this is what a runner looks like

Why The Maze Runner series are great and should be read by everyone
  • Many many many different nationalities of characters
  • No gender is superior
  • A mentally ill leading character
  • Romance is not a major plotline, yet we still see the importance of love
  • Girls are bold and strong AND have emotions and cry because that’s realistic
  • Self-found family
  • No villains – everyone is fighting for what they think is right and everyone has a backstory (again, realistic)
  • Funny, heartwarming, inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time
  • Every ship is real
  • Sassy assholes
  • Doesn’t get boring
  • The protagonist looks like fried liver on a stick.
  • Boys helping boys and girls protecting girls
  •  Also set in the future
  • People die
  • All characters are realistic teenagers who run out of breath, get scared, eat a lot and stink
  • Girl is respected and safe despite being the only one in a camp with all boys
  • The protagonist is gay with his best friend, the author agrees
Dating Barry Allen Would Include..


PROMPT?: Can you do a headcanon for what it would be like to date Barry Allen from the Flash TV show? Thanks! :)

WARNINGS: already dating Barry

  • Never knowing that Barry was a meta-human until he saved you.
  • Immediately recognizing his voice and tearing off his mask.
  • Barry being incredibly nervous because he had been lying to you for months but all you do is kiss him.
  • Lots of kissing.
  • When he comes home to your shared apartment, always worriedly looking over him for any signs of him being hurt.
  • Lots of cuddles.
  • Barry vibrating when you mention you’re cold.
  • Barry being an errand-runner for you, now that you know he can do it in mere seconds.
  • Everyone at the lab knowing every detail about you.
  • What you had for breakfast, what your hair looked liked today, how groggy your morning voice was this morning.
  • Cisco being kind of jealous that Barry got someone like you, despite never even meeting you.
  • Barry never forgetting your birthday, anniversaries or holidays, despite being able to get last minute gifts easier than most boyfriends.
  • Always sneaking up behind you to tickle you or scare you.
  • Neck kisses from behind post-scaring.
  • Lots of silent and inside jokes between the two of you, everyone else in the room confused as to why you could just look at each other and bust out laughing.
  • Barry being your best friend, your boyfriend, and your superhero.
  • Never ever wanting anymore from anyone else.

NDRV3 Character Trailer #4

Fourth and final character trailer. Cut for space purposes.

**Please do not use this translation for subbing the trailer! Check out @kaibutsushidousha for the subbed version in a little while!**

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If something happens, like give it a second before you have a knee jerk reaction. And dig a little bit deeper and ask yourself well what does that say about who that person is? Because that’s what I believe our writers and show runners are trying to tell you that, look, everything’s not what it seems. People have different motives so instead of saying ‘omg I can’t believe she did that’ say 'well hang on, why did she do that?’
—  Isaiah Mustafa gives advice on AfterBuzz,

Newt x Reader

Requested By Anon

“I think you should hide.” Thomas muttered and you frowned at him.


“Why, did you piss Gally of… what’d you do Slinthead?” You sighed and he chuckled.

“They’re not staring at me, it’s you so I’d run before they come over.” Thomas moved so you could look at the pair without looking like you were doing anything more than letting Thomas whisper in your ear.


“Alright that’s creepy I’ll go inside.” You muttered and punched his shoulder as he snickered at you.


“Hey whoa where you going?” Newt asked and you sat back down.

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Captain America: The First Avenger Audio Commentary:

What we also found, is that we had gymnasts come in to do things, and Chris could do the same stuff that they could do, but it would look like Chris Evans. When the body doubles or the gymnasts or the runners did it, it just didn’t look like him. He has such a unique way of moving, and he could pretty much do all of his own physical stuff that wasn’t dangerous. Like this shot right here, we had a gymnast do this, and Chris actually ended up doing it better. That’s Chris here. He hops up on a tank and over a 12-foot wall. It looks effortless but it’s not that easy!”


he had been asking you questions all day, dumb questions like “what do you see when you look at this ink blot” or “what is your most cherished childhood memory.” so when he asked “what do you look for in a significant other?” you were a bit taken back.

“why do you need this information again?” you grinned.

“psych paper.” he stated, “so? what do you look for in a significant other?”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) gosh i adore the runner of this blog, you guys should all go check it out, such perfect teen wolf gifs im in love <3 <3 <3 and thank you so much to the creator for giving me permission to use these amazing gifs <3

naked runner

“Miller to the East Gate, do you copy?”

Bellamy grabs his radio from his belt and brings it to his mouth. “Blake, here. What’s up?”

He hears the radio crackle for a moment before Miller’s voice returns, sounding a bit off, like he’s trying to stop himself from laughing.

