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omg wow … look at this very REAL and CANON image that I obviously didn’t edit at all!
Well I guess OsoKaraIchi is the real deal am I rite guys??

[B-BOMB] #SinceLeaving
Since leaving, Ahn Jaehyo is next to me😱
Is he going to go fishing…. (shivers)


[SBS PLUS] You who worked and ran until ‘YESTERDAY’!
Now ‘Stop Right There’!!!

Prepared just for you!
‘Crazy’ enough to make you go ‘HER’!
(T/N: Block B’s song title “난리나 (Nanlina)” meaning “crazy”. Block B’s song title “HER” sounds like “헐” meaning “what?!/wow/omg”.)
Extremely ‘Romantically’
Very ‘Very Good’!
enough that you can remember it ‘A Few Years Later’
A ‘JACKPOT’ like vacation!

Would you like to go on one?
Yes / No


So I saw your post about baby Bokushi and older brother Oreshi and I thought I'd write a little snippet...

(Just saying before I start, it’s a little twist, and instead Bokushi is born again as a kid but OUTSIDE Oreshi’s mind.)

Making his way through the Rakuzan campus, the redheaded captain, Akashi Seijuro was walking to the gymnasium hand-in-hand with a little boy. The boy was at least two feet shorter, bearing the exact same red hair of the older boy. The only difference was with his eyes. Instead of the identical red eyes that Akashi had, his left eye was golden. The younger boy looked up at Akashi with an impossibly neutral expression.

“Are we almost there yet?” Akashi sighed.

“Almost. Just be patient.” The boy said nothing more, and went back to looking ahead. Akashi tried rubbing the tired out of his eyes. How did he end up in this situation? He was just a normal person, trying to live a normal life. Why did he deserve this? What had he done to the universe to receive this sort of punishment? Putting aside the possibility that he had been cursed, he continued to make his way towards the modern building, still bitter over his rather rude awakening.

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Uhm...i don't know how to tell you this..bubblegum bitch was..well.. THE BOMB!! HOLY SHIT I AM RUINED!!! RUIIIINED!! I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN IT- *clears throat* *shyly* very wow much great

asdfghjkl omg thank youu ;-;

“I have raised three kids, and one husband.” 

-I think this line in Gumball, as funny as it is, is very sad. It’s sad because the reality of our society is that men are almost always just big babies that their wives end up taking care of like an extra child in the household. In all the relationships I have seen in my life the men were asshole children with the ability to stress out their wives making demands and being lazy as shit while also verbally abusive. They don’t pick up after themselves, they expect the wife to do it, on top of earning money for the household, juggling taking care of the kids because they can’t be bothered, and when they do spend time with the kids they end up making huge messes or just being the ‘playful friend’ type of dad while the mom becomes the authoritative asshole that the kids end up getting angry at despite all she does for them. Dad is always the go to because ‘dad is cool, but mom is a bitch’. Dad isn’t cool. Dad’s an ass who needs to grow up, and mom is putting up with too much shit and not getting enough credit or love for everything she does.

 American dad had another thing I thought sad but knew it was true. It was the episode where Francine is stressed out, they go to the hotel, she takes Sarah Blanche’s place, and Stan is left sobbing on the floor for three days over not being able to do something so simple as choosing a pair of socks. I have seen this, and I have seen men yell at their spouses, significant others, over laundry that they could have done themselves if they really needed a specific shirt or pair of pants 

Remember, that’s real life scenarios. From the few episodes  I have seen of Gumball, I don’t think the relationship between the mom and dad is awful (although I’ve seen them interact MAYBE 2 times in the limited number of episodes I have watched) but she still has the problem of the cliche stemming from reality and truth ‘big fat baby husband who is a clumsy useless oaf’ -again, from just a few episodes I have seen he seems very incompetent. Like a toned down Peter Griffin, but he actually likes and loves his kids, unlike Peter who deserves a post on abusive father behavior on his own. Adding in that Peter is mentally handicapped legally and that is why he acts how he does was just a cop out IMO.

Still, the main point of this post is that laugh that line brought was not a funny haha omg that is great laugh, but a very sad ‘wow a cartoon gets it but real people don’t even get it’ kind of laugh. Iknow not all families and husbands are like this or would HOPE some are not,but from witnessing people in my own life, I have sadly never seen the opposite. 

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🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬 Asking Rico to provide candy is like shooting a cannon at a snow covered mountain. Can anyone say 'AVALANCHE'

Heart stares at the veritable mountain of candy in front of her. There’s no way she could’ve predicted this. Perhaps in the future she’d limit it to one per person? Or would that ruin the fun?

She mutters a stunned “thanks” before unwrapping the first candy. She was definitely gonna be sick after eating all of them.  

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i really really really love your blog, every once in a while i check up on your posts just to see how you are doing and what you've been posting,love ya alot!!!

oh wow thank you very much!! someone checks up on me omg


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

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Hello there! Welcome to the reaction community! :) can I have a gif reaction where you (their gf) got a tattoo of one of their songs? Like lyrics. Thank you and good luck with your blog!

You sure can sweety! Thanks for sending this I literally screamed when I saw this thank you really I hope you like it!!

Jin: *embarrassed baby* Oh wow that’s so cool jagi!~ Oh and it’s our lyrics too!~

Suga: you: Do you like my new tattoo? It’s some of the lyrics from one of your songs!

Suga: Oh wow! *smiles and pulls you into a hug* *is really happy that it’s one of the songs that he produced*

J-Hope: Oh wow jagi that is so awesome! Omg! *very happy, slightly fanboying, hope*

Rap Monster: *very touched bby* Oh wow babe. That’s one of the songs I wrote…

Jimin: *at first* You got a tattoo? What?

*after a while* Omg jagi that’s one of our songs. Our song. *lovingly stares*

V: Oh wow that’s so cool! *mostly fascinated by the fact that you got a tattoo*

Jungkook: Whoa you got a tattoo? Did it hurt a lot? What is it? *questioning fetus*

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Heyo Alex !!! First off, you're so flip flapping talented omg. I love your work so very much holy wow. It's so flowy !! But I was wondering if I could ask a few questions !? I'm currently a comic art freshman but I really love storyboarding! I want to know how to develop more and grow a portfolio geared more towards boarding. Do you have any tips and tricks ?Also in most cases, do storyboard artists need to be animators or just think like one? I'm worried it'll hinder hiring opportunities. :(

Hello! Aw, thank you! 

Re: your question about portfolio building: 

From what I’ve seen, portfolios roughly have about 3 sequences for show, sometimes even just 2, or 1 really good one! And typically they’re short stories expressed in 100+ panels. Recruiters don’t have time to flip through a 20 page porfolio. Everyone is crazy busy! Keep it short, strong, and sweet. 

What I did was look at the storyboard portfolios of artists that were working/artists that I really liked, did my best to observe the flow and format of their portfolios, and structure mine to be somewhat similar! We live in the age of the internet– I guarantee that working board artists have their online portfolio floating around somewhere

But the most important thing to keep in mind: it’s a storyboard portfolio. Your goal is to show studios and such your skills in storytelling, and how you can tell a story visually. 

& nope, board artists totally dont need to be animators. I’m definitely not! At all!! My background is in comics/illustration. But sometimes it helps! But your goal isn’t a beautiful pose out–your goal is a clear story. The technical aspects of animation can help you strengthen your poses and help you think about making your poses more clear to aid your story, but the core of being a board artist is solving cinematic problems and how to convey things visually through composition, staging, acting, etc. 

Hope that helps!