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Quotes from Harry Styles’ Interview

Writing for his album

“I started the album end of Feb last year for about three weeks and then had to stop for about 5 months when I went to do a movie. I came back to it in July and finished writing it in December. For a while before all I thought about it was stressing about what it was going to be. It gave me a chance to completely step away from it for a bit and have a real break. By the end of the movie, because we were swimming so much I just wanted to write songs…I think we wrote about 70 songs - we did 50 songs and ideas in Jamaica and that’s including like little ideas. Well full songs, I say there are 30 songs probably. One of the songs on the album, I wrote a few years ago.”

On his album

“I was with the guys who I was writing it with and we just wanted to make what we wanted to listen to and that has been the most fun part for me about making the whole album. In the least weird way possible, it’s my favourite album to listen to at the moment… I hope we did a good job but I really like the album so I hope people like it. I think if you put out something that you don’t stand behind and really love, then if it doesn’t go well then you could regret not doing what you wanted to do. Whereas if nothing happens with it, I love it you know so I think that’s what you should do. I think that’s been my favourite part to the overall thing is listening to the album and making all the changes – it has been fun to watch over it all.”

Writing in Jamaica

“I just wanted to not be somewhere that I’d get distracted. It was 360 of writing, you’d go home for dinner, write at the house then go back to the studio. I liked being away from everything and doing it like that.”

About his debut single

“It’s a bit weird, I feel like I’ve been hibernating for so long now and you hear it in the safety of the studio and now it’s time to give birth … it’s the song (debut single) I’m most proud of writing.”

About making it on his own

“I’ve been hibernating trying to get it all ready, that’s been fun, but I like this bit as well. I think it’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be good. It’s not like I’m travelling on my own now, I have a band and everything and they’re amazing.”

Ed Sheeran

“I played him (Sheeran) a few songs after the album was finished. He didn’t say that he didn’t like any, but he did like one song that isn’t on the album. So I did have a bit of a minute of like hmmm no but…”

On Adele

“I’ve spoken to her a little bit, she knows one of the guys that I wrote it with (his music) a lot. But I don’t think so much advice, I just like how she does stuff. I think she leads by example, she’s the biggest, she’s amazing, she’s the best so she should be the biggest. The thing with her is she’s a different thing, she’s just good at it, I like how she does everything, it looks very nice. For my 21st she gave me one of her albums 21 and said, ‘I did some pretty cool stuff when I was 21, good luck’ and I was like, 'geez’.”

On Dating

“I haven’t dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie then did the album so I haven’t in a while. I have a couple of candles left still though. 

Whether dating when famous is hard

“I don’t know, maybe. I feel like with all of the stuff how people date now, with all online stuff, I feel like you can do that (Google) with anyone really if you’re looking at someone’s profile before seeing them. It’s kinda the same… No, I used to (research dates), then I said I’m not going to do that anymore, it’s impossible to go in without a perception of someone and you’ve never met them and I started feeling like that was wrong and weird. I think I snore, and also I quite like routine, so I don’t know if I’m ­incredibly spontaneous.”

Cutting his hair for Dunkirk

“I felt very naked for a while. I was like yeah, I’ve gotta shave my hair off. It wasn’t a hard decision, it got made into a wig.”

Why he rarely tweets

“I don’t like saying something for the sake of it.”

Life at home and work

“The first time I went home not wearing trainers, I was in a pair of boots. Someone said, ‘What the bloody hell are they?’ I like to separate working and being at home with family.”

Staying grounded

“It’s easier in the way that I like to separate stuff from working and being at home with family and stuff. When you separate it it’s easier to see it for what it is. When you let it become everything and that’s your whole life, then it’s easy to get a bit lost in it. I’m lucky, I have amazing friends and my family’s amazing so I think they make it easier to keep the separation between the two which makes it easier for me.”

Being nervous about playing his music to others

“I think it’s nerve-racking in that I’ve only played it to like 10 people in a room. I try and not be there if I’m playing it…”

His mother and step-father’s reactions to the album

“I played the album to them the first time and there’s one song that’s got a vocal effect on it, the whole album finished then my stepdad said: ‘I’ve one question, where did you get the duck from, how did you get a duck in the studio?’ I was like: ‘That was me, thanks’. My Mum liked it which was handy. She cried a couple of times which was good, I think that was good.”

Musical Influences

“I think it’s hard to not have influencers from what you grew up listening on. I think everyone reacts differently to different types of music. I had a good range between my mum and dad… my dad listened to Fleetwood, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Queen. My mum was like Norah Jones and Savage Garden. There are a lot of melodies there.”

Being starstruck by other celebrities

“I remember the first time we went to an awards show in the US, we met Will Smith. It was a brief meeting – he was nice and very tall.”

Addressing the rumour about getting a sheep placenta facial

“No I’ve never had a sheep placenta facial.”

Rumours about Hobama

“I’m not allowed to talk about that.”

Rumour on taking his dates on helicopter rides

“No I’ve never done that,” Harry says, with Grimmy responding: “Not even with Barack?”

“No,“ Harry says. “It was his helicopter, haha.”

Talking about Chris Martin

“He’s lovely isn’t he? He is good at telling you to take care of yourself. I think he makes sure you are alright and is very zen. I think he is a pretty wonderful man.”

On Ronnie Wood

“Big fan, I love Ronnie Wood – I think I met him at a dinner party a few years ago and went to a couple of Stones shows…I think he is the nicest.”

Interviewing Paul McCartney for his Another Man issue

“It was amazing – his voice sounds like a song.”

Loving scented candles

“I mean I think everyone loves scented candles. But I usually take one from home if I’m travelling.”

