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its so interesting seeing how different the bts ship demographics are between twitter and tumblr like
taekook and yoonmin are at the pinnacle of popularity for both platforms but then when it comes to jimin and yoongi ships:
there’s a huge following for vmin and yoonjin on twitter
but on the contrary jikook and yoonseok reign over tumblr

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  • What it blocks for me: anything nightwing related, fanart, innocent posts, a lot of dc comics posts, some fluffy fan fiction
  • What it doesn't block: nsfw fan fiction, porn bots, and a lot of other nsfw posts

anonymous asked:

Delete your blog its trash

Ayyyeee anon, one step ahead of you on this.

Already considering deleting it, so who knows, your rather authoritative message/wish might just come true in a couple days and you most probably will be blessed with my deactivated account, soon.

Good to know we think on the same wavelength though!



so i started drawing a wizard!Kuroiro then i made an entire AU with The Class B Gang™ and help theyre trapped in DnD