this is useless

i really dont like being asked “has [celebrity/idol] done anything problematic????”

of course they have. you are not going to find a non-problematic person. now you can get specific and ask “have they done anything racist, transphobic, ableist etc”. but “problematic” is such a vague (and sometimes completely useless) term

what you can tolerate is based on your own experience & morals and also i feel like you should take microagressions vs violently harmful offenses into account.


this is tumblr’s dashboard update in real life, this sucks & discourages people to post what they love because the notes aren’t there anymore. so pretty PLEASE turn this off, you will miss important stuff when this is on. I’d love to all of my followers to be able to see my content because that’s why they’re following me, and it should be up to them to decide what they see, not to some “best stuff first” update

and for the love of tumblr, @staff fix this, this is a dumb update,it doesn’t help anyone, what it does is making fun of us little tumblrs who want to grow, but this makes it impossible. 

somedays, i will implode on myself. i will quietly shut down, no tears, no shouts, no alarms. i will be too cold, too distant—untouchable and unreachable. don’t panic. somedays, i will implode on myself. it won’t be your fault. let me recover, softly and slowly. hold me when i remember how to feel again.

somedays, i will be reckless. i will be wild and unstoppable. i will jump off cliffs and taste like cigarettes and smell like booze. i will forget you and i will forget me and i will smile. i will smile, until it hurts and i will cry because it won’t be enough. somedays, i will be reckless. it won’t be your fault. wait until i am sober before you berate me, but know that it won’t be the last time.

somedays, i will explode on you. suddenly, suddenly and all at once, i will yell and rage and hate. i will tear you apart with my words and i will not stop, even when you cry. know that i am sorry. it won’t be your fault. i could never hate you. all those words are meant for me, not you. let me remind you that you are too good for me. somedays, i will explode on you. let me apologize.

somedays, i will be gentle. i will take you to museums and coffee shops and the world will feel bright and whole. i will make eggs and toast and dance in the kitchen with you. i will tell you about my favorite memories and you will think this is, this is how it is meant to be. it will end. it won’t be your fault. somedays, i will be gentle. remember that i am not always whole, remember the good comes with the bad.

most days, i will be hard to love. it won’t be your fault. i will not blame you when you leave.

Kravitz during the crystal kingdom: if you all die any more that’s it, no more Mr. Nice Death, kravitz is gonna come a calling

Kravitz after they immediately die 11 more times: taako have you considered maybe getting a safer job? Or just staying safe in general. taako please I’m so concerned also is this a date and if so can we have more because I’m having a lovely time and also please stop dying you’re worrying me

  • nonbinary people: 💞💗💗💝💘😍😍💓🌸💞💞💗💝💘💓💓❤️❤️💜💖💘💝
  • nonbinary people who partially identify with a binary gender: 💗💓💖💕💘💞💞💝💛💛💗💖❤️
  • nonbinary people who relate to a binary gender/both binary genders at some point: 💖💗💓❣️❤️💘💕💝💞💖💓💘💓
  • nonbinary people who identify with both binary genders: 💗💓💖💕💘💕💘💝💙💙💖💗💖
  • nonbinary people who don't identify or have a connection with binary genders at all: 💘💗💓💖💕💖💘💘❤️💛❤️💜💘💕💖
  • nonbinary people who don't think their connection to a binary gender is an important part of their nonbinary identity: 💗💘💕💙💘💘💗💓💘💕💓💞
  • binary people trying to put nonbinary people into binary boxes: 💔💔💔💔❌❌❌💔💔💔❌❌❌⛔️⛔️⛔️💔💔👎👎👎👎😡😡💔❌👎