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Are u serious about KTB being the worst acai in GC?? What was wrong with it? And why post about it and make a business suffer b/c of ur opinion

Haha seriously I can’t have an opinion??? If something SUCKS I’ll probably share that with you guys, and if something it’s AMAZING I will also share…if a business is not giving good quality service and food then the they don’t deserve my business or anyone else’s for that matter.

The reason that is important is because I want vegan/healthy foods to be LOVED and enjoyed by everyone, it would be a shame if that place put others off having acai over something unhealthy like ice cream just because they don’t know how to make a good acai bowl… ya know?

The acai bowl I had today wasn’t just average it was uneatable (the fruit tasted off, it was icey and watery and the flavour was just horrible) so in that case I’m going to share to hopefully prevent someone else from having a bad experience. There are lots of amazing places for acai on the Goldcoast so I would rather encourage people towards those business’s that are creating amazing food and helping Veganism (not hurting) 🙈

me, arguing with a guy on Facebook about the ACA repeal
  • Him: You say the new health care bill will not cover pre-existing conditions. You got that from where?
  • Me: From logic. They're repealing the mandate. The mandate is what allows insurance companies, financially, to cover people with pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, healthy people will opt to be uninsured, until they become unhealthy, all insurance policies will be for unhealthy people, and insurance companies will not be able to bear the financial burden.
  • Him: We will see what Trump will do, but wants to retain pre-existing conditions and kids on the health plan of their parents til age 26. I agree with you, I don't see how they can do it without a mandate.
  • Me: So you see why those of us with pre-existing conditions are concerned?
  • Him: Nope. He said he's keeping pre-existing conditions, kids stay on parent's policy until 26. Selling across state lines. No mandate. More to come.
  • Me: So except for the fact that that's financially impossible, everything should be super!
  • Him: Beats me how he's going to pay for it.
  • Me: *screaming internally, externally, and eternally*

i cut people out of my life because the relationships wither and die and ending them is the right thing, but then i get comfortable in the quiet and the easy going nature of being all by myself so i stay that way and i miss out on friends and love and generally healthy happiness, all while getting drunk every weekend to kiss random boys and forget how lonely i am but am too proud to admit it because i’m “brave” and “independent” but really i just got dumped by the guy i would have spent the rest of high school with gladly, and now he says he loves me but i’m emotionally out of touch with myself so i avoid making a decision while involving myself with unhealthy coping mechanisms and dangerous boys and i’m just a fucking confused mess that wants to just lay in bed and never move or talk to another fake ass transparent ass soul again

it’s great bc when you first watch brooklyn nine nine you think it’s a funny sitcom about new york cops

and instead you get some of the best racial representation in any tv show, an accurate depiction of how lgbt people and poc are treated by the police force AND how the intersectionality between the two works 

the person holding arguably the most power in the show is a black man who’s openly gay but also non stereotypical

the person holding the second most power is also a black man who’s large and muscular but has a family he prioritises above all else and he’s so so gentle with his little daughters it’s amazing

it also depicts how uncomfortable and unhealthy the ‘guy has a complete infatuation for a woman who’s not interested’ dynamic is, and instead of making her realise she’s ‘wrong’ and fall for him, he instead gets over her and they actually become good friends

and the inevitable ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship develops naturally and they don’t both develop feelings for each other at the same time, and when jake realises that amy is dating another guy he’s okay with it because he knows it’s not his place to ruin that for his own feelings



  • Yoonbum: There's this guy I like. But I'm too shy to go up & talk to him so I've been obsessively following him on social media...also I'm a guy so I don't think he'll like me b/c all I ever see him w/ is girls.
  • Yoonbum: *breaks into house & sees someone tied up in the basement* He's crazy!...(but I've committed to this crush & dammit I'm gonna have him.)
  • Sangwoo: This fucker's crazier than I am...I like him!

