this is very yes for me

look y’all…magnus just… he knows alec so well…they’ve shared so many experiences together dealing with the clave and magnus knows how alec has struggled with the clave and how he’s trying to change things and how he’s trying to give the lightwoods a good name again…so what he said in reply was very personal and he knew that what he chose to say was going to hurt alec the most because it’s so personal and magnus has been so understanding and supportive of him and his fight against the clave in the past. his anger is justified, totally justified, and i know what he said wasn’t at all true and it was just in the moment and we all do it …but honestly to me it shouldn’t be a “yes king” moment, it was really hurtful, and i hope that both magnus and alec learn from this situation.

  • Switzerland: I need your help.
  • Prussia: ... me??
  • Switzerland: yes. And believe me, it's more painful for me to ask for your h-help, than it is for you to listen to me.
  • Prussia: um okay... what is it?
  • Switzerland: how do I take care of a younger sibling? I recently gained one... she's very nice.
  • Prussia: oh, then you've come to the right person-
  • Spain: hold up, hold up, why him??
  • England: for once I agree with Spain, why not us??
  • France: big brother France has far better answers! offence Prussia.
  • Switzerland: don't worry. I'll go up to you guys for advice if I ever want to worsen our sibling relationship and start a revolution.
  • France, England, Spain: ... ouch.

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I'm so in love with you puppy AU! ❤️. You can give me some todopup or tododeku? Pleassssseee!

Thank you very much!! ^e^)/♥♥♥

Actually… I just got some idea to draw puppy Todo. We will see him in my next puppy arts ;)

A: HNGGGG~ This is soooo adorable! ;o; I need to draw them sometimes!!

A: Yes! He is useful in every seasons :3 all pups love to sleep with him.

A: No, he can’t do it himself. He need to go to dog salon run by Best Jeanist lol Except for the spiky thing. He can do that! X’D

Sam wants poetic titles

In the convo between Sam and archmaester Marwin, Sam suggests that his book on the wars following King Robert’s death should have a more “poetic” title. A detail which to me confirms what many have been saying: that “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a book Sam is writing about all the events we are seeing taking place.

To me it also confirms that the “Song” is not an epic romance J0nerys shippers want to believe (yes doesn’t a “song” sound romantic) but the chronicles of a bloody war (or several wars) that will culminate in the WW invasion but also in a new Targaryen civil war. The title obviously parallels “The Dance of the Dragons” (they even have the same number of syllables), another very poetic title, not for an epic romance but a bloody, destructive war for power between Targaryen factions written by another archmaester who shared Sam’s enthusiasm for engaging book titles.


To everyone who supports me I just wanted to give you a quick message. Yes, I see you. Yes, I remember you, and I appreciate you all. There are several people on here which I almost wait till you guys see it to see if you will like the new content and feel very accomplished and happy when you do. Thank you seriously, I can never over state that. <3 mun Jay

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Hello, friend, I have a couple of prayer requests My best friend has a family member who has just learned that he has a (probably malignant) brain tumor. Prayers for him and all their family would be appreciated Also, another friend is facing a very intensive surgery on her hip this week. Prayers for a successful surgery and safe healing are very welcomed Thank you so much, friend 💗 how may I pray for you?

Hi friend! Yes, I’m praying for all these! I pray that God will bring healing but also go before these people and protect them and keep them safe. I pray that He will comfort them and their families. I pray that He will work in miraculous ways in these people’s lives. I pray that His will be done in everything.

As for me, I would appreciate prayers for my family. My parent’s divorce is starting to “become real” as my Mom is moving out next week and honestly, this is stressful for all of us. My sister is taking it the hardest out of all so I would appreciate if you would pray for her especially. She’s started having panic attacks and she was put on antidepressants – all of this for the first time in her life. They aren’t believers so most of all they need to come to know Jesus as their Savior.

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tell us about sombra! what do you like about her? does she make you feel, at the very least, content? how are you guys doing? <3

sombra is very pretty and clever, though she has many other qualities i admire her for. i admit that i am inadequate at being open about this.

yes, she does make me feel content.

we are doing well. she stole flowers for me the other day. they are sitting in a vase in my room.

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Au where Prompto is actually 5 foot 2 and really short. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh my? Oh yes! 

It’s actually funny, I think sometimes we all forget that actually, Prompto isn’t that smol. He’s 173 cm (about 5′7″) which is a very average height. He just happens to be surrounded by giants (especially fucking Gladio, who is 2 meters tall goddamn him). But can you imagine? 

If Prompto was only 5′2″? 

And he came up to like, Gladio’s nipples. 

Okay hear me out on this. You guys know Shaquille O’Neil, yes? Well here’s a size comparison of him next to his girlfriend, Nicole Alexander.

It’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Shaq is 216 cm (7′2″), Gladio is 198 (6′6″). Ms Alexander is 5′2″ exactly. 

Let that sink in. 

Size difference, yes please.  

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I struggle so much to see people who hurt me or did bad things to me as bad because I keep idealizing them. Is this a BPD thing?

