this is ugly...shhhh don't judge me

We Kiss The Dusk Goodnight

this is an A/B/O au fanfic

because I have a Problem, here it the abo/omegaverse fic literally no one asked for but I’m in too deep now to stop. I really don’t know where this came from okay. JUST TAKE IT. and don’t kick me out of the fandom pls

warnings for language, some implied sexual content, and age gap. and actual smut eventually. I’M GETTING THERE OKAY. 

We Kiss The Dusk Goodnight (Bulge/Bruce/Manabu)

The next morning, over a third cup of coffee, Bruce delivered an ultimatum.

“We have to figure out who the hell it is,” he muttered into a mug, “Before they send half the station into a rut.”

Or, the omegaverse AU no one asked for.

you can also read the first chapter here on AO3!

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the #dontjudgechallenge is making fun of people who don’t fit into society’s standards of “pretty”. Acne is not something someone can help and does not make someone ugly, and since when did glasses ever make someone less attractive? There was even one where someone used an does a lung disease make someone ugly. how are people supposed to love who they are when people just continuously mock them for their insecurities? People who do that “challenge” are ugly.


“I’m a healthy person. I have great friends around me that are positive. I think that’s the key to life – is to make your own path, set your own rules, because there is no set rule. There is no set look, there is no set anything. You make your own rules in your life and you make your own decisions.”  Happy Birthday Amber!