Reasons why Rick Sanchez is a true millenial icon despite being a 60-80 year old man:

-extremely bitter
-had to move back in with family
-will do vaguely (and somewhat less vaguely) illegal things to make money
-super mega ultra not straight
-full of self-loathing
-Super Depressed™ but pretends he’s fine
-gets excited about tv, video games, snack food, anything that involves instant gratification that makes life even slightly more bearable
-is v disillusioned
-is just the kind of guy to complain about memes and then go and post 500 memes
-live fast die young(ish)
-doesn’t care any more
-solves problems in extremely unhealthy ways but ignores it and hopes it’ll work itself out
-“I don’t care about what other people think” *secretly cares very much what other people think*
-is easily entertained by weird shit
-has killed several industries and desecrated more than one tradition
-doesn’t believe in love but wants to

highlights from Magnús Scheving’s TED talk:

-he starts off doing a handstand of course

-telling a guy he has a nice enough ass to be sportacus

-he grabbed a stranger in a grocery store and told her she had 3 minutes to fill a basket with healthy foods and if there was one unhealthy thing in the basket she had to do 500 pushups

-and then he made her do it blindfolded

-so much giggling

-his terrible disco moves and singing Stayin’ Alive

-ending his talk with some weird aerobics move

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- Books in general
Hi, guys, I am a newcomer with an unhealthy obsession for books and the series mentioned above, so my blog will pretty much be revolving around them and the books that I have yet to discover. So, if you are a book junkie too and post about books a lot, let me know!

So What Happens Now?

To all you wonderful people who are struggling with the results of the 2016 election: I’m so sorry. I know times are extremely difficult for everyone, so here’s a post of how to deal with whats going on:

  1. Let yourself feel your emotions. Get out all your crying and despair and let yourself be upset. Trying to suppress how you feel is unhealthy, will fester inside, and make it harder to cope.
  2. When you’re all cried out, wipe your tears. You are strong and capable and will be able to get through this. It will be tough but you are tougher and have the support of everyone here.
  3. Surround yourselves with people who care about you - whether it’s friends, family, or an online community. If you feel like you have no one for you, send in an ask and I will personally reply with whatever form of communication works best for you and you’re most comfortable using (e.g. my blog, phone number, snapchat, facebook messenger, discord, or anything else).
  4. Do something that makes you happy and/or will take your mind off of things. Look at live streams of baby animals, read a book, play video games, do homework or chores. Getting away and not focusing on the bad will help improve your mental state.
  5. If you’re like me, then simple things like eating a cookie or drinking hot cocoa under a blanket does wonders. Sometimes it’s the small things that help.
  6. Take a break from Tumblr if you have to. It’s very political right now, and if it’s too much to handle then there’s no shame in taking a break for your mental health. If you don’t want to leave, ask the blogs you follow to tag their political posts and then block the tags.
  7. It’s okay to turn off the news. Don’t surround yourself with constant information and get overwhelmed. The news will still be there when you wake up/ are better equipped to deal with it.
  8. Don’t be ashamed but don’t get hurt. Be proud of who you are and don’t let this election fuel or start self-hatred against your race, gender, sexuality, or religion; however, please stay safe and watch your backs. Unfortunately, how our nation voted proves not everyone is looking out for your best interests.

Through history we’ve managed to survive, to keep ourselves afloat even when it seems like everyone else is trying to push our heads underwater. Take a deep breath and keep swimming, because we will refuse to drown. We will survive this too, because Trump doesn’t deserve to see us fail.

what i want to see in the next FBAWTFT movies 

  • - the real Percival Graves 
  • - young Dumbledore and Grindelwald
  • - actual Grindeldore 
  • - Credence, growing up, finding people who love him without condition, Credence not being used for selfish purposes, Credence finding comfort in magic and learning to control his own powers, Credence being happy 
  • - more information about the Goldstein sisters 
  • - Tina and Queenie and female characters being badass af
  • - more creatures

what im probably gonna get

  • - psycho!Grindelwald 
  • - absolutely no further mentions of Percival Graves despite his importance
  • - evil Credence maybe
  • - “just guys being dudes” Grindeldore, and if not that, then a very unhealthy, creepy relationship between the two without any positive LGBT representation to counterbalance this 
  • - Men saving Women™
  • - lots of unnecessary ~ eye contact ~ between male and female characters 
  • - more creatures 

Hello, I would like for you…no. I /want/ you to take time to look at my boyfriend.

He is literally the most gorgeous being to ever been created. Now don’t be mistaken, it’s not a beautiful sculpture that you are looking at. No, he’s real. I need everyone to appreciate Yurio and how absolutely amazing he is.

Yurio is so determined, so dedicated and goes beyond the limits of his own body.

I feel honored that I even got to see a glimpse of his sheer beauty with his hair tied in a ponytail and getting the time to fully admire his features. What beautiful eyes. He’s truly a work of art.

So please, take time to appreciate and acknowledge this magnificent boy.

I think there’s something kind of sexy about Tate. (…) But if you really take a step back and look at Tate, he’s insane. The way he loves Violet is creepy; it’s completely unhealthy. But I can see why [girls] are attracted to him: He’s totally in love with Violet. And he’s a gangster.

