this is very rough and maybe not super accurate but i tried

Fic: Look Over

Part of the Hope series.

Voltron Legendary Defender fic. Lance-centric, pre-relationship Keith/Lance

Summary: Lance is finding it difficult to hide that he’s falling for Keith. (Un)Luckily, Shiro is the only one who seems to have noticed.

Notes: episode coda for 2x08, pining Lance, light angst

Also on Ao3

The minute Red started attacking, the bottom of Lance’s stomach dropped. It hadn’t happened often, but everyone left behind in the castle while Shiro and Keith went on their potential suicide mission to the Blade of Marmora base understood exactly what Red’s sudden rampage meant.

“Allura?” Lance couldn’t help turning to the princess, desperate for another explanation.

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NC Nights Reports

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Rating: T
Summary: National City’s gossip magazine becomes enamored with everyone’s favorite couple and gets the scoop of the year.
AN: For the 250 word prompt: “A third party mistakenly thinks Person A told Person B how they feel and congratulates them for finally getting together.” This is the longer version since 250 words is hard, y’all. Also, total crackfic. Thanks Boxer for the beta.

“Congratulations, you two.” Winn’s voice boomed through the command center, startling Alex and Maggie from where they were conferring over cups of coffee.

“For what?” Alex asked.

“You didn’t see? You were the lead story on National City Nights.” Winn held up his tablet to show an image of the cover of the latest edition of the muckraking tabloid.

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djfatchip  asked:

HI again! :D) Super Sappy Lines Prompt List: “Stay with me forever.” for any paring of your choice. Imma go get the tissues ready. *sniff*

I am pretty sure I messed up every single tense in this (I will never get them I believe <.<) but I hope this didn’t take all the tissuesness out of it :D

And I hope you can forgive me for tweaking the prompt a little bit <3

I really wanted to finish this prompt for #merweek and since it is still Sunday afternoon here somehow I managed XD

Stay with me

James stored away the rest of his equipment and went over to his place in the hangar, throwing a last grim look in Alenkos direction. The Major ignored the younger marines glare, concentrating on cleaning and checking the armor – Shepards armor – lying in front of him instead.

James couldn’t get it. He had offered to maintain her equipment for her several times, especially after tough missions or when she was knee deep in work with some meetings or writing reports. But the Commander had always dismissed his offer, stating that she wanted to take care of her armor herself. She didn’t even let Vakarian near it, and the Turian was the only one at least allowed to handle her weapons when she was too busy to take care of cleaning them herself.

But for the Major it only took an “I’ll handle this.” and she obeyed, letting him shoo her away from the weaponry. Maybe he was the highest ranking Alliance Officer on the Normandy, but this was still Lolas Ship, and as a Spectre no one, especially no newly promoted fellow Spectre, had to give her orders. Of course James appreciated that she was starting to accept help from others. He just wished it wouldn’t be only the Major she accepted this help from.

Kaidan was fully aware of the Lieutenants sour expression as the younger Marine went away from the armory, but he decided to let it at that instead of calling him out for that childish behavior. After all it was somehow his fault too. He and Keyra sure tried to uphold a professional behavior in front of the crew, but obviously it wasn’t lost to all of them that the relationship between the two Spectres was more than mere camaraderie. Spreading resentments within the crew was one of the things they had tried to prevent by hiding their relationship, even though Joker had groaned deeply, complaining that the whole dancing around each other just had started all over again.

Kaidan sighed while he checked Keyras armor one last time before storing it away. At least it wasn’t exactly the same dance as it had been on the old Normandy. Back then they had hesitated to act on their feelings, afraid of the possible consequences. Now they simply tried to keep a low profile… to prevent certain Lieutenants from getting jealous. So, even though Keyra had indicated that he could move into the captains quarter anytime, he kept sleeping in the crew quarters, only sneaking into her cabin when they were sure no one was watching.

Kaidan stretched his back before he turned his attention to his own equipment. It had been a rough mission and it showed on the scrapes on his armor and the mood of the whole squad. They had accomplished the mission goals, but had lost a few civilians on the way.  None of them where very happy about that, but he knew that Keyra took this kind of defeat personally.

The time went by while Kaidan took care of his gear in his typical accurate manner. Finally he stored the last piece away and took a short look at the clock. By now Keyras report to Hackett should be finished and given her common routine, she would be heading to the mess to grab a cup of coffee. And so this was his destination too when he left the hangar bay.  

