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Similarly Spiteful, Chapter 4

@disneyphantomlover: ((I regret nothing about Wally suffering. He will be made fun of mercilessly later.))


Sammy didn’t consider himself a curious person. He was a creative person for sure, but unlike others here in the studio, he didn’t feel a need to push things. He was fine letting things be the way they were. There was rarely a reason to question why things or people were the way they were. Hell, most of the time, those reasons were simple and underwhelming; it took the meaning out of everything if you looked for those reasons.

But, he couldn’t help the inkling of curiosity involving this…strange double of his. He’d deny it to his last breath, but he could rationalize that the curiosity was for selfish reasons. Who wouldn’t be curious about themselves?

He hadn’t bothered following the double when he stormed out; the man seemed ready to strangle Joey Drew a few seconds ago, and seemed a bit more violent. …Plus, he didn’t want to answer that question of “if a doppleganger of yourself killed you, would it be suicide or homocide?”. So he stayed in Joey’s office, watching Susie and Bendy half-heartedly follow after the lookalike.

It was quiet in the office, and it took a moment for Sammy to face Joey. “I won’t ask why the hell you decided bringing other versions of us here was a brilliant idea.” The sarcasm rolled off his tongue, but he still crossed his arms in front of his chest. “…But why me?” He could’ve gone with anyone else. But Joey had purposefully chosen the most angry, spiteful person here. Out of what? Masochism? Joey had opened his mouth to answer, but Sammy changed his mind midway and held up a hand. “Nevermind. Don’t want to know.” It was probably a stupid reason, which would do nothing but underwhelm this whole situation. He placed his hands in his pockets, already starting to walk out of the office. “He’s not coming to my place, I’m laying that down now.”

“Who’s not comin’ to ya place?”

Goddammit. “Fuck off, Franks.” He really didn’t want to deal with this brat of a janitor right now.

He was almost surprised that Wally had sighed in relief at the insult, leaning against his broom. “Oh great, it’s you again.”

“Hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nuthin, nuthin!”

“…Why aren’t you cleaning up my office yet?” He scowled up to Wally, his patience already wearing thin. He just wanted Franks to finish his office so he could concentrate in peace. These cartoons songs didn’t write themselves, and he needed as few distractions as possible. Already he’d be battling with an existential crisis, so he would rather not deal with Franks peeking in and making noise.

“I-…” Wally pursed his lips, looking to the side for a moment. “…Would you believe me if I told you you said you’d get it?”

He slapped his own forehead in frustration, dragging his hand down the length of his face. “I actually would.” He was almost tempted to explain, but they were both in front of his office door. And he was not at all shocked to find the blond doppleganger sitting in the office. Said doppleganger was leaning over the desk, smoking through a cigarette rather quickly. Sammy was tempted to ask where he’d managed to find one, but instead he was impressed that somehow, that habit was a mutual one.

He almost missed Wally dropping the broom, but he didn’t miss the small wheeze. “….OH GOD, there’s TWO OF YOU.”

The look on Wally’s face was almost enough to make this whole insanity worth it. He had no shame smirking at the janitor’s utter dismay. The outburst had caught the blond’s attention, and he was glaring at both of them.

“…Fuck OFF, Franks!”

Wally was running off, screaming something about “finally being in Hell”, and Sammy was close to laughing outright at the scene. Instead, he held a hand up to his mouth to hide the wide grin and kept his eyes on the closet besides his office.

Okay. That alone was worth it.

The door to the office swung open, and Sammy turned to face his taller double in the middle of the door. The cigarette dud was resting between two fingers, already smoldering into the end. “….If you want me outta here, I can go.”

Sammy blinked a moment, but waved him off. “Last I checked, your name’s on the door too. You can stay.” He shoved past the man, opening up a nearby drawer to pull out a carton of smokes. He tapped out one stick from the box, stuck it between his lips, and almost set the box down in the drawer. But…

Well. It didn’t count as going soft if he was being nice to “himself”, right? He tapped out another stick, and held it out to his copy. No words needed exchanging. Just a peace offering. He had something of an idea of what might be upsetting this not-stranger, and if he was in the same situation, he would probably appreciate a vice.

The blond hummed a thanks, taking the stick and sticking it between his own lips. Sammy had put the carton back in the drawer, and had almost grabbed the lighter when he heard the sound of something being lit. He faced the man again, and rose an eyebrow at the sight of his copy was holding a lit match. Where’d he even find a strike-anywhere match? …And better yet, what’d he light it on?

The man stretched out his hands, carefully lighting up the end of Sammy’s cigarette first. He lit his second, then shook the match out before tossing it into the ashtray.