“Yeah…we’ve got a naked runner headed your way. ETA about thirty seconds.”

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What happens if there’s a tie in the electoral college? Should Trump pull ahead in both New Hampshire and Nevada we could be looking at a 269 each tie. 

  • A tie would likely come with recounts in individual states. 
  • If, after recounts, there score remains tied, the provisions of the 12th amendment would kick in.
  •  The Constitutional Center explains that the amendment requires electors to confirm their votes and “simply vote for the two persons they viewed as most qualified to become president." 
  • The person with the most votes would become the president; the runner up would be vice president.
  • Should both candidates fail to secure a majority, the election would go to the legislature. 
  • The House chooses the president based on the electors’ top three choices 
  • while the Senate is tasked with choosing a vice president based on electors’ top two choices.

but what are the odds of this actually happening?

Cyberpunk: Getting it right

I’ve wanted to write about this more and more lately so I figured I’d give it my best shot. This is somewhat rushed and ought to have more time spent on it but if I don’t write it now I probably never will.

This will probably be longer than it ought to be, but a point has to be made. I’m not calling myself the official word on the genre, I’m just really fucking passionate about it and I know in future I’ll be exploring it through different mediums as well as creating some media of my own.

The genre has been in a pretty noticeable decline as of late especially on tumblr. To the point where people have said things such as the genre is dead or “looks like tumblr has run out of cyberpunk imagery”.

Well friends, it’s a pretty simple solution and would take minimal effort to fix this.

Learn what Cyberpunk actually is.

It is not about the generic super solider 3d renders, the generic weapon designs, the blatant shadowrun/blade runner rip-offs or the many other current trends we are seeing circulate routinely.

It is about, just that, Cyberpunk.

The name itself is representative of a genre in media. A genre does not equate to an aesthetic. You can have your super soldiers, your guns and whatever fancy tech you like but support it with some kind of theme, atmosphere or actual narrative.

The common phrase to describe it is “High Tech Low Life” and whilst that’s a decent way to put it, it still doesn’t seem to encompass the complexity available in this genre.

The examples set by the likes of Blade Runner, Akira and GITS are ones to be followed on from but not copied or picked apart and re-fitted into your “aesthetic”.

Recently I’ve been linking this a lot but it really is essential viewing if you truly wish to get into the guts of Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is about the interface between people and technology.

Exploring humanity, how it deals with these dark scenarios and how the streets themselves have a solid identity that effects everyone/everything within them.

Altered Carbon is a book that I feel takes some ideas explored and amplifies them as well as introducing new ones. The idea of the replaceable body (sleeve in the book) and the backed up consciousness are to me, a prime example of what direction we need to be heading.

Cyberpunk will probably always be timeless because we can keep pushing the boundaries within it moreso than a lot of other genres. It’s not about looking at current technology and just making it dark/dangerous but looking at ourselves as a society and how we would survive in more dangerous circumstances.

If you genuinely care about this genre, then help to fix it.

Some of you may not realize but pretty important people can end up following us, using the media we circulate to inspire projects both big and small all with impact not just amongst the cyberpunk crowd but potentially a larger audience altogether.

So personally I simply ask that if you are truly geared to exploring this genre for all its worth and you wish to inspire others, get it right.


Sometimes you just have to smile at life. Just go with the flow of the day and realize that life is gonna go on. Some days will be amazing, some will be awful, and most will be a nice balance between the two. But there will always be some good somewhere in each day, and it’s your job to focus on those good things; for one day you’ll look back and realize the small, good moments of each day outweigh the bad.

Okay but just another cool thing about ONE is he always seems to write characters that are multi-dimensional, but still totally what they seem to be. For the most part, what you see is what you get; they may have an early, early (possibly drastic) turning point, but after that they generally don’t change into a completely different person.

Like, it’s a constant that’s comforting. You think the hero could actually have a weakness? No. You think this bad guy who repeatedly reminds us of his ulterior motives over a long period of time will turn out to only be nice? No. But are those characters flat? Of course not. They’re super interesting.

Character development still happens, it’s just much more subtle than what we usually see in this genre, and that’s just super fucking cool.

It’s like ONE is basically saying, “Look guys. You don’t need to be the world’s best pastry chef AND Olympic track-runner with five secret children to be multi-dimensional. You can just be a person, and you don’t have to change in super big ways; the small things are what matter.”

And if that isn’t an example of ONE writing for the everyman/person, I don’t know what is.

