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How do I write?: Dialog

For writers, speaking scenes are either the bane of your existence, or the highlight of your day. On one hand, when characters are talking, it can really help further a scene and help with character development….but on the other hand…writing dialog is such a chore….blugh. So here’s some ways to write better dialog in your stories!

Give Your Characters Voices

Is your character southern? Do they have a lisp? Are they shy? Outspoken? Do they use a lot of big words, or are they an easy talker? Are they more likely to lie with confidence, or do they need to pause a lot to collect their thoughts? These are all factors that help build up a character’s profile, and to add realism to your dialog. Make sure to keep each character consistent – example: if Character A is an angry and resolute character, they wouldn’t stammer or blush when they’re caught off guard – so that your characters keep their individuality.

Embrace the Power of Verbs

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between ‘said’ and ‘yelled’ and ‘screamed’, but there are so many fics where ‘mumbled’ is an overused verb. Unless your character is incredibly shy – or loves to whisper insults under their breath – nobody mumbles every other sentence. ‘Quipped’, ‘snarked,’ ‘said indignantly’, ‘joked’, and ‘laughed’ are some of my favorite verbs.

Moving the Scene Through Dialog 

If you’re ever terrified of having a scene turn into a monotonous he said/she said conversation, then break it up with actions! Have Character A yell at Character B as they angrily slam the car door, or Character C say “huh?” as they try to clear water out of their ears. Here’s a few examples.

  • “You look like crap!” Madison tried to touch the side of her face, but Liz jerked her head back. “Are you like, sick? Your eyes are all red and puffy.”
  • “Yeah, just a second.” Jade watched as the bright orange petals swirled down the drain.
  • Scout visibly recoiled from him. “Uh, no. I’ll pass.”

Talk to Yourself

This is the best trick; it’s what I do when I’m writing dialog. I’ll put on different voices and talk aloud to myself in order to feel what sounds natural and what sounds plastic-y. You may feel ridiculous when you’re up at 2am and repeating the same lines over and over again to yourself, but believe me, it will show in the final drafts when your characters are interacting.

Finally, Have Fun

It’s such a cliche tip that it makes me want to cry from boredom, but having fun with your dialog makes it infinitely easier to write. If your inspiration is just bone dry, have your characters get silly with their dialog – “Sir, that really hella dangerous experiment is going critical” “oh dang, lmao, we should probably leave?” “yes most definitely” – because even then, you’re getting your ideas out and you can come back later. Also, it’s hilarious. In the end, writing is supposed to be a fun hobby, so find what works for you and keep on doing it!

Hey guys! With school starting again I thought I’d share with you what I listen to when I study/do my homework. I know there are a bunch of these but this was fun to make so I thought I would give my two cents. So if music helps you focus then this is for you! Let me know what your favorite is or what you like to listen to! (these are all from youtube btw)


Broadway Soundtracks (note: this is best when doing small easy tasks so you don’t die of boredom. it’s probably not the greatest idea to being singing at the top of your lungs to Hamilton while studying for your calculus final lol)


Movie Soundtracks


“Human” is contagious

Fidget Spinners, the big trend of the moment. When I looked at them, I didn’t get it. I thought I would just ride out this trend and let it pass me by like so many others. 

Then I started a new job, and it felt like half the people in our team had these damn spinners to keep themselves occupied while our trainers drones on through powerpoint presentation after powerpoint presentation. I had a solid week of twiddling my thumbs, while all these others twiddled their Spinners. And the more I watched them, the more it actually seemed like a good idea to have this cheap little toy to help with your boredom, rather than nothing.
So, you know what? I actually went and bought one of the damn things. It was heap enough that I don’t mind if it turned out to be a disappointment, but we’re a couple of days in and I have to say that I still see the appeal of the things. 

So, that gave me this little story idea: Humans go through all these little trends, fads, and phases all the time. Because one human tried something, others thought it was cool and then suddenly everyone is doing it.  
Aliens see humans doing something that makes little, to no, sense, but the human seems to be enjoying it so they’d like to try, to see if they enjoy it too. 

Next thing you know all the galaxy is trying the newest thing. Aliens with tentacles instead of hands and fingers are trying to get the hang of the future equivalent of a Fidget Spinner because, “Perental-Unit, you don’t understand, all the other podlings are doing it!”  

 Humans could be, like, the trend-setters for the universe. Aliens start doing things just because humans are doing them. They start picking up all our terms and little idiosyncrasies that make up our race. They imitate us because it’s “cool” and “trendy”. The human condition spreads like wildfire through the young people of the universe. Humans are contagious, but not by disease, by fashion! 

A Friendly Visit

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki secretly taking care of you when you are sick because you are Tony’s sister and he is not allowed to be near you.” by @imagining-imagines

Word count: 1,621


Originally posted by maryxglz

The dim light was floating through the thick curtains on your left. It was your only source of time and the way you knew it was still daytime after you took a nap. Or it could be the next day already, if your nap took a while longer than you expected. It would probably bother you more if you weren’t feeling as bad as you did. You could feel your every bone screaming and every muscle trembling from the cold and exhaustion. When you coughed, a wave of pain erupted deep in your lungs with a force that almost made you cry out.

You hated being ill. One could think that all the high-tech stuff Tony packed into his tower would make the illness almost comfortable and convenient, but the sad truth was that you weren’t interested in any of his toys.

You wanted the pain to go away and the sickness out of your heavy head, but the medicines Tony made sure you were regularly stuffed with, required time to fight off the illness. It was a natural order and the plasma on the wall or a remote managing everything in your room couldn’t really help with it. Your brother did his best to make you feel better and you were grateful for his efforts.

You opened your eyes when you heard a soft knocking on the door. It was quite unusual, because Tony always made a loud entrance, even if he tried not to, and Vision would usually float into the room if he sensed you weren’t sleeping. The rest of the team was out, taking care of their own lives somewhere in the city. Or other realms, who knew where some of them liked to wander.

“Come in,” you coughed out with a much weaker voice than you expected. Your back was to the door so you couldn’t see the guest.

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Forever And Almost Always - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2 (removed, on hiatus) -  Series Playlist

Summary: Series: Bucky is the ex you keep going back to, but what happens when one of you is interested in more than just the rebound? Chapter: You run into your ex and the pull is instant and all too familiar.