About sprouts being the new kale

“I went two days ago. I got some spinach, eggs, OJ, milk, turkey and some brussels sprouts. Hmm what else did I buy…oh some Crème Eggs. I like putting sprouts in a curry and I like sauteing them. I think they are going to be the new kale. I met [someone] and I asked her what she did and she said ‘I’m the PR lady for Kale’ and I was like ‘good job then.”

Talking about his four nipples

“Still got them, managed to keep them. Maybe I just hide them in limited edition albums, like golden tickets. I’ll hold onto them.”

Best trait

“Best trait I don’t know, it’s weird to pick your best, shall we go with the nipples thing.”

On where not to ask him for a selfie

“I think in toilets is the weirdest one. It’s happened a couple of times… When someone tries to shake your hand right after having a wee, ‘I might wash my hands first’.”

About Liam’s son and being a potential godfather

“I spoke to Liam and he’s loving it. He said it’s going really well and everyone’s great. So I’m very happy for him. I think it’s a roll of the dice, there are a lot of people Liam has in mind. I’m not going to add any extra pressure. If it came my way I would be honoured.”


regarding the Italian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2017, I’d like to tell you what the song is about. I’ve been reading a looot of comments, people yelling “cultural appropriation” and “racism” which are two very importants problems in our society.

The song is called “Occidentali’s Karma” and it’s by Francesco Gabbani. 

Occidentali” of course is not an English word, it’s Italian and it means “Westeners”. So the title is basically “Westeners’ Karma”. 
(I might also explain why this anglicism in particular but then the post would be too long)

Because the whole song is a CRITIC to Western misuse (and abuse) of wisdom, religions, concepts that belong to Oriental cultures. 

The song mocks all those people that act all spiritual and stuff but don’t go deep enough to understand a culture, or a religion. The words you hear in the song, and that make you angry because you think it’s wrong that he, a white Italian guy, is singing them, are actually quotes. He’s not making fun of a culture when he says Namaste: he’s quoting those who get tattoos of stuff they don’t get and that say random foreign words just to be cool, and yes, he’s making fun of those people.

He’s basically saying; “look at us, we go look for wisdom in Orient and we come back quoting stuff to look cool and enlightened but in the end we’re all “naked apes” dancing (he literally says “La Scimmia Nuda”, ahem

He’s not an idiot. He knows what he’s singing about. He knows the importance of the many Oriental cultures and religions and he also knows those people who act like “web’s know-it-all” (”i tuttologi del web”, as he says in the song) and pretend to be experts of those cultures, because they had a yoga lesson once or because they eat sushi every Friday. He talks about evolution, he uses scientific and religious terms as someone who’s trying to look cool would use them. (Namaste? Aleeeè!) (ever been to a footbal match? Aleeee alee aleee aleeee) (same thing)

I KNOW that cultural appropriation is a very important problem, but Francesco Gabbani knows too and he’s basically as pissed as you are, and he made a good song about it. 

I know that if you don’t speak Italian and look at the lyrics you’d start screaming, but instead of using, idk, google translate (which is terrible when it comes to Italian, go ask my high school professors who still yell at the students who use it for their homework), ask us to translate it. Ask us what the hell is the talking about. what people is he talking about.

And that said, see you at Eurovision, come dance with us 

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Kind of a weirdly specific question to ask, but do you have any advice for drawing leather biker-style jackets? I notice you draw them in a lot of your stuff and they always turn out great. I have a male OC that wears one and I can always get the top part/collar right but something about the bottom and the way it's supposed to sort of interact with/hang off of the torso while unzipped is really weird to draw and I always end up making it like hug the skin in weird ways. Adore your art btw!!

Hi! Sorry late reply. I love costuming and I wanted to answer this properly.

I A D O R E leather jackets/biker jackets. And a lot of my understanding of jackets comes from knowing how real leather works vs fake leather/pleather/vinyl. Leather is generally very heavy. So its not going to fold or lay the same way a regular jacket or even vinyl will lay. 

So first stop REFERENCE! If you own a leather jacket or a biker jacket try that thing on and look at it in the mirror. Then look at what its doing to your clothes/undergarments. 

If you don’t own a leather jacket (like a lot of people lol. I own a fake one from forever 21) google or pinterest! Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Its a curse for unsourcing artists BUT is a REALLY good way to put together visual research quickly. I just used google for this so here’s some pics I thought were useful 

So a thing to remember is typically people wear light clothes under leather jackets. Real leather like I said is very thick with an intent to protect as well as look just dang cool. Ewan is an avid bike rider so he’s usually wearing it for bike purposes. Wearing a big sweater or a flouncy shirt under a leather jacket is just going to be uncomfortable.

Leather and fake leather typically hang straight down unless they’ve got a belt at the bottom to cinch in.

So going off of your question about how it would hang it basically would hang straight down and a little away falling off of the chest muscles. Depending on whether the jacket is a very form fitting jacket or if its k inda loose to begin with will add to that as well.

So you’ve got your reference here’s a very minimal tutorial. There’s a lot about fabric and costume drawing theory I’m skipping over.

But typically for any sort of costume. Understanding the form underneath is important. You can fudge it later once you’ve got enough practice at it but its more believeable to just lay in a sketch or a light drawing of the figure on its own. You don’t have to go crazy into detail just remember where the bigger or muscles that are interacting are. 

And then on another layer or if you’re using the same sketch layer draw in that jacket.

Points to remember is where is the fabric being stressed/stretched. Where is interacting with the form. Remember that bottom hems typically move out and up if the arms are outstretched. Even if its zipped the rest of the jacket will still move even if its minimally.  An open jacket is fun to play with with action so don’t be afraid to fake it a little. Don’t go to town on the wrinkles because Leather is a heavy fabric and while it will remember wrinkles in elbows typically it just sorta hangs there. There’s always folds on the sleeves or where the body bends. Don’t forget the details so if it has a zipper remember that zippers have two parts. Buttons and seams are going to make it a more believable leather jacket. 

