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Wow that's very unkind. And I'm not upset or defensive at all, i'm trying to understand how my age is a threat to you or how i can't be an nctzen or follow other blogs because of it. If I met Taeyong today and gave him my fanart of him I doubt he would say "oh my god, you can't like me because you're too 40 years old" LOL I think he'd be pretty awestruck but glad that I love his music and see his potential in art. Basically, I'm just another artist trying to live and have fun.

your reaction to someone saying they aren’t comfortable with someone significantly older than them interacting with them wasn’t very kind. what was the purpose unless you were upset and defensive, hm?

you’re the one that can’t seem to understand anything. no one cares you’re a kpop fan, no one cares that you make art, no ones telling you to leave the community because of your age.

i am uncomfortable with older people.
that’s it. life long trauma, involving elders makes me uncomfortable with older people, how is that hard to grasp?

anyways you’re obviously not understanding anything at all, stop messaging me.


SWIV Excuse Me Miss favourite bits - Key (ft. ot5 booty shaking)



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I️ just wanted to contribute how I️ read your name too! I️ read it as “bowchickabowwow” and I️ dunno I️ just love it whenever I️ see you on my dash!


Are the eggs silent or what?????? I can’t even tell!!!

[B-BOMB] #SinceLeaving
Since leaving, Ahn Jaehyo is next to me😱
Is he going to go fishing…. (shivers)


[SBS PLUS] You who worked and ran until ‘YESTERDAY’!
Now ‘Stop Right There’!!!

Prepared just for you!
‘Crazy’ enough to make you go ‘HER’!
(T/N: Block B’s song title “난리나 (Nanlina)” meaning “crazy”. Block B’s song title “HER” sounds like “헐” meaning “what?!/wow/omg”.)
Extremely ‘Romantically’
Very ‘Very Good’!
enough that you can remember it ‘A Few Years Later’
A ‘JACKPOT’ like vacation!

Would you like to go on one?
Yes / No


So I saw your post about baby Bokushi and older brother Oreshi and I thought I'd write a little snippet...

(Just saying before I start, it’s a little twist, and instead Bokushi is born again as a kid but OUTSIDE Oreshi’s mind.)

Making his way through the Rakuzan campus, the redheaded captain, Akashi Seijuro was walking to the gymnasium hand-in-hand with a little boy. The boy was at least two feet shorter, bearing the exact same red hair of the older boy. The only difference was with his eyes. Instead of the identical red eyes that Akashi had, his left eye was golden. The younger boy looked up at Akashi with an impossibly neutral expression.

“Are we almost there yet?” Akashi sighed.

“Almost. Just be patient.” The boy said nothing more, and went back to looking ahead. Akashi tried rubbing the tired out of his eyes. How did he end up in this situation? He was just a normal person, trying to live a normal life. Why did he deserve this? What had he done to the universe to receive this sort of punishment? Putting aside the possibility that he had been cursed, he continued to make his way towards the modern building, still bitter over his rather rude awakening.

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Going to take a small break from matchups!

I’ve gotten so many requests for these, it’s insane omg. I’m going to take a small break from these for now, as my laptop is overheating and I need to work on some homework. I’m also very briefly closing matchups. Don’t worry, they should be open once again in a few hours, I just need to narrow down these before I can accept more. I’m hoping to finish up most of, if not all of the matchups in my inbox today, and I’ll be ready for more at most by tomorrow. Thank you for sending them in, and thank you for understanding!

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Your edits are EPICNESS! How can I be aa good as you? ;-;

I don’t think I am that good but anything I know how to do I am will to teach to someone else. All you gotta do is ask. :)  PS I think your edits are lovely as they are!

Maybe I am desensitized but my edited picture look raw to me, IDK.


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose