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It’s About to go Down. || Jughead Jones

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word count : 796

pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

warnings : A handsy Reggie and a very upset Juggie.

summary : Reggie and you used to have a thing and now it is over but Reggie can’t seem to get that through his head. Then Jughead sees him getting a little to close and touchy with you in a class room and he goes to stop it.

a/n : no means no. 

     Reggie and you were never suppose to happen. It was just one of those things were you went on a few dates to feel out if there could be something, but for you there was nothing. You didn’t feel that oh-so-cliche spark with him, though he seemed to think you were lying or just was trying to get into your pants; both were very viable options. Reggie also seemed to hold a really thick skull, considering no matter how many times you said no and it various different other ways to be said. You didn’t think Reggie was a bad guy, just not for you and his not understanding you didn’t want him was honestly getting you so angry. 

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I was at Victoria’s Secret today looking for my usual cotton bikinis, but of course the display was a disaster, and the sales associate was like, “Are you a size Small?” She could only see me from the top up where I do wear a small, but I am a bottom heavy person, so I said “No, a large.” And she gave me a quizzical look, and I assured her that’s what I was wearing. And she made the most, like, upset face and said under her breath, “That just doesn’t make sense.” I seriously did not know what to say, like, yes, I agree, my body shape is distressing and can make shopping a very perplexing and sometimes agonizing venture, so thank you for adding to that!! 

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Jesus, can you tone down the snobbery? You don't like 'this kind of average person' ? You sound as if you're prejudiced against working class people.

Ok, I’ve been joking and mocking idiots so far, but you’re truly getting on my nerves with this specific nonsense. If you had the ability to connect your two braincells with what you read with your eyes, you’d realise that the average person I stated I don’t appreciate is the kind of image they’ve been giving Louis for a while, the topics he’s allowed to discuss, the comments he’s made to tweet, his general, pretty unnatural attitude they pushed him into to create a very distinct kind of person behind which they could hide the young, beautiful, flamboyant and smart boy Louis has always been. I was very clearly complaining about a poor pr move, about a blatant, upsetting, failing trick about public images. 

It has absolutely nothing to do with working class people, nothing to do with what he wears or where he has dinner or what brands/food he prefers. And I will let you insult me for literally any stance I have on this band, it’s not my problem, it’s yours, but don’t come to me with this political/social crap, not until you learn how to read and convert letters into concepts. 

the signs’ anger as natural phenomenons

ARIES: lightening (a sudden destructive release; often well aimed and with few survivors)

TAURUS: volcanic eruption (with a build-up so slow the outburst is rarely expected, though they give lots of warnings; the destruction is vast and they can remain upset or hold a grudge for a long time after)

GEMINI: tornado (very messy and loud, they will verbally throw everything at you in the hopes that something hits where it hurts the most; could be harmless except when it’s not)

CANCER: tsunami (it’s usually very personal, they want you to feel exactly what you made them feel; they want you to drown in that feeling)

LEO: wildfire (one of the worst tempers, they take a lot and it’s usually one seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then on its loud and obliterates everyone in its path and doesn’t end until they’re good and satisfied or plain exhausted; no apologies)

VIRGO: earthquake (they’ve most likely been holding this in for ages just under the surface, hot and densely suppressed; it seems to happen without warning, the façade of control cracks, they release some of their most shattering critiques and observations; no one is exactly the same after)

LIBRA: hail storm (anger is usually communicated clearly, if not coldly and with a bit of passive-aggressive derision; they probably discussed it with themselves whether this anger is deserving or not, if it’s been deemed justified your verdict is final and penance is delivered without respite)

SCORPIO: maelstorm (this is definitely a palpable experience for everyone involved; they will hold back at first, more from fear of themselves than of you; the break can happen as suddenly as an aries, it is consuming and frightening for both of you, the depth of their contempt, even if exposed just a little, causing either of you back off least you fall in and never return; they usually regret not being the bigger person after)

SAGITTARIUS: solar flare (like scorpio, they are aware of the power of their temper which is why they seem to distance themselves or ‘run away’ when upset; if they can’t laugh it off, the flare is sudden and strong for them, throwing everything, like gemini but with grotesquely precise aim; then it’s over like nothing even happened)

CAPRICORN: avalanche/mudslide (their anger is like a higher power, even while they are feeling it they are still trying to distance themselves from it so that it becomes its own force with its own will, course and end; and the end is usually them never acknowledging your existence again. ever.)

