this is weird to see her with short hair


Thank you for your lovely comments, darlings!!! I hope you like what I did with your prompts!! Enjoy!!! <3

Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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“It’s good to see you again, Inquisitor. It has been too long.”

Libraries and Piragua (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You were sexiled by your roommate on a day that you’d kill just to collapse into bed. You end up passing time with someone that makes your day end on a high note.

Word Count: 1,340

Warnings: Aimless plot, mentions of sex (nothing graphic), cussing, mentions of death (but character death like Abuela Claudia’s death in ITH mentioned is what I’m saying)

A/N: College AUs are my weakness, this is a demonstration of my knack for tying In The Heights into literally anything (and making my Classical Tradition professor proud with my Sophocles reference). Also, I am obsessed with the way Lin’s eyes are so expressive and was forced to take out approximately 1,000 references to them from this fic during proofreading.

“Please [Y/N]? You owe me from that time you broke the coffee machine, [Y/N].” you muttered, mocking your roommate’s pleas as you trudged across campus to the library. You planned on mocking your own stupidity for agreeing to her request once you were done being annoyed with her. She had to pick the one day you ended up having a terrible, rushing-everywhere, everything-goes-wrong kind of day to seal the deal with the guy she’s been pining over for months. 

You yanked open the door to the library with an unnecessary amount of force before you stalked inside. You made it upstairs, appreciative of the near empty scene. There was only a few people scattered among the tables or computers along the wall. At least you knew you’d be left alone with your bitterness. 

You pulled out a chair to toss your bag onto before shedding your jacket. Once you got settled in, you pulled out your headphones and laptop. You popped in one headphone and scanned your library looking for a song that might ease your exasperation. Once you had it playing you pulled out your textbook and leafed through it, debating whether you wanted to be productive or not. You settled on not and shoved it away before pulling your laptop closer. With your one free ear you heard a chuckle and you internally sighed before turning to find its source. The table to your right had a boy who was looking at you amused. You wondered if the dark circles under his eyes meant he was as exhausted as you were.

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Date a girl with concave eyeballs

Layers of teal rubber skin

Standing in your kitchen doorway

Tall vines growing from her shins

Date a girl with fluffy cloud hair

And a chartreuse plastic face

Shiny tar inside her eyeballs

Pupils made of empty space

Date a girl moist eyelashes

Fingernails of plexiglass

Blood vessels made out of wire

Short hair that grows roots like grass

Date a girl whose leafy eyebrows

Produce their own chlorophyll

When she needs to absorb sunlight

She stands on your windowsill

Date a girl who has a body

That compacts into a sphere

When you see her rolling toward you

You know she will soon be near

hey so i was thinking about how my headcanon for alex is that she’s Tall though in the books she’s described as petite and i think i have a way for us to all win;

alex is a shapeshifter, right? and when alex is a boy, his hair is longer, and when she is a girl, her hair is shorter. i doubt she does this on purpose so much as it being one of those weird subconcious things. so consider; alex’s height fluctuates depending on her confidence/desire to be seen. i’d love to see a shapeshifting character who appears shorter and smaller when nervous or upset, and grows taller the more they ‘hold their head up high’ so to speak 😅 but that’s just me…. either way, tall or short, alex fierro is a blessing and im so excited for october!! (and if rick wants to steal my idea, he’s more than welcome to :p)

I watched Tangled Before ever after (finally!) and I liked it a lot. It was a lot deeper than I thought it would be though.

But a few things:

1. Flynn Ryder (or Eugene Fitzherbert) I love you and I wanna marry you. I loved his “I wanna raise our kids here with you.” I didn’t think I would ever hear a disney prince speak these words but now that I have heard them; I wanna hear them again. And again. And again. Also his “I grew up poor and alone and that’s why I wanna be safe and sound in the castle” kinda got to me and I wanted to hug him. 

2. Cassandra was a good character. I loved her banter with Eugene. 
Cass: “How’s the water?” Eugene: “Dark and cold, just like you.” Ha! Keep it coming.

3. The hair!!! I don’t mind the short, brown hair at all but with the confidence Rapunzel handled that hair with… woah. When the wig came off and the shoes came off it was just… magical. She was shinning and it was glorious to see her being back in her old self. More of that please!

4. The animation. It’s not good nor is it bad. I love the animation style but for Tangled it’s kinda weird. (Since it’s computer animated) but I still loved it. It was very colourful and lovely, just like Punzie.

5. The hair 2.0 It gave Flynn a reason to call her “Blondie” again and yeah.. it’s amazing.

6. The dad. I’m sorry but this is the character that I feel is the most different from the movie. He doesn’t seem like the same character. I get that the movie had a different situation  but imagine movie!dad saying “As your father and your king!” It’s just not… him. He seemed more laid back in the movie. I liked the character but it wasn’t the same as the movie. 

7. The songs were great. I love “Wind in my hair.” 

8. The way the hair grew back is intriguing and I wanna know more. 

9. I’m excited for the series to start.

10. That’s it. 

What do you guys think? 

Had a fun conversation a few weeks about about sleeping arrangements with @saisai-chan, and finally got some time to write it out. I kinda elaborated on for comedic effect.

It’s nice to know he cares. It’s better to feel his care. What’s not nice, Uraraka discovers early on, is that unconscious tenderness can be troublesome.

Her bladder reaches maximum capacity at three in the morning. They’re not on call. Their bedroom is dark and cool. 

His body knocks away the cool with its natural heat, releasing a smothering amount for the two them, but the comforter lies up to their waists as their minds lull away.

Sleep pauses when the painful stiffness down there makes itself known. Her eyes part wearily, and she blinks into the darkness with sleep’s bitter taste filling her mouth. Pushing the comforter off, she tries to move, but a weight grips around her waist. 

She tries a second time, and the result is the same. 

She cannot move.

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How would RFA V+Unknown react to an MC that LOVES playing with their hair?? Love your HCs!! <3

thank you!! and no offense but this IS SO CUTE ~


  • he’s seen other couples do it before and was a bit jealous that he didn’t have someone
  • but now that you two are together, he relishes in it everytime you stroke his hair
  • his head is usually in your lap
  • and your soothing touch lulls him to sleep sometimes
  • Yoosung also makes cute little satisfied noises when you’re running your fingers through his hair
  • and you find it extremely adorable when he does


  • one of the best feelings in the world to him
  • like, why not boost his ego even more and tell him that his hair is like silk?
  • you especially like braiding his rat ponytail
  • sometimes, you’ll even look up hair tutorials online for long hair and test them on Zen’s hair
  • normally he wouldn’t let anyone touch his ponytail, but for you, he makes an exception
  • not very subtle when he wants you to play with his hair


  • such a strange concept to her
  • but in the end, she ends up favoring it more than she though she would
  • she has pretty short hair, so she’s not sure how you’d be able to do it
  • somehow you find a way
  • it’s weird at first, but the more you do it, the more she’s literally sinking into you and enjoying the gentle touch from you
  • helps her relax after working especially with Jumin’s cat projects
  • Jaehee also finds that she concentrates better and gets more work done after you play with her hair


  • before dating you, he didn’t see the point when people in relationships played with each other’s hair
  • but boy has he been missing out on some good shit
  • the way you gently run your fingers through his hair has never felt better
  • just the feeling of it tends to help him de-stress or relax after a long day of work
  • you also like playing with his hair because his hair is softer than you thought
  • and seeing a light blush on his face is priceless when you’re playing with his hair
  • he’s literally like a cat! he just wants to be pet and loved by you ok


  • at first he teases you about having a hair fetish
  • and you’re like ???? no???? i just like playing with your hair ok let me live
  • doesn’t deny that the feeling of having your hands run through his luscious locks feels so amazing
  • “You have the hands of a Goddess, MC~”
  • it’s relaxing and he can feel the love when you’re playing with his hair
  • loves making excuses about he’s so stressed out and Vanderwood’s been giving him a hard time about keeping a neat room just so you can run your hands through his hair
  • Seven just wants to feel your loving touch


