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Underwhelming Gay Romance Options In Mass Effect: Andromeda Disappoint Many Fans
Mass Effect is a franchise known for letting players sleep with other characters, and while that sauciness makes a return in Andromeda, some romance routes have left fans heartbroken.
By Patricia Hernandez

there is no icon currently to express my feelings bc I just saw Beauty and the Beast and iT WAS GORGEOUS…..STUNNING……I CRIED 3 TIMES……….all that rococo fashion…..and AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT OF DIVERSITY!!!!! I mean, I’m still waiting for them to remake a Disney movie and cast a PoC as the lead princess for no reason other than they can, BUT THIS WAS CERTAINLY A STEP IN A GOOD DIRECTION!! And ffffff I wasn’t so sure about Emma as Belle at first, but she ended up winning me over. 

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Heya! I 100% recommend you keep on with TAZ. I totally get where you're coming from, since I was pretty underwhelmed at first, but tt really picks up after the first few eps, and once you get to the middle, Griffin hits his stride as a storyteller and the players start to really get a feel for the game as well.

Nice. Alright, I’ll keep at it.

Greater Expectations- SEASON FINALE review


Heartland 10x18 Review- SEASON FINALE!

Overall, I thought this episode.. and season in general was “whelming”. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming… just, what I thought. Some things pleasantly surprised me and some things disappointed me. This season just wasn’t what I thought it’d be when I found out Amy and Ty were expecting. That’s all.

Basically put, I enjoyed the end results of the storylines but how they got there is where I have someone quarrels. In some ways, the journey makes the destination so much more worthwhile.  Anyways.

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'Beauty and the Beast' waltzes away with another $88.3M at the box office

LOS ANGELES — Not all reboots are created equal.

This weekend at the box office, nostalgia-driven fare was everywhere, producing both successful and underwhelming results.

On the high end, Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast continued enchanting audiences in its second weekend in theaters, easily topping the charts with $88.3 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. On the low end, the raunchy, R-rated CHIPS made its debut in seventh place with $7.6 million.

In the middle was Power Rangers, which earned a solid $40.5 million to grab the No. 2 spot. The PG-13 take on the campy 1990s television show tells the origin story of the Power Rangers with a diverse teenage cast of relative newcomers.
Its audiences were 60% male, while Beauty and the Beast crowds remained largely female. The divide allowed both to succeed in the crowded marketplace.

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Ugh, I'm with you. Just go away already Aladdin and Jasmine. Aladdin is totes useless and Jasmine is frickin annoying. The writers ruined yet another of my favs, Why the hell are the fighting a Kraken? Where is Jafar, where are the flying carpets?

No idea, anon. I was so excited when I found out that Aladdin and Jasmine were coming and it was completely underwhelming. Who wants to guess that they STILL aren’t a couple? Is that a sucker bet? LOL

I’m basically here for whatever (or whoever) gets Killian HOME.

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I would find it hilarious if this causes Priest to loose fans, cuz he's acting like a dick.

In my personal opinion, I’ve said it early on too, the entire way they promoted and presented themselves has rubbed me the wrong way. But then it was more of a “are they trying to mimic Ghost? Are they trying to parody them?” Then the song came out and i found it underwhelming. Then the shade in the interview and all these other things…and now a complete and direct reason to not support them has arised.

But I’ve noticed that a lot, NOT ALL, but a lot of the people following in their footsteps are the ones who can’t grasp the changes or presented themselves as anti-T early on.

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what did you think of the this is us finale?

Honestly I thought the season finale was pretty underwhelming. But I’m also not surprised at feeling that way. “Memphis” was just two episodes before, so no season finale was ever going to feel anything but underwhelming in its shadow.

There’s good and great tv. But there are some episodes of television that are truly iconic. And for me at least “Memphis” is one of those episodes. (Others on my list: “Ozymandias” (Breaking Bad), “The Rains of Castamere” (GoT), “The Winds of Winter” (also GoT), “Final Grades” (The Wire)).

