this is ugly but okay

TG: shit okay so i ran out of transparents and the website i use to get rid of the backgrounds is being fucky so im go get sol and see if he can fix it
TG: in the meantime i have this sprite of me in an ugly hanukkah sweater

TG: it says “litty mcgritty in the city” and i love it
TG: happy hanukkah yall! and merry christmas and happy kwanzaa and blessed yule and merry festivus and pretty much happy mcfrickin holidays to everybody out there yo
TG: ill be back to posting in a bit

If you don’t want kids awesome if you don’t like kids okay, but don’t be ugly and mean to them just because you don’t like them. They deserve to experience the world in a pure and loving way regardless of the childhood you’ve experienced whether bad or good. Just be considerate of the fact that they are young and impressionable and that everything you say or do really does effect them forever.

no offence but let yourself be ugly!! you don’t have to fix your hair if you’re not going anywhere you don’t have to cover up ur spots or change out of your lounge pants to go buy milk like damn we really gotta let ourselves be comfortable without constantly apologising for just looking normal and it’s hard but i think we need to practice looking in the mirror and saying i look ugly af today and that’s okay!! tru self care is letting urself be ugly tbh



ANYWAY back at it again with the sidlink content!

Link using sign language is like my favourite thing and this is my first attempt. I’ve always wanted to learn ASL so please tell me if I did’t get anything right, all help is welcome!!ovo