this is very blue


blue: lets skip school!!! and go somewhere!!!

matty: blue woods skipping class???? that seems very off brand of u:-)

blue: what no way i was born on the wrong side of the tracks ༼ ᕤ◕◡◕ ༽ᕤ

matty: heh ya right :’-)

blue: where should we go!!!

matty: id go anywhere w u blue



jessamine gray (née lovelace) ❝She was almost ridiculously pretty, what one of Tessa’s novels would have called an English rose—all silvery fair hair, soft brown eyes, and creamy complexion. She wore a very bright blue dress, and rings on almost every one of her fingers. If she had the same black skin markings that Will and Charlotte did, they weren’t visible.❞

Bitterness - Alistair

A list of things I will be forever bitter regarding Alistair Theirin (feel free to add your own)

  1. The whiteness he has in Inquisition
  2. The Lack of participation he has in Inquisitions as a King
  3. The fact that he doesn’t know who his real mother is
  4. The fact that in the comics the artist gave him blue eyes
  5. The fact that he is an option to leave in the Fade

Theres a difference between helpful and unhelpful criticism

Saying whats bad about a piece is not a FULL crit unless you follow it up with WHY it looks bad. u do the same thing when u say something looks good.

Unhelpful crit: That looks bad.
Somewhat helpful crit: That looks bad bc the shade of blue is too dark.
Helpful crit: That looks bad bc the shade of blue is too dark. It overpowers the other colors and doesn’t achieve the relaxing affect you said you wanted.

(A really helpful crit might go into ways u can FIX it, but that’s not always the case, and might not be ideal to hear from someone if they’re less experienced. It can also depend on how well u know an artist’s intent. The artist is still able to learn from this statement–they’ve learned their current choice is bad and why it’s bad.)

Unhelpful crit: That looks good.
Somewhat helpful crit: That looks good bc the shade of blue is very dark.
Helpful crit: That looks good bc the shade of blue is very dark. it compliments the other colors in your piece creating a relaxing mood, which was your aim.

(Many argue (me included) every crit needs a point to improve, but that can vary based on how experienced the person critting is, and, once again, knowing artist intent. The artist is still able to learn that their current choice is successful, and why.)

I see ‘this is what happens in art school’ ALL THE TIME when ppl are trying to defend their unhelpful (and downright nasty tbh) crits. My profs have literally stopped critique to lecture us when one of us gives an unhelpful crit, whether it was positive or negative. Just saying something is bad w/o explaining your reasoning would NOT hold up well to more serious professors.

Like, criticize/critique all u want, but realize unless you go into WHY you think a certain way, ur ‘crit’ is ultimately useless and easily disregarded.

((Extra art school tidbit, ‘bad’ and ‘good’ are just example words, a lot of profs dont even like you using either of those words lmao.))


Once, in the cool blue middle of a lake,
up to my neck in that most precious dement of all,

I found a pale-gray, curled-upwards pigeon feather
floating on the tension of the water

at the very instant when a dragonfly,
like a blue-green iridescent bobby pin,

hovered over it, then lit, and rested.
That’s all.

I mention this in the same way
that I fold the corner of a page

in certain library books,
so that the next reader will know

where to look for the good parts.


certainlykeelan  asked:

Hey there idk if you or any of your followers or friends are into games but I just wanna raise attention to this; please stay away from a game called "blue whale challenge" bc it's very dangerous. It's basically psychosis based and you're given self harming challenges and psychedelic videos and music to watch/listen to and are basically brainwashed into harming and killing yourself. Please tell an adult if someone you know is playing it. Please stay safe.

Oh dear, thank you for letting me know hon. Everyone please read this and stay alert okay? As certainlykeelan said, stay safe xx

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If Laurance and Zane had a kid??

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Lauren
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance:  short brown hair, toned skin with very little freckles, light blue eyes, makeup
  • Personality: calm and collective, serious
  • Special Talents: can cook really well
  • Who they like better: Zane
  • Who they take after more: Laurance
  • Personal Head canon: She really likes wyverns, and she actually really likes her aunt Cadenza more than her parents
  • Face Claim:

queenofgarbagerulerofall  asked:

Lychee (fruit ask) How do you feel about Belle's dress?

First: Satin or Lace? Satin. That’s not a style thing, it’s a comfort thing. I find lace distracting. As long as it’s breathable satin feels quite nice to wear (though it can get stifling if it’s not). Satin is also good because it doesn’t collect hair or fuzz as much. And as someone who needs to avoid fuzz because of curly hair, and who who tends to be covered in fur because of cats, that’s a nice bonus. 

And Belle’s in the animated film is beautiful, though it suffers from the same fate that Cinderella’s dress also suffers, which is that because of the nature of animation it gets “mis-colored” often. It’s treated as yellow, when really it’s more of a very yellow gold. Just like Cinderella’s dress is treated as blue when it was clearly white/silver. 

(this is a white dress in nighttime lighting!!!)