I’m doing a research project on the evolution of female participation and competition in sport and most of the articles i’m reading are written by men in the biological sciences or in evolutionary psychology and for the most part are using science and evolutionary biology to discount the ability of women in sport. And i’m mad. i’m mad that all of the running books i read in high school and college have focused on male athletes, male teams, male distance running prowess. Once a Runner was my favorite book but it’s entirely about the subjectivity of a male distance runner, and i’m realizing the same as i’m reading Running with the Buffaloes. I’m tired of female runners being a second thought when it comes to thinking of what a champion looks like. Because when i close my eyes i don’t want to see Prefontaine. I want to see Shalane Flanagan and Emma Coburn and Brenda Martinez and Alysia Montano.

So this is my promise and my goal and the one thing i truly want to do with my life: I’m going to write about us. All of us women. I’m going to study and learn and listen to female distance runners and i’m going to prove that our success in our sport is defined and strengthened and made great by our femininity. And that the sex differences between male and female have never stopped us from reaching and trying and DOING. That the female distance runner and endurance athlete is the toughest of the tough. That we are not men and we won’t ever be men but that doesn’t make our dedication to this sport, our ability to leave our blood and sweat and soul on the track and the roads, any less than what a man does. And that our bonds with teammates and coaches are just as strong and important. I’m going to do this.

Looking over my race calendar for the year and I’m having a moment.

I ran a 50 mile race in November. On my birthday, 11 days ago, I ran a 50k. Not even a race, but because I wanted to.


Me, 3 years ago: “If I keep at it, maybe I’ll be able to run a 5k without walking.”

Me, 3 minutes ago: “I think 3 weeks enough time between a 50k race and a 50 mile, right?”


No– but really though, I just went back through at my old Nike+ data. LOOK AT THIS ↓  JUST. LOOK AT IT ↓  3 years ago, almost to the day. ↓ ↓ ↓ 

January 20, 2014 – 3.44 miles, 10’56” avg pace,

“First ever group run with fleet feet. Snowed, breathed REALLY hard, but I met a girl named Emy who paced me well. Really excited about it.”

3 years ago. I look back on this moment often. Hits me right in the feels, for several reasons. It reminds me anything is possible. If you want something, and are willing to work for it and work hard, the world is your goddamn oyster. At the time, I only ever *dreamed* of running a half marathon. Me? Run 13.1 miles? I could barely wrap my brain around the idea of running 5 miles

October of the same year (9 months later), I ran my first marathon. It sucked. It sucked so much. It sucked to a point where I was ashamed at how terribly it went, that I didn’t even write a tumblr post about it, which was why I started this runblog in the first place– to document my training leading up to the momentous event of running a marathon. So yeah. It sucked. But I kept running

…and now I’m here, sitting in a coffee shop, trying to pick a couple 50 mile races for the spring, and deciding which 100k I want to attempt in the fall. 

Still not sure how I got to this point, but I’m really fucking happy to be here.

Love You Goodbye (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by graphicparadize

Request:  hi!!i looove your writing soso much and i was wondering if you could do an Isaac imagine based on the song If I Could Fly or Love You Goodbye by 1D? thank u!!

Author’s Note: I don’t listen to One Direction so I had to look up both songs and see which one I felt more inspired by. Love You Goodbye was the one I chose. I’ve also realized that I like to write about the reader being a runner and the guy chasing after her when it comes to the relationship; I wanted to flip it in this regard.

He’s a piece of shit.

That’s what she repeats in her head like a mantra though her heart doesn’t quite believe it.

Isaac Lahey is a piece of shit for making her believe that they were so happy together and in love. He is a piece of shit for breaking up with her out of nowhere and then having the guts to return to school Monday morning smiling and holding hands with Allison. He’s a piece of shit for hurting her. He’s a piece of shit for making her cry.

It wasn’t fair.

It wasn’t fair that he still looked like the sun, and she looked like a creature that dragged its way from hell. She hadn’t slept in days, her eyes puffy and dark. Her pillow still smelled like him and it made her sob until sleep lured her into its clutches. Isaac was left unfazed as if their relationship didn’t mean anything for the past year.

The bottles of whiskey in her father’s stash started to dwindle. There was a bit of comfort in laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, swimming in a haze of alcohol. It made the ache of her heart go numb, but she was right back where she started once sobriety set in. She often found herself on the floor of her room after nights of drinking; other times, she went out doing who knows what before waking up in her bed with a throbbing headache.

And perhaps it was only a matter of time that she would find herself outside of Scott’s house in her drunken state.

“[Name]!” Isaac cries out when she pushes the bedroom door open. She shouldn’t have been there. She was drunk and still so raw but the whiskey made her want to see him, to talk to him, to touch him. Maybe she just wanted to hope that he would take her back.