Evan Peters [about Tate Langdon]

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Always Mine - Chapter 1

Hey guys! So I have recently had a rather unhealthy obsession with the character Negan from The Walking Dead. I mean come on, have you seen the man? It’s kind of hard not to become obsessed! So I decided to try and write my own Negan fanfic. He will be solely be based off of what I have seen on the show and whatever research I have done since I have not had the chance to read the comics. I really hope you guys like it and please leave me a message on what you think!

Summary: While he has Rick’s group on their knees, Negan comes across someone who he has a past with. He had hoped to find her again while she had hoped he would stay away. 

Warnings: Swearing. Negan being Negan 

Any gifs I use do not belong to me! 

Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead. I only own my character Katherine.

“All right! We got a full boat. Let’s meet the man.”

Katherine kept her eyes on the ground when she heard the man knock on the door of the RV. She felt her father shaking next to her and that scared her. As much as they had been through, her father never once showed how afraid he was. But this was different and it scared her. What was going to happen?

Her breath caught in her throat when the RV door opened. Lifting her blue eyes up, she saw a man step out and her heart instantly plummeted. She knew this man. He looked almost the same as the last time she saw him except he was a little slimmer and he had a beard.

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“No,” She whispered, looking right back down on the ground. Her heart was racing.

‘No there is no way it’s him.’ She thought to herself.

“Pissing our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting fucking close.”

Katherine’s heart stopped. She knew that voice and it just cemented what she didn’t want to acknowledge a minute ago. It was him.

“It’s gonna be pee pee pants city here real soon. Which one of you fucking pricks is the leader?”

“It’s this one.” Katherine heard someone say. She swallowed the lump in her throat and kept her gaze on the ground as footsteps came towards her and stopped in front of her father. She was thankful her brown hair was long and hiding her face. She never thought she’d see him again and truthfully, that was okay with her. She had tuned out everything he was saying, to focused on not being sick. Her thoughts were racing. Images flashed through her mind of the past. Her heart clenched painfully each time a new image popped up. Things had been good but in the blink of an eye, she was leaving Virginia to head back home to Atlanta to be with her family. And to feel safer.

“So, now I’m gonna fucking beat the holy hell outta one of you.” Katherine’s eyes widened as she apparently picked the wrong time to tune back in. She kept her terrified gaze on the ground in front of her. She felt her body shaking as Negan introduced his bat who he had named Lucille.

Another flashback hit Katherine. She knew the real Lucille. That was how she came to meet Negan. She wasn’t proud of how things started with them and regretted it even to this day. She had become a mistress without even meaning to and when she tried to leave was when shit hit the fan.

“You’re mine, Katherine! You’re not going anywhere.”

She had her eyes closed as she remembered those words. It was after that she realized it was time to head back to Atlanta. She had thought everything would be okay but now she  was wishing the ground would open her up and swallow her. She heard Negan start walking up and down the line.

“Huh, I gotta fucking shave this shit.” She heard him say as he walked passed her again. She peaked out of the corner of her eye and saw he was now in front of her brother. Her heart hammered against her chest.

“You got one of our guns. Yeah, you got a lot of our fucking guns.” She saw how Carl just stared at him. In a different time, she probably would have laughed. Carl had grown up so much but in this world, you had to grow up fast. “Fuck kid, lighten up. At least cry a little.” Katherine watched as Negan stood and tucked the gun into the waist of his jeans. She was almost regretting her decision to come out on this trip. She wasn’t going to but she wanted to help Maggie. She needed the doctor at Hilltop and they were all determined to get her there. But now look where they were.

She heard him whistle as he kept walking up and down. Tears were stinging her eyes at the realization one of her friends, no, one of her family members was about to die. She tried not to tense when he once again stopped next to her, this time next to Maggie.

“Jesus. You look fucking shitty. I should just put you out of your misery.” Katherine’s eyes widened but before she could move, she heard Glenn.

“No! No!” Negan’s men tackled him to the ground and hit him before Negan stopped them.

“Nope, get him back in fucking line.”

Katherine heard Maggie crying as well as Glenn.

“No. No. No. Don’t. Don’t.” He choked on his sobs as he was talking. Negan laughed and shook his head.

“All right, listen. Don’t any of you fucks try that again. I will shut shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment, I get it.” Katherine listened as he kept talking about picking someone. Tears fell from her eyes. Her whole world seemed to stop however when she suddenly heard heavy footsteps coming her way. She choked on a sob as black boots came into her sight.