  • loves it so much????
  • finds it super calming and relaxing
  • he likes it when you do it when he’s reading, though sometimes it ends up distracting him and he falls asleep
  • sometimes if you’re feeling in a silly mood, you’ll put his hair in little pigtails
  • the feeling of having his hair pulled in every which way direction feels weird but if you’re happy, he’s happy
  • obviously he can’t see what they look like on him, but he’s sure that you made him look cuter
  • you also like playing with his hair because it always smells so good? like even from a mile away, the shampoo he uses will still end up wafting around


  • at first he’s like woah what what are you doing with my hair
  • but it really grew on him
  • he loves it more than he will ever admit
  • he acts like it’s a nuisance, but not even a minute later, he’s literally enjoying the feeling of your fingers running through his hair
  • he’s never had this luxury
  • Saeran’s usually lying down on the couch with his head in your lap
  • and you just softly card your fingers through his tomato-red locks
  • it also helps calm his anxiety and the rhythm is extremely soothing to him
  • when you think he’s had enough and stop, he tells you to not stop
  • and you can’t resist because he’s so precious and needs all the love
Becoming Me (Avengers x Reader) Part 4/?

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Warnings: Maybe swearing?

Ft: The Hand?

Summary: After the Avengers allow you to join their mission (some more reluctant then others), you are faced with actually having the team trust you. Along with gaining trust, you also have to face your enemy and the very machine that ruined your life. 

A/N: I’ve been working really hard on this since 10 and now it’s 2 am. I present Part 4. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you want to be tagged in the next Part! Btw gif is not mine! Love you guys and thank you for the support.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

You are dressed back into your suit with the pair of black combat boots that you came in with. You were nervous about the mission ahead of you and how Teresa will react to seeing you. You want to help Teresa, but know that deep down she really did want to help the Hand. Whether to spite you or to feel important, she helped the Hand and now you have to show her a better way. 

You are on the jet with your handcuffs, though Fury said it was unnecessary, you insisted. You are say farther from the group as Natasha goes over the plan with you. She hands you an earpiece and you accepted it, but when she tried handing you a gun you declined it. “Why? You might need it out there.” She tries to reason, which draws the attention of the others on the jet. 

“I’ll be okay, I will be with you. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with me having another weapon.” You whisper the last part, so only Natasha can hear you. She looks at you in shock before turning around towards the bin. She turns back around with a knife in an ankle sheath. She unlatches my cuffs and hands me the sheath. 

“Won’t kill anyone long range, but will kill if needed to in short distance.” She explains to you. You nod your head and unzip your combat boot to reveal your bruised ankle, but cover it with the ankle strap sheath. You zip your boot back up and that’s when the jet lands at your destination. 

You all exit the jet, you being in the front with Natasha.The night sky brings comfort to you as the night winds of the mountains brings chills to you. When all of you were out of the jet, the team says goodbye to Bruce. Bruce closes the jet door and that’s when we all start our walk to the building.Tony and Steve agreed to land the jet a mile away behind a mountain to try and not to be found out. 

“According to the files the Hand have snipers along the rooftops of the temple.” Barton informs us as we are close, Tony walking with us in his suit. You look at Barton with a shake of your head. 

“There are also some guards around the building hidden.” You state and you hear a snap of a twig. You use your wind power to send a powerful wind through the tree tops and sending a man to the ground. “See?” You ask making everyone look at you in shock. That’s when you hear a gunshot ring out. You put up a fire shield to guard the group. 

“Cover blown. Tony up in the sky!” Steve yells as you hold up your shield. Tony nods his head and flies off into the air. “Barton your with me. Romanoff and Y/N make your way towards Dr. Merman and the machine.” Steve commands turning to Natasha and I. Natasha and you nod your head. 

“Ready?” You ask Steve, who nods his head. You look at Nat who has her gun ready and you get ready to use your other elemental powers. Taking down the fire shield, the shots begin to hit by your feet. Natasha grabs your arm and drags you along trying to stay out of the lane of the shoots. 

“Men 3 o’clock!” Natasha yells to you. You turn and throw a fire ball at the people on the ground. 

“Thank you!” You thank her before taking out a guy behind her. Tony handling the guys up on the roof while Steve and Clint do who know what. You and Natasha are fighting your through the gunshots and the people on the ground before making it into the building undetected. You two are against a wall hiding in the dark .

“Romanoff. Y/L/N. What’s your status?” You hear Steve asks through the earpiece that’s in your right ear. Natasha and you look at the three men that is guarding the main entrance to where Dr. Merman and the machine are suppose to be located.”Status, Natasha and Y/N.” Steve asks with concern in his voice. You look at Natasha who nods her head at you. You take a deep breath before running out to the guards and using your wind power to knock them into the walls. 

“Hang on!” Natasha yells out as she takes down the other guy. Footsteps are heard and you both turn around to see four men coming at you. They stop in their tracks looking at you and Natasha. They go for their throwing knives on their belts, so you bring up a fire shield around you and Natasha. 

“Get inside!” You yell to Natasha over your shoulder. She nods and kicks open the double doors with her gun up. 

“We are inside!” Natasha says into her mic on her sleeve. You push your fire shield onto the men making them stop their attacks. You run inside the double doors and close them behind you. You put your forehead on the doors sighing in relief.

“Tired already?” You turn around hearing the menacing voice that you never wanted to hear again. You see her choppy short black hair, her eyes a striking blue contraindicating the rest of her facial structure. “This will only make you even more tired.” She states before shooting you with a weird gun. The gun shoots out an electric red color with orange in it. The beam shoots you in the chest, knocking you into the doors behind you. 

You groan from the pain in your back, but shake it off. You see Teresa dragging an unconscious Natasha to lean against a wall. Taking in the rest of your surroundings, you see Dr. Merman looking scared as he is looking at you. “What did you do to her?” You ask weakly as you try to stand.  

“She’ll be okay, just a little bump on the head.” Teresa reassures you with a slight teasing voice. The pain in you felt like the kind from Tony’s blast on you that captured you. You raise your hand and try to conjure up a fireball, but nothing. “Your so cute. You don’t think I wouldn’t disable your powers? Unlike you, I knew you were coming back.” She teases walking over to you and holding a gun to your head, but with a bit of a distance between you two. 

“Why do you hate me?” You ask groaning from the pain in your head. She ignores you while turning towards Dr. Merman. 

“Doctor.” Teresa calls the doctor over and he stumbles walking over, fear in his eyes and in his movements. “Stand her up.” Teresa commands and the doctor nods his head. He walks over to you and pulls you up by the arm. You allow him since you felt so weak. “Make sure she has no weapons.” Teresa commands and the Doctor complies. 

“Sorry.” He whispers to you while feeling all over your body for weapons. You sigh as you turn around as he makes sure you have no weapons. One place he didn’t check was your boots. He takes out your earpiece and throws it at Teresa. He goes back up to face you face to face as he ends his search at your pant legs. “4 minutes.” He whispers to you and quickly turns around to face Teresa. You try not to smile as you silently thank the doctor. 

“Happy?” You ask Teresa with a glare set on your face. 

“Very.” She gestures for Dr. Merman to get back to work. She walks over to you grabbing both your wrists behind you before taking a zip tie and zipping them together tightly. Pulling you over to across the room and across the way from Natasha, you count in your head. “How does it feel?” she asks you before pushing you to the ground. You groan in pain as she smirks up at you. 

“How does what feel?” You say through gritted teeth as you adjust yourself on your knees, so you can reach for the knife. 

“Being second best? You finally know how I feel. I was second best behind you all through college and even when HYDRA kidnapped us. Though I was loyal they still wanted you.” She yells at you in frustration as the gun in her hand is still pointed at you. You shake your head. You feel the sheath of the knife with your fingertips. 

“It was never a competi-” She cut you off by putting the barrel of the gun to your temple. 

