this is v random and ugly

alphabet asks

A - anime. What’s your favourite?
B - blogs. Three blog recommendations.
C - crush. What was your first crush like?
D - dogs. Do you have any, and if so, what are they called?
E - earth. Where on earth are you from?
F - food. What’s your favourite?
G - glasses. Do you wear them?
H - hello. How many ways can you say hello? (languages)
I - I love you. When was the first time you told somebody you loved them?
J - Jaffa cakes. Are they cakes or biscuits?
K - kiss. Have you ever kissed somebody and if so, what was it like?
L - lovely. Who is a lovely person that you know?
M - me. Tell me three random facts about yourself.
N - nice people. Who was the last nice person you talked to?
O - obviously. What is one thing that is obviously awesome?
P - pets. How many do you have?
Q - queen. Who is the queen of your life?
R - right. Tell me one time you were actually right even though you thought you weren’t.
S - siblings. How many do you have?
T - tea. Do you like it?
U - ugly. Have you ever been called ugly?
V - very. What do you like very much?
W - write. Which hand do you write with?
X - x-ray. Have you ever had one?
Y - yesterday. What exciting thing did you do yesterday?
Z - zoo. Which one of your friends belongs in a zoo?

Random words from HSK6 (part 1)

Back in China I bought this book 新HSK词汇突破6级, which is basically a vocabulary compilation of all the HSK levels. So I decided to make a weekly list with 20 random words from this book!

甭 béng adv. don’t, needn’t - 你甭问了,他不想说。

钞票 chāopiào n. banknote, paper money - 我有一张五美元的钞票。

崇高 chónggāo adj. lofty, noble, respectable - 教师是一个很崇高的职业。

丑恶 chǒu'è adj. ugly - 这幅画的内容表现了人性丑恶的一面。

答复 dáfù v. respond - 他现在就能答复你。

对抗 duìkàng v. [对立] confront - 这样对抗下去,对双方都不利。

锋利 fēnglì adj. sharp - 猫有锋利的爪子。

和蔼 hé'ǎi adj. affable, kind - 老奶奶和蔼地笑了笑。

进攻 jìngōng v. attack - 我们已经做好进攻的准备。

咀嚼 jǔjué v. chew - 吃鱼时要仔细咀嚼,小心鱼刺。

课题 kètí n. problem, task - 老师让我们写一篇关于这个研究课题的论文。

盲目 mángmù adj. blind - 咱们这样做太盲目了。

明明 míngmíng adv. obviously - 我明明买了练习本,可是却找不到了。

屁股 pìgu n. bottom, rear - 蜜蜂的屁股上有刺。

钦佩 qīnpèi v. admire - 小王十分钦佩教学老师的才华。

手势 shǒushì n. sign - 我说的话他听不懂,我打手势他也看不懂。

倘若 tǎngruò conj. if, supposing, in case - 倘若天气好,我们就出去玩吧。

唯独 wéidú adv. only, just - 他唯独对象棋感兴趣。

眼下 yǎnxià n. for the time being; at this stage; now - 我眼下有很多事要做。

志气 zhìqì n. aspiration - 他是个有志气的孩子,很有上进心。

anonymous asked:

What thing I hate is smaller group have dreads and no one says shit but because it's Jackson wang god forbid he do such things like fuck out of here with your petty ass

how am I petty? 😂😂 you’re mad because your oppa made a mistake and people called it out. Smaller groups don’t get as much heat because well idk… they’re a SMALLER group and don’t have as many fans and publicity as a bigger group, like duh please use your common sense. And don’t make assumptions about me honey, idc what group you’re in, big or small, I’ll call it out when a member is on some bs. I did the same when Ungjae from Imfact wore dreads and imfact is a very underrated rookie group. I did the same when U-Kwon from Block B got those ugly braids. I called out Taeyang his dreads along with Winwin and this random female rapper on V-App who had a head full green box braids.

Also if you actually READ my post you’d know I’m not even mad at your precious little jackson for wearing the dreads. I’m angry about how he handled the responce from fans.

If you wanna attack me on my own blog, know what the fuck you’re talking about first.

Being Ethan's Girlfriend

Plot: Being Ethan’s girlfriend would include…
Requested: No

*Request if you want one for Gray!*


• Him wanting you to make food for him 25/8

• spooning you all the time

• random kisses

• hugging you v tightly

• taking his clothes

• him wanting you to sleep with him alllllllllll the time

• him treating you like a princess

• him making you laugh

• him doing stupid stuff just to hear your laugh

• taking stupid pictures together

• making random vines and snapchats together

• being the sweetest and taking care of you/ whatever you need when you’re on you’re period

• “I’m crazy about you Y/N.”

• random adventures, late at night

• random ‘I love yous ’

• surprising each other with little gifts

• ugly snapchats from him while you guys are separated

• random conversations about everything

how to spray haters away: a challenge for ARMYs

whenever you see a hate comment about bts just respond to it with random lyrics from bts songs.

“bts is overrated. they don’t deserve daesang”
- you look fresh like a salad, so smooth.
“bts is untalented”
- i need u girl
“rapmon is so ugly”
- converse converses i rly hate converse
“jin can’t sing”
- i’m a whale

I unfortunately think you may be right Mod about Norman’s SM posts going forward being less personal because of a really small minority of ugliness. I really hope that doesn’t happen though as when you think back to some of the great (and often v funny) tweets and IG he used to post when he was so much more off the cuff and personal they were brilliant. Even if they made him look like a dork sometimes!! I adored his tweets which just seemed like a random stream of consciousness…so Norman 😀 He didn’t give a fuck then and part of me really hopes he still doesn’t. He loves the interaction SM gives him with his fans and those of us that are true fans love it back. Hopefully he’ll see it as a way to say FU to the trolls too and just carries on being the Norman we all ❤ so much. It’s why we’re here isn’t it?


