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It’s no secret that I love doing a good celebrity interview!  However, it’s not everyday that I’m contacted about a celebrity interview, and the celebrity is somebody I sat next to in class freshman year of college.  Yet, that happens to be exactly the case with Olympic ice dancing gold medal winner (and don’t forget Dancing with the Stars champion) Meryl Davis.  Ten years ago we sat next to each other during our freshman year Italian class at The University of Michigan, and then went through sorority rush together the same fall.  I remember thinking Meryl was incredibly nice, and very smart, but had absolutely no idea she was an Olympic caliber athlete- None.  She never mentioned it!  In retrospect, her modesty doesn’t surprise me at all, it just speaks to the genuinely sweet and sincere person she is.  What did surprise me, was years later when my parents called me into their family room because Olympic coverage was on and, “There’s a girl from Michigan on TV!”.  I instantly recognized Meryl, casually bragged to my whole family that I knew her (though obviously not very well- again, I had no idea about the whole ice skating thing until that moment), and have loved following her career ever since.

Fast forward to last week, and I had the pleasure of catching up with Meryl at The Four Seasons here in Chicago.  We reminisced about U of M (unfortunately, neither one of us remembers much Italian) and she indulged my endless Dancing with the Stars questions (yes, she stays in touch with Maks).  It was fascinating to hear about all the things she’s been doing since she and partner Charlie White won Gold in Sochi, and we even had fun talking fashion- Meryl has an exciting new partnership with Vera Bradley which is what brought her to Chicago that day in the first place…

Well 10 years later, now that I know you as a world famous Olympic ice dancing champion… I’m curious to hear how skating has influenced your taste, specifically in areas like fashion and music?

People should ask that more often, it has a huge impact!  It has an impact on everything, but especially music and fashion.  I started skating when I was five, and I played the flute for awhile, but I think hearing classical music your whole life whether it’s Vivaldi or Mozart, despite a lack of classical training you really appreciate the beauty of the classics.  So often we’ll do an interview and people will ask what’s on my iPod and I’ll say maybe some different opera- people don’t expect it, but nothing quite gets to your soul like the classics.  I’ve definitely developed a taste for that.  As for fashion, my mom and I have pretty much been designing my costumes my whole life so I think I’m a little more conscious of shapes and colors I gravitate towards, and I definitely really like experimenting.  I think because in skating we get to play different characters, so even if something is more risque than what I would normally do I feel like I can experiment with it because it’s for a character.  In real life I don’t take it quite as far, but the eagerness to experiment is still there.

I can’t imagine anyone goes into ice skating thinking they’ll end up being the major celebrity you’ve become- How has adjusting to life in the public eye been?  Do get recognized whenever you go out?

I think I get recognized more often because I have a unique look, at least that’s what Charlie keeps telling me.  He seems to fly under the radar very well!  I’m finding it really nice though, because people have been very warm.  I think as an Olympian you take representing your country very seriously, so to come back to the US and have people not only recognize you but appreciate and want to talk about the Olympics is a real honor.  People feel involved in your career because you’re representing The States and that’s really cool!

What’s your schedule like these days?  How have you been spending your time since the Olympics and all the vigorous training?

Our schedule now is much more irregular than when we were training.   When we were training for the Olympics we were either at home training 5 days a week, very regimented, or at competition.  Now, everything changes daily.  It took a bit of getting used to, but I’m liking it!   It’s different to wake up and have a different routine everyday, rather than the regimented routine of a competitive athlete, but I do like it.

What is going into your decision whether or not to compete in the next Olympics?  Are you and Charlie discussing PyeongChang 2018 yet?  

Charlie and I keep saying to each other now that we’ve had a chance to step away we realize how much actually goes into preparing to fight for a medal in the Olympics.  Having come away with a Silver in 2010 and a Gold in 2014, I think we realize that if we decide to go back in 2018 we need a real reason, and we need to feel that that’s really where we need to be.  We’re allowing ourselves a little bit of time to explore and to see if we find that, and then that will really be our deciding factor.  At the core if we feel that’s where we need to be, then we’ll go back, otherwise we’ll go on to other things.

How was training for Dancing with the Stars?  Everybody always talks about how rigorous it is, but what was your experience like having come from the world of competitive athletics?

It was interesting!  The time that went into it was similar.  It was more challenging than Charlie and I expected because you’re using different muscles, and we’re so comfortable in skates that, for me, putting on high heels was really, really challenging.  But looking back it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!  Skating is my passion and it’s what I love to do, but because of the level I was at after winning Olympic Gold the pressure and burden of having to be the best was a lot.  Then, with dancing I had no experience, I had no training, so I was able to get on the dance floor and have fun performing without feeling that pressure to be the best, and that was a nice change.

