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Escape: the residency years

First thing in the morning.  That’s what the box said.  

She sat there waiting for the result.  She dared not touch it.  The instructions said it needed to lay flat for the duration of the time. 

She watched the stopwatch app on her phone.  It was the longest two minutes of her life.  

In her heart of hearts, she already knew.  She was a doctor, after all.  Her gag reflex was on high alert making brushing her teeth darn near impossible.  She felt fatigue at every turn. She just felt….off.   

She peeked over at the stick as if it were dangerous.  She tried to pick it up, but her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t hold it, so she set it back down.  

Disbelief, followed by sheer, utter joy.  A grin split her face. 

“JAMIE!”  she shouted. “JAMIE!”

Jamie stood at the bottom of the stairs.  He was afraid to go up.  Afraid of what he’d see. He knew her body had changed. Even if he were blind, he’d know it. He touched his wife far too often not to notice the tenderness, the fullness.  He desired her constantly, so he knew the rhythm of her body well.  

Yet, he’d had his hopes dashed before.  


He jumped.  That was good, right?  Ifrinn, he couldn’t remember.  He ran his shaking hands through his hair.  

Should he believe it?  Should he trust it?  He’d read about the false positives.  

The thunder of running feet over his head was a testament to Claire’s excitement. She skidded to a halt at the top of the stairs, dressed in one of his old tee-shirts, and those damn pink knickers he’d first seen her in.  Her hair was a wild mess of curls not yet tamed from sleep, face flushed with elation.

She brandished the plastic stick like a sword.  

“I want it confirmed by a doctor,” he said, brows drawn together.

“Bu- but, I am a doctor!” Claire insisted. “You bloody, stubborn Scot.  They’ll do exactly the same thing in an office!”

“No offense, Claire, yer but a resident.”  

“James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser,” Claire said, tone incredulous. “You did not just say that.”  She’d chalk it up to nerves. Or shock. 

They stared at each other across the expanse of the staircase.  He tried to stay calm.  When she started to giggle he couldn’t hold it together. His mouth twitched with just a hint of a smile.  When she laughed outright, it was music to his ears.  He couldn’t help but laugh with her.  

And with that he sprinted up the stairs, two at a time, caught his wife around the waist, and spun her around, peppering kisses all over her face.  

Ifrinn, he was nervous.  

She wasn’t.  She was as certain as she could be.  His fingers tapped restlessly on his thigh.  

She reached over and lifted his big hand into hers, linked their fingers together. He risked a glance at his wife.  She was smiling softly, relaxed and serene.

Her thumb caressed his hand.  He cupped their hands with his bigger one.  He couldn’t stand it.  How long did this take for God’s sake???

She lifted their hands and kissed his knuckles.  He took a deep breath.  

She nodded, and he nodded back.

And then the door opened….

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser.” said the Obstetrician.  “You’re expecting.”


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 11 Preview

Asfdhgdfjkgh! I’m barely coherent here all I know and need to know is that throughout the whole preview Min Hyuk is literally FLOATING ON CLOUD NINE, LITERALLY BEAMING THE WHOLE TIME, and Bong Soon is completely smitten with hi, even experiencing one of those moments of utter amazement she used to have with GD, but now it’s the sight of sexy MH in his white shirt and tie which causes it. Other extremely relevant and important observations are that:

  • She is wearing the badge MH put on her and the handbag he gave her

MH: Who’s the person she has to rescue?

BS: A prince. Because the prince is really lonely.

MH: Then she has to save him! He’s lonely.

I think MH and HS are talking about the game BS wants to make where she is the main character who has to rescue a prince = HIM! It would be so awesome because not only would it be the reflection of their real life, but he already created a game character inspired by her so no it’s her turn to do the same for him.

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So this is the story I wrote inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I’d love it of you would tell me if you like it and I feel inspired enough I’ll continue it. Thanks for all the messages of love you guys sent me and I’m trying to get better for all of you who said they love me.


Once upon a time in a kingdom that had never been touched by light, far, far away from where the beautiful beams of the sun kissed the holy earth lived the fairest king of them all, with his four sons.