AQUARIUS: thunder storm (slow to anger, when it happens all their positive traits are flipped, friendliness becomes cold, imagination becomes cunning, cool cleverness turns to a harsh downpour of criticism and ugly truths; they will make you doubt whether their brighter side ever really existed)

PISCES: geyser (for one fleeting moment they are so completely besides themselves it’s frightening for everyone involved; their deep, emotionally intelligent nature is flushed away in a destructive and scary display they didn’t even know they were capable of, rushing out of a deep chasm of turmoil they probably didn’t know was there)

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

Caged Comrade

Context: We had just cleared a room of bandits and their dogs, and the man who gave us a quest is locked inside a dog cage. We had all failed attempts to brute force the door open, and more failures to pick the lock.

Ranger(Me): “I roll a perception check to see if it really is locked.” (Nat20s)

DM: “You know very well that it’s locked. It could be opened, but it’d be very hard.”

Monk: “Can I use persuasion to persuade the lock to be open?”

DM: “No”

Ranger(Me): “Can I use a religion check to convert the lock?”

Druid: “What would you convert it to?”

Monk: “Openism.“ 

DM: "Really guys? Like, really?”

rey: dad…. these are my friends finn and poe theyre very excited to meet you also theyre married

luke: Why Hello how are you two this fine even-

luke: …,,,,,,,,,,….,

rey: dad. Whats wrong

finn wearing poes jacket: master skywalker is everything fine

luke: *is visibly sweating*

luke: oh no nothings wrong of course not. nothing could bother me i mean why would would i be upset when im looking at Custom Made Antique Beige Viscose Lining Leather Jacket With Three Outside Pockets And Belted Cuffs that han never got me meanwhile im here wearing rags i got from Sears,

poe: mr skywalker are you crying

luke: No,,Poe they are midichlorians god keep up

please understand that people with avpd have a lot of trouble being honest about their feelings, and will sometimes even go to great lengths to pretend theyre okay

this can get very overwhelming, and a lot of the times we really do want to say that something is bothering us, but we feel like we would be a burden if we ever did mention it

i know its a lot of work, but it would seriously mean so much to us if you could cooperate with us on this and help us open up on what’s upsetting us

You’re No Brother Of Mine.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Sorry. Anon requested- Hey! I was wondering if you could write an imagine with this scenario, when Dean went to hell Sam went nuts ofc so he dropped their little sister (15/16 yo) in Bobby’s place and when Dean gets back he is pissed w Sam for what he did to you. You are also pissed and very upset w him, so one day he asks you what’s the matter and you explode and tell him how painful it was to be left by him and everything. I know it’s very specific but I would rlly aprecciate if you do it, can you also put fluffy?

Warnings- swearing, mentions of depression, also Sam’s kinda a dick for the first couple of paragraphs but he was high on the demon blood so that explains it.

A/N- I’ve kind of been stuck in a slump for the past week, so writing has been difficult for me but i’m feeling a bit better so i’m ready to write again!


Four months, it had been four months since Dean died, four months since Sam left you. You still didn’t understand why he left, at first you didn’t mind, you knew he needed his space after all he did witness his brother getting torn to shreds by a Hell hound. 

After a week of you staying at Bobby’s you became curious, you had rung and texted Sam numerous times but he never answered, your phone would always go to voice mail or it would just ring non-stop. After a month of silence you decided to try and track him, you tried to keep it a secret from Bobby, he thought you and Sam talked everyday, that’s what you told him. 

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Yummy Barrel

I am a very new player. My first game, I was playing a chaotic neutral elf. We had just defeated some monsters, entered a room with a magic cup that I immediately picked up knowing nothing of what it could do and having done no checks (and was lucky enough to get an ability point to put wherever I wanted), and had continued to proceed to another room after determining that one was empty. There was just one other player and our DM.

DM: Okay, the room is dark.
Me: Well we both have darkvision.
DM: As you look around the room it seems to be empty. The walls are discoloured, a tattered rug covers the floor. You see there are some barrels with a clear liquid oozing from them. There is a table with…
Me: I lick the ooze
Other Player: You what?
Me: I. Lick. The. Ooze.
Me: What happens?
DM: I don’t know…I hadn’t planned anything with it…I didn’t think anyone would lick them. It was just a description.
OP: How are you not dead yet?!
Me:…So this Ooze…?