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So I've been on the fence about Emma's casting as Belle. I was under the impression that she couldn't possibly be as bad as you'd described but I went to see BATB yesterday and lord was I wrong. She's far too stiff and proper to be Belle. The singing was flat at best. She harmonized a couple of times and I was surprised but underwhelmed by her entire performance. She was only cast because she was fan-cast all those years ago. They should have given her part to someone who could do it justice

I had such hopes for her, but after listening to the soundtrack my worst fears were confirmed and watching the film did nothing to change that. I honestly couldn’t see Emma even TRYING to be Belle, it was Emma Watson in a blue dress, and the movie suffered because of all the concessions the film made for her…

Shouwa genroku rakugo shinjuu had a surprisingly weak final episode. Nevermind the creepy part (although sticking such a distractingly upsetting bit in that final episode certainly doesn’t help strengthening it. If you want to deal with a bombshell like this, you actually deal with it, you don’t stick it with a “maybe so tee hee” and keep going as is) it was pretty trite and boring.

Like the only good bit is confirmation of Konatsu becoming a storyteller. It overall felt remarkably backward looking and not refreshing at all, way underwhelming for the usual quality of this series. It feels like the characters are all stuck from the point we’d left them in the previous episode despite so many years happening in between (again, except Konatsu).

Guess we still have episode 11 as a strong finish. I think I’m happier with it.

the harry potter books rated by how many times someone says "er"
  • philosopher's stone: (5) three of the five are used by hagrid and an astonishing zero by harry. altogether an underwhelming turnout. (3/10)
  • chamber of secrets: (6) a good third of the "er"s are a result of lucius malfoy being a dick about hagrid's hut. not a fan but still a better showing than the first book. (4/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: (11) lupin enters the scene and the "er"s double, mostly because he is an awkward prince, but also because malfoy inherits his father's cute quirk of being a dick to poor people. (6/10)
  • goblet of fire: (23) the er count skyrockets as harry hits puberty and becomes progressively more awkward. baby boy is growing up and has forgotten how to put a sentence together. also serves as a minor plot point with the sphinx's riddle in the third task, giving er its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. (10/10)
  • order of the phoenix: (36) “So — so — they — er — they — er— they actually exist, do they — er — dementy-whatsits?”. excellent. still cannot comprehend what this sentence would actually sound like out loud. (9/10)
  • half-blood prince: (18) offsets the rising er trend which is disappointing. nothing to report other than harry is still unable to construct a sentence that does not contain ellipses (5/10)
  • deathly hallows: (8) hp is all grown up and has no need for speech disfluencies. brings a tear to the eye. (8/10)
Day Fifty-Seven

-I was thoroughly underwhelmed and relieved by the amount of customers we had last night when we opened the doors. Unfortunately, the real Black Friday shoppers apparently decided to wait until today to come in en masse, and it was more terrifying than I had ever imagined. Thankfully this did not stop Cat Lady from coming in four separate times during my shift without making a single purchase.

-A woman attempted to specify to me which items she wanted a gift receipt for. I would ask, “All of it?” She would reply, “No, just these,” gesturing to everything. This cycle went on for an entire minute at which point we finally reached the understanding that she did in fact want a gift receipt for everything.

-A gaggle of elderly guests shouted from a location I could not determine, repeating, “Excuse me. Excuse me.” in what was simultaneously a whisper and a shout. While it may be later than they would have hoped, I would now like to formally excuse them from all that they could have been asking for.

-Far too many people have come through the store treating Black Friday as a sport, seeing who can sacrifice the most manners to attain the most savings. The winner is whoever spends the least money while purchasing the most stuff. The loser, their cashiers.

-An older woman purchased $150 of Pokemon cards, but at no point did she mention any gift receipts or anything about presents at all. I hope this means that she is working her way towards being the best that there ever was and establishing that Pokemon trainers can, in fact, age past ten years.

-A woman in her sixties purchased Cards Against Humanity along with several expansions. Whether she is entirely unaware of what the game holds in store for her or entirely aware of what is to come, I want nothing more out of my life than to be the Czar.

-The only genuine winners of Black Friday are the two amazingly polite dads who came through with their toddlers in hand, boasting to each other of how much they saved on their kitchen appliances.

