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Normally I dont do well around fellow Vietnamese artists because most of them are really snobs, or care for anatomy too much, or disregard those that draw in different style (that’s not artistic or so so); and also because I’m highly concious about the very fact that my drawing is not all that great. I quited before because I was so disappointed about my art (lol) and the comment I got from some mighty artists too. 

However, recently I got to meet with those that very famous in Vietnamese comic community, and I have to say that I was wrong. Those that draw exceptionally like them never look down on me, they just say that as long as I have style that’s totally fine. You keep trying, and you will surely can do it. I thought that those people will surely ditch me, but they said that my story is great and it’s entirely subjective about whether my drawing’s a beauty or not. As long as I love what I do, don’t have to question myself too much about it and just do it. For sure they appreciated what I do, and they knew about my pen name. 

I have never felt so energized my entire life, I mean to be acknowledged by those that I really look up to because of their skills, its a new feelings. Here I thought I will be ditched in Vietnamese comic community forever because I will not follow Japanese style and so on, I was actually accepted. 

I’m very lucky.

i genuinely don’t understand how bravely second’s localization could be as bad as it was. like the gravy jokes were kind of funny and all but nothing about the way characters speak to eachother in that game is tolerable. there’s a character who just makes bath puns because he’s king of a place famous for hot springs. there’s characters with homestuck style speech quirks. there’s a hell of a lot of shitty fucking awful puns that are shoehorned in for no discernible reason

like square enix, famous for games featuring endearing stories and characters put this shit out

top is japanese version

bottom is censored version

they changed her to look like every other fuckin character in the game. bravely second was such a waste of time and money. what a disappointment.

so i work at lush and the most famous person i’ve served so far is adele. one day i’m just standing there moving some bubble bars and pretending to look busy when suddenly this lady comes in with her child. i think “she looks like adele if adele didn’t wear make up” whilst i go over to greet her. she asks me what a bath bomb is. i think “hmm, she is very unexpectedly cockney, like adele.” halfway through my description of bath bombs i realise holy fuck it’s actually adele, and i end up saying “so these are bath bombs, you drop them in the water mnnnnnnand theychangecolour n fizz… stuff……..” and i think she realises i suddenly know who she is because she gently but firmly tells her son to pick a bomb. she gets some for herself as well. i put her through the till and i realise she looks very tired, so i don’t want to bother her, but holy fucking shit this is adele. i’ve ugly cried so many times while warbling her beautiful songs. she’s unwittingly been there through some bad times for me. i want to say something but i’m not sure what, so i fixate on her bright woolly vest and blurt out “i like your vest!” and she immediately replies, very chipper, “aw fanks it makes me look like a rare bird!” she departs and i stand there shaking while i whisper to my colleague that that was adele. this reaches the back of the shop where a birthday party for a bunch of 14 year olds is going on and my 19 year old colleague just shrieks “WHAT” at the top of his voice. all the girls clamour asking if we have security cameras to prove it actually was her and i’m like, the proof is that i have suddenly become 10 times emotionally stronger after being in her presence. i have absorbed her self love and all of my exes have crumbled into dust, dissolving away like the bath bomb she’ll be using later on that very night

The more I look back at YoI, the clearer it becomes how unreliable a narrator Yuuri is, especially in the first episode. We should have realised it right from the off that something wasn’t quite matching up between what he was saying and what we were seeing.

Lemme have a quick look:

“I’m one of the dime a dozen figure skaters certified by the JSF”

Dime a dozen. Right, kiddo. When you have groupies who are the rising stars like Minami-kun, who recognise good skating because they’re trained to, I suspect you may be understating how good you are. When your home town plasters your imagery all over the place because you are their famous skater, you’re more than a dime a dozen.

Also, let us take a moment to remember that he made it as far as the Grand Prix final. We learn in later episodes how many competitions you have to win to get through to the Grand Prix Final. He won. He won lots. He did *well* right up until the Grand Prix. The commentater even comments that he wasn’t himself at this one significant event.

