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any famous nonfamous fics to rec?? 😆

Famous/Not Famous Fic Rec

Wholehearted 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

When It’s Late At Night 25k

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

The Wonderlands 150k

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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Foof: If you’re gonna try to revert me back into being a bad guy, then I guess I should try to convert you into being good guys~

Also a monster band doodle from Halloween!
I plan on making a pilot for Foof! I’ll be working on it amidst animation job work so I can’t pin-point when it’ll be released exactly as of currently but I’ll update you guys as it comes along! I plan to tackle the project by myself with my friends providing voices and such. It’ll be fun!

Thank you guys so unbelievably much still for enjoying it!
I’ve received a bunch of asks regarding whether it’s ok to draw the characters, cosplay, use images as icons, ship, humanize, even make r34 and I of course say absolutely to all of it! Go for it! Thanks so much for enjoying these guys!

So I’ve Started Played DnD Again...

Thanks to a friend inviting me to their DnD group, I get to Skype-roleplay a chaotic good half-elf sorcerer with a slight drinking problem and a propensity to hit on everyone. Here’s a few things that have happened so far:

Me, hungover and meeting the Tiefling monk in my party: “Well that has to be the second horniest guy I’ve seen this week.”
Him: “…okay that’s a reaction I haven’t gotten before.”

Me, out of character: “Now this vampire lord, would you describe him as attractive? On a scale of like, ‘Interview with a Vampire’ hot?”
DM: “Hmm….Not Brad Pitt hot but around Tom Cruise hot.”
Me, In-Character: “Oh crap, he’s hot.” 

Me, drinking from a flask: “Fuck you I am refined as fuck.”

Me: “I say, ‘Allow me, Sir’ and cast Mending on the guard’s broken helmet.
DM: “The guard can lift his visor easily now and says, ‘Wow, thanks! That sure is handy. You could give my wife a run for her money!’”
Me: “Hun, you have no idea.”
Party: *groans*

Me: “I cast levitate on the dire wolf.” *rolls*
DM: “The dire wolf, having failed his saving throw, wiggles his paws impotently in the air as he floats up to the ceiling, unable to attack anyone.”
Me: “Hang there for bit, pup, I’ll get back to you.”
Party: *groans*

DM: “The vampire lord chuckles haughtily and glides backwards, vanishing into the darkness.”
Me: “I cast middle finger at the darkness.”

Tiefling monk, regaining conscious: “What did I miss?”
Me, pointing to the ceiling: “We have a pet wolf now.”

Me, sitting in front of a burning house full of screaming vampires, drinking from a flask: “You guys said we were going to a winery.”

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hello! can you rec me a famous/nonfamous where they interacted over twitter? ive read "thats sounds fake buy okay" and its addictive j want more. help? thank youuu

(I love you anon, you and me should be BFF)

- baby, you’re my only reason : Harry’s famous and Louis’ a big fan. or, “you’re a celebrity and you just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie and said “date me” and you thought i was serious?“ au (6k)

Then We Talk Slow   : A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets. (20k)

- we’re still going, eight in the morning, :Harry washes his hands quickly before grabbing his phone. His screen lights up to 3 notifications.DJTommo is now following you!@DJTommo mentioned you in a tweet!Direct Message from @DJTommo!Harry yelps, throwing his phone to Niall who just barely catches it.Niall looks down at the phone, seeing first the tweet, then the DM. He tosses the phone back to Harry, who nearly drops it. “What are ya doing, mate! Answer him!”Harry thinks for a moment about what he wants to say. This is his chance to actually talk to Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson messaged him directly. He can say anything he wants. He begins typing, his fingers shaky.Niall comes over to stand next to Harry and peers down, looking to see what he wrote. When he does, he lets out a groan….Or, the one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting. (31k, Twitter)

- say you want me : Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else. (31k)

- you don’t have to play the part : : or the one where Harry is Britain’s new pop sensation, Louis is R&B star Zayn’s sassy social media manager and things get confusing. (17k)

