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anonymous asked:

What kind of scenarios do you think would happen on the Sunny if somehow Kaya & Vivi joined the strawhats for a little adventure post time skip? How would everyone feel & how would Sanji feel knowing Usopp has a woman waiting for him at home?

*cracks knuckles* this is my jam 

- Mod Strawhat

  • First things first, the moment Kaya arrives, her first manner of business is asking where the Going Merry went and Usopp unfortunately has to explain the Viking funeral (to which Luffy goes: “How the fuck do you know that? You weren’t there”)
  • Sanji is honestly gobsmacked by Kaya. He had heard things here and there about her but he honestly thought, Usopp was lying but no. He really does have a cute doctor gf down in the boonies
  • Chopper and Kaya bond quickly over being medical geeks
  • Kaya also gets along great with Brook: puns, silly stories, and tea time - what more could she want from a new bff?
  • Kaya gets along great with everyone actually; especially Vivi but she’s mostly awestruck by the Queen of Alabasta (tbh, who wouldn’t?)
  • Vivi met everyone with the biggest hugs as she new most the crew. She was suspicious of Robin at first but Robin does apologise and Vivi forgives her.
  • The Strawhat Pirates make a conscious decision to not do anything dangerous with these girls because Kaya is soft and they don’t want to do anything too controversial/might fatally wound the Queen of Alabasta - there’s havoc in the newspapers
  • Nefetari Vivi gone missing - Strawhat Pirates likeliest suspects due to their involvement in Alabasta two/x number of years ago.
  • Needless to say, this conscious decision to be safe goes down the drain pretty quick but luckily, the girls can handle themselves more so now than ever and are able to overcome any dangerous situations they encounter on their adventure
  • Luffy: Can we actually stand back and let the adults handle it? Is that an option in this world? Because if it is, that is seriously the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. Oh my God, I love this side of the rainbow.
  • Zoro: …I thought you’d want to be involved.
  • Luffy: You thought wrong. I am so over that phase in my life. What I want is for you guys, Vivi, Torao, Shanks and Ace to not die. If I can arrange for you to not die by sending random other people out to protect you for me? Awesome. So awesome. We will sit here and have Sanji bake them congratulatory cookies if they survive. And maybe place some bets, because Torao’s family is the gamblingest family I’ve ever met. Maybe I’ll make it to eighteen without any new scars! How crazy would that be?
  • Sanji: Why am I baking the cookies?
  • Chopper: So you don’t…care if our parents die?
  • Luffy: Sure, I care. Our lives would instantly get way harder if they did. Plus, I like your parents. But they’re not, I don’t know, they’re not my problem.
  • Nami: He’s kind of a sociopath, isn’t he?
  • Franky: Super-ly so.
  • Robin: Oh most certainly.
  • Usopp: It shouldn’t be as surprising as it is. It’s just easy to forget because he loves us.
  • Brook: Yohohoho! At least we know we’re safe with him taking care of us.

Vivere la vita ci ricorda che ogni attimo è prezioso, dovremmo tutti averne consapevolezza. Cavalcare l’onda del momento, inspirare e espirare con serenità e trasformare ogni attimo di vita in senso compiuto per i nostri desideri.
La vita si compie un passo alla volta ed è cio’ che fai in questo momento che ti porta verso il domani.
Oggi esiste, domani, sara’ sempre e solo domani. Vivi l’oggi, perché oggi è vita. Assaporala.

Stephen Littleword    -   Nulla è per caso

pato-el-pecesito  asked:

Que crees de un romance entre una acuariana y un escorpiano?

A decir verdad, Lo confieso… Ya lo vivi. 

Eso depende de que Acuario no lo ignore,que sienta más que atracción que Escorpio le permita ser libre y no tenga constantes ataques de celos y si los tiene que la chica acuario no los considere falta de confianza si no miedo a perderla.

Mis papas estan casado y son de esos signos. :3

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