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The Grandma War

I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now, and when I heard that the last daily theme of Killervibe Week was going to be AU, I knew it was the kick in the pants I needed to finish this piece of silly fluff. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to @killervibedaily for hosting this great week and reminding me why I love these two and how much they feel for each other, whether it’s canon or all in my head.

The Grandma War

 "I’m telling you, honey, she’s a scourge.“

"You mentioned that, Grandma,” Caitlin Snow said patiently, matching her pace to her grandmother’s as they walked in the front doors. “A few times now.”

Her grandmother sniffed. “Well, she is.”

“Okay,” Caitlin said, smiling at the attendant at the front desk as she signed them in.

“You have a tiff with Luna, Charlotte?” the attendant asked. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Tiff was putting it mildly. From the sounds of it, Charlotte Snow had loathed her roommate from the moment they’d met the week before, and the sentiment was returned with equal if not greater fervor.

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anonymous asked:

Lmao, I know this blog can be NSFW but damn. That made me laugh really hard with your reaction. Can I get a Ryuji, Ann, Makoto, and Futaba going on their s/o computer and finding something pornographic like that. We gotta make an imagine out of this!


The two of them are on S/O’s computer, looking at movies they want to see. Ryuji is in control at this point, and accidentally clicks on a random folder on their computer. S/O knows exactly what this folder is and tries to hide it from him. Ryuji is a little bit confused as to why they’re trying to hide something from him. “What, you hiding porn on here or somethin’?”, and at this point S/O is ready to die. He uses his long arms to hold the computer above their head and looks inside the folder. He looks up and his face is completely red, and he nearly drops their computer. The last person he truly expects to have porn on their computer is S/O. “W-Well, if you’re into that kinda stuff, then maybe we can try some of it..?” S/O is surprised that he had this sort of response and settles themselves on his lap, giggling at him as he firmly puts his hands on their waist. He’s so fucking excited right now, lmao.


She’s on S/O’s computer, clothing shopping and just mindlessly scrolling through web pages. Ann starts to bookmark different sites so that S/O knows what she likes to wear and what she wants in her wardrobe. Although, what she can’t find where she bookmarked them, they all went to random folders. “I’ll just organize them! Let’s just go into this folder first!” At this, S/O instantly turns around from what they were doing and asks her what she’s doing. Before they can get a real answer out of her, she lets out a loud, shrill shriek before shutting down the laptop as quickly as she can. Her face is completely red. She throws a pillow from their bed at them, multiple ones in a single stream. S/O is completely confused as to what the hell is happening. “What the hell is with that weird porn folder?!” They just kinda blink, and then they slowly start blushing like thermometers in the heat. “Why do you need porn if I’m here?!” S/O is completely baffled at this.


S/O is telling her about the terrible paper they’re supposed to be writing for school, and she agrees to help out with the paper but won’t write it for them. They go to get snacks for the two of them and leave Makoto to find the paper on their computer. She’s looking around the computer, and opens one of their recent tabs, assuming that’s where they’ve put their paper. When she clicks on it, she let’s out a scream and S/O instantly runs into the room, almost spilling the treats they have for them. Makoto is standing infront of the computer, shaking her head and telling them that it isn’t that bad and that she’s okay. They tilt their head and assume that she’s really okay. When the two of them take a break, she hesitantly asks them about something. “H-How do you feel about..I-I dunno, well the modern term is ‘getting head’?” S/O is like, sweating intensely and can’t look at her properly. They ask if she found that certain thing on their computer and she nods. “I-I can try it with you sometime if you’d like..I wouldn’t mind..” S/O just grabs her hand and nods. Horny little teenagers, how cute lmao


This girl already knows that S/O is the biggest freaking sinner in the entire world. She just keeps it to herself, and looks into the things that they have saved onto their computer. She’s not really sure how she feels about the things they’re into. The next time she’s over at their house, she’s suddenly really bold. “Hey, why don’t I dress in a school swimsuit next time I come over? That’s what you’re into, right?” S/O practically screeches and Futaba has this real cocky grin on her face. S/O grabs Futaba and kisses her a LOT and kisses her, everywhere ;^), and she’s not expecting this sort of response. The tables have turned and Futaba is like completely, flustered as fuck.


Thousands gather in Manchester and across the UK to pay tributes to those who lost their lives and the families affected after a terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Many of the victims were children, and the youngest confirmed dead was only 8 years old.

This is your daily reminder that this is not normal. Donald Trump is unqualified, racist, misogynistic, ill-tempered, unintelligent; he has no grasp of how our government is supposed to work; he has conflicts of interest so numerous that two presidential ethics lawyers have bi-partisanly teamed up to combat them; he’s been sued so many times I can’t list them all here; he’s still being sued by a multitude of people, and will continue to be long into his presidency.

The Russian government blatantly interfered with his election through email hacks and wikileaks: this has been confirmed by multiple national intelligence agencies; he has no regard for the truth, or facts, or scientific data; he gets into fights with people on twitter at  3am.

He called Mexicans rapists and criminals; he wanted to create a registry for Muslim Americans; he doesn’t take no for an answer, whether its coming from a woman or the President of Mexico; he refuses to attend security briefings; he’s costing the government millions by refusing to leave his office in Trump Tower; his cabinet is as unqualified and uninformed as he is.

He lost the popular vote by over three million (3,000,000) people.  The American people did not elect him.  Donald Trump should not be President of the United States.

This is not normal. Don’t ever forget it.