Surprisingly Keyra was nowhere to be seen as he arrived in the mess. Maybe her meeting with Hackett took a little longer this time? It was unusual, but the most obvious explanation, so he did the most obvious thing. Brewing coffee and waiting for her. But even after he had finished his first coup she still hadn’t shown up. It couldn’t take that long to give Hackett her report, could it?

Kaidan leaned back in his chair, his gaze turned to the ceiling. “EDI, is the Commander still in her meeting with Admiral Hackett?” It took EDI only a heartbeat to answer is question. “No Major. The meeting ended twelve minutes ago. She headed to the captains quarters right after that.”

“Thanks EDI.” Concerned, Kaidan got up from his chair and headed to the elevator.  It was pretty uncommon for Keyra to retreat into her cabin right after a mission and he knew her well enough to know that the outcome of the mission had upset her.

At least her door was unlocked, the panel on the cabins door greeted him in a bright green light. Kaidan knocked and waited for an answer, but on the other side of the door everything remained silent. He hesitated. Going in without permission wasn’t exactly the most polite thing to do, but he wanted to make sure she was alright…. Oh for crying out loud, as her boyfriend he could take the liberty to enter her room, right? And if not he would apologize and retreat as soon as he had affirmed that she was alright.

The door slid open with a soft noise as soon as he touched the panel. The room behind it laid in almost darkness, only the light of the fish tank spending a soft illumination.  Kaidan hadn’t even taken the first step into the room as he heard a muffled sound. It took him a moment before his eyes had adjusted to the muted light and he could detect the source of the sound.

Keyra sat on the floor next to the bed, legs pulled to her body and her face buried into her arms. If it hadn’t been the trembling of her shoulders that gave away the fact that she was crying, the silent sobbing noises coming from her definitely would have.


Keyra bolted upright at the sound of his voice, trying to wipe away the tears. “Kaidan. I… didn’t hear you coming in.”  He nodded as he crossed the room and sat down on the floor next to her. Keyra tried to hide her face from him, but with a soft touch he moved her head back to face him.

“You know you don’t have to take this all on yourself, right?” He knew her too well by now. Knew that she always tried to keep her burdens to herself so that her crew wouldn’t get concerned. But he also knew that behind all the heroic stories even the great Commander Shepard was only a woman and that on some point even she would break under the pressure everyone unloaded on her.

Keyras first impulse was to shake her head, pretending that everything was fine and that it just had been a rough day. But she was so tired of “pretending”. Instead she scooched closer, allowing Kaidan to take her into a warm embrace.

 “Please stay with me.”

Kaidan looked at her, surprised by her whispered plea. He knew she wasn’t just talking about the moment, or even the night. And even though the rational part of his mind immediately came up with at least five reasons why this would be a bad idea the sheer look of her, huddled together on his side, the freckled cheeks stained with tears, there was only one possible answer for him. “Forever.”

Keyra looked up to him in surprise, she hadn’t expected such a fast and clear answer. “No shoe in the backdoor this time?” she asked, her lips quirking into a crooked grin. Kaidan huffed and placed a kiss on her forehead. “No backdoor.” he promised. This decision was long overdue and if the Brass was going to kick him out of service for fraternization, well then so be it.

*Phénix is the French translation of Phoenix and Kaidans pet name for Keyra

mizjoely  asked:

Picked at random for Warstan: #83

83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

I’ve been writing these as sort of lighthearted and funny, which is the point of a drabble in my mind, but @mizjoely accidentally gave me a plot bunny and thus gets two-for-one.  The first being lighthearted and funny and the second being a “Mary Lives” reboot of “The Lying Detective.”  The second one is as medically accurate as I can make it without ages of research, so probably not very.


“Nurse, I’m hungry.  I want a sandwich”

The nurse… he didn’t know how he knew she was a nurse, she wasn’t dressed as one, but possibly some of the deductions thing was finally happening for him… hurried over to his side and said, “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday morning.”

John considered this, which seemed more difficult than normal, and finally had to ask, “And right now it’s…?”

“Wednesday afternoon.”

“Oh, fuck me, I’ve got to get my teeth out today.”

“You already did,” the nurse said, smiling faintly at him, “That’s why we’re here, remember?”

“I’m pretty sure,” John said patronizingly, since the woman seemed a bit dim, “That I’d remember some quack sawing on my mouth.  You can’t get things like that past me.  I’ve got special training at… noticing.”

“You’re funny when you’re on Versed, did you know that?” she replied, filling a glass with water and offering it to him.  John had a bit of trouble with it… for some reason it was hard for his lips to seal to the glass properly, and the nurse had to help him out.

“And you’ve got really good breasts.  Bouncy.  You should come out on a date with me some night,” John said, looking down at them.  Super smooth, he thought.  