“Now who is this? She hasn’t even looked at me fucking once.”

Katherine heard her father start to say something but Negan cut him off.

“Fuck off Rick.” He laughed. “I need to know everyone is on board and I can’t do that when they won’t fucking look at me.”

Katherine’s breathing was coming out in short spurts.

“Look at me, Doll.” Katherine made no move to look up. She heard him growl as he bent down and a gloved hand gripped her chin. “I said look at me,” he hissed, pulling her chin up.

Katherine gasped as her terrified blue eyes met brown. She saw how his eyes flashed with shock before a smirk formed on his face.

“Well holy shit! Look who we fucking have here!”

Katherine was sure her heart was going to jump out of her chest with how fast it was going. Negan kept the smirk on his face.

“What? No fucking hello or maybe even a little kiss?” Katherine could feel her father’s eyes on her along with the rest of the group. She shook her head slightly. “What a fucking shame. Here I thought you’d be fucking happy to see me, Kitty Kat.” Katherine almost vomited at the old nickname. Her breath caught in her throat when he lent forward and moved her hair to whisper in her ear. “Because I have fucking missed you, Doll.” He chuckled in her ear before pulling back and standing up.

Negan noticed how Rick was glaring at him and it didn’t take a genius to figure it out.

“This your kid? Fucking has to be. You look like I just touched your fucking most prized possession.” Negan just laughed before looking around.

“Dwighty boy. Do me a favor. Load Kitty Kat here up in the RV and make sure she’s stays put until I get there.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as a man with stringy blond hair and a half burned face walked over and roughly pulled Katherine up to her feet.

“Easy Dwight. I’ll need her.” He winked at Katherine as she was drug away from her group. She could hear her father pleading with Negan to let her go but she knew it was going to happen. Once in the RV, Dwight pushed her down into a seat at the table.

Katherine couldn’t help the tears that sprung to her eyes. She had spent so long trying to keep away from him. When the apocalypse started, she felt some small sense of relief. She never wished death on anyone. She had just hoped that they’d never run into each other if he was still around. Seems like fate had other plans for her.

She started to cry harder when she heard the screams and cries from her group.

“Oh shit, he is taking a fucking beating.” Dwight smirked at her. Katherine just placed her head in her hands on the table and sobbed. She covered her ears with her hands, trying to block out the screaming.

Just when she thought it was done, she pulled her hands away only to her Dwight curse.

“Your friend is a moron.” Katherine quickly stood up and looked out the window seeing Daryl was on the ground with guns pointing at him.

“No!” She tried to run out but Dwight blocked her. Her and Daryl were close. He was like another brother to her. “Let me go!”

“Shut up!” He pushed her back and she fell on the ground. Dwight pulled Daryl’s crossbow around front and held it at her. Katherine lent up on her elbows. “Don’t move. Your boy out there has already gotten you guys into more trouble. You really wanna add to it?”

She couldn’t even talk before she heard more crying. She saw Dwight look out the window and smirk.

“Ya see. Come here.” He walked over and picked her up the collar of her shirt and pulled her back over to the window. Her eyes widened and her stomach rolled when she saw Abraham was no longer there, but a bloody mess on the ground that had been blocked by Daryl and Negan’s men just a few seconds ago. She turned her eyes and gasped, tears starting to fall as she watched Negan beat Glenn with Lucille.

“No! No! Stop!” She yelled beating on the window. She turned and looked at Maggie who was sobbing. Katherine slumped and fell down to the ground.

“Ya see? Ya see what happens when people don’t listen?” Katherine just curled up into a ball and cried.

She didn’t know how much time had passed while she cried. But she couldn’t help but look up when the RV door open and her father was thrown inside. Rick quickly sat up as Negan walked in. He looked around, his eyes finding Katherine on the ground. He smirked at her and turned back to Dwight.

“We’re good here Dwight. Go help fucking make sure all those pricks stay in line while we’re gone.”

Katherine’s eyes stayed wide. Where were they going?! She locked eyes with her dad and she noticed the blood on his cheek. Tears stung her eyes again as Dwight left and Negan shut the RV door. Katherine looks down at the floor when Negan walks over and slams Rick’s ax into the table. Katherine jumped in shock, making Negan laugh.

He walked over and sat down in the drivers seat. He turned his head and grinned at her, showing off his white teeth. 

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“Let’s go for a ride.”