The king had won battles and battles and beat any conqueror that would come to his kingdom. The crowds admired his courage and his utter love for justice and he, loved them back with everything piece of live in his heart. The kingdom might had never seen the light of sun but the King’s love for them and for their rights could take this place.

All good things though must come to an end, at least that’s what the King’s father had once told him. In a battle against his greatest enemy the king lost his second son, Prince Jason. From that day the King’s heart turned cold, frozen even. He had never been able to see that it was Jason’s actions who had led him to his torturous death. He blamed it all to himself and let his heart die out. The king was never coming back.

Unbeknownst to him Prince Jason lived in a castle hidden in the woods, cursed to go through the same pain he went through that night until he learnt feel more than pain anger and misery.

“I’m telling you Stephanie my mother will get really mad if I’m not back in a while.” You shrieked your laundry basket away from Stephanie’s hands and started running to your house after you finished your talk.

“But (Y/n) I’m telling you there’s something in these woods!” Stephanie whisper-yelled at you as she run quickly behind you. “Please for me?! I swear just for one last time” she begged, blue eyes staring right into your (E/c) ones. You sighed, thinking about her offer one more time.

“You said it the last time”

“I know but-”

“And there are wolves in the woods, if it gets dark we’ll never make it back” Stephanie looked at you with wide, watered eyes. She always seemed to love visiting the woods to investigate whatever was there, although from what you had seen there was nothing but poisonous berry trees. It wouldn’t hurt to follow her for one more time. “I’ll inform my mother, my brother and Akita and I’ll come. Meet me here in an hour so we’ll be back before night comes”

Stephanie’s eyes lit up the moment she heard you speak and with a vigorous nod, that made her blonde hair tangle on her face she run away to her house. You stepped inside yours with a swift move. Your mother was in the bed as usually, coughing. It was as if by entering your front door you entered another dimension. The ine if sadness and pain. The one where misery was the only word to describe your situation.

Your mother was dying and your brother had already arranged your marriage with another man of the village, Akita. One of the best hunters the kingdom had and if you dared say, relatively handsome. You already knew he was a loyal man, he’d never betray your marriage and he was able to provide you with a good life after your mother died; it wasn’t your brother’s responsibility to take care if you after her death since he had his own family. And so, to step ahead of your mother’s sickness you were getting married to Akita in five days, either way your mother was not going to die for another month as the doctor had said.

You sighed again as you set the clean laundry on your bed and rushed to your mother.

“I’ll be going to the woods with Stephanie.” Was the first thing you said. You knew your mother wouldn’t say a thing, but your brother, who was standing in the corner of the room, certainly would.

“Again? Akita’s mother has finished your wedding dress and is waiting for you to go try it on.” He stated as you expected.

“I’ll be back before it gets dark. I’m sure Akita and his mother won’t mind”


You had never sworn you’d kill Stephanie but now you just did. Claiming to know an unknown part of the woods the two of you followed the path until a horrid storm started. A thunder had crushed a tree, separating you and Stephanie. Fortunately the paths the two of you were following were almost parallel.

You were cold, wet to the bone and sure you would be sick with a fever at your own wedding. The sound of the rain pulsed in your ears in addition to your heartbeat. You felt the need to let Stephanie know your feelings. Was this this “something” these woods had?

“I’m killing you Stephanie Brown!” You yelled loud enough so she could hear. Little did you know. “Find us our way home”

BUT Stephanie knew better than start yelling back. She was scared to death too to say the least. But the thought of wolves devouring her made her ever more scared.

“STEPHANIEEE” she heard you yell again. She quietly sobbed in her wet coat and half whispered the only prayer her mother had taught her before she died. With the first howling she heard she knew one or both of you were doomed.

“RUN” she yelled and kicked her horse to make it go faster. That’s when your paths got completely different. Stephanie only heard the barking and growling of the wolves as well as a scream in her ears as she speed to the village. She knew what this meant.

She thanked God she found her way back. And now with her whole being shaking she had to break the news to you’re family.


