this is very important

why teen beach movie and teen beach 2 are fucking amazing
  • female empowerment
  • “don’t dress for him, it’s better when you dress for you”
  • “if you like it just wear it”
  • “you are not like other girls…” “i’m actually like all the other girls”
  • “girls can do the same things boys do”
  • “i like your world because girls can do whatever they want”
  • “i gotta be me”
  • “lela you can change your world”
  • “take a chance, why not ask him on a date?”
  • feminism
  • ross lynch and maia mitchell’s skills 
  • tanner’s shorts
  • tanner’s wet hair
  • tanner dancing along the air puppet
  • the characters’ development
  • mack staying in the beach school bc she wants and not bc her boyfriend