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“I wanted to become like you, Tae-chan… A strong girl with a kind heart.”

“Kyu-chan… You are you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. You’ll always be my precious friend. So please… don’t cry.“

couldn'̷t̨ ̧b̸e an͠y b͟ett̨er.͝
( antisepticeye )
 couldn'̷t̨ ̧b̸e an͠y b͟ett̨er.͝

@look-like-a-dingo: Anti? Are you stuck here? Or have you chosen to haunt Jack?

w̷h̡a͢t̸ ͡ma̕ke͏s y̵o̸u̷ thi̸n͟k ̛i̷m͜ ‘s̀t͞ucķ’?̧ … if án͝y͢thing͠.̷ im̨ ̵in͠ ͘f͟u̧ll͜ còn̴tr̸o͘l̸ ̵o͝f m̢y͝ ̧neeḑs ̧i̵n ̢this cǫm͜fy ĺi̛t́t̛le suit̀. ̢


̷i͜m.. F͜I͠ŅE.̛ ̴coųld͠n̛’t ̡b͜e҉ anym̵o̷r̡e̢ ̢r͢el̡a̶x҉e̸d.

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Has JoJo Bizarre Adventure for Blu-ray confirmed to come out for the US? If so then when?

In July 2016, a Viz Media Blu-ray release of season 1 in English was confirmed.

I can’t find a concrete release date in any of the articles, but the wiki claims that it should be out in July 2017, with an artbook and an art card collection for a limited edition release - however, I can’t find any other sources to back up this particular information, so I’d say to take it with a pinch of salt.

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Damn death penalty is really fucking inhuman. Thanks for the information post about terre haute, thats why I love your blog so much, it cannot be said often enough. I also like how the only countries that still have the death penalty are 3rd world countries or almost 3rd world countries and then theres USA.

Hey thank you, but @bonkroof made the post about Terre Haute and I thank her because I was honestly too lazy to do it! 

USA try to give lesson to the rest of the world and want to bring democracy in the 3rd world when they’re still murdering their own citizen and call it ‘justice’.  
Btw our maybe next president Marine Le Pen wants to make a referendum to rehinstrate the death penalty. I can deal with all of her shit for 5 years but if she’s elected and do this I’m gonna lose my mind because there’s no fucking way this country returns to the middle age. 

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Headcanons for Bruno confessing to his s/o, please :)


-He will put a lot of time and effort into planning on how he is going to confess his feelings for his s/o. It would take weeks or even months of him keeping his feelings bottled up until he comes up with the perfect plan.

-His confession will most likely take place after a long day that he has spent with his s/o. He would lead his s/o to a secluded area with a breathtaking view. After breathing in the astonishing outlook he would decide to make his move.

-He would start with thanking them for their company for the evening and then quickly change the topic onto his s/o. He would talk about the very first moment they first met all the way until that moment along with saying some of his favorite things about them. When he finally returns to the present, with a face as red as a beat, he would confess his feelings.

-”I couldn’t imagine my world without you anymore. I do not care if your feelings are the same as they are for me but I cannot hide them any longer… Ti amo.”

~Admin Okuyasu


Found this and thought people would be interested - this person uploaded a video of the Duel Links cutscene summons with Japanese voices/uncensored animations. Thought it was pretty cool! It’s missing a few (no Rishid, Yami Bakura - although they have a separate video for that, or Yuugi). The audio gets low for Pegasus’s, just a warning.

This person also has separate videos for Yami Bakura summoning Dark Necrofear, Atem summoning Black Luster Soldier, and Atem summoning a couple other iconic monsters that don’t get a special animation.