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Hello~! `w' Apostasia x fem!MM with funny Professor Kelly BBC interview? I swore it's funny to see~ :'DDD (key words on Google : Professor Kelly interview) <3

It seemed normal at the start. As Add entered the conference online, she quickly braced himself as she ran over the notes in her thoughts. It was a very important meeting. If she fucked things up, her career would be at risk.

Not to mention, her husband, Sia, was watching her on TV, live. She had to keep her cool. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of him.

“Tell us what you think about the situation in Velder.” she heard a command.

“Ah yes… Velder. Currently, it’s been facing major difficulties recovering from the demon invasion. With a shocking amount of property damage, they’re situation seems to be a difficult to overcome,” she said. Things were going well. Add kept a calm expression as she continued.

She didn’t notice the unwelcome entrance of her daughter, who had stepped in to investigate her mother’s conference.

“It seems one of your kids has uh… came in.” One of them stated. Add froze, eyeing back at her daughter with a stiff gaze. Her daughter eyed her back in confusion.

“Mama,” she said. “Who are you talking to?~”

She didn’t notice the younger brother waddle in on his knees either, exploring in his sister’s steps.

“Honey- Archie- uh. I’m busy, uhm.” Add stumbled on her words, quickly panicking as her daughter knocked over a large book containing studies on Nasods.

It didn’t take long for Sia to quite literally slam into the room, landing on the floor as he scrambled to grab both of the kids and out of the room. He kept a blank expression while he grabbed his daughter’s wrist and carried his son in his arm, but Add could tell he was also somewhat panicked and embarrassed in the situation. He kept his head low, as if he didn’t want anyone to see his face. Quietly, he dragged them out, ignoring his daughter’s tantrums on leaving the room. 

He sloppily grabbed for the doorknob, missing on his first attempt and his fingers slipping out on the second and third. On the fourth, he slammed the door closed after he successfully evacuated his children out.

“…I… I apologize, uhm… anyway…” Add resumed, swiftly trying to regain her thoughts and composure as she did her best to ignore her daughter’s screaming tantrum in the distance.

So, about that 76 on Soldier’s back...

I was watching Designated Survivor on Netflix just now (which is a very cool show that I can totally recommend) and I hit pause in this very scene - see that 76 on the US flag in the back? Shame on me, but I didn’t know what exactly that flag was supposed to mean, so I googled it.

It’s the Bennington flag, and of course the 76 means 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence. 

But wait, what exactly is the “Spirit of ‘76″…?

Okay, so this may just be me, but stuff like “self-determination”, “individual liberty” and “to overturn the power of tyrants” does sound a little like Jack Morrison, no? I mean, he’s essentially a vigilante fighting his own fight for justice and liberty. Maybe he’s supposed to be a personified part of the Spirit of ‘76. 

I’ve actually never thought about the number 76 relating to the Declaration of Independence, but since Jack Morrison is literally like a piece of white bread with the American flag printed on it, it makes sense. 

But that’s just my idea about the whole 76 thing. 

I guess Michael Chu would just reply “lol no it’s his age we messed up the time line sry u guys what is lore”. 

The Surprisingly Long Saga of Getting Online Profiles to Correct Jack Barakat’s Birthplace That I Technically Lead

It started off with this bullshit

Aside from being utterly incorrect, these erase the fact his family escaped a war and I was naturally, annoyed

It’s important to know he never hid it and is very out spoken about it when the situation calls for it

And due to my annoyance I made me do this

And a lot of people didn’t actually know he was born there as you can see

You know, just to show a few

So, after a quick message to google and famous birthdays, hey they actually fixed it! About three days later but it was fixed none the less

So that was cool and awesome.

However, famous birthdays… didn’t. They didn’t change it even though I messaged them too. 

So, it still had that glaring annoying ‘Maryland’ instead of, well, the truth. 

