this is useless

the fucking dread you feel as mae’s parents start being passive-aggressive about her getting a job when you know you can’t make her do so or even take their plight seriously before an explosive event makes it completely clear

most realistic game every physics engine out there can fuck off

Real Talk

But what if the big Amon-Kaneki talk was literally just…

Kaneki: So…uh…this world sucks. We cool?

Amon: Totes.

Kaneki: Cool…

Amon: So…Akira’s ok?

Kaneki: Yeah, she’ll be waking up soon. Kinda scared to talk to her tbh…

Amon: Dude, same. I call not it.

Kaneki: Amon, you useless choir boy. Alright I’ll talk to Akira, but you got to talk to Touka for me.

Amon: Deal.

Kaneki:…dude, why are you unbuttoning your shirt.

Amon: Gonna score me a free coffee.

Merthur AU

Prince Arthur and his manservant/court sorcerer Merlin are secret lovers (meaning all the people of Camelot know they are in love - wait, that is pretty much canon so far). One early morning, while Merlin’s trying to slip from Arthur’s chambers quietly, Arthur confesses his undying love for Merlin in his sleep and Merlin cannot help it but find it way too adorable. In return, Merlin uses his magic to gently place a blanket over his prince.

(this idea got me while watching The Dragon’s Call during @coinelot - thank you!)