This anxiety-ridden little moppet even explains why: the death of a beloved family pet and grief threw him off, and I suspect his natural anxiety was the nail in the confidence coffin. But he still blames himself, despite a run of horrible circumstances, grief, isolation and the insane amount of pressure he was putting on himself to get his ‘big day’ right.

“I was an idiot to think I could finally meet my idol on the same playing field…”

Maybe Sochi wasn’t a level playing field, but it certainly wasn’t because of the skating. It was because of everything else crashing in on him at the same time, which meant his skating suffered. Then it became a domino effect of depression and anxiety and he lost again and again.

We know this because when he was trying to get his groove back, he took Viktor’s gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Lemme repeat that: a gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Which he is doing while not in peak condition and while significantly heavier than he had been during the competitions.

Yuuri is a badass-skater, but because of his spiral of depression and anxiety before the start of the series, his narration about himself and his career naturally skews to the negative. And we believed him. We fell for it, because he believed it himself.

How wrong we all were.

muse headcanons!

send me a symbol and i’ll tell you:

☠: my muse’s biggest fear
☮: when my muse feels the most at ease
☺: something that makes my muse happy
☹: something that makes my muse upset
♫: my muse’s favorite song, band, and/or music genre
✇: my muse’s favorite movie, director, and/or film genre
♔: my muse’s celebrity crush(es)
❤: what my muse looks for in a person they like
☂: my muse’s favorite season or time of year
∞: if my muse believe in ghosts, aliens, etc.
✧: what my muse’s netflix queue looks like
✎: what my muse’s best subject in school is/was
♧: something my muse is really good at
✺: something my muse loves and never gets tired of
✗: something my muse hates or gets angry about
☆: what my muse would be famous for if they were famous
✿: what my muse would like to do when they’re older
✈: where my muse would go if they could move anywhere
✆: the last person my muse called and what it was about
✉: the last person my muse texted and what the text said


Magnus: 1st Even fan, 1st Evak stan *


… But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defence of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends. … In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau’s famous motto, “Anyone can cook.” But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere. It is difficult to imagine more humble origins than those of the genius now cooking at Gusteau’s, who is, in this critic’s opinion, nothing less than the finest chef in France. 

Ratatouille (2005) dir. Brad Bird



This is what the world looked like the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Titanic was four years from sinking. There hadn’t been a World War One or Two yet. It was the year the first powered airplane went public. It was also the year the Model T Ford began production. The Great Depression was two decades away. The average age was less than 50. Stravinsky’s The Firebird had not yet been composed, and Mahler’s eighth symphony had yet to premiere. Mahler, Ravel, Debussy, and Prokofiev had all yet to write some of their most famous works. In other music news, the Cubs could have heard “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” because that was written in 1908. The tallest building in Chicago was only 19 stories. The following people still walked the Earth in 1908: Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Florence Nightingale, Henri Rousseau, Julia Ward Howe, Geronimo.


  • Yuuri is a journalist major who wants to be a fashion journalist more than anything in the world
  • He looks up to Victor Nikiforov, editor of History Maker Magazine, a very very famous and prestigious company with millions of subscribers
  • Unexpectedly, he gets a job as Victor’s secretary, he’s super excited but he discovers that Victor ROASTS people when he doesn’t like their ideas
  • (and by roast i don’t mean he yells at them, i mean he smiles and tells them politely that it’s terrible and everyone is like??? is he nice??? is he evil??? omg i am horrified of him)
  • (He has a soft spot for his poodle, though, so after destroying several people’s hopes and dreams and telling them to come up with something else he’s like ‘MAKKACHIN!’ and happily jumps away to pet his dog)
  • Yurio is Victor’s little brother who he has a soft spot for and who loiters around the building and gives Yuuri a hard time by throwing spitballs at him
  • Anyway, Victor sees Yuuri as his new secretary and thinks he’s super cute but he has no idea how to express it so he tries to give him really hard jobs and Yuuri is like oh my god what the heck I am overwhelmed
  • He also gives him a lot of opportunities, though, and Yuuri does his best with them and keeps succeeding and Victor is internally super proud but externally like ‘hmm keep going. here’s another assignment.’
  • (But Victor keeps selecting him to go on different trips w/ him and Yuuri is like ???????? ok why am i getting all this special attention this is hype)
  • Somehow Victor works out how to express his feelings and tells Yuuri and they fall in love happily ever after