“YES IT WAS!” She yells at you with shaking hands and tears falling from her eyes. Looking over her shoulder at the Doctor who is typing fast. “Almost ready doc?” 

“It hasn’t been tested on anything, but a rat. Are you sure you want to do this?” Dr. Merman asks Teresa while continuing to type. You feel the hilt of the knife. You pull it out of your boot before starting to try and cut through the zip tie.

“Yes. Time is ticking Doc or you’ll wife will die” Teresa states with her phone in hand. “Just a phone call away. Hurry it up.” Teresa warns before looking at you. 

“Your going in there?” You ask her as you quietly and subtly saw at your zip tie. 

“Yes and I’ll become your equal. Though you have powers and healing abilities, I’ve taken you down. I will become the better then you.” She states smirking at you. 

“I still have some tricks up my sleeve.” You glare at her with confidence at the team. She laughs at you menacingly at you as you feel the zip ties almost give away. 

“You mean the men out there that arrived with you? They’ll be beaten soon enough, they are way outnumbered. When did you become a good girl who plays by the rules of fairness?” She scoffs at you with disgust. 

“Who says I was?” You ask before taking the knife and throwing it at her thigh. She falls to the ground in pain shooting at you and grazing your upper arm, but you dodge the next bullet in time.

 You kick the gun out of her hand along with the phone as she was about to press a button. The gun slides across the floor and Teresa looks at you in anger. She is about to attack you, but you roundhouse kick her in the head. She falls to the ground knocked out. You land unsteadily on your butt and on the ground. Looking up you see the Doctor leaning against the wall. “Are you okay?” You ask Dr. Merman, who nods his head. 

“It’s been five minutes. We need to destroy this machine. Wanna use your water or fire abilities now?” He asks you.

“Right.” You decide to drench the machine before lighting it on fire. So you stand up unsteadily before lighting it on fire. “Come on Doctor.” You state gesturing the the unconscious Natasha on the ground. He runs over with you as Natasha groans slightly as you two lift her up.  

You are leaned against a wall, both you and Dr. Merman out of breath as men are nearby. You try to think and that’s when you remember Natasha’s earpiece. You take it of her ear and her eyes flutter open weakly. “We are almost to the jet. You will be safe.” You reassure her putting the earpiece in your ear.

“I told you Y/N would betray us!” Tony’s voice comes through the com. 

“Teresa is in here unconscious, the machine is burnt to ashes, and there is blood. I’m gonna kill Y/N!” You hear Clint yell into the com. 

“Hey dumb asses.” You say with anger in your voice. “I have an unconscious Natasha and a scared Dr. Merman. We are stuck.” You whisper yell as you hear the men come closer. 

“Where are you?” You hear Steve ask, but you go silent as the men are a foot away. Dr. Merman looks at you expectantly and you sigh taking a deep breath. You lean Natasha against the wall and jump out from the corner and shoot down each man. 

“Just by the south entrance.” You say out breath as you go to grab Natasha’s other arm, but Dr. Merman is on the ground rolled into a ball. Natasha leaning against the wall weakly her eyes opening and closing. 

“They are surrendering.” You hear Tony state, but no that is only outside, who knows about the inside. 

“Dr. Merman. I need you to get up.” You say trying to be polite, but he ignores you muttering to himself. 

“Go, get Dr. Merman out of here.” Natasha whispers to you, but you shake your head. 

“I am not leaving you behind.” You tell her glaring at her. You hear more footsteps and start to panic. You take a deep breath and get ready with the last bullet in the chamber.  You turn the corner about to shoot, but there stands Steve. 

“Wow there.” You sigh in relief as you lower the gun. “Where is Natasha and Dr. Merman?” Steve asks you and you point behind you. 

“Over here.” You say as you feel all your energy drain from your body. Steve sees Natasha and picks her up in his arms, bridal style. 

“Grab Dr. Merman.” You grab Dr. Merman’s arm gently as you pull him up. You pull him along behind Steve. You both turn the last corner and make your way down the short hall to the cool outside. In the middle of our walk, Dr. Merman snapped out of it and no longer needed your assistance. When you reach outside, Tony (outside his suit) and Clint are there along with Thor, who showed up later in the fight. A few SHIELD agents from another jet come out arresting members. 

“You guys are alright.” Clint states looking at Natasha and Dr. Merman the most. You turn around while looking at the damage. You see movement on the roof and a barrel of a sniper pointed at Clint. Everything moves in slow motion then. 

You look over at Clint who looks unaware and talking to an agent. You jump in front of the range of the bullet just as it rings through the air. It hits you in the neck and you fall to ground. You hear another gunshot and yelling as you feel yourself feel lightheaded. You hold your neck and will the last bit of your energy to focus on your healing power. 

“Y/N! Stay with me!” You hear someone yell, but you ignore them as you focus your energy. You feel the bleeding stop and open your eyes to see the Avengers hovering over you. 

“Saved in the nick of time.” You comment with a weak smirk on your face looking at Clint, who looks shocked. You feel your eyes begin to get heavy and soon you fall unconscious. 


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“Hiya, babes! It’s Laura!”

“Hello! It’s Laura! We hit a thousand, babes! We did it!

Laura was just another small time girl trying to hit it big with YouTube. There was hundreds of Youtubers like her out there. They put on makeup. They play video games. They review movies. They vlog about their day. They try weird products and make comedy shorts.

I found Laura on a late night. She’d made a comedy short with Katherine Short, a YouTuber I had followed for a few years. Laura caught my attention with her low voice, sweet smile, and odd eyes- she had heterochromia. One eye was dark brown, like her hair. The other was like a husky dog’s. Piercing blue.

Laura was new, she barely had a hundred followers when I first clicked subscribe. After that collaboration with Katherine, you could see her confidence soar. I had fun with her wit and hey, if someone’s entertaining, I’m gonna hit that magic red button.

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The Human Experiment (Volturi x Reader)

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Every couple of centuries the Volturi would test their number one law. No humans can know of their kind. These were known as ‘the Human Experiments’. They were all conducted relatively the same way but the outcome was always different. One ended a decade before Bella Swan and they decided no more would be conducted. The answer was final but never clear- humans can’t know of our kind.
The guard had never been so adamant on that law until the final experiment.

The room was beginning to collect its first layer of dust.
The balcony doors were open and the curtain blew in the breeze. Afton moved past Alec, the last box in arms of what she had left behind. A small plate with her name and birth date as well as her death would be on the door. This was her room. They had many more rooms they could accommodate. They had decided to air out her scent as much as a piece of them would miss it. For the first time in years the Volturi felt loss by something that came and went so quickly. 

Alec was the one to do the final check before they could go through her things. Keep what was important in here, dispose of the rest. This had been her room since she was thirteen years old and as she got older, she would come and go. Who knew what she left behind or what she brought.

He checked the closet. It was empty but a slight jerk of the floorboard under his foot made him look down. At first he thought it was faulty but he saw the slightly chipped end of the board which continued to bend under his weight. He leaned off the board entirely and crouched down. The board had been scraped at, seemingly intentional. They had never noticed it before since her many shoes had always resided there. It seemed she had tried to lift it rather clumsily with a sharp object. Alec felt around the board. The board itself was hollow but the two at each side seemed to also cave in slightly. Alec pushed on them and noticed the slight rise in the chipped board.
He knew this wasn’t at fault, this was intended. Something was in there, to be hidden. He was quick to push again and catch the rising board. He lifted it gently and without a sound it came off. His eyes were met with the foundations under the floor boards and many upon many books and note pads. Lifting one he saw it was numbered. He opened it and his eyes widened what it was. Her handwriting covered each page, evidence she had lived. He lifted them out and put back the floorboard. 

