this is war

Ask yourself why.

We are told “the rainbows make people uncomfortable” and there’s Harry Styles running up a catwalk with a rainbow flag six shows in a row.

We are told, “their hiatus is indefinite”, implying they’ll never come back, and Louis Tomlinson says the exact opposite in concert from his mic for almost 70,000 people to hear. 

We are told this boy or that boy is looking to pursue a solo career and the idea of “individual projects” during the “hiatus” is spun to cause fear and panic, and we have multiple group hugs and interactions to show us that these boys still very much love each other.

Trust what you SEE and not what you HEAR or READ. Trust those boys. They’re doing everything they can to fight back. Ask yourself why. The answer? You KNOW why.


A quick rundown of the latest episodes of the war between the boys and 1DHQ.  

(Narrative –> response)

Liam annoyed by Larry —>

  • Liam being supportive of Larry
  • reading Larry signs and
  • even creating Larry moments
  • massive Lilo and Lirry love at the shows following the Attitude article

Harry vs OT3 —>

  • Harry attending Lottie’s birthday party
  • Massive change in the Honda Tour Diaries
  • Harry is more involved on stage with the band

Liam annoyed by rainbows. —>

  • Liam appreciating rainbows and acknowledging rainbow signs
  • Harry making a “love is love” statement in Boston after Attitude mag interview on behalf of One Direction.
  • Niall collecting rainbow flag and giving it to bodyguard
  • Louis collecting rainbow flag and giving it to bodyguard
  • Harry keeping grabbing rainbow flags
  • RBB!!!!! SBB!!!!
  • RBB/SBB twitter account

Simon loves the boys —>

  • BBC: Would you leave something 1D gave you on the table? Simon Cowell did.
  • man up quote to Louis
  • read the Sun. God, no, don’t read it, sorry. Just be aware.

The boys love Simon and are grateful for him —>

  • watch the boys’ body language when they had to present the award to him a few days ago
  • Niall’s “not anymore Simon”
  • Liam mocking Simon during Little White Lies
  • Louis showing limited enthusiasm towards TXF and when he tweeted his thank you’s, there was zero Simon mention, it was actually Jay who thanked Simon.
  • RBB, framed pictures and all the queer celebrities ties to Simon. 

Liam shoving Louis on stage —>

  • Louis and Liam mocking the entire situation at the next show
  • also on Twitter both Liam and Louis spoke up
  • Rep statement in Mirror.

Babygate: Louis is gonna be a father —>

  • Larry Larry Larry.
  • Pregnant Harry articles.
  • Harry threw a baby onesie from the stage
  • the baby doll incident between Liam and Louis before babygate 
  • The words Baby, Briana and father are not leaving anyone’s mouth.
  • Harry mocking the pregnancy with a plush toy during Little White Lies
  • Syndicated paternity test articles.

Babygate: happy father —>

  • Louis’ entire non-cooperation, body language
  • Louis threw the baby doll from stage for the second time not long after babygate was announced
  • Louis involved in many children charities, genuinely happy with kids and babies, organizing a Cinderella Ball for sick kids vs his entire attitude with this “baby”

Babygate: there IS a baby coming —>

  • Louis saying he is not having responsibilities during the hiatus.
  • lads holiday, eating pizza and literally everything without even acknowledging that there is a baby coming
  • the baby question was eventually cut from the final version of the Riverside interview
  • Harry totally ignoring B, not even giving a shout out to the “pregnant” lady in the crowd. 
  • Harry never talking about the baby. Ever.

Babygate: romantic ties with Briana —>

  • Louis holding hands with Tamara right before babygate
  • partying Louis
  • partying Louis when Briana is in the city
  • partying Louis with BRUNETTE girls while “pregnant” Briana is in the city
  • Louis’ body language with her on any picture
  • engagement story: Briana forces it, Louis doesn’t want it
  • articles introducing the ex of Briana
  • Louis being anywhere but in LA where Briana lives.

Louis and Harry are enemies. —>

  • Larry hug
  • Ben Winston when Dan W called him deluded.
  • ♪  maybe a lighthouse tattoo  ♪

Harry going solo —>

  • NO signs ever shown by Harry that he wants it
  • rep: none of the boys are having solo career negotiations.

This is a break up not a hiatus. —>

  • all of them pledging countless times that they will come back
  • Julian Bunetta to Rolling Stone: they will have more albums.

OT4 falling apart —>

  • Ben Winston: never seen 4 boys more united
  • Niall on Twitter: we stand strong as a band and we are brothers

Debrief BS  —>

  • Julian Bunetta in Rolling Stone protecting girls and fangirls of 1D
  • Gemma tweeting rainbow hearts

To the right, to the left, we will fight, to the death.

This was partially a practice thing that got out of hand, partially an attempt at a lyric comic but mostly imspired by @dement09‘s awesome video!

Song: This is War by 30 seconds to mars!! Awesome song please listen.

Edit: I realized not many people might know what it means, pariah means outcast!

Also TMZ said, Louis participated in the baby’s life and they immediately showed the insta pics with the baby so if you were wondering… that was the point of the insta pics. It was not done to hurt us, because it is not our war. It is their war. 

And they are in their last lap, close to the finish line. And i am so here for them! :)

this is war

the prophet: virgo

the liar: capricorn

the honest: libra

the leader: leo

the pariah: gemini

the victim: cancer

the messiah: sagittarius

the soldier: aries

the civilian: taurus

the martyr: aquarius

the good: pisces

the bad: scorpio