An important thing to note that without the fact, people will assume and even insist he was born in Maryland like so

Which, just so we know, is really shitty and literally erasure 

It was especially annoying when Jack has said multiple times that he was not only born in Lebanon but that his family escaped a war, making him and his family asylum seekers


One night, I found out Famous Birthdays said on bryanstars profile that he was born in Japan and i personally got really mad a pasty white guy had the correct birthplace but Jack, a Lebanese man born in Lebanon, didn’t

So in my late night frustration I sent them this

Now, just know this took four months and countless messages from myself and people who follow me

And then, I eventually check and 

And basically

And that is the four month long saga of how I got google and famous birthdays to fix Jack’s birthplace 

knife emojis ranked

emoji one: best knife. 10/10. not too simple, not too detailed. elegant. would stab with.

apple: pretty good. lots of shading. nice details. would also stab with.

google: too cartoony for stabbing, but perfect for chopping onions. 7/10.

lg: strangely shaped blade, but still knice (knife nice). would absolutely make salad with.

facebook: weirdly detailed but still really knice. would use.

htc: very simple, has a strange charm.

samsung: looks like strange clipart. too three-dimensional. 

mozilla: very bubbly. could not stab. looks like it belongs in a fischer price set. 5/10

twitter: whoever designed this knife has clearly never seen a knife before, much less stabbed a man thirty-seven times. 3/10. F for no effort.

emojidex: this is it. the Worst Knife. i never thought i could hate a knife so much. the shading is fucked. nothing on this knife looks quite like a knife. this knife lives in a cardboard box at the bottom of the uncanny valley. i hate the knife and if you use it i will reach through your computer screen and violently disembowel you. 2/10.

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how do i become more confident in my writing? i tend to feel very insecure about it and i hate it

Hey, ‘nonnie! So this is a great question because I know a lot of people struggle with this, myself included. Even with about six years of roleplay under my belt, I am still self-conscious about what I write and the words I use. However, I do have a few tips that can hopefully ease your discomfort!

For starters, I know that there are many reasons as to why someone would feel insecure about their writing, however, there are also several different confident boosters or small things that I do to even improve my writing!

  • If having proper grammar is something you tend to struggle with, there are a lot of helpful sites you can utilize for free. For starters, one of the methods that I prefer to use is Grammarly. This is a very cool Google Chrome add-on and it will process what you write. It’s a spell-check type of tool that is very helpful when it comes to punctuation, spelling, or word usage. Other useful sites for that type of stuff can be found in the following: jspell, online-spellcheck, and spellchecker
  • Vocabulary can be a tricky thing to get a handle on, especially if English is not your first language. All of that is understandable and I’m sure you’re roleplay partners understand that if they know it’s not your native language. In my case, English is my first language but I missed about three years of school so academically, this is where I fall short. It shows in my writing because my word usage can often be considered mediocre. When this happens, I tend to gravitate towards a thesaurus to find words more suitable. There is also a plethora of resources that are on tumblr that you can use in order to achieve better phrasing and a more eloquent sentence in general. Here, here, and here is a great post that gives you alternate word choices.
  • If you’re anything like me, you tend to write things that you know about to avoid this insecurity. But at the same time, you want to write about things you have yet to experience in order to learn — and that’s the key word. If you’re writing about a topic of a subject you may be unclear about, it’s best to do your research. Not only does it aid you from preventing potentially embarrassing mistakes, but it allows you to get the most out of what you’re writing. 
  • This happens to me a lot —you’re sitting at your computer, trying to think of something to write but you’re rendered useless to that process. A lot of times, people sit there, wracking their brain for a solution, staring at a blank page, and forcing a reply that you aren’t content with. When you do this, not only does it feed into your insecurity, but you stop yourself before you even get the chance to possibly come up with anything. In these situations, it’s okay to take a break from the computer and rest your brain. Sometimes all you need are those five minutes of watching a TV show for you to come up with some sort of inspiration. If taking a break does not seem like something you can do, then try to play some music or soothing rain noises to add ambiance. In times of trouble, this website has saved my butt from giving up too quickly. Along with these things, looking at muse blogs can serve a great purpose for you. Bonus: listening to slam poetry can sometimes get your brain working really well!
  • Stop comparing yourself. You do it, I do it, everyone does it and some point. However, comparing yourself to someone else can be very harmful in many ways. Not only does it feed you negative feelings such as “why can’t I write like that?” or “why is my writing so bad?”, but it also stumps you. Doing this can prevent your growth as a writer and hold you back. It’s okay to compliment another writer or admire the words they use, but comparing yourself to them is a dangerous game. My old Literature teacher always told me that everyone’s perspective is different, therefore, no one’s writing will be a carbon copy of another person’s. You naturally will have your own way of writing that is different than everyone else’s.
  • Don’t apologize. A lot of times, people tend to say things like “sorry this reply sucks” in a very casual way it can be damaging. When you say this, you are the only person getting in the way of success. Don’t even tag your reply with something like that because it most likely isn’t true because it’s a subjective statement. Don’t allow yourself to feed into your own insecurities because this is how they can potentially control you. 
  • If you’ve been denied an acceptance from a group, just remember, I have to. I’ve had my application denied multiple times before and it sucks. However, this is something that can come in handy. Asking the admin why you weren’t accepted can be a huge step towards becoming a better and more confident writer. getting constructive feedback is important and it is your job as the writer to accept this and take it all into account. It doesn’t mean you have to hold onto every word for dear life, you just have to listen. 
Other Notable Links & Websites

