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What's the big difference between INTPs and ENTPs?

WOW okay so this is SO fun I’m so glad you asked–for the longest time I thought I was INTP. Because ENTPs and INTPs are so similar, it’s very easy to get them mixed up, especially when typing yourself. But there are a few things to keep in mind when differentiating:

•First of all, and most importantly, INTPs are VERY introverted. If you doubt that you’re an introvert, you very well may be an ENTP. Because, here’s the thing—Ti, the INTP’s dominant function, is arguably the most introverted of the functions.

•ENTPs dress more nicely and care about their appearances more (most times). My ENTP friends and I work out. We do sports. We pay a little attention to trends. We’re still a bit awkward when it comes to this (my ENTP guy friend has a hairstyle that’s supposed to be trendy but it’s always noticeably “off”), but it’s a big difference from INTPs.

•The majority of INTPs I know, especially the male ones, don’t give a rat’s ass about what they wear. Be on the look out for horribly put-together outfits. For females…they’re better at this, but they will often wear the same shirts a few times a week, have low-maintenance hairstyles, usually short, and may not be very color-coordinated. Of course, there are exceptions(there’s an INTP I know who wears the BEST clothes and has AWESOME hair)

•INTPs are wayyyy more put-together when it comes to knowledge. It’s the dominant Ti. ENTPs will loudly start ranting about why they think something is stupid, but the INTP will sit you down, bring to the table several examples of whatever topic, and then go to the next idea and the next until their argument is linearly laid out and plain for you to see. It may be best put in writing or in a chart that they sketch since they’re not the best at verbally explaining things, but they’re much more concerned with accuracy of facts and exactly how they connect together than ENTPs.

•Here’s one other thing to keep in mind:
And ENTP friend of mine sat down and played Undertale all weekend while FaceTiming his girlfriend, and as he went through it, he made up voices for all of the characters and basically read the game to her like a story. Many AWFUL jokes came out of that experience.
An INTP friend of mine sat down one weekend with some sodas and chips and played a video game for an entire weekend and got 0 sleep throughout the whole thing. No social interaction besides yelling at the people playing against her on the headset.

So the question is, which of the two above is your friend (or yourself)?

More people should realize that Matthias, in finding Martin’s sword, went above and beyond the call of duty. Martin hid his sword on the rooftop. Matthias solved that riddle, only to find the sword had been stolen. He then went on to take on a mad Sparra king, live as a hostage, fall off the Abbey roof, almost get devoured by a cat and an owl, and slay a monstrous snake to find the sword. None of this was part of Martin’s original plan. Moral of the story, Matthias is a boss and no one can convince me otherwise. 

True Love
C. S.


by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, tehcheshirecat)

She lives in a castle
but she locks herself in her room
I long to see her face
but all she does is push me away

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

She has a secret
I can tell; She’s just too scared
I miss the sound of her voice
but all I hear are my own footsteps on the floor

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

They say that love is an open door
So I guess it’s safe to say
that you don’t feel the same
I love you, you know I do
It’s TRUE LOVE; I’m sure
I thought that if I gave you my love
I could fix you up
and I’d thaw your frozen heart

She lives in a castle
She locks herself in her room
I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door

Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Oh, Elsa, why don’t you love me anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn’t have to be a snowman.


AN: (Anna to Elsa, obviously. :P) Uploaded to FF.NET.



Hey, guys!

So… I’ve reached 100+ followers. Wow. I can’t believe people can even put up with my social awkwardness, but hey, thank you!

I’m sorry for rambling on and on about random stuff all the time. I’m sorry for my half-assed doodles (with no bodies because I’m still practicing). And most of all, I’m sorry for taking so long to update my fanfics.

But again, THANK YOU!

You guys are wayyyy awesome to put up with me.

You’re all awesome. I love every single one you guys (which is why I wrote this song for you guys, well… my mates from the Frozen fandom, at least, but those who aren’t, I hope you enjoy this anyway). I kind of messed up a bit at towards the end, though, sorry. And yeah, my voice isn’t so great, so if anyone likes this enough to make a cover, go right ahead (I can even send you the chords). Oh, and guitar’s still missing a string, so I’m sorry about that too. Maybe I’ll re-record this when I can, but for now, my fingers are purple from all the playing. XP

Anyway, I would just like to especially thank these people especially for being my amazing Tumblr-buddies/Tumblr-idols!

hmselsanna Miss you, gorgeous! ;) *nuzzles*

erzajaaane First Filipino Elsanna-shipping friend!!!

forkanna I will never get over The Cake Fic, you crazy evil person, but I adore you to pieces because… well, you’re crazy and evil and just overall awesome. XD

23deecy BROTP 4eva. Hahaha!

elsanna-fanboy We must Skype soon! I love how friendly you are. XD

seigetsu-ren Science nerds <3

exixiii I love how you gave in to my video singing challenge (that Franky started).

asisfanpage Oh you know you’re awesome already, so need I say more? :P You and celerysticks4life are both awesome. :)

Yeahhhh… I know I’m making a big deal out of only 100 followers, but hey, I appreciate you guys that much. XD

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Hey, I was just wondering who your favorite character/actor is in The Hobbit. (I probably missed the ask time and you probably answered this before but was just curious(: P.S. you're awesome)

This is tough :P

Theres just wayyyy too many great actors and characters.

Like there’s Ian Mckellen, gandalf. who’s just awesome. Martin Freeman/Bilbo is also amazing because he’s also watson. Richard Armitage is also awesome as Thorin. Or fuckin Lee Pace/Thranduil. or fuckin Hugo Weaving/Elrond!!! I CANNOT! they’re all just too awesome. But I’d probably have to say Thranduil as a character. He’s really grown on me :P