My baby is getting baptized today at evening Mass!

Please pray for her, and also keep my husband in your prayers. He was upset that neither of our families could make it, and was very patient with me when I insisted on keeping the baptism date. Thank you all in advance! <3

I need to get the fuck out of South Carolina...

So, last night at my job. My friend and coworker Lamar took food out to a customer, while I was scooping ice into the ice bucket we use to fill our ice containers. I was a couple of scoops short of being done, when Lamar came back around the corner very upset. He looked at me and said, “When I gave that guy his food, he asked for honey mustard. I told him that I could do that for him and he said ‘Thank you’. But I promise Sade, I put it on everything he said 'You fucking nigger’ under his breath afterwards and him and his friends laughed. When he said that I literally got so irrate. I wanted to go out there and say something to that guy. I wanted Lamar to go out there and say something to that guy. I wanted that guy to realize he done fucked up and to receive that ass whooping with dignity. But we were at our job. We like our jobs. So, we tried to calm down. It was too much tho. I was so upset about it that my heart started beating like crazy, I couldn’t breathe very well, and my chest started to hurt a little bit. After that, Lamar and another girl named Jackie (who is Mexican) began to tell me about the racist kids at the local high schools. One kid thought it’d be cute to start calling other students 'nigga’ after reading Huckleberry Finn. Another kid walks around talking about hanging black folks from trees. It’s fucking insane. The fact that I literally don’t have to go far to find racism in this God awful place is too much for me. Last night was too personal. That much blatant racism was too close to me. This is why I need to get the hell out of South Carolina.

Surprise (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines [PART I]

You were pregnant with Harry’s baby and you didn’t know until he’s already left. Now, he’s come back for help with Jesse’s powers and you consult Barry for advice on how to tell him…


“How long have you known?”

“About three months now…” You admitted, biting your lip.

Barry inhaled sharply, his eyes growing wide. Though he didn’t say anything at the moment, you could tell he was imagining how upset Harry would be from hearing the news.

For the past three months, you have been pregnant with Harry’s child and had managed to hide it very well.

It had been a lot easier than you thought.

Telling your friends that your irregular meal times, weird cravings and slow, lethargic movements were a result from your separation anxiety from Harry was a believable lie, and they didn’t really question it.

And in terms of hiding your baby bump, you simply wore oversized sweaters and t-shirts so that other people wouldn’t notice it.

But, that didn’t change the fact that you were still lost, didn’t know what to do. You knew you should’ve told Harry.

Hell, he should’ve been the first to know.

Yet, part of you was scared that he would reject you; tell you that he didn’t want to have another child.

And that very thought was heartbreaking.

Feeling ashamed, you lowered your head and just stared at the cool, gray floor of the room. At this point, you wanted nothing more than to dig a hole through it and just bury yourself.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Barry reached across, placing his hand on top of yours.

“________,” he started. “You need to tell him.”

Gripping his hand tightly, you lowered your head even more.

“I know,” you breathed, your nails scratching the palm of his hand anxiously. “But, I’ve asked him before - discreetly - of what he thought about starting a family again…”

You took a moment to find the right words.

Barry waited patiently.

“…He said he can’t picture it,” you choked out, doing your best to keep your tears from spilling. “And I don’t know what to do…”

Brows furrowed, Barry frowned. “Was this before or after you found out that you were pregnant.”

“Before,” you admitted. “But, I doubt his answer would change. He was pretty adamant about it…”

“Then why don’t you ask me again?”

Simultaneously, Barry and you jumped, spinning around from your seats and coming face-to-face with the intruder. There, standing in the doorway of the Speed Lab, was Harry.

Stern-faced, arms crossed, the hot-headed physicist stared you down. An anxious, creeping trail of pins and needles stabbed your back and you couldn’t help but feel pathetic under his gaze.

“…Harry,” you fidgeted in your seat. “How long have you been standing there…?”

He didn’t answer.

Instead, he shot a dirty look at Barry.

“Allen.” He stepped a side and jabbed a finger towards the door furiously. “Get out. Now.”

