this is what disney has done to me


I only just found out about this

Are you saying that the live-action movie has replaced Shang with some random gary stu OC whose straight guy boner™ is instantly activated once he realizes Mulan is actually a cute girl and not a guy

People on my feed are saying that Disney’s doing this because they’re trying to dodge “bi speculations”, and this is after making such a big deal about being progressive re: Le Fou in Beauty and the Beast - what’s wrong with Shang liking Mulan a lot when he thought she was a guy (and to end up still liking her when he found out the truth, which is how it should be)?

Like wow, you can miss me with this tbh, Disney has done it again

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the gay kiss in svtfoe is like 1 sec long i wish you guys would stop gaslighting people with this being good rep when the entire second season is given over to a completely unnecessary supposedly heterosexual love triangle, because they won't ever canonize marco as a girl. like seriously. pretending this is great rep has consequences, it alienates fans and it tells disney and other corporations they can throw us scraps and that they don't need to try to get our pink dollars. Stop.


First of all, I can do whatever I want. Second of all, I can do whatever I want. And third, I can do whatever I want.

Okay? Glad we established that. With that out of the way, I’m gonna be very clear with people like you who keep telling me and other people like what we should want, need and demand. 

Star has done a lot in terms of destroying gender roles and other stereotypes and taboos for kids and young people out there. Its characters are not flat and they have their own personalities, their own lives and agency, which don’t conform to gender norms as they have been force-fed to us by society. Breaking this kind of stereotypes is gonna be so liberating for so many kids. For example:

  • You don’t have to be girly to be a girl (Janna is into a lot of creepy and icky stuff usually considered boyish, just to mention someone)
  • Being feminine doesn’t define your gender (Marco, and I’m gonna get back to you on this)
  • Having trouble managing your anger does not make you a bad person (Tom. who is working so hard to keep it under control and improve because he wants to be better)
  • You can have a bunch of mixed, apparently contradicting traits, and that doesn’t make you less worthy of the gender you identify with (Star is very girly and likes cute stuff but still kicks ass and loves every second of it)
  • Boys can be affectionate with other boys (if we assume, based on what we know at the moment, that Marco identifies as a boy, and again, I’ll get back to you on that), and that’s okay (Marco and Tom, even though I still think the whole Friendenemies episode was very homoerotic)

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I’m really grateful for this new wave of cartoons (such as Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls or Steven Universe). Different shows are exploring different themes from different angles, and that doesn’t mean that one is necessarily above the other. Star may not be exploring queerness in full (like Steven Universe does, for example), more like touching upon its surface, but it is still playing a role in its normalisation.

Never did I say that the infamous 1-second gay kiss was good rep. For me to call it rep, I would need it to feature at least characters whose names we know. But you know what? I’m okay with it being something in the background and I don’t consider it gaslighting, because as far as I know, the show did not make a big deal out of it, they did not announce “Hey! We are giving you guys gay rep! Look at all the diversity we’re including!”. I actually heard nothing from the show-runners. It was the media that blew up and made a huge deal out of it because of some stupid parents’ reaction. The whole thing was a nice detail that acknowledged the existence of gay people and made an effort to normalise queerness by showing them doing something as mundane as going to a concert with their partners. Period.

And on that note, I want to add that yes, more than this is desirable and it’s okay (it’s very important, actually!) to ask for proper representation. But we can’t close our eyes to the stuff that’s already come our way just because it’s not as much as we wanted it to be. Things take time. Society is still coming to terms with LGBT+ people, and rushing them is only gonna make them clam up and reject any notion of it. Hell, parents wanted to take Star out of Disney XD because they were outraged by a 1-sec cartoon gay kiss! Even though I’m tired of waiting, I see that Disney is treading on thin ice with its more conservative audience and has to carefully plan its every step. And they are still making progress. Slowly, but surely.

We got Beauty and the Beast with gay LeFou (even though I still think it should have been the clock and the candelabra), despite the foreseeable boicot from many people. I’m not saying “we’re good, we can stop demanding stuff from show-runners and movie directors”, I’m saying, “let’s appreciate the progress we’re making while aiming for more”. We’ve come a long way since Disney’s massive no-homo when High School Musical gave a girlfriend to Ryan, literally the gayest man alive in the Disney Universe.