Warnings: swearing, implied smut (nothing explicit included)

Word Count: 1313

Author’s Note: Ok! Here we go! I’m kind of excited about this series. It’s been in my head for months, but trapped there through all the craziness in my life right now, but I think I’m well enough ahead to start posting. Fingers crossed I don’t get behind. :)

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Leaning forward, arching over the sleek glass bar top and spinning the credit card in your fingers, you waited impatiently for your drinks. You were more than ready for another. Another 3, if you were honest. These kinds of parties were never your scene. At first they were exciting, sure, but pretty soon they all started to look the same and you started to feel the same restless boredom tugging at the corner of every conversation, every polished smile.

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Tyler Seguin

Inspired by Tyler’s insta story yesterday, I got a request of “I need a tyler seguin imagine based on his insta story where he’s inured and its super cute and maybe he tries to have sex and his injury gets in the way pls and thx i love you”

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Warning: Explicit content and swearing

Word Count 2780


“Come love me!”               

  I glance up from my book, shielding my eyes from the bright sun and spy Tyler sprawled out in the grass with Marshall and Cash.  Both dogs are heavily interested in their own toys and pay their dad no attention whatsoever.

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Stubborn and Sick (Draco x Reader)

can you do an imagine where you’re draco’s girlfriend and you’re in slytherin but you’re sick one day so you stay behind in his bed while he takes care of you?xx

You groggily woke up from your restless slumber, wincing at the soreness of your throat and at the pounding headache that made focusing hard.

“Merlin, Y/N, you look like you just got kissed by a dementor.” Pansy exclaimed as she entered your room.

“Just what a girl wants to hear.” You croaked out, barely above a whisper.

“I came here to wake you up thinking that you overslept but now I’m here to forbid you from going to lessons. You look like death.”

“Pansy, it’s probably just a head cold.” You said, standing up and heading towards your wardrobe, grabbing a clean uniform and heading towards the bathroom.


“Pans, I’m fine. Just don’t tell Draco, he’ll over react and I really can’t miss lessons, our O.W.Ls are just around the corner.”

“Honestly, you hang out with the golden dorks way too much…” she muttered playfully. After a few minutes you and Pansy finally came down to the Slytherin common room where Draco and the rest of the gang was waiting for you.

“What took you so long, love?” Draco asked as he took your hand in his. You cleared your throat before answering, hoping that you wouldn’t sound as sick as you felt.

“Oh you know me, always oversleeping. Pansy was kind enough to make sure I woke up in time.” Draco snorted.

“Pansy, kind? Yeah right. But nevertheless, I’m glad you’re here, I was starting to get worried but with the bloody enchantments on the stairs I wouldn’t have made it past the second step.” You merely nodded, trying your hardest to focus on what your boyfriend was saying as he led you to the dining hall to grab a quick bite before heading to your first lesson, Charms.

“Y/N, do you want a muffin?” Draco asked you after a few minutes, you were still starring at your oatmeal that you didn’t even hear him. It took him three more times before you finally came to your senses.

“Huh? What?”

“You alright, love? I was talking to you for like five minutes and nothing.” He continued, brows furrowed in concern.

“Um, yeah, sorry, I just didn’t sleep that well last night.” You said as you rummaged through your bag looking for a hair tie. You barely wore your hair up so this was quite the warning sign for Draco, that and how flush you were becoming as the minutes passed by. Before he could question you, you stood up hurrying everyone so you wouldn’t be late to class.

You were feeling worse as the lesson went on, Draco kept shooting you worried glances and Pansy whispered how dreadful you looked and how she was worried. Your eyes kept closing and before you knew it, Professor Flitwick was standing in front of your desk.

“Miss L/N, you’re burning up! Miss Parkinson, could you be kind enough to escort her to Madam Pomfrey?” Pansy nodded, taking your arm and guiding you out of the class, leaving a worried Draco behind.

You had a cold, a really nasty one, Madam Pomfrey sent you straight to your room, you might’ve argued for a good five minutes but let’s face it, no one wins against Pomfrey.

You were underneath three blankets, and had a scowl on your face. You hated being sick, it rendered you useless. With another huff you rolled over in bed, hoping to fall asleep.

It must’ve been hours but you were finally awoken by a gentle hand brushing away your damp hair away from your face.

“You had me quite worried today.”

“The one and only.” He said, smiling fondly at you as he laid next to you in bed.

“How did you get into the girls’ dormitories?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know…” he left off, a nervous laugh escaping his lips. You were too tired and achy to really put much thought into it so you snuggled closer to him.

“Now, you are forbidden from leaving this bed. I got your favorite book, tea with honey, chocolates, I already did your homework for the day, and I’ll go down to the great hall when dinner starts and grab us some soup to soothe your throat.” He listed off.

“Well it doesn’t sound like I have a choice…” you muttered playfully.

“Nope, and I’ll keep you company so fear not fair lady!” Draco said, laughing lightly.

“But what about your Quidditch practice?”

“They can do without me for a day. I don’t want my girlfriend to die of boredom while she’s sick, I have to stay here and make sure she’s as comfortable as possible.”

“My knight in shining armor!” you began laughing but then that soon turned into a coughing fit.

“Yeah, no more laughter, I don’t want you to cough out a lung, Madam Pomfrey would kill me if you lose an organ under my care…” he trailed off as he handed you a steaming cup of tea.

Maybe being sick had its perks after all.

Roommate/Stranger AU Starter Pack

Your Muse is exploring a new educational complex and ends up with my Muse someway somehow. Send me an icon + a number to begin. (For reverse, send 🔄 with it and make do.)

🏩 - Your Muse strays away from the host and group and finds mine out in the rather large basketball court dancing gracefully and almost passionately to a tune on their phone and earbuds. They end up spotting yours after some time, send in a reaction.

  1. “O-Oh my?! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to stare, it was just really nice!”
  2. “That was beautiful..”
  3. “Don’t stop, keep going.”
  4. “Oh? You’re embarrassed?”
  5. “It’s okay. I didn’t see anything.”
  6. “How much you willing to pay to keep my mouth shut?”
  7. “I.. Dance when I’m alone, too.”
  8. “You’re not a professional, are you?”
  9. “Could you teach me that too?”
  10. “You’re a real treat for the eyes. I’m guessing you’ve heard that before though.”

⛲️ - My Muse is singing carelessly in the room they share with yours. Your Muse walks in and catches them in the act without mine noticing.

  1. “Whoa, do you need a cough drop?”
  2. “..That’s really nice.”
  3. “Chill out a bit! We’re in our room, not on Broadway!”
  4. “Mind if i join? I love that song.”
  5. “Oh? How often should i expect this?”
  6. “…My name’s ___, glad we met on these terms..”
  7. “Whoa, that’s amazing! Where’d you learn to sing like that?”
  8. “You could sing a baby to sleep.”
  9. “Do you take requests, professional singer?”
  10. Say nothing and just listen.

