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okay so I just feel the need to say why Brooklyn nine nine is the best show so strap yourselves in it’s gon be long 

 * first off, hella diverse cast 

 * and no “token” characters there just for the sake of diversity, each character has very different personalities from each other and represent the actual population

 * despite totally different personalities they are all really good friends and care about each other so much- each character’s relationship is different and I find that beautiful 


 * amy santiago is never played off as “just Jake’s love interest/girlfriend” she has all her own plots and stories and is amazing and strong and the best

* healthy communication in amy and jakes relationship !!! making sure it doesn’t stop them from doing their job to the best of both their abilities !!! 

* Terry is a very macho “man’s” man but isn’t afraid to show his feelings and it’s real nice to see them show how being emotional doesn’t make you a weak man 

* the solidarity between the girls because we gotta stick together 

* “I met god” “what does she look like?” “Ethnically ambiguous" 

* constantly calling out the world for all it’s shit (homophobia, racism, gun laws, corruptness of the police, sexism, I cOULD GO ON) 

* and now the reason I decided to make this now: THEY JUST MADE A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HOW BULLSHIT RACIAL PROFILING IS 

* a show about cops still managed to find a way to talk about it bc they know it’s an important issue and did it in such an incredible way 

* showed two sides of dealing with the situation, holts plan and terrys, and neither were ideal, both would have backlash for Terry more than the dickhead who stopped him tbh

* and showing Jake doing hella suspicious shit and not getting stopped 


* (but this time with a whole ep not just mentions bless) 

* also Jake and amy having to explain it all to Terry’s kids was v upsetting to see how scared they were at first that this would happen just because they were born as they were 

* AND mentions of transphobia and telling the twins it’s okay if they don’t identify as female, what other show would 

 this ain’t even everything it was just getting v long BASICALLY no show is as woke as brooklyn nine nine, it’s hella funny too with great plots and ships too if that’s what you look for and everyone should watch and @ fox if you don’t renew I will fight it is better than all other shows

Talon: Clawing to the Top

Alright, everyone, craziness went down today, but one of the things I’m most HYPED about is the confirmation that Talon is run by a council of leaders.

Most importantly, these leaders disagree with each other.

This is a big deal.  We know so little about Talon’s structure that it’s great to finally get some news on the internal hierarchy of the organization.  Some of the things I’ve pulled together are statements or implications made by Blizzard, some of it is just putting the pieces together, and a lot of it is pure speculation.  I’ll try to keep it clear what’s what.

To start off with, I’m going to be dropping my main hypothesis:

[Main Hypothesis]: the “global conflict” that Doomfist’s faction within Talon has been trying to spread is the Second Omnic Crisis.

[Subset Hypothesis]: the group within Talon that is trying to prevent this is none other than Sombra and Reaper.

As a sort of guide, when I say [Factual Lore] these are things you can double-check in Overwatch dev interviews, Chu’s GDC talk, heroes’ biographies, etc.  When I say [Implications], I’m talking about trying to read in between the lines, to assess what certain things are trying to hint at or indicate.  When I say [Hypothesis] I’m just speculating and constructing a discussion point.

We’re gonna go way, way far back, all the way to the beginning:

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Just because I need a little more positivity about the things that were actually good in Justice League

I do really like that when Clark comes back “confused” he’s able to take down the whole team, including Batman. Because Superman is really, ridiculously overpowered, and that’s an important part of his character that’s often forgotten. It’s not important because of macho reasons, as if being the most powerful makes him the best. It’s important because he’s insanely powerful but also, under normal circumstances, entirely humble about it, extremely gentle, and so, so, good.

And we saw that in Man of Steel, when Clark stops himself from fighting back against the people who bully him. We saw it in Batman v Superman, when he calmly walks into the senate hearing and carefully opens the gate. We’ve been seeing him hold himself back and treat the world with kid gloves in all kinds of ways in the last two movies.

So it’s good to have a reminder occasionally of just how powerful he really his, so that we better appreciate his restraint.

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About the post you rebogged with Dan taking about wanting friends where they're all gay and talk about feelings, wasn't he saying that as if he were someone else? Having just that part is completely out of context and it makes people freak out and think Dan casually called himself super gay. Changing quotes or putting them out of context happens so much in the fandom it makes people get riled up about things unnecessarily. Ik you're not a phan blog, just curious to see if I can get your opinion.

(referring to this gifset

i disagree with your assessment. yes technically in that exact line he was speaking from a general perspective of a hypothetical emo when he said ‘we’re all super gay’ but the full context of that moment was him giving an explanation of the differences he saw between the emo movement and the general punk movement while also explaining that he himself was drawn more to the emo movement. i actually wrote about this exact thing in this ask response after that live show (which was july 25th for anyone wondering) and i’ll paraphrase what i said then: 

[that moment] was definitely phrased in a general way, but layered with the kind of understood foundation that he was speaking from personal experience. it reminded me of the march 21 live show when he was talking about not needing to label your sexuality and ‘queer’ being a good umbrella term, framed as general statements, but the knowledge of which would be very weird for someone who wasn’t queer or wasn’t emo and going through this shit personally. he would have no claim or authority over making those assertions without more rationale unless he was speaking from his own perspective/opinion/past experience …  

i think that dan has been trying very hard for over a year now to have people recognize and validate his same gender attraction without needing to make any overt statements or formal declarations of his sexuality. without needing to “come out” in a traditional sense basically. it seems v important to him to normalize the possibility of people not being straight without having to label themselves as such to the public. so i believe that’s why he makes statements like the ones he made today … bc as nice of a thought as it is to expect/want people not to assume youre hetero when you express so much attraction to men, the world is still pretty damn heteronormative. so dan occasionally feels the need to spell it out even more explicitly and it feels rly amazing and liberating and inspiring in a way to see him do that, to exist as he is and speak about wanting queer friends and whatnot, without giving in to the pressure to turn a statement like that into some kind of grand declaration or meditation on his identity

so, keeping this in mind, what bothers me more is that dan can talk so fucking straightforwardly about wanting to be part of the emo movement when he was a teenager because it didn’t have all the trappings of toxic masculinity that the punk movement did, because it had more tolerance for queerness, but people will still engage in all of the mental gymnastics to dilute a statement like that, find some explanation for how he must not mean it about himself, it must be a generalization that he has No personal connection to Whatsoever, and in doing so, essentially take that statement away from him. i just don’t understand your perspective? do you not think dan is queer? after everything he’s said? and if you think he’s  straight, tell me, does it not bother you so much more to think of a Hetero™ dan howell explaining his perspective on emos and calling them all ‘super gay’? isn’t that like blatantly offensive????? 

short answer, from my perspective: the dude’s queer. he’s been screaming it from the rooftops for nearly two years, probs longer. when he talked about the reasons he found appeal in the emo movement he talked from personal experience. one of those reasons was a greater acceptance for queerness amongst emos, and less of an emphasis on traditional masculinity. all of these points feel very very obvious to me both from listening to dan in context in that live show, and listening to dan in context for the last two years. 