And about the “unnecessary heterosexual love triangle”: I dunno, anon, I’m a storyteller and I saw it coming for a long time. The show built up to that point. It’s not like they pulled it out of their asses. Would I have wanted it to be a love square featuring Tom? Why yes, absolutely, but oh well. It still makes sense in the story they’re telling and it’s integrated in the plot. It would have been weird if Marco, who had been crushing on Jackie since Day 1, had just moved on from her without thinking twice.

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Now, about Trans!Marco: I’m gonna be very honest with how I view it, and I’ll also let you know that I’m transgender myself (non-binary pal here, hey, how are ya), as well as a transgender rights activist and lecturer, so I know what I’m talking about. I have nothing against the Trans!Marco fannon, obviously. I think some seed has been planted in the show and as of now, people can make of it what they will. I’d be thrilled and on board if there were any confirmation from TPTB. But I’m not taking it as anymore than that for now, and I’ll entertain both Trans!Marco and Cis!Marco notions. Why?

Yes, Marco has been shown as Princess Marco several times already, pronouns have been changed to feminine and nobody has questioned Marco’s new status during those times. However, Marco hasn’t expressed a particular preference for being treated as a girl (true, no preference for masculine treatment has been expressed either, so we’re kind of in a neutral zone I guess?). I mean, you see Marco wearing dresses and a wig with no complain, as well as being treated as a girl, but after that episode is over, you don’t really see Marco displaying any signs of discomfort with gender identity or pronouns or disphoria or gender expression or anything like that. Actually, the character’s development continues as it was before that happened (anybody else remembers that episode where Marco lives on a different dimension for 16 years and embraces every masculinity trope under the sun?). 

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Now I’m not saying you have to meet a bunch of requirements to be trans (I’m no trans gatekeeper), but these are the kind of things that usually give it away when we’re talking about someone else’s experience, since we are not inside their head. 

Yes, Marco does possess some traits traditionally associated with femininity (like spending hours getting ready for the date with Jackie), but they’re vague enough that they could mean something or nothing at all (like I said, the show does a lot to destroy gender roles). I feel like I can’t really call it for sure based on that. With how indifferent Marco seems to be to different pronouns, I’d actually say that there’s higher chances this character falls somewhere in the non-binary spectrum, rather than identifying as a girl. This is, of course, my personal opinion, and I might be wrong. But it goes to show that the hinting done in the show has been so subtle for now that it could go either way, and so, I fail to see why we should get angry that Marco isn’t being treated as a girl at the moment.

Just my two cents.

Beauty and the Beast + gay LeFou

Here’s a little backstory: I’m a queer girl and Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite Disney film. It’s been an incredibly important part of my life. So when my friend came running up to me in school today and said ‘Hey did you know they’re making a character gay in Batb?’ I was beaming. (funnily enough I already figured it would be LeFou)

When I got home I immediately went to social media to see what others were saying because this was my favourite Disney film and LeFou was one of my favourite characters. And I saw people talking about how they are perpetuating stereotypes with this and I got so sad.

Because I realised they were right, in a way.

LeFou is going to be having these feelings for Gaston, his friend whose seemingly straight. And he’s technically a 'villain’. But hear me out:

I’ve not read the novelisation of batb but from what I’ve heard there’s some sort of arc in which LeFou realised throughout time that some of the things Gaston does are wrong and he stands up against him. I read up on it and it seems like that’s the same thing they’re doing in the film.

I really hope that LeFou’s arc is something a long the lines of him realising he has these feelings for Gaston and exploring his sexuality. But he realises that Gaston is not this perfect, idolised version of him he has created. And he stops letting Gaston walk all over him. He realises 'yes, I love this man but what he’s done is wrong and I cannot forgive him’.

It’s not perfect I know. But it’s development. I just hope this is the sort of thing Disney is going for and not the stereotyped trope people like me can see happening. Because this means so much to me. I hope that I can sit in the cinema soon and beam with happiness because his arc is developed and not some ridiculous stereotype made for comic relief.