✳️ - Our Muses are roommates. However, no matter how long they’ve been practically living together, they barely know one another. In a time of lonesomeness and boredom, your Muse finally decides it’s time to make a relationship with mine. Enter their room and begin.

  1. “Hey.. How are you? What are you up too?”
  2. “I’m heading out and i wanted to know if you wanted to come.”
  3. “Um.. Hey.. Could we do something together?..”
  4. “I made some sliced kiwi and have nothing to do with it so i was hoping we could eat it together?”
  5. “Do you avoid me?.. Why don’t we know each other better?..”
  6. “I have decided we’re becoming friends as of TODAY. We can’t keep living like this!”
  7. “Can we talk?.. I’m lonely..”
  8. “I heard about your plans later. Can i come?”
  9. “Hey, it’s me, roommate. Remember you have me?.. I’m not just here to eat all your food and waste money, i wanna hang out SOMETIME.”
  10. “Play with meeeeeeeee..”

🍷 - Your Muse is attending a new comers welcome party. Though it was fun, once food time had arrived, my Muse didn’t join anyone at the table, or all night to begin with. Allow your Muse to bring their plate and join them.

  1. “Man, it’s dark in here. Why are you eating in the dark?”
  2. “Aren’t you lonely? Don’t you wanna eat with everyone else?”
  3. “Not a people person either huh?”
  4. “Hey.. You alright? Not hungry?”
  5. “I don’t know you very well, but, you seem nice, i wanna eat with you instead.”
  6. “Well, i got lucky, looks like I’ll be sharing a private dinner with a cutie tonight.”
  7. “I saw you ditch the table. May i have your name, lone-wolf?”
  8. “I don’t want you to go hungry. Here. Just have mine.”
  9. “Hey.. How are you? You having a good time?”
  10. “Get out here, we need you.”
SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 4

nA/N: Hey, lovebugs! I just wanna thank you all for the feedback and hope you enjoy part four. Remember, 100 notes for the next chapter and make sure you drop feedback in my inbox. This ones a bit longer since some requested for it to be, so i hope you guys like it.

**Warning**: Smut(a blowjob to be specific)

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“No, you didn’t!”  Connor yelled as you told him about the details of your day. Felix on the other hand was laughing so hard he turned red and was curled up on the floor.

“What’s so funny?” You laughed along with them, taking a sip of Felix’s famous martinis. Living next door to a bartender that also happened to be your close friend pays off.

“You made him cum his pants on the third date, how lovely.” Felix laughed.“ I’m just surprised you’re even going through with this whole ordeal.”

“I am too. I don’t know what happened today, I felt so…” you trailed as you tried to find the right words to describe what you felt in that moment.

“Dominant and sexy?” Connor smirked as he took a sip of his own drink.


“Trust me, I know. I’ve loved the feeling from the first time and still do four years later.”

This caused you to widen your eyes in shock as Felix’s face flushed red. You shifted your eyes from him to Connor who still held a smug look on his face and back to Felix once again.

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the-word-weaver-of-the-faeries  asked:

43.“Can you explain why there are sheets strung up around the apartment?”“I built a fort.”

Will Solace, in his 21 years, would never have imagined that his boyfriend, Nico di Angelo the ‘Ghost King’, would ever have build a pillow fort. 

His boyfriend, that could raise an army of the undead with a flick of his wrist, built a fort made out of blankets and pillows and was inviting him inside.

“Why, exactly? Not that i’m complaining..” Will was slipping off his shoes and entering the fort, careful not to knock it down.

“I was bored.”, Nico shrugged and shoved some popcorn in his mouth. 

“Your boredom pushed you to build a intricate fort made of fluffy blankets, remind me again why do I love you?”, Will asked playfully, laying his head on Nico’s lap.

“Because I make intricate forts out of fluffy blankets because I’m bored.”, Nico said, “Oh and that I’m pretty fucking hot.”

“Can’t deny the truth.”, Will stole some popcorn from Nico, “So, what are we supposed to do now?”

“Now, we watch a movie.”, Nico ot out his laptop and turned on Netflix.

“At least take me out to dinner first, Nico. My gods.”, Will should have seen the pillow coming for his face. 

Nico picked a movie and started it. As the title card started playing, Nico put a careful arm around his boyfriend, like he was still the awkward 14 year old who didn’t know how to handle his feelings. Some things just never change. 

Will doesn’t know who fell asleep first. He didn’t know how the movie they were watchng ended happily or sadly. It had been a long and tiring day and Will was cuddled in Nico’s arms. Both of them were lying there, in happiness. Like two people in love.  

Hope you liked it Mist!!! Ari xxx :3 It’s short and sweet :p 

Sexting in Open Court

@barbabangme I am taking a break from smut forever after this omfg.  I hope it’s not too shit babe.
I am so tired rn but I had to post this tonight. I will be back to writing my fluffy stuffs next week guys. 

Lets put this cute gif of Rafi on it cos why not.

His face totally says “Yeah but you can’t send dirty messages like this and still win your case tho can you?” asdfghjkdsghsdjk I need sleep loool bye

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #109 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) The early 2000s have a lot of truly underrated gems, especially from Disney. Along with The Emperor’s New Groove and Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is probably one of the most underrated and overlooked films in their catalogue. Which is a true shame because it is such a great film.

2) This film opens with the city of Atlantis being washed away by a great flood, but if there was originally an alternate opening featuring vikings with the Shepard’s Journal in search of the fabled city. I prefer the opening we have, but you can watch the viking prologue if you want.

3) Michael J. Fox as Milo Thatch.

Originally posted by snowflake-owl

I saw this movie when it first came out in June of 2001. I fell in love with Back to the Future in February of 2009. So when I realized Marty McFly and Milo Thatch were one in the same my love for this film only grew. Fox brings a sincere enthusiasm to Milo, and like with the best voice acting you forget that you’re listening to Michael J. Fox. He BECOMES Milo, the guy who has to deal with everyone doubting him while still clinging true to his beliefs. It is a great character supported by an incredible actor.

4) There is a nice juxtaposition between how Helga sets up Mr. Whitmore (“Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Much.”) and the quirky little nut Mr. Whitmore actually is.

An enigmatic man who I would’ve liked to know more of, Whitmore is a little eccentric but comes off as a good hearted man. His relationship with Milo’s grandfather seems to be the defining thing in his life, so much so that he’s funding a multi-million (1914 million) dollar expedition to find a myth. John Mahoney (best known for the role of Frasier’s father on Frasier) gives a strong performance in his little bit of time, but this film is filled with strong voice over performances so it is no wonder his stacks up.

