this is what a saturday afternoon does to you

honestly though hermione and ron would be the best parents ever

  • ron reading babbitty rabbitty and the tale of the three brothers and basically all of beedle the bard with just the right voices and funny inflections every bedtime
  • hermione ensuring that her children know the classic muggle fairy tales–with her own twist ofc–”now rosie, what does sleeping beauty teach us about the history of females and their status within literature?” 
  • ron tucking the kids in with a warm glass of milk and cookies; “never underestimate the value of good food, hugo”
  • hermione flipping pancakes in the morning in the shape of spell movements (”swish and flick, darlings! you too, ronald”)
  • ron taking rose out for her first broomstick ride while hugo clutches hermione’s hand fearfully
  • the kids growing up to saturday morning rituals of quidditch games with the Weasley cousins and sunday afternoon pot roasts with Grandma Weasley (”grandma, i’m full!” “nonsense!”)
  • holidays at the grangers’ in australia, ron making sure that they go hiking on every single nature preserve (”there’s no way that thing’s not magicked up, hermione, look at its stomach” “ronald, how many times do i have to tell you about the bloody kangaroo???”)
  • hermione coming home from a long day at work, ready to topple over, only to find ron, the kids, and a scrumptious steak dinner ready to go
  • ron taking first rose and then hugo with him to the joke shop and buying ice cream as a special treat and strolling down diagon alley, smiling and waving at everyone who knows the local shop proprietor
  • hermione taking them to gringotts, showing them the ins and outs of money, teaching them to value and save
  • both parents cementing their children’s open mindedness with exposure to both wizarding and muggle worlds, trying their best to make sure they understand the beauty and importance in both
  • the first time a boy pushes rosie on the playground and runs away, ron leaps up, furious, only to stand openmouthed as hermione races to the boy, sits him down, and looks on approvingly as rosie demands an apology and proud hermione rounds up all the kids for a lesson on expressing their feelings healthily (”not everyone has the emotional range of a teaspoon, ron” “hermione, are you ever going to let that–” “nope”)
  • wild car rides with ron at the helm, hermione clutching on to the seat rest with a firm look of disapproval and slight terror
  • ron and hermione trying their best to protect their children from the fame and paparazzi every day, refusing to allow them to be photographed; “my children make their own future, thank you very much” (hermione still keeps tabs on rita skeeter ofc)
  • yet never hiding their scars, “mudblood” and tentacle marks alike, answering the children’s questions readily and without reserve, because they have a right to know, to understand their history as a family and as a society
  • the house always bulging with books, food, and laughter
  • ron and hermione telling rose and hugo each and every day how much they love them, how precious and wonderful and smart and amazing they are
  • hugs always, everywhere and anywhere
  • yummy snacks and meals readily supplied by a doting grandmother and father
  • rose and hugo growing up, nurtured by love, shaped by wisdom, taught with compassion and fairness and trust
  • ron and hermione doing their best to raise their children to smile and not scowl, to be accepting and reasonable and kind always, to live their joyful childhood that was cut so short, praying and hoping and trying to make sure that, god forbid, nothing like their terrors will ever happen again
  • making mistakes and stumbling, but doing it all together with giggles and apologies and kisses
  • just hermione and ron as mum and dad, who fought for peace and live in it, thankful every day for the world they were able to create for their children.
Blurbs: Neighbors


Today was the day that you would paint your apartment. The paint cans had been sitting in your living room for two weeks, which didn’t bother you but it bothered  Fred. Fred was determined to remove those eyesores from your living room, and after listening to him tease you on the matter for several weeks you finally caved. Now the two of you were spending your Saturday afternoon painting your living room, and you hadn’t stopped smiling since the moment he arrived.

“I don’t understand why they couldn’t just call this color grey,” Fred joked. “ Why does it have to be called porpoise.”

“Fred, there are multiple shades of colors not just the one. Don’t you notice the undertone of blue in the color instead of it simply looking grey,” you inquired. When Fred rolled his eyes at you, you walked up behind him, rolling your roller down his back.

“Y/N what was that for?” Fred gasped in surprise. “This was my best painting shirt.” You smirked, happy with your handy work.

“Now you’ll never forget what porpoise looks like,” you winked. Just as you turned back to the wall you were painting, you heard Fred stepping toward you and you spun around just in time to prevent him from painting your shirt.

“Aw come on Y/N be a good sport. There’d be no purpose of keeping this paint to myself,” Fred grinned reaching for your arm causing you to shriek with amusement.