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What signs are the Disney Princesses?

i don’t know, but i have written a lot of posts about the zodiac archetypes expressing in disney stories 

Sagittarius/Jupiter Aladdin

Virgo - Conscience

Capricorn ~ Cinderella

Aries - Maleficent

Gemini - Peter Pan

Libra - Snow White

Cancer - Wizard of Oz (not Disney but follows archetypal theme)

can’t remember if I have done anymore, if I do all add them. What I think is Scorpio emulates Beauty and the Beast because she must see more than what’s in front of her. The Little Mermaid reminds me of Pisces-Aries, coming from the safety of wintery sea into new life, Aries has sea legs cause they are just learning to walk. The sort of grand celebration and also grand sadness in the forced performance of Dumbo reminds me of Leo. Aquarius, Robin Hood -  “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”. Uranus is a wacky, acidy planet so Wonderland is appropriate for Aquarius too. Taurus ~ Scrooge McDuck. Lol. Or maybe thats Capricorn too lol. But Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Taurus loves a nap. Sleeping Beauty, like Pisces, Venus exalts in Pisces, Pisceans could sleep for centuries and be awaken by true love’s kiss, that is the kiss of God 


im so sorry for this lmao

i saw beauty and the beast tonight so fuckin humor me and my disney loving ass here alright 

a philkas batb au because im trash for any and all au’s this isnt new

okay so basically

  • philip is the beast.
  • but he isnt the beast because hes selfish or unkind or a horrible person. philip is the beast because of what has been done to him.
  • all of the horrible things he experienced in his life turned him into this angry person who didnt believe people were capable of goodness
  • he didnt think he deserved goodness
  • this is what he was taught growing up, and he didnt know any better.
  • on the night his mother was killed, the last shred of belief that people could be good died with her. and so he became a represenation of what he saw people as: monsters
  • the castle was once just a house for orphans. it was huge and beautiful and it was a good place to live
  • but philip couldnt see that. 
  • when philip changes, the house and everyone inside changes, too. the children become the clocks and the candelabras and the settees and the dishes.
  • there isnt an outright curse, but there is a cure for whatever made philip change
  • he has to love and be loved; he has to see that people are capable of doing good things; he has to see that he too is capable and deserving of them
  • years pass, and philip is alone, cuz thats how the story goes (this may be a really stupid au but im sticking to the story a lil bit cmon yall)
  • then one day a woman stumbles onto the castle, thirsty and lost
  • she finds the door, and thinking no one is there, goes inside. and when she finds water and food, she eats, and she drinks, because shes dying, and the castle appears empty
  • and thats how lukas, the farmboy, ends up at the castle. searching for his mother.
  • he takes his mothers place
  • we all know how the story goes from here
  • philip is cold and has completely forgotten how to be kind (he was kind as a child, but it died away as he grew older)
  • but one day lukas ends up outside and he finds this old bicycle and he fixes it up and starts riding it around and philip just watches him
    • he watches him laugh and fall on his ass and smile and it wakes something inside him
  • he starts to open up to lukas, and lukas starts to open up to him
  • lukas is hesitant because where he comes from, boys arent with boys, and they definitely arent with beast boys
  • but he starts to care for him anyway
  • and then lukas gets word that his mother is sick
  • philip lets him go, knowing that this will be the end, that lukas wont come back.
  • and when the village comes for lukas’ mother, to escort her out of the village rather than treat her, for fear of her spreading the plague, philip goes
  • he brings lukas’ mother to the castle and they do everything they can
  • it isnt enough
  • she dies and lukas loses it
  • hes trashing things and yelling and philip doesnt know what to do
    • this boy with the smile and the laugh is breaking apart and he doesnt know what to do or how to help him
  • so he starts to tell him a story about a boy just like lukas, who lost his mother
  • who saw so much darkness in the world, who was fed so much darkness, that he ended up becoming it
  • and he tells him about a boy who showed up on that monsters doorstep and showed him that maybe he was wrong
  • maybe the world wasnt all bad
  • and lukas just wraps his arms around him and cries, and philip is so focused on trying to comfort lukas that he doesnt realize hes changing
  • he doesnt realize until lukas pulls away, and looks at him, and brings a hand up to his face
  • and philip looks down at his own hands, steadying lukas’ shoulders, and he sees flesh
  • and then theyre hugging and theyre kissing and both of them are crying, over their mothers, over the bad and the dark things, over each other
  • and when theyre done, the children come downstairs, children once again
  • and they live happily ever after
  • because is there any other way, really?