This is very common to those with BPD, yes. Idolisation can lead to us dismissing any flaws in people and only seeing them as 100% good

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Are there any OP characters that you connect to? Like deeply.

Yes! I have quite a few too. Overall One Piece holds a deep and special connection with me because of my late uncle, Chris. Chris started reading the manga when it was released in the US and fell in love with it. During this time I was very young and my uncle hung out with me alot, playing video games (Kingdom Hearts) and watching cartoons. Lets just say that he got me into what I enjoy today. Anyways when 4kids Entertainment said that they were going to dub One Piece, Chris got excited and got me to watch it with him, I was 4 years old at the time. Suddenly my Uncle was diagnosed with cancer and had to get treatment in Texas, eventually he came back and spent the last few months he had left at my grandfathers house. I was over there alot, we would watch One Piece, Dragon Ball, Yugioh… Anyways, he died holding my hand with a smile on his face in his early 20s. I drew a picture of Luffy, Chris and me, placed it on his chest before he was buried. He loved One Piece so much… Anyways as I got older and found the subbed version online, I still felt like he was watching it with me and when Law was introduced, I started crying because he looked like my uncle. Even when Law’s backstory was introduced, I sobbed because of the unmistakable similarities between Law and my uncle…From looks, personality and health. If Chris was alive, Law would have been his favorite character. So yeah…I have a huge connection to Law. Honestly me and my uncle’s relationship was like Corazon and Law’s… After my uncle’s death, I got bullied a lot and I didn’t make any friends until 9th grade. I didn’t find any self worth in myself and I often ran away from my problems by reading. When I was a small kid and was introduced to Nico Robin, I immediately liked her. As the show went on I found her as a role model for me, we even had similarities; we both like to read, love history, and have a dark sense of humor. Oh boy then her backstory came up and I was in tears and I felt even closer to her, it took me until this year to really figure out why; we just wanted to be loved and have friends in the past and now we both have that! This one my not have a long story like the other two but I connect with Bon Clay, like when ever I see them, im like, “YASSS QUEEN DO YOUR THING!!!” and maybe I get to excited and shit but they are my fucking LGBTQA+ anime icon and AHHHHHHHHH. Words cannot express how much I love Bon Clay. I have a connection with Chopper cause he is my son, end of question. So fun fact, doctors say its a miracle that im not blind (its a long story) but I do have an issue where if someone taps on my eye(s), I actually go blind for a few days. So Issho shows up for like one second and it was already decided that I would love this man and become kin with him. I honestly love his whole character and is the only Admiral that I like. Like…hes such a good man.

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what're your saved peter park/spidey urls!! only if you feel comfortable sharing them ofc

Here are all the new and very old urls I’ve saved over the months and year, up for grab, hmu if you want one.

Peter Parker + Spider-Man urls
1.) peterparkerimagines
2.) peterparkersimagines
3.) peterparkerxreader
4.) knight-in-shining-spandex (my prev url)
5.) 2spider2man
6.) iron-spiderman
7.) peterparker-yes
8.) p-peter-parker
9.) spidey-tights
10.) spidey-night
11.) iron-spidey-man
12.) knightinshiningspandex
13.) spideranon
14.) iron-spider-man
15.) karen-the-spidey-suit
16.) friendly-neighborhoodspiderman (my prev url)
17.) spidermanskaren
18.) spideyssuit
19.) spidermans-suit
20.) imagine-peter-parker
21.) peter-underoos
22.) tospidertoman

All Tom Holland urls

23.) tom-holland-yes
24.) tomhollandyes
25.) tomholland-ok
26.) tom-holland-ok
27.) tomhollandok
28.) xtom-holandx
29.) tom-hoiiland
30.) tomhollandximagines
31.) tomhollandimagine
32.) tom-x-holland
33.) tomhollandxreader
34.) quackson-quacksoff
35.) tom-lnolland
36.) tom-lholland
37.) tom-halland
38.) tomhollandboi
39.) tomholland-boi
40.) tom-holland-boi

Harrison Osterfield urls
41.) osterlland
42.) officialoster
43.) oysterfield
44.) osterfled
45.) osterfleld
46.) harrison-osterfleld
47.) harrisionosterfleld
48.) hazosterfleld

Other Marvel urls
49.) buckygotlucky
50.) 2fast2bucky
51.) mcusmetalarm
52.) barnesnoblebucky
53.) buckyicu
54.) steve-rawrgers
55.) captain-steve-rawrgers
56.) mcuimagine
57.) mcuxreader
58.) buckythigh
59.) steve-the-lumberjack
60.) steeb-rawrgers
61.) luckythebucky
62.) buckysthigh
63.) buckysthighz

Harry Potter urls
64.) weasleyz-wizard-wheezez (my prev acc)
65.) mclaggen-it (none-active account still up, but url for grab)

66.) fred-weasley   ……….jk, I don’t own that one, but I wish!

It’s quite ridiculous how many I have saved… And I have more, but I’m not in the mood to find them all.