- Every Story Ever Told Becoming a best-selling author isn’t as difficult as Louis would have guessed. It seems all you need these days is the perfect blend of alcohol induced philosophy, complete disregard for one’s dignity, a live blog about how fucked love is, and a bored publisher interested enough to offer him a deal. (54k, Twitter)

- two feet standing on a principle: The one where they pretend to still be a couple and it’s a disaster until it’s not. (Harry is a famous fashion model and Louis works at the mall, nobody knows they broke up two weeks ago.) (10k, Twitter)

- You’ve Got the Face to Play the Role, : Harry is a writer at Sugarscape with a not so secret crush on BBC actor Louis Tomlinson. (5k, Tumblr and Twitter)

- And this old world is a new world   : Louis works in a little coffee shop although he hates coffee but what can you do when you’re pretty much living day by day trying to ignore that dream of yours you’re too scared to pursue. And then Harry enters the scene, or more precisely the coffee shop. He’s beautiful and kind and funny and also famous and not in town for very, very long. But that doesn’t keep Louis from maybe falling for him a bit and his friends from randomly inviting him along to go golfing. (44k, twitter)

- RootsThere aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous. He’s spent the past couple of years on and off various stages, filled with screaming fans, all chanting his name, loud and adoring. He’s done countless interviews, some even on live, national television, never faltering over his words, answers meticulously planned out, smooth and steady. He’s signed countless autographs, taken just as many photos, and even when he sat in his label’s studio, waiting to see how high up on the charts his single made it, he didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable. It’s all been unbelievably fun. No, there aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous.Enter Louis Tomlinson. (43k)

Home Before Midnight

Originally posted by rosesloveninjas

Donatello x Reader

Home Before Midnight

Prompt: Donatello x reader where it’s like a backwards Cinderella? Don finds a way to turn himself human until midnight so he can go partying like what he assumes normal people do. He ends up meeting the reader and having a good time but runs away before his watch hits midnight. Reader tries to follow him, but loses him in an alley. All that was left behind of him was his glasses that got knocked away in his frenzy to leave.

Note: Aaaaaaaaaaah! This is like the cutest thing ever.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1158

It was 8 pm. Donnie had four hours as a human, if his calculations were correct. As long as he was home by midnight, he was home free. It was foolproof.

“So what are you going to do tonight?” April asked. She looked over the boys as they took in their new human form. It was unbelievable. Just because it was temporary didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun while it lasted.

“I have no idea,” Donatello stated. “We have until midnight.”

“My nieces are throwing a party.” Casey shrugged. “You should drop by. Tell them Casey sent you.”

“Aw yeah, bro! Party time!” Mikey certainly seemed excited. Donatello on the other hand…Parties weren’t exactly his scene. Or at least, judging by all of the movies and shows he had seen, parties probably weren’t for him.

“I-I’m not so sure…”

“Oh come on, Don, how many times are we gonna get the opportunity to go to a human party?” Raph asked. “Even Leo is down for it. Right, Leo?”

“Raph and Mikey have a point. It’s once in a lifetime.” Leo smiled a little, secretly excited. But of course, he couldn’t let his brothers know that.

“Alright, fine.” Donnie gave in. “Let’s go to a party.”


The music in your apartment was so loud you could barely hear yourself think. You weren’t much of a party animal, but your sister sure was. You sat in the middle of the living room, book in hand as you tried to drown out the noise. It was an impossible task to say the very least.

There was a knock at the door. A very loud one at that. You got up and opened it, revealing four guys you had never seen. And by the looks of them, none of them had ever been to a party, or at least, not one like this. Their faces were full of awe and wonder as they looked around.

“Can I help you?”

“We’re here for the party, brah!” A short blond boy wearing an orange shirt exclaimed.

“We’re friends of your Uncle Casey.” Explained a brunette in a blue shirt. “I hope it’s not too much trouble. We can always-”

“Come on in. We’ve already got fifty kids here, four more aren’t going to hurt.” You jabbed a thumb behind you. “Pizza and drinks are in the kitchen, the bathroom is down the hall.”

“Thank you.” Said the one in the blue shirt.

“Don’t mention it.”