Example if you’re drawing jeans as opposed to suit pants jeans have reinforced seams because they’re originally intended for heavy duty work where as a suit is typically worn in an office so the seams are cleaner and often hidden. Leather jackets fit into the first group like jeans and since the fabric is so heavy seams are pretty obvious and prominent. Buttons are typically big because they have to penetrate through the heaviness of the jacket. Even fake leather jackets have big buttons/zippers/seams to replicate the look of an authentic leather jacket.

I think that’s the short and skinny of it without getting into a 14 week class on fabric lol. Hope that helps!!

So, about that 76 on Soldier’s back...

I was watching Designated Survivor on Netflix just now (which is a very cool show that I can totally recommend) and I hit pause in this very scene - see that 76 on the US flag in the back? Shame on me, but I didn’t know what exactly that flag was supposed to mean, so I googled it.

It’s the Bennington flag, and of course the 76 means 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence. 

But wait, what exactly is the “Spirit of ‘76″…?

Okay, so this may just be me, but stuff like “self-determination”, “individual liberty” and “to overturn the power of tyrants” does sound a little like Jack Morrison, no? I mean, he’s essentially a vigilante fighting his own fight for justice and liberty. Maybe he’s supposed to be a personified part of the Spirit of ‘76. 

I’ve actually never thought about the number 76 relating to the Declaration of Independence, but since Jack Morrison is literally like a piece of white bread with the American flag printed on it, it makes sense. 

But that’s just my idea about the whole 76 thing. 

I guess Michael Chu would just reply “lol no it’s his age we messed up the time line sry u guys what is lore”. 

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I don't really have any prompts, but if you look up the Jamilton tag on @midnigtartist's blog, you might get a few ideas! Aimee is complete Jamilton trash, loves the heck outta them

I did just that! The prompt/feeling I got from that is “Jefferson actually likes kids and takes care of Philip for a day when Hamilton loses track of him, causing Hamilton’s entire view of Jefferson as a person to shift”

@midnigtartist Happy birthday! I was already writing this before I learned it was your birthday, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! You’re art is great! Also, I sent you an ask about this but severely underestimated the size of your inbox. If/when you see the anon that sounds suspiciously like this post, feel free to ignore it! 

As much as he’d like it to be the case, Thomas did not at first recognize the kid loitering around the office. He did however, recognize that the kid couldn’t be more than 10 years old, if that- and was therefore too young to be standing around anywhere, never mind outside the ‘Washington and Associates’ law firm.

It wasn’t quite time to pack up, but Thomas figured this was more important. Plus, no one else was dealing with it, or even noticing. He saved his work, and stood up.

“Leaving early?” James poked his head up, at Thomas’ movement.

“There’s a kid hanging around outside, it’s distracting,” Thomas explained. James peeked out the window, furrowed his brows, and nodded.

“Don’t take too long,” James reminded, turning back to his work. Thomas rolled his eyes and nodded, even though he knew James’ attention was already back to his work.

The kid jumped when Thomas opened the door, immediately turning around and looking down as if he just happened to be standing there. It wasn’t very convincing.

“Hi,” Thomas pitched his voice, warmer and completely devoid of his usual sarcastic drawl. “You’ve been standing out here for a while, is there anything I can help you with?” Up close, the kid was even smaller. The parents had better be nearby, or Thomas would be having words.

“Uhh,” The kid’s head bobbed up, then straight down, his mass of curls hiding his face. Thomas felt his heart thaw, just a bit- the kid was just shy. Which was fair, given Thomas was a tall, mysterious stranger. Even adults tended to be intimidated. Thomas leaned down, dropping to the kid’s level.

“That’s okay,” Thomas tried to put the kid at ease. “Could you tell me where your parents are, so we can find them?”

“Umm,” The kid started again, but this time he brushed his hair behind an ear and glanced up to Thomas’ chin. “Mom’s at her home, I’m s'posed to be with Dad this week, and he’s s'posed to be here. I think.” He nervously glanced up at the building. “There’s only one Washington law place, right?”

Ah, a divorced kid. “Yes, as far as I’m aware, this is the only Washington law place,” Thomas didn’t want to correct the kid and possibly confuse him. Still, he couldn’t stop an amused smile at the term ‘law place’. “Can you tell me your Dad’s name?”

The kid froze, paling instantly. “U-uh, it’s my Dad, um…” He started shaking. Crap.

Thomas thought quickly. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” He smiled wide, waving his hand in what he hoped was more comforting than dismissive, though he used it in the latter sense far more often. “Could you tell me your name, instead?”

“Oh!”, the kid grinned. “My name’s Philip Hamilton! I’m 8 years old!” Thomas nearly flinched. There was only one Hamilton who worked at Washington’s, and there was no way this was a coincidence. He should have guessed- Hamilton’s divorce was well known in lawyer circles, and now that he was looking for it, the kid’s face bore some resemblance. Standing in front of Thomas was his biggest work rival’s son.

There wasn’t anything for it, though. Thomas was hardly going to just leave the kid out here. “Nice to meet you, Philip. I work with your Dad. My name’s Thomas Jefferson.”

Philip’s eyes lit up in recognition. Thomas had just enough time to worry about what exactly the kid was recognizing. “Jefferson? Dad mentions you all the time! He says you’re really distracting!”

Distracting, huh? Not 'evil’, not 'idiotic’; nor any of the other insults Hamilton would shout to his face? Not even 'bad man’, if he wanted to soften it to his kid? Thomas itched to ply Philip for answers, for what Hamilton really thought; but it was the middle of winter and now was not the time.

“How about we wait inside for your Dad, and you tell me what you’re doing out here?” Thomas spoke cautiously, not sure how Philip would react to being asked to go somewhere with a relative stranger.