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You smiled in relief as George unlocked the door of your apartment. For some odd reason you tended to get locked out of your apartment fairly often, at least twice a week. When your friend and neighbor George saw you calling locksmiths twice a week, he insisted that you give him your key. Every time he unlocked your door, you treated him to tea and scones promising him that you wouldn’t lock yourself out again. The next week it happened all over again; you’d leave your keys on the counter or at work and George would come to save you. As time went on you began to love the days you’d forget your keys because those were the days you got to spend time with George. “One of these days you’re going to get tired of me offering tea and scones,” you teased as you set the kettle on the stove.

“Oh I’d never get tired of this. It’s not really the tea I come for anymore Y/N,” George admitted. “It’s more for the company actually.” You felt warmth creeping up your face and looked away in embarrassment.

“Oh you don’t really mean that,” you blushed your eyes not meeting his. “I’m just the silly girl who forgets her key.”

“Y/N, look at me please,” George asked, his voice soft. Obediently, you looked up into his orbs, which were focused on you. “It’s not just about unlocking the door for you Y/N. I’ve always wanted to get to know you better and these chats have allowed me to do that.”  You felt red flowers of embarrassment blooming on your face once more.

“Any particular reason you want to get to know me better George?” you inquired, your pulse quickening in anticipation of his answer as you dared to move closer to him.

“So I could do this,” George answered as he pulled you closer to him and placed his lips over yours. His kisses were gentle and slow as they tried to memorize the movement of your lips. You loved how his lips felt against yours, sending sparks of electricity down your spine the longer you stayed connected. The kiss was much too short, but then again the two of you never confessed the feelings you had toward each other.  

“I suppose the next time I lock myself out, we can go out on a proper date,” you offered, still in shock over what happened.

“Don’t forget the tea and scones Y/N,” George whispered in your ear before placing another kiss on your lips. “We can’t go without those can we?”  

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Warnings: Stalker / Creepy person following you


“Harry!” you called as you pushed the buzzer to his room frantically. “Harry please let me in the building.” You could hear the footsteps growing closer, and your heart thumped faster in terror as you continued press the buzzer. In your rush to get to your apartment, you left your keycard in your car. When you realized you were missing your keycard, you heard heavy footsteps and laughter behind you forcing you to abandon the idea of returning to your car. Now you were at the mercy of Harry to open the door before the person in the shadows reached you.
“Come on little lady don’t you want to have a fun time?” the stranger called in the dark, making your blood go cold. Where was Harry? Just when you were about to give up hope, you saw Harry running toward the door wand drawn. When he opened the door, you wrapped your arms around him, tears in your eyes.

“I didn’t think you’d come,” you breathed, your voice barely higher than a whisper. You started to relax as you felt Harry’s lips press against your head.

“I won’t abandon you Y/N,” Harry purred into your ear pulling you closer. “I’ll always be there for you.”  

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“What are you doing, Ms. Abby?” Beth asks the four-year-old, who doesn’t respond because she doesn’t hear her and Beth isn’t turned to her and the little girl continues crawling across the living room floor, and Beth knows exactly what she’s doing because it’s something Abby always does whenever she’s playing the old piano in the living room.

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Strip Poker (A Luke Hemmings Smut)