But that sort of thing only happens when she’s asleep.

She knows he can smell the alcohol on her breath, ingraining itself in her skin. But it’s not the only reason why he holds her at arm’s distance when she tries to embrace him.

“I love you,” she almost wails, trying to bury her face in his chest. It’s pathetic, she thinks, to pine over a boy who broke her heart, drunk and almost delirious. But the alcohol pushes that out of her mind, and all she wants is to feel his lips against her, feel him inside her just one last time even if by the end of it all, he’s still no longer hers.


Please don’t say anything. Just…just kiss me.”

Isaac doesn’t move; his grip tightens on her arms and his face is torn between a stony expression and a frown. After a moment of silence, Isaac shakes his head. “No. You know we can’t do that anymore.”

“Why not? You’re the one who left me. Can’t you grant me this one last thing?”

“We just broke up. You’re drunk. You’re not thinking straight.”

She wrenches herself from his grasp. “I am thinking straight!” she lies; her mind is still swimming in whiskey. “And all I can think about is how much I miss you!” A sob escapes her throat as she reaches up to cup his cheek. Isaac doesn’t pull away this time. “I just want you one last time…”

This was in every sense wrong. But she didn’t care, ignoring the flash of Allison’s face in her mind. She leans in to kiss Isaac, and she thinks that he’s going to give in to her demands but Isaac grabs her, pushing her back to an arm’s length.

“Go home, [Name],” he says. There’s a hardness in his voice that seems to shatter her soul.

She’s a fool; a fool who made herself look even more foolish by thinking that she could have one more night with Isaac. With her cheeks hot and a cold chill through her body, she dragged her heavy body from the room. She made it home somehow and not even the whiskey could dull the agony pulsing through her veins.

The Relationship
***Alby talking about your relationship with Newt***

Oh my lord thank you to anon for your kind words about my Newt imagines and I really hope you like this one! I think it’s cute tmr

“And what about them? What’s their story?” Thomas points at you and Newt over at the fire, snuggling and laughing at each others’ jokes. Your smile filled with the purest visible form of happiness as you look into Newt’s eyes.

Alby looks at you two, a smile coming over his face. “That’s (y/n) and you already met Newt. They’ve been together for longer than any of us have been here.”

“Really?” Thomas asks, watching as Newt keeps trying to pinch your food and you make ridiculous responses Thomas can’t hear. 

“(y/n) was the first one in the Glade, for a whole month she was alone. Everything you see here,” He gestures around him. “She started on her own. She built the Glade.” Alby explains.

“What does Newt have to do with it?" 

"Well,” He starts, looking over at the happy couple. Newt kisses your hands and you hit his arm playfully, but you can’t help but smile and give him some anyway. He smirks at you as he pops it in his mouth. “Newt was the next person to show up. His reaction wasn’t as bad as hers, from what I hear, but it was close enough. She saved him. They’ve saved each other. For another month, they only had each other and that creates unbreakable bonds. I’ve never seen anyone closer than those two." 

You are teasing him with short quick pecks on his lips until he finally coerces you to give him a proper kiss but it doesn’t last long because you can’t help but smile. You look at him and playfully tussle his hair. 

"They look pretty happy.” Thomas notes and he feels a warm sensation coming over him as well, as if the sight of you two makes you happy as well. Newt lightly rubs your back as you two talk.

“They are now that the Dark Days are over. The amount of times she’s talked him off a ledge is unbelievable. She’s saved everyone here at least once." 

"She sounds incredible.” Thomas adds.

“She is.” Alby remarks as Newt drags you up and dances with you, swirling you around and bringing you close. He kisses your forehead and you bring him down to your lips.


okay, but what makes me so happy about this scene is that Newt looks like a fucking golden retriever that was permitted to sit in the front BUT ALSO if you take notice of how bitter Minho was, sitting in the back seat, it’s probably cause Newt called shotgun or they played rock-paper-scissors for it and Newt won

Sing from the heart
  • Frypan: So many complicated relationships! Maybe you guys should just sing to convey your feelings!
  • Newt *to Y/N*: Maybe we found love right where we are.
  • Y/N *to Newt*: Looking so crazy, your love got me looking so, looking so crazy in love!
  • Thomas *to Teresa*: I don't know what it is, that makes me feel like this, I don't know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar.
  • Brenda *to Thomas*: Hey! Hey! you! You! I don't like your girlfriend! No way, no way! I think you need a new one.
  • Teresa *to Thomas*: Is it too late now to say sorry?
  • Minho: ....
  • Minho: I'm sexy and I know it!