this is what a feminist looks like meme

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: The family jewels is the most under appreciated album by Marina and the diamonds. Every single track on the album was quirky and original. Marina didn’t write any love songs on the album and wrote about feeling disconnected from her friends and family. She showed off her vocal ability and range, AND all of the songs were relatable and deep. Also everyone says that “girls” was an anti feministic song, however it was clearly satirical and pro feminist (examples: “never look a day past thirty” “girls are not meant to fight dirty” “not gonna bend over and curtsy”) Everyone in the Marina fandom blogs about EH and froot but like what about TFJ????

Beyoncé is a walking contradiction. All she does is talk and never act on her views. She is all about being proud of your body, yet she photoshop the hell out her pictures and when people point it out to the point she can no longer deny it, she takes some “natural looking pictures” of herself making POSES in her house with good lightning wearing casual-yet-sexy-looking outfits (as the picture illustrating this post). How convenient. If I do my hair and put some sensual outfit I can take some good pictures too, the thing is: you’re still not looking natural. You didn’t actually “woke up like this”. Have a night sleep, wake up in the morning and take a picture, that’s how you woke up. Beyoncé is extremely insecure. She actually tried to demand some of her Super Bowl pictures (like the meme one) to be taken down because they were “unflattering”. What the actual fuck? If you’re so hot and flawless and full of yourself then you wouldn’t have unflattering photos. Plus, the whole feminist thing is a bunch of bullshit. She’s married to one of the most sexist man in the industry, who has been accused numerous times of cheating and abusing her and even though nothing was ever proved I think it’s possible, judging by the elevator episode. Her acting skills are fucking impressive. To me, she seems like the stereotypical housewife. I don’t support violence on any way, but to me her sister Solange is way more of a feminist than she claims to be. She actually stood up against Jay, for whatever reason that was. The beating was unnecessary but think about it: you would have to be REALLY MAD to beat and yell the hell out of your sister’s husband who also happens to be extremely famous and rich and powerful in a dress on your way to a area full of paparazzi. I know people will say I’m jealous of her looks, money, fame and so on (which I’m not because if I would to exchange lives with someone I would pick like Emma Watson or something), what pisses me off about Beyoncé is how she is constantly reminding people she’s “better” than them. She sings “ladies, tell them ‘I woke up like this’”, but she is one of the most envious and insecure famous human beings I have ever witnessed who ESPECIALLY hates competition and sharing  the spotlight with other women. Stop bragging about shit that don’t matter, like money and looks and actually send these kids a good message about what’s important in life.

“Not all men” because we should ridicule and belittle men who invoke the “not all feminists” argument.

I’ve got an idea, how about we not shame and ridicule people who point out that you’re making broad, sweeping statements that make HALF THE POPULATION look like idiots.

Do you have any idea how many messages I’ve gotten that are basically “Not all feminists are like that” or “That’s not feminism, those aren’t feminists”? Why is this behavior excused, and “not all men” has become a meme?

This brings me back to a point I have to raise far too often: Do you really have nothing better to do than nitpick and belittle men? I mean, it’s not like we have an entire society to restructure, or anything. Clearly, ridiculing and belittling men for what is a largely made up issue is the best and most useful thing we can do with our time and energy to achieve equality.

The amount of whining I see from feminism as a whole is just astounding. I truly don’t understand why feminists feel the need to complain about these things when there are so much bigger issues that need to be discussed.

People say that Feminism isn’t hostile toward men, but then shit like “not all men” pops up and good god do they run with it. I cannot go a day without seeing it.

And I’m sure somebody will say “Oh, but it’s just a joke, you see” and to that I respond, so is “make me a sandwich”. Both are belittling to a gender, and both are “just a joke”. Also “just a joke”: death threats, rape threats, telling people they should kill themselves.

Why do people not take Feminism seriously?

Because “not all men”.

roy-mustango  asked:

Whats happening? Why everybody is talking about the bath bomb meme?

I’m not sure where this meme actually started, I haven’t even seen the meme much, but here is what I’ve gathered. 

People started making funny posts teasing “bath bombs” which I think are like fancy bath salts and they did what people do with memes, making different variations of the bath bombs. 

Harmless, funny, stupid stuff. Just like most memes. 

However a lot of tumblr users have been freaking out because they think it’s anti feminist. I am feminist as the come, do not get me wrong. I will speak out on an issue if I feel there is an issue. They’re backing it up saying that “men” are “teasing women” for liking things like bath bombs and fancy things. I looked through the tag and I personally didn’t see any post that was openly making fun of women. Like…come on guys. Maybe a few people were and I didn’t see it, but seriously come ON guys!

Tumblr gets SO FUCKING OFFENDED over EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. People are just LOOKING for something to be upset over. But the thing is, this is very problematic because people who complain about the bath bombs are hypocritical if they reblogged the post about the men body positivity. The one where people were changing the pictures. 

Now I’ll come right out and say I reblogged some of the funny ones if they were fandom related, I won’t try to cover my tracks. But I still felt like making fun of the OP for pointing out that men have body image issues as well was very unfair. 

People might say that changing the pictures and reblogging that post was all in good fun and not meant to offend men and their “weak ass masculinity” (which has also been going around) and they shouldn’t be so sensitive. Fair enough. But if men aren’t allowed to be mad about that post (which no one can deny was in POOR TASTE) then why the fuck are women getting worked up about people making fun of bubble bath?

No one is attacking you with the bath bombs, so stop exploding. 

anonymous asked:

If a fat and ugly guy wore a tshirt with the "this is how a feminist look", would you still think it's cute or would you think it's creepy because he is not handsome?

I’m assuming this is because I reblogged pictures of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch wearing those shirts. If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you’ll see that I have reblogged those men wearing lots of different shirts, and occasionally no shirts.

But, it’s not about that, is it? It’s about making women reblogging pictures of men they find sexually attractive feel guilty, and fat and ugly men feeling insulted that the only way their picture gets reblogged is if its part of an unfortunate meme.

Feminism doesn’t have a dress code. Or a body code. You can wear whatever you want. Wear a ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt. I don’t care.

But, I will bet you money that if a fat and ugly man wore a ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ shirt, he would receive a lot less than public ridicule than if a fat and ugly woman wore the same thing, because even fat and ugly you’re still a male, and being born with a penis gives you privileges, and being born with a vagina apparently only gives you a GPS locator for every item lost by your partner and children.

A fat and ugly woman wearing a ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ shirt would be slapped onto a meme warning mommas not to let your daughters grow up to be feminists faster than the x-kit guy can uncode all of tumblr’s changes.

So, no, I wouldn’t reblog it because I tend to reblog pictures of men I find sexually attractive, but I wouldn’t find it creepy either. There are t-shirts that would make me think its creepy, but that’s not one of them.