Without hesitation, the speedster got up from his seat and practically dashed out of the room; but, not before flashing me a concerned “good luck.” You gave him a little dip of your head, a small thank you in response.

In a few seconds, Barry was gone and it was just you and Harry left in the room.

Taking a few steps forward, Harry crossed his arms once more and pinned you under his dark, intense stare.

“Now, _________,” he said, voice low and barely above a whisper. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on…?”


You told him.

You told Harry everything you knew about your pregnancy - from when you found out, how you found out and if you were planning to tell him in the first place.

Just like Barry, Harry listened patiently and waited to speak only after you had finished your side of the story. But even then, the words that came out of his mouth weren’t what you expected.

Despite having a high predictability.

“I think…” he started quietly. “That we need some time away from each other, _________.”

Your heart broke.

You wanted so much to tell him stop, that he needed to stay; yet, your voice had been caught in your throat.

Shoving his hands in his front pockets, Harry shook his head and then stared up at the ceiling, as if he could somehow find the answer to all the questions that he’s had.

“I’m sorry,” he finally whispered.

And with that, Harry turned on his heel and walked away, leaving you alone to your own silence.


Part II: Don’t Stress

ok but how were there people upset for the lack of an “i love you” in the finale when victor literally told yuri that he should repay him for being his coach by becoming a five-time world champion, at least

no wonder yuri started crying. that is victor nikiforov saying he wants yuri to be so successful he surpasses the very best, even if that happens to be him. that is victor nikiforov telling yuri he would gladly see his entire life’s work stop being unmatched if that means yuri is happy.

i, for one, can’t think of any other ways kubo could possibly spell out love, and i, wholeheartedly, think yall need to lighten tf up,  

Bad Day

Requests: “Hey, idk if your requests are open but can I request some Scott mccutie + neck kisses/neck bites. Feel free to go wherever you want with that! Or even with any other character is amazing too ♡♡♡♡” (Credits to gif owners!)

Whenever you had a bad day, Scott could wrap his arms around you and instantly make you feel better by giving you neck kisses or little bites. It tickled and when you were tickled, you laughed and Scott enjoyed your laugh more than anything. You could recall multiple times where he’d done this. He hated to see you upset.

The time your dog passed away. Scott was there while you broke down in the kitchen as you tried to make yourself dinner. The dog was your childhood friend and was there when you moved out and onto your own. Scott gently wrapped his arms around your waist and cradled you, he was whispering sweet things in your ear and then started kissing your neck and biting your flesh. You started to giggle, a very broken sound came out through your tears but you were laughing. You admired his effort.

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the FINAL problem ;/

After watching this show for a fourth of my entire life, The Final Problem was NOTHING that I expected. But it was still breathtaking and amazing. The character development, back stories, portrayal of real issues, ahhhHhhh!!!!! (WERDFIJSZKIUHDF) A few things killed me, here is a list; 

the violin duet


the ending on the bed with Sherlock and Eurus you know what I mean

when I realized it wasn’t a fucking dog

Mycroft sacrificing himself literally kill me 

Also I got a glimpse of my bby/daddy Moriarty YES.

I know many Johnlock shippers are upset, and understandably so. Just remember the ending was very open and could have many different interpriations. 

State Of Emergency (Glenn Rhee Smut)

Summary: With the world changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know if the knock at your door is going to be your death, or your savior. This time it just happens to be a squishy cute pizza delivery man who was oblivious to it all. Someone you thought needed your help, but ultimate helped you more than anything. Helped you smile; helped you learn that maybe you could start to change your definition of okay. Smut.

(A/N: please see the end for more notes, because i’m upset and i’m going to blabber on waaay too much about Glenn. but i did start writing this, and had most of it written long before i got the most devastating news in the world last night. this is set pre-season one, very early on into the apocalypse, before society has dissolved and before Glenn meets any of the other characters from the show. and for this fic, warnings for: blood, gore, ‘killing’, violence, mentions of violence, alcohol use, drunkness, Glenn being adorable, smut, mild dominance, extreme dirty talk, swearing, and pretty much every no-no thing under the sun. i really hope you enjoy reading this. -Tanisha<3)

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Hello, hello, is anyone there?" 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Help me! Help me, please!” Bang, bang. “God, please someone open the door!”