Left at the altar but never unloved

I know you might hate me for this if you are still around, but I’m going to change your prompt a little and only write for Saeran and make it a ficlet instead. I think the whole prompt just fits him the best with the flowers – since he knows the language – the silent pining for MC and the revenge!

I really hope you still enjoy it, even if it’s just Saeran :3

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: A tiny bit of smut at the end but not really
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Saeran
Word count: 2225

Falling in love had never been something Saeran had considered for himself. In fact, his entire life had been a row of events proving him over and over that he was entirely undeserving of it. Not just being loved, he’d never known what that even felt like, but the notion of falling in love.

Falling in love was something for good and pure people to experience. He was neither. Tainted by his dark past and filled with rage and hate for the world and himself, Saeran didn’t dare hope that he’d ever get to experience such a feeling.

When the pain of loneliness threatened to crush him, he convinced himself that he loved Rika. The symptoms were there – at least from what he read in books – and when he was with her, he didn’t feel like he was drowning within himself. Of course he loved her. Or so he thought.

The moment you stepped into his life, Saeran realized just how wrong he’d been in that assumption. It had taken him years to so much as warm up to Rika and yet all it took you was your sweet, sincere smile and those heartfelt words he felt burn into his chest.

Loving you made him forget what it felt like to hate himself. It made his steps a little lighter and his laughter a little brighter. The center of his entire world shifted onto you and he would have done anything, anything at all, to be make you happy.

That is how Saeran learned the difference between devotion and love. He would have followed Rika’s last command, going as far as to read it from her lips. He would have died for her without thinking twice about it. For you he wanted to live.

What Saeran hadn’t anticipated, however, was just how all consuming love could turn out to be. All his life he’d mocked V for his blind devotion to Rika, his pathetic attempts to return to her when she’d shunned him in every way humanly imaginable.

It wasn’t until you announced your engagement to another man that he grew to respect V. It felt like his entire world had shattered to pieces, all purpose ripped from him. How V had managed to survive that feeling remained a mystery to Saeran.

It was nothing short of a miracle that he was capable of doing the same. Dreaming about seeing you in a wedding dress, overjoyed to begin a new chapter of your life – even if it was with a man other than him – was his saving grace as much as it was his downfall.

The year leading up to the wedding passed by in a blur. While Saeran was present for most of the important decisions and planning none of them really registered in his mind, not with him around. It felt too much like one of his nightmares he was still waiting to wake from.

The worst part was, he hated no one more than himself. Not even the groom to be. He was charming, handsome and well off. The man could offer you all those things Saeran couldn’t. He’d never been good enough for and it was his own fault for allowing hope to bubble within him.

It wasn’t until he saw you in your wedding dress for the first time, mere hours before the ceremony, that reality sunk in and Saeran felt like he was drowning once more. You were the most beautiful creature he’d even laid his eyes upon and he was giving you away to another man.

Saeran had never wanted to die as much as he’d wished for it in that moment. Until you turned to him, cheeks heated and lip worried between your teeth, shyly asking him whether you looked good or not. Despite how nervous you must have felt you were radiating joy.

The murmured of the guests waiting for the wedding to begin could be heard. You rested your delicate hand on Saeran’s arm, ready to walk down that aisle and marry the man you thought to be the love of your life. For a few short moments, all was good. 

All was good…until Zen came rushing in surprising the both of you. Saeran noticed the strange look in his eyes long before he was the flowers and that disgusting note he would have loved to have burned to ashes right then and there. 

Saeran had always thought he’d experienced all the pain there was to experience in the world. He’d felt it all, had his entire world shattered and every hope destroyed. He was wrong. Seeing your world shattered hurt a million times more.

Your fiancé had decided to leave you and on your wedding day at that. He’d send a bouquet of black roses and short, painful note explaining that he’d run away with another woman. Saeran promised himself that he’d make the dramatic asshole pay.

The events that followed once again turned into a blur, but for entirely different reasons. Saeran made sure that everything happened fast, trying not to draw it out and thereby minimize your pain. Well, minimize it as much as he could in the face of such tragedy.

He told Zen to inform the RFA. Jumin informed the guests and Jaehee escorted them out. Yoosung, Saeyoung and V cleaned everything up and Saeran somehow managed to get you home safely, staying by your side throughout the entire night.

The worst part was how little you cried. It would have killed him to see you cry but he would have gladly comforted you for however long it took you to smile again. You holding back and feeling numb was something he wasn’t equipped for.

You changed after that day. Your steps became heavier and your smiles dimmed. It was like someone had turned out the bright light that had shone within you. Saeran didn’t know how to turn it back on, but he knew how to make that person pay. 

And making him pay Saeran did…in every way non-physical and provable. Technically he could have tortured the asshole, he still had all the means to it, but Saeran knew that deep in your heart you still cared for the man and wouldn’t appreciate it.

Instead he opted for ruining his business by leaking the right information to the right people. Saeran also seduced the little wench the man had taken off with, effectively taking her from him as well and then made sure that his fortune was given to less fortunate people.

He took everything from the man and it still didn’t feel like it was enough. Not when you hadn’t logged into the messenger in a month. Not when you barely ate anymore. Not when your smile didn’t reach your eyes anymore. Not when you were still so broken…

He realized, that revenge wasn’t the answer. Not for you, at least. You weren’t Rika. You were good and pure and deserved all the love in the world to make up for everything that scumbag had taken from you. Saeran understood then, that it was time to return the favour.

He visited you every day from that moment on. He made sure that you ate at least two full meals, three if he managed to convince you. He sat beside you as you stared at the wall for hours, expression blank. He hugged you tight when you started to cry eventually.

He brushed your hair when you couldn’t motivate yourself. He helped you clean when you finally suggested it to him. He tugged you in every night and woke you up when the nightmares came. He became the anchor you’d once been to him.