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     Luke had gotten use to being on the road and away from family. It was apart of his job and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You had become accustomed to his lifestyle for a while now too. On occasion you were able to join on the tour, but this year was one where you couldn’t. Time became tough and even though the two of you made the effort to talk and Skype it wasn’t enough. You missed his presence and affection. Any other time you were fine with him being halfway across the world, but now it felt unsettling and you felt lonelier than ever. Luke was feeling the same way. He constantly called and wanted to face time before heading on stage. It was becoming somewhat unhealthy and the guys couldn’t sit through him not being happy much longer.

“I can’t just drop everything and come out there I have a job,” you sighed into the phone, glancing at your calendar for a quick second. Luke’s birthday was just in a few days and already you were feeling guilty for not being there.

“I know you get vacation days,” Ashton said, “Just use a few of those and plan a trip down here.” The guys had decided on making you Luke’s birthday gift. It was a way to make both of you happy and everyone could rest easy knowing Luke wasn’t walking around miserable. “The guys and I can chip in for the flight just please come see him…but it’s a surprise so don’t tell Luke.” You began to chew on your bottom lip in thought, wondering if you should take on the offer. Ashton was right you did have some vacation days saved up, so why not cash a few out now. 

“Alright I’ll come out there. I just need to know what days I have to call out for,” you mumbled. This had to be happening around Luke’s birthday so you thought on just calling out the day before and through to a day you could come back home. Some more words were exchanged and soon you were packing for your journey.

     Luke’s laughter was loud as the guys piled on top of him shouting out happy birthdays. He began to wiggle under them, Michael’s hand making it’s way into the young boy’s head and messing it up. “You guys are crazy!” Luke shouted, letting out a huff as they finally climbed off of him. Before he could even walk through the door they had him down on the ground, showering love everywhere. It was what he needed right now. Something to take his mind off of you not being here. It only worked for about five minutes. Usually you were the first to tell Luke happy birthday, but for some reason he hasn’t received a message back from last night. Even now as he texted you it kept telling him the message wasn’t being delivered. It was making him worried. Luke’s attention was taken off his phone at the sound of his name being called. 

“Are you excited for tonight?” Calum questioned, handing over a wrapped box to his friend. They were performing tonight, and because it was his birthday the event was going to be better than ever. Fans were already excited to see the concert, but the fact that it was Luke’s birthday made it even more special. 

“Yeah I am…hey have you heard from Y/N?” Luke asked, glancing down at his phone once more.

“No I haven’t, why?” Calum replied, putting on a poker face. He didn’t want to ruin the ultimate surprise for Luke. A sigh left Luke’s lips and he shrugged.

“Nothing, it’s just she hasn’t called. Which is weird because she always calls me during this time.” Calum frowned at his words. He knew you were currently on the plane. The arrival time being at least two hours before the concert time. 

“I’m sure she’ll call just don’t think too much on it,” Calum said, “It’s your big day man, have some fun!” 

If it hadn’t been for the guys preoccupying his mind, Luke would have thought you had forgotten his birthday. If you had messaged there was a slight chance you would have ruined the surprise. It was hard enough keeping a secret from him, so you never did unless it was really important. After some time your flight had landed and you were picked up. You were already buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to see Luke again. It had been five months since you last saw each other and you knew you couldn’t go another. From Ashton’s instructions, you were suppose to hide out on the tour bus while the guys did soundcheck and come out when they were ready to give Luke his birthday cake. 

The anticipation was killing you and finally once your wait was over you made your way inside the venue. Not wanting to ruin the surprise and have fans see you before Luke did, you sneaked into a side entrance with help. You had freshened up and by the time you made it towards stage the guys were finishing up a song. “So today’s Luke’s birthday!” Michael shouted into the microphone, making the crowd cheer loudly. “And the guys and I have one last present we want to give him.” Ashton ran off stage, coming to a halt in front of you. 

“Hey good to see you. Are you ready?” he asked, giving you a hug. You nodded, helping everyone place candles into Luke’s cake and lit them. “Okay I’ll walk out with the cake and just follow behind me,” he told you.

“Got it, man I’m so nervous…do I look okay?” you muttered, smoothing down your dress. 