Here is the Mod Family Portrait!

In the minecraft shirt, we have Mod Viena!
In the gray sweatshirt, we have Mod Kitty!
And in the back is team mom Mod Star!

Since apparently you guys are shipping us, here are some ship names we’ve come up with:
*Vietty - Kitty & Viena, mix of names
*Virgo - Star & Viena because it’s a constellation that starts with a V
*Leo - Star & Kitty because constellation cat
*Team Toner - OT3 ship

If we get another roomie, don’t worry. We will make them watch Yuri on Ice. ^_^

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Can I have a platonic random kiss? ^v^

                           SMOOCHES FOR THE WEARY
                                                       #OO3  A CHEEK KISS

          a fight between herself  &&  the opponent before her.  a raging battle between two worthy adversaries.  with her gaze up,  staring at the other with such a furrowed brow,  it seemed things were falling to a stalemate.  as if the calm after a blizzard,  before the next raging storm that reared it`s ugly head from the distance.  her move in this never-ending battle,  her cue was given  &&  she tip-toed.  she was unvictorious  and she looked defeated ;  until,  help arrived in the form of a familiar face.  a man grown.  a man who has seen his own share of battles in the past.  he reached up  &&  grasped what she couldn`t.  a box from the cabinet in the kitchen.

          she all but squealed in delight,  clapping her hands together.    ❛ ah,  thank you! ❜    her cheeks were flushed  &&  she took the box of lucio-oh-ohs from his hands.    ❛ i should ask to get these shelves lowered,  they`re a bit inconvenient. ❜    inconvenient to the shorter side of the spectrum.  ( she could only imagine how torbjor.n felt. )  however,  she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to hanzo`s cheek,  beaming.    ❛ thank you again!  would you like me to pour you a bowl as well? 

some random thoughts on girl meets brother

i. i probably said “awwww” about 27 times omf that was the cutest episode yet.
iii. auggie: “she’s your sister now” literally ugly sobbing
iv. auggie: “you lose you make me a brother” how much you wanna bet that’s actually going to happen later on

so yeah i loved this episode a lot

💝 G I V E A W A Y 💝

lets do this

THIS IS AN ART GIVEAWAY. the prize is. an art

ends on aug 9

like or reblog this ugly graphic i spent minutes on (once only please) i’ll throw the names in a random generator & let fate decide the winner. then i’ll draw ya fav/s



i decided to finally do the selfie tag. ive been tagged by a lot of ppl, but i think the most recent ones were the gorgeous @elephantaae, @annaflowerflowerflower, @nekkumi, @thepledisceo, and @jiminstoes, so thank you to all of you beautuful people!

(im v sorry for the messy hair and face, i liked my outfit today so)

i’ll just tag random ppl (who im sure are all v pretty) so don’t do it if you don’t want: @wonwoosbby, @5eungjun, @ephemeral-baek, @1jh, , @scoups-17, @jjeon-kookie, , @dokydumb, @manzae, @myungjun, @blondjihoon, @chiminnies, @glowinghansol, @i-dokyungsoo-you, @nabisuga, @ournaturesunnatural, @pledis-ruined-my-life, @umjaebum, @in-thegalaxy, @scoups-of-candy, @baekhyugh, @lovemerightbaek04, @thepledisceo, @flowereunwoo @jbsfroot @eccentrichani

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Can you please do what it would be like dating Ash? That Michael one nearly had me sobbing tbh it was so perfect xx

omg omg omg okay ya and thanks ha

ok so dating ashton would be a lot of fun I think. like Michael, you’d have a lot of days spent cuddling on the sofa and watching films and stuff, and I also think that you’d have to get on with the rest of the band too blah blah.

I think dating ashton would involve a lot of selfies, like ashton would be like “come and take a selfie with me babe,” and would keep pestering you until you do. I think it would take a loooooong time to get a good photo, and though ash may act annoyed, I think he would secretly love the shitty, blurry, mid-laugh, “ugly” selfies you would accidentally take. i don’t think he could ever bring himself to delete them, and i think he’d end up with the ‘worst’ one, as you may see it being you are mid-laugh with your mouth wide open and your eyes closed, being his lock screen so. it would be so cute ljwnlwiahni

I also think you’d both end up with v v sarcastic nicknames for eachother, going from ‘ash’ all the way to cheesy, bog-standard couple names to random objects. I don’t know I just feel like he’d just casually call u ‘lampshade’ or something I knoW THATS WEIRD BUT HE IS WEIRD OKAY OKAY

I think there would be a lot of play fighting and stupidity with ashton, like just silly little childish comments and teasing and things. maybe he’d just throw himself ontop of you to make you squeal and shove him off and he’d be laughing and you would be too and then it’d break out into a stupid lil playfight and you’d both end up in a jumbled up heap of limbs out of breath and just having the biggest smiles on your faces ever awh

I think ash is also secretly v romantic, so I think there would be a lot a lot of dates in good restaurants and things. I think he would be one to always remind you how much you mean to him and then kiss v v passionately. talking of kissing, I think he’d be more likely to hold your hand of have his arms around you rather than kiss you. like, you’d kiss and stuff, but instead of always leaving lil pecks on your cheeks and neck I think he’d just hold u rlly rlly rlly tight or grip your hand in his or is that just me

so to summarise: you could be in a serious loving relationship with this lil ball of sunshine but you would never be able to take anything seriously

im done