Since the Olympics and Dancing with the Stars has there been a standout surreal moment or someone who’s left you starstruck?  I’m sure you’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people and have some fabulous experiences!

One of our coolest experiences was meeting Ralph Lauren!  We were sponsored by Ralph Lauren going into the games, so we had been working with the company which was great. Often times, you meet important and impressive people who are just that: important and impressive, but don’t necessarily take the time to have a conversation with you.  But when Charlie and I walked into the Ralph Lauren headquarters he greeted us like we were long lost friends and took the time to give us a personal tour.  He turned what could have been a 10 minute meeting into a 2 hour meeting, and he has an empire to run!  Charlie and I were both just so honored and so impressed that he would take the time to talk to us that it has to be one of our most special moments since the Olympics.  Plus, I really love fashion, so hearing him talk all about his evolution was amazing!

Speaking of fashion, you’re the first celebrity spokesperson for Vera Bradley.  What can you tell us about the partnership?  

They’re a company whose product I’ve carried for years!

Did you have the “maize and blue” patterned pieces (which are now retired) like we all did at University of Michigan?

I did!  I had all the maize and blue, on campus, of course!  Their pieces are so nice and light to carry all your really heavy books and things.  It’s perfect.  So, being from Michigan I think a lot of people have always loved Vera Bradley, it’s a Mid-Western company.  But now, getting to know the company and the people I’m realizing how truly special it is.  They’re growing, and getting into new things, and evolving into the fashion world, but they always stay true to their roots which is so special and admirable.  Charlie and I try to do the same thing, as we evolve we try to stick true to our roots, and so to be partnered with Vera Bradley and to carry their products isn’t just cool, but a huge honor!

Do you have a favorite Vera Bradley piece at the moment?

I do!  I’m obsessed with their leather and faux leather right now!  I’ve always carried their patterns, and they’re great, but I feel like the fact that they’re expanding into these pieces that transition from day to night is very cool.  They’re so chic!  I love the different shapes, and I’m so excited to be partnered with them as they continue to expand into other areas.

Before we wrap up, I know I’m going to get a whole bunch of tweets and emails, if I don’t ask… Do you still keep in touch with Maks?

I’m still very close with Maks!  He is a truly unique and very impressive person, and I think that when you’re thrown into an experience like that with someone, I didn’t know anything about him beforehand, it forces you to get to know each other and peel back the layers.  The more I got to know him the more impressed I was with him, and it’s so special to be able to maintain that friendship.  He’s a great guy!

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It's really sweet that the Cool Kids are actively seeking out and supporting Steven now. It was great when they were ready and willing to hang out with a kid, but it's even better that they're coming to him, I guess?

yea, like it’s nice that they let him hang out with them in “Lars and the Cool Kids” but there was always the possibility they were just being nice. Actively seeking him out and insisting he come along shows genuine interest in hanging out with him and helping him out. It’s very sweet

Champagne: I think as long as you have family and a great friend or two to help you through, life can be a pretty sweet deal. Especially if you find your soul mate in your very best friend. 

Absinthe: I love this family. The Iridescent’s have taken me in and shown me unconditional love, despite the fact that I’m not even part of their family. All I can hope for out of life is that everyone is as nice as Cham and her family. And if not, well I hope that I’ll always be an honorary Iridescent. 

i came out to my therapist today and it went really well!! she is very respectful of identity and asked a lot of questions about what it meant to me and she was generally rly sweet and nice abt it

we are also trying some dbt therapy methods !!! i’m excited!! i hope i do well ;u; i have rly bad intrusive thoughts and black and white thinking so hopefully i can find some ways to combat it (☆‿ ☆)ᕗ

This is my baby, Pebble! I rescued her over the winter, and since it was too cold to release her, she’s got a new home in a nice little 10 gallon tank!

WOW! What a sweet little pebble toad!! I’m sure she’s very grateful for your care. [and separate crest and parotoid, speckles with one wart each… yep, that’s an American]

Things my fellow citizens owe me …

good food (steak at least 5 times per week please)

A nice car (I prefer a big Jeep please)

A good job (I’m thinking 100k per year would be adequate)

An iPhone and a sweet laptop please

A nice warm house in the winter and a very cool one in the hot virginia summers

All my health care (and dental cause my kids need braces)

Vacations! (R&R is important for productivity and I’d like a month in the mountains and a month by the beach please)

Retirement! I’m thinking I should only have to work for 20 years so I’m now due relaxation for the rest of my life.