In the meanwhile you were more than terrified the moment a herd of wolves came to you. You knew you shouldn’t have yelled that loud to Stephanie. It was your fault you were going to die by wolves. You didn’t even know what to do to fight them or to get free. They were everywhere around you and you were bursting to tears. You didn’t want to die just yet.

A wolf coming right on you was the last thing you saw before a thunderous scream was heard. The wolves started running away, howling to each other. Looking right behind you you saw a small waterfall some meters away from you. Instantly you shook your head from the horrid thought of your dead body floating there and run toward it’s direction.

As you expected there was a path behind the waterfall, probably thats where the sound had come from. With a deep breath you walked towards the castle that was in your sight. It seemed abandoned but it was the only thing that could provide you with safety for one night.

forget dr will. who’s dan gheesling? derrick is shook. nobody realizes that mrs karen singbeil: wife, mother, feminist, master strategist & life destroyer of mark chrysler is going to win bbcan5. people are sleeping on her so hard.  the fact that she’s so annoying that nobody cares about getting her out because there’s bigger threats is gonna take her all the way to the end and when she’s sitting in the final two people are gonna realize that her complete and utter ignorance about what is going on game-wise in the house was just part of her master strategy, mmkay? hurricane karen is coming.

It makes me sad to see fandom friends of mine so resigned and even angry about the Arrow storylines over the past year.

I miss the excitement of the 2.5 kiss spoiler fandom.

I miss the utter nuclear blast of gifs from the sizzle reel pre-3x20 fandom.

I miss the anticipation of 4x01 during the 3.5 Summer of Love fandom.

Guess I just miss so many of whom made my experience with Arrow and Olicity wonderful. There are many new and wonderful fans that I’ve connected with, but also many that I’ve lost.

Guess this is my way of saying that while you do you, I miss you all.

Someone left a diet pepsi can on the empty table next to us and a person walked by it on the way to our table. They looked at it curiously, then anxiously touched it and then scurried to our table saying ‘YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE ART AND I TOUCHED THE ART!’

So we had a long discussion about dadaism and what is art and is art art and what makes an art an art and how the majority of artist’s statements are complete and utter bullshit fabricated to fill an arbitrary word count. 

It should be mentioned that this person worked in an art museum and that we are both went to art school. We are certainly qualified to expound upon the 2% reduced fat fuckery that is art movements. 

So when our visitor left our table, my girlfriend grabbed an index card and made the art official art. 

If it’s still there tomorrow after the cleaning crew has been through, then its is now official art art that goes in an art art museum. If it is gone, then someone has TOUCHED THE ART. 

And that is part of the art.

The act of the janitor tossing it in the bin… is a statement on art. 

We all think we’re god-damned hilarious. 

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Hi ARCHie! Do you merge your personal Tumblr account with your art ones (like archatlas)? I have two art accounts and my very personal one but I'm scared if something happens to my main account and I lose everything on it. Should I migrate? What do you think ARCHie?

I don’t trust tumblr because @staff has shown utter disregard for users rights. Save all your work and other information on a cloud service or local drive, share here on tumblr as much as you want but very much aware that everything can disappear at any time without an explanation,

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Unexpected reunion (Tobi/Simon Request)