NDRV3 Character Trailer #4

Fourth and final character trailer. Cut for space purposes.

**Please do not use this translation for subbing the trailer! Check out @kaibutsushidousha for the subbed version in a little while!**

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Yeah you see I wish I could be happy that a famous viner reacted to kpop but uh not when in the first minute of the music video he says “I feel like he talking about hoes. He gotta be talking about hoes.” No, King Bach, you stupid incompetent misogynistic piece of shit, NCT are not talking about WOMEN who you like to slut shame, in The 7th Sense. But good job making yourself look like an asshole. Also, towards the middle of the video he says “I’m not trying to be racist but….you already know what I’m going to say so I’m not going to say it.” Good, keep your fucking mouth shut. But oh no no guys wait there’s more, he did say it. “BUT IT’S NOT RACIST IF IT’S TRUE! WHO’S WHO!?” You say you aren’t trying to be racist yet you literally just used a racist stereotype saying that all Asian people look the same. Fuck you dude. Close. Your. Mouth.

Not to mention, he’s friends with Curtis Lepore. Who raped his ex fiance while she was unconscious. And when she called him on it on twitter, he laughed and tweeted about how she could say what she wanted but he wouldn’t lose any followers. So yeah, praise King Bach all you guys want for reacting to kpop but he is trash I gtg bye.

Wouldn’t Let You Fail

A/N: Okay, my first Lin fic. A wee bit scary. Lmao I feel like I’m committing treason or something. It’s weird. It’s good tho! I have a lot of Lin fics planned for the holiday season ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Word Count: 4147 ((i know I’m sorry but @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait​ wanted this to be one part))

TW: Drug mention, anxiety mention, sexual actions mentioned

Pairing: LMM x Reader

There was a lot of firsts involved with you being in Hamilton.

It was your first starring role in a Broadway show, first time playing a male role, and first female playing George Washington. All of which, could be easily handled.

Except for the unprecedented involvement of a certain someone. 

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Crack ficlet with driver Kim

~Welp, idk what this is but here ya go.

[Driver KimxReader] [Extreme awesomeness/sexiness] [Intense situations] [Cherry Cola]

*many years before the RFA*

     You gripped the steering wheel and listened to the revving of your engines, looking over to the famous Driver Kim. He was seated in his signature car, ‘Honk Honk,’ his partner in every race. It was like a scene from that Fast and Furious movie and super intense tbh.

     No one expected you to win. They all called you a ‘fool’ and a ‘loser with bad fashion sense.’

     “If you were twice as smart, you’d still be stupid,” they said.

     Well, Kim was nervous. You could tell. And when the flag waved and your foot pressed down on the gas, your car ‘Bumper Stiltskin’ pulled out ahead. Yes, you named it yourself. You laughed a little thinking about it now and that caused Kim to gain on you.

     “Oh no you don’t, you ass cactus!” you yelled and blasted that cherry cola song by Savage Garden on the radio to get you thoroughly pumped up to win.

     It was so loud and you had the windows rolled down so he could hear. A single tear rolled down his cheek as the music hit him in his soul and soon he was sobbing from the pure beauty of the song that he skidded out of control just before the finish line, giving you the victory.

