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Author's choice + yellow.

rubber duck | madzie | 500 words

Madzie lies at the bottom of the tub, gazing up at the bright yellow rubber duck floating above her. She’s too big to lay all the way down in the little tub, so her knees are hugged to her chest, feet propped up on the tiled wall. It’s still nice though. Everything always feels better underwater. It’s easier to breathe, as backwards as that would sound to most people.

But well. Most people don’t have gills.

She can hear Magnus pacing outside the door, obviously still upset. She feels badly, but it’s also partly why she’d come in here. This is the one place neither of them ever follow her, so she takes advantage of that, sometimes.

“Madzie, darling?” Magnus calls out softly.

Madzie closes her eyes. She hates how small his voice sounds. I did that, she thinks, her stomach dropping heavily with guilt.

She takes one last deep pull of water in through her gills, centering herself in the feeling, before slowly emerging from the tub. The ripples caused by her movement send the little rubber duck drifting away from her. He’s running away too, she thinks.

She hadn’t thought to grab her favorite bathrobe when she fled in here to hide, so she magics it in from her bedroom. She hasn’t quite mastered conjuring something directly onto her body, so instead it appears folded neatly on the counter and Madzie dons it quickly. The slightly too big hood (complete with floppy rabbit ears) falls down over her eyes. She hesitates for a moment before reaching into the tub to retrieve the duckling, tucking it into the pocket of her robe. It’s comforting.

She opens the door to find Magnus still standing outside, just as she suspects. With her bath hood drawn over her eyes, she can only really see him from the ankles down. She can’t really tell from his ankles whether he’s still upset with her, but she’s also too afraid to look up at his face.

“Have a good swim, guppy?” he asks her, just like he always does. She knows the familiar question is meant to make her feel better, but instead she feels worse.

“I’m sorry I messed up your potion,” she tells Magnus’s ankles, fiddling with the ties on her robe.

“Oh sweetheart,” Magnus says, crouching down to try to see her under her hood. “You didn’t ruin anything, okay? Potions are tricky things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed.”

She finally looks up at him then, and his steady gaze is gentle. Sincere.

“I’ll show you,” he tells her, reaching out a hand.

Madzie’s fingers rub idly along the smooth surface of the rubber duck in her pocket. Part of her longs to be back in the tub, submerged and safe.

But Magnus is still waiting, his hand outstretched patiently. She takes it, and the warmth of her small hand enclosed in his is instantly calming.

Maybe there’s safety on land too, as long as Magnus is there.

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Thing is about BSL Blue, like ASL, it's a full-on language with subject-verb-object structure etc. Takes years to learn unless you've been raised with it. So technically noone who has an understanding of its complexity would claim to 'know' it, as they'd be called out for that claim. So he's absolutely on point, even if he knows some signs - most of us who know some signs would never claim to know BSL. :-)

But the way he talked it’s like he knows nothing about it when he does. When he has been assigned to be the company of a deaf girl

Miracle Pants

So when I was at Lane Bryant yesterday I tried on their new proclaimed miracle pants that have been designed with the input of hundreds of plus size women (The Allie Pant) as well as pants from the Lena and Ashely Collections. Supposedly they’ve worked in new fit technology that makes you feel and look awesome.

The band at the waist looked remarkably like the jeans that came out several years ago that did NOT work for me. AT ALL. Since my waste is smaller than my hips, it sucked that in way too much and then left a big shelf to my hips. But I went ahead and tried on a few pairs yesterday… very skeptical. 



Somehow, that weird slacks tummy crease and awkward camel toe didn’t happen. Like… what? I’m still positive it’s witchcraft. I didn’t get pictures while I was out with my mom yesterday, but I’m gonna try to go back and try on ALLLL the pants. :-D Worry not - there will be a virtual fashion show.

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SHAY. My husband and I are on a fancy night out in the big city and have had way too much wine, and, of course, we were talking about FMA and how great it is and long story short I'm pretty sure we're going to read Hellbound together tonight because that's what you do on nights like these, right? Also thank the Lord for autocorrect because this message would be a hot mess otherwise. But yes. Hellbound. Good. Yes. Ajfbdnmakah.

SJDfaklfjfd oh my god so this message made my entire week??? You guys are so great I hope you have a wonderful night out skldjfa

(Also here’s the link if it’s too hard to search on mobile ;A;)

You guys are just alsdfjflk <3 <3

Honestly…It makes me really uncomfortable when people draw Leia’s Episode 4 Dress as being really tight with a big slit up the leg, because that’s not how it was at all??

It doesn’t even cling to her breasts or anything?? There’s like…a Small knee length slit, I guess, if you look hard enough. But this, and most other outfits of Leia’s, strike me as incredibly modest and professional. In fact, Lets take a look at that for a second. 

Look at what she chooses to wear on Cloud City in Episode 5.

Like…It’s a dress with pants? And I think this was probably an outfit she either A.) Packed for the trip on the falcon or B.) Was provided to her by Lando, And I find it hard to believe that Lando would force an outfit on her, considering he was very nice to her in previous scenes. She would have chosen it out of several different options.

I won’t add pictures, but her White Hoth outfit also consists of a jacket and pants. It’s sensible. They’re in the freezing cold. Why would she wear something sexy. She Wouldn’t.

There are honestly only two instances over the course of three movies where she /kind/ of shows skin. Instance 1 is at the end of Episode 1 where she…Kind of, I guess, Has some cleavage showing?

Like Barely. Keep in mind as well that this dress is floor length and has long sleeves. The second instance is at the end of Episode 6 on Endor

This slit is definitely more revealing, but to be honest, I can’t remember a single time in Episode 6 where it was apparent? They Honestly may have just done this for promotional material? Other pictures of the dress come off as much more modest

I’ve worn dresses shorter than this, so, I wouldn’t exactly consider this revealing by any means.

So when does Leia put on something a little sexier? There’s gotta be one instance right?

Yeah, Against her fucking will.

What I’m getting at here is that I hate the weird sexualization of Leia in Nerd Culture. It’s literally so rampant. It’s not surprising to me whatsoever, but it still makes me mad.

Leia Organa, a 19 year old Freedom Fighter personally fucking chose to dress modestly and people still depict her as this oversexualized Male Gaze Fantasy Being and it’s really disappointing tbfh.

long mornings and longer thoughts

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…