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Yet another weekend wrap up!

Another laid-back weekend, I have a lady friend coming to stay with me later this week since my next two weekend are a bit more hectic. I have a uni friend flying to stay with me later this week, we met when she was a foreign exchange student and she’s from Pakistan. The French consulate apparently put her through extra loops so I got us tickets to watch PSG vs Nice as a surprise treat while she is here. Then I’m in London & Birmingham the following weekend.

I was doing 12 hour work days last week so I was exhausted by Friday & I was in bed by 11pm like the whiny toddler I am.

I did cook myself a nice dinner, eggplant Parma & asparagus risotto. I actually enjoy cooking, it’s something I’ve been neglecting over the last year. I have been eating a lot healthier, but I make the same fast & easy meals very week. I never realized I miss trying new recipes so something I’m going to try to do more regularly.

Saturday was a lot of errands, I’ve been on a mission to find some knickknack organizers (makeup, jewelry, etc) that was unsuccessful. However, I discovered Tiger (Cheap Danish store) Fly (French IKEA). I also ate dinner at an Australian bar with an excellent view & tried the flat ice cream, which was nothing special.

I met two American rugby players at the pub where I was watching a band, they we’re both great fun. We hung out for the rest of the night & grabbed late night pizza, which seems to be the culprit of my bedridden Sunday.

Food poisoning, so much food poisoning. Its been a long time since I’ve felt this miserable, but I almost feel human. I’m just starting to feel human again so I’m doing some late night chores, I spent most of my day binging on Peaky Blinders for the first time. We should all take a moment to admire the bone structure of Cillian Murphy.


Making sweet and sour chicken and vegetables. I used a lot of extra veggies to bulk this out as I only use organic free range chicken and it’s very expensive; I prefer to just add more of the cheaper ingredients to make it go further.

Here I used two chicken breasts (chopped), didn’t add any Diet Coke or baby sweetcorn but added in addition to the above recipe:

-small tin sliced water chestnuts
-small tin sliced bamboo shoots
-tin of tomatoes
-I added three whole peppers instead of 1.5

This made seven good-sized portions out of those two chicken breasts 👍

a-strange-cat  asked:

I like the fact that in Regret there was some Heartache melody, because Asgore misses toriel and in TORIEL there was some of ASGORE's melody. Well done! I also noticed some Megalovania in TORIEL. Why is that so?

In Inverted Fate, I treat Megalovania as one of Sans’ motifs. I know this is a really controversial choice- I’m no stranger to all the Megalochara, Megalosans, and Megaloplayer arguments, but please hear me out.

You see, I did so to represent the duality of Sans’ character. On one hand, we have the smiling, joking side of Sans, and on the other hand, there’s the more serious side of his character. So I use the sans. motif to represent the more lighthearted aspects of Sans, whereas Megalovania represents Sans’ more serious side as well as his royal guard persona. It’s Raining kinda falls in the middle- it uses the sans. motif primarily, but it does have some extra bits.

Though, honestly, another part of it is that without Megalo in the picture, Sans doesn’t have much to play with musically. His base motif is very short. Again, though, this is just my personal take. All I ask is that you all respect my choices, as some people on the other side of the motif debate can be… aggressive.

So what motifs do I use for Chara, then? Once Upon a Time and Beta Undertale.

Note: I am not here to argue which motifs are canon, as I feel that this fandom as a whole takes music arguments too seriously. This is just how I apply the motifs in Inverted Fate.

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Yurio deciding to be really lazy and stops Otabek from getting up by being cute

By *bein cute* I think u mean dropping his entire weight on Otabek and refusing to budge, burying his face in his neck and using his couple extra inches height difference to keep Otabek on the couch.

Today has been one of Those Days.

Good Things That Happened

- Donald won 600 dollars at the casino, bought groceries, gas, some nice sweets and little extras for the family, and got us chinese food for tonight. 

- Got to do self-checkout for cashiering, and that was a bit of fun! Bit of a different beat than regular cashiering, both easier and more hands-on, but fun. Wouldn’t mind doing that for a day.

Bad Shit That Went Down

- Ran into a truly entitled asshat of a customer who insisted on parking for 2 hours in the loading zone while he did his shopping, ignored both calls put out over the intercom by two separate people to come get his truck moved because there were people that actually needed to, you know, LOAD THEIR SHIT AND GET OUT. Came out with an attitude, proceeded to sneer and shake his head when not one but two people (head cashier and self-checkout cashier) explained that it was a loading zone, not a goddamned parking bay, and if he wanted to park then maybe use the parking lot like the rest of us mere peons? Called the head cashier crazy behind her back, called the rule (I kind of wanted to call Mike down to talk to this guy) stupid and ridiculous and implied that neither the head cashier nor the self-checkout one were very smart and needed to be fired for daring to tell him what to do.

- We lost a 800 dollar sale on a fucking trailer because apparently we need a specialist to sell the damn things, and Trina wasn’t in the fucking building. Kind of wanted to cry over that one.

- Mike got upset that we ran out of carts and proceeded to box all of our ears for it, but especially head cashier and loaders for not doing our jobs despite the fact that we were trying to run carts as fast as our sore little legs could carry us between customers as well as running carts for service desk and garden on top of it. 

- Got bounced out of cashiering entirely before the day even fucking started and was basically shoved into lot with 2 other people. One of who bounced without saying or explaining or anything. Just apparently broke into tears and left??? Leaving us with… myself, and one other person until 12:30 when another one showed up, and then a whole bunch of people showed up wanting to get their shit loaded. HC had to pull from Lumber and Service desk in order to help get everyone loaded.

- I think I might either be sick or trying to get sick. Stomach’s been doing a Thing all day, and my muscles are starting to ache like they do when I get a bad stomach bug. Didn’t start up until I ate that take-out chicken we got last night, so I think maybe they didn’t quite cook it all the way through. Or maybe someone at work decided to be generous. Don’t know, but I don’t need to be getting sick!

- I am literally getting blisters beneath blisters on my feet. No matter what anyone tells me, they will not go away. I kind of want to just go ahead and pop them and drain them and get it over with, but I’ve been told that’s a Bad Idea.

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

Watch on Youtube: (x)


This kind of edit has been done like, a million times before, but I wanted to make one of my own!

Gems and their Gemstones! I tried to use only non-fused Gems, because I wanted to make a separate post for fusion gems.


The fallen Pink Diamond!

The ever so elusive White Diamond!

GARNET! I know I said I would make a separate post for fusions, but I just couldn’t NOT include Garnet! I love her too much!!! >~<


#HappySehunDay 🐥🎉 [ ver. 1 / ver. 2 ]
↳ Happiest birthday to EXO’s cutest baby boy who’s simultaneously the unlikely and the obvious maknae! You are so loved, so precious, so talented and an absolute sweetheart who deserves the world, my dear. I hope you know each day of you waking up is another day of you becoming the best version of yourself; we’re already (and will always be) so proud of you. Thank you for being you and keep smiling, Oh Sehun!


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)


♪♪ in the club with JohnJae😎


A Jin Kiss a day keeps the doctor away!