A couple of weeks passed like that and step by step you started to open up again like a flower after a storm. Your nightmares ebbed away and the tears didn’t last anymore. You started to sing in the shower again and eat three meals you made yourself.

Saeran felt so happy his chest could have burst. Seeing you laugh at a joke he’d made after such a long time of sorrow would be a memory he would cherish for the rest of his mortal life and maybe even beyond. Making you happy was truly his calling.

However with joy often came sadness and while Saeran knew such thoughts were selfish, he was disappointed to note that you no longer needed his help. You were finally strong enough again to stand by yourself and he would only be dragging you down.

What he didn’t expect was to find you standing in front of his door a week later, wet to the bone from the horrible rain. You were shaking, skin almost sickly pale. He instantly rushed you in and wrapped a thick blanket around you before getting a towel to dry your hair himself.

You sat there silently, eyes wide as you looked at him as if you were seeing him for the very first time. It was a strange feeling, being stared at like that. Saeran’s hands slowed before coming to a stop still resting on each side of your head with the towel hanging down your face.

“It’s you”, you whispered, slowly reaching out. You carefully cupped his face, thumbs brushing over the soft skin of Saeran’s cheek. You watched in awe as his eyes fluttered shut and he leaned into your touch like he was starving for it. It broke your heart.

“The entire time you were right before my eyes and yet I didn’t see you at all”, you continued. “I’m so sorry, Saeran. So, so sorry.” His eyes flew open, surprise written all over his face. He shook his head, turning it so he could press a kiss to your head.

“No, it’s my fault”, he replied, instantly continuing when he saw you were about to protest. “I loved you from the moment you smiled at me for the first time but I was too scared and broken to tell you as much. Well now you’ve fixed me and I am no longer scared.”

Your eyes locked for a long moment, searching for a reason to stop. When neither of you found one Saeran finally closed the distance between the two of you. Your lips met in an agonizingly slow kiss, the sweetest torture Saeran had ever experienced.

Both of you were tentative, slowly allowing yourself to explore each others mouths. You could feel Saeran’s tongue trace your lips and you gladly parted them, inviting him to deepen the kiss. He happily obliged, claiming your mouth in the most gentle of manners.

You could tell he was holding back, almost as if he was scared you would push him away. You did quite the opposite, burying your hands in his hand as you climbed into his lap. You’d doubted many things in your life but not this. Never this.

The two of you kissed for a long time, bodies grinding against one another as arousal began to rise within you. You could feel the beginning of an erection poking against your long wet sex, a low moan falling from your lips only to be swallowed by his.

He stopped the kiss then, only for the briefest of moment, before lifting you up and carrying you to his bedroom. There he put you down on the bed, spreading you out like a piece of art. He hovered over you, devouring you with his hungry eyes.

Never had a man aroused you as much simply by looking at you. Luckily, Saeran wasn’t done. Instead he undressed you, taking his time and admiring every bare inch of you that was revealing to him. He did not take as much time shedding his own clothes.

That night, Saeran took you apart. With his eyes. With his words. With his mouth and his body. He claimed you as his, whispering all the things into your ear he’d never dared to say before. He took you apart, worshipping every inch of you until both of you found your final release.

Hours later he was lying awake as he watched you sleep peacefully, Saeran was utterly blissful. He didn’t want to sleep, no matter how sated his body and heavy his lids might have been for reality had finally turned out to be better than even his wildest dreams.

It was during those tranquil hours of the night that Saeran realized another thing about love: It is dangerous. It makes you vulnerable. It opens your heart and your chest, allowing someone to march in and mess you up. 

But if the person is right, the reward will be worth all the pain you might have endured beforehand. For every time you felt like you were drowning you will feel like you are soaring. If the person is right, you’ll learn what it truly feels like to love and live.

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Hi! What are your thoughts about the touken baby? I have this completely-without-solid-base theory that if he lives, he may gain the place of new king. /:Re/ or its sequel finishes not with touka or kaneki dead,but with both ; and their son will lead the group finally to change the system,for better or for worse; depending how the manga ends and the place/position where he's raised.

Hello :) I actually gave my thoughts on the subject and reblogged posts I agreed with several times before so here you go:

Should be enough to give you a good idea of my opinion. :) However, I don’t think that the story will go on until we get to see the child (if it survives) becoming an adult and an eventual leader. First of all, I don’t think that Touka and Kaneki will die at the end of TG since :Re isn’t supposed to be a tragedy.

Second thing, I believe the pregnancy has a direct involvement into the plot and not just the dynamic between Kaneki and Touka. Obviously, it will help with their development no matter if it ends well or not, but mostly, this pregnancy plays a huge part (in my opinion) into introducing coexistence as the ultimate goal/chance of making this world a better place.

I already explained it once before, but the main reason that the TG world is so twisted is because approximately 100 years ago V created an “equilibrium” after defeating the previous OEG, which seems to be about keeping the ghoul and human species separated, under the pretext that the humans were good but weak preys to the “evil ghoul kind”.

As for the reason why they created this equilibrium…

I supposed that it’s partly because of hybrids like the previous OEG and Eto (who are the only naturally born one-eyed ghouls so far).
Keeping the human and ghoul kinds separated seemed to be a necessity until now, so that no hybrid born outside of the Sunlit Garden would come to be a threat to the world that V jailed into a bird cage with two locks.

Now back to Kaneki and Touka: despite being an artificial OEG, Kaneki genetically stays a human while Touka is a ghoul, but they fell in love and Touka became pregnant…

…their situation being the only example in the story for now of a hybrid pregnancy with a ghoul mama (Eto and many in the Sunlit Garden being from #possibility 1), so we have no idea how we’re supposed to overcome the issue that Itori stated long ago for #possibility 2. 

We were given enough proof until now to understand that humans and ghouls were probably once the same species but that genetic mutations ended up making them quite different over the years: both have Rc cells, but the ghouls having higher rates is probably the reason they developed a kakuhou in order to regulate their high numbers of Rc cells through the utilization of the kagune (and kakugan I suppose). 

…Ahem, sorry for rambling, so anyway, the point is that from what I understand so far:

  • there aren’t supposed to be any hybrid outside of the Sunlit Garden and V uses the “failures/half-humans” like Arima, Furuta, Hairu as CCG investigators to help maintaining the idea that “ghouls are evil and shall be killed”
  • unless the hybrids are “pure enough” to be “wombs”/”breeders” (like Rize), and in that case they used to help with the survival of the “pure” Washuu family.
  • That’s why V was after Eto (because she was a naturally born OEG, like the previous big troublemaker of 100 years ago) and why Yoshimura hid her in the 24th ward
  • That’s also why Kaneki and Touka’s lil baby is important because it might be the first hybrid child to live a happy life if his parents can change the world and make it a safe place thanks to coexistence (and destroying V for good).

