this is ugly but tumblr hates me


He’s always gotta break my heart.

Based on recent episode and done during yesterday’s livestream.

I’m very bad at writing my feelings out but i love you. i love you in a language that hasn’t yet been spoken, in words that haven’t yet been uttered. I love you despite wrecking storms inside my head and a frail heart inside my chest. I love you throughout your bad moods and sparking rages. I love you throughout my bad moods and sparking rages. I love you in between texts and ugly selfies on Snapchat.The ones that i feel awful making it public because i hate how i looks. I love you in spite of six hours gap between us. Your 3 pm lunch with your mother and my 9 pm train rides home after a long day outside. Your midnight sadness and my 6 am slumber. Your end and my start. I love you regardless. This time my sadness won’t get to me anymore and everything is going to be okay. I promise.
—  aweglemoo 
Send me a symbol please^^ anon or not...I'm bored as hell today :)

♀: I am a girl who has a crush on you.
♂: I am a boy who has a crush on you.
✿ : Post a picture of yourself.
♧: You’re awesome.
✧: You’re beautiful.
☍: I wish we were close.
✑: I wish we were friends.
♕: I relate to a lot of the same things.
❣: You inspire me.
♡: I love you.
♢: I want to know you in real life.
↣: You are my tumblr crush.
✭: I want to fuck you.
∞: I want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend
✝: I think you are a horrible person.
♪: I think you are a wonderful person.
☃: You’re ugly.
♔: You’re hot.
✔: You check out my blog.
✎: I wish we talked.
✘: I don’t like you.
✄: I hate you.
☠no : Your blog sucks, bitch.

Stop the Torbjorn hate

The Torbjorn hate on Tumblr really bothers me and i don’t get why he’s disliked by so many. I dunno if its because he’s annoying to play against (which is unlikely because Mei is hell to play against but she’s one of the most popular characters) or because he’s short and ugly and doesn’t fit the criteria for the sexual fantasies of the fangirls. Probably the latter. 

Torbjorn is good. Mercy likes Torbjorn. Reinhardt likes Torbjorn. You should like Torbjorn

Don’t hate the dorf

Today, in Baelish Hate Weekly...

THEM: Littlefinger is a creepy mofo/betrayer/shit talking/manipulative asshole. Only my opinion matters and you should hate him too.


THEM: Baelish/Aidan is ugly and I hate his voice


THEM: Hate, vitriol, hate, I hope he dies, choke him, my favs are the best and we’re gonna laugh all season….

ME: *whistles while blocking on tumblr*

THEM: He’s the reason my favs are dead…he started everything


THEM: He should have died the first season…how did he last this long?


THEM: Hooray! Littlefinger is dead

ME: Bae is Forever - King of the Ashes

Keep on hating… we don’t care. We still love our Sleazy Pete.