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Pisces & Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius, calls Pisces out of the blue: Hey, what are you doing?
  • Pisces, taking notes over some things for thier classes: Nothing really- why?What's up?
  • Sagittarius: Just wanted to say that I missed hearing your annoying voice and wanted to check up on you.
  • Pisces:
  • Pisces, scoffs: Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?
  • Sagittarius, laughing: Bitch, I'm still here, the fuck- I don't always have the energy to tease you, you know
  • Pisces, smiling: I know, I know. Fuck face.

So Afra’s Norwegian blood started to become apparent today, she lovesss snow!

She gave me a lot of happy jumps and became a snow submarine, just putting her nose in the snow and walking forward fast to push all the snow aside with her nose…. Strogan did not appreciate the unsual behaviour lol

These days I was watching “Trolls” clips and pictures, when suddenly I noticed something strange, a bit unsual about a character. What? About who? Well, I’ll show you right now, and I hope I caught it right. 

I started to look closely to the Trolls’ teeth, almost involuntarily. Yeah, pretty strange and odd you might think, but let me explain. XD Their teeth, just like their ears (Branch is an exception) or fluffy bodies, were rounded: no canines or fangs whatsoever, just round, inoffensive teeth. 

Harper, for example: cool character, heterochromia, of course, but normal and rounded teeth.

And what about Cooper? I see rounded and crooked teeth. Nothing too strange here.

Guy Diamond? Rounded teeth, like the others.

Biggie? Rounded teeth, again.

In conclusion, all the members of the Snack Pack (I left out some of them, but they all have rounded teeth, you can check ther images), and even Poppy, had rounded teeth.

And ok, all this cute and colorful Trolls are perfectly normal. 

But… am I crazy or wrong if I actually say that Branch has canines? XD Watching the movie again and again, I noticed this little particular about him: his teeth seemed sharper, in my opinion, like little “fangs” or more accurately, canines.

I really don’t know if I’m right, maybe it’s just an optical illusion and the perspective/framing fooled me, but think about it: Branch has pointy and moving ears, very sensitive to sounds or danger and, according to these pictures I took, he seems to have little canines. I can’t say that he “evolved” and became like this because of his hard and tough life (or maybe he needed to lacerate food, like fibrous meat or plants with his teeth? Idk, that doesn’t sound right to me. :/), living as a survivalist in the wild woods, because that would be scientifically wrong (I mean, a human wouldn’t change his/her body and grow teeth, claws or bigger ears in that kind of situation, that would take generations and generations of evolution). But Dreamworks, really… the more I look at Branch, the more he doesn’t seem a Rainbow Troll (as they confirmed in the movie and on the toys’ boxes) to me. XD

I think Branch could have been a little more “interesting” (no hate with this words, I love that little, hysterical and crazy-prepared dork the way he is) if he was a different type/species of Troll. So, what do you think? 


Aaron Watson’s sonic experiments inside megalithic structures from the British Neolithic suggest that their design incorporated elements that caused sound to behave in unsual ways, and that altered states of consciousness, even trance, could be induced through drumming and other percussive practices.
In Orkney, at the massive stone block of the Dwarfie Stane, which has chambers and passages that were hewn out of the solid rock in Neolithic times, they encountered another odd phenomenon: when they set up a resonant frequency inside the chamber using their voices, they found that the massive stone block and the air within it appeared to shake vigorously. The vibration was also evident to people standing outside on top of the tomb.

(Ph: David Anderson)
(Text: Archaeology of Shamanism, Neil Price)

Thoughts about Spn 12x12


Man, I loved this episode. What a treat. I really feel like the second half of the season is stepping up in its game. Though I think this season had in general some really strong episodes, but towards the end of the first half I got a bit bored. But that is maybe because I think the whole Lucifer-story is done. And yes I know in a way this story brings us back to Lucifer, but in an unexpected and so far quite interesting way.

Before the episode aired we already suspected it would be an hommage to Tarantino (and well, I just saw a couple of his movies and that is years ago, so someone smarter than me please makes a post listing all the Tarantino references). What I expected was a random motw-case told in an unsual perspective/structure. And though we got the latter one, Davy Perez also surprised us with a really interesting case and some new mythology, a Crowley retcon and the return of an old friend. Well played.