Citronshipping: HoND and Tangled 

I was inspired to draw these when I saw some old thiefship Disney (Tangled) crossover artworks. Although I chose TKB because I was listening to both of the films soundtracks and the song “ God Help the Outcasts”  reminded me of him and he is more apt for these IMO.Citron is so underrated. The ship is basically the YGODM counterpart to Tangled if done in an Ancient Egypt fairytale something AU. 

 I don’t know what Mariku is doing there. I felt the need to add him, he is supposed to be Pascal but he reminds me of the Pub Thugs/Ruffians for some reason. 


On this day (23/03) in 2007, Disney’s science fiction comedy film Meet The Robinsons was released in the UK (and later in the US 30/03) -
scored by Danny Elfman.

Elfman said of this project;
I’ve done 60 films, but I can only think of maybe 6 that went this smoothly.

Despite avoiding straight animation for so long, Danny found inspiration for the score in the animated movements - ”the family’s so over the top and what sparked me is that their movements are so quick and sudden.

Several other contributors were brought into the project, including The All-American Rejects who sang "The Future Has Arrived” -
and Tyson Ritter pictured below;

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So my question is: how did you find Bendy & the Ink Machine? (Not sure if anyone has asked.) I could also ask the reason/inspiration behind the appearances of the Sillyvision crew (which is very detailed and well done. :3 )

It all started with with a doodle my lovely @xxjerra-chanxx drew. I found it adorable (because her art is adorable in general), and asked what was her inspiration. She told me that she watched Markiplier’s Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1 playthrough on Youtube, and so I decided to check it out.

After getting acquainted with the developing game (while also having some nostalgia for early Disney Cartoons), I started drawing the character myself, over and over until I became more comfortable sketching him. Which then led to interpretations, theories, and research!

I started to draw the character in a more “cutesy” form, and everyone loved it and even suggested that I make an Ask Blog featuring said character; and so I did with the help of @xxjerra-chanxx and @tntangel .

As for the character designs of the SillyVision starter crew, they are actually based off of my friends! I intend to create more “background” characters as well, so keep on the look out!

MTVS Epic Rewatch #156

BTVS 6x07

Obligatory soundtrack to make your reading expeerience better :)

Stray thoughts

1) I have to be honest, this was probably the most difficult recap I’ve written so far (other than The Body, which I skipped altogether and asked for submissions instead.) OMWF was the episode I was most looking forward to rewatching. It’s my favorite BTVS episode. It’s my favorite episode of anything/everything ever, period. I’ve watched it probably more than 50 times (I watched it three times just as part of this rewatch, just so you know.) And as much as I love this episode, I was really clueless about how to write a review about it. Like, what can be said about one of the most talked and written about episodes in the history of television? What can I say about it? How can I honor my love for it and what it means to me in my review? Do I write my recap in a different format? What am I bringing to the table? The truth is, I didn’t have the answers to any of these questions so that’s why I’ve been kind of quiet on Tumblr lately. I just couldn’t get around to writing this recap. At the same time, I wanted to move forward and I wanted to rewatch this episode again and gif the hell out of it. So I said fuck it. Let’s just write a regular recap and be done with it. Anywho, I tried to break down the episode by scenes/songs but you’ll also find fun quotes and the usual stupid things I do with screenshots and whatnot. 

So on with it!

TL;DR: I love this episode a whole lot and I didn’t know how to write a recap about it. 

2)  Opening Credits

When watching TV, there are certain clues that let the viewers know they’re about to watch something different, if not special or momentous. The first of these clues is very straightforward: if a TV episode starts with a “previously on” clip, you know something’s about to go down. If the storyteller is purposefully reminding you of events that have transpired in the show, there must be and there usually is a good reason for it. It typically means that said past events will bear a certain relevance to the episode’s plot. It may also serve to remind you exactly why everything is going to shit at present? Either way, as a TV viewer, whenever I start watching an episode that begins with a “previously-on”, it kind of makes me go “Oh oh, something’s up.” A second clue is the lack of a teaser (i.e. that short clip before the opening credits that literally teases what’s to come and makes the viewers want to continue watching the episode) because that breaks the standard structure of a TV episode and it kind of raises a red flag: if the writer didn’t want to tease anything about what I’m about to watch, then it must be huge. There’s also a third clue: the opening credits may be somewhat altered, which has written “special episode” all over it. And if that weren’t enough, the episode may get a special title card just to finally hammer the point home that this is not your typical episode. These techniques serve to raise the viewers’ expectations. OMWF implements all of these, and it succeeds not only in raising the viewers’ expectations but also in exceeding them. Suffice to say, when I first watched this episode I was pretty much freaking out by this point (even though I watched the show as it originally aired, or rather a few months after it originally aired because that was when it aired in my country, I didn’t consume any media about Buffy other than what I watched on my TV, so I wasn’t privy to the fact I was about to watch a musical episode.) But I hadn’t lost it yet, that was just a couple of minutes away… 