Helpful articles to read:

Helpful inspiration:

Helpful websites for writing:


The purpose of this blog is to highlight, share and elevate the awesome blogs I have found that are writing, talking, creating and make space for Black, POC, Fat and Queer Kpop Fans. If you don’t fall into those categories and still want to follow these blogs, cool. HOWEVER, they are not your dictionary, your thesaurus, your history book, Google or your doctor. They are not required to answer any of your questions or appease you If you do not fit into the above there is space for you–it’s called literally everywhere else. 

If you want to suggest a blog/writing please do. PLEASE SEND THEM VIA MY ASK OR PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. I’ll check them out and then add them 👌🏾 If they’re a fanfic account make sure they fit in the rules I set out.  I read a lot but what I share has to meet that at the very minimum. 

Specifically For Black Fans:

@kpoppantydrop @kpoppocmoodboards @pocinamedia @black-kpop-fans @blackkpopfannetwork @blackkvarietyfans @black-kpop-fans @black-kpop-confessions @chocolate-queens-of-kpop @brownsugaredfics @themelaninkmusicfan @blackarmys @yoitskpoppin @blackgirltextingbangtan @kpopbrowniefics @pockfanspace @donghyuckgf


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@bisexual-idols @queerkpopnet @queerkpopnetwork @asexualidols @lgbtsnetwork @lgbtkpopmoodboards

I will continue updating this as I learn of and follow more!

A chance to get Diabolik Lovers Translated?!

MangaGamer holds a survey where you can submit 3 games you want them to translate. 
This is a very rare chance, so it might be cool if you submitted Diabolik Lovers. Please share this URL, reblog this, whatever, just spread the word!!!

QR codes and finding your inner Pokemon


As many of you probably know, Pokemon Sun and Moon have a QR code feature. This lets you scan the QR codes the Pokedex provides so that data can be passed along (I think? Still don’t see the point).


What you may not have known is that ANY QR code works. I have yet to see one code that doesn’t result in a pokemon. This could be a very interesting play on the whole “spirit Pokemon” idea.

Here’s how it works:

Start off with a QR code generator (it’s the first thing on google search), choose text as seen above, and put your name in. For this example, we get to see what our beloved Ash is if he were in Mystery Dungeon. Simply press the create QR code button, and it will appear on the right.

Then, pull out your trusty 3DS and scan it, revealing Ash’s true identity as a…

Well, Shiftry is pretty cool I guess.

Now, as a fun little challenge, y’all should try this out and draw yourself! (as a Pokemon, I mean). These QR codes are fun to mess around with, and with a huge roster of 802 Pokemon, it’ll be fun to see what people make! I encourage you all to try this out and spread to word! I’ll even add my two cents:

yeah, i got ambipom…AND I LIKE IT OK

Have fun out there Pokefanatics, time to draw them all!

