this is underwhelming

i hope people know that like, when i complain about Marvel, what I’m actually complaining about is the Kevin Feige headed machine that is owned by Disney, the Sony/Fox Marvel that are actually owned more by Fox and Sony than Marvel, them im standing at the side of with a camera cheering them on bc they’re doing amazing sweetie!!!! Disney+Kevin Feige’s Marvel however? Disappointing, letting the side down, not pulling their weight when it comes to delivering quality content, largely underwhelming

a livestream text reaction the pll grand finale part IV (part I) (part II) (part III)

- aria is the literal style queen™ and i am lowkey underwhelmed with her wedding dress
- PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME (no but srsly get that precious baby away from evil twincer right this second)
- oh my fucking god it’s wrens devil spawn i AM MAD 
- ‘cute lunch dates w mum in my prison cell’ #WCW #loveher
- is it bad that in this situation i know i shouldn’t eat bc it for sure could be drugged but like… food?? i wouldn’t even resist for a second i am the hungriest idiot you will ever find
- “have you read grimms fairytales!?” legit though
- rule no.1 of horror movie situations- when the bad guy leaves your prison cell open, you fucking run spencer for god sake all that for a damn hug???
- PSYCH BITCH you thought, what a queen
- *changes the title to runaway groom*
- why the hell does ezra look like he just got back from feeding the pigs 
- is twincer crushing on aria bc same what a cute bean
- YES THE HORSE WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH can’t fool bashful honeeyy
- now jenna knows whats up lmao 
- okay but who the hell built this place that is highkey extra as fuck
- this fight scene is great but like who the fuck am i rooting for bc they both look like spencer
- new day, new dress (a better one)
- emily is so fucking precious but honestly who brings babies to a wedding that is gonna end in disaster
- when that priest asked if there was a just reason why they shouldn’t wed idk if y’all heard it but that was me yelling in the back
- guys i thought i would be able to hold it together but honestly haleb is pregnant and they are all crying and i am crying and damn girl its been 8 years
-”FOR SOME REASON THIS FEELS LIKE ITS THE END OF SOMETHING” smashing through the fourth wall and hitting me in the feels
- also that ending part was just unnecessary mkay i don’t need a repeat of this BS

Quick Notes: Chapter 541

Let’s go!

  • Looking back at Tartaros arc, I didn’t cry much. I’m not a crier, to begin with, but other than Igneel dying, I was pretty fine reading/watching the arc.
  • I’d make an MMO joke about Wendy, but that would require me to have played an MMO or be confident in enough people having watched Log Horizon.
  • You know, for a fight we’ve been waiting to see for a while, this feels so underwhelming.
  • “When it comes to strength, I’m number one.” Which is why it will be even harder to believe when you inevitably lose to fake reasons.
  • Speaking of which, Lucy’s plan is basically Anna’s plan. The only difference is how they’re going to trap Acnologia. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again I guess.
  • I know some people were praising Juvia for not saying “Gray-sama”, but she still says it in the official translation. I don’t know how I feel about that.
  • “I do not think it is possible…“ Laki, I’ve learned to just roll with whatever’s going on in this arc. I’d figure you’d have done so as a side character in this series.
  • It’s only now that I’m realizing that Mest’s power is that he’s Nightcrawler. I miss the X-Men.
  • I’m not sure if I can trust Mavis anymore. On one hand, she was the Fairy Tactician. On the other hand, that hasn’t been very helpful during this arc.

We’re getting even closer to the end of the series. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. See you!

Can we just talk about how fucking great the writing on this show is?

Okay, this one requires a little explaination.

At this point in the series, we’ve seen people shrug off injuries like they were nothing. Steven and the Gems (especially the Gems) tank a HECK load of hits. Just watch Pearl v Sugilite (Coach Steven), Pearlbot v Peribot (Back to the Barn), the Gems v the waterclones (Ocean Gem), Garnet v Jasper (Jailbreak), Stevonnie v Jasper (Crack the Whip), or any other fight scene you can think of. 

Now, the Off Colors (+ Lars and Steven) v Robonoids isn’t even that impressive of a fight. It’s fucking tense, sure, but there’s mostly just a whole lotta hiding. 

Until this moment.

Lars is terrified, but he gathers his courage and attacks one of the robonoids head-on. He leaps on top of it, clinging onto it for dear life as it tries to throw him off.

Then we get a bunch of this fuckery.

And HERE, in THIS exact moment, is where things go south. 

But the thing is, we don’t realise it yet. We as viewers are so absorbed in cheering for Lars, we don’t even THINK about the consequences this could have for him.

Now, another thing about Steven Universe is that things explode. And when they do, they explode impressively and they explode beautifully.

(from Laser Light Cannon)

(from Super Watermelon Island)

(from Serious Steven)

So when comparing those shots to this shot of the Robonoid exploding…

…this explosion is extremely underwhelming. 