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I’m tired of this arc.

Is it compelling? Yeah.

Am I seeing my girl, Jemma, fight for her man? YUP.

Action? Yep.


But I’m tired of this idea that “you’re more than your programming” and we are two episodes away from the finale and it’s still not evident as of yet.

I’m tired of waiting for the real Fitz to be back, have him be back, and then snatched away. AGAIN.

I finally get a fitzsimmons scene and it’s so PAINFUL.

Like, I think we’re still getting some epic payoff, but my patience is wearing thin.

AIDA better for an epically painful way. I’m talking where all her nerves are screaming in pain. And then some because what she has done deserves the worst kind of punishment.

But mostly, I want my science babies back. Give me my reunion. Give me an epic hug. Give me an epic kiss. Give me a CONVERSATION. BECAUSE THEY DESERVE THE WORLD.


Disney XD programming decisions in a nutshell...
  • Me: You're giving attention to Star Wars, SvtFoE and your live-action programming a whole lot, but what about the fans of other shows? You've done little to promote The 7D when it now has premieres. Plus, you yanked Wander off the network just after the series concluded and reduced the amount of reruns of The 7D and Penn Zero several times. Also, you premiered Counterfeit Cat, Fangbone! and Atomic Puppet, all in the same time slot for almost a month now, and then you yanked the first two off the air. And you didn't even promote Atomic Puppet. What are you guys trying to accomplish?
  • Disney XD execs: *silence*
  • Me: Anybody?
  • Disney XD execs: Feet, don't fail us now! *runs away*

Please excuse my rant:

Why does Prince Adam and Hercules bear a striking resemblance?

If - a big IF - they’re related their blue-eyed kinda ginger-looking blood line could connect the Disney lineage theory from Hercules/Ariel with Prince Adam. Here’s a SUPER brief summary. YouTube it (it’s worth it). This theory would be really nice assuming that Adam’s tale is far in the past where he and Belle had the descendants of Jane from Tarzan. Separately the young Ariel COULD have been investigating the partial wreckage of the ship that Elsa and Anna’s parents “died” on (on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding because Elsa/Anna’s mother is sisters with Rapunzel’s mother thus the ladies are all cousins; the theory is complex) only to discover they survived of the coast of Africa and produced Tarzan wherein Tarzan and Jane meet (reunite????) As their past lives had once had???

Granted the existing conspiracy theory has some huge holes in it but I won’t discuss them. I’m personally inclined to believing that Disney would play with the idea of past lives reuniting because it’s just enough romantic and cliché that Dinsey may consider it. I’d still ship it though.

After watching enough Disney growing up and knowing Disney and (admittedly) some basic mythology: actions of the past invtitably tie into the fates of the present/future actions of the descendants. Plus the Disney royal conspiracy theory essentially wishes to tie all princess into one, single originating royal line. This particular fandom/conspiracy is already in a pretty deep hole.

Don’t even get me started on how the Fairy Godmother = Blue Fairy, Eilonwy = Maleficent (and possibly not a kin to Aurora’s family), Alice lead to Wendy, or on how Snow White = Mother Gothel


This begs the question of:

“On which basis can Adam and Hercules be related?”

Aside from the obvious that a Pre-Revolutionary French Prince could be as prestigious as a Greek Demi God; I have no basis on which to connect the two.