(this is why people think it’s blue, but look at the Prince’s outfit! He is also wearing white, and it also looks blue! It’s just the lighting! Her dress is fucking WHITE I WILL FIGHT ALL OF YOU)

wow look at how Belle’s dress is the same color as the gold candles in the background, look at the highlights shining in an almost metallic fashion, almost as if this dress is gold and not yellow

But the bad marketing decisions of Disney branded merchandise aside, it’s a lovely dress. I like how twirly it is. I like how it falls. I don’t know if it’s my favourite or not (Aurora looks GREAT when her dress is blue), but I like it. I tend to think the Princess Dresses™ are featured too much in merchandise and art anyway. I wish all of the Princesses™ could get more art/merch in their civilian outfits, tbh. 

But I get the feeling this ask was about how I feel about the controversial dress in the new BatB live action?

Eh, it’s fine I guess. Yellow, which is a bummer. (Gold!!! I want it to be gold!!!) But live action Cinderella got a blue dress (granted, that dress was fucking breathtaking) so I kind of knew this was likely. They’re keeping to the branding™ more than the actual realities of the films they are adapting.

Of the things I care about, the dress is one of my least concerns. If I had to be nitpicky, I’d say I don’t really like the top. Especially the sleeves are just… bland cap sleeves, that make it feel very department store-y? Look, I don’t know a lot about fashion and sewing. It’s a pretty enough dress, it’s just not a dress that stuns you, you know? Like I didn’t give two shits about the live action Cinderella but even I was like “oh holy fucking shit wow” when I saw the dress. 

But like if my only complaint about the new BatB was “the dress is yellow and kind of plain” then I’d be fucking thrilled. That shit is so low on my list of concerns, I’d wave it off if I loved everything else. 

so, ah, dont freak out but i’m making another Lance fic?

Kinda angsty, again, and it focuses on him and Blue and i plan on making it as pretty as poetry and another happy ending bc they need some love and ive recently been thinking very hard about the bond between Lance and Blue in the show and i just need to get this out and yeah.

i’ll keep y’all updated as i go :)

hello my pretty friends! i need advice!!!

so i’m super excited for prom, and it’s coming up very soon (april 1st, no joke)! i have a dress and planned my hair, but i need advice for makeup!

i suck at makeup; my only skill is eyeshadow. i’m not planning on wearing foundation; i just want highlighter, concealer, eyeshadow, liner, and a nude lip. the problem is, i don’t know what eye shadow goes with my dress.

this is my dress, for reference:

the top is a very dark blue, and the beads are silver. i’m doing silver jewelry and nude and silver sandals.

also, for reference, the theme is starry night in venice. i’m willing to buy new makeup under $20, if you have any suggestions.

so, to make a long post short: 

what eye shadow should i do for this dress? 

thanks pals!

lets imagine a fantasy world in which i didnt literally sell my soul to the griffin mcelroy brand. i wonder if i would still genuinely think hes cute like he has a very sweet face. kind blue eyes. cute smile and teef. the best shriek laugh. hes pretty cute

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Do you have any fanwalkers? If so, tell us! :O

I do! They’re just character ideas for fics since I can’t draw, but I’m excited to write about them. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on any of them, but I have a few:

-Dyren, an Ainok. Red/Green. She’s an adventurer who was kept as a slave in a fighting ring when she was younger. After her spark ignited, she dedicated her life to freedom. She planeswalks primarily to worlds where she can explore uncharted territory or guide others through the places she’s navigated. Has been to Innistrad, Zendikar, and Fiora.

-Unnamed Aven. White/Blue. Wind make from Bant. Abilities focus on the air and sky elements of white and blue. Very much a team player, would join the Gatewatch if he knew who they were.

-Unnamed troll. Black/Green. From an original plane I’m working on. An outcast from his tribe of fungal trolls. Powers focus on bringing new life out of death, usually as Saprolings. I haven’t decided where he’s been yet.

-Edel, a human. White. She was a Cathar on Innistrad who was taken by the Skirsdag to be used as a sacrifice to a new demon lord after Griselbrand fell but before the events of SOI and the rise of Ormendahl. Haven’t worked on her story since before SOI, so I’m not sure yet how that affected her. She can channel light and her powers come from her faith. Probably a heretic in that I might have her believe that Avacyn was the servant of a higher good on Innistrad. Probably has been to Ravnica and definitely has a beef with the Orzhov Syndicate.

-Victor, a human. Red. It’s just Enthralling Victor.

You might notice I like making walkers for underrepresented creature types. I like thinking about what their abilities would be if we had walkers for them.

Now I need to make a character from Theros, since it’s my favorite plane. Maybe a centaur. Idk yet.