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(headcanon) jungkook being a little distant lately from jimin but only because he is planning on proposing to him and jimin is worried theyre gonna break up and its really fluffy and romantical and they become engaged

•jimin hadnt had a proper conversation with his boyfriend in a few days
•jungkook had been disappearing at odd hours and jimin was worried
•jimin called taehyung and asked him about it, but he was very cryptic and not giving any hints.
•jimin was on the verge of a breakdown because he was so upset jungkook had been ignoring him
•jungkook, on the other hand, had been preparing to propose to jimin.
•hed been planing his proposal with taehyung
•and had pocked out a ring with namjoon
•he knew jimin was worried, but was planning on proposing soon
•eventually jimin had had enough.
•he cornered jungkook before he could leave and started talking
•jimin was saying things like “im tired of you avoiding me, jungkook” and “if you wanted to break up, you could have just told me.”
•jungkook looked hurt and shocked at jimins insinuation
•jimin was very confused
•jungkook spoke after jimins rant, starting his own speech: “i had wanted to do this a more special way, but i guess i should get it done before you break up with me”
•jungkook was very very nervous. he went on for about 5 minutes about how perfect jimin was and how hed never break his heart and how he was the greatest thing to ever happen to him.
•jimin was crying by the end of the speech bc jungkook rarely spoke all his feelings at once like that
•jungkook got down on one knee and jimin cried more.
•"will you marry me?“
•jimin proceeded to kiss jungkook before he pulled back and confirmed he would marry him.
•jungkook teased jimin about being so scared he was breaking up with him
•jimin teased jungkook for needing to practice the proposal on tae
•they end up having the wedding around 6 months later.

metamayou  asked:

Hey , I Just wanted to ask you about something that still bothering me about T6T ( I Know , I Know !!!!) , it's the fact that Sherlock doesn't recognize Thatcher , ok , he could have deleted it but it was the Password in the hound of the baskervilles ( also written by Mark ), he know enough about her to use " maggie " , it got me really upset !!!!!!!

Hi Lovely!

John actually calls Sherlock out on this very thing in the script:

SHERLOCK: What is this?
DAVID: Oh, it’s a sort of shrine, I suppose, really.
(He stands up and walks over to the boys.)
DAVID: Bit of a fan of Mrs T. Big hero of mine when I was getting started.
SHERLOCK (smiling politely at him while he takes his magnifier from his pocket and clicks it open): Right, yes.
(He bends down to look more closely at the table, then frowns and straightens up again.)
DAVID: What?
SHERLOCK: Who-who is this? (He gestures to the table.)
DAVID: Are you serious?
JOHN (sternly): Sherlock.
DAVID: It’s … it’s Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of this country.
(He has bent down to look at the table again but now straightens up.)
SHERLOCK: Prime minister?
DAVID (starting to sound a little tetchy): Mm. Leader of the government.
(He squats down again, then lifts his head.)
SHERLOCK (hopefully): Female?
JOHN: For God’s sake. You know perfectly well who she is.
(David walks away and John steps closer.)
JOHN: Why are you playing for time?
SHERLOCK: It’s the gap. (He focuses on the space between the items on the table.) Look at the gap. It’s wrong. Everything else is perfectly ordered, managed …
(David sits down next to Emma and looks across to Greg, who shrugs.)
SHERLOCK: This whole thing’s verging on OCD.


I think, honestly, this is a deliberate “fuck you” to Thatcherism from Mark (this is his episode, after all), possibly a cute callback to Sherlock not knowing who the Prime Minister is, and as a gay man himself, Sherlock I think is purposely being obtuse about Thatcher to piss off Welsboroughs – their son was coded as gay, and in turn, Charlie would have been afraid to come out to his ultra-conservative parents (Charlie was a kindred spirit of sorts). Though this is speculation, since Sherlock didn’t know Charlie. 

That’s my thoughts on that :)

My Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 823
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @angelwriter3895  ) Could I get a comfort fic with lucifer? Perhaps the reader (or your own OC that is very much whatever you want) has had a shit day and kinda realizes after she goes to the bathroom that she is on her period. (Period sex in the comfort stuff is up to you.) Luce does what he can to make her feel better bc she is his favorite hunter. Perhaps a little Dean and Sam planking in retaliation for making his favorite hunter/mate upset.

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