Demetri knocked on the Cullen’s door and was quickly met with Esme, a polite smile on her face and welcomed him in.
She lead him to you, you were startled to see him after so long. You hadn’t seen him since he sent you to Carlisle after you were told of the experiment. “I’m glad I caught you before you go.” Demetri said softly as you gave him a short smile, shifting uncomfortably.
You noticed he had a pink and black backpack with him. He held it out to you. “She's​ had this since the day we took her. We never realised she kept it. We thought you’d want it.”
You nodded gratefully and took the bag. It was quite heavy and you decided to open it as Demetri spoke. “We knew that you only have a few memories of her since she passed. We’ve read these and my masters decided she was the last.” You lifted the books as Demetri continued. “We lived through this and to see it in her eyes was remarkable. She was the only one to document her life. We want you to have them in hoping you’ll know more about her.”
“…why did she die?”
“(Y/N), some people get sick and sometimes there’s nothing to be done. She was clear what she wanted. She wanted a human life and that’s why we never knew. I know that is difficult to understand and to accept but we hope that these will help you feel close to her.” Demetri gestured to the books in your hand. You nodded solemnly, that answer would do but it didn’t fill the pieces of her that you wanted. Demetri took your arm and squeezed it comfortingly. “Losing a parent isn’t easy, my sweet but you’ll get through it.”
You nodded. “I never thanked you.”
“For what?”
“For taking me in for that short time. I wasn’t yours and you didn’t have to fulfill the wishes of a dead girl but you did anyway. Thank you…and thank you…for letting me go.”
“You’re very much like her at times.” Demetri smiled. “She wasn’t a soul to be caged, she never was. You both like to be free.”
You nodded before hugging him. A final goodbye.

That evening you sat outside the Cullen home. Your bags were packed upstairs ready for your flight in the morning. You held the books in your hands. They had your mother in them. With these, maybe you could really know her and her life. You slowly opened the first.

Being told I can’t leave and that i’m part of a big plan doesn’t feel right. The fear I feel…its blinding. I feel like i can’t see straight. It all started when i followed that man. He said my mother had sent him to drive me to her work. She’d be late again. He seemed nice enough, he even said he was glad i didn’t trust him at first. You should never talk to strangers. Lesson 1. I was unsure. This was a pleasant neighbourhood but that didn’t mean be stupid. The man, who called himself Felix said he was a friend of my mums. She’d never spoken about him yet she had asked him to take me to her work because she’d be working another late night.
I feel stupid now. Of course if my mum never spoke about him then it was very likely she didn’t know him. I kicked and screamed as he drove to a hotel. I decided after a while that i had to stay quiet. I didn’t want to make him angry. He seemed less tense after that and promised no harm would come to me. He knew i didn’t believe him. He told me he didn’t make promises he wouldn’t keep. “What’s wrong with your eyes?” I finally worked up the courage to ask him.
“We’ll explain that soon. Just take it easy, you’ll be alright and we’ll explain everything.” I could only nod and I realised we were pulling into a hotel. I knew it but not well, i had never been inside. Felix took a hold of my shoulder and walked me into the hotel. He was really cold. i shuffled closer to his side hoping if i was nice then maybe they wouldn’t hurt me.
“Hello, My brothers and sister made a reservation here for us. I had to collect my daughter so I don’t know the room.”
The receptionist nodded with a pleasant smile asking for our last name. “Boldard.” Felix smiled rubbing my arm. 
“Ah yes, its the third floor, room two.”
“Thank you kindly.” He smiled as he led me to the elevator.

The receptionist smiled at me and i offered a small smile in return. I’m shy but this time it wasn’t because i was shy. I was scared.
Felix’s hand left my shoulder and i think he knew i was scared.
“Hey.” He whispered, bending down. “Don’t be scared. Remember my promise? No one is going to hurt you. You are safe.” This time i believed him but was still nervous of what was going to happen next.

We went into the room and three people turned who were dressed in black. The boy and girl didn’t look much older than me but they also had the same funny eyes. They didn’t look even a little friendly. Then the blonde man looked at Felix. “I got the child food and nightwear. We’ll get the rest later.”
When they told me what they were. I was terrified but they were quick to remind me of the promise. They told me I was helping them to find out if they were safe but i had to keep them a secret. I asked when i could go home. They told me i couldn’t but that my mum knew where i was. I …I don’t know how i feel about that.
After i ate, the blonde girl took me into the bathroom and told me to look at myself in the mirror. She then said she was going to cut my hair.
“Please don’t!”
“I need to.”
“I’ll look weird!”
She smiled slightly, letting out a short giggle. “No, you won’t. I won’t cut too much. She raised her hands to half way down my shoulders. “How about here? You’ll look different but it’ll suit you well.”
I nodded uncertain. “I…I trust you.”
She nodded with a small smile and began to comb out my hair before cutting it. She was gentle as though making sure she wouldn’t hurt me.
I’m about to go to bed and i’ll be up early to go on a plane.

She wrote just about everything if not missing a few days. Seeing the mind of your thirteen year old mother made you smile. She’d wince when boys or marriage was mentioned much to the Volturi’s amusement. They seemed to enjoy her young mind.

“I like your writing.” I said and Caius looked up at me from his desk.
“Thank you.”
“I wish I could write like that. I can’t read it but i would love to be able to write like that.” 
Caius cracked a smile. “Are you not taught to write cursive in school?”
“A little. I couldn’t do it though, my teacher gave up so i did too.”
Caius tutted. “That’s not how to go about things. Come, i’ll teach you. You’ll get to know the good old fashioned way..”
I smiled and moved to him. He moved me to sit on his lap and I began to giggle.
“What’s so funny?” He said lightly with a small smile.
“I haven’t sat on an adults lap since i was like eight.”
“Oh? Should i assume you to be a grown woman now? Are you too old now?”
“I didn’t mean it like that!”
“No, no, in earlier years you would be married and having children so that must mean you’re grown up!”
“Ewwww noooooo!” You winced childishly and Caius giggled.
“I merely tease, child.You’ll always be a baby to me.” 
I laughed. I’m not a baby! Doesn’t Caius know I am thirteen years old!?
He made me hold the pen before putting his fingers over mine. We did the alphabet before he let go. 
“Now try to write your name.” He encouraged me and i nervously did so.
“S-A-R-A-H.” He mumbled as i wrote. “Now look at that. You did it.”
“It’s not as pretty as yours.” I said sadly.
“The more you practise, the better it becomes but that is a beautiful attempt. You know Sarah, all children have different minds and so sometimes we need to find different ways to teach them. You were able to do this the whole time, your teacher just didn’t have the patience to find the right way to teach you and that’s not your fault. It’s theirs.” 

You ran your fingers over the aged paper, her writing was still clear after all these years. You read how she was eventually let outside, how the Volturi continued her education. You knew they had lied when they told her that her mum knew where she was and after a while, after the years, it was unclear if she forgot or if she knew and didn’t care. You closed the book. Sarah was old enough to understand what was going on but she was still too young to really understand entirely. It was in the mind of a thirteen year old. A child who thought they were big and knew it all yet was naive and didn’t have a clue. Each of the Volturi seemed to nurture her in some way and Sarah seemed to fill the spaces. She created a father figure within Caius and a mother within Athenodora. The others were unclear yet still had the satisfaction as though they had a label to their role.

You sat in the airport and opened the next book. The next chapters of her life. She was sixteen and they had let her out. She seemed to experience life more. You knew it was a test, a test to see if she’d tell. Yet she never did. She experienced her first love, her first heartbreak.

Athenodora ran her fingers through my hair as she hushed me softly. Corin patted my knee.
Boys are stupid.” Corin said. “You’ll find a better one! One that’ll take you dancing and spend lots of money on you. Oh and get you an engagement ring the size of your fist!” Corin said suddenly excited  and waving her fist around. I began to laugh as Athenodora shook her head. “You shouldn’t tell the boys that. I don’t think many would take kindly to her being married.”