“You look fine come on,” Ashton chuckled. The crowd was singing happy birthday as loud as they could when Ashton began to walk out. You waited a few minutes and watched with a smile on your face as Luke turned to blow out the candles. The minute you stepped out on stage the fans went wild, phones out as they recorded what was going to happen. “A cake! Thanks guys you made this the be-” Luke stopped mid-sentence when he spotted you walking out. The smile on his face turning into a grin. “What!” he exclaimed in awe, jumping around in his spot. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted, holding your arms out wide. It didn’t take long for Luke to rush over to you. Grabbing you in one quick motion and pulling you into a tight hug. “I missed you,” you said through laughter, letting him squeeze you as hard as he could. 

“I missed you too,” Luke hummed, pulling back to hold you at arms length. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you really here?” he asked, then looked back at the fans. “Is she really here?” They shouted in response and Luke pulled you into a kiss. This was the best present he’s ever received and he couldn’t thank his friends enough. Luke’s energy for the rest of the night was on high and he was once again happy to have you in his arms.

After breaking up from a long term and incredibly unhealthy relationship, I thought fuck it! I want have a series of flings/short lived relationships and so, I turned to tinder. I matched with a few guys in my town and messaged a couple but nothing ever really came from it other than a few laughs over “Forward Jack” alluding to a very large penis.

One morning at school I was sat in the library during a free period and got a message from someone on tinder. “You’re cute okay sorry bye”

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The Actual Star Wars Trios Parallels

Poe is Leia: 
*already part of the rebellion* *starts movie captured* *interrogated* *was in very important mission* *rescued by an outlaw* *ends up rescuing their rescuer* *very important for the rebellion* *stubborn* *falls for outlaw* 

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[extra obvious evidence]

Finn is Han:

*leaving a ‘bad’ side* *seems to be thinking of themselves* *are actually the most selfless* *want to protect the orphan ray of sunshine at all cost* *run away but come back* *hot shot* *don’t want to join the rebellion* *join the rebellion* *99% of the time only pretends to know what they are doing* *fall for the rebel they rescued*

[extra obvious evidence]

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Rey is Luke: 
*abandoned in a desert planet* *desperately wants to get out of it* *runs away from bad guys* *villain has unhealthy obsessions with them* *the force* *maybe a little bit of dark side* *everyone wants to protect them* 

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[very very very obvious evidence]

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Jared answering a question about healthy coping mechanisms:

[I just watched this panel and I thought it was important to type up Jared’s response to a question a fan had.]

In response to the question: “Have you guys ever had, like, some kind of unhealthy coping mechanisms and how did you get out of it?”

Jared: “That’s a huge, that’s a huge, huge, huge, wildly important question. And very, very, very, very near and dear to me and my heart and my family and my soul. Unhealthy coping mechanisms are…. very unhealthy.”

Jensen: “We established that.”

Jared: “Yeah. I consulted and still consult a professional—a doctor— about how to cope more properly with pain and sadness and depression and with anxiety. It gets really scary sometimes. The world’s a scary— it can be a scary place. Even from where I stand, you know? And I’m a six foot four white dude who has [a beard], you know? Like, I get— and I get pretty scared sometimes, and I get pretty worried. And sometimes my wife isn’t there to tell me it’s alright, sometimes [my boys] aren’t there to tell me it’s alright, sometimes my friends aren’t there to tell me it’s alright, and I, I choose to listen to the bad instead of the good. So I went to a professional and am proud of it.
I’m certainly not qualified to give proper advice, but to say— I hope this doesn’t sound like a cop-out—but to say, if I want to learn how to be a kickboxer, I would go to a kickboxing professional. If I want to learn how to be a nutritionist, I would go to a nutritionist. It I want to know how to be a surgeon, I would go to medical school. I wanted to learn how to take care of my mental health, so I went to a mental health professional. And I’m proud of it.
And I truly wish that for everybody. I think there’s a weird stigma right now where if you go like, ‘hey,’ if you say, ‘I’ve got cancer, so I went to a doctor.’ People are like, ‘Well, yeah!’ But if you say like, ‘Hey, man, I’ve got some wild anxiety.’ They’re like, ‘Oh! Well, just relax.’ You know? Which doesn’t make sense. I think we’re moving in the right direction as a society. But there was something going on in my head that I wasn’t controlling, that is not dead today, you know? So I go to— I go to a doctor, you know? Because something’s going on and I just want to get answers. There’s not— there’s no shame. There’s no like, ‘Oh, you know I talked to somebody about I’m feelings sad.’ ‘What?! Why are you sad, you know? You’re rich!’ or whatever, you know what I mean? F*** that. F*** that.
So I say to everybody that one of my greatest blessings in life was realizing before it was too late that I wanted to figure out what was going on in my head. So that’s my answer.”