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Sudden random Jumin V idea~ (my main OTP)

idk I just love the fact that V is Jumin’s childhood bestfriend and that V really understands Jumin inside out~!

Like how V helps Jumin to choose his new assistant after the previous one quit(Jaehee route) and how he is the only one who can nag Jumin when he make any mistake..

These two so precioussss aaaaa

Any JuminV shipper here ? Www we could be friends ! (I kinda sad this ship didnt sail much in the fandom)

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Howdy, I was wondering if you could write about how the RFA react to MC just randomly popping up and saying ISNT IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??? (Funny thing is I though of that when I was 200% sober) but they would pop up to say it at the worst times. Oh! And Happy holidays!

A/N: (HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS IM SO SORRY MY BEAUTIFUL ANON ;A;) you sound like you have a sense of humour similar to mine, i like you ~Admin 404


           -He was in the middle of an EXTREMELY hard boss battle

           -His whole guild has been trying to beat this boss!!! For!!! DAYS

           -Every time they get close!!! They all lose their health!!


           -He was the only one left with health!! The boss had less than 10 points of health!


           -So! Focused!

           -You popped up from behind his chair, and yelled into his ear, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA???”

           -He practically jumps out of his chair, and screeched! He was startled, and confused!! WHAT ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT, MC

           -HE WAS KILLED BY THE BOSS WHEN HE JUMPED!!! He was DEVASTATED!! He saw the apologetic look on your face and decided he could forgive you, after all, it’s just a game!!! He didn’t want to admit that he had no idea what you said, so he just…pretended he knew what you were talking about? -oh yeah, totally get it, mc, uh huh-


           -He was practicing his lines for so long!!

           -He just!! Couldn’t!! Wrap his head around it?

           -No matter how much he practices, no matter how many times he’s read it


           -After weeks of this torture, he’s finally had enough!

           -Sits there for hours repeating nothing but that ONE LINE


           -But he was thrown off guard when you burst through the front door, yelling some sort of nonsense

           -“DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??” “MC, what in the world are you talking about??”

           -He stopped in his tracks and dramatically fell to his knees. He forgot the line in his confusion!! MC!!!! How could you do this to him!!! Now you have to help him learn this line!! He’s too stressed on learning this line to really think about what you said


           -She’s been swamped with work!

           - -okay but when isnt she??? poor baby-

           -Which means she’s sleep deprived! And running on coffee!

           -You tried to stay up with her the whole time, so she isn’t alone!

           -But!! She wasn’t new to this, so she was fine if you needed to sleep! It’s okay!

           -She was writing up a report about Jumin’s new stupid cat hotel project

           -Took a break to get some coffee, and came back to find you asleep in the chair, so she covered you up

           -Just as she sat down, and began to take a sip of coffee, you spring out of the chair and yell, “DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?”

           -YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF HER! She jumped and spilt her coffee all over her report!! MC!!! What did you even say??? Were you sleep talking???

           -You felt so bad!!! You re-wrote the whole report that you ruined!! She kind of sat there in shock, trying to figure out what in the world you were talking about. Completely convinced it was a dream of yours, that’s what you were saying in your dream so that’s what you said outloud.


           -He was in a business meeting and his phone just kept ringing

           -Tried not to look at it because?? Meeting. He has to be professional

           -But it!!! Kept!!! Ringing!!

           -He saw that he had 7 missed calls from you! ARE YOU DYING?? ARE YOU OKAY????

           -Calls you back immediately! He sort of ducks down a little bit to try and hide the fact he’s on the phone

           -The moment you pick up, he’s questioning you in a hushed tone

           -“MC??? Are you okay??? What is so important that you needed to call so much?? Are you hurt?? Do I need to come home???”

           -“ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?” You yelled so loud into the phone that he had to pull it away from his ear, everyone in the room could hear you

           -CONFUSION. WHY WERE YOU YELLING?? What did you even say??? He told you that he’d see you at home, and spent the rest of the meeting trying to analyze what you had said

           -The moment he walks through the door, he’s asking you about it, still trying to figure out what you had meant. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LET IT GO. You have to tell him what you meant and he has to accept it or you’ll never hear the end of it


           -He works from home so it’s never really a bother for him if you come in and are random

           -But he isn’t used to you being so quiet?

           -Lately, you’ve been sneaking up and scaring him from behind


           -Although, he does the same thing to you

           - -stop tryna get mad at me saeyoung, you’re just as bad-

           -The other day, he snuck up behind you and just screamed. That’s it, just screaming. Scared the hell out of you

           -So, you decided you were going to get revenge. You waited until he was in the kitchen, mid-sip in a PhD. Pepper. You pop up behind him and yell at the top of your lungs, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??”

           -He spit out his drink!! The soda went up his nose and everything! What the fuck did you just say???? He’s random as well but sometimes he thinks you’re worse

           -The two of you now have ANOTHER competition between the two of you: Who Can Be More Random, The Game


           -He was trying to take a photo of this beautiful bird that was sitting on a low branch

           -He’s been walking very slowly towards it for the past 10 minutes

           -So quiet!! So peaceful!! He was gonna get this damn shot!

           -Lifts his camera up to his eye, he’s about ready to click the shutter-release button…

           -Although you didn’t know that. You had no idea he was getting ready to take a picture

           -You open the door and call out to him


           -YOUR SHOUTING SCARED THE BIRD AWAY ;A; He was disappointed but, not mad at you!!! You didn’t know he was out there to take a picture, he didn’t tell you!

           -He did wonder what in the world you were talking about?

           -Were you okay?? Were you feeling well? Was it just something random? MC plEASE TELL HIM, HE WILL MOTHER YOU UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN


           -You can’t startle this poor little baby

           -Please don’t do it to him

           -He’s accepted that you, as well as his brother, are both extremely random

           -And not to mention, the two of you hardly make sense at all, like, ever

           -So he’s actually really used to it

           -Very little actually makes him stop and question you

           -But one day, as he’s sitting on the couch reading a book, you walk in and stand in the doorway

           -“Isn’t it funny when the carpet starts talking to ya?”

           -“…… MC, what the fuck are you talking about???”

           -He actually had to pause and look up at you because??? What does that even mean?? Don’T WALK OUT OF THE ROOM?? GET BACK IN HERE AND EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAID, MC

@ non-English speaking Ososan fandom

Imagine Osomatsu-san dubbed in your country’s language

How would that turn out

This is my oc Silvia!! She wasn’t originally a yoi oc but I kinda want her to…. so yeah…

I was thinking about making a blog for her….. does anyone have an opinion on that…?

Its so confusing because Taehyung looks like a little baby but he has a voice deeper than RapMon’s tweets, and Jimin looks super rugged and has a straight up 10 pack yet his voice is higher than I get when he shows his abs

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