You returned to your spot by the window and cracked open your book once again. It was a few minutes later that you noticed you weren’t alone anymore. The boy in the purple shirt had taken a seat beside you.

“A kindred spirit?” You asked, slipping your bookmark into the pages.

“Yeah. Not much for parties.” He smiled shyly and pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Me either, but my sister is a party animal.”

“I think she’s over there dancing with my brother.”

“Yeah, looks like it.” You looked over to the dance floor, where the boy in the orange shirt was dancing with your party-girl sister. “Why my parents ever leave us home alone is a mystery to me.”

“But your uncle knew about the party.”

“Who do you think buys the pizza?” You laughed. “God, and he calls himself a cop…”

The two of you chatted most of the night, talking about your favorite books and movies, and it turned out that the two of you had a lot more in common than you would have thought. You told him about the book club you belonged to and the writing club you had found at the library. He was kind and funny and the look in his brown eyes sent your heart racing.

Four hours seemed to fly by.

At 11:55, his watch beeped, and he looked down at it, eyes wide.

“I-I have to go.” He fumbled to get up.

“Really? It’s only-”

“Help me find my brothers.” Donnie looked around the room. Leo was already on his way over with Raph in tow. “Where’s Mikey?”

“MIKEY!” Leo shouted. The short blond jogged over to the group.

“Do we have to leave? The party’s just getting started!” He whined.

“Let’s go. Now, Mikey.” Leo ordered. You watched Donnie with sad eyes. He waved apologetically before making his way out the door with the others. Once they were gone, you went back to your spot. It was then that you noticed the glasses sitting on the chair. He had left them here. You grabbed them and ran to the door and then to the end of the hallway, but it appeared the boys were already long gone.

Now you had an excuse to find him…


Donnie was scrolling through social media the next day, monitoring as he usually did when he came across a picture of glasses that looked just like his…the ones he had lost last night.

It read: Seeking My Dork in Shining Armor. He left his glasses at my house last night. He’s got brown eyes, super tall, has legs for days, and he’s the smartest guy you’ll ever meet. If found, please contact me. Thanks!

Donnie’s heart did a back flip. And then a front flip. And then he slammed his laptop shut, earning a look from Mikey across the couch.

“What’s the matter, bro?”

“I need to call Casey.”

Casey came over within the hour.

“What’s the matter, Donnie? What’s wrong?”

“Look.” He showed Casey the post, waiting for him to finish reading with wide eyes.

“What’s the problem? Sounds like (Y/N) likes you.”

“I’m a TURTLE, Casey! That’s the problem!”

“Is it a problem? Is it really?”

“YES! I can’t just go get my glasses back. I can’t just be her boyfriend! She’d see me and run for the hills!”

“I don’t think so.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s right there and she hasn’t screamed yet.” Casey pointed to where you were standing in the doorway of Donnie’s lab. “Saw her little ad this morning and decided to bring her by to return them.”

Donnie looked at you. And then at Casey. And then back at you. How had this happened?

“Oh my God,” you took a few steps closer and looked up at the tall terrapin. “You’re even taller like this.”

“W-well, yes, I suppose I…am…That’s all you have to say about all of this?”

“Oh, my bad, here are your glasses.” You held them out to him. He was shocked. You hadn’t screamed, you hadn’t run, and the only thing that seemed to faze you was his height. He could get used to this. “If you’re waiting for some big reaction, it isn’t coming. The whole turtle thing doesn’t bug me.”

“It doesn’t.”

“No, it doesn’t. I still like you.”

“Y-you like me.”

“I thought that much was obvious.” You smiled.

“I-I like you too. A lot.”

“Perfect. Do you have anything planned this afternoon?”

“Not anymore.”

Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Jealous (smut)

a/n: This is my first ever imagine I’m posting. Thanks to @itspenisparker for all of the help proofreading and giving me tips, you were so helpful :) (Feedback would be appreciated too)

word count: 1793

masterlist: (x)

He didn’t mean to lose his rag with you, but he had spent almost the entire night watching his girlfriend dance so closely with his best friend, Tom. You and Tom were good friends, Harrison knew that, after all, it was Tom that had introduced the two of you last year while you were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming together. Harrison had been feeling a little bit under the weather, and so he wasn’t in the mood for much dancing at the club. You, on the other hand, wanted to dance the night away, and luckily for you, Tom did too, so he stepped in to be your dancing partner for the evening.

Harrison had watched from the VIP booth as you laughed and joked with Tom on the dance floor. The pulsating strobe lights danced on your skin, casting suggestive shadows between you and Tom. Harrison’s mind was in overdrive, the scene before him twisting and taunting his mind. He could feel his anger bubbling inside of him, and he was about to burst when you started grinding on his best friend, your sweaty bodies moving perfectly in sync together.

Harrison was jealous.

His hands gripped his bottle of beer so tightly he thought the glass would smash. His eyes were squinted, focused only on his dancing girlfriend, and his jaw was clenched shut, the vein in his neck was the most prominent it had ever been. He watched as Tom’s hands hesitated over your exposed waist as your shirt was riding up as you danced. When Tom finally placed his hands on your skin, ever so tenderly, Harrison couldn’t take it anymore. He shot up from the booth and headed straight for the exit.

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I saw where you guys put out the call for local urban legends. It’s not my hometown specifically, but does the next county over count if I have blood ties to the urban legends in question? Union County, Tennessee, has lengthy records of paranormal activity all centering around my Mom’s recent ancestors. The woods are allegedly cursed due to the witchcraft of Nancy Hutchison, as well as haunted by the ghost of Maston, who was something of a patriarch of the family. The woods are filled with numerous small family graveyards and there are stories of people getting rocks flung at them or worse if they defile the graves, accidentally or otherwise. If you disturb the flowers or other items left on the graves, I’ve been told you should replace them promptly to avoid misfortune.

Another big one is Bethesda Cemetery in Morristown, TN. Bethesda is interesting because it was a church that had to be converted into a mixed-army civil war hospital–you can readily find both union and confederate graves, and as a result it’s widely recognized as a hotbed of ghost activity. The church house where the injured were treated still stands, only about the size of a one-car garage. The confederate ghosts are supposed to be especially aggressive, pushing or pulling the hair of northern visitors. I did a school project in this cemetery based on gathering headstone data; one girl in the class, a New Yorker who was not familiar with the place or its reputation, swore on her life that a headstone–untouched and apparently sturdy up to that point–broke and fell directly at her as if trying to crush her, and that once it had fallen nobody in the group could move it or stand it back up.

And as a fun side note, Bethesda also has some unbelievably creepy dolls and statues that get left on the graves. My photo attached. :)

External image

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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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Let’s be real it’s unbelievable how many people on this site think it’s cool and fun and perfectly acceptable to hate aces/aros for being ace/aro and even that it gives them moral high ground (what the hell). They’re identity categories. They’re orientations, and not privileged ones either.

Hating someone for being ace/aro and shitting on aces/aros makes you a horrible person and nothing else

 FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 1 (january)

Roots by cherrystreet (43k) ONE SHOT

There aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous. He’s spent the past couple of years on and off various stages, filled with screaming fans, all chanting his name, loud and adoring. He’s done countless interviews, some even on live, national television, never faltering over his words, answers meticulously planned out, smooth and steady. He’s signed countless autographs, taken just as many photos, and even when he sat in his label’s studio, waiting to see how high up on the charts his single made it, he didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable. It’s all been unbelievably fun. No, there aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous.

Enter Louis Tomlinson.             FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS

King Of Wishful Thinking by Star_Henderson (38k) CHAPTERED

“Don’t umm don’t get on the bus, come inside.” Louis blurted the words out, speaking quickly.

Harry looked startled.

“Just. Look I don’t know if I want..” Louis scrubbed his face with his hand. “I’ll pay for your time. Just come in.”

Harry stepped away from the bus stop and the bus sailed straight past.

“What’s umm what do you guys make these days?”

Harry shuffled his feet. “Depends. Like two hundred an hour.”