“She’s never getting married!” Afton suddenly called out and peeked his head in. “Boys are stupid. Keep away from boys! Go join the closest church and be a woman of God. Go be a nun. Hell, actually be married but STAY PURE.”
“Afton Volturi!” Corin cried.
“No Corin! I won’t have a daughter to say this to! She’s the closest thing i have! You think Jane will let me do this!? Not a chance! Look! Keep those legs closed. Have a bunch of kids if you want, as long as you stay pure you can do what you want.”
“Afton, honey, that’s not how it works…” Athenodora smiled. Afton was known to be silly when being funny.
“And pray tell what would you say to your son?” Corin asked.
“I’d teach him all my tricks. He’ll be getting all the girls.” Afton gestured to Chelsea who was walking by. “How do you think I got this one? Believe it or not it’s not down to sheer luck but pure natural skill!”
Chelsea stopped to say. “He was handsome, then he started talking and i learned selective hearing then the lights turned on and oh my what i mistake. It was a shame i was already stuck with him before i could flee.”
“Chelsea, how you WOUND me!” Afton cried dramatically making you laugh.

You smiled as you read on. A matter of months later, many entries were on her big crush on Alec.
“Wait, you what!?” Felix laughed.
“Oh no, nooo, i’m leaving and away to die of embarrassment”. I covered my face with my hands, running off so i could escape my impending doom.
“Hey! Are you going to marry him!?
“Sarah, we need to know! Are you in love with him!?” Demetri added and i could practically hear his grin. He was enjoying it just as must as Felix.

The teasing when on for weeks until Alec found out. You were sad that she never really clarified his reaction. He seemed okay with it but never had a relationship with her. So many new people entered her life yet she didn’t tell the secret. However it was evident that somethings Sarah did and felt weren’t really normal. She was rather reserved around other humans. She didn’t know how to talk to them and sometimes would over think it. Something began to change, she sought freedom and independence. She grew a keen mind, a curiosity to see the world. She was also quite the book-worm. You closed the book as you heard your flight being called. 

You opened another book. It wasn’t as old as the others but definitely not the latest. You opened it and after a few pages you realised Sarah was in her twenties, she left Italy and went to France. She met Carlisle and Esme, a sweet couple she had bumped into. They became good friends. Sarah found comfort in how they were tourists too. 

I sat in the shade on the outside tables of the cafe.
The Eiffel tower was far in the distance, the sun peeking through each of the gaps. I would occasionally look up from my book to see the boats go by on the river across for me. I even did some writing. There is something peaceful in the air here. Something not all places had. That was when I met him. He was confident, he knew what he wanted from the world. Something not everyone in their twenties knew. He was five years older than me at the strong age of twenty seven. I’d suppose he had seven years already to contemplate. Clyde Bennett​, he said his name was. He asked to sit and I let him. He was French, and said he could tell I was a tourist from a mile away. We chatted for hours. We had lost the time. He walked me home and I had received a letter from Demetri. I know for sure that I smiled because I miss him so dearly. I eagerly wrote back. He said he missed me and wanted to know when I’d be coming home for a visit. 

You began to think she stopped writing after you were born because she no longer needed to. She no longer had the time. Or perhaps this is the parts of her life she wanted to be remembered. 

I wrote these not for the experiment but for me. So that one day I could look back or perhaps if something happened to me a piece of me, my life was left behind. 

There was a big gap, you had to turn the page before the writing continued.

I’m sure you noticed that as you read through my life that the entries became more directed to you. This is when I found out about you. I have wrote this with the intention of giving these to you, to perhaps understand where you came from but now I wish I am around to tell you myself. 

I’m sorry I don’t have terrific life secrets that will enable you to have an easy life and a lot of my life may not have made sense. I am so sorry.
A truthful thing to know and remember is that life isn’t easy but everyone does it.
Be fearless but not reckless.
Find love and happiness, don’t be afraid of pain or loss.
It’s okay to be sad sometimes. 

No matter which form these stories have took place I hope you got what you were looking for whether it be a missing puzzle piece or a good story.
Italy was my home, but it doesn’t need to be yours.
The greatest wish a parent can have, my hope, is that you find your place in the world.”

Sarah believed that there are some people in everyone’s lives that are miraculous. A person who is truly amazing. This person didn’t have to be there for a lifetime. Perhaps they’d only be around for a moment. Maybe it was that person who stuck up for you on the train, or showed you- a stranger- kindness on a bad day. Maybe it was something much more meaningful.
Nevertheless ​her relationship with Clyde Bennett was beautiful yet brief. It was a cluster of beautiful moments that wouldn’t last. They got a beautiful gift, they got you.
Clyde died shortly afterwards. She never said how. Just that it should never tarnish his memory. To truly enable that, she would tell you of the beautiful moments and wouldn’t share why he had to go so young. 

Clyde loved you.
He loved you as soon as he knew about you. He would watch every sunset in contemplation and only after finding his journals did I find out that he’d think of you. He was scared of you facing a cruel world. Yet he knew, he knew that you’d overcome everything that challenged you.
It is all he wanted much like I, we wanted you to be happy.

Your father was charming, loyal, kind, caring, insightful and empathetic and that is why I won’t reveal his cause of death. You may hate me for this in the future and I accept that.
Just remember that death should never tarnish life. No matter how intimidating life can be. 

I didn’t return to the Volturi after I had you. It felt like all the pieces of the puzzle were fitting together as I held you in my arms.
After a while, the Volturi would have to check on me. Demetri was sent, and it was the first time he’d meet you. He was so nervous but I trusted him. He wouldn’t dare let you fall. I could see it.
Demetri appears to forget every now and then that I know he wanted a child of his own when he was human.
As he held you in his arms that glint of want returned. He wished you were his. Which brings me to the next part of the story. 

Demetri and I grew very close as you grew up. You wouldn’t remember this, you were too young. Demetri and I developed some sort of romantic relationship. We weren’t mates and we weren’t hopelessly in love. However our love for one another was very real, it just meant some relationships weren’t meant to be. 

You won’t remember how Demetri was so scared of hurting you. When you were still learning to walk, Demetri would often have to walk you around the house. Funnily enough, you’d squeeze his index finger as he gingerly lead you into various rooms that you desired. I tried to tell him it was unnecessary but he insisted.
He wouldn’t touch you with his full hand if he could help it. He didn’t want to risk hurting you. 

…I’m sorry. This is where the story starts to end- or atleast mine.
My relationship with Demetri ended after many months and I didn’t see much of him after that. I learned that our relationship wasn’t real, it was a tactic to update the experiment. Whilst Demetri’s feelings were very real, I quickly learned that it was considered an advantage for the experiment. 

When I found out I was sick a few years later, I wasn’t certain on what I could do. You were too young to understand that sometimes humans get sick for no reason and some times they won’t make it. 

So I got back in touch with the Volturi directly. I made Demetri promise me something without giving reasoning why. I couldn’t let them know but I needed you to be safe. 

“Sarah? What are you doing here?” Demetri asked.
 “I need to talk to you, it’s important.”
“Is (Y/N) alright?”
I nodded in reassurance before he nodded toward the far corner of the entrance.
“What’s happened?”
“I need you to promise me something.” Sarah looked into his red shining eyes. The ones she knew and loved for a long time. “If anything were to ever happen to me…promise me you’ll take care of (Y/N).”
“What? Sarah, what are you talking about? Are you in trouble?”
You shook your head and added a light hearted laugh. “Call it a mother’s paranoia, just please promise me. They don’t have anyone else.”
He did promise me. It was all I needed to make sure you would be okay once I was gone. 

You bit your lip, Demetri did take care of you briefly. You remembered little things of days with him but nothing that proved you ever lived with him. He sent you to Carlisle who raised you with Esme. 

This is where my story ends. I won’t be writing any further. Much of this would seem like a life and it is possible that if the Volturi got their hands of these that they’d remember the details. This is how I lived and they continued to watch and take note of my life and progress. In Aro’s study, my life would be encased into one solid report. If you are old enough to understand the human experiments then all I ask is that you see it for what it is. The report does not come close to my life. It’s something vampires can’t comprehend. In those files it’s all objective. Facts and reasons as well as a hypothesis about how I lived but they can’t fully understand how someone can be in this world for such a limited time and experience the things we do.
It’s what makes us human. 