-I watched on in confusion and terror as a woman deliberately passed up dozens of smaller bills, one at a time, to ultimately draw out a $100 bill to pay for her $11 purchase. If her goal was to prove herself the highest of rollers in the store at the time, she accomplished this with flair.

-A sweet old woman entered my lane, a mysteriously goatee-shaped bandaid on her chin, pristine white gloves on her hands, a gray sweater with the hood altered to function as a cape perfecting her ensemble. I want her to adopt me as soon as we can both fit it into our schedule, or at least sign her as my fashion consultant and see if I can commission a cape-hooded hoodie from her.

-I handed a young girl the book she had so eagerly purchased. She excitedly took it and ran to the end of the lane as her parents continued the transaction and began to read the story aloud to all within earshot. She spun the tale of the two kittens with such passion that I was left wanting more than another chapter as the family left the store.

-I was greeted by a mother-daughter shopping duo who had also come through my lane the previous night. They were passionate about their savings, but equally concerned with my well-being and lack of sleep. If I had the energy, I would have wept a single tear as they walked away, leaving me behind to watch the closest things I had to friends in this shift attain the freedom I so dearly desired.

-”You have incredible hair,” a bald man told me wistfully, eyeing my unreasonably thick brown mop. The sadness in his eyes made me consider cutting off a lock to hand to him, but I thought better of it, lest we enter a giving-a-mouse-a-cookie style scenario.

-An elderly woman placed her bills down on the conveyor belt one by one to count them out. I picked them up as she placed down the first couple to ensure they were not swept under the belt. I gestured for her to place them in my hand rather than on the moving surface. Instead, she took this as a challenge, throwing her money across the counter, avoiding my hand as best as she could, cackling to herself as I made a mad dash to pick up each. I never expected this sort of chaotic evil to come from such a frail body, but I have learned my lesson. I will never underestimate a potential nemesis again.

-As I was walking towards the guest services counter, I passed a shrieking baby and a mother desperate to soothe him. I happened to have a strip of stickers in my pocket and, before thinking about it, swooped in to hand them to the child. They immediately ceased the crying and the mother shouted her thanks as I walked away. I am now a gracious sticker fairy and I will pursue this new path wholeheartedly.

-The information that I used to work at Forever 21 has leaked to the management, and I became the subject of a battle between a front end manager and a soft lines manager. I believe soft lines won out in the end and I may have been brought into a new line of work.

-A father attempted to heckle me, asking if I would accept his Kohl’s cash. I turned the tables on the man, telling him that I would gladly take it, but it would not lower his total at all. His family found this hilarious, laughing at him uproariously as he pouted to himself after being roasted so severely. Let this be a lesson to all cashier-hecklers: we are doing our best and our jobs are hard enough and some of us cope with humor and sometimes you will get brutally burned.


Marvel almost cast Asian-American actor Lewis Tan as Danny Rand in ‘Iron Fist’

  • If you were able to stomach at least eight episodes of Netflix’s underwhelming and critically panned Marvel series Iron Fist, you would’ve seen the actor who almost got the lead role of Danny Rand. 
  • Asian-American actor Lewis Tan plays the villain Zhou Cheng in episode eight — a character with an exuberant fighting style.
  • In an interview with Vulture, published Monday, Tan talked about how he originally auditioned for the role of Danny, an arduous process in which he was brought back for several readings. 
  • Tan says he believed he had a good chance, considering his martial arts background and the fact that they asked him about his availability — typically, a precursor for getting the gig. 
  • Eventually, Tan wasn’t given the role, but was offered the chance to play Zhou Cheng. But he — like many Marvel fans — saw it as a missed opportunity for Marvel. Read more (3/21/17 9:34 AM)

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Day Sixty-Six

-I began an eight-hour shift dreading the night to come, wanting nothing more than to be in bed. Ten minutes in, a sweet older woman offered to buy me a drink to make my day a little easier. A little reminder of the good people out there like this was all it took to turn my day around, and I hope she understands how grateful I am.

-A small girl, while being rolled out of the store, made her parents stop. I watched on, enraptured, to see what business she had to attend to, only to see her stand up and wave to the store, shouting, “Bye, line!” This is better than anything I could have hoped for out of such a small bundle of joy.