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I feel like Hashirama is more Zack than Angeal tbh: human puppy. Touka is basically FemAngeal though. Or she's Cissnei. One of the two. Mito is sorta like if Aerith's personality did a 180 and became EXTRA. Tobirama is maybe Tseng or Rude. Izuna is absolutely Reno forever. XD

Okay, yes, Touka = Angeal, that fits very well. Also Izuna as Reno is making me cackle, that’s perfect. They even share a hairstyle. 

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iiaat if I get randomly extremely irritated or angered when someone talks to me/tries to get me to talk? idk how to explain it but sometimes literally everything anyone around me does is really really annoying, over-stimulating, and frustrating, and talking either feels wrong or I just can't talk so I stare at my book or my Rubik's cube until they leave me alone. I'm not sure what triggers the instances of anger, I can be fine one second and then I'm upset by their tone or facial expression

Yes, this is likely tied to having difficulty speaking and executive dysfunction. Executive dysfunction can make it hard to switch tasks which can make it difficult to respond when someone starts talking to you. This is something I experience as well. If someone talks to me and I wasn’t expecting it, I tend to get very irritated or angry.


madprincevagabond replied to your postI’ve been saying since it started that the AH…

Is the sequel done already??

Yes! AH basically wrote it themselves :P
I’m claiming the GTA V Criminal Masterminds let’s play challenge as the sequel.
Ryan leading the lads on a series of heists and missions, getting them back into the swing of things. Where they start out nervous wrecks, terrified of screwing up, of dying… it’s really the perfect progression for the story and a very fitting sequel and ending for it. If you use your imagination to bridge the gaps, I don’t even have to write anything for it. ;)


People are asking me what happened of why I went to hospital so I’m just gonna tell you on this, well… I’ve been EXTREMELY depressed lately and I drank A LOT of alcohol and I ended up blacking out very badly and I forgot everything and the only things I remember is being in the ambulance and waking up that night in the hospital and I guess i was talking suicidal so they wouldn’t let me leave till they knew I was okay and not going to hurt myself & I had to wait till I was completely sober. And yes I was charged by the police I guess there was 3 cops and 2 ambulance people there for me and I remember in the hospital I had 2 securities because of the shit i was doing.

//dnt rblg

i feel like since a lot of this site is marginalized people just like…talking about their lives (as opposed to like, being activists or studying theory), views of oppression on here tend to get very micro because others see this and begin to think that like, microaggressions ARE the oppression, and not just one facet of systems manifesting themselves

like yes, when someone asks me “where are you REALLY from?” it hurts me on a personal level, but its not oppression BECAUSE it hurts me on a personal level. its part of my oppression because the way asian bodies are posited as foreign and alien leads to my dehumanization, which is used to excuse physical violence (and in the case of asian women, often sexual violence), its used to deny me employment, in extreme cases, it can be part of the perceptions that lead to things like internment

like you are not automatically part of a systematically oppressed group if you get called names. juggalos and nerds aren’t oppressed, ya feel?

Last night marks the first night that one of the cast of Crit Role has made it into my dreams. Congratulations Matt Mercer! (and congratulations me, because, yes)

To be fair, it was a Stevie Nicks centered dream, in that I dreamed about reading an auto-biography abou Not!Stevie Nicks life and her intense but turbulent love to Suspiciously Looking Like Matt Mercer, fellow rock star.

Very good book, I cried, good music, would recommend if it was real!

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Hana I had the most weird but SWEETEST dream I had last night, so I was in this ballroom wearing a nice floral dress and somehow Jin came in and asked me if I wanted to dance. Like I was so shocked but I said yes and we waltzed through the entire ballroom all evening, I woke up very happy :)))

Omg that’s freaking cute >.<

…definitely not like the last time Jin was in my dream lolll 

# i felt things I never wanted to feel  #Thank you very much. Kim Seokjin. # that dream happened around January and I still remember everything

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Are you ever going to see the shanghai production?

I hope so?  I have two constraints on my travel.  One is money–as a public school teacher, I don’t have a lot of it, and I keep a very tight budget.  The second is timing. As a teacher, I do get a lot of vacation, but that vacation is pre-set on particular days, and I do not have control over when I take it.  I’m also very close with my family, and none of them live in NYC, so much of my vacation is spent with them. (I also work in the summer, as most teachers do.)

So–all that said–yes. I’d love to go.  I used to live in China, and I’d love to go back for a visit. And of course, I’d love to see the Shanghai version of SNM.  But realistically, unless an unknown wealthy relative leaves me a small fortune–I probably won’t make it there. 

But the stories are amazing, aren’t they? It’s a terrific mystery for the rest of us to imagine, and I hope that some of the innovation and character changes  (particularly giving Duncan a 1:1 and adding depth to Fulton and Taxi and Speakeasy) might trickle back into the NYC production.  I know that’s unlikely because of the production and management agreements…but one can hope, yes? 

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Wow that "too gay yet too straight" really hit me cause I feel so alone being bi cause well, I'm bi and not gay and not straight. Straight people suck anyway but feeling like you're different in the lgbt community can be very painful especially wrt to things like history and stuff where bi people are erased. Obviously gay culture is our culture too etc but I think a lot of bi experience is just feeling lonely.

“a lot of bi experience is just feeling lonely“ !! honestly yes, very accurate