this is weird as heck


I love you but I’m lost (x)

i had a dream last night that chris pratt was mowing a lawn? ? and it was hot outside but apparently he wanted a hot drink so i made him a cup of coffee. he asked me if i put any sugar in it and i said no. he took it from me and that was pretty much all that happened


—  Obligatory gag post-
You’re it;
now go forth
(because today’s the fifth)
and perpetuate rational havoc, wreak mendable mayhem and create commotion of generally unexpected subtle upheaval in impractical moderation…
  • me:i'm going to draw today!!!!!
  • me:(as i plug in my tablet) today is a drawin' day!!!!!
  • me:(as i boot up photoshop) ART!!!!!
  • me:*draws one thing*
  • me:okay now that that's out of my system...
  • me:i'm going to write today!!!!!
  • me:(as i boot up ms word) today is a writin' day!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Growing angrier, the Beetlemoose leaves the curtained window and knocks at the door.

“Huh, that’s weird,” Grumpy muttered. “Who the heck could be knockin’ at this hour?” He opened the door and his jaw dropped at the sight of the horrible thing before him.

It towered above him, its head lost in the darkness above, although he could just make out the edge of its antlers. It lowered its horned nose and gazed at Grumpy with large, bulbous eyes- Oh, EW, they really do have eyebones!! Grumpy caught himself thinking as he stared in shock- its lips drawing back in a sneer, revealing not teeth but an insect’s mandibles.

He finally slammed the door in the abomination’s face and ran, screaming “BEETLEMOOSE!!”

I had a dream that my mom was bugging me to call about an open job, so I finally got around to calling and Peridot answered the phone. 

She said “Given the current conflict between our planet and you humans, I’m afraid I cannot give you this job.” 

I tried to explain to my mom and she was outraged. 

“That’s no excuse!” 

THERE’S NO ESCAPE FROM THESE FREAKING MINIONS PLEASE BURN THEM. I was hungry. Normal day. Everything was going okay. I wanted some applesauce so, I went to get some applesauce. When I saw this a abomination, I no longer wanted applesauce. These stupid fucking minions are everywhere. I can’t go anywhere without seeing these dumb things. I feel like I’m in a weird scary movie. BURN THESE FRICKS IN THE ARMPITS OF HECK.