5) This line was improvised by Michael J. Fox:

Milo [after he throws up from being seasick]: “Carrots. Why is it always carrots? I didn’t even have carrots!”

6) Animated films tend to be short and with the added benefit of exaggeration need to establish personalities of supporting characters IMMEDIATELY. This is very true of the expedition’s crew. This starts with Jim Varney as Cookie, a hillbilly type who fits Varney’s comedic styling very nicely. Varney passed away before filming was complete, leaving some lines to have a stand in, but his life is in Cookie all the way.

Helga: “The men need their four basic food groups.”

Cookie [holding up three fingers]: “I’ve got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whiskey, & lard!”

7) Oh my god Vinny.

Every line out of Vinny’s mouth is glorious! Voiced by Don Novello, Novello makes Vinny his own in the same way that James Woods made Hades his own in Hercules. I saw a behind the scenes featurette for this film way back when that said Novello improv-d a lot of lines and most of them are included in the film. Vinny is hysterical, with his penchant for blowing things up and dead pan delivery. The crew is made up of a bunch of great individuals & Vinny is no exception.

8) Rourke…

Rourke is the captain of the expedition and - after the film’s twist - turns out to be the main villain. Voiced by James Garner, Rourke is honestly at his most interesting towards the end when he can be a ruthless bad guy. Up until that point he’s a pretty good commander and seems like an honest man. But looks can be deceiving.

9) There are so many jokes you don’t get in these movies when you were a kid (just wait until I do Shrek). For example:

Mole [about his dirt from different countries]: “England must never merge with France!”

10) Although Vinny is awesome, there’s a good chance that Sweets is my favorite crew member in the film.

He’s fast talking, genuinely kind, a good doctor, and when the crew needs to start acting like bad guys he’s the first to abandon Rourke and his selfish quest (although much more quietly than the other characters). Phil Morris - like the other actors - breathes such life and personality into Sweets that you don’t even question that he’s real.

11) I love the wit in this film.

Sweets [presenting Milo with the vials presented above]: “Here, I’m going to need you to fill these up.”

Milo: “WITH WHAT!?”

12) And to round out the crew, Audrey.

Like most of the crew, we learn more about Audrey in a pivotal scene later. But when we first meet her she’s already impressive. Just a teenager, Audrey is the head engineer on the expedition and tough as nails. She knows her shit and is tough as hell, but that’s not why she’s awesome. Well, that’s not the ONLY reason she’s awesome. But more on that later.

13) The Leviathan.

Mike Mignola, the creator and artist behind the character Hellboy, is credited as a production designer on this film. Nowhere is his influence more clearly scene than the leviathan, the mechanical sea beast meant to defend the entrance to Atlantis. It is an impressive feat of imagination and animation, a creature which is truly menacing in both size and design. The leviathan and its attack on the submarine crew could quite well be the best part of this film.

13.5) Why does a science expedition have battle stations? I mean, now we know because they’re mercenaries. But did this not raise any red flags?

14) God bless Packard. I’m not even sure what her role on the ship is besides announcer, but god bless her.

Originally posted by miusix

15) The pivotal scene for so many of these characters in this film is when Milo eats with them for the first time and we get their backstory.

  • Sweets’ of mixed descent, part black part Native American (I believe he said he’s Navajo). He studied to be a doctor when he got enlisted in the army.
  • Audrey’s father wanted sons, one to run his auto shop and another to become world boxing champion. Her sister has a shot at the title.
  • Vinny’s family owned a flower shop and when the business next door blew up, “It was like a sign from god! I found myself in that ‘boom.’”

And then of course we get this line.

Milo: “What’s Mole’s story?”

Sweets: “Trust me on this one. You don’t wanna know. Audrey, don’t tell him. You shouldn’t have told me, but you did. And now I’m tellin’ you, you don’t wanna know.”

You see THIS is what fleshes out these characters. Its this one scene which makes them more than jokes or stereotypes or archetypes, but real people. We get their conflict, their history. We learn of Audrey’s family, of Vinny’s boredom with flowers, or Sweets’ history in the army. THIS is what makes the film standout in the way it does.

16) Kida.

Originally posted by heymadmoizelle

It’s too bad Atlantis didn’t do too well at the box-office, otherwise Kida might take her place among the official Disney Princess line. Along the same lines as Mulan, Kida is a warrior princess. A woman who can kick ass but also loves her father and her people very dearly. Cree Summer is an accomplished actress in the voice over world, with Kida possibly being one of her finest roles. Kida is tough but never mean, curious but never overbearing, capable but able to form a meaningful relationship with Milo (while also not being too over the top lovey dovey), and just an all around great character.

17) Hey look, its Spock!

Leonard Nimoy has had a number of voice over roles, particularly in the 21st century. Its nice hearing him in this, even if we don’t get to spend too much time with the king.

18) So you know the trope of a 100+ year old vampire forming a slightly weird relationship with a much younger woman?

Originally posted by moan-s


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Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

19) The betrayal of the crew wouldn’t have hurt nearly as much as it does if it weren’t for the scene where we get all their backstories.

Notably we don’t get the backstories of the two most evil characters in the film: Rourke & Helga. This is when Rourke becomes REALLY interesting and when James Garner has a lot of fun as the bad guy. He’s a brute! A bully! He’s ruthless, pretty much kills the king, beats on Milo when he’s down, all while cracking a jock and flexing his impressive muscles for a 60+ year old man. Rourke doesn’t get enough credit as a Disney bad guy in my opinion.

20) I love this.

Milo [after Rourke asks him to translate better]: “I know, why don’t you translate AND I’LL WAVE THE GUN AROUND!”

I live for heroes telling bad guys who are “in control” to f*** off.

21) The entire crystal chamber scene is just absolutely gorgeous. The early 2000s were noteworthy for frequent mingling of hand drawn and computer animation, with Atlantis being one of the finest examples of it.

Also this shot is gorgeous:

Originally posted by curvecreation

22) I never got this line.

Rourke (after his crew decide to stick with Milo & the Atlanteans): “PT Barnum was right.”

Only now do I know one of Barnum’s famous quotes is, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And I had to google it.

22.5) Fun fact: Joss Whedon worked on the story for this film! For you Whedonites out there, doesn’t “PT Barnum was right.” sound like a very Whedon-y line?

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23) Okay, as a child and even now I was OBSESSED with crystalized Rourke.