However, the fact that ghouls and humans aren’t exactly the same species is why Touka’s pregnancy is complicated (see, her body can mistake the baby for nutrients and absorb it), which is why I think understanding all the differences between humans and ghouls (on a biological level) and finding a way to overcome them (@ probably thanks Kanou) is the only way in my opinion to make coexistence possible and to make sure that Touka’s pregnancy will be viable. 

TL;DR I see Touka’s pregnancy has a direct plot thread to Kaneki seeking coexistence, like Furuta’s super peace [x][x][x], Kanou’s researches and Kimi helping him, even if I could be totally wrong.
In my opinion, the pregnancy is a narrative mean (amongst others) to ending the plot of Tokyo Ghoul (especially if the baby is indeed born) and to developing Kaneki and Touka as well as their relationship. The child and its future however are not really a direct part of the plot but, again, I could be wrong.

Sorry it was a long answer, I added lots of details in the other links above so I hope it’s understandable! 

Have a nice day :)

a bit emotional about hilson

so i rewatched house md. this is the best - i mean it - the best show that has ever been on tv. and the main reason that this show is so great is hilson.

don’t get me wrong, i adore other characters. i adore cuddy, foreman, taub, thirteen etc. they all have their stories and they are great. but nothing, nothing can beat hilson.

i just literally cannot find the word to describe their relationship. is it friendship? yes. is it love? yes. are they soulmates? yes. but still, these words are so little comparing to actual feeling between them.

wilson is ready to sacrifice everything, everything for house. we have seen that so many times. he was the one who was against house’s dismissal and because of that he lost his job, he buyed cuddy’s desired appartment, he always was for house in any possible situation.
and he knows him. that’s the most important thing in him. he knows house and he knows what he needs. remember when after kutner’s suicide wilson pretented to trick house so house would, as always, solve the mystery of wilson’s behaviour? as for me, that is the best support you can give to a friend.

and what about house? he seems to be a not good friend, but i can assure you that he, just like wilson, is a very, very good friend.
he knows wilson sometimes even more that wilson knows himself. remember when house hired a child actor to perform wilson’s son because wilson wanted kids and house clearly understood that wilson is not ready to have kinds and probably never will be ready for it. yes, it is a cruel way to show something to a friend. but it is very effective and - most important - wilson accepts it.

and here we are on the last episode of the show where you can see house sacrificing e v e r y t h i n g to be with wilson. all people that were his subconscious were telling him that after wilson’s death he will be even a better person and that he will always have puzzles. puzzles are the most interesting thing in his world and that is what makes him happy they said. and clearly that is what house has been saying to himself. but! he gave up puzzles, the possibility of good life with a family, his work just for wilson. he put wilson above all of those things. he chose wilson first.
and in the end of the episode we can hear the dialogue between house and wilson. wilson is saying:
- house, you are destroying your life. you can’t go back after this.
and then house goes:
- i’m dead wilson. how do you want to spend your last five moths?

and if it is not the most groundbreaking way to say “i love you” then i do not know what it is.

and i am 100% sure that after wilson’s death house will kill himself. i am sure of it. wilson is his world. wilson is his love. wilson is the interest in life. without him there is meaning in life. remember him saying “i don’t know what i’m going to do without you”. yes, puzzles are fun. but what is the point of he does not have wilson by his side?

so gregory house killed himself twice and both times the reason was wilson. the first time he did that to spent his time with him and the second time he did that because there is no life without him. wilson’s death = house’s death. they cannot live without each other.

i am not a bit emotional about hilson. i am super emotional about it. because i strongly believe that this is one of the best love stories ever shown on tv.

ASOUE as Tarot Cards

(more specifically, the Major Arcana cards)

Violet: XVIII - The Moon

People are acting clannish and very emotional. Don’t join the crowd. Read between the lines. You intuition is very strong right now, but you’re still likely to be deceived. This is not the time to start anything new. Have patience. 

Klaus: IV - The Emperor

Play by the rules and don’t take shortcuts. Use common sense when managing your resources. Now is the time to get organized and make plans. Careful use of logic and reasoning will deliver success.

Sunny: XIII - Death

You are entering a growing phase. Acknowledgment comes slowly. No one will offer a helping hand unless you beg for it. Don’t take “no” as a final answer. Avoid self-pity. Get rid of some old habits. Stop doing anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

Lemony: X - The Wheel Of Fortune

You made your bed, now you must lie in it. Own up to your actions and responsibilities - or suffer the consequences. Be true to yourself. Try something new.

Olaf: XV - The Devil

Matter overpowers mind. Desires rule. Beware of your dark side. The pursuit of materialistic or sensual pleasures may taint your ability to think clearly. Cleanse yourself of behaviours and habits that are doing you no good. 

Esme: V - The Hierophant

Follow the path that is familiar. Now is a good time to show how conventional you can be. Your public image and status with friends or in the community are of great importance to you now. Don’t sacrifice your beliefs or freedom for status. Keep alert to the outside world. 

Isadora: XVI - The Tower

Everyone wants to be admired. Others embellish the truth, but what’s necessary and real will prevail. Illusions will be shattered, enemies revealed. Don’t be upset if things don’t turn out as planned. Try to compromise and see others’ points of view.

Duncan: XII - The Hanged Man

Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at new options. Contemplate, don’t agitate.

Quigley: VI - The Lovers

Lovers and close friends take center stage. Take the time to tell those closest to you what they mean to you. Examine all of your relationships that are going nowhere - eliminate the unwanted and unnecessary.

Fiona: II - The High Priestess

Trust your intuition more than your reason; act more on feelings than on facts. Take your time to think about your options. Tackle difficulties with enthusiasm - these are opportunities to learn. To be a winner now, don’t withdraw.

(Descriptions from Tarot by Dennis Fairchild.)

2013 bts debuted while having nothing,they wanted to change how people see the world. they had big dreams but unfortunately they felt small.

2014 bts were still trying to talk about important things through their music but only few people were by their side, they were still so happy and thankful though

2015 bts finally got a decent amount of people to support them but they never expected to become something bigger, they were still in denial.

