this is ugly xo


I totally understand how you feel. When I was in middle school, maybe around fourth grade, I forgot to tell my parents it was sports day at school that day, so I was the only one with nothing to eat. That’s actually your fault.. what are you even talking about? A story of when I felt lonely as I child.

I sometimes look at Jimin and say “Wow. I want to fight you.” 

Because like…. What the hell is this for? 

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It’s like he’s asking me to go and fight him.

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obsessedqueenie  asked:

hello darling I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I love 💞 everything that you write, I always look for new stuff that you have written and always get excited when I see something new, your Brett stuff is my favorite though, you write him so well and always give him so much life 💖 please don’t ever stop being amazing, thank you for all your hard work beautiful 💕 you are a treasure to this community xo

*starts ugly crying*
Thank you so, so much for this message, it couldn’t have been more timely, it felt like you could sense that I was down.
Thank you for reading my work and liking what I do, you’re too pure for this world. You’re amazing! ♥♥