Guess he got it.

He took a long drag just his copy did, and they blew out the smoke in sync.

It was….nice.

He’d probably never live it down that he preferred himself as a smoking buddy, but at the moment, he was content. So they stayed like that for a bit. Just calmly smoking in each other’s company. Even when Sammy sat down at his desk and the double was leaning against a wall.

The blond broke the silence after a good fifteen minutes, his voice much calmer and softer in tone. “I guess you got questions?”

“…Surprisingly, yes. I do.“ He was allowed to be curious about himself. ”…But first things first. I don’t feel like calling you ‘Sammy’. You want me to call you ‘Lawrence’ or something?“

“Just call me ‘Sammy Wes’. Drew and Ross do anyways." 

He could do that. But then… "Who the Hell is Ross?”

((aww, how cute, they’re getting along! :D for now lol and poor wally, i wouldn’t be too happy either if I were in his position :P thank you for the fic!!))

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thank you for faithfully uploading daily. we greatly appreciate it, even if it is short. anything written by you is amazing. if you don't want to talk about your day, that's okay. I just hope and pray it gets better soon and that tomorrow will be a better day. we all love you :) ❤

I love you all too. I’m currently writing a huge rant to this ask, so get ready to be underwhelmed by how upset I get by things that may not seem so important 😂

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12: (truth) What are your five favorite girls’ names and five favorite boys’ names? (dare) Copy and paste the 14th line of text from the last document you worked on in Word or Google Drive.

the last thing i worked on was my fic and here’s the 14th line of it it’s v underwhelming lmao

He will be here for a while, after all.


Happy birthday to the best uncle in the universe


Matt & Shiro’s Reunion

Hey, guys, Voltron Season 4 is technically ¼ of a season split as ‘a single season’ by execs. The producers and showrunners have no say in this whatsoever. So if it’s underwhelming or the pacing doesn’t sit well, then consider the following:

Season 1: 13 episodes (including pilot)

Season 2: 13

Season 3: 7

Season 4: 6

This is opinion and experience-based, but I also say ¼ because typical cartoon seasons are USUALLY boarded out in around groups of 24-ish. So, traditionally, we’re looking at the middle of the second season. You guys are asking for way too much considering the allotted time.

Not to mention, they have a 78-episode commitment from Netflix, which is subject to change as long as you heathens don’t murder the fandom. So we’re only at 50% of the first commitment from Netflix.

I would also like to add that every minute in animation costs thousands of dollars and there’s only so much room for your relationship preoccupations. Voltron was never created to be your romantic drama or romcom, so respect a show that’s been in development as what it is for years before it dropped onto your lap. This is a children’s adventure show above all else, and I understand your desire for representation. Man, I do, but this goes back to the execs.

Lauren and JDS stated at NYCC they are advocating, but the pressure of millions of dollars and people behind big desks really hinders them. These higher ups are thinking about making money and giving capitalism a handjob, not the greater good, and old dudes in this business are entirely out of touch with fandom. Dreamworks is borderline as bad as DC. I mean, have you seen Voltron’s official merch?

I just want you guys to keep all of this in mind when you’re attacking Lauren and JDS and the other writers or funneling your anger at “bad writing.” You’re not being forgotten by the heart of the show. This is just the real red tape people in this industry fight, and I’ll be frank, not everyone can pull off a Rebecca Sugar.

Dreamworks is in no way shape or form Cartoon Network, and while we do have Netflix carrying the show? It’s not that simple because animation is such a different ballgame.

I want you guys to respect these people. I don’t believe anyone is above critique, but if you genuinely do not like where the show is going, then find something that makes you happy. Stop wasting your rage on something so many of you can’t seem to find a positive in because it’s not validating relationships never promised to or baited to you in the first place.

idk if i’ve complained about this before or not, but i really wish the blood moon was like… more of a threat? 

rather than just respawning enemies for you with an annoying, endlessly recurring cutscene and then disappearing, i wish it was something more along the lines of an all night thing, y’know?

like the eerie atmosphere hangs around until morning, enemies are more abundant and more aggressive, and even your monster masks can’t help you

maybe even it interferes with your sheikah slate and you can’t even teleport so if you wanna avoid it you better fucking book it to the nearest town or stable and pray you make it before nightfall 

lotor summary
  • hes rly not that over the top
    • hes actually pretty chill imo
  • good pilot
  • good at fighting
  • he has a pretty smile and cute lil fangs
  • he has an awesome squad
  • he doesn’t like jerks who talk shit

half and half soriel junk aka when ur pal is super goofy and showy when u dance and u realize hes damn cute