Strangely though, Philip’s shyness went straight out the window after his introduction. “Oh! That’s because Dad promised me this time, for real promised, that he’d get off work on time and take me to see a movie! I wanted to make sure he really would, so I looked up 'Washington law’ on google and bussed here all by myself!” Thomas led the way to the building as Philip chattered, small hand immediately latching onto Thomas’ fingers.

“That’s very cool!” Thomas enthused, opening the door and immediately shooting a glare at every person who stared. “Now, your Dad’s out now, the boss sent him to the courthouse to drop something off, but we can wait for him, alright?”

Philip beamed. “Alright! This place looks even cooler than I thought!” He was so enthusiastic, that Thomas couldn’t help but smile back. Hamilton would still be getting an earful, being so unreliable that his 8 year old child felt the need to escape his babysitter and bus through the middle of town to check up on him. Hell, did he even have a babysitter?

Thomas’ work was left, forgotten on his desk. James would clean up for him, this was more important. “What do you say to meeting your Dad’s boss?” He needed to at least explain the situation, after all.

“Mr. Washington? Yeah! Dad says he’s too nosy, and Mom says he’s basically like my second grandpa, even though I’ve never met him before.”

Thomas couldn’t stop the chuckle if he tried. “Did he? You’ll have to tell me more, later.” He joked, but Philip nodded anyways. This was far better than finishing his work.

Alex was determined to keep his promise, for real this time. He was not staying late, and if possible, he would even be home early. Washington owed it to him, for all that free overtime.

Unfortunately, all the owing in the world meant nothing when Washington ordered him to take some important documents to the courthouse, a good half hour away, when the day was nearly over. Alex could never say no to a direct request like that, even if Washington probably would have relented if he explained his circumstances.

No, he could do this and still be out on time, if he drove straight to Philip’s school, instead of back to the firm, first. Alex did so, driving as fast as he reasonably could.

Only, when he did that, Philip had already left, instead of waiting for him. In fact, he had left for the washroom in the last hour of class, and never returned, according to the teacher. Alex barely spared the time to chew them out for not keeping a better headcount, and then he was running off to his car and to home.

Philip wasn’t at home either. Alex started panicking in earnest. He could be anywhere, but why would he? Philip was so excited about going to see the movie, he wouldn’t have just run off today of all days, would he? But he alternative- if Philip hadn’t purposefully run off himself- was far worse. Alex started by doing circles of the neighbourhood, then the local parks.

Alex was focused; so focused that his phone remained in his pocket, battery dead before he’d even realized Philip was missing.

It must have been hours later, the sun starting to set, when Alex finally gave up. He had panicked somewhere early down the line, and never quite stopped. His limbs were shaking. Alex had lost his son.

He didn’t want to even think about the phone call he would have to make to Eliza. But first, he’d check the house again, just in case. Alex wasn’t holding out much hope at this point.

Alex was just stressed enough to miss the strange car behind his in the driveway. He was not, however, too stressed to notice two people sitting in his living room.

“Hamilton, about time!” Jefferson waved his arms enthusiastically, though something sharp glinted in his eyes. Alex’s brain stuttered for a moment at the sight of his coworker/rival relaxing in his home, but then Philip was bounding into his arms.

“Dad! Where the heck where you? Mr. Jefferson’s called you like, a million times!”

“Wha- Philip, where have you been? You weren’t at school, the teachers told me you disappeared, you weren’t at home, I’ve been worried sick, looking for you!” Harsh, panicked words spilled from Alex’s mouth, even as he seized his son in a fierce hug. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Philip hugged back tight, voice suddenly subdued and guilty. “I just wanted to find you at work, so you’d actually go on time.”

Alex loosened his hug so that he could face Philip directly. “Wait, you what-?” Alex cut himself off, remembering the other person in the room. “Jefferson, why the fu-heck are you here?” Philip’s head poked up at Alex’s accusatory tone, brows furrowing in confusion.

“Nice save,” Jefferson smirked, always as irritating as possible. “Also, is that really the way you want to be speaking to the guy who’s been watching your kid all evening? When I could have been doing anything else with my time?”

There was no reason for Jefferson to be lying. In fact, that answer made the most sense, given that Jefferson had literally been in his home, watching Philip, when Alex got in there. Still though, this was Jefferson. Instinctive denial surged in his chest. “Excuse me-”

“I’m sorry!” Philip shouted again, lip trembling. He wasn’t looking at Alex though, instead facing Jefferson. “I didn’t mean to waste your day!”

Alex’s blood ran cold. That was exactly the opening one could never make to Jefferson- he could never hold back his infuriating sarcastic comments. He was going open his mouth and spout some negative bullshit that would make Philip cry, because Jefferson was an asshole who didn’t have any kids and probably hated them.

Jefferson did open his mouth, but his eyes were suddenly wide, with surprise and maybe guilt- something Alex had never seen him wear. He scrambled off the couch. “No no, I didn’t mean that, Philip! You’ve been great fun!” Jefferson assured, stepping over to crouch in front of Philip.

Philip looked up at him cautiously. Alex held his breath, completely taken aback. “Really?”, Philip whispered, and Alex could hear the tiny smile working its way into his voice.

“Of course!” Jefferson reached a hand over to ruffle his hair. “I got to read all your poems, and you got to hear all about the silly things your Dad does at work! It’s just that your Dad’s back now, so I should probable get going.” He gave Philip a wide grin, full of warmth and life.

Alex wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Jefferson with a smile like that. It did something to his stomach that he’d rather not analyze.

“No! You gotta stay for supper! We can’t do the movie anymore anyways, right Dad!” Philip bounced back, both emotionally and literally, on the balls of his feet.

