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Ask a Writer

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1. How did you come up with your username and what does it mean?

The name came from Mashiro from Bleach, a character that I really liked (but unfortunately we didn’t see much of her in the series….). But I think mashiro was already taken so I made it masshiro and I added an “i” since I think masshiro was already taken too. 

2. Which fanfic of yours has the most feedback? (bookmarks/favorites, follows/subscriptions, visitor hits, kudos)

Not including my old fics that I posted when I was, like, 11, my most recent fic with the most feedback on both Tumblr or Ao3 is (quite overwhelmingly) Kacchako 05

3. What is your FFnNet/AO3 profile icon, and why did you choose it?

on AO3: a sideprofile picture of Bakugou looking like he’s ready to fight the first pereson he sees. I mostly chose it cause I thought it looked cool.

on FFN: A picture of Mashiro from Bleach. Like I said in #1, I thought she was a cool character and plus I really liked her design (similarly I also really like Camie’s design!!).

4. Do you have any regular/favourite commenters?

I did have a couple regular commenters when I posting more frequently last year but not so much since I don’t post as much anymore. But overall, I have received some very wonderful feedback, all of which I’m very grateful and thankful for :)

5. Is there a fanfic that you keep going back to read again and again?

lol it’s kind of weird to admit to but I often read my fic for the A Softer Worlds 27 prompt. I love one-sided kacchako and unrequited love is my jam but when I read that fic even I’m like: man, that’s messed up….

6. How many stories are you subscribed to? How many do you have bookmarked?

I’m not subscribed to any stories on Ao3 and I’ve only bookmarked 7 fics. Mostly because I don’t use Ao3 that much and I’m still trying to get used to it (I just can’t get used to it! T_T). But on FFN I have 141 favorite stories.

7. Which AU do you find yourself writing the most?

I don’t really write AU’s, I like writing canon compliant fics or stories that seem like they could fit in canon.

8. How many people are subscribed and bookmarked to you in total? (you can view this on the stats page)

On Ao3 I have 6 user subscriptions and 74 bookmarks. I really need to do a better job of updating my Ao3 account……..

9. Is there something you’d like to write about but are afraid of people judging you for it? (Feeling brave? If so, share it!)

I do want to write more with regards to depression and mental health but I’m very afraid of triggering others, of not doing the topic justice or starting something controversial (I’m very non-confrontational). On a very different note I….also….kinda…..wanna….write….more…..smut…..>_> but I probably won’t cause I get easily embarrassed lol

10. Is there anything you would like to be better at? Writing certain scenes or genres, replying to comments, updating better, etc.

I would definitely like to improve in my ability in varying my sentence structures. I know I have a bad habit of structuring my sentences a certain way and I really want to break away from that.

11. Do you write rarepairs or popular ships more often?

I think I tend to write for popular ships (naruhina, sasusaku, ichiruki, etc.). Kacchako used to be the odd one out but now the ship has definitely gotten more popular than before.

12. How many stories have you posted on FFNet/AO3 to this day (finished and unfinished)?

on AO3: 6 finished, 1 ongoing

on FFN: 11 finished, 1 ongoing, 2 permanent hiatus/abandoned

13. How many stories do you have saved in/with your writing program?

I have the prologue for my kacchako multi-chapter fic saved since, like, last year.

14. Do you write down story ideas, or just keep them in your head?

Mostly in my head.

15. Have you ever co-authored a story?


16. How did you discover FFNet/AO3?

I don’t even remember how I discovered FFnet, that was so long ago lol. I know I started on mediaminer though (omg does anyone even know mediaminer?!). I don’t even remember how I discovered THAT site cause I was, like…9/10?! I do know I discovered Ao3 through tumblr, though.

17. Do you consider yourself to be a popular or famous author in your fandom(s) on FFNet/AO3?

I don’t think so, especially since it’s been a while since I posted consistently.

18. Do you have a nickname or fandom name for your readers?


19. Was there an author who inspired or encouraged you to write?

I….actually don’t think so??? One of my friends has always been very encouraging and when we were younger we’d write together though.

20. What writing advice would you give to a beginning author?

Have fun! Looking back, even when I was 11 and writing my first Rurouni Kenshin multi-chapter fic with no direction or plot, plenty of author’s notes in the beginning and end of my chapters, or when I was writing songfics, as cringy as I feel reading those things now, I’m still glad that I was able to write what I wanted to write and that I had pure fun with it. I had a blast! 

So while I have no merit to be giving any sort of advice: I want to tell any beginning author, young or old, hobbyist or professional, I think it’s important to just have fun with it! I feel that writing comes out best when it comes from the heart, or from somewhere genuine, so if you’re not enjoying it I think it’s harder to produce your best work.

21. Do you plot out your stories, or do you just figure it out as you go?

Last time I actually wrote a story I was 11 and I was definitely 100% making that up as I went along lol. Now, I think I have a general outline of plot points but I think I’m still just going to wing it. Nothing’s changed lol.

22. Have you ever gotten a bad comment on a story? If so, what did you do?

I probably have but one comment that stuck with me wasn’t necessarily bad. I really like mystery/mystery-thriller/suspense and I’ve been wanting to write more in that genre so I posted something that, you know, was a mystery. And I tried to leave enough clues so that readers would be able to come to their own conclusions and everything but I got one comment that was like: “I….don’t understand…” and it hit me pretty hard since it felt like I’d failed at setting up the mystery and suspense that I had wanted to set up TT__TT

23. Is there a certain type of scene that you have a hard time writing? (action, smut, etc..)

Yea, fight scenes or very dynamic scenes can be hard. I think I have a long-winded writing style that doesn’t mesh well with those kind of scenes. But I do want to improve! 

24. What story(s) are you working on now?

I’m working (lol) on a mystery fic for kacchako (tentatively titled Forget Me Not) and a oneshot (tentatively titled Rose Water). Maybe now that I’ve announced the titles I’ll be able to force myself to actually post them. Especially “Forget Me Not”, I literally planned that one out over a year ago and I still haven’t posted it ughhhh

25. Do you plan your next project(s) before you finish your current ongoing story(s)?

I think I just make it up as a go lol I have no rhyme or reason. I should probably be more organized though.

26. Do you have a daily writing goal set for yourself?

I don’t have a daily writing goal but my purpose in creating this blog was to write more often but right now I don’t really have a goal. I should though….

27. Do you think you’ve improved as a writer since you first started?

No, I actually think I’ve gotten worse lol I don’t know what it is but I feel like I’ve run out of words to say and feelings to express.

28. What is your favorite story(s) that you’ve written?

Kacchako 09. I don’t even know why it’s my favorite, it’s basically just a long-winded make-out session. I think i just like the ending lol. It’s still my favorite ending.

29. What is your least favorite story(s) that you’ve written?

Kacchako 04. It’s just so corny and cheesy. I don’t think I liked it even when I was writing it….and I still don’t like it……

30. Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in 5 years?

I’m not really sure…..I don’t have a lot of fandoms or pairings I’m active in so…maybe I won’t be writing as much in 5 years? (I’m already not really writing)

31. What is the easiest thing about writing?

When I’m writing about an emotion that’s particularly close to me or one that I’m feeling. Any scene that has to do with intense yearning or longing comes very easily.

32. What is the hardest thing about writing?

Expositioon, maaaaaan I suck at exposition. I don’t have the patience for details. I usually wanna get to the fun stuff as soon as possible but it’s like “oh wait, I have to describe the setting, where they are, what they’re doing, etc.”

33. Why do you write?

Because I want to connect with people’s hearts.

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