Dear Tumblr:
Please help me theorize this connection


Theorize the other princes/princesses’ possible connections to one another or through association/interaction such as Jasmine (although I’ve heard a compelling partial answer with Aladdin possibly being a Prince already) Tiana, Moana, Merida, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora, Pocahontas, and other heroines such as Alice, Esmerelda, and Anastasia (but she’s not considered a traditional princess???) to name a few without distorting their cultures, origins, and significance more so than what Disney and this conspiracy has already done.

If we can expand this idea to all stories; neat. Otherwise I’d like to know if there’s some merit to my theory or if I’m just believing this nonsense simply because I think the two look alike.

reponse to a message


Hey there, so I really don’t mean to start a fight with you or anything, I just read one of your recent posts and wanted to address some of your remarks regarding the character of hook. The way his ark has been written is definitely interesting and certainly not without fault or complication. But the remarks that you made about his song in 6x20 are sort of hypocritical. I mean, the song is about revenge on a man who killed the woman he loved and mutilated him for amusement. I think anyone would hold hostile feelings toward someone who did such an awful thing to them. Rumple is the one who took revenge in the first place by brutally murdering his wife and cutting off the hand of the man who actually brought her happiness. None of the characters on this show are without fault. I just think that if you’re going to adore one of them, you should be aware of their faults as well.

Hey..  I’m glad you came in to my messages to talk with me. And I appreciate not starting a fight with me.

See I don’t find his arc interesting. I see it as whitewashing all the things he’s done and still does where as Regina and Rumple still pay for their mistakes. Belle calls out Rumple all the time.. Emma excuses and covers up Hook’s crimes. Even to the point that she hurt Henry to protect Hook.

 I feel like the show changed everyone characterizations to prop Hook and make him the center of the show when it was never originally supposed to be that way. 

He’s still acts terrible, and if you’ve read my posts I’m sure you know how I feel about the fact that there was no heroism or sacrifice when he died.. All it was , was him cleaning up the mess he made. As well as many other instances I could come up with.

I admit I can be hypocritical about things but I honestly most people are.. It’s very difficult to be 100% objective ..because we all have emotions and expereinces that sway how we see things.

But I do not see how I am hypocritical about Rumple and Hook.  If you’ve watched Rumple’s story since s1 you would see a man that was abused by his wife. He went to try and save her even though she mistreated him, told him she wished he was dead, etc etc.    If a man said or did the things Milah did to Rumple people would be all over them,  

So first Rumple.. He went to save his wife and was mocked and bullied by a man that was stronger than him. He couldn’t wield a sword and hold a cane. etc.  Hook was a monster to him. Especially implying that Milah would be gang raped.  

If you watched the episode the Crocodile you would see that Rumple did not kill Milah for revenge or amusement.  He didn’t react until he asked her how she could abandon Bae. He admitted and didn’t care that she left him because he could see why. When she acted like her son was  not important to her that’s when Rumple did that terrible act. And it was terrible..but it wasn’t for revenge and it wasn’t gleeful. Milah didn’t even bring Bae up, it was Rumple who did.   What he did was terrible and wrong. You wont get any argument from me on that.   But Rumple did not do that for his amusement. 

But let’s not forget Hook’s part in all this.  We know he’s murdered for pleasure. He admitted it himself that he was the villain in Rumple’s story.  Hook has murdered men just for drinking out of his glass. He’s said as much. He collected trophies from his kills.  He’s had no problem kicking a beggar to the ground and hurting him for pleasure.  He enjoyed tormenting a crippled Rumple and saying Milah was going to be raped. 

Now this is why I am not being hypocritical about the song.  Hook fancies himself a hero.  Well heroes don’t just take care of their loved ones, they also protect those that are in need.  A true hero doesn’t seek revenge, a hero doesn’t continue to torment a person that hasn’t done anything to them recently.. In fact it was Hook who is always the one antagonizing Rumple.  For no reason except that he’s selfish.  Real heroes let go their hostility and focus on good. 

Hook is no hero. That’s why the song bothers me. Everyone sees him as a hero yet heroes as defined in Disney movies, in the dictionary do not blackmail, and do the things Hook does. 

I agree that no one on this show is without faults. And that if you have a fav you need to acknowledge their failings.  Rumple has a ton of failings. I write meta after meta on what they are, how angry he makes me and why I think he does the things he does.  

Hook gets a pass for what he’s done as the Dark One.. But it hangs over Rumple. Yet he’s never once shown any interest in releasing all the darkness to destroy the light in the world as Hook did.

