this is ugly but idec


Every episode of Ghost Whisperer: Lost Boys

You were the brave one, Rat. You were trying to save us. You always knew the right thing to do. I can’t tell you how many times when I was out on the road and I’d think back on all the things you taught me. And not book things. Like how to survive and laugh at yourself. And I’m still always thinking, “What would Rat do if he was here?” He wants to know if you really think that. Yes, I do. Rat, I would give all the money I have in the world to see you one more time. All of you.

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I'm still attracted to SOME men but I question my mentality when I see stupid ugly ones like that guy.

Idec about the subject anymore cos he’s pretty much had his unwanted ignorant opinion invalidated in different ways.

Since I’m picky with men, I have no real issues with them unless they’re extremely offensively stupid (the same goes for women. Stupidity and offensiveness has no gender)

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How is it that Miller and Dorothy literally suck face every episode but we got a total of 5 Hollstein kisses???

m/f couple privilege at it’s finest.