NCT 127′s fav things to do

I didn’t know what to do for this, which is why I haven't posted also my life is falling apart again so I just googled their actual favourite hobbies outside music so here are essentially some fun facts :) - Em x

Taeil: All I could find for Taeil is that he likes listening to his fav bands such as SHINee, likes cars and also watching movies. He truly is a mysterious man.

Johnny: Johnny’s fav thing to do unsurprisingly is to joke around and make people laugh. I think this is very true. Johnny is such a little (well not so little more like super tall) sunshine.

Taeyong: Taeyong really likes to take photos apparently. He is an all round cool and artistic guy. He also likes listening to Drake because who doesn’t. 

Yuta: Yuta likes to play football (or soccer if ur American) and eat food. (Same on the last part.) He also likes to hang out with friends and do things that are fun like going on Ferris wheels.

Doyoung: He likes jogging and cooking and being a killer MC of course. He was also hard to find out about. NCT is full of the mysterious. 

Jaehyun: Jaehyun generally likes sports such as swimming and football and also watching movies especially Leonardo DiCaprio ones and also LaLa land because it has great songs he says.

Winwin: Winwin likes swimming and sleeping (again same on the latter) and to go shopping on weekends when he has spare time.

Mark: Mark likes playing sports such as badminton and ice-skating and eating cookies and cream ice cream and jjajangmyeon. (Hopefully not at the same time)

Haechan: Tbh most of the things he likes to do are music related such as playing the piano and I tried to stay away from the obvious that was music. But also annoying/ roasting Mark. Although he is a professional at that so it’s not quite a hobby.

my mom’s on vacation in new mexico and I (jokingly) told her to find me a cool rock, and she sent me a pic of this little friend! I guess there was no identification for it though, so we’re not sure what it is! I tried googling some stuff and it looks like it might be like a very rough kyanite, but I can’t be sure. anyone have any ideas?

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Com que tothom ho està fent, jo també et parlaré en el meu idioma hahaha M'encanten els teus dibuixos, són preciosos!! Per cert, a veure si em pots ajudar: com els dic als meus pares que vull conèixer a una amiga d'internet? Ells no acaben d'acceptar que faci amics per internet i jo no els hi parlo d'això així que segur que es sorprenen... (espero que el traductor de google faci bé la seva fenia) ♡♡♡

I am embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of this language!! I find that really cool :D

Okay, hmm, advice for you - the internet is a very potent thing to younger people these days, where a LOT of our social interactions occur. It depends on the level of interaction you have maybe - do you have video/voice chats with this friend? Maybe your parents would easier appreciate the validity and utility with more tangible and obvious interactions like that - attaching a face and voice to a username etc. Text-based interactions should be good enough for them, if it is for you, but that could help them understand. Good luck!


I realized recently that I had never seen a guide on what to do when you ink on your sketch layer, despite there definitely being something you can do about it. I couldn’t find any existing ones through googling, so I whipped one up!

You need Photoshop to do this. I only use Photoshop, so I’m not familiar with the importing/exporting capabilities of other programs. Hopefully it’ll still be useful!

This method is very similar to what I do when I scan in linework to color digitally, and some folks may be familiar with that application of it. This is another cool thing you can do with those tools, though. I’m not sure that it’ll work perfectly in 100% of situations, but it’s a good starting point and a good method for less complicated oopsies. 