Alex opened his mouth, searching for an excuse that wouldn’t upset Philip. Then, he glanced over to Jefferson. He was fidgeting, glancing away awkwardly. With a start, Alex realized he must have actually had fun. Somehow, Jefferson was actually really good with kids, if Philip’s excitement meant anything; and now he was standing there, in Alex’s house, looking more awkward and vulnerable than Alex had ever seen him.

“Yeah… yeah, he can stay. If he wants to.” Alex didn’t even want to guess what his face looked like right now. He wasn’t even sure what his feelings looked like right now. It was all a mess of exposed wires, his entire worldview turned on its head.

Jefferson flinched in surprise for a moment, eyes snapping to Alex. Then, he gauged Alex’s pure, undiluted confusion, and a smile slowly took his face, one that more closely resembled the teasing smirks Alex was used to. Now though, it seemed just a little less aggressive than Alex remembered.

“I suppose I can stay and tell your Dad all about how you skipped your last class, looked up his workplace online, and then bussed there all by yourself without telling anybody.” Jefferson shrugged, nonchalant.

“What! Mr. Jefferson, no!” Philip whined, even as he smiled broadly. “I’m gonna get grounded!”

Jefferson laughed. “Well, whose fault is that? You’re a little troublemaker!”

Philip spouted denials in between giggles. Alex felt his paradigm shift further off axis. “I guess I’ll get started,” Alex said, quiet and distant. He stood up and edged his way to the kitchen. Jefferson and Philip continued to chat in his hallway.

Somewhere between numb and completely unsure of himself, Alex turned the oven on and got out a frozen pizza. He took as much time as he could retrieving the round pan and opening the pizza box. Replaying in his mind was the smile Jefferson had made at Philip. His stomach flipped again.

“Hey,” Jefferson’s voice was calm and subdued, but made Alex jump a foot anyways. “I put the TV on for Philip.” He was right behind Alex, nearly crowding him into the counter. “I assume you want to know what’s been going on? No one’s been on the same page today.”

Alex swallowed. It wasn’t the first time Jefferson had crowded him, Alex had realized over time that it was more a matter of not knowing about personal space, rather than an active bid at intimidation. It was also overwhelming, especially now. “Uh,” Alex started, horrified at the squeak his voice made. “I guess not.”

Jefferson smirked- how could he not?- but relented, backing up a step. “It really wasn’t all that crazy. The kid showed up in the last hour of work, and no one else would do it, so I watched him. Tried to call your phone, I’m assuming it’s dead.” Alex dug into his pocket, pulling out a very dead phone. He paled. “No, it’s fine, it’s done.” Jefferson waved his hand dismissively. “I didn’t- I mean, it wasn’t awful.”

Alex paused at Jefferson’s stutter. His ears were pink. Adorable, Alex thought, then shook it from his mind. “Thank you,” he said instead.

“Uhhh,” Jefferson’s ears turned pinker. “No offense, but that sounds so weird coming from you.” Suddenly, he started laughing. “And I just said 'no offense’, which is even weirder!”

Alex snorted. Giggles stumbled their way between his lips, turning into chuckles, then full blown laughter. “Oh my God,” Alex wheezed, “This is so weird!”

Jefferson was howling right beside him. “I know, right?!”

Their laughs petered off, save for a quiet snicker from the distance. Both their heads whipped around- Philip peeked from the doorway. “Dad hasn’t laughed like that in ages,” He said knowingly. “You guys should hang out more. Hey, can Mr. Jefferson come with us to the movie, next time?”

Alex flushed, his mind stumbling to a stop, not sure if it was from the sheer audacity of the question, or how the idea of going out with Jefferson sounded too much like a date. His only saving grace was that it was probably the last thing Jefferson wanted, anyways. It didn’t matter that the sight of him being so nice to Philip did things to Alex’s heart.

“That sounds nice. If your Dad agrees.” Jefferson gave Philip an indulgent smile, then turned to Alex, question standing.  A quiet blush graced his cheekbones as well. He looked so much more attractive- cute, Alex’s brain supplied- when it was open like this. Usually, Jefferson’s appearance was the only attractive thing about him. Alex realized suddenly that he was gone- had been gone the moment Jefferson had revealed a side of himself that wasn’t pure opposition to everything Alex stood for.

“Alright,” Alex agreed. He needed to see where this was going. He was going to figure Jefferson out, or die trying.



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Young Peter having a crush on you, Yondu's lover, would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaawww Young Peter 😊 AND YONDU 😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him just liking how understanding and caring you are of him, not to mention also very cool as you’d know most the lyrics to his music and sing along with him when you can

-Yondu noticing how he’d always behave much more whenever you are around and how he’d follow as much as he can your orders, making him ask you how you do it

-Him blushing whenever you would ruffle his hair and reassure him of how things will go for the better, only to be brave enough to keep your hand to his hair

-Yondu figuring it out when he catches Peter zoning out while staring at you piloting and confronting him about it, only for him to stick his tongue out and not care what he thinks

-Him always putting an extra show whenever things don’t go his way with Yondu, knowing that you’ll always go find him and comfort him, making Yondu jealous

-Yondu and him having their own little competition to try and woo you, only for Yondu to always let him win at the last moment, letting him enjoy a little ice cream date with you

-Him always being jealous to see you and Yondu being affectionate, only to find his own way to butt in such as getting in the middle of the both of you when you hold hands, hug each other, etc.

-Yondu pretending to be extremely jealous and shocked for his sake whenever he sees you both hugging or hanging out without him

-Him gifting you anything he can find on different planets you’d all visit, in hopes to get your attention and prove to you he’s the better Ravager, making you laugh as he presents it to you in his own grandiose way

-Him confessing his feelings to you in his own awkward way, only to be laughed at by the other crew members and for you to reassure him

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Ok but,can we do a why-do-humans-do-the-thing? Why do humans have such and abhorrent attitude towards rat tails?? They're such an essential part of the animal,without them they would quickly overheat and fall to their death?? I explain to people they have to be hairless so that the large blood vessels can cool,like pupper and cat ears,but they're still grossed out?? I mean,sure,they don't really realize they aren't a part of their body and mine are a bit lazy to clean them,but they still cutes??