That’s all for this year but I’m sure I’ll think of other things by next year.

Step it up folks! This is modern times and the days of each man taking care of his own family are so last century.

And … No thank you is coming to you either cause this is your shared responsibility payment due me!

I was privileged enough in ‘73 - I met George out in front of Abbey Road [Studios]. I’d do anything to meet Paul, and of course never did. We went by his house - that’s what we’d do, we’d go to St. John’s Wood, we walked by Paul’s house on Cavendish [Avenue] and thought, ‘Let’s walk by Abbey Road,’ and George and Mal [Evans] were coming out, and that was the first time I saw George. It was like ‘Wow!’ He had that really long, long hair. And Mal was protecting him, but he was really sweet and very nice. I have a couple of old pictures that I found that I have of him.
—  Linda Cooper, We’re Going To See The Beatles!

A couple of beers at the Rare Barrel in Berkeley - on the left, Rare Barrel’s Tigerlily (a 4 of 4), and on the right, Cellarmaker’s Mo Nelson (a 4 of 4). Tigerlily is probably my favorite from Rare Barrel to date - with ginger and hibiscus in the barrels, this has a wonderful floral and spicy quality on top of the sour. Not as acidic as some from Rare Barrel, this has some great lemon citrus tartness. The ginger is more noticeable in the finish. Very drinkable, and quite a lot going on. Mo Nelson is simply excellent - and as the name implies - this is full of Nelson as well as Mosaic. Smells wonderful with a huge tropical presence and bright citrus. There’s some faint vegetal hop qualities there as well, and the body delivers a wallop of tropical qualities as well. Nice fruity-like sweetness in the body, and incredibly easy to drink with a juicy quality to it. An awesome couple of beers.

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Hello :D , i just want you to know i love your Blog and everything on here is amazing ! Have a nice day. This needs a question so .. uhm How well do you think the new series of Hannibal will live up to it's reputation?

Thank you! You’re very sweet, and you don’t need to feel like you have to justify a visit to my inbox with a question. That’s just to help me understand what I’m supposed to do with requests for meta and how to direct my responses. But if people just want to say hi, they don’t need to “earn” that by asking a meta question. :)

But in answer to the question that you did come up with, I’d say that my general impression of what I’ve heard about this season is that it is very ambitious. It’s already made by a whole army of perfectionists and people who take their craft really seriously, so by and large, as long as it maintains its ambition—as long as it’s pushing the limits of the stories it tells and the paths of the characters and the technical and artistic team that put it together—I think it will continue to be successful and receive critical praise.

I do think that critics are fickle and there are going to be a few who maybe didn’t like Hannibal as well as their contemporaries, who are going to be motivated by Hannibal’s continued acclaim, if it has it, to want to argue with it more vocally than they have in the past. The more people who are enthusiastic about something, the more people who aren’t enthusiastic about that thing will want to scratch their itch and complain about it. It’s human nature. So I would expect to see less universal acclaim this coming season, and a few critics coming out of the woodwork to possibly lambaste it.

And I think that as long as the show has acclaim, there are going to be those who pose moral arguments against it. This is also human nature. Generally, those I’ve seen in the past have not really grappled with the complexity of the show very well. I’m not really sure what take they’ll have on it next.

I think the fandom often struggles with the show’s ambition and fluidity, to be honest, and doesn’t always adapt well to change, so with a new season of big changes coming, I expect some people who were happy to be disgruntled, and some who were disgruntled to be more so. 

As far as viewership goes, that ball’s in NBC’s court, and I’ve never tracked summertime ratings, so I don’t know what will happen there.

Personally, I imagine I’ll be reasonably satisfied, as I’m not real particular about the details, as long as the execution makes sense and feels right at the time. I spend a lot of time speculating on this or that, but I’m not the kind of person who minds particularly if they do something different than what I wanted (there were torturous things I would have liked to see them do with Will in the asylum last year that they never did, for example, but I’m content with where they took it, even though it went in almost the opposite direction), though, like anyone I’m certainly pleased when I’m proven right or get what I want (such as with Will seducing Hannibal by convincing him that he was becoming the killer that Hannibal wanted to see in him).