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.
The main words running through your brain amongst the utter, burning shock of seeing who was in front of you.
Of all the people, did he really have to be here? Did he really have to be friends with Tobi? Did he have to be such close friends with him? Him?
He looked different but not too different. His hair had grown out more now, his face and muscles more defined. But still the Simon you knew. Mousy brown hair on his head and piercing eyes focused on yours.
You hadn’t seen him in so long. Since you were 18 in fact. Since you first left for travelling, for going to make your mark on the world. It had been messy towards the end. You were going to leave for two years at a minimum and he would be staying in England. Though he adored you more than anything, it would be impossible for anything between you to work. So things had ended. As inexperienced teenagers, you left each other. And of course, it was tough. But you went on to accomplish what you had always wanted to. Help charities, swim in the wild with dolphins, explore rainforests, climb to the top of mountains and dive to the bottom of foreign seas. You’d spent two years having the best time of your life and by the time you returned, Simon was simply a happy memory. A time of your life. A past event.
Though to Simon, it hadn’t happened like that. He’d moved in with the guys, he’d become successful on YouTube, built his career doing what he loved but there was always something missing. The girl that put the biggest smile on his face. That beat him in video games and laughed at his defeat. That knew him better than he knew himself. He always told himself there was no chance of him ever finding anyone as good as you. And that’s why he had always been single. Any girl he met, or spoke to, he found flaws in them that didn’t match to you. They didn’t make him laugh like you did. They didn’t touch his arm and make him feel that immature electricity that never went away. Nobody could be even close enough to being a match to you.
“Do you guys know each other?” Tobi asks, his arm still comfortably around your waist.
“Um” You start, “Yeah, our parents have known each other for years” You smile.
“Yeah, what a coincidence?” Simon exclaims, “Its great to see you”
“Yeah, you too” You nod, returning his friendly hug.
“I’ll just grab us some drinks, okay babe?” Tobi comments, heading off to the kitchen.
You notice JJ looking between you and Simon and widen your eyes slightly at him. When you and Simon were together, it was more of a long distance style. You lived an hour away so you knew JJ but only as your boyfriend’s best friend.
“Right, we should go grab the stuff to record” Josh nods before being followed out by the ones you now knew as Ethan, Vik and Harry.
JJ and Simon stop behind.
“I’m right aren’t I? You two…” JJ begins.
“Yeah” Simon replies quickly.
“Fucking hell” His friend mumbles, “I should leave you to it”
He quickly heads outside, evidently going to Tobi to stop him from entering again.
“So, how are you?” You ask politely.
“Im good, thanks” He scratches the back of his neck, “You?”
“Great” You say, “What a small world ay? You knowing Tobi” You chuckle lightheartedly.
“Yeah, tell me about it” He laughs, a hint of wanting to say more in his voice.
“I can’t believe you guys know each other” Tobi exclaims when he walks in.
“Yeah we were just saying” You smile.
“How do your parents know each other then?” Tobi asks inquisitively, taking a seat with you beside him on the couch.
“Our dads did a job together once and our families met through that” You explain. That was true.
“This is crazy” He chuckles, “Have you seen anything of the house yet babe?”
“No nothing” You shake your head.
“I’ll show you around” Simon states, “Tobi, the guys can help you set up for your video”
“Ahh thanks man” Your boyfriend responds and you follow Simon around the house.
You try your best to focus on the different rooms so you didn’t get lost whilst staying here but you still felt in a weird sense of shock that he was here.
“We can’t tell him” Simon states simply as the pair of you walk up to his room.
“What?” You frown, slightly disgusted.
“We can’t tell Tobi that we used to date” He shakes his head.
“I’m not lying to him!” You exclaim, “No, I can’t”
“You have to! We can’t suddenly admit that we used to date until the age of 18 and now you suddenly happen to be dating him!” He retorts, stubborn as usual.
“I don’t give a fuck. If he has a problem with it, we’ll deal with it. But he’s my boyfriend and I’m not comfortable with keeping a huge part of my life away from him” You reply. Truth in a relationship meant a lot to you. Even if it did sound cringey. It was one of the reasons Tobi adored you so much.
“You haven’t changed” he chuckles.
“Why shouldn’t we tell him?” You ask.
“Because-” he starts, “ Because I’m still in love with you”
You freeze more than you did when you first saw his face.
“Wh-” you begin.
“Because ever since you left, I’ve not stopped being completely fascinated by you. Like I always was. I’ve not stopped laughing at your jokes whenever I remember them or smiling when I think of you” He explains, “I’ve never stopped remembering the girl that made those years the best years of my life” He croaks.
From the corner of your eye, you notice a box in the corner of his room that you gave to him on his 18th birthday as one of his 18 presents. It was filled with small memories of the pair of you. Photos, movie tickets, snow globes from places you’d been to on holiday, small cards with your funniest quotes or jokes. Everything of his relationship with his babygirl.
“I figured I should keep it” He smiles when his eyes follow yours, “I tried to get rid of it when you left but there’s so much in there that I couldn’t bare to lose. I’ve never shown the guys”
“Simon, that part of our life was when we were teenagers and young and innocent. And that’s great. And I loved that. But its not the point. I’ve moved on, I’ve travelled the world, I’ve seen different cultures, I’ve changed. And if you haven’t, then okay. But I love Tobi now and im happy with him. We’re really happy. High school doesn’t last forever Si” You sigh and he looks down.
“Simon, you ready to film?” Ethan calls upstairs.
“We’ll be right down” He responds loudly, his eyes not leaving yours.
You nod and walk past him, heading instantly downstairs.
“What’s wrong babe?” Tobi frowns as soon as you walked into the lounge. He instantly knew something was happening as always.
“Its okay, I just remembered there’s something I need to talk to you about” You force a smile, trying your best to ignore Simon’s lingering stare.


