this is very wow omg


omg wow … look at this very REAL and CANON image that I obviously didn’t edit at all!
Well I guess OsoKaraIchi is the real deal am I rite guys??

neganstonguething  asked:

regan a4 omg

very good choice, , wow i hadnt even noticed it there…

make me draw your otp as long as it isnt some furry shit

I’m not sure if I got his attitude right, but here’s a cosplay trial for the MikaYuu lovechild, Michi! ♡ We weren’t able to go to the convention because my Gyurei, @kuroi-manami, was admitted to the hospital recently. So I did this costrial to make her feel better! ♡ Credits to @califlair for creating such an adorable OC! ♡

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I've never talked to you though I've followed you for forever (this is my second blog) and it's 12:44AM right now but I just wanted to say for no real reason that I think you're great. I love reading your tags and just seeing how much you adore Jungkook really warms my heart. I see every once and a while that you're not doing so swell and I just want to encourage you somehow...just know that I think you're great! and that BTS loves you very much lol

Oh… wow omg– this is really sweet of you idek what to say tbh asdfklhg ;; Im glad you enjoy reading my tags and that it all warms your heart! <3 My situation lately is just..tiring but its fine! Thank you so much taking your time to send me this sweet message, i really appreciate it! <3