I feel like espcially the new writers this season (Perez, Yockey, Glynn) did their homework. They know their stuff when it comes to the mythology of the show, but aren’t afraid to add new stuff (Yockey did this with the angel mythology in 12x10, and here we have Perez giving us new stuff about demons). And unlike some writers who just change the mythology in a way that it fits their story *cough* Bucklemming *cough* they do in a smart way, that doesn’t change the story the way we know it, but adds something to our perspective and makes it more complex. I think this is the advantage when you come to a show that already has twelve years of mythology build up: you don’t need to create something new but rather can go back and add something new to something old. I also feel that the new writers are fandom savvy. Stuff like Cas in a female vessel (or in general Cas’s past) or bringing back the Colt is I think a nod to the fandom. Those are the things many fans yearned to see. And of course there is always a thin line between telling your story and fanservice, but they added these things well enough into their actual stories to say it is just pure fanservice.

But now, let’s get to the actual story (I only remembered half of the title cards and tumblr couldn’t provide me with my need, so there you go).


Just as in 12x09 we see one of the British MoL speaking direct to the camera, though it is Mr. Ketch this time, not Mick. This again makes him the narrator of the story in a way, or as others speculated the stand in for the showrunner (just as Chuck was for Kripke and Metatron for Carver). The focus here is right on the storytelling part. Which makes sense because the actual story is told from different perspectives, which is something that I love (and just in general whenever Spn tells a story from a different perspective).

I think there is already plenty of meta about the dinner scene and the waitress and Cas and Dean’s reaction, which I haven’t read because I am awfully behind on my dash, but I won’t go in detail in here. But if anyone thought of it as a “no homo” I just kindly remind them of the giant “yes homo” that we get at the end of the episode. Either way, I like to believe that Mandy wasn’t just into Cas because he is, as I may quote one Dean Winchester, “devastatingly handsome”, but because they both are science nerds who know cheese isn’t a carb. Also, Cas is yet again associated with the sun (a sunrise special for our Mr. Sunshine). And Dean trying to teach Cas how to flirt reminded me a lot of 9x06 and Dean trying to prepare Cas for his date, aka the gayest episode ever. (Also, Cas stop sniffing the waitress)

I’m kinda indifferent when it comes to Wally, mostly because we didn’t know him enough (still he deserved better). I was wrong in my speculation there would be something shady about him. That was all on Mary. And I already expected he wouldn’t make it out alive in this episode, but I thought he would have lasted longer. It was also interesting to see that appearently he never dealt with demons before. I mean they pretty much walked the earth since season 3 (thanks to Sam & Dean) and we are so used to them I thought it was unlikely to find a hunter who hasn’t dealt with them. Also, did Crowley inform his guarding demons not to kill the Winchesters? It doesn’t seem like that.

Bonus: Mary finally using her mom voice. 

The Wounded Angel:

We start with Cas listening to the radio and it is very intersting what we hear:

Man on radio: Each of us has a time when the physical body dies and we all face God’s judgment in the end. There’s not one of us alive walking on this earthly plane that will not pay the consequence for their actions. The Lord will hold us in the palm of his hand and he’ll weigh our souls. Brothers and sisters, are you worthy?

This refers to Cas in many ways. He almost dies in this episode. We are again reminded of consequences that follow actions, one might say cosmic consequences. And of course the question if Cas is worthy, which I think the episode answers really well in showing us the love and support of his family.

Wally doesn’t seem to be surprised that Mary has two adult sons who are technically older than her, and later she tells him that technically she is her 60s, so I guess he knows her story. I don’t know how common it is for hunters to come back from the dead (because the Winchesters are not the standard), but even then coming back after 33 years is very unlikely. And again this is the same guy who never met a demon before. And who learns that Winchesters never joke when they talk about Lucifer’s child. Poor Wally. (Also “ Keep a lookout. Don’t die.”, you had one job Wally, one job.)