I kept it hidden that I visited my mother in my adult years. I sat across from her as she was slumped in the chair, she was frail. I told her all about you and my travels. It’s sad that she couldn’t remember​ who I was.
Dementia is a very cruel thing indeed and is all the more reason to live because what if one day you forgot? 

From me to you, I hope you never see this. I hope I get to tell you these stories but if you’re ​reading this…that wasn’t the case. 

Good luck. 

With love, 

Sarah x x

You closed the final book and traced the cursive handwriting. You placed the book onto the fold-able table. “Tea or coffee?” The air hostess smiled brightly at you.
“Actually could I have a glass of water? Thank you.” You smiled as she nodded and walked away. You smiled to yourself as you sat back in your seat before looking out the window of the plane, watching the clouds pass you, only giving a glance to the old pink and black backpack at your feet.

So I had this really weird dream last night

For those of you who don’t know, when you dream, your brain uses faces that you have seen before and mainly recognize but if it’s a dream with a lot of people it can’t make up faces for you so it leaves them as blank slates

and last night I dreamt I was with this girl, but I swear that I’ve never seen her before in my life, I can vividly describe her face and body (im not going to say what was going on in the dream)

but when I woke up this morning I couldnt recall ever seeing her face before, it was a petite yet well toned face, she had silky light brown hair and a short haircut

she had freckles across her nose, cheeks, the back of her neck and her shoulders

she was around my height but she was thin, almost underweight i guess?

but what really bothers me is that during the dream i felt…love? and when i woke up i just felt…alone

Attack on Titan, Season 2, Second episode review

Gotta enjoy how this episode cut a poetic ending for more cliffhangers.

And by enjoy I mean annoyed.

But if I had to make a general statement, let’s say the second half of the episode was the more enjoyable, mostly for its mix between mystery-horror and action. Titans began appearing from nowhere and the nearby villages have been invaded. Witnessing the isolated cadets trying to minimize the damage by fighting those titans without any proper weapon was one of the aspects that made this arc my favorite. 

Besides, that episode was dedicated to Sasha’s glory and backstory, scenes in the manga who took a whole chapter. I’m glad the importance was emphasized. 

First scenes come with a direct focus on the Survey Corps residing in Stohess; after a brief cameo of Pixis and Hannes. 

That scene beings with an extra scene exposing Armi’ns thought. He actually used sentences from another moment in the manga where Jean was here. I think it’s a bit sad that they couldn’t use Jean alongside him because Armin didn’t have these thoughts by himself. 

I also wanted to comment how cute that scene was:

Moeburrito - Ep. 27

That’s pretty telling. I love how he’s worried about Hange in general. After a short transition, we’re finally covering the events of the 37th chapter of the manga. Nothing much to say about it, except it confirms the other properties of what skin hardening can do. 

I like Yuki Kaji as Eren a lot. Him lashing at Pastor Nick reflects his temper quite well. As a frustrated teenager who can’t settle down.

That being said it’s a bit dumb to fragment this chapter into several pieces. It breaks the tension completely and in my honest opinion, it would’ve been easier to dedicate more minutes to develop Hange’s research.

Moving on to Sasha’s situation.

The next part covers the elements of chapter 36 of the manga. We learn how Sasha grew up, as the daughter of a hunter whose territory has been reduced to welcome more refugees in, and therefore, losing food resources. Compared to her usual way of speaking, Sasha talks with an accent from the countryside. I’m not an expert on Japanese but aside from the formalities, her way of articulating words sounded a bit different. I wonder how they’re gonna render it in the English dub. Making her speak with an accent from rural Georgia? 

The deserted village - Ep. 27

Anyway, I love how the atmosphere suddenly changed as Sasha went further in the rural area. After a bit of exploration in a desert village, she stumbles across a titan devouring an old woman’s leg, and a girl trying to to watch the scene. 

That passage is absolutely terrifying. While I’m glad the animators introduced it with no BGM at all, the music part with the chorus was a bit too dramatic. 

What I absolutely loved however are Sasha’s dramatic escape with the child coupled with silliness with the horse, or how about diminishing their chances of survival. It’s still a shame they didn’t add that bit, though. 

Sasha baffled at the horse fleeing - Ch. 36

That would’ve make the scene even funnier and desperate, but I guess we can’t have everything.

Still happy they added the yumikuri moment and Ymir telling Sasha to live as she should live without putting on an act, whereas Krista tells her to not change her way of being and that she’s perfect the way she is. Very cute how the waifus bicker with each other, haha.

Ymir and Krista - Ep. 27

Besides, it’s weird how the two of them and Mikasa have the weird lipstick thing but Sasha doesn’t? I really gotta question the animator’s choices. But Ymir with short hair is dayuuuuuuuuuum! And Krista has cute eyebrows too.

The epic music (Counterattack Mankind?) fits how Sasha’s views changed by telling the child someone’s going to help her if she keeps running, which serves as a nice parallel with her father’s words to her in the episode. Sasha could’ve escaped without the kid since it’s none of her business but she didn’t. 

Yet I feel like Sasha defending herself against the titan feels like a recycled version of Mikasa’s despair at Trost. You can even see the contrast here when the sunlight begins shining on Sasha’s face.

Sasha after finding her father - Ep. 27

The bright hope that is Sasha’s neighborhood riding on horses.

Now I wish the episode could end on a bright note to fit the title: “I’m home”. Instead, we’re cutting straight to another disaster on the other side of the springles ship and that titan landing on Connie’s house. These events also take place in chapter 37, like the beginning. I really hate how they’re cutting this chapter to pander to the EMA and Levi fans, but since the following chapters aren’t dedicated to them, they have to share, no matter how stupid that sounds.

Still, Connie coming back to find his village completely destroyed and abandoned alongside the sad string instrument fits the mood and adds a nice contrast compared to Sasha’s situation. In the end, Sasha still found her father and the rest of the inhabitants, whereas Connie’s family is nowhere to be found. Really nice from the anime to give us clearer shots of Connie’s siblings:

Connie’s family - Ep. 27

The episode ends on Connie’s devastated face and the biggest mystery that also closed chapter 37.

The house titan - Ep. 27

As Gelgar noticed, it can’t move. Was it thrown, or was it…

See you next episode!

ouranchimaru  asked:

Hi! Could you please do RFA+Saeyoung/V and head canons about MC with suuuuuper short hair or even being bald? Thank you!!!

Of course. (Also thank you for messaging me back as soon as possible, haha. I’m sorry if this was short! I was trying to get it done as fast as possible for you!)


  • when he first met you he was surprised honestly
  • holy hell, you’re hair was s o short!
  • but he really likes it!
  • he likes to run his hand over it and feel the little hairs
  • he kisses your head too
  • but he doesn’t see you any different!
  • he still thinks you’re his amazing mc!
  • and he loves you nonetheless!