Combined with the fact that we’ve never seen a character get seriously hurt in explosions before, we don’t see this as a threat. We are not worried in this moment because Lars just beat this fucker! We are relieved, we are happy, we are ready to start celebrating. Meaning that seeing this…

…over the sound of a flatline…

…is jarring as all hell, because it immediately tells us celebrating viewers that something is WRONG.

And Steven knows it.

The reaction of the Off Colors here immediately becomes dissonant and strange. After all, these gems don’t know about human deaths. Lars hasn’t poofed, so he’s fine…



no he’s not.

he is not fine.

he’s dead.

And that’s the kicker. 

Steven Universe has been running for four seasons, and NOBODY HAS EVER DIED ON SCREEN BEFORE NOW!

We aren’t expecting it! We have gotten so used to death not being a real threat in this show because surely the Crewniverse wouldn’t dare kill off a main character that we’ve stopped factoring it in as something that could happen. 

Even the Off Colors are realizing it now. Even Paddy realizes it.

One of Steven’s best friends just died. For real. On screen. In a fight we would have written off as underwhelming if not for this moment.

What the fuck, Rebecca.

half and half soriel junk aka when ur pal is super goofy and showy when u dance and u realize hes damn cute


♈♌♐ Fire Glows  ♉♍♑ Earth Grows ♊♎♒ Air Knows ♋♏♓ Water Flows

Fire emphasis: Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, uncontrollable, independent, imaginative, creative, idealistic, stimulating, intense, inspiring, self amusing, intuitive, defensive, self ruling, commanding, playful, spontaneous, delighted, can become burnt out, passionate, independent

Fire Deficit can express as: Lethargic, lack confidence, reserved, underwhelmed, rational, guarded, withdrawing, disinterested, has trouble with assertion, easily bored, melancholic and/or ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused, lack of passion and direction, attention seeking, aggressive

Earth emphasis: Realistic, pedantic, compulsive, materialistic, orderly, refined, responsible, shy, guarded, emotionally reserved, ritualistic, pessimistic, rational, thorough, aware, intelligent, focused, in tune with nature, understands limitations, the physical body is a temple, stabilizing, relies too heavily on logic, sensual

Earth deficit can express as: Spaciness, disorderly, irresponsible, dependent, out of touch with basic living requirements, distant or not contained in the physical body, nomadic, can struggle holding down employment or responsibilities, neglects health, moody or overly cautious and serious, controlling, structured, anxious, hypochondriac, meticulous, duty bound, afraid of imagination

Air emphasis: Clever, spaced out, communicative, cerebral, conceptual, out of touch with the physical body, unrealistic, engaging, social, curious, restless, objective, mentally active, light eater, graceful, flexible, lost in thought, insomniac, informative, abstract, conceives ideas, detached, over emphasizes the intellectual response, distant, imaginative

Air deficient can express as: Extreme doubts with intelligence, struggle with academic and educative institutions, sedate in thinking and latching onto ideas, trouble turning inner world into language, disconnected, quiet minded or becomes a master of a field, highly motivated with education, feels the need to prove intelligence, over rational, worried, high functioning intellectual, dominant in conversation

Water emphasis: Receptive, fluid, hyper sensitive, emotionally focused, secretive, empathetic, withdrawing, solitary, idealistic, visionary, unstable, melancholic, theatrical with emotional displays, projects feelings onto others, people conscious, intuitive, lacks boundaries, can be easily manipulated, lethargic, escapist, disturbed, overwhelmed

Water deficit can express as: Inability to comprehend and identify feelings, disregards emotions, low emotional intelligence, dissociated, unresponsive, has trouble ascertaining values, emptiness, contained, distant, insensitive to the pain of others or extremely moody and unstable, represses emotions until violent outburst, unpredictable, hypersensitive, cannot understand nor control moods, reactive


I think my biggest issue with the Maximoff twins, is hypocrisy. I can’t stand hypocrisy. Why are they hypocrites? Because the reason they hate Tony Stark is because his bomb killed their parents. Because his bomb trapped them in rubble, but Wanda, and to an extent Pietro are guilty of the same crime in Johannesburg.

Wanda unleashed the Hulk on a city full of civilians. A city full of people’s parents. A city full of children who may have been killed or trapped in the rubble. And her action was far more direct. She fired the bomb so to speak. She forced the Hulk out.

Now she is guilty of the same crime she blames Tony for. She is guilty of killing parents, and children alike, although Bruce will probably blame himself because he created the Hulk. 

I think this is why I can’t like MCU Wanda, she’s never shown remorse for what her actions led to. She’s never really shown to feel guilty except for a few seconds after Lagos, and that guilt was easily laid to rest by Captain Righteous. 

I just, I want to like her, but the writing is kinda shit for the whole redemption arc idea. And I am sorely unimpressed with this white washed, ‘child incapable of responsibility’ that MCU has turned the Character into. 

remember that one time an interviewer asked the showrunners why they separated the paladins during the season 1 finale and they answered “so you would get those nice warm feelings in your chest when they all get back together!” but when season 2 came around they didn’t even have a proper reunion like?? nice warm feelings???