Hilariously, why-human-do-the-thing was actual an april fools joke last year!

I don’t know where the stigma against rat tails comes from, but there’s a thing poking me in the back of the brain that suggests it’s a societal aversion because of rats and disease vectors from a very long time ago? (Googling this did not help, the only non-forum article I found was about the rat-tail hairstyle). I’m gonna open this up to follower input and see if anyone has some insight. 

Y'all need to stop rebloging and liking uncredited reposted art. Credit to the artist doesn’t make it ok. I see you guys supporting this shit. Do you want artist to stop posting their art? because many do. They don’t want their art reposted and yet people do. Ask for permission, it’s not that hard. If you’re to shy then sorry but that’s no excuse.

At the very least Google the art, look up the artist and credit the damn artist. You can’t find the artist? Well then to bad, so sad DON’T POST IT.

Stop supporting people who repost art with out permission or credits.

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how do i become more confident in my writing? i tend to feel very insecure about it and i hate it

Hey, ‘nonnie! So this is a great question because I know a lot of people struggle with this, myself included. Even with about six years of roleplay under my belt, I am still self-conscious about what I write and the words I use. However, I do have a few tips that can hopefully ease your discomfort!

For starters, I know that there are many reasons as to why someone would feel insecure about their writing, however, there are also several different confident boosters or small things that I do to even improve my writing!

  • If having proper grammar is something you tend to struggle with, there are a lot of helpful sites you can utilize for free. For starters, one of the methods that I prefer to use is Grammarly. This is a very cool Google Chrome add-on and it will process what you write. It’s a spell-check type of tool that is very helpful when it comes to punctuation, spelling, or word usage. Other useful sites for that type of stuff can be found in the following: jspell, online-spellcheck, and spellchecker
  • Vocabulary can be a tricky thing to get a handle on, especially if English is not your first language. All of that is understandable and I’m sure you’re roleplay partners understand that if they know it’s not your native language. In my case, English is my first language but I missed about three years of school so academically, this is where I fall short. It shows in my writing because my word usage can often be considered mediocre. When this happens, I tend to gravitate towards a thesaurus to find words more suitable. There is also a plethora of resources that are on tumblr that you can use in order to achieve better phrasing and a more eloquent sentence in general. Here, here, and here is a great post that gives you alternate word choices.
  • If you’re anything like me, you tend to write things that you know about to avoid this insecurity. But at the same time, you want to write about things you have yet to experience in order to learn — and that’s the key word. If you’re writing about a topic of a subject you may be unclear about, it’s best to do your research. Not only does it aid you from preventing potentially embarrassing mistakes, but it allows you to get the most out of what you’re writing. 
  • This happens to me a lot —you’re sitting at your computer, trying to think of something to write but you’re rendered useless to that process. A lot of times, people sit there, wracking their brain for a solution, staring at a blank page, and forcing a reply that you aren’t content with. When you do this, not only does it feed into your insecurity, but you stop yourself before you even get the chance to possibly come up with anything. In these situations, it’s okay to take a break from the computer and rest your brain. Sometimes all you need are those five minutes of watching a TV show for you to come up with some sort of inspiration. If taking a break does not seem like something you can do, then try to play some music or soothing rain noises to add ambiance. In times of trouble, this website has saved my butt from giving up too quickly. Along with these things, looking at muse blogs can serve a great purpose for you. Bonus: listening to slam poetry can sometimes get your brain working really well!
  • Stop comparing yourself. You do it, I do it, everyone does it and some point. However, comparing yourself to someone else can be very harmful in many ways. Not only does it feed you negative feelings such as “why can’t I write like that?” or “why is my writing so bad?”, but it also stumps you. Doing this can prevent your growth as a writer and hold you back. It’s okay to compliment another writer or admire the words they use, but comparing yourself to them is a dangerous game. My old Literature teacher always told me that everyone’s perspective is different, therefore, no one’s writing will be a carbon copy of another person’s. You naturally will have your own way of writing that is different than everyone else’s.
  • Don’t apologize. A lot of times, people tend to say things like “sorry this reply sucks” in a very casual way it can be damaging. When you say this, you are the only person getting in the way of success. Don’t even tag your reply with something like that because it most likely isn’t true because it’s a subjective statement. Don’t allow yourself to feed into your own insecurities because this is how they can potentially control you. 
  • If you’ve been denied an acceptance from a group, just remember, I have to. I’ve had my application denied multiple times before and it sucks. However, this is something that can come in handy. Asking the admin why you weren’t accepted can be a huge step towards becoming a better and more confident writer. getting constructive feedback is important and it is your job as the writer to accept this and take it all into account. It doesn’t mean you have to hold onto every word for dear life, you just have to listen. 
Other Notable Links & Websites

Helpful articles to read:

Helpful inspiration:

Helpful websites for writing:

Some headcanons

*Dark gives the BEST massages ever, but very few people know this because he’ll only do it for people he trusts implicitly.
*Anti loves to cook, but is really bad at it. Baking is another matter - you haven’t lived until you’ve had one of his cookies.
* Google secretly really likes domestic stuff (doing laundry, cooking and cleaning, surprising you with flowers) but gets flustered when trying to show affection.
* Wilford, like a cat, often surprises you with weird things. He comes home with things like stray animals, cool bugs he saw, shiny toys or objects he found laying on the ground, neat flowers he picked for you (that he may or may not have picked from someone’s flower garden) and rocks that caught his eye.
* On that note, Wilford loves anything shiny and/or pink. God help you if he ever sees a rose quartz gem.
* Author will read some of his own works to help you get to sleep. If you’re really special he’ll even write something just for you.
* Chase loves his kids more than anything else in the world, and will happily play dress-up or barbies with his daughter. His most prized possession is a mug that says “world’s best daddy” that his son made in school.
* He shares all of his hats with his kids. His son even has mini versions of all of Chase’s hats.
* Chase never misses a school function, no matter how small it may be or how busy he is. He also goes to all the parent-teacher stuff, extracurricular stuff, and helps his kids with their homework every day.