So the song bothers me because Hook saw Emma work with Rumple. Must know that he saved her a few episodes ago and was supposed to be a savior. Emma seemed agreeable towards Rumple. So why is Hook angry and revenge seeking again? 

I can understand the hostility from both Rumple and Hook. But Rumple doesn’t seek Hook out and also doesn’t pretend to be a hero. 

I do post my Hook rants as anti.. so I’m trying to be nice and think you really want to engage in a conversation.  But if it really bothers you then feel free to block me.. then you won’t need to read my pov. Because it won’t change.   I think Hook is a Gary Stu and is pointless.  

You know, sometimes I’m surprised that some people characterize Tadashi as being this super nice and polite and perfect big brother 24/7.

Like…You’re looking at a guy who literally stuck duct tape on his unsuspecting little brother’s arm and ripped it off all for the sake of demonstrating his project.

Tadashi Hamada is definitely capable of being as much of a little shit as Hiro.

Isaac Lahey - Movie and tissues

Request:”Hi! Can you do an Isaac imagine maybe when they’re watching a sad movie and y/n starts crying so Isaac comforts her?”

A/N: Sorry for the eventual errors but I am too lazy to check it.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Ready for the movie night?” Isaac asked just as I opened the front door.

“As always.” I said. “Can you put the movie while I bring the popcorn and the juices?”

“Sure.” He said and kissed my forehead. “But don’t be long or I’ll start the movie without you. You now I will do that.” He said.

“Well…If you do that I won’t eat half of the popcorn while I wait for you to put the movie.” I shouted for the kitchen.

“We will never forget that incident will we?” He laughed.

“Nope.” I said coming back in the living room. I placed the snacks on the coffee table and laughed.

“It was a few months ago. Can we forget please?” Isaac whined.

I threw a popcorn at him. “Forget what? Ohhhh..That time when you tried to open the tv but it wasn’t actually plugged in. Oh yeah. I almost forgot.” I laughed.

“I almost forgot.” Isaac mocked me and as an answer I threw another popcorn at him but this time he caught it.

“Ten points for Lahey!” I shouted.

He laughed. “Do you have any idea about Lacrosse or how points are given.”

“Nope.” I said.

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“Are you ready? We run out of popcorn!” I whined.

“Done.” He plopped down on the couch and gave me the remote.

“What movie did you choose?” I asked.

“It’s a surprise.”

The movie started and I recognized the music from the first notes.

“I can’t believe you! I half-laughed, half-shouted.

“You like Disney movies and this is a classic.” He laughed.

“Well… it’s one of my favorites. I think Lion King was one of my first Disney movies and it has great songs.” I said taking a handful of popcorn and trying to eat all of them.

He looked at me and laugh. “That’s not very lady-like.”

“Oh, Lahey. You know me so well.” I said

“Shhh. Don’t talk during movies.” He mimicked the guy from the cinema who always finds something wrong on your behavior. I laughed and then returned my gaze to the tv screen.

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“Baby Simba it’s so cute.” I said.

“You’re a baby Simba.” Isaac said

“Wow…this might be the greatest compliment I have ever received.” I said.“If I am baby Simba than you are baby Nala.”

Minutes passed and we reached the scene where the two lions sing.I hummed the tune and Isaac slowly shook his head. “Don’t. You. Dare.” He said with a smile on his lips.

“Come one sweety, sing with me.” I yelled.

“I just caaaaan’t wait to be king!!!! I just can’t wait to be king.” He joined me for the last lyrics. And we ended up laughing.

“That’s the only verse you remember, isn’t it?” He said and I nodded.
The movie continued without me interrupting again. We stood in silence until Isaac broke it.

He looked at me and said. “I love you. I mean… I love every part of your annoying behavior. Annoying in a good way.I love when you sing happily, I love when you sit still and just watch. I love you.” He confessed.

I cupped his face and stroked his cheek before I pressed my lips against his. When I pulled apart, I rested my forehead against his own and whispered. “I love you too. I love you for being so kind and accepting towards me. I know I am not an easy person to live with it. It means a lot to me that you didn’t give up on me.” I said.

“Never.” He answer.

I pressed my lips in a smile. “Now that we confessed our feelings, can we return to the movie?” I laughed.