     Everyone cheered and shouted ‘World Star!’ while recording you with their phones as you exited your car, the music still blasting and everyone jumped on the hood of Bumper Stiltskin to dance like an 80’s music video.

     Slowly Driver Kim approached you. Throwing his helmet to flames. Someone had started a fire, you guess. Without saying a word he popped open a can of cherry cola right there, and chugged it whole while staring longingly into your eyes.

     “How did you know?” he asked after crushing the can on his forehead, very manly-like.

      “It was the first song we ever made love to,” you said softly, with a lot of  feeling.

     “You’ve won the race,” he grabbed you in his arms and dipped you low, “and…my heart,” he kissed you deeply just as the sun set below the horizon.

     The fire in his eyes was almost burning brighter and hotter than the real fire that had gotten out of control around you. Actually, you would probably have to leave soon before the authorities showed up.

     “I’m pregnant,” you whispered into his lips.

     “I know.”

     That puzzled you a bit?

     “Luckily,” he continued, “I think I found a job that can support our little family for a long time to come.”

I’m in love with stories in which Grantaire falls for Enjolras before meeting him in person, before even knowing what he looks like.

Enjolras may be that guy working at the helpful outline Grantaire keeps calling

Enjolras may run that very famous blog on tumblr Grantaire loves to get into arguments with, but whom he secretly admires

Enjolras may be that anonymous angel who calls and pays a cab every Tuesday night because Grantaire is too drunk to go home and doesn’t remember his guardian angel’s face

Enjolras may be that faceless neighbour Grantaire has never seen, but they keep passing each other passive-aggressive notes under the door and the notes turn into letters and whole conversations

Enjolras may be that guy who sent him a text by mistake once, and Grantaire responded and they kept the conversation going for months without sharing a picture

Because Enjolras is light through his words and passion, not solely his appearance. And though lbr his physique is the cherry on top, Grantaire falls in love with a lot more than that

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My great grandpa said "dog used to be healthier when I was a kid my neighbors had a German Shepard I remember what he looked like but when I see the current Shepard I don't even recognize them they've changed so much and not for the better you know Nancy right nice lady walks her dog by every day poor things a mess says she's a German Shepard but I can't believe it It sure doesn't look like one at least not a healthy one Nancy's always running to the vet" has the breed changed since the 1920s?

This is a very famous German Shepherd from the 1920′s called Rin Tin Tin.

And this is a typical example of one of the many ‘champion’ german shepherds from a google image search.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so these are presented without further comment.

This is in reference to THIS POST with more detail.

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What do you think first made kai think, wow i might acc have a crush on my hyung, vice versa x

Well, we all know the famous “I don’t want to eat with that hyung” story.. But then they became the closest the fastest ^o^

Nini has admitted that he found Soo scary/angry looking, since Soo wouldn’t look at him, but after finding out that he had astigmatism, Nini realized his mistake. 

After that, we know about the coffee dates, the cute pics from their trainee period (even intimate ones from bed *faints*) 

Their coffee date^^ (even tho coffee tastes like poison according to Nini, he still went out and drank it with his hyung hehe)

selca after their date ;)))

more cutesy selcas, safe to say that they’re comfortable with each other!

*coughs* needs no explanation. you can really tell that Nini isn’t scared of his hyung anymore xD (and Nini’s got his hand on Soo’s cheek sooooooooo O___O)

We also know that they’ve shared a room on and off (mostly on) since pre-debut days!! Kaisoo watched pororo and movies together. Soo took care of Nini all the time, gave him medicine, food and did his laundry xD And they seem to have adored each other to bits from very early on! 

It’s hard to say from exactly when kaisoo started having feelings for each other. I bet Nini’s reluctance to hang with Soo only lasted for a short while, and after clearing up the misunderstanding they bonded fast! I’m thinking that their crush started around that time and gradually grew over time (*whispers* and now they’re married sshhh….)

But I definitely think they started dating during pre debut, if that bed selca is any indication ;)