Almost 2 years ago I created this tumblr because I discovered the use of Custom Content. I never imagined I would be recoloring cc, telling stories and making some life long friends! I am in utter shock and my heart is exploding. I want to thank everyone who is following for liking, reblogging and chatting with me ❤️ Words can’t express how happy this tumblr has made me. Thank you, THANK YOU! Now I have to think of an awesome gift to give to you all xD

Special shout out to my girls for always being there for me! @myfireheartt, @selaronosims, @this-nerdy-sim, @lizillasimming, @simmingbee, @iheartdinosx3 and @coliswonderland


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I’m not convinced that they’re not going to keep trying to repeal Obamacare or at least slowly gut it over the course of four years until it’s nothing but I’m still so happy that at least for a little while longer nobody I know is going to die from a complete lack of healthcare.

And because of the utter humiliation of the current administration.

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Are you as irritated that I am that most of the news stories implied that fish scale geckos were a new discovery, when in reality just one species of fish scale gecko is new.

Extremely. The utter inability of most media outlets to comprehend that simple fact was astounding. Especially the ones with whom I had telephone interviews.

*raises hand*

Okay. So. We have a guy. Convicted of murder. Says he didn’t do it.

Evidence says he fired a shot with intent to kill but missed. We have a fucking confession on audio recording. He also confessed again to Ryder who … has no legal obligation to protect his secrets.

Now I’m being asked to … either ‘shadily’ cover up that he was ‘innocent’ and exile him anyway … or let him go.

What the utter fuck? He’s not innocent. We’re just trying him for attempted murder, not murder murder. I appreciate that you can’t (in some systems) be tried for the same crime once acquitted. But he wasn’t acquitted. And this is a different charge.

I think I’m going to need some space law textbooks to explain this.

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The ship in TOZ I really hate is Edneo! First Edna being a complete Lolibait which is uncomfortable to me to begin with. Now I know dwarfism exists but she dresses and behaves like a child. Also the idea of Mikleo being in a relationship with her will be utter torture to him as he finds her annoying, he sees her as an annoying child not a love interest. I have no ill will who likes it but I honestly can't stand it!

Personally … I don’t get Mikleo and Edna as a romantic ship - for one thing Mikleo’s Top 3 Priorities is Sorey, Sorey, and, uh, Sorey.  But I do see them as having more of a Vitriolic Best Buds/annoying siblings kind of relationship, especially as you go further in the game.  There’s one early-ish game skit I remember where she catches him working on his artes late at night (I think you can get it right around when you meet Sergei the first time, so right after Tintagel Ruins), and instead of teasing or picking on him, she gives him genuine advice on what he could do to get stronger.  So I see all the teasing and bickering as more of just how she is (in a lot of ways, she’s even less straightforward about how she feels than he is, lol) but when it all comes down to it, she cares - just in her own way, and definitely as a little brother.

Also doesn’t help that the better I get to know Eizen, the more he has his moments where I’m like, “Man, that’s so Sorey and Mikleo” (especially when he’s being all excited over the treasure and stuff you find in Expeditions), so I can’t help but think she sees both Sorey and Mikleo in that light and taken them both under her wing as little brothers.  The only reason she teases Mikleo more is because Sorey’s too straightforward and genuine to rise to her teasing, while Mikleo gives her the reactions she finds so entertaining, so, of course, she keeps teasing him for her personal amusement … just like any annoying sibling would, lol.