Like that image is just very memorable to me, especially after Rourke was supposedly killed by being encased in crystal. It’s too bad we only got a minute or so of it before the airship crashed, but damn that’s just the coolest thing to me. If there are any Kingdom Hearts fans reading this, imagine this: A Rourke boss fight, where after you beat him the first time you have to fight his crystal form and its an even tougher fight.

24) And of course Milo stays in Atlantis at the end, because it is what he and his grandfather sent their entire lives searching for. What would be the point of returning to the surface where either A) no one will believe him, or B) people will believe him and try to take advantage of this culture they found? It’s a great ending which makes a lot of sense.

I love Atlantis. It’s one of my favorite Disney films, but it maybe wouldn’t be if it weren’t so underrated. If you’re a fan of action, adventure, Disney, animation, or heck, even Stargate, I think you’ll enjoy this film.

Bad Boy x Princess AU

“All I’m saying is that you lend me your wand for one second and-”


“C'mon, princess! Do you have any idea how funny using that… syrup… tsunami thing… in the hallways would be? Janna and Oscar would kill to pull off a prank like that!”

Star rolled her eyes at the boy, picking up her pace as the two headed towards the school. “Your immature prank would have quite the punishment from your administrators.”

Marco scoffed. “And when has that ever stopped me before?”

“You do understand that another large scale prank would result in you leaving the school permanently, yes?”

“Gee, since when did you start to care, princess? Are you finally starting to like having me around?” he asked teasingly, nudging her arm.

Star swatted his hand away with her wand and brushed her sleeves as if to dust the filth from her clothes. “Just as an owner would grow fond of a dog, I suppose even I could learn to appreciate the company of a subhuman animalistic brute like yourself.”

“Well, screw you too, princess.”

“Language, Marco Diaz. But in truth, I would prefer not to have you leave the school so suddenly, otherwise I would need to settle in with another host family, and I sincerely doubt they would be as accepting as your household.”

Marco chuckled. “Yeah, my parents are pretty cool like that, aren’t they? Trust me, you’ll never find a better family like mine, you hear?”

Star stopped, turning around and tapped the boy’s head repeatedly with her wand. “Yes, that’s why I am not lending you this wand for your silly pranks. I happen to like your family.” She turned on her heels and continued to walk towards the entrance of the school.

He growled at her actions, rubbing his head. “Keep that up and I’ll kick you out of the house myself…” He caught up to the princess, ‘accidentally’ bumping into other students as he walked through the hallway. “You know, princess, you should really cut loose, once in awhile. Cause some mayhem, why don’t you? Enough with the royal crap. Just relax, enjoy life. Let crazy stuff happen! It’s better than being a total killjoy bitch all the-”

She spun around, giving a death stare to her host. “This ‘killjoy bitch’ is going to cast you into the void if you continue spouting out any more stupidity.” Marco stared at the princess, shocked at her sudden outburst… and their sudden closeness. He blinked a few times, trying to hold back his blush while keeping his heart under control. Star held her ground for a moment, glaring at the boy at close proximity before nervously breaking down, holding her hands to her mouth. “Oh nononononononono, I just said a bad word, I’m so sorry. I promise never to say that again, why did I say that, such foul language, it feels awful, it’s disgusting! I’m sorry, mother. I’m sorry, father. Oh nononono,” she rambled.

Marco shook his head, his heart now beating properly, and stared in disbelief at how quickly she changed. “…Wow… That's… kind of sad.”

Star wiped her mouth, whimpering at her outburst. “I should never say such a thing, I’m the princess of Mewni. Royal families never say such vulgar language…”

“Man, you are really letting this whole royalty thing get to your head. Just relax. A few curse words isn’t gonna kill you.” The boy rolled his eyes, smirking at the teen’s reaction. “Such a drama queen. Like you ever did anything bad in your life.”

“That’s… not true. I used to be quite the rebellious child.”

“Oh no. What’d you do? Stay up past your bedtime?”

“Well, that too, but much more after that. I was almost as much of a delinquent as you. I just choose not to do those things anymore. It’s uncivilized and unethical.”

Marco scratched his chin, thinking. “Unethical, huh? Well, how’s this for unethical. You do something bad and I promise… I’ll make some super awesome nachos for you.”

Star’s eyes widened. “Wh… r-really?”

He smiled. Despite how restrained the princess acted, she could never turn down his nachos. “Absolutely! That is… if you can do a little bad…”

“W-well… I…” She bit her lips, weighing her options. Nervously laughing, she turned around and tried to distract herself from the idea of the delicious meal. “Y-you can’t bribe me like that, you fool. A-as if I-I’d subject myself to doing immoral things just for a simple plate of your… delicious… nachos…”

“I’ll add more cheese this time-”

The princess grabbed his shoulders, pulling him close to her face. “What do you need me to do?”

Once again, Marco’s heart raced, his blush slowly revealing itself. “O-okay… well… here’s an idea…”


“You can’t be serious…”

“Go on, princess. All you have to do is pull the fire alarm.”

“But… there is no fire…”

“No, there isn’t. Now pull the alarm.”

Star looked nervously at the vibrant red alarm, biting her lips once more. “Er… M-maybe we can do something else. I mean, there’s no point in inconveniencing everyone and evacuating the building.”

“Believe me, you’ll be doing everyone a favor. Save them from the boredom 'n stuff.”

“Okay, but consider this idea, what if-”

“Do you want your nachos or not?”

“…” She looked back at the red device. “But…”

“No alarm, no nachos.”

Star hesitantly reached out to the handle and in a swift motion pulled the alarm. The blaring sound echoed through the hallways, making the pair wince at the obnoxious sound. A teacher came out from one of the classrooms and found the two standing by.

“Did you two pull the alarm!?”

Star nodded slowly, scared of the repercussions.

“Good work, you two! One of my students mixed the wrong chemicals and started a fire!”

“What!?” The teens shouted.

“Get going! You definitely saved some students!”

The teacher continued to escort the remaining students out of the room, leaving Star and Marco in disbelief.

“…You gotta be kidding me…”


“Alright, princess. That obviously didn’t work out so well.” Marco took his seat at the park bench.

Star shrugged. “I wouldn’t say that. After all, there was a real fire in the classroom.”

“You’re supposed to do something bad. That was a good thing you did back there.”

“Thank you!”

“That wasn’t a compliment…” He sighed, looking around for another opportunity, observing the bystanders talking among themselves, eating their own food and walking their dogs. “Hmm… alright… new plan. Ready to annoy some people?”

“I would prefer not to.”

“Great. See those dogs? I want you to cut the leashes and let them run like crazy. The owners should have a hard time getting them under control.”