“Ugh, what do you guys wanna do?” You and the guys were lounging around Luke’s house on a Saturday afternoon. All of the guys looked around before Calum finally spoke up. “We got cards…” You look up at Calum, confused. “And what does that mean?” “Well we could play strip poker.” All the guys looked at you and you nodded reluctantly. “Okay, I’m up for anything.” Everyone got on the floor and sat in a circle while Calum dealt the cards out. Everyone picked up their cards and it wasn’t until then that you realized that you were terrible at poker. Everyone put a few chips in and you tried to bluff your way through it but everyone saw right through you. You showed your cards and quickly realized that you had the worst hand. “Ohhhh. Y/N you lost,” Michael teased. This caused a blush to creep up your face. “Okay I think we can all agree that your jacket should be the first to go.” Michael’s comment earned a chorus of yeahs from the three other guys. You slowly unzipped your jacket, discarding it behind you. This left you in only a sports bra and cotton pajama shorts. You looked around to see all the guys looking at, except for Luke whose eyes were in the floor. You decided that was just because Luke wasn’t used to seeing his best friend in her bra. A couple rounds later everyone was practically naked. You were left in your sports bra, underwear, and one sock. Michael, Calum, and Ashton in nothing but there boxers, and Luke in his boxers and for some reason his beanie. Calum dealt out yet another hand and you actually thought you had this one, but after you saw everyone else’s cards you realized you were in trouble. After you set the cards down all of the boys looked up at you and you could feel the heat rising to you face. “So what’s it gonna be boys, bra or undies?” You stood up from the floor with a questioning look on your face. Not wanting to wait for a response from the boys on the floor you sighed and reached for the waistband of your underwear. Before you were able to get them down even an inch, Luke was standing in front of you with his hands on top of yours. “What are yo-” You were cut off by Luke practically dragging you up the stairs and into his bedroom. He had the door shut and you pinned against it before you could even ask what had gotten into him. He pressed his lips against yours in a kissed filled with both passion and lust. You quickly responded, moving your lips with Luke’s. Luke pressed his hips into yours eliciting a groan from you which gave Luke the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. He pulled back a few seconds later leaving the two of you out of breath. Luke leaned down to whisper into your ear. “Sorry about that, I just couldn’t image any of them seeing you like that. You belong to me.” These words along with Luke’s length pressing against your thigh made you suddenly realize the wetness in between your legs. “Luke please. I need you.” You didn’t know what happened but you suddenly felt like you needed Luke, in every way possible. “I never thought I’d here you say those words.” Luke grabbed you by the waist and pulled you over to his bed lightly pushing you down on your back before hovering over you. His eyes locked with yours and you could see they were a few shades darker than normally. You didn’t have much time to look at Luke’s eyes before he pressed his lips against yours again. He moved his hand up your stomach and, with a little help from you, pulled your sports bra over your head. His lips trailed down your jawline and you mr neck sucking and biting here and there while his hands busied themselves by kneading your breasts. You moaned every time Luke’s lips came in contact with your skin. Luke’s lips made their way down your front until he connected his lips with one of your nipples. He sucked it causing a loud moan and a string of profanities to leave your mouth. Luke smiled lightly and moved onto your other one giving it the same amount of attention. “L-Luke I need you. Now.” You managed to get out in between moans. You pulled down Luke’s boxers releasing his already rock hard member. Only seconds later he pulled yours down. He moved so his face was right in front of your heat. “God Y/N you’re so beautiful.” He ran two fingers all the way up your slit collecting your juice in his fingers. “And wet. Who made you this wet princess?” “You did.” You could barely get the words out due to his worked up Luke had gotten you. Luke brought his fingers to his lips taking them into his mouth and sucking your juices off of them. “You taste amazing.” Luke went to put his lips on your center but you stopped him. “No Luke I want you.” Luke looked up at you and quickly licked a stripe up your slit before lining himself up with you. “You’re on the pill right?” Luke asked. “Yes I am now just go I need you.” The second the words left your lips Luke pushed into you. You were taken aback by his length. He gave you a second to adjust, but you quickly nodded begging for him to move. He started moving in and out of you in a rhythmic pattern but quickly picked up the pace. Your moans were the only sounds in the room that could be heard and some how they got even louder when Luke brought his hand down to rub figure 8s on your clit. With the sudden feeling of pleasure you dragged your fingernails down his back surely leaving marks. “Luke- I’m close.” You could feel the knot I. Your stomach growing with every sloppy thrust. “I am too baby just hold on for me.” Seconds later Luke released into you causing you to release around his length. He trusted into you a few more times before pulling out and landing next to you on the bed. He leaned over and pushed a piece of matted hair off your forehead before placing a kiss there. “God that was amazing.” And you couldn’t help but agree. But the moment was ruined by Michael clearing his throat in the doorway. “Now that that’s over, and yes we could hear you from the living room, we’re gonna go and get some pizza, but you guys might wanna clean up.” Michael smirked before walking out of the room. Like turned to face you with a smirk on his face. “You up for round 2 in the shower?”

Face in the Crowd: Anna Kendrick

New York Fashion Week  By The New York Times

The storm clouds had begun to roll in Saturday afternoon as the fashion circus made its way downtown for the Altuzarra show at Spring Studios. Among the attendees was the star of the “Pitch Perfect” movies, Anna Kendrick, who brightened up proceedings in a slinky cobalt blue jersey dress and killer heels. The actress, who has gained a cult following on social media for her witty commentary on breaking her way into Hollywood, took five minutes to talk to Styles.

So what brings you to the Altuzarra show?
His ability to make me look fabulous.

Does this mean the two of you are friends?
No, I actually only met him for the first time today. But I hope we become pals. He seems a sweetheart. I was telling him all about how great I looked in this gorgeous black gown he had designed at the “Pitch Perfect 2” premiere earlier this year, with a plunging front. And an audience predominantly made up of under-12s. It was all a bit awkward in the end.

Meeting Joseph? Or the premiere?
Oh, only the premiere. Joseph laughed politely. Like I said, a total sweetheart.

What other fashion week shows are you planning to attend this weekend?
This is my first and last. I’ve learned from past mistakes that it’s a jungle out there. Fifteen shows in two days? No way.

So what are you going to do instead?
Go hang out with my brother, who lives here. We’ve been messaging all day. He’s just chilling in his apartment, boiling some crabs. He’s not a chef or anything, by the way, just a bit of a weirdo. I’ll probably go join him afterwards.