Louis hummed. “Reasonable.” He gestured towards the hotel. “Come up for a drink or some room service or something.”

Harry scraped the toe of his already scuffed boots on the floor. “You don’t have to do this, I feel like… like you’re a nice person who feels bad but it’s fine. I get it. You don’t have to make it up to me.”

Louis stared at Harry. It’d been so long since he’d even spoken to a guy let alone hung out with one. He’d enjoyed the banter and the flirting.

“Come up.” Louis’ voice was soft.

Harry’s face bloomed into a smile. “Ok.”   SEX WORKER AU, FAKE/PRETEND RELATIONSHIP

Off The Record by Tomlinsontoes (90k) CHAPTERED

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

“I’m not your personal assistant you know,” Harry says once he gets there and Louis lets him in and he shoves the bag into his hands. “I’m your publicist.”

“I know that,” Louis smiles a devilish grin patting Harry in the middle of his chest as he takes the bag, “but look at you personally assisting me,” he says looking in the bag and pulling out the Cheetos. I also know that my PA turns his phone on silent at night, and clearly, you don’t. Waiting for a booty call or something?” Louis says turning on his heels and scurrying over to his sofa and plopping down. Harry swears he sees a puff of orange dust soar into the air when Louis opens the bag. He’s amazed that couch is as clean as it looks.       ENEMIES TO FRIENDS TO LOVERS

A Love Like War by sincewewereeighteen (173k) CHAPTERED

“I want your help.”
“Are you sure validation isn’t the right word?” Harry frowns. “Because, Louis, my professional opinion won’t change just because you’re being nice.”
“I don’t want your professional opinion on my work to change. I wanna do better work, so you and everybody else can have a new opinion”, he states simply.

Or: the one in which Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.               FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS, READ THE TAGS

Pinkies Never Lie by emma1234 (83k) CHAPTERED

“I just think if we’re both into it and neither of us is looking for something serious, why not?” Harry asks, eyes soft and voice sweet. He pauses and gives Louis a moment or two to answer.

There are countless reasons why Louis shouldn’t agree to this, but in the end, none of them really matter. This will end with Louis in pieces, but he’s been in love with Harry for four years. There was only ever one answer.

“Yeah,” Louis answers finally, hoping his voice sounds normal. “Why not?”

AU in which Louis hates his job and loves Harry, Harry just wants a distraction, everyone else wants them to get their shit together, and Louis learns the hard way that new beginnings are only possible when something ends. FRIENDS TO LOVERS

I’ll Be Flicking Stones At Your Window, I’ll Be Waiting Outside ‘Til You’re Ready To Go by rockdatbody (5k) ONE SHOT

Soulmates AU where you can’t see colours until you meet your soulmate.

Harry never thought he would find his while performing on stage in front of thousands of people but hey, things happen. SOULMATES 

A Fallen Star That Shines No More by jwdish98 (25k) ONE SHOT 

Louis might have a problem.

Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.

Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.

Yeah, he’s screwed. FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS, KID FIC

You Made Your Mark (Here In My Heart) by AllTheseLittleWritings (15k) ONE SHOT

Louis is slowly caressing the baby’s cheek. He’s looking into bright green, wide eyes, which seem to look at Louis in wonderment. Louis picks the baby’s hand into his and holds it. He looks at it and then at Harry, who starts to chuckle with his cute baby voice.

When Louis is just a small child, he meets a chubby baby named Harry. He doesn’t realize that he meets the same boy over 20 years later and finds his soulmate. SOULMATES


… I really can’t believe I cosplayed this. Especially at a church!!!

It was unbelievably fun throwing together this costume, though. I altered the pants and dyed the shirt in the space of two hours a few days before this awesome shoot. I am such a huge fan of Dream Daddy it’s getting ridiculous so I’m glad I got to show the game some love by being my favourite trash daddy, Joseph.

I have heaps more photos to come if you can all withstand the Joseph (Josephine?) spam!

PS, this costume makes me look like a soccer mum so the whole shoot I made jokes about my four kids and mini van. Oh, and I bought a pocket bible.