Star glanced at the several dogs in the park, walking alongside their masters. “Perhaps… maybe one dog will suffice? I would be ruining someone’s day doing that. No need do it to everyone, right?”


The very name of the food made her mouth salivate. She coughed and mumbled to herself. “…R-right…”

With the wand in her hand, she pointed it in the general direction of the dogs and shot multiple bursts of light, burning the leashes and freeing the animals. She then created a floating squeak ball and let it roam the park, gathering the attention of dogs as they followed the ball, running from their masters.

“Heh… nice one, princess-”

“Hey!” The two turned to see one of the dog owners standing over them. “Did you just make that floating ball?”

Marco leaned over and whispered to the princess. “Ooooooh, you’re in trouble…”

She shot a dirty look at the boy before returning her attention to the owner. “Um… y-yes?”

“That… is awesome!”


“My dog has a ton of energy and it takes me hours to walk the little guy. That floating ball is just what I needed!”

Marco stood up, annoyed at the owner’s reaction. “Dude! Your dog is running around the park unsupervised because of this girl and you’re okay with that?”

“Meh, these dogs are well trained enough.”

“God… damn it.”

“Language, Marco Diaz.”


The two returned home after an exhausting day of trying to find something bad for Star to do. By some rule of the universe, everything the princess did ended up being for the better. After the park, they tried vandalizing cars, starting fights, making the sidewalk slippery, even making prank phone calls! All of which ended up benefiting people rather than producing negative outcomes. It was impossible for Star Butterfly be bad.

“This was a wasted day,” Marco said, taking his seat on the couch.

“Come now, Marco Diaz. I thought it was plenty of fun.”

“Yeah, fun because it ended up helping people.”

“Isn’t that the best kind of fun?”

He stuck his tongue out, pretending to gag at how corny she sounded. “Yeah… sure princess…”

“Now… about those nachos…”

“Yeah, no. You still didn’t do anything bad.”

“…What if I steal something?”

“You’re gonna steal something? Yeah right. You stealing something would probably make someone richer.”

“I’ll steal from you.”

Marco laughed. “HA! Okay, now that’s rich. Go ahead, see if you can steal something from me. I’ll genuinely be impressed if you can snag anything-” Star leaned in and kissed the boy on his cheek, causing him to jump back to the other side of the couch with a red face. He brought a hand to his cheek, trying to process what she just did. “W-what… you… why…”

“I stole a kiss,” she simply stated with a smirk on her face. “I believe I deserve some nachos, yes?”

Marco’s heart pumped rapidly at her action, he was certain she could hear the beat. “U-um…”

Star took her seat on the couch, and smiled. “I’ll be waiting for my prize.”

Marco slowly backed into the kitchen, keeping his eye on the princess. He turned the corner and leaned against the counter. “Steal a kiss…?”

He let out a small nervous chuckle, his face burning as he replayed the moment in his mind.

“That’s just cheating… Star…”


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Like a Snack

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A/N: Happy birthday to @iknowyoufeelme You wanted me to write you a Thick!Y/N with your personality so here’s your gift! 

Warning: Contains Some Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Ashton’s jaw clenched when you deliberately walked in front of the television blocking his view. His jaw wasn’t clenched in anger. It was clenched in half anger and half arousal. His eyes rolled in their sockets at your pettiness, but for some reason they stayed locked on your back as you headed towards the front door. “Where are you headed?” Ashton questioned, head turning to the side to look at your properly. 

“Out,” you replied in monotone. His eyebrows rose at your words and Ashton took in the outfit you were wearing. You were in some skintight dark wash leggings that hugged your curves in a way that drove Ashton crazy. The bodysuit you were wearing showed a lot of your cleavage. The floral patterns strategically scattered on the top looked bright against everything else you were wearing. This whole outfit made Ashton what to ask you exactly where you were going and who you were going to be with. 

“Out where and who with?” Ashton asked this time, biting onto his tongue at the tone of his voice. He didn’t want to sound possessive but with you looking the way you did he couldn’t help it. You turned around to look at him and your head tilted to the side at his question. 

“I’m going to see a friend and I don’t have to tell you everything,” you told him, grabbing your purse and leaving. Ashton sighed at your response. You were still upset with him. 

About two weeks ago you and Ashton had gotten into an argument over you not changing the toilet paper roll when you were the one to use it up. It was a pet peeve of Ashton’s and he was sick of always replacing it. At first Ashton would just put up with it, but after some time he got fed up and began to fuss at you over not replacing it. He had even taken a stand and had refuse to buy toilet paper or replace it if the two of you even had some. It was never fun when the both of you were stubborn as can be. Since Ashton was taking a stand you decided to play him at his own game. If you had to use the restroom at home then you showered afterwards to avoid getting another toilet paper roll. It had gotten to a point where you bought yourself flushable wipes if you had to do something other than peeing. 

Ever since, you had been giving Ashton the cold shoulder and doing things to upset him out of spite. You were petty to a fault something Ashton knew the minute he started to date you. Not to mention since Ashton was on thin ice with you he wasn’t able to touch you in the way that he wanted. Along with that you dressed in a way that made him crave your touch. For a week you had been going out. Passing by Ashton is some tight outfits and answering his questions in vague ways. Five minutes had passed after your departure and he was quick on his feet. Racing off the couch and rushing to place on his shoes. Ashton was done with the games and if you thought you were going to go out looking like that without him by your side then you were sadly mistaken. Ashton wasn’t going to tell you how to dress knowing good and well that if he did you’d tell him what was what. No, Ashton was the type of man to let other men know you were his. Anytime someone was looking your way all he had to do was reach back and grab your ass. A small gesture to let other guys know that you were his.

It didn’t take him long to find your car. Some white Mercedes was between your car and Ashton’s as he trailed behind. He knew it was wrong to be following you, but Ashton was becoming a bit desperate especially when it came to you. It was clear to anyone that saw your relationship from the outside that you were the one calling the shots. Ashton’s behavior when you were around was similar to that of a dog’s. Obedient and full of love. He of course had his limits when it came to some stuff, but overall Ashton worshiped the ground you walked on. Ashton had seen enough spy movies to not drive too close to your car otherwise you’d figure out he was following you. Unbeknownst to Ashton you had already seen his car when you had stopped at a red light. He wasn’t at all conspicuous. Just to play with him, you had decided to call Ashton. “H-Hey babe,” Ashton chirped into the phone, his eyes locked on the back window of your car as he drove.

“Why are you following me?” you asked him, your own car turning into the parking lot of a playground. Ashton cursed under his breath and he cleared his throat. 

