to play this get-to-know-each-other game. Being trapped inside the embrace of a winged creature who has been watching me masturbate for how many days is already beyond my head. So I stay silent.

“Do you know what this is?” He holds up an arrow. “This is not some ordinary arrow.” He strokes the pointy tip against my cheek. “It can kill or heal a person, mortal or immortal.” He lines it on the outline of my wine stained lips from the party. “Let’s give it a shot, shall we?”

The arrow goes straight through my heart. It stops, dragging time to stop with it. Suddenly I don’t know how to feel, as if I have no memories of feeling or any kind of emotions. I don’t bleed and pain doesn’t take over my mind and body. All I seem to do is run out of thoughts and feel nothing but numbness. Then I see him, standing there in front of my face. He glows brightly like the light at the end of a dark tunnel. And my heart beats again.

“Jimin? Jimin.” I hug him tightly. Without knowing the reason, I want to shout from the top of the world that I love him, tell the moon and the stars how madly I want to be with him and whisper to the sun how much I crave for his touch and his love. If they ask me why, I won’t be able to answer. But I’ll say something corny such as “he already took my heart and locked it away”.

Jimin rubs on my clothed core with his hand. “My little pussy has been naughty lately, am I right?” He asks lewdly and I nod with a corresponding childish face. His finger presses in, giving pressure on my clit. “Let me see you touch yourself and if I’m pleased, I’ll finish things up.” He bites the air just right in front of my lips and lets me go. I settle myself on my bed, back flat against the wall. One hand sneaks into my panties and the other squeezes my breast. He fits perfectly in the view between my legs. I close my eyes and start feeling the erotic spots on my body. Fingers on this hand busy rubbing my clit while fingers on the other hand draw circle patterns around my nipple. I slowly feel the tension pushing my pelvis upwards. A moan slips out of my mouth, something I can’t contain inside my body for too long.

The sensual feeling of his eyes roaming along my skin turns me on more than my fingers could ever do. I can sense his eyes as they gently stroke my core and grope my breasts. My cheeks turn red with the thought of him watching me pleasing myself as a entertainment. The way I moan when I touch my most sensitive places, does it turn him on as well?

I’ve reached my climax a couple of times but failed to release an orgasm. He sees that, more than that I spot a sense of a satisfaction in his eyes while I’m irritated by this. “I can’t do this on my own.” I whine like a baby, hoping that the show was good enough to buy me a ticket to ride his dick. He crawls towards me until our lips meet. He gives me a kiss lingering with the taste of passionate immortality, of something out of this world and beyond this realm. His tongue twists with mine, letting me taste the sweetness of fine wine. Two thumbs tug in my panties and pull them down. His cock has been hardened like a sword. Jimin inserts it into me, thrusting and humping so hard. Every time I feel painful, yet so much fervent joy . It’s like that last piece of puzzle to complete the cycle of an orgasm.

He flip our position over so that I’m on top of him. “Ride me, baby.” Without questioning i do just so: I ride him. My ass rubs against his hard, glossy balls, making things hotter than it should. I place my hands on his sweaty abs, throw my head back and moan out loud. I’ve never been up to this type of climax before, somehow it feels more special. My head looses count of how many times his dick pokes on my orgasm. The rush of adrenaline rises higher and higher… then it calms down like an ocean after a storm. I rest myself on his body and let exhaustion take me away.

The sun brightens my dream and pulls me back to reality, but he is long gone. Next to me lies an arrow. The tip of the arrow has turned round and no longer sharp enough to and go through a person’s heart. Something tells me that yesterday was the last night I have to pleasure myself for a very long time.

What am I doing with my life at 2 am while I have school tomorrow? *sigh*

Anyway… the new part for I.P is out!

Special thanks to @noir0neko for fixing my horrible grammar mistakes. Love you!

Just Dropping By

Prompt: Valdaya +being in public for minimist. It’s a pretty general prompt, so it kind of got away from me but I hope it jives with something and makes you smile. Sorry for the shitty title. I think it’s these little things that get me the most.


Val walks into the KC Undercover set around break for lunch and heads straight to the craft services table. She sees him head straight to the craft table because she’s been sitting in her chair running lines for the past fifteen minutes waiting for him to get there. It’s dumb and a little embarrassing but having Val come through is kinda maybe (always) the best part of her day, and she didn’t want to miss a second of time spent with him.

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So I’ve now officially been in four separate college classes to have a unit on Markov models, and none of the classes are related to each other so every time it gets brought up like an entirely new concept.

And I just sit there, while the teacher goes through the same God-forsaken node diagram explaining the introductory concept every time, and I just grip the desk while pr96bot generated sentences (“Why do puppies smell?”) go through my head just…you don’t know what these hands have done with Markov models…you don’t know the sin I’ve created…,,

Just a bit of time

TITLE: Just a bit of time


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst 

FIC SUMMARY: Tom wants everything with Penelope but she’s holding back for a reason.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: And a one shot appears! Haven’t written one in a long time. I hope you like it and tell me what you think :)

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Why I Take Too Long in Reading Fics Sometimes
  • Fic: "The first time they looked into each other's eyes..."
  • Me: *pictures how it happens as described in the fic*
  • Me: *pictures other ways of how it happens*
  • Me: *pictures how it happens in alternate universes*
  • Me: *gets launched into picturing what happens next*
  • Me: *pictures one headcanon after another*
  • --2 hours later--
  • Me: *in my head, otp is now married with a son named Liam and a daughter named Elle*
  • Me: *goes back to reading fic*
  • Me: *still on the 4th fucking sentence*
  • Me: *reads fifth sentence*
  • ...