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This world was… very strange. Even if it resembled a fairly typical high school upon first glance, Mitsuru knew that this was certainly not the case - she had travelled through a TV screen to get here, after all. Initially, she had been with Aigis and Akihiko, but they had somehow become separated from one another, and she was currently attempting to navigate the corridors of the unfamiliar building by herself. Things were only made more complicated by the addition of what appeared to be some sort of invisible walls, blocking her at every turn and forcing her to take a very particular path - not to mention that every other person she had come across since entering had thus far insulted her and tried to engage her in battle.

The leader of the Shadow Operatives released a sigh of frustration. The sooner they found the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon that had been stolen from her, the better. Her fingers wrapped around a door handle and she entered what looked like a classroom, stopping dead in the doorframe as her eyes fell upon another figure. Someone else to fight? It took a few moments for her mind to process that she knew this figure - and her face lit up in surprise. 

“Shinjiro..?” Finally, a familiar face! It had been at least a few years since last the two had last seen one another, and their parting had not been under happy circumstances. She took a few steps closer, clearly pleased with the thought of a reunion - until a thought occurred to her that visibly soured her expression, and caused her to freeze again. “Wait a moment. Why are you here?”