  • i am home! i am home! it’s really bright and i only got an hour of sleep by virtue of the redeye i was on but that’s okay.
  • i was talking with the guy next to me for essentially the entirety of the first four hours and i’m always wowed by the variety of people you’ll meet if you just talk to them - he’s a software engineer with google, and he’s got his own team of software engineers he works above, and he travels internationally 1-2 times a month. he had SO much to talk about and so much insight on all of these very random things from european history to mindfulness to gorgonzola cheese, and he was telling me about his plans for this year to draw the “next billion users” (i.e. the developing world) to google. it was SO cool and if i see any changes in the user interface akin to what he was dreaming up, i shall know i heard it first on jet blue flight 834
  • also, per his suggestion, i’m going to pick up “the alchemist” and “an idiot’s guide to mindfulness” at the bookstore at some point this week. both sound really good and i know the alchemist is a classic of sorts.
  • i’m a little short on words re: this past academic quarter. it was turbulent and interesting and fun and the first step to the next thing. 
  • today i officially left the track team. the door will always be open for me to go back and coach liz will always be an incredibly special person to me. this is a story for another day soon. BOTTOM LINE, i am excited to navigate my life and create myself outside the context of being a competitive runner, without the crutch that being a competitive runner provided me regarding productivity and other plans.
  • anyways!! just hangin’ out!! probably going to go to the gym later and then just lay around with my sisters for the rest of the night. going to see my buddies TOMORROW! TOMORROWWW!!! 

Accidentally left in my POP defaults by @divadoom while getting story pix in Candyfornia (world is by Cink…links come up readily in Google)

The world comes with all kinds of very cool candy and cake themed buildings. These shots show the recastable rabbit holes I plopped down in the world myself, since none come in the world.

I’m working on landscaping projects today for the worlds I’m doing with Norn and Rhodalle.

Perhaps some pix later?


JOWST will represent Norway at the Eurovision 2017.

I hope we all agree that the google drive fandom should vote for this contestant because norway deserves to win ;)!!! The song is very cool!

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Hi! I'm trying to get more into my cultural roots as well as witchcraft & I kinda wondered if you could help me try to figure out if there is any Taíno Indian/Afro-Caribbean magic from the Puerto Rican tribes or how to research any? Maybe some links if you can?? (Supposedly in my family it runs down the bloodline & me & my mom are one of the strongest???) (Also the Aztecs cause I'm also Mexican. Supposedly direct descent of the Aztec emperor, Montezuma)

that’s very cool but those traditions are closed to me unfortunately, i wouldn’t know how to start researching it online besides google scholar. 

however, as far as afro-caribbean traditions go, i think it’s mostly oral traditions, so if you talked to your mother or family, or someone who is part of this, you would find the most out from them. 

good luck!

I spent over two months
Fighting with the website, phone line, Kaiser’s local office and regional branch, being on hold for over an hour multiple times, at least three 3-way calls
Yesterday I discover the Oregon health care website, on accident, after an article my dad linked me to talked about free dental projects and I went to Google for one and the community outreach project from the Oregon Association of dentists or whatever it’s called suggested trying to get on ONE
And I go oh cool, lemme just check eligibility
And I make under the line for Oregon, even though I make over the national line
So I apply
And the only reason that takes me over ten minutes is the site isn’t very mobile friendly so I have to go do it on the computer
Boom, instant verification, I have coverage starting the first Monday in April.
Months of grief, instantly fixed, oh hey I have free health care again, boom.
So I get an email from them today saying there should be a message in my online message center and I’m just like oh shit now what
Made worse when there’s not actually any message there
So I call them
“Higher than normal call volume” message plays
I brace myself and turn my phone on speaker cuz well I guess I’m gonna be here a while
Literally under 90 seconds from dialing to talking to someone
She was like oh yeah sorry if that worried you, sometimes the site is a little weird, looks like the message was that your coverage got back dated to the first of March so if you have anything from this month you can send in the bills
So yeah
I mean like my only expense from this month was like $18 for one of my meds and I feel like that’s not quite worth sending in but
Like not everywhere has them but wow I wish I’d known sooner bc so much fucking grief could have been avoided AND THEY DO DENTAL

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Wait i just saw that ur url has foxtrot in it, can i ask why? Sorry i just love ballroom dance a lot

i wish it had something to do with that! 13 year old fran was very RaNdOm and just googled “f in greek letter” because i wanted something cool and edgy yk and for some reason foxtrot came up. i now as an adult know that f is not even a greek letter so what the heck was that? we’ll never know