2016 bts started realising that people REALLY supported them and they would do anything for them, they realised that they’re making an impact and that made them the happiest people in the world

2017 bts became one of the most successful and worldwide known groups in music history but still their humble personalities haven’t changed and they still want to improve themselves for the people who support them to become this group

2018 bts are surely going to get even more bigger and they will dedicate this year to their dearest ARMYs. they will keep having new dreams and we are going to try our best to give them everything. no matter how many years are going to pass,their strong friendship is not going to vanish and that’s their motivation to keep creating meaningful music.

i. Sometimes I just want to disappear, but instead I go to sleep because some things are easier said than done.

ii. I used to believe that the universe was out to get me. That every bad thing that happened to me was because some cosmic being was punishing me. It took me awhile to realize I was nothing compared to the stars and the universe had more important things to focus on.

iii. There are some days in my life where I experience true happiness, and I think “Oh, I can do this. I’m more than any sadness. The world is more pure than evil.” Other days I’m not so sure.

iv. I once had a friend tell me that I didn’t have to be sad all the time. His words pierced through my skin and buried themselves in the lining of my heart. I thought maybe this was my turnaround. I’m still waiting to see.

v. The other day I was asked, “Can you pinpoint the best week of your life?” I tried to think back, but there was never a whole week where everything went according to plan. Instead, my mind was assaulted by hundreds of moments that happened over the course of my 22 years, and I thought, It’s not all good, but it doesn’t all have to be bad either.

vi. Whenever I find myself sitting in my bed, my lights off and only the glow from my T.V. illuminating my surroundings, I always wind up in the same place in my thoughts and I wonder, does anything ever really change?

—  Full Circle
Do you ever cry when you think about Lois and Clark?

Do you ever feel like your heart stops when Clark thanks Lois for believing in him?

Do you ever feel giddy when Lois officially welcomes Clark to the planet and they share knowing grins with each other?

Do you ever think about that bathtub scene in BVS and wonder where your Clark Kent is?

Do you ever get choked up when you think about how Clark told Lois that she’s his world before he died at the end of BvS?

Do you ever sob thinking about Lois standing over Clark’s grave with his engagement ring on her finger?

Do you ever clutch your hand to your heart and whimper when you see Lois waking up alone in their bed?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with emotion when you see that EVERYONE knows that Lois is the most important person in the whole world to Clark and that she was the contingency plan to bring Clark back if things didn’t go well?

when you’re young and struggling with accepting yourself it’s so so so important to have people out there who support and accept you, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the two people i love and respect most in the world be open and accepting because it makes me feel like i’m okay, i’m good as i am, and it makes other people feel that way too and that’s amazing

jr4cats  asked:

hello could you help me, i wanna write a story were onw of the characters is autistic i want a little help is there some sites about it

First of all, I’m very glad you turn to the autistic community. I’m sure you’ve seen this written a bunch of times, but just to be sure: please, please stay away from Autism Speaks. They demonize autism (basically saying autistic people ruin their families and would be better off dead). They promote a “cure” (which means aborting children that test positive for autism genes) and abusive “therapy”. A good post about why ABA is bad is HERE.
This is a very good post on what to look out for in research.

Tbh, I don’t go on other websites as much, so I’ll put some links of stuff that I know. For a general understanding, you can look into the DSM-V criteria (the offical criteria to diagnose autism). This won’t give you much to write a lively character, but with all the resources, it can be overwhelming. You should also definitely check out the organizations run by autistics, such as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the Autistic Women’s Network.

Autism is a spectrum. (See here for an explanation on what that means.) No two autistics are the same, and experience the world the same. An important tip I read was “don’t make autism their only defining trait” (it’s the same with race or sexuality, really). It’s tempting, since autism is literally affect how our brain works, but it’s better to do it in subtle ways e.g.

This is a very cute comic that gives an overview over common issues and how to be a good ally.

For inspiration and relatable things, you can definitely check out the #actuallyautistic tag! If you need examples for sensory things: Sensory hell and Sensory heaven
If you look on tumblr, you’ll find tons of examples for stimming. The trick is obviously to write it in a way that doesn’t degrade it (especially happy flapping has become a meme that basically says people who flap are R*tarded or just insane). That goes for all autistic behavior.

Another big topic is ableism. Warning: You will fuck up. We all do. I’m autistic and I still struggle with internalized ableism a lot. That includes automatically thinking autistic behavior looks weird, or not being able to express it, hell I haven’t even told more than four people in real life I’m autistic. Autistic is still used to mean something negative and you don’t shake that easily. Just be critical of your own thinking.
Ableism has many facettes, too many for me to line up here. Some include:

  • Not listening to us: People who talk are “obviously” too high-functioning to speak about autism, people who can’t talk are not assumed to be able to express an opinion.
  • Everyone has met at least one neurotypical who assumed they knew more about autism than an autistic person.
  • Medical ableism: Goes both directions. Either autistics are treated as if we could not make decisions, even as adults, or our problems are dismissed, especially other symptoms
  • Sexism: Women much less likely to receive a diagnosis or to be treated for medical problems both. Resources masterpost on autism in women
  • An article about lack of diagnosis in autistic women
  • Abuse: Can range from emotional abuse (e.g. guilt tripping, gaslighting) to physical (e.g. provoking a meltdown / sensory overload on purpose), usually both
  • Generally just ignoring an autistic person’s boundaries.
  • “Autistics are only worth something if they have a special talent” (basically Rain Man)
    -> dehumanization in general, “we’re not human for not having certain traits / abilities”

There’s also this huge debate on self-dx (see this post for example). In many places diagnosis is expensive and can have a lot of disadvantages (e.g. looking for jobs). Self-dx involves a shit ton of research, months and years of it, really. (Just like you are doing now!) My humble opinion: Psychologists fuck up as well, see the ableism section.

Here is a post on how to get diagnosed as an adult.
And here is a post on self-dx!
Here’s my story of getting diagnosed (maybe less relevant, but take it as a real life example)

Media representation of autistic people is unfortunately complete garbage for the most part:

This post has a lot of notes with people telling what irks them about media representation of disability in general.
Here is a post on why The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time )a pretty popular book that we read in school as “education” about autism) is a bad representation
A post on ableism in the series “Good Doctor”
I couldn’t find a cohesive review of the show “Atypical” and I haven’t seen it myself, nor do I intend to, but if you go in the #atypical tag the autistic community is very clear that it’s bullshit (and also backed by Autism Speaks, so big surprise)
Billy from the new power rangers is autistic! And from what I’ve heard he’s actually well-written. (A post about what the writers did right.)