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Hi, I love your work especially your plants, trees and all the natural things you draw ! Do you have any references about plant like books or websites that you could recommend me ? :)

Well that’s a difficult one. I tend to save the good plant pictures I find online in a reference folder and then sort of forget where they were from. The best way to go about this is probably to visit flower shops, botanical gardens etc. then go read up on the nicer species you find, their relatives etc. A quick search on Google might lead you to some very obscure, very specific places. And of course you can draw from life if there’s a good forest or garden near where you live.

The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies – bromeliads aka. the generic jungle epiphyte. Somewhat hard to navigate. Good Billbergias.

Black Jungle Terrarium Supplies – has a bunch of flickr galleries with mostly plant pictures from Central America, also a web shop with various cool species (not the best pictures but a good start if you need some Latin names to type into your search engine of choice).

Cycads, cycads, other cycads.

Fun succulents.

@orchid-a-day – what it says right there.

@wetreesinart – art with trees in it.

As for books, go to your local used book shop and look for old books about houseplants or wild flora. Plant photographers of today have nothing on those of the 70s – early 80s.

Good luck!

The Answer Is Clear
( googleplier / bingsepticeye )
The Answer Is Clear

Anonymous said: I would to see a Bing and Google collab, just them basically arguing. That would be so freaking cool. :)

@miss-amnesiac said: Who’s the superior search engine? Bing or Google? 

Art by: petalsbythebayside

Both: Clearly it’s me!

Google: No, you’re mistaken as usual. It’s clearly me.

Bing: Sorry, but there’s no way an ugly color palette such as yourself could ever beat me

Google: Ugly? No, no; blue and white are very soothing and elegant colors. Unlike that hideous shade of yellow you’re sporting.

Bing: Hideous? HIDEOUS. How dare you insult my colors like that? Unlike you I actually stick to a design. Why don’t you go back to your doodle-ly front page and accept I’m better.

Google: Unlike you, I actually make something of myself by implementing a thing called ‘change’; maybe if you looked into it people would actually care about you. Oh. Wait. I forgot; humans aren’t fond of looking for gold where they see garbage.


Google: Speaking of touch; I can just touch the 'B’ on your chest like so-
-and you shut down, just like that.

Bing: Bing android shutting down. Thank you for using the Bing service.

Google: Finally, some silence.

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wait what the heck is "welcome to the wayne"???

Welcome to the Wayne is an online pilot, separated by chapters, that was released exclusively on the Nickelodeon website on November 2014. It’s about a Latinx boy named Ansi Molina who moves into this weird apartment building full of secrets and odd people called “The Wayne”, where he is introduced to the spontaneous Olly Timbers, and his clever little sister, Saraline Timbers. Together, as Team Timbers, they try to solve mysteries about the Wayne, such as the mysterious “Arcsine.” It’s basically Nick’s Gravity Falls, with a very promising pilot and already interesting characters and lore.

It’s supposed to be a full television series on Nickelodeon, possibly Nicktoons, soon, but production for the show is very much under wraps, so it’s hard to find anything about progress or when it will air. It was slated for a 2016 release, but that didn’t happen. All that I know is that they’re putting a lot of effort into making the animation higher quality, as opposed to the fast-paced, not-so-smooth animation of the pilot. Despite this, it’s very cool and I highly recommend it.

The pilot was taken off the Nickelodeon website a while back, but a Google Drive of the pilot chapters can be found here, if you are interested.

Thicket's Divination Get-Started Guide

Totally just jump right in there and start dabbling with shit, provided that you don’t summon any spirits. There are methods of divination that are performed by summoning, but don’t you summon. Just stick with some nifty tools for now.

Briefly, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does divination work?
  • Is it possible to divine without tools?
  • Where does this information come from?

I won’t give you my thoughts on this, because the point is to just question yourself and get the ball rolling. It is totally alright if you don’t have your own concrete answers. Divination worked for me when I didn’t have any answers, and it works for me now that I feel I have answers.

In general, when you divine you are going to ask either specific questions, or you will ask for a general reading and let the tools show you what they will.

For any tool (tarot, runes, scrying, etc) learning how to phrase your questions is vital.

  • It takes special skill to see very far in to the future, or very far in to the past. As a beginner, focus your questions within a range of a couple of months. Once you get a feel for things, try reading a decade in to the future and see the differences in your results.
  • Divination is about INTERPRETATION. Therefore, tools will rarely give you direct answers. If you ask questions that may only be answered directly, you are going to have a bad time. Examples are proper nouns, dates, and numbers. “What is the name of my soul mate” is not going to work with tarot cards.
  • Avoid yes and no questions. Again, it is your job to interpret. “Will I get the job” is not a question that leaves the answer open to interpretation.
  • Avoid “big” questions for now. “What is the purpose of my life” is a pretty epic question. Try, “what can I accomplish today” or “what will my week look like.”
  • Remember to write down your questions! Sometimes, the exact phrasing of a question can matter. It sucks to lay down 20 cards then realize you forgot the exact nature of your question.