Of course the demon turns out not be a demon (or at least not an average demon) because that would be to easy. But when Mary saw the yellow eyes I thought for a moment the demon had the special power to make people hallucinate their own worst nightmare (and based on the promo Cas would have seen the Leviathans inside him again).

And of course, of course it is Dean who immediately goes to the wounded Cas. Not surprised at all.

Mother Mary:

Wally: “It all sounds swell, but someone walks up to you and offers you something that sounds a little too good to be true? I wonder, what’s the catch?”

This already confirms that Mary made a deal with the devil when she agreed to work with the British MoL. We already know what the catch is, because the British MoL don’t hestitate to even kill humans if they get inconvenient and kill absolutely everything supernatural, even innocents like Magda in 12x04. And this will bite them in the ass with their angel best friend and the Winchester family tradition to become inconvenient.

Still, the question remains how much Mary is to blame for the events of this episode. We know she thinks she is doing the right thing, but we already know this is how half of the apocalypses started in Spn. Didn’t they get her the collector’s edition of the Winchesters gospels? And I think she knows there is something shady about them, otherwise she would have just told her sons about her working with the British MoL. And Dean even mentions that they almost killed Sam, so Wally might wonder what changed her mind.

I think Mary’s way of hunting is rather pragmatic. The good she can do with the help of the British outweighs any kind of consequences (and this again parallels her with Cas: they both have consequences for their actions waiting for them). She asks Sam since when is life about getting what you want. Mary wanted out, but hunters never get out. She wanted a normal life for her sons, but they turned out to become hunters anyway. So what can she do? The best in a horrible situation: saving as many people as she can.

Entrance the MacGuffin (I think the light was purely a Tarantino reference and the Colt didn’t all of sudden starting glowing). The safe is hidden behind an image of Michael fighting Lucifer (with his lance?). They both are mentioned, the lance and Lucifer even appear. Regarding Mary though I wonder how much she knows about her sons status as the archangels vessels? Does she know that cupids set her and John up just to breed the perfect vessels? How much does she know in general about her sons lifes? In 12x09 Dean mentioned the prison cell was worse than hell and she didn’t blinked so I guess she knows about that as well. 

The segment ends again in the barn, this time with Dean and Cas’s dialogue. Dean keeps his distance to a wounded Cas, doesn’t even touch him, which is unusual. Is it because Mary is around?

Mr. Crowley:

Entrance the king of hell and some new shiny mythology. I think the name Ramiel almost sounds like an angelic name. Did Lucifer use it to spite God? Also, all the old demons have names, whereas the average demons seem to borrow their vessels name (Meg) or might keep their human name (Ruby). I wonder though where Crowley got his name from. I bet from Aleister Crowley and our Crowley thinks he is super clever like that. Anyway, princes of hell. Are they above the knights of hell? If so Abaddon believed them dead or otherwise she would have turned to them to claim their rightfully throne in hell. And it explains her outraged reaction after learning the salesman Crowley became king of hell. Because here is the thing: with Lucifer, Lilith and Azazal gone I thought hell had no longer a clear hierarchy, and Crowley used the chaos and made himself king. But… not so much. Planing, scheming Crowley never planed this but it happened accidently instead. Hell, the female demon he had with him almost became queen of hell. And I guess with the title you get the powers but also that Ramiel transfered them to Crowley in a way? Either way, it paints quite a different picture of Crowley. For years I thought of him as the ambitious demon who first made himself king of the crossroads and later king of hell, just to learn he only had luck. That bastard.

So, the lance of Micheal. Kills the bad ones fast and the good ones slow. Of course I thought it would refer to character rather than species (because Cas is anything but good). And just introducing a weapon that could kill Lucifer (and probably his child as well) only to destroy it. I guess it is useless now. But with the return of the Colt we are reminded of all the awesome weapons we had in the show (and that a lot of us fangirled about in the latest meta challenge), but also the disadvantage of a weapon that can kill everything from a writer’s perspective. Because they are just too good to be true, and bring easy solutions instead of conflict. So they either get destroyed or get lost.