Things to avoid (unless you present it in the context of ableism / being negative) :

  • cure rhethoric
  • functioning labels / mental age rhetoric (See this post)
  • The distinction aspergers and autism (I can’t find the post explaining in detail why it’s bullshit but here’s the short version: Aspergers is an outdated concept (in the new DSM-V it doesn’t exist anymore, you’re just autistic) and it has been used to separate the “good” autistics from the “bad” (it’s ableist and a functioning label basically)
  • Here’s also an explanation on Aspie supremacists
  • emotionless character
  • person first language (Here is a post on why PFL is bad)
  • white little boy with special interest in trains (they do exist, but it’s overdone)
  • he’s autistic BUT- (insert special ability) Click Here

Here is a post explaining our preference for the autism label above others
Here is another post on writing autistic characters
Lastly, I recently found a very good post about the difficulty of calling a character autistic in writing, you can check it out here.

I probably forgot a ton of important things, so if anyone wants to add something, please do so; or shoot me a message, whatever is more comfortable.


The Commission Rifle Finale  —- The Turkish 88

In case you missed Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI

When Germany adopted the Gewehr 98 the older Gewehr 88 became obsolete. However, not wanted to waste so many rifles, the German Army modified the Gew 88 into a more modern rifle (see Part VI), the Gew 88/05.  This was a good thing too, as World War I would leave Germany woefully short of weapons, and the Gew 88/05 was important as a stopgap rifle until Germany could produce Gew 98′s in sufficient quantities.  By 1916, German production of Gew 98′s caught up with demand. Most Gew 88′s were donated to Germany’s allies, Austria Hungary, and most especially the Ottoman Empire.  In desparate need of rifles, the Ottomans Turks received hundreds of thousands of Gew 88/05′s as well as a number of unmodified original Gew 88′s.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey found itself in possession of an odd assortment of Gewehr 98′s, various model Mauser rifles, both foreign and domestic, captured Lee Enfields, and thousands of Gewehr 88′s.  In the 1930′s, Turkey set into motion a program to modernize it arsenal and standardize the many models of rifles in inventory. Original Gewehr 88′s would be converted to Gew 88/05′s, with a stripper clip system installed and conversion for use of spitzer ammunition. The barrel jacket was removed, and replaced with a wooden foregrip. A ring was also placed in the buttstock, a German feature which was used to aid in the field stripping of the bolt.  Finally, the sights were replaced, with a Mauser style v-notch folding elevation sight at the rear and a simple front sight.  Called the Gewehr 88/05/35, the new modifications of the Gewehr 88 were intended to make the rifles more like modern Mauser rifles.  The Gewehr 88/05/35 was issued as a reserve arm to rear echelon units of the Turkish Army.  After World War II they were phased out, most being sold as military surplus to civilians.

Perception vs. Reality - The Girl Meets World Story

Other than “Meeting the World” and “Belgium 1831,” perception v. reality is arguably one of the most important themes in the show. It is more or less talked on throughout the entire show. We see this theme play out in multiple episodes with multiple characters, especially throughout the triangle arc.

So without further ado, let’s get it!

First, let me start off by defining the two words:

Perception (noun):

a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

Reality (noun): 

the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to how these two ideas are juxtaposed in the show. 

So throughout the show, we are met with many instances of how things that we perceived may not be how they actually are. And while I could do the usual thing and spend ages going into excruciating detail about every scene where this is the case, I would rather keep this one short. 

So, instead, I’m going to talk about two people, and how their relationship has affected almost everyone on the show. 

Enter… Cory and Topanga. 

Now, what we have seen throughout the show is that Cory and Topanga have been idealized and conceptualized by almost every main character on the show. Cory and Topanga, and their relationship, really affected how the kids perceived romantic relationships. 

However, there are a few caveats to this:

1. We have to keep in mind that the writers often used Cory and Topanga as a plot point to illustrate how this story (Girl Meets World) is not the same as Boy Meets World. Ironically enough, this was really emphasized in the episode Girl Meets Cory and Topanga. 

2. While Riley did compare herself to her parents quite a bit in the earlier seasons, we see her start to move away from that as she begins to mature and make the world her own. 

Moving on, we see that Riley compares herself to her parents and often stresses about finding her “prince” or her “Cory” so to speak. This poses a fundamental problem for her throughout the series. Because Riley deems her prince to be Lucas, even though there is a lot of evidence that speaks to him not being the prince she needs - it causes her to enter into a relationship with Lucas that isn’t beneficial for either of them. 

The perception was that Riley and Lucas were meant to be… But the reality is that they hardly interacted while they were dating, and arguably had a better relationship when they weren’t dating. They also fought less and got along more when they were not romantically involved. 

Now, to make matters worse, after Lucas and Riley got together, it caused more harm then good. And there are a few factors that played into this: 

1. Lucas not being able to actually voice his decision about who he chose after making his choice the “right” way. See @cowboyandshortstack‘s post for more details —> (x).

2. Because of the nature of Lucas and Maya’s relationship, it caused them to drift apart and no longer be able to talk to one another… which culminated in Maya replacing Lucas’ role as the protector with Farkle. 

3. The length of time it took Lucas to make a decision put a good strain on Riley’s friendship with Maya, which was compounded by Riley insisting that Maya had “become her” and that she “needed to go back to Mayaville.”

Look. I’m not saying that the Riley and Lucas relationship was the worst thing ever. It wasn’t. But the truth is that the perception of what their relationship would be never aligned with reality. When your boyfriend goes to a different state to avoid playing a simple Secret Santa game - it calls into question the validity of that relationship. The perception that Lucas was always meant to be this hero and that him and Riley would have this amazing, Corpanga-esque relationship just doesn’t align with the reality of their relationship. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate them. But they, along with idealizing Corpanga, are a great example of what inaccurate perceptions can do to your reality. 

And the Corpanga idealizations didn’t just happen with Riley. They also occurred with Shawn as well. Throughout the show, when we are graced with Shawn’s presence on-screen, we see that a big struggle he faces is trying to “keep up” with the idea of Cory and Topanga. 

It’s the reason he originally left New York and travelled the world. 