Example questions to try out for any system of divination:

  • What is the personality of my soul mate?
  • What was my last past life like?
  • What message does (your higher power) want to send to me right now?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in my life right now? How can I overcome that obstacle?
  • What do I really need to know right now?
  • What is coming up in my life that I need to know about?
  • What is my biggest personality flaw?
  • What is my best personality trait?
  • What am I ready to let go of?
  • What do other people immediately notice about me?
  • What is my biggest fear?
  • What should I meditate on?

Getting started with your tools

When you acquire a deck of cards, a set of runes, throwing sticks, the I-Ching, or a nice book for bibliomancy, start small. If you are in to magic you may want to bless and cleanse your tools. I do not find this to be necessary but if you do, here is a very brief ritual for you:

Take your tool, whatever it may be. Place it on a clean surface. Hold your hand in a triangle shape (thumbs connected, pointer fingers touching). Look through the triangle at your tool. Say these words:

“By Fire, the burning spirit, be cleansed [name of tool].

By Air, the wicked mind, be cleansed [name of tool].

by Water, the rushing blood, be cleansed [name of tool].

by Earth, the graceful body, be cleansed [name of tool].

Sealed by Spirit, you are cleansed.”

Make a gesture of sealing over the tool (I will leave it up to you to make a gesture of your own). It is now cleansed and prepared for use.

Hopefully your tool will have come with a guidebook. If not, simply search for one online. Also have your notebook handy.

Begin by formulating a simple, fairly direct question. “How is my day going to be?” is perfect. Remember to write your question down. Draw a single card, cast a single rune, look for a single image in your cup of coffee. Write down what your results were, and use your guidebook or the internet to look up interpretations to help you out. Right now it’s too early to be looking for specifics. Try for generalities!

If the card, rune, image, etc., is generally good or positive, take this as a good omen. If it is generally negative, take it as a bad omen. If it is mixed or neutral, look for phrases in your guidebook or research that pop out to you. Suppose you ask, “how is my day going to be?” and you draw an oracle card related to glamouring. This is neither good nor bad on it’s own, but perhaps you can interpret that it is necessary to “put on a face” that day.

Write down your interpretations. It is okay if you have multiple or even conflicting interpretations. At the end of the day, return to your notebook and see which interpretation fit your day most closely. Ask yourself, “how did I come to this most correct interpretation?” Perhaps for one interpretation you used intuition, for another you used phrases from the guidebook, and for the third you made a guess. Keep track of how you come to your most correct answers.

Practice often! Acquire as many divination tools as you like and try them all.

Try reading for others. Offer readings on Tumblr or provide them to your friends. When reading for others, you will find that some people want to tell you everything upfront. Try to read with as little information as possible. If you come up with multiple interpretations for others, share all of them and ask your querent to tell you which one fits best. Again, ask yourself, “how did I come to this most correct interpretation?”

If you need someone to practice on, shoot me a message and I will be very glad to sit for you :) I give LOTS of feedback.

Becoming more advanced; reaching that next step

My best advice for anyone who wants to go past dabbling and get a little more serious:

  • Take notes on your readings.
  • Research your system of divination. Read books about it.
  • Experiment with your system of divination. Challenge yourself to try something totally new with it.
  • Practice! Practice practice practice.
  • Try reading for others. It is definitely different than reading for yourself.

My recommended “get started right now” divination tools:

  • Any book for bibliomancy
  • A cup of tea or coffee, with milk, for scrying (drip the milk in to your beverage and observe what images appear)
  • A deck of playing cards
  • Three pennies for the I-Ching (google I-Ching to find out how to use this very cool system of divination)
Study Sunday

Good morning all!

 So, I always go through a period called Study Lent. This is the period before and during exam time were I fully concentrate on my studies. It is a bit hardcore but that’s because I’m actually really bad at revising so I have to be really strict with myself and keep myself from giving into to my temptation Anyway, I have some tips here on how to get through your own study lent. That’s if you think it can work for you. Of course, its affective for me but it might be a little different for everyone

            • Meditation

It’s all the stress of exams, work and my social life that really get to me and distract me when revising and meditation is one of the ways I use to calm my mind down, leave things behind and focus on the task ahead. There are lots of apps like Headspace or YouTube videos or even praying could help if you are religious.

          • Delete distactive apps

This is the one I find the hardest to do. I delete apps like you tube, BBC, IPlayer, Amazon prime, Pinterest and basically anything that gives me joy and everything that distracts me from working. The good thing is that you can also access most of these on the internet but you would have to go through less effort and as someone who is extremely lazy, I just do not bother and I then spend less time on my phone and therefore less time procrastinating.

          • Read some books

If you read books more than you use the internet, then skip this entirely and maybe cut down on the number of books that you read. But as someone who spends more time on Pinterest, pinning books that I wanna read than reading them. It’s a great replacement to social media because I find it much less addictive and easier to pull away. And no, I’m not talking about reading from your favourite genre Try something different like autobiographies or maybe a book on astrophysics or on biology or sewing.

            • Music

Now you all know how I feel about music from the previous episode. But sometimes you need music to motivate you. And you need that perfect playlist. So, make sure that you do not waste time trying to find it, prepare them for most of your moods and situations i.e. I have a playlist called studying while sad and studying in the lib…I usually use Spotify because they make brilliant playlists anyway. You could also make your own using most music streaming sites like apple music or google play etc.

        • Find different study spots

Because routine is great but it can also be very, very boring and demoralising. So scout out great areas to work at to make studying more fun and less tedious. I’m not saying you should find the coolest café in town and spend lots of money on a cup of coffee. I’m saying find a library, study in a different room in your house, study at a relatives. Although, I did plan a trip to London with my friend, found a cool library and spent a few hours writing my report then explored the city. So, try and be creative but also on budget.

So this is it on episode 2. As usual, feel free to comment, add on and ask questions.

Remember to study honey, and make some money

Rose xx