We get the confirmation that there are at least two other princes of hell, Asmodeus and Dagon. Ramiel also said Dagon showed an interest in Lucifer’s child, so chances are we might see her this season. I really thought Ramiel would kill Crowley for breaking their deal, and at this point I feel like I’m telling for years now that I think Crowley’s story is done, and with the reveal how he became king it would have been a good end. Also yet another reminder Crowley never underestimated the Winchesters and that is the reason he is still alive. I wonder though if Crowley made another deal with Ramiel. If so it doesn’t seem to matter as Ramiel died anyway.

And that leaves us with Cas, who we first met in a barn and who is now about to die in one as well. *slowlytearsup*

Something something barn: (yes, that was the exact title of that card)


Just everything about this scene was so beautiful.

“Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life.”

Can you imagine how old Cas is, all the wonders he had seen, he had created, everything about this powerfull alien being and yet, spending what seemed to him only seconds with those humans was the best part of his life. I can’t.

“And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me.”

Ok, just everybody look at the way Mary looks first at Cas, then at her sons. Thank you for this very ambiguous sentence and giving Mary Winchester something to think about what exactly is the kind of relationship her sons have with the angel.

“You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you.”

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. Finally. Cas adressing them as his family. Cas accepting his place in this family. I love you. I LOVE YOU. On this stupid show where we still can count on one hand how many times our main characters have said those words this is so huge. And it is impossible not to see this from a Destiel perspective. Because they immediately cut to Dean after Cas said this. And the way he says it. “I love you. I love all of you.” Because the second part wouldn’t be necessary if he already meant all of them with his first “I love you”. So it is adressed to a single person. I wonder who it might be.

hint: this guy

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

“We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.”

And just, it was so important for Cas to hear this. To see his family being with him, fighting for him, risking their lifes to save him. That is the answer to the question if he is worthy.

Another thing: pretty sure her sons told her they killed Azazel with the Colt. So Mary technically knows that thing can kill Ramiel? Why doesn’t she use it? So her secret remains a secret even though her sons are in danger? I doubt it. I rather think, or at least hope that there weren’t any bullets in the Colt, so it was (at least for now) useless. That is the only thing that makes sense for the woman who was ready to sacrifice herself for her sons in 12x09.

If anyone was betting it would be Crowley to save Cas’s life they are probably rich by now. He destroys the only weapon he knows can kill Lucifer to save Cas. And I think it might have been the image of the Winchesters all gathered around Cas, to be with him in his last moments, that made him make this decision. Because deep down Crowley wants such a deep love as well.

I wonder if the grace or whatever it was in Michael’s lance that healed Cas changed him. I recently read some spoilers that Cas would change, some speculated if he would be rebooted again (and forget about Sam & Dean) and for a moment I thought he might did. But for now he seems okay. 

One last thing:

And the MacGuffin is revealved (that is actually not how a MacGuffin works, but never mind). The Colt is back. Now that it is back they will use it. I just wonder who will be the victim? Lucifer’s child? It didn’t work on Lucifer though. Another prince of hell? Crowley? Cas? Mary?

“I lost a friend. I almost lost one of my boys.”

Mary refers to Cas as one of her boys. OMG. We all wondered how Mary would react to Cas, if she might be suspicious about him (hey, I wrote a fic about that), but insted she just adopted him. Or maybe she was just confirmed in her assumption that Cas is her son in law. Either way, I love it. Cas has a mom now.

So Mary threatens the British MoL (and I totally forgot she filed them under “Hobbits” in her phone… Dean is so much her son). I already said they have no mercy killing her whenever they think she is going to become a problem for them.