-I had to deny a woman’s coupon. This was an overall underwhelming moment, until she exclaimed, “Oh, poot!” and cemented her place in my greatest memories forever.

-While Cat Lady waited in an adjacent line, a woman approached the cashier and slid her $100, instructing her to pay for Cat Lady’s small Christmas tree and give her the change. When Cat Lady received the news and the remaining $90, her face lit up more than I ever though possible. The cashier suggested that she could use the change to eat somewhere nice tonight. This was a good idea, but Cat Lady’s decision to return to the store and buy nine more Christmas trees was, frankly, better.

-I am reasonably certain that Norse god of thunder Thor is currently on a bender and purchasing cat accessories in Southwestern Virginia.

-An elderly woman gave an adorable infant two dollars just for saying “hello” to her. This is the sort of racket I have been chasing all my life and now I want in.

-Upon returning to my lane after briefly stepping away, I found that someone had deposited a child there for me. Moments later I discovered that the parents were just three feet away at the soda machine and had not left their firstborn as an offering. This is for the best, as while I appreciate the gesture, I do not believe I can accept sacrifices while clocked in.

-An eight year-old conducted their entire purchase on their own and never have I had such a delightful and well-behaved guest who left me so genuinely happy to be working.

-Angrily, an old man stated, “You know I only get popcorn once a year.” I do not know why this is such a rarity for the man but I now know better than to ever get between him and his buttery indulgence. 

-”This cup was in here when I got the cart,” a man told me without prompting, regarding a Starbucks cup in the bottom of the cart. “It wasn’t mine. I didn’t put it there. I don’t even drink coffee. I didn’t buy that.” It might just be me, but this man seems to have become awfully defensive over this cup I had not even noticed.

-I discovered a small, restaurant-sized packet of pepper underneath the bags at my register. How did you get there, small friend? Who put you there? What is your plan? What led you here? Why is contemplating this how I am spending this rare break from the rush?

-I entered the break room on lunch with the intent of getting a soda from the vending machine before going out to get food. I found that the soon-opening Buffalo Wild Wings had made a large batch of food in training and had sent it to our store for the team members to enjoy. Sometimes good things happen in life, but rarely one as good as this. 

-Organizing the card wall, I found that someone had thrown a selection of My Little Pony toys on the floor and placed a Lego toy in front of it. I immediately suspected a rambunctious young boy, but I discovered that someone had done the same to a display of football cards. My list of suspects has been narrowed to gender-neutral rebels with a penchant for building. If you are reading this, I will find you, I will confront you, and I will shake your hand.

Had a bizarre dream last night. Don’t remember much about it, except that it was very Southern Reach-inspired.
I moved to a new town, where I met a waitress who had apparently saved my life years before. She was very flirtatious. At some point, I cheerfully ordered a sandwich but she served me a real, beating, human heart. I yelped and looked up at her in horror, but when I looked down again, the heart had turned back into a sandwich. I grimaced and pushed it away from me slightly.
The town had started to… change. People were behaving strangely, transforming slowly. No one was quite aware of this until they were already too changed to care. An old woman revealed herself to me as an extra-dimensional eldritch horror and said that she wanted to help me before it was too late. I refused to leave without my companion, who hadn’t been picking up his phone for days. “He’s in trouble,” I said. “I have to help him.”
“There’s nothing you can do for him now,” she said sadly, and took me into a back room of the restaurant. A colorful, lizard-like beast was basking in a spot of sunlight on the floor. It turned to look at me and I saw it had human eyes.
“Is that….”
“Yes. He’s beyond your help. Leave him.”
He opened his mouth, revealing rows and rows of sharp teeth. A distorted noise came out of his throat, and he seemed to say “Don’t fuck the coelentara!”
He charged at me, screaming that repeatedly. “Alright!” I said. “I won’t!” The old woman creature slammed the door behind me and we heard my corrupted friend slam himself against it.
The next evening, she made me pack my things. “We’ll leave at the crack of dawn,” she said. “I’ll escort you to the edges of our territory, but after that, you’re on your own. Get as far away as you can. Never come back here.”

The rest of the dream was spent explaining “the larch” skit from Monty Python.