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Could you give us a sneak peek of the next chapter? ^w^

Here’s a small teaser for Chapter 16 to tide you over until whenever I get it finished:

“Something you might get excited for?” Victor asks again, raising an eyebrow. He’s testing Yuuri, trying to see how riled up he can make him.

“Maybe,” he tries to sound calm again, but the deep tone that comes out betrays the lust he’s feeling.

“I’ve been told I have a very talented tongue,” Victor says, eyes half lidded in a seductive gaze aimed right at Yuuri

Yuuri can’t help the little whimper that escapes his lips. Victor just looks pleased.


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Confession:  I refuse to accept that my gf Tali is a stock photo and I hope that Andromeda will give us at least a sneak peek into what Quarians look like. AND I hope the design will be as non-humanoid as possible. In fact I hope from our pov they will be borderline ugly. I don’t have anything against Liara, but I’ll be disappointed if we get another “slightly-different-colored-and-freaky-haired-otherwise-completely-normal-hawt gurl” alien.

Sneak Peek To: Fingertips Between Us

Hai hai! I just wanted to announce that since Train Rides is coming to a close soon, I have another fic ready to go! Fingertips Between Us will be a MCxJumin fic! There will be NSFW scenes later on in the story, as well as angst!!!!  I’ve provided a summary below ^^ I hope you’re all as excited for it as I am!

Sneak Peek 

 “ After cooling his head, Jumin returns to the home you both had created together.  As he enters through the door way he can see all the lights are off, replicating just how bad his actions were just moments before. He calls your name only to be answered with silence. Ashamed he walks passed the kitchen, the handkerchief he had slammed onto the floor deposited into the trash can. His heart aches at the sight of it. Above the trash on the counter top is a plate of food, wrapped in plastic wrap. Beads of water have already began to form from the steam on the inside. 

“MC. Let’s talk.” He calls out, only to be met with silence once again.

Jumin stands alone in the kitchen, his head spinning at how he could make up for what he did. Finally, after what feels like eternity, he steps forward to the bedroom door, slowly creaking it open.  

His head is hung down, ashamed and sorrowful, but as he looks up, his eyes widen. 

There’s no sight of you. The bed sheets that had been tousled roughly are remade perfectly along the bed, his suits washed, ironed, and hanged. But your side of the room…

The closet hangs wide open, empty. 

And Jumin’s running though the house. Screaming your name, not even caring that Elizabeth the Third is frightened. He slams the bathroom door open, his heart ripping to shreds as he sees that your blue tooth brush is no long in the crystal container. 

Jumin finds himself in front of the front door, only now realizing that all your shoes are gone. He’s never realized just how stark his penthouse is, empty of all your little touches. Like your brightly colored handbag that you kept by the door. 

As he looks around Jumin feels something in his chest crack open. There isn’t even a trace of you left. “


Jumin has always claimed that you’re the only one for him. You’re both ready to live your lives together, with or without the approval of Mr.Han. But Jumin’s fear of being used has always haunted him. Can he really say he trusts you completely?

Mr. Han is willing to do anything to separate you from his son, and you find yourself wanting to accept his help, of course, with his terms.  

You love Jumin with all your heart, but as your sister approaches you with an emergency that means life or death, you’ll be forced to choose between an innocent life, or your life with Jumin. 

Our lives are strings caught in one big web, connecting and intertwining with each others. Against all odds, Jumin will reconnect the string he himself cut off from you. He swears on it.  

The Phantom of the Opera (Musical)

Based on the book written by Gaston Leroux, The Musical is a story of a chorus girl turned Prima Donna overnight due to ‘unfortunate circumstances’ which are rumored to be created by her admirer/tutor, the Phantom. 

With just recently celebrating their 30th Anniversary on the West End and also being the Longest running show on Broadway, the Musical is showing no signs of slowing down having various productions in different countries, having been performed in different languages and also having a sequel called ‘Love Never Dies’, The Phantom of the Opera will surely remain a Broadway classic. 

The 30th Anniversary performance was at the Majestic Theater in New York City. Sierra Boggess and Gardarthor Cortes who were also supposed to perform in Paris, France as Christine Daae and the Phantom respectively, flew to the US to sing for the Finale as a sneak peek of their performance in Theater Mogador at France which was only a few blocks away from where the story actually took place, Palais Garnier. 

Happy 30th, Phantom! Here’s to more years!