Everbody and their mother already wrote about that season 12 so far seems like a subversion of season 6 in many ways. Instead of Cas we have Mary now working behind the backs of Sam and Dean. Whereas Cas opens up about his feelings and the three of them (Sam, Dean & Cas) get way better at communication and for once don’t keep any secrets the betrayal comes from a whole different direction. I wonder if the outcome will be the same. I sincerly hope they don’t kill Mary (again). I don’t think Sam & Dean would survive it (and neither would I). In 11x23 Dabb already showed that he wants to go in a different direction than before. Instead of a sacrifice the world was saved through love and understanding and communication. I think Mary will keep her secret for a while, just to create conflict. But that evetually she will come clean to her sons and ask for their help, and not when it is already too late. Please show us that you can to better than in the past show. I’m done with both Crowley’s story and Lucifer’s, so I hope he just stays in his cell and that’s it. I would say I look forward to next week but we get a Bucklemming, so let’s hope for the best instead.

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hi ladies. quick question cos I'm not very familiar with the fashion/modelling world. considering he's been successful for a good number of years, is it unusual for a model to hit such a peak as miles has at this stage of his career?

it’s not unsual when the model is as stablished and sought after as miles is. it didn’t come out of nowhere, it’s the result of years of work and dedication and and it’s a good thing he’s at his peak at 27 and not say, 22-23 like most of those ig models you see around that will most likely be all but forgotten a year from now. it speaks wonders of his work ethic, dedication and connections in the industry (and of his uniqueness and pedegree as a model, needless to say). he’s not the only one ofc, but there aren’t many like him. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon finally premiered! And I completely loved the pilot! 

It is a drama that promises not only romance, but also comedy, bromance and thriller! Honestly, it’s been a while since a show has made me laugh this much. Probably since Weightlinfting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It does have similar traits, such as the strong female lead with an awesome personality and an unsual but utterly great male lead.

I knew that I would enjoy this drama, especially because of Park Hyung Shik (and Jisoo). But the story seems very very promising, not only the eye-candy! Bong Soon’s power, the murderer, the threats to Min Hyeok… This show will certainly deliver! :)

The chemistry between the three mains is also off the charts! I am so looking forward to Hyung Shik and Jisoo’s characters to interact more! It’ll be loads of fun hehe.

I can’t wait for the subs of the second episode!

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((ooh, well as long as youre askin for questions, i thought id share something i thought of while browsing yt! there's this youtuber/comedian i recently subscribed to named drew lynch and he has a stutter (that of course made me think of your space's dialogue), and he has a cute service dog named stella an that just made me think: what if space had an adorable little robot service dog? or just a regular ol robo doggo bc he deserves doggos uwu ))

            ask time. 

            hello !! yo, i love drew !! he’s an amazing comedian and his stutter, which is super cute, has always reminded me of space but i’m so ?? happy ?? that someone else thought of my space bab when they heard drew ?? ahhhHHH ?? and aww that would be !! adorable !! space doesn’t know much about any animals besides some photos so he’d be scared at first bc it’s new n unsual but !! he’d love it !! that’d be his little pal !! i’m crying !! he’d probably name it star or smth which is so cute i’m in love w/ this idea, bless u tbh !! <33

Finally - Suho Scenario

Suho Scenario/One Shot (Fluff) (I didn’t proof read it)

It was a normal routine you had every day, over and over again. You would go to school tired after staying up way past a healthy hour to sleep but definitely too lazy to even sleep. That left you only with bad effects on your body and mind.

Every time you took the bus whether it be going to school or coming back you would, usually when you are about to reach your destination, have fluttery eyes that would do nothing rather than turn off your mind and let you sleep. And you would have to do so much your best to even stay awake, often looking around if someone noticed your sleepy self.

And today was no exception, however this time you managed to stay awake very very well. 

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Kylux headcannon

- Hux doesn’t sleep that much because he considers every second not spent working a waste.

- When he does sleep, nothing can wake him.

-Kylo has made it his duty to either place weird objects onto Hux’ forhead and/or tummy, or take Hux to unsual places to wake up in.

-Phasma helps sometimes whenever she can.

-They take pictures all the time.

-One time they took him into a tie fighter, programmed the auto pilot to orbit the base, and off he went.

-Another time Kylo and Phasma build a tower of blasters. Hux didn’t even wake when it fell over.

-When he finds out Hux is thoroughly pissed about it. 

- But it makes Kylo happy so he doesn’t care that much.He also did enjoy the one time Kylo carried him to his own chambers very much.