“Yes.” He smiled. We saw Scar talking to the hyenas and I remember that he was my favorite character despite everything he did.

“Have I ever told you that I had a crush on Scar when I was little?” I said while eating a popcorn.

“No. I guess we had to reach a certain step in our relationship and after that you say embarrassing things about childhood.” Isaac said.

“It’s not embarrassing. I always liked him. I always liked villains by the way.” I shrugged.

“I have to keep you away from Peter.” He concluded.

“It’s not necessary. I already tried to be with him. He rejected me so I settled for you.” I joked.

“Hey!” He said.

“I was joking, Isaac. Calm down.” I said. “Now tell me. Who was your disney crush?”

“I always liked little mermaid.” He answered.

“So you would rather date a mermaid than me?!” I said.

“You would rather date a lion!” He played along making me laugh.

“You know what’s funny. The only good guy I like from a Disney movie is Eric. Just him.” I said. “He was my second option, if didn’t end up with Scar.” I laughed.

“Let me see if you have fever. I think you start delirating.” He joked and put his hand on my forehead.

“Offff. We lost the ‘Be prepared song’!” I cried.

“If you dare to replay that part I am going to tickle you, Y/N.” He said. He was barely keeping his face straight.

“You wouldn’t do that.” I squinted my eyes.

“You know I would. So let’s put this away.” He took the remote from my hand and put it on the coffee table. “Don’t you think I don’t know what you are trying to do.” He said.

“I don’t know what I are you talking about.” I lied.

“You are trying to delay the moment.” Isaac smirked.

“I can’t remember what happens next so why would I try to delay it?” I asked but Isaac just shook his head and smiled.

“Do you want me to hold you?” He asked.

“No, I’m fine.” I answered.

We reached the scene I was most “afraid” of. The animals were running and Mufasa saved Simba but then he couldn’t climb the rocks to saved himself. Then Scar’s betrayal and Mufasa’s death. I was feeling the tears forming in my eyes. When they started to fall, Isaac wiped one of them with his thumb.

“Just look at him, Isaac. Poor Simba.” I gestured towards the screen where the baby lion tried to wake up the older one. “It’s too sad. Why would you put this scene in a movie for kids?” I said, more tears streaming down my face.

“Shh. It’s ok.” He grabbed me and I placed my head on his chest. He was slowly caressing my hair.  I wiped my tears and came back to my senses. “I will never let you pick the movie again.

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“You didn’t cry at the Notebook but you cry at Lion King.” He huffed amused.

“Those are animals,Isaac! When an animal dies in a movie it’s way more sad.” I said

He cupped my cheek and gave me a warm smile. He leaned closer and kissed me. “Should we replay the first part over and over again so Mufasa doesn’t die?” He asked.

“No. I don’t have enough patience to watch it again. And beside, in a few minutes it’s ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ and I love that song.” I said.

“I won’t sing with you again.” He warned me.

“You will, Lahey. You will.” I said making him laugh.

“You’re probably right.” He answered.          

One thing I noticed while looking at Big Hero 6 promos

Okay so anyone who is as obsessed with Kate McKinnon as I am definitely knows that she has done the lesbian salute. (For anyone that doesn’t know what that is, this is it:

Anyway, my mind shot back to a very particular Big Hero 6 promo with GoGo in it, this one right here:

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Now she is doing a very familiar salute. A very particular salute that our gorgeous Kate has shown us all.

Therefore, my headcanon is that Gogo is a lesbian. Thank you, and goodnight

i highkey hate that they used la vida es un sueño so soon because it makes no fucking sense

1) luna had no time to write the song or ask simon to help her with it??? we have no idea where that song’s coming from

and 2) luna is singing about a fire???? and she has no bloody clue her birth parents died in a fire so why did they :) used this song :) so fast :)

okay but imagine Bill Cipher doing a cover of ‘Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin

See, all you gotta do is shake my hand, and I’ll say:
“Mr. Stanford, sir, what will your pleasure be?
Let me take your order, jot it down?“
You ain’t never had friend like me!


For some reason i’m really digging these Polar Bears(What has We Bare Bears done to me?). I wish Tundra Town had more screen time to be honest. These bears looks so awesome. This is probably my most favorite part of the book.