“What are you talking about?” he mumbled out, driving pass where you had stopped your car and circling around the block. You smirked at his words and shook your head in amusement at how childish he was acting. 

“I’m not stupid Ashton,” you sighed out, seeing his car drive right back around towards the park. “Are you going to keep circling around like a creeper and have the neighborhood watch call the cops or are you going to park and come talk to me?” Ashton remained quiet for a few seconds and soon he was driving back around the block, but this time Ashton pulled up next to you. You were leaning against the driver side door of your car, arms crossed over your chest as you watched Ashton exit his car. “Care to explain why you’re following me?” you said, looking at Ashton with boredom. 

“When are you going to stop with this?” he questioned, the tone he was using matched yours. 

“Stop with what?” you asked making a groan leave Ashton’s lips. You were starting to annoy him and Ashton knew you were doing it on purpose.

“You’re so goddamn stubborn,” Ashton hissed, blowing air out of his nose in frustration. You smirked at the reaction you received from him. “I can’t keep doing this with you! All I asked was for you to replace the toilet paper roll after you were the one to use it all up and suddenly you treat me like dirt!” Your eyes widened a bit at Ashton’s outburst. You had clearly struck a nerve with him. “Then-then you start doing shit to deliberately rile me up! Going out partying and not telling me when you plan to be home. You know I’m starting to think you’re cheating on me? Each time I ask you when you’re going to come home or where you’re going to be you act as if I’m interrogating you.” Ashton sucked in a deep breath at his little rant. He was panting and his eyes narrowed at you. You were shocked not sure what to say. You didn’t want him to think you were cheating. It was always hard for you to show some remorse because you thrived on being petty. When you became petty you were ruthless as can be. “Cut the crap because I sure as hell will play you at your own game and trust me Princess you don’t want to see me to start acting petty. It won’t be pretty.” he said in a low voice. “And what is this!” he yelled in exasperation gesturing at the outfit you were wearing. “I’ve never seen you wear that. You can’t give me the cold shoulder and then start walking around looking like a snack.”

“A snack?” you chuckled, “Baby I look like the whole buffet.” Your hand went down to rest at your hip as you gestured down at yourself with the other hand. Ashton’s words got caught in his throat at your words. It was then that he realized you were enjoying this. You were enjoying watching him squirm. Enjoying the fact that he was slightly cursing you out right now. It almost seemed to turn you on and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Ashton’s tongue poked out to lick at his lips and he tried not to look at your body in lust. His mind already running wild at the thought of caressing your curves and being between your large thighs. 

“Tell me where you’re going,” Ashton demanded this time. Your teeth sunk down into your bottom lip at how gruff his voice came out and suddenly your agenda had changed.

“Wherever you want me to go,” you replied the smirk on your face growing when you saw Ashton’s eyes finally glaze over in lust. He was starting to lose his composure and you were basking in it. It always turned you on when Ashton put you in your place, but you enjoyed being the one in charge right now. 

“Fuck,” Ashton huffed, hand coming up to run through his hair. He turned away from you trying to wrap his mind around what exactly was happening. Ashton had followed you in hopes of seeing what was going on. He wanted this cold war the two of you had to end and somehow you both had gone off track. Ashton looked back at you and you tilted your head to the side. You stared at him with a sly smile. “Don’t do that,” Ashton said, shaking his head. He was suppose to be angry with you.

“Do what?” you smiled. Your mouth opened to say something else but you didn’t get the chance to. Ashton’s lips crashing against yours in a feverish kiss. You kissed him back with passion and your arms wrapped around his neck to pull him closer. Ashton moaned into the kiss his hands going down to grip at your hips in desperation. You knew he was hard. Just from how much he was gripping at your ass and trying hard to unzip your pants you knew you had Ashton right where you wanted him. The kiss broke and Ashton’s lips trailed down your neck to nibble at your sweet spot. “We’re at a park,” you moaned out realizing Ashton was trying to get you out of your clothes. He pulled away from you and looked around at your surroundings. It was dark out and the park was deserted. 

“When has that ever stopped us?” Ashton questioned going back to marking your skin. His tongue slid over the bruise that had formed on your neck. You pulled back and gave him a look of bewilderment.

“Okay having sex in a dressing room or public bathroom is different. This is a park, Ashton. The actual outside I’m not doing that,” you scolded. His head fell back between his shoulders and an annoyed sound left his lips. You had been depriving him of sex for two weeks and Ashton wasn’t going to let this situation get in his way. He sighed deeply and the looked between his and your car. 

“A quickie in the slide?” he suggested earning a glare and shake of head from you. Ashton palmed at his hard on as he thought of where else to go. He wasn’t going to make it if you two had decided to drive all the way back home. For some reason you knew what he was thinking and nodded your head towards your truck. 

“My trunk is empty and I can push the backseat down for space,” you sighed. Ashton nodded vigorously at your words and you popped the trunk open to let the seats down. You could only hope that cops wouldn’t drive by and peek inside. Once inside you and Ashton went back to making out. Soon you had him out of his pants and his cock in your mouth. Ashton was laid back on his elbows watching your head bob up and down at a steady rhythm. One of his hands reached out to grab at your bare ass. His fingers slipping between your legs to play with your clit. You moaned around his cock and your head lifted up so you could suck in some air. Your tongue slowly swirled around the head of his cock and Ashton cursed under his breath. You sucked on the tip and took him down your throat once more. He loved watching you go down on him. The sight alone could send him over the edge. You began to rock back against Ashton’s fingers when they slipped inside of you. The two digits making your cunt burn in pleasure. You couldn’t wait to have him inside of you and hopefully the two of you could get pass this little argument you were having. Knowing after this fuck fest you’d stop giving Ashton the cold shoulder and go back to being the lovey dovey couple you were. 

I don’t feel depressed, exactly. I just feel bored. So utterly bored that it gnaws away at my insides and makes me toss and turn with every thought. Everything I do bores me. I don’t even have the energy to try anymore so I just lay here, feeling that boredom ebb away at my mind, hoping I fall asleep or stop existing sometime soon because you know what? I can’t cope with this for much longer.

Better With You

Summary: Justin has some revelations about you while on tour.

Warnings: like one cuss word, making out, light smut 

Word Count: 1364

A/N: See I told ya’ll I’d get something with Justin posted (: Let me know what you think!(:

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Justin ran his fingers through his hair slightly grasping onto the strands pulling lightly on them. He was beyond bored and frustration was soon ebbing it’s way through him. He had gotten done with rehearsals over an hour and a half ago and he had nothing to do until it was time to perform. Unfortunately for him that meant five hours of waiting around, trying to entertain himself. He knows his boredom has everything to do with the fact that Y/N had just left to go back to filming her movie and she was no longer around.