  • w o a h
  • dude, you guys are like opposites!
  • he has long hair
  • and you have short hair!
  • he likes to rub your head and kiss the top of your head occasionally
  • shows you off like you’re a fucking badass
  • he thinks it’s really neat how you have your own sense of style
  • he loves it and always talks about it to his friends
  • actually just talks about you nonstop
  • he loves it


  • woah x100
  • she really really likes it!
  • it was shorter than hers!
  • when you guys cuddle she pets your head
  • just really likes the feeling
  • she kisses it too
  • almost wants to cut hers that short!
  • she laughs when you spray paint the little hairs different colors with hairspray color thing
  • loves showing you off to the chat with pics when you get it cut
  • loves you no less only more


  • woah there, hold up
  • he can’t help but stare
  • he always thought it was kind of weird?
  • but he loves it on you
  • makes you look badass
  • and like you have your own fashion statements!
  • he rubs your head and feels the hairs too
  • he also sees you no different
  • if anything he loves you x1000
  • he pays for your haircuts and watches
  • takes blurry photos
  • he shall always love you and your cute hair


  • dude he teases you all the time
  • calls you “mc my man”
  • but he secretly loves it
  • he likes how you’re able to freely express yourself
  • beats anyone who looks at you weirdly
  • one day comes home with a bald cap on to see if he could fool you
  • but rly he kisses it at night and rubs it occasionally during cuddle times
  • he just thinks it’s so nice
  • still calls you my man mc


  • let’s get something straight
  • he’s blind
  • so he never really notices your hair
  • but when you guys cuddle he moves to feel your hair
  • it’s n o t t h e r e
  • when he feels the stubble or the tiny bit on your head he grins
  • omg his girlfriend has short hair
  • he loves it and just rubs your head every now and then
  • feels it every chance he gets
  • he’s so proud that his girlfriend doesn’t stick with the norm
  • he kisses your head when you guys cuddle and sleep
  • not gonna lie he wants his like that now
  • almost does


  • holy shit
  • I mean he knew since the beginning
  • but he always thought it was hot
  • called you a badass
  • he actually really likes it
  • and he touches it
  • and kisses your head
  • he even asks if you wanna borrow his leather jacket
  • and be all punk
  • you say yes
  • you two have now become lord mcedge and queen mcedgier

That was fun! Thank you for asking, and I am horribly sorry if I messed or it wasn’t to your liking! Contact me if it wasn’t!

About "being mainstream"

So today I realized something.

For some reason I was never really accepted in my class.
I always wondered why.
Why am I the one who’s always being criticized, made fun of and even admonished by teachers?
And why is my friend seen as the fun, talented one? Why does everyone instantly like her?

Well now I know why.
There’s a difference in how we look:
I’m a brown eyed girl with dark, curly, short cut hair.
She’s a blue eyed girl with blonde, straight, long hair.
We both live in Germany but I’m part Latina.

This is the problem.
This is the reason why people like her and think I’m weird.
I’d say my friend and I both aren’t “mainstream”. We do what we want, have our own opinions and don’t care about being like the others.
But my friend looks more mainstream than me.

It’s sad to see how superficial a lot of people are.

Especially those “weird” different things about you makes you unique. It let’s you stand out of the crowd. But people also want to be accepted so they change for it.

Don’t change who you are or what you look like. The things about yourself you might be ashamed of now might be an advantage for you in the future!

What Are You Doing? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by clubeskimo

You debuted at a very young age, you had barely turned 18 and you were the maknae of your group. You were young, but your talent was undeniable, you were the main rapper of the group and even though you were barely an adult you cussed and spit rhymes like the best of the guys. It kind of made sense, you worked hard to debut, since you were a foreigner it was hard to finally get your break, so when you did you went all out.

After a while you felt trapped. You loved your fans and being able to speak out, but it wasn’t what you wanted, you hated to admit it but the group held you back. You couldn’t do what you wanted, you had to think of the group and what fits for the group. Slowly you started making steps on your own and then you went completely on your own. You made a name for yourself and made your own career path as a rapper, sure they were bumps in the road, people put you down for either your gender, your ethnicity or for being an idol, even thought they were many artists that started like you, Zico, Jay park, CL just to name a few.

You were honered when YG asked you to be a producer on smtm. You were so psyched to be next to so many talented rappers and producers. You obviously accepted the offer and could not wait for the first recording.You were happy had Zion t. and Kush with you. You had worked with Zion t. before and you’ve met Kush a few times so they both knew who you were and how you did things. Since you were the first female producer you wanted to be serious and make sure every rapper understands that you are serious about this.

Before the auditions you met the other producers and you immidiately took a liking towards Simon D, not a friendly liking. Being in a workplace you tried to keep it to a minimum, you didn’t want to be on tabloids and being taken lightly. Suprisingly you were very popular amongst the rappers. A lot of them chose your team as to which one they want to go when they were asked at the second round. Most of them didn’t even say YG they said “(Y/N)’s team” which flattered you.

“I would go to her too”

Kiseok said one time which caught you off guard. You smirked and brought your mic closer to your mouth


“Same reason they want to come, cause you’re hot”


You had to perform with Zion T. and Kush before the rappers chose teams and you were very excited. You were dressed up in high heels, black leather high waisted shorts that showed off your thigh tattoo and a black V see through neck top. Your hair was straight that went down to your butt thanks to extensions and you rocked a  brown smokey eye with your singature red lips.

As soon as you walked in the room with the others to sit on the couch and watch the others perfomance the guys started making weird noises

“You know that after they see her they are all going to YG”

Joon Kyung joked making everyone laugh. You took a seat at the couch next to Zion T. and Kush. You watched the others and soon it was your time to perform. As usual you gave all on the stage and you were always a bit fo seductive, moving your hips and saying a few seductive stuff. You were either very soft and vunerable or very aggressive or very sexy, you liked to play with different side of your personality.


“Look at (y/n), oh my god”

Seonghwa said, pointing at the screen and chuckling. Seonghwa knew about the crush his dear friend Kiseok had on you. So when he turned to look at him, he saw how he looked at you, that intense staring held so many words

“She knows how to work the stage, she ate Zion t. and Kush is just her”

Dong-gab jumped in and complimented you, nodding to himself. They all had seen how you can get, you were not one to hold back your tongue, you were very strict and you have put a lot of rappers to their place, you would talk back without thinking twice.

“She looks good while doing it too”

Joon Kyung added. Kiseok didn’t say anything, he just nodded his head and kept looking at your performance. He was thinking of how to approach you, you seemed very emotionally unavailable, kind of cold and had this confident vibe of doing good on your own, he couldn’t offer you something that you didn’t already have


You were genuinely happy for Bewhy, he deserved it and he was very talented. Yes cjamm was a very good rapper and they were equally dope, but that’s just how things work, it was either cjamm or bewhy and both of them deserved to win that’s all that mattered.Kiseok didn’t make his move during the recordings. He thought it was unprofessional but he also knew that you were very dedicated to your work. But, he couldn’t wait any longer, as soon as the cameras went off he went up to you, you didn’t really think about it so you just hugged him to congratualte him

“Congratulations Simon”

“Go out with me”

He blantly said.You pulled back from the hug, completely suprised and left speechless. He held your arms while looking straight to your eyes


“Don’t act like you didn’t expect it, we have been flirting non stop. Since we are not colleagues anymore, why should we hold it off now?”

He had a good point, you weren’t going to deny that you had your fair share of flirting and going back and forth. You suddenly realised that people were looking so you just smiled and acted lightly

“Not here, let’s talk about it later”

“No, I want an answer now”


“Now"You just smiled and walked away, you were starting to look suspicious and you didn’t want to make it obvious of what was going on


You were about to head out in your normal clothes, but you saw a figure standing next to your car. The more you got close to it your suspicions were coming to life

"Are you serious Kiseok?”

“Yes, now since we are not in public, I want an answer”

You smiled and looked at the ground, shaking your head. He was stubborn, you were sure that was just a glimpse of how he can be. You looked back up and brushed the hair that had fallen in front of your face

“Fine. You got a date”

“Good, let’s go”

he grabbed your hand and started to pull you away from your car, probably to where his arranged car was (no really, simon can’t drive, so I figured he has a driver)

“Wait, what are you doing?”

"We are going on a date, I know this awesome restaurant, you are going to love it”

“You are a piece of work mister Jung”

Haircut (Lafayette x Reader)

First of all, guys, I am so, so sorry this took me so long to get out! My life has been insane, but I think I’m going to be able to write more now. (I hope!)

I was super in love with the prompt for this fic, and I had so much fun writing this! I hope you guys feel that it was worth the wait.

Words: 1517

Warnings: Language, Peggy being adorable

Prompt:  Hi here’s a request. Hairdresser/Hairstylist Reader x Hercules/Lafayette/TJeff (Anyone, I wouldn’t mind) And they keep on coming to the Reader for their hairstyling, but it’s not that she’s the best, they just really like her or something??