It’s the idea that most fans originally thought the show was going to be about:

Riley = Cory

Maya = Shawn

Riley & Lucas = Cory and Topanga

And while Riley and Maya do share traits from Cory and Shawn, ultimately they are not Cory and Shawn. They are Maya and Riley. And while if you take this show at surface value, I can understand why someone would have that interpretation. But, the reality is that Riley and Maya are unique individuals who share similarities with their predecessors, but they are not their predecessors, which means that their story won`t be exactly the same as their predecessors. 

And looking at Shawn`s life, we see that he had somewhat of a Corpanga idealization when he was in a relationship with Angela. I know that most Shawngela fans will disagree with this, but that is the topic of another post, so I digress. 

We even hear this from Shawn directly when he starts to have a bit of an identity crisis in Girl Meets Upstate:

“Do you know what it’s like to go to school with Romeo and Juliet?”

Now, if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of Cory and Topanga’s relationship, you might take what Shawn is saying as truth. But, the reality is that Cory and Topanga broke up multiple times and their relationship was very rocky at different points of their teen years. 

Shawn’s way of understanding Cory and Topanga (i.e. perception) may be a bit clouded due to his misunderstanding of what made their relationship great, and it is at this point in Shawn’s life that I think this quote from MJ (which I can’t find the link to the actual interview) fits well:

“You don’t get to have a relationship like Cory and Topanga by trying to be Cory and Topanga.”

What we perceive may not always be what’s real. 

I’ll end off with this quote from MJ about what he wanted to do with love in Girl Meets World and a scene from Girl Meets Sweet 16 which really explains this aspect of relationships well:

“Everyone will be brought into the equation. To answer this as simply as I can without giving anything away, the “Girl Meets” angle has always been a very important part of the show. Every episode is titled “Girl Meets” something.

If we did “Girl Meets Love,” it would not be one episode. It would be a sustained series of episodes in an attempt to explain, for this generation, what the perception of love is, versus what love may actually be, versus are we ready for that at all? Something that is so important cannot be something we tell in one story. But the understanding of how to grow and what’s valuable to these kids will manifest itself over these episodes.” 

Farkle: So regular friends are stronger than boyfriends and girlfriends?

Smackle: Or, are those types of relationships simply so new to us that we don’t understand them yet?

Zay: Well maybe, that’s why we take up a whole lot of high school trying to figure it out. 

- Girl Meets Sweet 16

So, I hope that explains a little bit of the perception v. reality well! I know this post was a little bit all over the place, so please forgive me for that!


BTS complete theory: The prologue

This whole theory is about BTS and their music videos, short films, solos, lyrics. The pictures of the boys are ALL FROM THE MUSIC VIDEOS. I do not own them. 

I will only explain their meanings and connections.

(There are mentions of death, suicide etc. If you are uncomfortable with that, then I would not recommend reading this.)

I will post the explanation to each mv separately but please be careful to follow the order of the explanations because otherwise it won’t make sense at all.

Read BTS complete theory: I NEED U first. 

 BTW: After I am finished with publishing every part of the theory, I will make a list so it will be easier to read :D 

Moving on to the next video. Though, the next video is not a music video but a prologue.

(This is what I mean)
So, let’s start:

8 seconds into this vid and my heart is already aching :’)

As you can see here we have V. He is

covered in blood, since he killed his dad. He’s not at home anymore, but somewhere quiet.
And there he calls someone.

he looks so sad I can’t

And he says:   

Now, the question is: Who is he talking to?
But we don’t find that out until RUN Jap. Ver. 

Anyways after that the scenery changes and the boys join him.

There is no blood on Taehyung, he’s wearing different clothes and he looks calm. Also, there are only six of them and Jin is missing, but then you see someone recording, that someone being Jin.

Now this is very important. First of all, the fact that Jin is there and that V has completely changed shows that we are again seeing the happy times or better said: Jin’s dream world / illusion. So just like in the I NEED U mv there are two realities / worlds. But in this video, you only see the real world for a few seconds, that being at the beginning where V is covered in blood and calls someone.

So right now, this is again the dream world. And Jin is recording the boys. I’ve already seen a lot of people mention the fact that Jin has a camera in almost every mv. And well, that is because he wants to hold on to those happy times since he only was happy when he was with the boys.

After Jungkook notices him, Jin joins them and then you can see this:

Again, this is the reason why Jin is always trying to “capture” the moments they spend together

After that the happy memories start:

And Jin is still recording

He literally just records them having fun.

In the next scene, we see him crouching down to record a butterfly, something very fragile, just like the happy memories that Jin is trying to hold on to. And then suddenly, the background music changes. Go to minute 3:09 and start listening and pay attention to minute 3:13, then come back.
The song in the background, which is Butterfly, starts to sound off and Jin notices.

Then you see this and it kind of seems like this place is quiet and empty. And this is the point where Jin starts to realise that something is off about his reality. But he doesn’t know what.

This happens next:

It looks pretty normal actually. We see V drawing something on the wall. That something being this

After a few seconds, you see the drawing again but this time it changed.

It suddenly seems like it has horns (devil) and the middle of this thing is also red. What does this remind you of?


The thing is, Jin is blinded by the desire to be happy, which is why his illusion only has happy moments, but deep down he does know that he is dead. But Jin has trouble accepting that fact, which again is why he creates that world. Because his death means that he can’t be with the boys anymore. And without them he can’t be happy:

Though subconsciously, Jin knows that the present he created can’t be real. In the sense of: the boys can’t be as happy as they are in his illusion because they have to face the consequences of his death. So, when in the “real world” something really bad happens to the boys, disturbances appear in his illusion because of the deep emotional bond he shares with them. That is why Jin looked around and the music (Butterfly) changed. Just like when we dream and realise that we’re dreaming, Jin also starts to notice that something about his realty (or illusion) is wrong, but again, he doesn’t exactly know what, since he still can’t fully accept his death. There are certain things that don’t fit in with his reality and he slowly notices them.

Now, I’m just gonna show you a few pictures and you remember this for later on.

These pictures will be explained in a short time.

Okay but now back to the main thing.

After those scenes, you just see normal happy moments, until V starts to separate himself from them.

Just like how he did in real life by killing his dad (so basically this is a hint that something bad happens to him in the “real world”). And again, this shows that Jin’s dream world is starting to change.

After that we see Rapmon writing this on a mirror.

It says, “you need to survive” and I already mentioned that Rapmon thinks that he has to protect and help the others, but he himself is having a hard time trying to cope with Jin’s death. So, by writing this he kind of reminds himself or tries to convince himself. And this mirror was already seen in the I NEED U mv and I also showed it before:

This also proves that Suga has suicidal thoughts. And this is exactly why this:



Then once again something weird happens.