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Creepypasta #1214: The Fairest Of Them All

Length: Short

When I was a boy, perhaps around four or five, I would make faces in the bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth. What else are you supposed to do with all that time? Two minutes twice a day is an eternity of boredom when you’re a child. 

So I would brush, my Santa beard of toothpaste occasionally beading into the sink, and I would make faces. I would raise my eyebrows, and crinkle my nose, perhaps smile a sinister smile. I would see how fast I could go - alternating between my fun masks.

I remember when my mother caught me. Her eyes were wide but her voice was gentle. She reminded me not to make faces. 

“Sometimes,” she said, “sometimes people’s faces get stuck like that forever. Best not to risk it.” And with a pat on the bottom she sent me off to bed.

It was only years later that I figured out the real reason why you shouldn’t make faces in the mirror. Sometimes, you see… sometimes it can’t quite keep up.

Credits to: PattyMcWagon (story)

Kenny the ISFP-T


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.

Kenny… I fully expect this to be a tough one.

Introverted – “ I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing when I decide to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me.”

Well this one’s easy. Kenny’s very clearly an introvert. He talks to only a handful of people and only chooses a few moments to do so, other times simply taking in information or satiating his own boredom. But socializing? Not one of his hobbies. There’s even some times where he’s silent even when people directly talk to him.

 His reactions are mostly internal, making external reactions seem very minimal.

Another thing I noticed, on the topic of that ^ Kenny doesn’t really talk to his parents. It’s more like they tell each other things and then that’s the end of it. 

There are only a handful of scenes I’ve seen where Kenny talks to his parents and they’re all short and to the point. The only exception is when he’s dressed as Mysterion. That’s actually an interesting thing to note. I could totally see Kenny using this as a way to talk to his family completely unfiltered.

The fact that Kenny doesn’t talk to his family much actually makes the depiction of his friendships even more heartwarming, since with the four boys he definitely comes out of his shell, showing a little snippet of every side of him to them.

But even then, he’s still pretty reserved. There’s very few times when Kenny will do something like go on a long winded speech or go out of his way to start a conversation. That’s got nothing to do with a comfort zone. That’s just the way Kenny is. He’s not shy, especially with his filthy mouth. He just doesn’t talk much.

Sensing – “Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me.“

When I took the test I got the result of INTJ, but that was a little while ago, and looking at Kenny with the info I’m reading about the MBTI, the way he makes decisions is definitely in a Sensing approach, not an Intuitive approach.

Kenny is very much about the reality of every situation. He observes things in a very “that’s the way it is” manner, constantly weighing his options over whether or not it’s worth taking action as opposed to letting it happen. Most of the time he doesn’t interfere with most things, probably from a fear of dying if things escalate too quickly, which, they tend to do. And that of course is because of his repeated experience of dying at the drop of a hat. 

But that’s when things are already in motion. On the flip side, when nothing is happening and he is asked to do something, he often doesn’t object. Especially if it’s for the sake of an activity for his friends,

or for the sake of money.

But despite all the watching and thinking he does, he really doesn’t bother with philosophical or morally dubious questions. It’s an easy task for Kenny to accept things the way they are without much hesitation, and he can’t really be bothered with the question why. 

That’s probably how he ended up being Cartman’s best friend. A loyal friend who doesn’t ask questions makes for a good partner in crime.

Feeling –  “I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. In my relationships, I appear caring, warm, and tactful.”

Probably the biggest misconception in the fandom is how Kenny handles relationships. Sure he talks a lot about how he wants to fuck tons of bitches to his friends and is incredibly crude about it, but that’s not how he treats his girlfriends.

Despite his frustrations with them and the fact that he actually does want to get laid with them, he treats them very sweetly and never directs any anger towards the particular girl he’s with. 

And even when it looks like he’s not going to get what he wants he still sticks around with them, even though he’s not happy with the outcome. He’ll go along with it for them. 

The fact that he changed his entire lifestyle for Tammy with no hope of a reward was a very drastic decision, but considering it was his first real life girlfriend it was probably a nice change to his usual domestic setting.

At a first glance this may not seem like a drastic decision considering it’s just settling into a dreary life, but it really is one. Kenny was consistently exposed to completely different stimulants before he went along with Tammy’s weird ring philosophy. Huffing paint, drawing tits, playing bloody video games, looking at playboys… For him to live a very opposite life, even when Tammy wasn’t around to catch him doing something different is very much an extreme. And it’s very rare for him to do.

Usually consistent in his everyday but subtly delinquent life, Kenny’s decision making rarely leads him to jumping into action. When it does, it’s purely emotion driven.

And most of the time incredibly reckless.

Those decisions aren’t logic driven. There may be logic behind it, but that isn’t what makes them happen. He feels the emotion, for maybe a few seconds he may rationalizes, but then he just does it.

Perceiving - “I use my perceiving function (whether it is Sensing or Intuition) in my outer life. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information. I like to stay open to respond to whatever happens. I appear to be loose and casual. I like to keep plans to a minimum. I work in bursts of energy.”

Kenny doesn’t give a fuck. 

I mean he does, but he certainly doesn’t think it’s worth worrying over. Kenny goes with the flow. STDs? Fuck it let’s roll the dice. Girlfriend not giving you a blowjob? Fuck it, watch some Grey’s Anatomy. Peruvian Flute Band stealing your thunder? Fuck it let’s dance.

He’s very fond of not being stressed and he definitely doesn’t like to brood. Slowing down to Kenny is the worst and he’d always rather being doing something than sitting down and moping about something not going his way.

Kenny just goes wherever life takes him, constantly being entertained by what he sees and just going with it as best he can.

Kenny isn’t negative or bored unless he’s absolutely forced to be. He’ll look for any kind of stimulant to avoid boredom and negativity. And considering he’s poor and lives in an abusive household, sometimes these wacky adventures his best friend and friend group drag him on aren’t around enough. Sometimes he needs a little substitute.

Kenny isn’t picky. He’s flexible and willing to try anything.

Overall Kenny is definitely a rare type of character. The quiet kid who will roll with anything you throw at him. An incredibly loyal friend who talks about doing the filthiest things but is also a sweetheart to women, and also a little bit of a druggie. But somehow, it all ties together. Character goals.

That’s my character analysis on Kenny. Next up is Cartman… oh boy, that’s gonna be fun.

Stan the ESFP-T
Kyle the INFJ-A

some gifs I made myself, the others you can find at @south-park-gifs