You sat down heavily on a chair in the break room, unzipping your classy, patterned lunchbox and retrieving a sandwich. You propped your feet up on the chair beside you with an audible sigh of relief, the black heeled boots you were wearing clicking quietly against the metal arm. Being a hairdresser had always been your dream job, but standing all day behind the chairs of your clients while keeping up a constant stream of friendly chatter could get incredibly exhausting.

You nibbled further on your sandwich, letting your shoulders slump forward tiredly. A quick check of your phone reminded you that it was only noon, and you had another five hours before you could drag your sleep deprived body back home to bed. Those five hours were scheduled to be filled by your receptionist’s sister, a beautiful bride-to-be wanting a practice run of her wedding updo before the actual big day next week.

Cheerful humming from behind you alerted you to the arrival of your close friend and receptionist, Peggy Schuyler. She flung herself down into the chair on your right, yelping in alarm when the wheels skidded backward. The pretty brunette seized the table and slid to a stop, giggling slightly at herself. “You didn’t see that.”

“See what?” you played along, grinning at her.

Peggy looked you up and down, frowning. “Well, you look kind of dead.”

“Thanks, Peg.” you replied sarcastically, shaking your head. “I just didn’t really sleep last night.”

“Something going on?” her face twisted into one of concern.

You shook your head quickly. “Nope, just a regular case of insomnia.” Yes, Peggy, you know that one really attractive French guy who comes in here? One fucking weird dream about making out with him later…

“Huh.” Peggy looked as though she didn’t quite believe you, but shrugged, straightening her short yellow skirt. “So, anyway, I originally came in here to change your schedule.”

“I thought I was doing Eliza’s hair…” you trailed off, confused.

Peggy sighed. “Yeah, she’s not feeling well, she cancelled for today. You’re seeing her on…” Peggy checked the writing scrawled on her hand while you smiled at her. Your best friend was really adorable sometimes. “Thursday.”

“Wait, does this mean my afternoon is free?” You shot up straight in excitement. “Your sister’s great, but I want to go home and sleep.”

Peggy watched you in amusement. “Oh, you poor thing. Sorry, no. Your boyfriend made a last minute appointment right after Eliza cancelled, so you get him instead.”

“Peggy, I don’t have a boyfriend.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Okay, your future boyfriend.” Peggy amended with a roll of her eyes. “Everyone can see he’s in love with you.”

“Who?” You blinked at her blankly.

“Lafayette, duh.” Peggy said exaggeratedly.

“Didn’t he just come in last week…” you trailed off, your eyes widening. “Oh, fuck!” you cursed aloud.

The younger girl’s eyebrows shot up at your venomous reaction. “Wow, okay then, Y/N. What did that poor sexy Frenchman ever do to you?”

You slapped her arm for that comment, feeling your face heat while she squealed in protest. “Nothing! I just—”

You and Peggy had known each other since high school. She knew you better than you knew yourself, and she could read you like a book. Recognizing your hesitation, she jumped on it immediately. “What?”

You rolled your eyes, knowing she wouldn’t let it go, and trying to downplay the story. “Oh, nothing much, really, Pegs. I just may have had a weirdly detailed dream about him that disturbed me enough that I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night?” You phrased it as a question, wincing.

Peggy almost cackled with laughter. “Oh my god, really? What were you dreaming about? Sleeping with him?”

You yelped indignantly. “Peggy!”

“What?” she shrugged defensively. “He’s hot.”

“Yeah, whatever.” You shot back.  “Didn’t he just get his hair cut?”

Peggy’s eyes took on a dreamy quality. “He wants to see you again.”

“Yeah, or he’s OCD.” you retorted, rolling your eyes.

“He’s hot.” Peggy repeated.

“He’s also probably waiting for me right now.” You stood, effectively ending the conversation, and threw the remains of your lunch in the trash while Peggy scurried back to her post at the front desk, pausing in the doorway to holler back at you, “I ship it!”

Oh, trust me, Peggy. You thought grimly. I know you do.

Sure enough, the dark haired man was sitting in one of the waiting chairs, a wide smile breaking across his–admittedly quite handsome–face when he saw you.

Smile. Breathe. Act normal. “Hello again, Laf!” You said cheerfully, beckoning for him to stand and follow you back to your chair.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, ma cherie Y/N.” He fell into step beside you for the short walk to your chair, and you were suddenly all too conscious of his presence inches from your side. Get a goddamn grip, Y/N.

“Yeah…” you trailed off as he sat down and you stood behind him, gently ruffling his curly ponytail. “I cut your hair last week. It’s, like, a sixteenth of an inch longer, if that.”

In the mirror in front of you, you noticed his eyes widening slightly, as if in alarm.

“Yes, well, I—it—je sais—it was misbehaving.” He gestured at his head accusingly. “You need to fix it again.”

“Fix it again?” you echoed in bemusement. Yeah, okay, Peggy, he’s hot. He’s also really weird. “I mean, I can give you a wash and dry it for you, and then throw it back in this.” You poked the hair tie with your fingertip. “I don’t know how else to fix it.”

Lafayette nodded enthusiastically. “Oui. Work your magic, Y/N.”

“Right.” You wiggled your fingers exaggeratedly over his head, tilting him backward gently to rest in the sink. “Working my magic. Got it.”

After you had been working in silence for a while, you paused to sneak a glance at your client, a tiny smile creeping onto your face when you noticed that he had his eyes closed.

A quiet squeak made you whip your head over your shoulder, your h/c braid swinging forward to smack you in the face. Peggy was standing behind you, her hands making a heart that, from her position, presumably framed your heads.

You paused to check that Laf’s eyes were still closed, and then discreetly flipped her off, shaking your head, before going back to toweling off your client’s damp, fluffy—and shockingly soft—hair.

Lafayette mumbled something in French, his words muffled by the towel you had thrown over his head. You peered forward over his shoulder, lifting the towel. “What?”

Is he…blushing?

“Nothing.” he muttered.

Scarcely twenty minutes later, you’d dried and minimally styled his hair, tucking it back into its customary ponytail, a few shorter curls springing free. You dropped your hands momentarily to pat his shoulders before pulling the black plastic cover up away from him. “You’re all done, then,” you smiled cheerfully, “although I don’t know what good that could have possibly done.”

“It was worth it. Je pouvais voir votre belle visage, mon amour.”

You blinked at him. “Right. Sorry, I took Spanish in high school.” you shrugged apologetically. “I have no idea what you just said.”

Lafayette glanced down at his feet for a heartbeat, and you felt guilty. “I wish I spoke French, but I don’t. Maybe I should actually—”

He cut you off. “I said it was worth it, because I got to see your beautiful face.”

“—try learning it…wait, what?” You looked up at him, startled, as his words hit you full force.

“You must know, Y/N.” He spoke gently, his expression earnest. “You enchant me, ma cherie.”

Your face flushed red, a smile spreading across your cheeks. “Uh…thank you. I—”

“Let me take you to dinner tomorrow.”

You blinked, a little shocked, but found yourself nodding. Oh, who are you even kidding. You know you like him.

He gestured briefly to the business cards you had next to your chair. “I already have your number, cherie, I’ll call you.”

You bit back a giggle. “Okay, Laf.”

An expression of pure joy, and also of relief, lit up the Frenchman’s face. “You are perfect, Y/N.” To your shock, he leaned in for the briefest of moments and brushed his lips against yours, barely touching you while his hands rested on your arms, before he pulled back, a grin on his face.

“I have to go pay for your work before Peggy breaks her neck trying to watch us.” Lafayette excused himself, looking with a laugh in the direction of the front desk, where the brunette in question was quickly vanishing from sight.

“Peggy!” You shouted in exasperation.

“Whatever, I still ship it!” she shot back without missing a beat.

Lafayette walked away toward her with one last loving glance in your direction, and you watched him go, shaking your head and laughing quietly to yourself, your fingertips coming up unconsciously to touch your lips. They were still tingling from his kiss.