Thank you for the ask! This might be the first time I’ve shared any of my fanwalkers besides Dyren. :)

Followers Meme

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name | Rachel
nicknames | Tayto
zodiac sign | Libra
height | 5′ 6″
orientation | Demi/bi
nationality | American (I’m so sorry everyone)
favorite fruit | Pineapple
favorite season | Autumn
favorite book | I just finished Hannibal Rising and I’m dead.
favorite flower | Sunflowers
favorite scent | Lavender, summer tomatoes, the air before it rains
favorite color | Black and sea blue
favorite animal | Cats. We’re very similar!
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Coffee <3
average sleep hours | It really depends on the night.
cat or dog person | Cats! But I love doggos too.
favorite fictional character | It’s the obvious, Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.
number of blankets you sleep with | 3
dream trip | Denmark and the Faroe Islands
blog created | April 17, 2016
number of followers | 104 beautiful people!

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So I have a gem sona :3 she’s a turquoise! and she’s more of a defense gem then and offense gem. Turquoises are generally made for blue and white diamond, very rarely are they made for yellow diamond. The majority of the time Turquoise can only summon a shield (like rose quarts) but, on a special can a turquoise summon an actual weapon (can tell if the gem can is by a mismacthed eye color)! A double sided sword to be specific looks like this…

In a case like this, the gem is given a shield to wear on their back, the shield will enlarge and when held in front of a gem. This is what is looks like

I do believe that’s everything! :) hope it looks ok! let me know if you have any questions!

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar :3

fluff4days  asked:

Thank you for following my blog! Can I request some Blue and Red first date headcanons? Thanks!

You’re very welcome and of course! I shall get right to it then~! ^^


- I think when Blue starts dating his S/O, it might be somewhere simple like the movies or a restaurant. Not a fancy one since I don’t see Blue taking his date to an expensive restaurant. A more casual, almost a fast food place fits him more.

- He’ll act all cool and smooth to impress his date, but deep down, the man’s anxious about how well the date’s going to go. Blue hasn’t gone on an actual date in a long while due to his duties as a gym leader and now as a boss at the Battle Tree. He hopes he hasn’t lost his touch.

- When he first notices them wearing either cute or casual clothes with a warm smile, Blue will be at a loss of words for a few seconds before regaining his composure. He’ll then either take them to a nice cafe or the movies. Blue is the kind of guy to let his date choose where they can go. He just wants his date to have a good time.

- If there was someone who wanted to pokémon battle with Blue, he’ll hesitate for a moment to accept and glances over at them. They’ll more than likely tell Blue it’s fine and that they’ll cheer him on. If his date did keep their word and cheered on Blue during his battle, his confidence (and more than likely his ego) will increase dramatically.

- By the end of the day, Blue will escort his date back to their apartment or home. Before he would bid them goodnight, his date will kiss his cheek and tell him that they had a wonderful time while having a faint blush on their cheeks. Blue holds onto his composure a moment longer as he says that he’s glad that they had a good time and wishes them a good night. His date then enters their home and Blue quickly walks away. Looking around to make sure no one’s looking, he fists pumps and has a grin on his face, happy for the rest of the night.


- I like to believe that Red has never dated someone before, so he’ll be at a loss of what to actually do in this situation. He’ll be nervous for sure, more than Blue. Now that he’s actually gotten to this point, Red will more than likely take his date out on the walk to enjoy the scenery or go catch some random pokémon.

- When the two of them meet up to go explore or go for a walk, it takes Red a moment to register that his S/O standing in front of him wearing different, nice clothes. He would adjust his hat to hide the faint blush on his cheeks and keep it there for a while. Red will firmly nod if his date asks if they looked alright. Then, the two of them head out to walk or explore for different pokémon.

- The date will either be quiet or full of cheerful talk from mostly his S/O. It depends on the personality that his date has. If his date is quiet like him, then it’ll probably be awkward at first until one of them breaks the silence, which will more than likely be his S/O. Once the anxious feelings fade, the date won’t be as awkward, but more comfortable. Now, if his S/O is a cheerful, talkative person, they’ll keep the conversation going, even if there’s a lack of responses from Red. He’ll more than likely nod every once in a while or quietly chuckle at their little jokes. Red’s not the most expressive guy, but he does his best.

- What will really warm this guy’s heart is if his Pikachu plays around with his date and enjoys their presence. His date will more than likely play along with the small pokémon or perhaps spoil him with a lot of attention. Probably both. Either way, Red will enjoy watching the two of them interact since it’s important that his pokémon (and maybe his S/O’s if they have them) actually like them. That way, the two of them won’t have to worry about their pokémon trying to break them up or get in the way of their dates.

- Once the sun slowly descends over the horizon, the two of them will be walking back to his S/O’s place. Red will suddenly tense up when he feels something hold onto his hand. He’ll quickly look down to see that his date’s holding his hand. There’s a heavy blush on their cheeks to which he follows suit. His date will more than likely misunderstand Red’s tension and goes to let go. However, before they could, he tightens his hold on their hand and gives them a small, gentle smile. They will return the smile with a shy one and continue to hold hands all the way back to their place.

Welp, I hope these suffice~! Thank you for the request and good luck with your blog! I hope you have a wonderful day/night~!