While everyone is happy, Suga looks done. Just like in the real world. But Jin is too distracted by other things that he doesn’t notice anything. But Jungkook does and blows out the fire.  (again, hinting at the special bonds)

After that they go to the beach?

He’s still recording.

And again, you hear Butterfly in the background. and jungkook’s amazing ass voice

Okay so listen now:

After that beach scene, they go to the gas station and there Rap Monster decides to take a picture of Suga and Jin

After he takes the picture he puts it in there.

Okay this is important remember this. (you still also remember the other 3 pics u had to, right?)

Then again, the happy moments continue

And then they all sit down but V looks up at something

And then he jumps into the water. (I will come back to this in a second)

And then you see Jin alone in his car on the beach.

He then takes out the picture and his expression completely changes because

He’s all alone. Suga can’t be seen on the picture because he doesn’t actually exist in Jin’s world, since it’s just an illusion, a “fake present”. Suga and the others are just an illusion in a dream world. They are not dead like Jin. They don’t exist in his realm. Just like how he doesn’t exist in theirs anymore.

And now that I’ve shown you the most important parts of the prologue I can explain a few more things and tell you how Jin died.

Okay so the thing is Jin actually had depression. You can see that from the lyrics of I NEED YOU.
In those lyrics, he is talking about a break up or something like that.
Of course, you might think: why Jin? It could also be another member or just in general a break up?
You see, in that mv we know that all of the six members have suicidal thoughts and we also know the reason why (Jin’s death). But the only person we almost know nothing about is Jin. The only thing that is for sure is the fact that he is dead (that’s why the others are suicidal). He could’ve only died because of an accident or suicide. And this is where Jimin comes in. At the beginning of the I NEED U original version we see Jimin doing this:

After setting, what seems to be a letter, on fire, he drops it and goes underwater. That was right after Jin’s death, meaning that this letter could only be a suicide letter. Something else wouldn’t make sense. And because of that letter and because of Jin’s death, Jimin tries to drown himself right after setting it on fire. Because he also cannot accept his death.

So, in conclusion, Jin killed himself.

And the way he killed himself is connected to how Jimin tries to commit suicide.

Okay so remember the three pictures from a while ago?

You first see a toy car being put on a water bottle, after that it is thrown into the water and sinks to the ground.

And at the end of the prologue we see Jin sitting car. He’s alone on the beach.

As you can see his car is wet.
This proves that Jin died after he drove into the water (just like shown before with the toy car). So basically, he drowned.

Which could be the reason why Jimin also tries to commit suicide by drowning.

But the thing is, Jin is not the only one who commits suicide. V also dies by drowning.
Let me explain. We said that in the “real world” V killed his dad after Jin died, because he lost control. Throughout the story, it is noticeable that the guilt slowly starts to consume him and he is not able to bear the pain of having killed someone. Above all, V still immensely suffers from Jin’s death and he also thinks that he has disappointed him (will be explained in Demian). So, he decides to commit suicide. Now, how do we know that he drowns? Well, the first time that it is indicated is in the prologue:

We know that the prologue is mainly about Jin’s dream world and the reason why we see V’s suicide in it is because (as explained above):

(There is more proof though, but you have to wait for RUN/RUN jap.)

But to be honest, him dying by drowning would make a lot of sense since Jin also died that way and that was the trigger for Taehyung. After Jin’s death everything went downhill. And maybe by committing suicide in the same way, V thought that he could join Jin.

 Next: BTS complete theory: I NEED U Jap. ver. 

Blue Headcanons

There is no real reason, i just really love her

  • Everyone in her school has at least a tiny crush on her, what she thinks is people thinking she’s weird and not wanting to talk to her is actually them being too distracted by that fact that she’s talking to them, she unknowingly has the same effect that Ronan had on her on everyone else, that thing about wanting to impress someone because they were so rarely impressed.
  • You better believe that she is actually really smart, especially with numbers, the boys were surprised when they found out until she shot them a look of pure murder and went on a rant about how just because she goes to a normal school does not make her stupid or mean she can’t be smart
  • I am all for dyslexic Blue Sargent, and Gansey being ridiculous about it and doing all of the research and printing everything in those dyslexic friendly fonts (Blue pretends that it annoys here but is secretly really pleased)
  • Once they get past the awkwardness of their breakup and everything, she and Adam are insanely close, they are also the cuddliest friends ever, like when they were dating they were always holding hands and stuff but now there’s none of that tension so they are usually found cuddled up together in the backseat of the Pig on long drives because they both work so much and are exhausted, Gansey and Ronan are in the front both pretending that the sight isn’t the most adorable thing they have ever seen
  • Blue also starts learning sign language and demands that the others learn it with her “so they can talk even if cabeswater does some weird shit”, that’s not really the reason, she just knows that Adam wants to learn because he’s deaf in one ear and she doesn’t want him to feel weird about it 
  • Noah and Blue are the number one team for both craft projects and pranks, and frequently combine the two to great success, such as the time Gansey woke to find that his entire bed was covered in glitter and he was wearing the ugliest bobble hat in existence (Noah’s first attempt at knitting was not a thing of beauty)
  • Her and Gansey are that couple that is constantly bickering and annoying everyone one minute but are making out the next and everyone is very confused, but they still work somehow
  • she used to date Cialina and mentions this casually, as a result she is the first port of call for Adam when he realises that he likes Ronan, she is sworn to secrecy
  • Ronan also tells her that he likes Adam and she spends a month of her life playing matchmaker in increasingly inventive plans and schemes and moaning to Noah (who also knows) about “Why won’t the stupid boys just kiss yet???  Why are they so stupid???’
  • She and Ronan most definitely move in together while Gansey and Adam are at college, Ronan teaches her to fight and she gives him one of her switchblades #friendshipgoals
  • they also send Adam and Gansey a lot of pictures of themselves doing increasingly dangerous things, just bc they're little shits who like to make their boyfriends worry about the fact that they ARE TRYING TO BUILD ANOTHER RAMP TO THE FUCKING MOON??? ADAM!!! WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS??? I WOULD BE LESS WORRIED IF IT WERENT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY COULD PROBABLY DO IT!!
  • Adam and Gansey visit them that weekend both are severely bruised 
  • She takes an environmental course at college and graduates with honours and travels the world and sees a pygmy!!! (this is v important)
  • Blue Sargent having all of her dreams come true with her friends and ruling the world