Or possibly said out loud, because blonde-nurse-with-good-breasts raised an eyebrow at him and answered back, “And maybe a bit of pentothal too, hmm?  Sorry, but I’m a married woman.”

“Oh,” John said, sadly, “Well I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Oddly enough, no I don’t.  Let’s get you home, Doctor Watson.”


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anonymous asked:

prompt: everyone in μ's tries to hook nicomaki up bc theyre both stubborn ppl who can't admit their feelings to one another, hence (maid) kotori giving them a lover's drink in the wonder zone song, rin's sly remark about a nicomaki japanese unit in their yukatas, and that weird date in s2e1 where they were out together, etc

“Gross, you were looking at me, weren’t you.”

“What do you mean ‘gross’? You should feel honored I even deigned to glance at you!”

“Hmph, not even denying it, I see.”

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Knee Jerk Review: 5.18 Ruby Slippers

I had zero expectations for this one beyond a fun Captain Charming scene which probably made it easier to watch. While it felt like less filler than the last Ruby ep it still felt like a wasted episode in a landscape where every episode counts that just annoys me. Lots of snark and thinking thoughts below.

They find Ruby. Killian is in this scene and he reassured Henry and I smiled. They fixed the title card to “sometime ago” which is marginally better.

I found myself wanting some fanfic of Ruby explaining modern things like books and movies to Mulan. Like Ruby sitting there retelling whole movies over the campfire. Back to the Future took ages. Toto is a magic detector which seems pretty useful. I wish I knew enough about Oz stories to know if that’s a homage/callback. Ruby says she is part wolf which got me thinking about werewolves and their identities. (Clearly I wasn’t invested in the scene) Also when Dorothy sees a cyclone she somehow knows it’s Zelena because only Zelena travels by cyclone. Well, Zelena AND Dorothy. Which begs the question maybe that original cyclone was Zelena trying to prevent Dorothy from getting to Oz in the first place but it resulted in her actually sending her to Oz (timey wimey).

Anyway Hades visits Zelena in her home and is manipulative as always. It’s interesting that he dangles Peanut over Zelena’s head almost as leverage to get her to stick around. He wants Zelena to stay and face the heroes and it occurred to me that that might be the whole reason he is courting Zelena because she can hurt mortals and he can’t. He needs her to help him destroy Team Hero. Hades promises to take care of the wolf but that is not what Zelena wants she just wants to leave the Underworld. If Hades was really interested in making Zelena happy wouldn’t he have tried to give her what she asked for not talk her out of it?

Meanwhile back in the shop Belle reiterates that being a hero means having compassion and that Rumple can’t be trusted. She also causally mentioned that if hurting Gaston was the price for their baby she maybe could have lived with it… Which struck me as very unheroic but whatever ends justify the means blah blah. She doesn’t want to stay with Rumple because if she does she will do something else she regrets. I want to tell her that she doesn’t need Rumple to make bad decisions. Also I still really want to know what “Her Handsome Hero” is about.

Back in the loft. Killian is in this scene. Ruby is pretty. The whole gang is super pumped to go find Zelena and figure stuff out. Snow reveals it’s been “days” since their last haunting. Which begs the question just how long they have been down there. Charming says he can do a solo haunting and Snow insists he take his bestest friend Hook along for a man date. Or because it’s dangerous or something.

Unfortunately the phone booth is being dismantled by none other than Claude, the black knight Hook killed when he broke into Regina’s castle. Claude totally side eyes Hook but mostly I think he was jealous of his popped collar. I love the popped collar. It’s a magical thing. You never know when it will appear and so it’s always a treat. Cruella is a gem and I think we really should petition the show to rename Baby Neal to Chiselchin Jr. Charming does his characteristic roughing up to Crue but I think he forgot they were making out a few episodes back and she is pretty into handcuffs… But Cruella has her marching orders and HOPE must be extinguished. And so goodbye Level 1 Haunting phone booth!

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A Starlit Road: The Unexpected

fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kageyama/hinata
notes: to counter my incoming writer’s block again, i decided to continue the awkward boyfriends. in case you missed out the other parts: the first | holding hands | worrying for beginners | the luck of the idiot
they are all pretty short things as this wasn’t intended to be a series or anything, it’s really just hinata and kageyama failing at being boyfriends and being dumb, basically. OOPS
warnings: none except for the usual bad grammar and them being idiots

You never know with Kageyama. Even though they spend a lot of time together but Kageyama does surprising things sometimes. Like confessing on a really cold day with an incredibly clear sky.

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