The one thing remaining that I have some vague concern about is the Red Dragon section, in that all the details we’ve gotten so far have sounded like they’re taken really directly from the books. Blood black in the moonlight, tigers, pie eating (though you can’t reasonably expect Bryan not to be all over a scene with pie in it, let’s be real), eating paintings…. Hugh Dancy was right when he said that that some of the audience (me) would find it disappointing if they do the book stuff too faithfully after how they’ve played so fast and loose with the novels up to this point. However, I remain optimistic because the only details we’ve gotten have been all as relates to Dolarhyde himself, either because Bryan is fully aware he’s got a big star with a rabid fanbase and he’s trying to make the most of that, or because he’s just that enthusiastic about getting to the Dolarhyde thing. But what that’s meant is that we’ve literally had almost no details about what this part of the story is going to mean for any of the existing characters, and that’s where most of the opportunity for interesting change is. I’m fairly certain Bryan will find a way to make this part of the story about Hannibal and Will (especially with this “Will sees Dolarhyde as a Hannibal he can save” business), just as he’s made every other part of the story about that, so I’m not too worried.

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see my comment about you ❤️

LAURA! You’re too sweet! I know we haven’t been talking very long but our little exchanges definitely make me smile and I look forward to getting to know you more and more! Seriously being tagged in that made my day so thank you thank you thank you! (Also I don’t know if I’ll get to respond to your message today as I have a lot of studying to do but expect a reply soon!)

Alright where to start? perfectclara. My beautiful Munchkin! You are so amazing inside and out. You always say and mean the sweetest things. I am so glad that you followed me however many months ago and that we got to talking. Getting to see you over spring break was probably one of the best parts of that vacation and I am seriously hoping we can work out something again REALLY soon! I love you my sweet munchkin! I never had a sister, until recently when you took that place! You are more than I could ever ask for my dear Anna and I am so thankful <3 

Then there is my lovely Emma, thesassywitchofthenortheast! SARA! You are always so sweet. You encourage me in everything I do no matter how bad they may be. Honestly, I think I need to thank you a lot of the time for continuing to try certain things. (Also your pictures are insanely cute and precious- as is your love for race day) I don’t know if I’ve told you lately but I love you Sara! Thank you for being an amazing friend to me I hope that I can somewhat return the favor!

that-first-glance-feeling YOU BIANCA! I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t really remember why we started talking, but I wish we had started sooner! You’ve already become one of my closest tumblr friends. I love getting to flail and snapchat and just chat in general! You are so incredible Bianca and so sweet! I just wish I could send you some home made cupcakes to show my love! (I know that would bring the biggest smile to your face- and I am a pretty good baker- or so I’ve heard lol) Thank you for being you and being amazing I am honored to be your Ariel!  

hook-come-back-to-me my dear sweet, musical loving Katie. I know we don’t talk a lot, but when we do it always brings a smile to my face. You are always so amazingly sweet. I hope that we get the chance to talk more and more as time passes! Thank you for always being you and being so insanely sweet <3 Your presence on my dash always makes me smile, and I just thought you should know that! So now that I’ve probably weirded you out because you barely know me and this probably sounds creepy I’m going to just move on lol

And we couldn’t forget you could we captainmeerkat… I don’t know why but I assume you’ll be shocked to see I’ve tagged you; weirdo that you are. I mean how could I get through this without tagging my Snow or my Cry. I know I’ve probably been a lot to handle lately with all my stress, I also know my sarcasm probably wears thin real quickly- so sorry lol. But I love you girl. Again, I know I don’t tell you enough, but it’s true. That and you never fail to make me laugh, I mean sometimes you’re not trying to- but it unfortunately seems to work out in my favor lol. So thank you! I look forward to what the future holds for us! I love you, Meghan! :) 

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You have a very good looking face good sir. Also, is it creepy to say you look like a gentle soul? Your eyes look nice, not threatening in the least, kind eyes I should say. English words aren't conveying exactly as I wish.

Thank you friend! I wouldn’t say it’s creepy at all haha, it’s actually very sweet!

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First impression: I thought wow an RE rp blog! How nice?! Wow the OC is very well written with a backstory, and errything! Mun is sweet! And nice! She's talking to me?!? Now: I love you both ya little shots <3333333

What was your first impression of the mun and muse?
Bonus points if you include how you feel about us now.

Thanks for this hon. It means a lot. You’re a darn good role player and one of my tumblr babes. Thanks for still putting up with mine and Rhi’s shit. Really. Especially hers. And at this point I ship her and Stefan hard..warning you because things yeah lol.

Thanks again hon. Great to hear especially since today is all messy.

How The Signs Flirt

Aries - very direct & seductive
Taurus - super touchy-feely with you
Gemini - tries to impress you by talking about themselves
Cancer - giggles a lot
Leo - complements you
Virgo - makes eye contact with you
Libra - masters of sweet talking
Scorpio - loves to hear you talk
Sagittarius - jokes with you a ton
Capricorn - flaunts their achievements
Aquarius - says weird but interesting things
Pisces - sooooo nice to you